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Natural Cures for Skin Tags

Last Modified on May 27, 2015

Iodine   18  4   

Posted by Dorinda (York, NY) on 01/30/2006

[YEA]  I used Iosol Iodine for 4 days on a skin tag and it disappeared.

Posted by Brenda (Bear, DE) on 01/18/2006

[YEA]  Iodine is excellent for toenail fungus, ringworm, fever blisters, moles and skin tags, hangnails, etc. Just a few drops on a q-tip is all it takes. Use daily until the "boo-boo" is gone.

Posted by Teresa (Lowell, North Carolina)

[YEA]  I had a raised mole to come up on my face and several skin tags to appear under my arm. I was embarrassed by the mole on my face, but didn't have the money to have it removed. Using a q-tip, I rubbed iodine on both the mole and skin tags at night before going to bed. Within 3 to 7 days the skin tag dried and fell off while the mole went away. I have shared this information with my sister who has removed several as well.

Posted by Glynda (Springfield, Missouri)

[NAY]  I tried iodine on a mole,it dried the skin out so badly around it that it felt like scales! And the mole is still there. Is this someone's idea of a joke?!!!

Replied by Lauren
Chtown, USA
I just wanted to respond that iodine works on skin tags, NOT MOLES! Someone posted that they tried it on a mole-so of course it won't work! So no, it is not a joke, and and a mole is something completely different than a skin tag.
Replied by Lisa
Lafayette, La
Lauren, I beg to differ with you. I just noticed last night that the mole that I had been applying iodine to on my torso (side) had disappeared after using the iodine for about 2 weeks. It is gone. Gone.

Juicing   1  0   

Posted by Glen (Derby, Ny) on 01/05/2013

I'm 50 and had a rather large skin tag on my bottom eye lid for some time which began looking like a head of cauliflower. I started juicing vegetables several weeks earlier for basic better health reasons and to my amazement the tag is complete gone. I juice carrots, apples, kale, parsley, garlic, ginger and sweet potatoes. If this is the result from juicing I can only imagine what it has done for my insides. This is the only possible reason since I have not made any other changes. Good luck to all.

Replied by Steve H
San Diego, Ca
[YEA]   I'm 46 and I agree with Glen from NY! I saw Fat Sick and Nearly Dead and immediately started juicing on 12/22. I googled "does juicing remove skin tags" because my skin tags were gone 3 weeks later. I had skin tags on my left eyelid, my armpit, and around my neck were gone! Good job Glen! Thanks for sharing your story so I know I'm not completely crazy!!
Replied by Ed2010
Oakville, Canada
Unfortunately, the best juicer for vegetables are the masticating juicers which are expensive around $250.

Laser Treatment   1  1   

Posted by Sandra (Ottawa, Ontario) on 09/29/2011

[YEA]  Hello everyone! I lived in the UK for 3 years and found the best remedy for Skin Tags, Lazer Treatment. It takes 2 minutes and it falls off in a couple days. It seems we don't have this method in Canada!

Replied by Lori
Pahoa, Hawaii
[NAY]   The problem with laser skin tag removal is that they come back. I had mine removed 6 years ago, but after about two or three years they have grown back and now they are worse than before, That is why I am looking for another solution.

Lavender Oil   1  0   

Posted by Cori (Plainfield, Nj) on 05/11/2010

[YEA]  I had an annoying skin tag right near the inside corner of my eye. It was about 1/8" and I was beginning to be able to see it. I used straight lavender oil because I often use it for skin problems and I prefer the scent. It worked within a few days. Just be very careful around sensitive tissue like eyes and genitals. What a relief!

Nail Polish   2  0   

Posted by Kelly (Erie, PA) on 07/28/2009

[YEA]  I used clear nail polish on my skin tags and they dried up & fell off. Put clear nail poilish on each skin tag once or twice a day till it falls off .. could take 4-10 days depending on the size of the tag, but it really works!

Replied by Ashely
Toronto, Ontario
Does the nail polish method leave a mark after it falls off?
Replied by Trinity
Toronto, Ontario
Hello, if I use the nail polish method, will it leave a mark, even after the skin tag has fallen off?

Posted by Gojan (Phoenix, AZ) on 06/10/2009

[YEA]  Putting nail polish on a skin tag will kill it in a few days. Make sure you get it around the neck of the tag so it hardens and chokes it off. If the color of the polish bothers you, put a band aid on it or make up a good story.

Replied by Umm
Madina, Eastern Province, Saudi Arabia
please did you remove the dried layer before the next application or you just kept putting it on it? also, is it normal for it to sting for some minutes?
Replied by Kelly
Erie, Pa
You can either remove the dried nail polish or apply it right over it if it's still mostly stuck on there. Yes, it normally feels tingly after you put it on ..
Replied by Tatyana
Cordova, Tn
I used clear nail polish on 3 skin tags that I have had for several years. 1 was tiny, one a little bigger and the third was the biggest, but still pretty small, The strange thing is that the 1st and the 3rd (the biggest one) fell off within 3 day, but the middle one is being stubborn and won't budge. Wondering why, ideas?
Replied by Malimali
Cairo, Egypt
If it is around your private area you should go to doctor but I'm not sure if you can do that as a female in Saudi Arabia?

Oregano Oil   1  0   

Posted by Christine (Lancaster, Ca/ Usa) on 06/30/2011

[YEA]  I have several tiny skin tags around my neck/collar area. One was getting very irritated from my shirt. A friend told me about oil of oregano for these. I started applying to the skin tags twice a day(morning and evening). I applied one drop to each tag with my finger. In eight days, the tags were gone. Talk about saving time and money.

Replied by Darla
Lisbon, Nd
Maybe I should try that, as I've used frankincense and some have gone but not all.
Replied by Bigmoose
Ocala, Florida
[WARNING!]   Make sure your oil of oregano is diluted to about 10%. Straight oil of oregano will cause severe chemical burns.

Oregano Oil, Tea Tree Oil   1  0   

Posted by Lilly's Mom (New Jersey) on 01/23/2014

[YEA]  I have a few flat, mole-like skin tags that I have had for years, but I recently developed one not quite under my arm that had a stalk and was tender to touch. I applied oil of oregano a couple times a day, alternating with tea tree oil whenever I thought about it.

It's been maybe two weeks, and I just noticed the thing is gone! I can't even tell where it was. I'm going to try it on the larger ones. I wouldn't try this for anything around the eye. I hadn't seen anyone mention oil of oregano, but since it has anti-bacterial, anti-fungal and anti-viral properties, as does the tea tree oil, I figured the two together couldn't miss.

OTC Wart Remedies   2  0   

Posted by Melissa (Walworth, New York) on 03/05/2008

[YEA]  I took the advice I found on this site, and bought Wart Off for my skin tags on my neck. With in days they fell off and were gone. Cheaper then what I had paid ny doctor to due it in the past.

Posted by Steve (Hernando, MS.) on 02/21/2008

[YEA]  I have removed a eraser sized black Mole with Wart freeze after 3 applications also works on Skin tags. No Blood it will fall off. works great no scars where tags were.

Salicylic Acid   1  0   

Posted by Claudia (Sydney, Australia) on 03/14/2008

[YEA]  Great site, love all the remedies. Salicylic Acid helps remove skin tags! Ok I have been using salicylic acid on partner's skin tags, applied once daily (bedtime) for almost 1 week, most darkend in color and look like they will fall of any day now. He said it stings a little but for a minute or two.

Replied by Marsha
Chicago, IL
where can you buy salicylic acid?? I've looked for years and can't find any over-the-counter.

EC: Aspirin perhaps?

Replied by Janet
Palm Coast, Fla
If you put an aspirin in water to dissolve and place it on tag will that help remove it?
Replied by Andrea
Lawrenceville, GA
Stridex Medicated Pads contain Salicylic Acid.
Replied by Kathryn
Myrtle Beach, Sc
I bought a solution of high %-age salicylic acid from "Sally's" (Beauty Supply) for callouses on my feet. So try looking in the foot/beauty section of your local pharmacy or supercenter. Decided to use it today to see if it would do anything for my tag. Going to try it for a couple days twice a day and report back just for the sake of this remedy. If it doesn't work - because it burns like fire due to the 'delicate' nature of my tag - I'm going to try iodine and/or AC vinegar and/or tea tree oil - all of which I have on hand already.

LOVE this site! Will report my results.

Replied by Kathryn
Myrtle Beach, Sc
I forgot to report the main reason I was responding:

Salicylic acid is the primary component in 'compound w' or other liquid wart removers. Hope this helps.

Replied by Will
Rome, New York
Salicylic Acid is used as a treatment for Plantar Warts and can be purchased at the local pharmacy

From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia.

Salicylic acid - The treatment of warts by keratolysis involves the peeling away of dead surface skin cells with Keratolytic chemicals such as salicylic acid or trichloroacetic acid. These are available in over-the-counter products or, in higher concentrations, may need to be prescribed in a by a physician.

Safety warning:Topically, as a beta-hydroxy acid (and unlike alpha-hydroxy acids) salicylic acid is capable of penetrating and breaking-down fats and lipids, making it capable of causing moderate chemical burns of the skin if at very high concentrations (such as near or actually the majority ingredient) within a solvent. It is capable of damaging the lining of pores in such cases if the solvent is alcohol, acetone, or an oil. Over-the-counter limits are set at 2% for topical left on the face and 3% for those expected to be washed off, such as acne cleansers or shampoo. Caution should be exercised when handling large volumes of salicylic acid, and protective gloves are recommended for any repeat, prolonged exposure. 17% salicylic acid, which is often sold for wart removal, should not be applied to the face and should not be used for acne treatment. Even for wart removal, such a solution should only be applied twice a day.

Scissors   13  0   

Posted by Chuck (London, Uk) on 12/06/2012

[YEA]  I developed skin tags in my armpits some 20 years ago (gawd) and they have always been a source of embarrassment for me. I would say 10-15 on each side; not big and they didn't bother me at all. Actually, I had (hee hee) one big one on each side - big as in 1cm long and thin.

Also, I have (sorry, had :)) one medium one and about 4-6 small ones on my neck.

Anyway, as you might imagine I hated them. I am just remembering now that when I was 29 I went to the GP (Family Doctor) and he pulled a face and said that there were "too many" to do anything with (he should be struck-off - he really failed me; I wonder how many other people he has really failed also. All while taking a big fat salary and pension). If I was embarressed before, I was now mortified... I have been meaning to do something... But what. I have been so busy and they weren't bugging me (until my sister... SISTERS! ... Said on holiday once, in a very loud voice "Ughhhhh... what are those").

Over the years I have tried all sorts - alcohol, Tee Tree Oil, lots. Anyway last week I came across this site (magic! ) and I decided to try the iodine - I had some in the cupboard (I put it on the kids for any scrape / cut). Two days of hiding in my bedroom slathered in iodine... Go on, it is funny (the family were off seeing relatives). They did look a bit bothered, but not anywhere near bothered enough for my liking. Iodine on my shirt, on the floor, pyjamas and the towel... ughhh.

Now, I don't have heaps of time to spend on this. I want them gone, but I can't sit around for hours slathered in this and that; I have kids and a job and a wife etc etc. So, I spied those scissors in a pot in the bathroom... Hmmmmm... These little fellers have bothered me too long. I decided to cut off one of the big boys (1cm, not really big) and see about the pain / blood. I rubbed iodine into the scissors (I am sure that there are better ways - boiling / alcohol, but I was on a roll and there was to be no stopping me) and into/around the skin tag.

'Snip', almost no pain ( not even a pinch's worth) and almost no blood. I put a plaster on it and the.... The mad glint in my eye... this was good, really good (should have done it years ago - silly me).

I snipped all the ones on my neck off (fabidoodah). Yes, a little bit of blood - much less than a cut finger. Probably all amounted to 2 drops. Slapped plasters on. There was one that was half mole and half skin tag... you got it, that came off too (not the mole bit).

Actually, I should have gotten better scissors - I do have some, it's a question of finding them. I had to 'trim' a couple of them back a couple of times to get the whole tag off. And one was a bit tough and needed to be snipped by the sharper bit of the scissor blade. Afterwards I trimmed a bit of my hair... I only mention this (as I had evidently gone mad - joking) as it became about the same level of 'intervention', if you like.

This all happened 10 minutes ago and I am now sitting here with about 10 plasters on and happy, happy, happy.

This is phase 1. The underarmers (phase 2) will go either with scissors (which I am really happy with) or with string (which I am intrigued by).

The big thing is though, I am back in control. And it feels good.

Thank you Earth Clinic - I clearly needed some encouragement.

One last bit of advice - I am an expert now, remember. It would be easier if you could get someone else to do the snipping... I didn't as I am too embarrassed about them and the moment of their demise came and I had to do it then!

Anyway, don't wait - Go for it NOW and in 10 minutes you will be sitting there with a few plasters on and the hugest smile.

Replied by Patglad
West Chicago, Il
what is in the plaster that you applied to the area? thanks, pat
Replied by Dan
[YEA]   Had a tag on my groin for years. Recently became tender and annoying from friction. Looked on here and thought sod it I'm cutting it off. Couple of minutes ice, pulled it and snipped it off. Applied antiseptic. Bleeding stopped with a minute and there is no visible trace of the tag bar an extremely small red cut. Absolutely painless and not all all messy. Dont hesitate, wish I had done this years ago.

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