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Helminthic Therapy  

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Posted by Tim (Brisbane, Queensland Australia) on 11/24/2011
5 out of 5 stars

Helminthic Therapy

Recurring nasal polyps are very debilitating. I have reversed them without surgery, I can smell so well now that shampoo can give me a headache.. I can smell soap.. I can properly taste food.. And I feel generally great. This was my method.

I am a 30 yo Australian male. I have lifelong asthma/allergies and ibs/polyps for almost 10 years. I have dustmite, shellfish, milk, dog allergies. I believe this life/medication has also led to some poor mental/energy levels.

I have been a lifelong user of ventolin/steroids, and have tried butekyo method, linklater/yoga breathing, dustmite desensitisation, giving up milk, giving up meat, staying indoors, travelling, airpurifiers, vitamin d (only 1000mg/day).

I had 7 bursts of prednisone last year.. And a bunch of other stuff along with surgery to remove polyps from all my antrums. However, the polyps quickly came back.. And nothing stopped them. I was soon twice daily rinsing with 2xNasonex up each nostril twice a day. Didn't work. I was then going against regulations (but on doctors orders) by squirting pure budesinode respules into my cavity's to hold them at bay.. Didn't work. It seemed only 25mg prednisone would hold them at bay, and only temporarily. I decided my life was doomed to misery.. misery I won't go into in case you are eating food.

When I heard about helminthic therapy I thought 'what bollicks! ' but I researched it for 7 months before believing there was a chance it may help (despite there being no published case of the therapy helping polyps).

In early June, I applied 35 hookworm to my body.

Within two months, my smell had come back a little. My surgeon had done an MRI scan and expected me to present in misery.. But I was fine. I cancelled myself from surgery (which is -free- in my country). But my symptoms returned, so I panicked and booked in the surgeon again. But soon I could smell even better than before!

After that first two months I even reduced my medication down to one spray of budemax in each nostril twice a day, along with a rinse. (Many days I've have only done the medication/rinse once, or not at all.. due to travel).

My smell started to go again, so I gave up milk since I have a slight allergy to it (this made my eyes really white). My smell came back very strong.. I can smell the aussie spring right outside my window. I can feel my nasal rinsing making it's way deep into my sinuses. I am about to cancel my final appointment with my surgeon.

IBS no longer causes discomfort. My asmtha/allergies are reduced, I've cut my seretide dose in half, I don't feel hyper-responsive to the elements anymore.

The hookwork haven't technically cured me, the disease is still there. But I think they've altered my immune system so I'm less hyper-responsive and therefore I'm less inflammatory. Thefore, they allow my medications to work much better, and allows my stomach to dissolve important nutrients better in the absence of ibs symptoms. I can also exercise more effectively (or at all).

Also, in my laymen understanding, nasal polps have an enzyme called chitinase present, which is something our body only uses to destroy helminths/hookworm which are made of chitin. But because we don't have hookworm anymore, our body seeks chitin protein elsewhere.. Such as dustmites, fungi, shellfish etc etc. My theory is: your immune system attacks the helminths, the helminths release an enzyme to reduce the presence of chitinase, or otherwise calm the immune system, therefore reducing the ability for nasal polyps to form (see this link for further info:

Anyway, I've sent in a further 45 hookworm which will mature in another month or so. I plan to eventually have about 100 depending upon advice.

I think the real test will be how I feel, say, 4 months after my final dose. I'm confident I'll only get better and in which case I'll go public with a video or some such thing.

Going to get back to smelling the roses.


(p.s. I've been spreading this message in some nasal polyp forums.. Such as on the open yahoo forum for helminthic therapy, if you'd like to google for that)

Replied by Paul
Leeds, Uk

Hello Tim, Your post is fascinating, I suffer with polyps AND ibs and have tried various methods to cure both, could you update us with more info as to whether your hookworm treatment has continued to work, many thanks, Paul, Leeds, England

Replied by Brian
Sth Aus, Australia
1 out of 5 stars


With every due respect to Tim's conviction and noting there is no follow up post for over 2 years, it was a dangerous can of worms anyway. About 740 million people in the world are infected with hookworm and not by choice, which is viewed as a disease and not a treatment, mostly through Asia, Africa and South America. Hookworm infections have virtually been eliminated in Australia, Europe and North America. I doubt that it follows that not one of those 740 million people don?t have nasal polyps too. Hookworms have a mouthful of teeth, which is scary enough, and mature into adults in the small intestine where they ingest blood, rupture the red blood cells that carry oxygen around the body and degrade haemoglobin. Diarrhoea, abdominal pain, intestinal cramps, loss of appetite, vomiting and anaemia are symptoms. Possibly it was a loss of appetite and a reduced food intake that gave Tim the results he claimed. As an off topic, cane toads were introduced into Qld sugar cane fields to control a beetle problem. The cane toads are now the bigger problem, impossible to eradicate and infest most of the northern half of Australia, and are killing off the smaller natural inhabitants ? there is a lesson in that. Cheers.

Replied by Will
Puerto Rico

I've been on this "treatment" for a month now and all I can say is that for me is working. I have been sufering from polyps for over 20 years....or at least I think this is a great remedy....will keep you posted.

Replied by Will
Puerto Rico

It's been great. I'm now been almost a year on this "change" (reduced dramatically the sugar consumption, "white" product (bread, rice, potatoe) and maintain a low carb and I'm very gratefull to have found this blog. I've been suffering from polyps for over 20 years, three sugeries and I was about to have one more because I had a sinus passage blocked completely with polyps and now I can breath like never before...Feeling great. IT hasn't been easy but very rewarding. I was very skeptical at first but given that I have tried just about anything out there I figured what do I have to loose to try one more method....thank you, thank youuuuuuuuu.

Replied by Brian
Sth Aus

Hi Will. Well done to decrease your sugar consumption and go low carb, which is what caused your polyps to go away, and probably every other health issue you had, just by doing that. Infecting oneself with hookworms is totally unnecessary.

Homeopathic Remedies  

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Posted by Hughel (Rochester, Ny) on 08/03/2009
4 out of 5 stars

Nasal Polyps: This treatment is very effective but not a cure. Pulsatilla 30, 5 pills twice a day under the tongue, for 10 days. Wait one week. Then take Sanguinaria 30, 5 pills twice a day under the tongue for 10 days. Wait 20 days for results.

Posted by Anil Kumar Sehgal (Bareilly, Up, India) on 05/13/2009
4 out of 5 stars

I am suffering from bilateral Nasal Polypus for last 14-15 years. I am taking Homeopathic treatment from a doctor locally. Once it happened that one of the doctors prescribed Lycopodium and as a result the ring worms errupted throughout the body with red rings and itching. By the regular treatment the ringworms have been cured. The nasal polypus generally inflates when i get directly in touch with air i.e. fan, cooler or while travelling. It also occurs when I go open headed during night specially when it is somewhat cool and there is some moisture i.e. fog/dew. The present doctor prescribed 'Silicea 200 / 1M along with some other medicines. It get cured for 3-4 months. It again occurs when there is weather change or get in touch with air. Added to it as an other effect I have got lichen (Exema) got eriupted on left leg just near the ankle.

Replied by Alex
Los Angeles, Ca

Is anyone aware of the possiblity that Samter's Triad could be the culprit? The symptoms include nasal polyps and asthma, caused by an allergy to salicilates that are in aspirin and many fruits and vegitables.


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Posted by Elissa (Uk) on 04/23/2015
5 out of 5 stars

I I could not breathe through my nose or smell for many years! The suffering was unbelievable. I would never wish it on anyone. My nasal polyps were cured in a few short months by taking Combination Q tissue salts initially by New Era tablets for "Catarrh & sinus disorders". For some strange reason I have never got a straight answer as to why New Era are no longer in business! I searched for many months until I found a small outlet that makes the same tablets. Combination Q consists of four active constituents in equal proportions: ferrous phosphate 6x; kali mur 6x; kali sulph 6x; nat mur 6x. Try homeopathic outlets, they should understand all this! I suffered from years of major nasal polyp growth in both nostrils. My GP sent me down the only route they know: pharmaceutical drugs & surgery! I had several surgeries virtually every year or 2 years until a friend told me what his Dad took for exactly the same thing which cured him. Since my cure I can breathe through my nose and my sense kf smell is fantastic too! No thanks to regular drug pushers ie today's GPs! When I told my old GP about this cure he had no idea of alternative cures! It seems the conventional medical establishment motto is "a patient cured is a customer lost"! It's not in their business interest to cure you! Whenever I feel the polyps growing again I simply take more tablets for a few days until it goes again! Once every few months I may flush both nostrils with pure warm water with a small amount of salt. I Boil water then let it cool. I add about half or 1 teaspoon salt and it works well for me. For the nasal flush I use a dedicated "Sinus Rinse" plastic bottle. It took me many years of suffering to figure out what worked for me. I thought I'd share my experiences with all those suffering. We should seriously be asking why aren't our general practitioners telling us this!?

Hydrogen Peroxide  

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Posted by Kieran (Cookeville, TN, USA) on 03/19/2009

Much better within days using hydrogen peroxide! I have had nasal polyps for 6 years at least. I got on a prescription corticosteroid nasal spray. Very expensive, it worked and I could breathe so well I no longer needed it for a year,then the polyps came back. This time neither that medication nor another brand worked well at all. Since then I have spent literally thousands of dollars, and got used to mouth-breathing, most of the time, year-round - in addition to having the nose at times swollen, face hurting, constant runny nose (delightful on social occasions!) being woken up repeatedly every night to mop at nose, little to no sense of smell, etc. For years I have continued the nasal steroid spray, in addition I have taken a truckload of supplements, tried homeopathic remedies, acupuncture (repeatedly) and Chinese herbs, over-the-counter meds, lymphatic drainage massage (helpful to a degree), drinking gallons of water daily as per Dr. Batmanghelidj, a mini-trampoline (slightly helpful), DHEA (somewhat helpful at 25mg per day for me, a middle-aged male, tended to shrink the polyps slightly), FDA-approved meridian-diagnostic machines, a 4-day water-only fast followed by an elimination diet followed by avoiding all eggs, milk, and cheese for a year or 2 (made no difference) etc...I have been desperate enough to consider surgery, but put off by the astronomical cost and by the tales of pain, misery, brief relief and repeated polyp re-growth of those who pursued that option.

Last week, as a result of one more of my countless internet searches on the subject, I found some interesting references.
Little is known about nasal polyps, but one known fact is that "eosinophilia" is often involved - (I thought Eosinophilia was a city in Pennsylvania), but actually it turns out eosinophils are a type of white blood cell, and at least in many cases of nasal polyps in an immune over-reaction too many eosinophils rush to the sinuses (to fight a real or imaginary invader) and cause chronic inflammation.

I had also seen before the idea mentioned that nasal polyps might be caused from either actual parasites or "ghost parasites".

Last week I found someone on a forum on saying they were shrinking their polyps by squirting ordinary drugstore 3% h2o2 up their nostrils twice a day, mixed 50/50 with water I believe, in their opinion killing the parasites.

Then I found another article saying that applying h2o2 to eosinophils caused apoptosis - cell death. I have been merely dipping a cotton swab in straight h202 3 times daily and swabbing the polyps. They stopped tickling and have been shrinking rapidly, my sense of smell is back, I am not filling a trash-can full of tissues, I can breathe a lot better! It costs $1 or two at the dollar store for enough to last for months. Incidentally, an applied kinesiology practitioner told me months ago that I had parasites in the sinuses.

Replied by Marsha
Marietta, Ga

Hi Kieran,

I've been looking for a cure for Nasal Polyps. I will give this a try and hope for the best. I have large polyps in both nostril and I've lost the my sense of smell. I will let you know my results. Thanks a lot Marsha in Marietta

Replied by Marsha
Marietta, GA

I was just courious as to how many days before you could tell it was working (shrinking)? How long did you swab before they were completely gone. And is swabing better than squirting? Thanks for any info you have I'm in desperate need. I do mouth breathing. My polyps are so swollen until people something think that I need to clean my nose and I have to explain that it's a polyps not any thing I can blow out of my nose. It is so embrassing at time. Thanks again

Replied by Don
Dayton, OH

Thank you very much, Kieran. I will follow your way! It will be great if my polyps shrink even little bit! Don

Replied by Kieran
Cookeville, TN, USA

In reply to Marsha from Marietta: within 2 or 3 days there was noticeable improvement. They are not completely gone, my post should really have been labelled "better but not cured". I still have quite large polyps, but I can now breathe around them, the fat swollen places on the sides of my nose are now concave again as they used to be. It is a vast improvement in my case and a great relief for me. I can't guarantee it will work the same for you, if you choose to try it, but I certainly wish you well. I will post updates on any further significant changes, whether good or bad. I don't know how swabbing compares to squirting because I chose to simply swab. I look forward to any feedback from anyone else who may try this.

EC: Thanks for the update -- we've changed your rating to Better But Not Cured!

Replied by Jonathon.L
Melbourne, Australia
4 out of 5 stars

Hi, after reading your post, i went out to buy h202, only to realise it is not something that is easily found in Australian pharmacies. thus i ordered a bottle of h2o2 capsules (food grade), the type where there is white powder inside the clear capsules. anyway, for a weeks i opened the capsule, poured out the powder, and cotton swapped it onto my polyps. and immediately i felt a tingling sensation. after waiting approx 30mins i found that it was incredibly easier to breathe, and the polyps shrank. but i find that the process needs to be repeated 3-4 times a day, whereby the more frequently it is applied (above 3/4 times), the less effective it becomes. i also tried snorting a bit of the powder in attempt to make it 'reach' the deeper tissues, but there was no effect.

i have a question, as to how much h202 should one apply? and is an overdose detrimental? ie will it damage the tissue?

thanks if anyone could reply.

Replied by Casmat
Sydney, Australia

Sorry I can only help about locating food grade H202 in Australia. Google NTP Health Products. I have been getting it from them for years and service and quality has always been good. Not sure about using the powder from capsules???? Hope this helps you on your journey.

Replied by Kieran
Cookeville, TN, USA

Jonathan from Melbourne, Australia: I'm delighted to hear the h2o2 is helping you. I have never heard of the stuff coming in capsules, but the effects sound similar. I don't know about dosage, as I said above I am merely dipping a cotton swab in the (liquid) hydrogen peroxide 3 times daily and swabbing the polyps. I am no expert on the stuff, and can only say that the post I found on curezone said "Going on 2 years now...the hydrogen peroxide -though it burned- never damaged the skin in my nostrils...". So far I personally have experienced no ill effects. We are all our own guinea pigs here with folk remedies, what you do is up to you - and yet it was long-term use of prescription corticosteroid nasal spray that gave me nosebleeds. So far I am pleased. If I develop any problems I will let you know. Good luck, and I appreciate all feedback, we can all learn from each other.

Replied by Kieran
Cookeville, TN, USA

I hope you are all keeping in mind the h2o2 I read about is 3%. Do NOT even think of using, for example, the 35% food grade product mentioned here, that stuff unless greatly diluted will burn even tough skin, let alone delicate nasal mucosa. Prompted by Jonathon L.'s question re deleterious effects, I have tried searching for more info...much of it is too technical for me. I did see some implying h2o2 possibly causing eye irritation. I merely swab the polyps, which seems like it might have less risk of the stuff getting up into the eyes via the tear ducts than squirting it in the nose and sniffing. I would greatly welcome any further info about safety of this approach.

Replied by Emily
Westboro, Ma


Hello! I have been suffering from nasal polyps going on 4 years. I've tried allergy shots, I do nasal flush, steriods, anti-biotics (numerous times)...if someone told me to stand in my head and eat peanut butter I would try. Its so frustrating and depressing! I've seen 3 specialist and 2 have left the office I go so i've had to keep staring over with a new Dr. I now have no insurance and sprays and meds are too expensive (even tho they don't do anything). The only thing that has worked it steriods and anti-biotics at they same time but then my smell goes away once i'm off the combination. Its so frustrating!!! When I go to friends house most people bring a bottle of wine, I bring a box of tissues. I am used to it now but people always ask if I'm sick. I used to be so shy about blowing my nose because it's so un-attractive but now it just has to be done. It's so gross but what can I do? I've single handedly wiped out a small forest. I just hate it! My last Dr said just keep up what you've been doing and see you in 6 months. What?!? Suffering? But anyways...i am very excited to try this! i hope it will help! Thank you for the advice! I hope your nose is treating you well. Not being able to smell it terrible!!! i don't know if I smell! So I apologize to everyone if I do! Thanks!

Replied by Hopeforgoodhealth
Charlotte, Nc

What if the Nasal Polyps locates deep down in our nose close to our throat? How do I apply Hydrogen Proxide, should I irrigate my nose with it, like the same way as Neti Pot. Thank you in advance for your reply.

Replied by Musicgary
Roscoe, Il
4 out of 5 stars

I have been trying the hydrogen peroxide - using a cotton swab with H2o2 - for just two days now. Almost immediately I noticed improvement in my runny nose. But as of today I can tell you that the polyps are shrinking. We'll have to see how far this progresses, but it is moving in the right direction.

Replied by Tarryn
La, Ca
4 out of 5 stars

Hi Jonathon,

I had sinus surgery last year April - it took 6 weeks to heal and for a few months my sinuses were clear. Then I started having trouble again and a few months ago my sense of smell disappeared.

I have started nasal irrigation with a solution of 1/2 tsp salt, 1/4 tsp bicarb and 1/4 tsp Hydrogen peroxide in a glass of water.( Use a bit of boiling water to dissolve the salt and bicarb)

This seems to be working very well - if I use more peroxide it burns - you will have to test how much you can take, but according to my research it is 1%.

Replied by Kieran
Cookeville, Tn, Usa
3 out of 5 stars

Worked Temporarily

Although h2o2 gave dramatic results at first, they didn't last, in my case. (Maybe for others it might be different...or not? I don't know) Since then, with the polyps very bad again, in desperation I used a corticosteroid nasal spray for a while (ask for the generic one, much more reasonably priced than the competition). This relieved the symptoms a bit. I also took a non-drowsy 24-hour antihistamine for a while. Then I added a homemade nasal wash - a nasal spray bottle of water, a small pinch of salt, another of baking soda, 2 drops of grapefruit seed extract, and a pinch of xylitol. This was fairly helpful. Since then I tried taking something called "No-Fenol" along with a low phenol and low salicylate diet - to no effect.

In the long run I have found just 2 things that make a major difference for me: I have to completely avoid eating chicken eggs, and likewise no cows' milk or cheese, no lactose. Duck eggs seem to be fine. Goat milk seems to be fine. Whey from cow milk I think is ok. Butter is fine. With this approach the polyps have shrunk quite a bit. I breathe partly through my nose at long last once again, and my sense of smell is back! I found which foods to avoid by trying periods of time avoiding them and then not, repeatedly. Incidentally, the lactose in an enzyme supplement not only made my sinuses worse, but gave me a headache and general aches and pains too, along with bad dreams, negative thoughts, and irritability.

Best of luck to you all, keep trying, find your triggers and avoid them and you can and will get much better.

Replied by Colin
London, Uk

Hi, I am living in london and I am 49 years old. I have been suffering from nasal polyps for 10 years but have had a runny nose since I was a child. I have always thought that I have a low or bad immune system. I have not tried surgery as there is a high chance of reoccurrence. I have gotten some relief from using honey a drop in each nostril once or twice a day(I have not tried manuka honey) topographically (aplied with my fingertips). Also Cephagraine Drops two drops once or twice a day helps a lot. Chinese herbs helped a lot but I did not take it for long enough.

In the last 2 months I have been using hydrogen peroxide of 3% internally starting with 3 drops and going up to 10 to 15 drops per day in boiled water. Because of healing crisis I have taken it on and off, and some days I have just forgotten to take it. My nose is now clear and I need to carry on for about 2 more months (three months is sugessted) in Healing with whole foods.... Paul Pitchford. From what I have read H Peroxide rather than a cure it is a natural imunity booster. Please read for more guidelines and other uses.

There are books also and loads of info on the internet.

For more guidelines and other uses. It is great for the skin. Read about side effects it is important and it is better to get the food grade(amazon ebay ect. ) and dilute if necessary with ditilled/purified water.

I think the way forward is to do this and then try to stick to a diet which keeps me healthy.

In Ayurvedic medicine they recommend the following CEPHAGRAINE drops recomend these things. (I find it very hard to keep to the diet) but it keeps the polyps from growing.

Early to bed is very useful.
1) Consumption of turmeric, garlic, ginger and black pepper is recommended for these patients.
2) Prefer bland diet
Dont 's
1) Avoid fried and spicy food recipes.
2) Avoid food items, which cause indigestion and constipation.
3) Avoid exposure to excessive heat, cold and rain.
4) Avoid daytime sleeping and spending sleepless night.
5) Avoid curd, bananas and dried things. (Sinusitis)
6) Avoid drinking cold water and ice cream. (Sinusitis)
7) Avoid exposure to rain, excessive cold wind, smoke and dust. (Sinusitis)
8) Avoid irregular dietary habits. (Sinusitis)
9) Avoid daytime sleeping. (Sinusitis)

There are a few books about taking HP also and loads of info on the internet.

email me; colin_holford(at)

Only take It when you are sure. HP occurs naturally in rain water

Replied by Colin
London, Uk
0 out of 5 stars

Hi, The Hydrogen peroxide internally made me ill. Eventually after about 2 months, I got really ill. It was like candida I felt really weak with headaches and could do nothing. I have gone back to the Ayuvedic doctor and feel much better for it. My sense of taste is returning and I am clearing my lungs out. My nose is Clear. Good luck

Hydrogen Peroxide, Colloidal Silver, Reduced Wheat  

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Posted by Ritu (Houston, Tx, Usa) on 02/03/2010
5 out of 5 stars

after suffering from polyps, extreme stuffiness, sinus infections for years, i started nasal saline rinse with 1tsp of hydrogen peroxide, collodial silver spray in the nose, reduced consumption of wheat. this gave me instant relief. It is now been five months since i have been following this.


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Posted by Marblenose (London, England) on 05/24/2013
5 out of 5 stars

If your nasal polyps are swollen or inflamed due to infection etc, a temprorary relief to this is to crush ICE force it up your nose compacting the polyps :-) I had one the size of a marble in my right nostril for last 2/3 weeks Ice has reduced it considerably. I can actually breathe in an out of that nostril today for the first time in weeks, sadly its probably only temprorary , the first time I used the Ice was last night was amazed to wake this morning swelling gone right down , give it a try it costs nothing spread out a tissues or cloth on table lean ur head forward the ice will will obviously melt on to the cloth.. I'm going out to try another ICE session now ...

Iodine Saline Rinse  

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Posted by Allgood (NE Georgia) on 01/24/2015
5 out of 5 stars

Sinus polyps and infections:

I had sinus problems for many years--3 surgeries--fungal infection etc--finally saw dr donald dennis in atlanta--he always saw polyps until I added provodine iodine 10 percent--10+drops per cup to my saline rinse. My polyps suddenly went away--he now recommends adding potassium iodine to rinses--said he has cured many people--even a friend he had been treating for 10 years--it certainly has turned my life around.

Replied by Yearningtobreathefree
5 out of 5 stars


I REALLY want to thank you for posting this information. I have been through the usual misery with nasal polyps for at least 13 years. Had the usual very limited help and bad side effects from nasal steroid spray. Got mostly nowhere with countless alternative remedies. Spent almost all of the time with nose 100% blocked.
I have been using a slightly modified version of this remedy. I bought a bottle of saline nasal spray, volume 1.69 ounces, and added 10 drops of 2% Lugol's Solution of iodine to the bottle. I have been squirting a few squirts of this in my nostrils about 4 times a day, for about 3 weeks now. At first most of it ran out again. Day by day things have got much better. Now I can sniff, and can smell all kinds of things - coffee (yum! ), food (likewise), chemical air "fresheners" (yuck! ). Its such a treat to have my sense of smell back more and more of the time. Also getting a bit of air through my nostrils much of the time.

I STRONGLY recommend all of you nasal polyps sufferers out there (unless you are allergic to iodine) to give this a try for at least a few weeks.

Since I began this I found more info explaining likely why it works: a Dr Galland says staph is almost always involved in nasal polyps. It causes inflammation, and prevents steroids from working as well as they otherwise would. Neither staph nor any other bacteria can ever develop resistance to iodine. He has a book out, as well as youtube videos.

This has worked better than colloidal silver or anything else for me, and unlike tea tree oil (which is great stuff) is not even slightly irritating to the mucous membranes.

Ketogenic Diet, Supplements  

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Posted by Abra (Ne, Ohio) on 09/07/2015
5 out of 5 stars

I'm so glad I found this site! Like many of you I was desperate to find some relief from chronic sinus polyps and infections. Special thanks to Brian of So. Australia for the low carb diet posts and Bryan of Houston for the lecithin suggestion. Your posts really helped me with my sinus problems and started the healing.

My background: I've had Samter's triad (nasal polyps, asthma, and aspirin/salicylate sensitivity) and many allergies for most of my life. I've had several sinus surgeries, chronic sinus infections, polyps deep within my sinus cavities, total loss of the sense of smell, and round after round of antibiotics and steroids to clear up severe sinus infections, only to start again with the next serious sinus infection that was always right around the corner.

What worked for me after about 6 weeks:

A ketogenic diet, this is a high fat, moderate protein and low carb diet. Pretty much the only carbohydrates that are allowed are dark, leafy greens and non-starchy vegetables. To make up for the reduced carb calories, you eat LOTS of delicious fats: extra virgin olive oil, coconut oil, butter, bacon, and cream. Library books I found helpful: "Keto Clarity" and "Primal Body, Primal Mind." Google "ketogenic diet" and search on you tube. There is lots of information on this diet pro and con.

All I can say is that it made an amazing difference for me. The daily gallons of mucus just dried up. After several years of not being able to smell any odors at all, I can smell the coffee in the morning and can actually enjoy the taste of food again! Before I found the ketogenic diet, I went the anti-candida and low carb route, but I think it was still too many carbs for me. Low carb never killed the appetite and the carb cravings like the keto diet did. I'm never going back.

At the same time I started the ketogenic diet, I started taking the lecithin and ginkgo biloba supplements suggested by Bryan of Houston. Twice a day I took the following: 1200mg sunflower (non GMO) lecithin and 120mg of the ginkgo biloba extract. I didn't get Bryan's dramatic 2 week results, but my sense of smell is finally back and I'm grateful.

What didn't work for me:

Be gentle with the tea tree oil and hydrogen peroxide as both can be a little harsh, so you might want to start with a diluted dose until your sinuses adjust and/or heal. I just use sea salt in a neti pot morning and evening to wash the sinuses. I tried the above, but didn't like the burning feeling and didn't feel any improvement to stick it out. Also, be careful of rinsing out your sinuses and tilting your head back and down to move the rinse deeper into the sinus cavities as it can force the liquid into your eustachian tube.

Hopefully I can get through the winter without a sinus infection?that'll be the real deal :>).


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Posted by Bryan (Houston, Texas) on 07/24/2012
5 out of 5 stars

I have suffered with persistent nasal polyps for about 15 years; I developed an allergy to aspirin which is linked to the polyps and asthma. During this time I had the polyps surgically removed at least 7 times (that I can recall off the top of my head) only to have them grow back within 6-8 weeks. Needless to say I could not smell, had limited taste (thank God for Tabasco.... only thing that gave food flavor) and had at least 6 major sinus infections per year requiring extensive antibiotics.

Recently I started taking Lecithin (2 1200 MG softgel caps) and Ginko Biloba (2 120 MG Caps) along with my daily vitamins. After about 2 weeks of this I started to detect odors. Now, not having smelled for 15 years I had no idea what I was smelling, but the fact that I could smell SOMETHING was great. About another 2 weeks and I caould breathe easily through my nose and I could smell all sorts of things. I had forgotten the joys of smelling freshly brewed coffee, chocolate chip cookies baking, and my wife's perfume.

I believe the Lecithin is the major player in my success. Lecithin, from what I've learned about it, is an emulsifier; it dissolves things and keeps them suspended in another liquid. This allows you to get rid of the waste products in your system rather than letting them collect in your body. The Lecithin has also helped lower my cholesterol and improve my cardiac health in general.

Take this for what it's worth. It worked for me and it is a cheap and painless alternative to some of the other treatments I've seen. I would love to see a clinical study on this, but whose going to do that when there is no drug to be marketed once the study is complete.

Replied by Sean
Coral Gables, Fl

Bryan: Very interesting comments about Lecithin - definitely willing to give it a try. Have you experienced any side effects from 2.4g daily?

Also, I was wondering whether you made any dietary or lifestyle changes apart from the Lecithin and Gingko? Have you ever had allergy testing done to assess whether your allergies are food-related or environmental-related (dust, pollen, animals, etc.)?

Replied by Paul
St. Louis
5 out of 5 stars

I stumbled on this post in researching this subject because I have just started taking massive doses in addition to lecithin. I believe this can work and already started noticing a help in my breathing. Lecithin contains choline which helps move fat. Vitamin A is a fat soluable vitamin and to function in the body is most likely going to need choline. So I think there is real promise here. I'll know more soon as I keep this up but I have had nasal polyps for years.

Lugol's Iodine  

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Posted by Leslie (Geneva, IL) on 06/07/2007
4 out of 5 stars

For 4 days I have been applying Lugols Iodine to my nose polyp,once in the morning and at night. Has reduced in size and shape. Before was very red, now looks like color of surrounding tissue. Will continue this experiment and report to you the outcome.

Replied by Tom
Cherry Hill, Nj

Are you sure that is a polyp? Everything I've seen on polyps says they are translucent and gray in appearance. I've watched several videos on Youtube about polyp surgeries and you can clearly see them and they are never red.

Replied by Colin
London, Uk

Mine are always red.

Manuka Honey Sinus Rinse  

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Posted by James (Livonia, Mi) on 02/26/2012
5 out of 5 stars

After reading numerous posts on these forums, I tried using manuka honey in my sinus rinse. I noticed a difference almost right away. Within a couple weeks, my polyps actually DID shrink and saved me a trip to the ENT guy. It is not cheap, but it is cheaper than going to the doctor. The effect is rather pleasant. I am hoping that longer term use will help me recover some semblance of smell and taste senses. James


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Posted by L. (Spokane, Wa) on 10/11/2010
5 out of 5 stars

Hi, I just wanted to share this with all the people who have nasal polyps. My husband had a whole bunch of them, and one was like centimeters from protruding from his nostril, I tried EVERYTHING!!! That I could find about polyps, we did, and nothing seemed to help, celendine was the only thing that would help a teeny bit, he could not sleep, eat or focus, it was horrible! Then my mom suggested we try MMS, within a week, he started breathing a bit though his nose, and it kept getting better, we are now on week 5, and he keeps improving everyday, I looked up his nostril the other day, and could not see that one polyp that was so close to protruding! After he takes it for 2 or 3 months, I want to go back and get a scan done and see whats going on! But I wanted to let people know to try this, because I know how terrible and hopeless polyps are! Good luck!

Replied by Reghu
Nassau, Bahamas

What is MMS? Please explain. Thanks

EC: Go to this page:

Replied by Sanjeev
New Delhi, Delhi

What is MMS? Pl explain.

EC: More info here:

Multiple Remedies  

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Posted by Yearningtobreathefree (Middle Tennessee, US) on 01/17/2015
5 out of 5 stars

Have had nasal polyps about 13 years. Have done the nasal steroids and about every remedy in these pages over the years. A few months ago was still in my chronic state of 100% blocked nose on both sides, chronic sinus infection, soaking wads of tissues, sinus headaches etc - you all know! Nose was swollen and fat.

Much better last few months. I have been taking twice daily a rotating and varied mix of a tiny pinch of goldenseal, 1 drop GSE, 1 drop clove oil, 1 drop oregano oil, now and then 20 drops myrrh or olive leaf tincture - all of the above to keep infection at bay.

Have been squirting home-made nasal spray (distilled water, xylitol, baking soda, colloidal silver, GSE, 3% h2o2, baby shampoo - all these not measured but in tiny dabs into the distilled water in an empty saline nasal spray bottle), alternating with an oregano oil-based nasal spray I purchased and plain homemade colloidal silver also sprayed in the nostrils. I squirt each of the above in the nose at least once each per day.

Other vital parts of this regimen that have helped greatly:
L-arginine (500mg) once daily.
1000 iu methylcobalamin B12 once daily (in the morning! ).
500mg cordyceps capsule each morning.
5000mcg biotin once daily.
From 2 to 5 drops 2% Lugol's iodine daily, depending on how I feel.
The oral and nasal items in the 2nd and 3rd paragraphs are to kill/prevent infection.
The arginine boosts nitric oxide, which helps kill infection and seems to assist in opening the sinuses (humming 20 minutes a day also boosts NO).
The methylcobalamin I saw mentioned on a few forums as greatly relieving decades of chronic sinus trouble in many people.
Cordyceps boosts immunity.
Biotin is needed to help the body beat back fungus - whether sinus infection, dandruff, athlete's foot, jock itch, etc.
Iodine helps to improve low thyroid, which is endemic now due to bromine having replaced iodine in American bread, and chlorine and fluorine in the water. Low metabolism is loved by fungus, & 96% of sinus infections are primarily fungal (Mayo Clinic).

One final thing and likely the most important: look up "cured nasal polyps -normal body temperature", then look up Matt Stone and read his e-book "Eat for Heat". The latter worked for me better and faster than iodine alone.
I can smell things for increasing lengths of time every day now! I can even get some air through one or both nostrils for some time every day. My nose looks mostly normal now, and I am using less tissues. It wakes me up, running, much less often.

Good luck to you all, and remember, use your own judgement and discretion on any of these suggestions. Pay attention to how your body responds.

Posted by Joe (Wollongong, Nsw Australia) on 05/23/2013

I know why water fasting and other fasting can help sinus conditions and polyps and many other conditions and that is because it clears the lymphatic system. The lymphatic system is important for our immunity and helps in dealing with stress and allergy. If the lymphtic system is clogged with the over consumption of foods and some very challenging foods then your nose and sinus receive more inflammation from the garbage build up. The lymphatic system is like the garbage man that takes away the garbage. Garbage may just turn into polyps. Instead of polluting and causing a worse diseased situation little sacks of garbage called polyps form to protect us.

How do we heal this?

1. Drink your 8 glasses of water per day. Enjoy herbal teas. Maybe goats or almond milk if you must add something. No sugar.
2. Avoid lots of fats. Just a little fat to cook in and satisfy your stomach as this will help stop sugar cravings.
3. Avoid dairy and wheat as much as you can.
4. Thinks about eating lots of greens instead of grains.
5 Get a good night sleep and let your lymph system work when it prefers. It works better as you lay down and rest.
6. Exercise regularly as your lymph needs that help it to do its work. You need to be active for it to circulate.
7. Get good lymphatic massage and remove tension from your lymph restricting chronic tight muscles. Especially those ones cleaning your head and sinuses.
8. Take lymph herbs like fenugreek, bayberry and redroot(not bloodroot), take vitamin c 5000mg spread throughout the day and 2000mg of bioflavanoids. Take quircetin and bromelain. There is a bloodroot nasal drops you can make up as a spray from godshear herbalist UK this will dissolve polyps.
9. Also smaller meals spread throughout the day can be easier on our body. Try taking meals with a good digestive enzyme supplement. You can try taking this supplement between meals also and last thing at night and let it help clear your lymph.
10. This information is like gold. I am sure it will help. It's your time now. Wishing you the best of health.