Natural Sinus Congestion Remedies

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Posted by Kalki (Mumbai, India) on 10/11/2011

I have had several allergic bouts throughout my life. Now I find that I am waking up every night between 2:30 and 4am with a leaky nose and an itching, aching soft upper palate. I can even feel sharp indendations and rough texture up there, with my tongue. (The texture is smooth at other times). It hurts, especially when I swallow. The only thing that helps it is when I breathe in and out forcefully through the nose sounding like a stalled truck. It feels like an itch is being relieved. Needless to say, the family does not appreciate all this noise in the middle of the night.

This happens for a few days and then stops and starts up again some days later. Has been happening for about two months now. I've tried sleeping early and late but the time frame is still the same.

This is nothing like I have experienced before and believe me I have gone through the entire range of allergic symptoms at different times. I just can't go back to sleep with the whole area throbbing and aching. So I sit up and read till I'm so sleepy I just drop off.

Any idea what this may be? Any suggestions?

Posted by Rachel
Pittsburgh, Pa
No one talks about this but colloidal silver is a natural antibiotic and was used before antibiotics came out in the 1940s. You can take it orally, 2 oz or more at a time, and spray it into your nose, like Afrin or such. If you do this 5x a day for 2 days the infection will be gone.

Posted by Bette (Williamsburg, Va) on 09/28/2011

I am reading a lot about things to do for sinus irritations, infection, etc... post nasal drip and all the congestion that goes with what I have come to realize may be allergies and some mold exposure after the storm we had, where spores have shown themselves in my house..

I had a mold tester come in today, won't get results till a few days, but, I realize my doctor has no solution for what I am dealing with other than allergy injections... Meds don't help.... and I need to find alternative ways to deal with this problem...

I purchased some drugstore tea tree oil today and put it in a neti pot... this does seem to work wonders for my left sinus that is always congested and had an infection 3 wks ago, which antiobiotics did not help...

I have seen posts about using a maintenance spray of oregano oil and sea salt, but I have also seen the colloidal silver usage discussed...

Where are these products being found on the net? and how do you know you are getting a reliable one? I would like to do deal with a US company if possible...... If anyone has any recipes for a maintenance sinus spray or something besides the NeilMed packs, which I think are useless.... I would love to know to at least try....

Thanks in advance for any help, all help will be appreciated...Bette

Posted by Arsh (Arley, Al) on 02/05/2011

Hi! I've read all the posts I can find on Mucus and sinuses and I'm still in a pickle with mine.

I got a flu this past November and it was nasty. I took ACV throughout and recovered faster than anyone but my sinuses filled up with nasty mucus. I kept blowing my nose and clearing it but it comes back endlessly. On to now, this hasn't relented. I'm still waking up barely able to breathe because my sinus is FULL of hard, thick, slimy green mucus that won't go away. Most mornings, it's dry also so I can't get it to blow clear. I'm really not enjoying this, but since I have asthma already it's agitating my breathing even more and I begin to feel scared.

I have tried ACV (I have the good stuff with the mother) and I haven't seen a decline in it.

Is there anything that will just rinse it out thoroughly and pull all that nasty junk out of there? I'd be happy to go through a yucky sinus rinse if I can get rid of this once and for all.
I'll take any recommendations to heart. Thanks so much for the advice. Thank Chaos for this site! I'm so happy it exists.

Posted by Anita
I also had a flu (I think fever went to 102) and then the sinus congestion hit me. I took hot baths with a few drops of eucalyptus oil. A few months ago I had made a h2o2 spray (emptied nasal sprayer) for coughs (spray in mouth and inhale). I used it up my nose out of desperation and lo and behold the next day I could breathe through my nose and no more headaches.

Posted by Linny (St. Louis, Missouri) on 02/04/2011


Posted by Adriann
Maumee, Oh
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I had the same problem.... Was congested beyond belief for an entire year. My doctor had me do a food sensitivity test. It showed I was eating a lot of things that I was sensitive to(not allergic). Once I started to elliminate those foods my congestion cleared. I was also sensitive to yeast (candida) and did the candida diet. It has been 3 years and I can tell when I have eaten things I shouldn't because I will start to become congested again. The blood test I had done was the ALCAT.
Posted by Susie
Kihei, Hawaii
Lemon water, squeeze one Lemon on tall glass water and drink all day.
Posted by Linda
Fairview, Oklahoma, Usa
Saline drops, morning and night, year round. Can be had at drug store. I suffered from sinusitis for years. (Got so bad once, I used garlic juice up my nose - you don't want to go there! ) My sinuses still drive me crazy but saline (salt water) keeps me breathing, helps loosen and drain so you can actually blow your nose and clear your head along with the pain in your face and teeth. Colds, flu and viruses are less miserable. Since there is no drugs (only salt and H2O), you can use this as often as needed without side effects or lessening its efficiency.

Posted by Daphne (Chicago, Il) on 01/24/2011

I always get bloody noses when I get sinusitis. I do not blow my nose, and yet, during the middle of the night, my nose will just bleed and I have to run to the bathroom and stop it. Is the neti pot good for bloody noses with sinusitis?

Posted by Bob (Memphis, Tn) on 10/21/2010

I've been having sinus problems for the past several months. Teeth hurting alot and sinus pressure on 1 side of my face. I have used the saline rinses with little results. I'll use an over the counter decongest/spray from time to time but it seems even that is not working. I woke up 2 or 3 nights ago with my heart racing and feelings of losing my mind. I've had it happen 2 or 3 times since then, very scarey. I know it is from this pressure I have on the right side of my face. It really is making me feel like at any time I'm going to have an anxiety attack. I have an appointment with an eye ear nose and throat Dr. In the morning. Any ideas on how I can relieve this sinus pressure? Thx.

Posted by Mmsg
Somewhere, Europe
Hot tea with honey, plenty of lemon and vitamin c.
Posted by Robin
Rural, Va
Bob, it actually relieves me to hear someone else talk of the sinus pressure/anxiety connection. I have been experiencing this for some time, and have done a huge amount of research on the net to find others who experience this, as well as find an explanation. I did find something that finally made sense. I wish I could remember where I found it; I just cut and pasted what I wanted.

This was what I read: The sinus cavities are very close to the brain, and the toxins generated by a sinus infection can affect the brain, and create anxiety. This person also says that anxiety disorders can be caused by a chronic virus. His remedy: Bromelain 1500mg three times a day on an empty stomach. It works for me. Bromelain is supposed to reduce swelling.

Posted by Carly
Seattle, Wa Usa
Hi Bob -
The ONLY thing that works for me when I get that bad (eye-tooth pain, maybe once a year due to sinus thing) is Robitussin CF. I know, I know... But it works for me. Other than that, a warm compress on your face, and tons of water, and Vitamin C.... Have you looked into the "neti-pot" thing? (not sure how it is spelled, but google will correct spelling). My daughter swears by it, but I have not tried it. Good luck to you - take care... Carly

Posted by Michael (Fairhope, Alabama) on 10/07/2010

With apple cider vinegar for sinus, is the grape seed extract capsules taken orally? Does it work to take grape seed extract and oregano oil together? Is oregano oil the same as wild oregano oil?

Posted by Pam (Orange Park, Florida) on 06/17/2010

Help please with dry mouth and non-allergic rhinitis. I also get dry eyes at times. Trouble sleeping because I'm mouth breathing when my nose is congested. Note: there is nothing coming out of my nose and I might have some in the throat but I cannot tell. I'm currently miserable. Is there a cure? I never know what will set me off... thus far even the smell of table pepper.

Posted by Tziporrah-shir (Corbett, Or, USA) on 12/09/2009

Over a year ago, my fiance got a nasty but typical cold or flu. Ever since, he has been plagued by an over production of mucus in his sinuses. He has constant drainage and sometimes it triggers his gag reflex and gets into his lungs somehow and he has awful gagging, choking and coughing fits, followed by burping. Sometimes he sort of throws it up too. It is especially troublesome when he lays down. He is otherwise not sick. The mucus in his body is pretty constant. Any ideas as to what is going on and how we can stop this would be so appreciated!

Posted by Lisa
Thousand Oaks, Ca, USA
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First off, eliminate ALL dairy. That will be a huge help. Then, begin to alkalinize his body. Using hydrogen peroxide (see the section here on earth clinic) will also help speed up the process. I was having lots of problems with mucus early this year and my Chinese acupuncturist has told me that mucus creates all sorts of havoc in the body that people don't realize the connection. I actually just put hydrogen peroxide on a q-tip and put it up my nostrils sniffing it up. It was like a flood gate that opened and for 3 days I can't even tell you the amount of mucus that exited my body! That might be too harsh for him to take- the q-tip thing, but that's just what I did. You can try the method that most everyone uses here on earth clinic instead. At any rate, I have been very clear ever since then and now have completely eliminated dairy and cannot believe how different I feel. I won't turn back now! Lisa
Posted by Rachel
College Park, Md
You should definitely dry Apple Cider Vinegar for the sinuses. I have had sinus problems for at least 7-8 years. I could not fully breath out of my nose. Within 4 days of adding ACV to my diet, my sinuses are completely clear. They started to drain by the second day. I did get a little sore throat as all the mucus thinned and started to clear. I cannot believe the changes in my energy level since taking ACV! My sinuses were giving me headaches everyday. I never went anywhere without a bottle of Excedrin. Now, 3 weeks of taking ACV, all sinus related ailments are GONE! Try taking 2 teaspoons 3 times daily with a little bit of water. It does not taste great, but so worth it!
Posted by Dott
Ft.lauderdale, Florida, Usa
I have allergies and tend to sometimes get mucousy and stuffed-up when exposed to certain things-- like my dog.

Oral vitamin "C" helped, because it has anti-histamine properties, it would eventually opened up my sinuses and allowed them to drain, get rid of my sinus headache and pain, etc. -- but, it was slow, and high oral doses of vitamin C cause me to have other problems. So, I decided to get radical and try something new. I got a bottle of sterile saline nasal spray, popped the top off and added about a 16th of a tsp. of pure vitamin "C" powder to the spray. Closed it, shook it well, and tried 3 GENTLE spritzes per nostril side. My sinuses opened in less than 10 minutes and one treatment usually keeps me open all night long.

One WARNING -- A vitamin "C" powder added to a liquid like saline doesn't keep long, even with the preservatives added to the saline solution. I would switch to a new bottle monthly, or whenever you notice that the solution is turning golden. A drop of vitamin "E" may help the solution to keep longer, but I haven't tried that yet, I just buy a new saline spray and add fresh "C" powder monthly. Also, DON'T share your spray with anyone, even immediate family members. If they have sinus congestion, snoring, or sneezing problems, mix them their own, label and date it for them, and make sure THEY know to mix fresh solution for themselves monthly as well!!

Posted by Vicky (Winnemucca, Nv) on 05/24/2009

I just have a question, and I hope someone will help. I have had severe fatique and terrible pressure above above my eyes. Sometimes the pressure is between my eyes. I tried the allergy shot hoping that would help but it didn't. Can your sinuses be cloged above your eyes without the mucus in your nose? The Dr. said my nose was swollen inside on one side. Any help here would be greatly appreciated!! Thanks.

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Posted by Karen (Alpharetta, Georgia) on 03/25/2008

[YEA]  Riboflavin B2 100mg right before bedtime will take care of sinus drainage. It will work in about 20 minutes. If not,try up to 250mg. I had severe sinus drainage for years.I found it hard to sit through meetings,church etc, without coughing my head off. I would eat and have a reaction to food and start coughing uncontrollably. Sometimes medications worked, sometimes not. Sometimes I would double up on medication. Now I take NOTHING!

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Posted by Ken (Arlington, VA) on 02/03/2007

[YEA]  I have been getting more involved in home remedies. Just worked out the sore throat issue then I had to focus on the sinus drainage which will also contribute to having a sore throat due to the thick mucus running from the sinuses down to the back of the throat. I read that you can use tomato juice and certain herbs. This is what I had to do since I do not have tomato juice in my home. One cup of medium spicy salsa, 1 teaspoon of cayenne pepper, 2 teaspoons of minced garlic, 1 tablespoon of honey. I heated this up (covered) in the microwave for 2 minutes, let it set for 5 minutes. Then I drained all of the juice into another cup (leaving out any salsa chunks) then I slowly drank the spicy concoction. Man, did the drainage begin. REMEMBER: when sinuses are draining, always blow your nose and spit out the mucus. You will start to get rid of any bacteria that might have collected in the membranes during the time of mucus build up. Also try to drink clear fluid. I prefer warm lemonade with 1 teaspoon of garlic juice. It really does the trick.

Posted by User182
Hattiesburg, Ms
[YEA]   Ok.. So this salsa thing definitely works. Just makes sure you have a giant glass of water beside you when you get thru drinkin it. I drunk a greatly smaller amount than what it called for and it STILL helped me.

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Posted by Muhammad (Abudhabi, Uae) on 05/16/2011

[YEA]  yes my dear friends it really works the cleaning of nose with salty water is very effective I tried and I am doing it on daily bases.. Thanksssss

Posted by Erin (San Diego, CA) on 09/15/2006

[YEA]  My 12 yr old son just did this when he woke up this morning. He has chronic allergies and sinus troubles from Sept-May and a nurse friend suggested this to me many years ago. It has worked wonders for my kids anytime allergies or congestion kick in. He went from not being able to breathe at all this morning, to breathing comfortably.

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Posted by Ratna (Pawtucket, USA) on 09/29/2007

[YEA]  If you wake up with a heavy head and bad throat which usually causes body ache, try this,

step 1. take hot water mixed with salt, baking soda, lemon juice gargle, clean, wash your toungue, throat, upper part of inside of your mouth, it will make you want to throw up almost, eyes will be so red, but you feel relieved so much, this is cleansing the mouth.

Step 2. put some oil inside your both nostrils almond oil or may be olive oil (we in Southern India use coconut oil) you have to use your fingers as much deep you can reach to do this, then take hot water in a plastic mug which is pointed on one side (or if you can find NETI POT wich is shaped like Alladin's lamp use it) put the hot water inside of one nostril after another tilting your head and drain it out, you will find all the dirt - mucus come out at once, (some water may come into your mouth or through another nose), this you can do two times a day, this is keeping your drainage clean. you will find great relief in your head, eyes, even in shoulders, if the allergy cold is so severe.

Step 3. Take hot boiling steaming water into a wide mouthed vessel, add Vicks or drops of eucalyptus oil (Nilgiri oil) into it, bend your face into it, cover your head surrounding the vessel with a thick towel, inhale the steam as much heat you can take, your forehead, eyes, ear start to feel so much better, this is steam therapy.

I had been to a doctor, who is not able to diagnose my allergy sinus cold properly, instead when he is asking me questions like 'are you feeling depressed' I felt he needs to be sent to a therapy session on how to treat his patients well and listen carefully what they say.

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