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Nutmeg and Honey   1  0   

Posted by Pran (Hillsborough, NJ) on 07/02/2008



Posted by Travis
Chicago, IL
Csn you use any old ordinary nutmeg and honey and how long do you leave it on?
Posted by Mike
Peoria, IL
Does anyone know how to get rid of those hole in your face associated with acne?

Povidone Iodine   1  0   

Posted by Patricia (Laguna Niguel) on 12/19/2007

[YEA]  I love this website! Lots of wonderful home remedies. I read about Iodine and went on ebay- I bought Povidone- Iodine first to try, and painted myself with it over every problem area of my skin- the colors were disappearing in 15 minutes or so. The bottle says for external use only and do not apply it over large areas of the skin. Well, I have not tried take it internally yet, but as I understand it, Povidone is used for prep surgeries, which means it is in contact with blood and internal organs. After my first application on small areas, I noticed that the morning after I could see significant improvement on my skin where there used to be acne-like pumps that I had for several years- some shrank and some went away. I then started using it on all scars and it seems to make them more smooth and heal better. Upon seeing that, I asked my husband to paint me all over my back- dry, flaky skin with red irritable spots- and over night, they became more smooth. So I started to use it more and more, sometimes it stains my clothes, but my skin seemed to be healing. Don't know if that is also indication of my iodine deficiency. I wonder if it works any differently from Lugol's. I do have signs of low thyroid function, like cold intolerance, poor circulation. Can you tell me if I can take the Povidone internally? How is it different from Lugol's?

Posted by Adriana
Van Nuys, California
[WARNING!]   "Do not ingest providone iodine, yes it is used in surgeries but only for prepping. It does not come in contact with the organs.
Posted by Rick
Dayton, Oh
Iodine defficiency is common, because most of what we eat is grown in mineral-depleated soil. It makes sense that iodine would clear up skin conditions, since that point was made many times by Cayce in his health readings. The concept is to give each cell what it needs, usually iodine (defficient) and it will restore circulation that is lacking / messed up, then clear out blockages, like redness, bumps, moles, warts, scars-- all results of poor circulation (superfiicial/ surface-level).

No, one should NEVER ingest Povidone-- it is not made for that, neither are iodine sanitizer tablets (that's why they taste horrible & you will immediately spit it out! ). But since most of us don't live near seawater, the source of iodine salt (it can be a liquid or salt dissolved in water, and evaporates when heated like anby salt will), and lack access to safe seafood and fresh kelp or any sea plats would be great (but taste awful dried), then either 1. ) eat sushi, as it is wrapped in Nori, a dried kelp (favorite snack of Japanese-- they eat it like jerky), or 2. ) have some miso soup -- it comes with Nori or some other kelp pieces in it, or 3. ) purchase Atomidine, is 14. 00 a reg. Sized dropper bottle which will last you forever nearly. Directions for its use, also called tri-chloric iodine (tastes like pool water -- take alone in pure water an hour after morning meal -- as it's a slight stimulant, like ginseng is-- or take 1/2 hour before breakfast), directions are readily available on many websites: like any thyroid-related remedy, one should not take it constantly (though doctors advise T4 replacement thyroxine to be taken daily & regularly for life, this syntheti drug has a LOT of side-effects that may be worse than a low thyroid function; I recommend everyone try iodine supplement only in this orally-designed supplement before going onto thyroxin permanently, to see if you can allow your thyroid to fix itself first.)

It was originally patented by Dow Chem. Co. (one of the actually good things they come up with) in 1931 or 1932 (there is also a Dr. Who/ chemist who came up with the bascially identical tri-chloric iodine, besides Dow's Atomidine, around the same time), and the patent for the latter was transferred to Cayce's Foundation via its Heritage Store (from Dow, I think is how it went). It is purported to also protect from polio (a virus) and some other stuff like malaria (a mosquito parasite they carry in their blood of the female ones).

It is said that making sure you enough iodone (the recommended RDA of the FDA) is the most crucial mineral or viatamin because Cayce asserted that it is the thyroid (! ) that is the ''master gland'' (! ) and not some part or gland of the brain (the hypothalamus controls the thyroid via a feedback loop, so that it is mutual control, but modern belief calls the pituitary the ''master gland, '' which controls growth, even though the pituitary is controlled by the thyroid-- so go figure), as is erroneously believed today. (While self-hypnotised, the ghost of an ancient learned surgeon, an advanced doctor--from a time when medicine was even more advanced than today, spoke though Cayce, allowing him to cure thousands or tens of thousands of supposedly incurable cases with various maladies, including using OMT/Osteopathic spinal manipulation that a D. O. Does, which is vagely similar to Chiropractic adjustment, and all done from his couch-- he would float there he said, and could see the person, from accross the country, inside & out, and immediately know their ailments & how to cure them, but remembered nothing on waking, so someone was there to write it all down. He was also studies by the AMA, and told a person to perform the first modern bone mending successfully with a nail).

Directions/ Doage: findable on numerous websites, the treatment regimen for the dietary supplement includes varying dosage and not continuously: 1 drop in 1/2 cup purest water 1st day, then 2 drops in water 2nd day, then then 3 drops the 3rd day, then 4 drops the 4th day, then leave off & stop taking it for like 4 days. Other direcrtions say a drop each day for 2 days, 2 drops for days 3 & 4, and then 3 drops for day 5 & 6, then 4 drops the 4th day & then quit & stop for a whole week, but then resume the following week. If you seem to hyper or flush or anxious, then only do it for 1 week out of the month. You should see much more energy and sleep better and feel less tired. This is suupposed to help just about any condition (especially hair & nails, but that also calls for calcios bone marow paste, or sardines, daily on a cracker too, with lemon flavor).

Some people even claim thay had been diagnosed with terminal unreatable cancer, moved to the seaside to die, had someone tell them to eat tons of kelp with iodine and then made a full recovery. SO goes the stories in published books about his life work & people who stumbled on his remedies. By the way, the FDA says it is safe to eat seafood that grows close to the coeastlines, like oysters, crab, some lobster, scallops?, especiialy bottom-feeding carp and catfish, and small or canned tuna (not deepwater tuna like endangered bluefin or plentiful small ocean skipjack) once per week and not more than twice (maybe 3 times) because you never know where it was caught and metal levels there in the water and the danger of heaby metal toxins accumulating faster than you can eliminate them, like mercury and lead or cadmium from batteries, etc. Dumped in the oceans, usually near coastlines where those things grow and eat from. Once or twice per week, I believe is what the FDA says. But you can always eat plenty of kelp or take pills of it, since it grows mainly in deepwater clean areas. (Yikes! , no Japanese-waters-caught kelp for a while, so no glowing in the dark, though, ok?)

Posted by Rick
Dayton, Oh
Oh, I forgot to mention a warning (though I did say to abide by FDA dietary recommendations in my other post): not only is THIS (Povidone iodine) form of iodine designed only for topical use and should never be drank, it is also very easy to poinson yourself when taking even an approved iodine dietary supplement, and extreme caution taken not to exceded recommended dose daily. I believe the FDA says something like one and a half to 2 thousand MICROgrams, 2 I think. And I believe anything over 6mcg can be dangerous (according to several thyroid problem websites). SO no, don't ever drink this stuff, but do look for a natural supplement that adheres to strict manufacturing control guidelines or eat a lot of seafood , mainly fish & others that are NOT bottom feeders (except once or twice per week for those) and a lot of kelp or any other sea vegetables (they do a lot in Scotland at foorball games like we do hotdogs). Sunomono is the Japanese word for seaweed salad-- very tastey, as it is flavored with sesame oil. Or buy the dropper bottle of tri-chloric iodine & have a dop in 1/2 cup of water every other day or something. Testing your T4 level will tell you if youmay not be getting anough iodine from produce / vegetables, etc. Grown in good, mineral-rich soil (containing salts and alluvian soil from the sea). This is also one reason it is usually better to buy locally-grown produce.

Remedies Needed   1  0   

Posted by Jhon (Sacramento, US) on 05/30/2014

Hi. I have had two rhynoplasty surgeries. Recently my nose has been swelling after several years and is developing more scar tissue. Any advice on how to get ride of scar tissue inside the nose. It looks huge and bulbous. Its ruining my life. PLEASE HELP:(

Posted by Mama to Many
669 Posts
Dear Jhon in Scaramento,

I am so sorry you are having this trouble!

I would look in to serrapeptase. People take it to dissolve scars.

Some have also found that taking Comfrey (root or leaf) will help with even old scar tissue. You can buy the leaves and make a tea (I add peppermint.) If you are blessed to have a comfrey plant, you can put a leaf of it into a smoothie daily. You can buy the powdered root or leaf to encapsulate yourself and then take the capsules. I would take 4 of them 3x a day for what you are dealing with. I think the FDA says you should not take it internally. But many herbalists recommend it anyway because they find it so effective. My family has used it internally for years with no problems.

You might also try Vinegar Honey tea for your inflammation. 1 T. raw apple cider vinegar, 1 T. raw honey in a mug of hot water (or, pour over ice after melting the honey.) You can take this once or twice a day for inflammation.

Please let us know how you are doing!

~Mama to Many~

Posted by Timh
1247 Posts
Scroll up or down to my previous post response on Magnet Therapy. That should fix you up.

Posted by Jesse (San Francisco) on 05/01/2014

How to reduce internal scar tissue after rhinoplasties? I have had two botched nose jobs and have lots of internal scar tissue in my nose as well as periodic swelling. I'm hoping someone may have some suggestions on how to correct this.

Posted by Joyjoanne23 (Dfw, Texas) on 01/18/2013

Hi! I have a friend who's had many skateboarding accidents and built up so much scar tissue, there's a golf ball sized lump on his ankle. It causes him a lot of pain and his doctor wants to do surgery to remove it. Are there any remedies that would help him so he wouldn't need surgery?? Thank you! :)

Posted by Oldriska (Prague, Czech Republic) on 06/25/2012

Hi, could anyone please suggest what treatment I could use for severe scars on my gums (caused by multiple surgeries). Ideally something with a numbing effect as I have nerve damage there, but any other suggestions are welcome as well. I would like to start massaging the scars - my gums are a bit deformed because of them, but also I feel it could help to subside the pain that I feel in that area. Many thanks.

Posted by Lisa
Thousand Oaks, Ca, Usa
704 Posts
Hi Oldriska, Two things come to mind immediately for scarring- MSM and vitamin E. My mom, when growing up would always have us use vitamin E on our skin for prevention and reduction of scars. She had learned that from Adele Davis who, at that time was at the leading edge of nutrition and natural living.

The other, MSM, I discovered after using it originally for muscle pain on my dad's recommendation. This was 17 years ago, well ahead of anything really known about it, yet. What I would notice is that a long- standing scar on my foot from surgery disappeared! Now, I can't say it was overnight because it wasn't something I set out to do. It was just that one day, after taking msm on a regular basis for my muscle pain, I noticed the numbness and the scar were gone! My interest was piqued at this point and I began to do research on msm and its benefits and sure enough, it is good for eliminating scars! I was ingesting it since in those days, it was only available in pill/ powder form. When I told my dad this, he started adding it to lotion and applying it topically to his skin for age spots and it was working! Now, of course it is available in all sorts of forms.

Sorry to hear that your gums give you so much pain. Pain is never fun. Anyway, I hope this information helps, Lisa

Posted by Oldriska
Prague, Czech Republic
6 Posts
Hi Lisa, Thank you so much, you're a wealth of knowledge when it comes to all sorts of cures. You'd be surprised, but little is known about MSM in my country, I had to google it as I wasn't familiar with it myself, and it's just fitness shops that sell it in its pure form and they only sell it by kilos! It seems like a good remedy for many a condition, so I feel it would be worth trying out. Regarding vitamin E, I found some creams that contain about 2% of it, but I'm not sure if I'd be comfortable using them internally on my gums (they'd probably taste awful:)). Maybe I'll look up some foods that contain a lot of vitamin E, make a mash and use that instead. I'm thinking maybe certain oils have a high content of the E vitamin so perhaps I could use some of them!

Once again thanks, you're very helpful!


Posted by Timh
Louisville, Ky, USA
1247 Posts
Oldriska, I sometimes simply take a 400IU liquid soft-gel of Vit-E (mixed tocopherols), place it in my mouth and bust it between my teeth and let the oil cover my entire gums. The E also covers the entire throat and also deeper in the Thyroid and Thymus glands (what i'm usually seeking). I also bust Vit-A soft-gels in my mouth periodically to strengthen gums and glands.

Try and find MSM in bulk powder for money savings as opposed to capsules; as it mixes well in fruit-juice. You could swish it around your mouth prior to swallowing for healing benefits.

As for scarring, Nattokinase and Serrapeptase systemic enzymes break down the fibrin tissues which allows for better healing of normal tissue.

Hope this helps.

Posted by Lisa
Thousand Oaks, Ca, Usa
704 Posts
Hi Oldriska, Yes, MSM is an amazing supplement. I recommend it to all my dancers for its healing qualities and reduction of swelling and inflammation. It can be used for all sorts of ailments and is related to DMSO. It would be best to buy it in bulk form as it is quite expensive in capsules and I think it is more effective in powder form since the body doesn't have to break down the pill or capsule. It can help reduce pain so you may even affect your pain from your trigeminal neuralgia. I believe that MSM is a very safe supplement but always starting at a low dosage and then building is just safe practice.

As for the vitamin E, I would just ingest the capsules as they can help a host of issues as well, in your body. Then it will affect your scars and other benefits will occur too since it's good for your skin, your brain and so much more, too numerous to go through. Anyway, then you won't have to taste it, if it seems too much to deal with.

Hope you are doing better! Keep us posted on your experiences. Best to you, Lisa

Posted by Hermiticwonderer
Los Angeles, Ca
[YEA]   "Hello!

Great suggestions :D

Just to add -

I had pericoronitis not that long ago from a ruptured and infected wisdom tooth. I had inflamed gums and scar tissue all in the back right bottom of my mouth and my cheek & it was very painful.

I used a mixture of aloe vera and cayenne pepper on my gum throughout the day and also used lavender oil on my cheek and inside on my gum. The inflammation went down immediately due to the lavender. The aloe vera soothed my gums and the cayenne brought down the swelling and flattened out my gums again - this took about 3 days but it did come back a week later & I did it all over again and it went away - I think the key is persistence!

I noticed too that if I keep up a daily regiment of: brushing gum down to tooth with soft brush + natural toothpaste, gargle with sea salt water (this really helps the pain), gargle with hydrogen peroxide (also really helps the pain), gargle with oil (oil pulling - I use pomegranate seed oil as it has a lot of gum health benefits); then my gums stay healthy and are less likely to become inflamed again.

Good oils for pain: Plai Oil, Organic Juniper Berry, Sage, Organic Peppermint, Organic Pink Grapefruit, Organic Rosemary

**You can create a blend of the above oils and apply daily to the side of the jaw cheek area. It is good to put your essential oil blend into a vegetable oil base (almond oil, apricot kernel oil, hemp oil, jojoba oil, etc.) if you have any skin sensitivity.

Posted by Helper
For scars, take MSM internally. One of the most amazing discoveries that dissolves scars is Serrapeptase and Nattokinase, take them on an empty stomach for greater efficacy. Also using castor oil mixed with little vitamin E oil mixed with a little DMSO put on the site of the scar put a cotton flannel cloth over the area with heating pad warm enough the heat helps to the penetrate the oil into the tissues . Some people use a hot water bottle instead of heating pad. Anyhow, do this for few months and the scar will dissolve,

Posted by Checkus (Toronto, Ontario) on 04/16/2012

I have a large red hypertrophic scar on the dome of my head. I have had it for the last 10 years or so. It came from using s-curl perm. It is the worst thing as it constantly gets infected and spreads. I have had 2 surgeries and the scar returned. The hardest thing about this scar is that I can't see it myself. People just usually ask me about it. What can I do to treat this?

Posted by Janet
Kendal, U.k
33 Posts
Hi, I have been reading some very interesting stuff lately on the use of Iodine. This might be worth researching for yourself. Garlic and Tumeric also have great healing properties. Good Luck .:)

Posted by Jhonny (Kathmandu, Nepal) on 12/06/2011

Two weeks back, I fell from my bike and sustained injuries due to scratch on my face. The scratches were very minor at that time but the scars are quite visible now. I am applying a gel named Mederma now but I'm very much worried how long will the scratch remain and does it disappear completely or to what extent? my complexion is white. I would be very grateful to find a solution.

Posted by Ashley (Bellevue, Washington) on 10/19/2011

I have a scar on my face, made by a syringe. Right when I was born, the doctor took me out and accidentaly dropped it on me.... Scars we get when we are young rarely heal so I was wondering if you guys knew a remedy or an ointment. My sister also hurt herself by accident when she was one and she still has a scar on her hand. Most of the ointments work on scars that can be repaired, but on mine, none work because skin isn't that elastic when we are small and won't grow back the same way... I would do anything for a solution! Please help!

Posted by Maria
Gippsland, Australia
211 Posts
Hi Ashley, It may be worth looking into serrapeptase as it appears to be used for keloid scars with some success. I have seen quite good results with someone who has abdominal surgery scars (30 yr old scars) best described as hypertrophic not keloid. They are not gone but greatly reduced. Their large smallpox scar is also almost not sightable, this scar was atrophic by nature. All this to say not sure which form your scar takes but serrapeptase may help lessen it. I remember seeing a post here where someone had success with applying ACV. Although I imagine you have tried most of these remedies.

If you do find something that works please let us know. I am still trying to find out if serrapeptase can be taken by someone who has had an hernia repair with the mesh left in as pat of the repair so if someone knows or has some thoughts I would love to know. All the best.

Posted by Gail
Branson, Missouri, Usa
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I would try coconut oil. I use it for many things, but it has been lessening my 9 year old stretch marks from having my son. If you read on here about coconut oil, you will see there is a section on scar healing etc... From my experience it works well. Good Luck!
Posted by Cindy
Toledo, Ohio
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How much serrapeptase do you take? What is the dosage? I have ureteral scarring from kidney stones---do you you know if serrapeptase would help? Thank you.


Posted by Antoniette (Harrison, New York) on 07/19/2011

I've had numerous nasal reconstructions and have horrific scar tissue in my nose. What can you recommend to decrease scar tissue?

Posted by Francisca
Michelbach-le-bas, Alsace, France
900 Posts
I have a book where the author talks about very good results with vitamin E for scars. She used to be a nurse.... I tried on a scar on my hand but I didn't see much improvement. I have a wide, flat one, maybe if they are kelloid scars you see more changes. Mine doesn't bother me, I just tried out of curiosity. I have had it for most of my life and no one even notices it although it is not that small. Maybe you can try to massage vitamin oil on them a few times a day?
Posted by Lisa
Thousand Oaks, Ca, Usa
704 Posts
I know that msm can decrease scar tissue. You can take it in powder form internally or use it as a cream on the skin over the scar tissue. I know extensive use of it eliminated scar tissue for myself. It won't happen overnight though! Hope this helps.

Posted by Tom (Regina, Sk) on 01/23/2011


I assume he did not have a total prostatectomy, but only a partial?

First quick answer, with simple cheap baking soda/blackstrap/ protocol on his site. He had an aggressive Stage IV. Humans are highly individualized, however. Can be started on within 24 hours:

Now a longer possible remedy and explanation:

First off, don't get too hung up or panicked on any PSA test results! They are less than useless, and downright dangerous to be used in guiding any medical treatment, and that's coming from the discoverer himself in this 2010 op-ed piece. And it's only been available since 1994 anyway, so obviously they did without it before recently.
Next, if you have time before any medical intervention, (a month or 2 at least), then find some good short books on "natural prostate health" whose advice can be put to use right away.

But which ones? Many very good books are not to be found on Amazon, B&N, etc. since they are either long out of print, or available only in the non-rugged flimsy cheapest "pulp fiction" format, etc. Granted, some books though unavailable directly on Amazon, etc. are linked to "available here" places or people, but usually at prohibitive prices.

So, how to find them? There are many direct websites, meaning not using a generic search engine, which will locate a classic name/author that seems to have disappeared.

Here's one very good one:

Put in "natural prostate cure" into the search box on that site, and you get this URL listing returning search result of all books all resellers with that in the title:

But which book(s) to buy, and what info is in each and how long does it take anything in them recommended to work or try?

It turns out that the contents of the first book returned, by Roger Mason, can be summed up in ONE sentence:

"any supplement other than beta-sitosterol for prostate problems is just a waste of money, especially including all those claiming XX% fatty acids from saw palmetto, etc."

BTW, the book number is ISBN 1-884820-61-1

A most important supplement to take is beta-sitosterol. The prescription herbal extracts used by doctors in Europe are all standardized for beta-sitosterol content. These are taken from herbs like saw palmetto and Pygeum africanum, instead of inexpensive sources such as sugar cane pulp and soybeans. They are therefore weak and expensive costing about $50 U.S. For 30 mg tablets. Harzol, for example, contains only 30mg, and Azuprostat is the strongest at 120mg. It is recommended you take a full 300mg of beta-sitosterol a day. The studies on beta-sitosterol are listed in Chapter 5: Science and Beta-sitosterol. It should be emphasized that American herbals products such as saw palmetto, Pygeum, nettles, stargrass, etc. Contain almost no beta-sitosterol - which is the active ingredient - and are thereforeof no value. Read the label to prove this to yourself, as beta-sitosterol will not be listed. There are no other active ingredients, and the fatty acids have no medicinal value.

Strangely, he does blame animal fats and saturated fats for the problem, when saturated fats have clearly been shown to have no correlation whatsoever to cholesterol levels, nor to any disease in modern times! (Beta-sitosterol is a plant sterol, chemically analogous to animal cholesterol, and thus competes in the body for binding sites on cell membranes, thus reducing uptake. But that cannot explain how/why it acts on the prostate so specifically. )

And he recommends up front that men follow their prostate and PAP (prostate acid phosphatase) numbers, when in 2000 the PSA test had been available for only 6 years, and couldn't have built up any clear trend of efficacy! So he does have blind spots.

Posted by Kay (Jacksonville, Fla) on 01/22/2011

My husband had Prostate Surgery after diagnosed with Cancer. This has been 6 yrs ago. He works and is on his feet all day so healing was slower than most. He is in his early 60's and since the surgery scar tissue accumulated and he had to be hospitalized 2 yrs ago to remove the scar tissue which of course caused extreme incontinence.

Now 2 yrs later he doesn't sleep well as he has to get up several times a night. We believe the scar tissue has once again grown back causing him not to be able urinate completely when he does. The urologist warned him that he may have to have the surgery again. I don't know if there are any natural remedies which could help him urinate more freely without having to go under the "knife again". There may not be. He has been drinking Oil of Oregano(3 drops) in a glass of water everyday which keeps him healthy, but apparently doesn't help this issue.

Posted by Frank (Windsor, Ontario, Canada) on 09/13/2010

You guys have the best health site on the planet. I was wondering though as there doesn't appear to be much information on scars. Do you have any recommendations? I removed some moles via some black salve stuff and now want to get rid of the remaining scars? I'd be interested in stretch marks too but there is a little bit on those.

Posted by Carol (Bennington, Vermont, U S A) on 02/03/2010

Healing OLD burn scars

I have a question that I can't seem to find an answer to. I have old scars and have tried every single thing I could find through the years. I can't use herbal stuff w/o side effects I can't deal with. I've tried camphor oil, lemon juice, collegen, elastin, coco butter, many, many herbal things, vit.c serum, coconut oil, olive oil, other oils, silicone sheets, (which DID help SOME) much much more but nothing seems to soften and fade them. What is anyones suggestion to my dilemma? I know there IS a remedy for this and won't give up my travels to find out. Is it Tea Tree Oil? Apple Cider Vinegar? Honey? Lavender Oil? Lemon Juice? Some mixture of these? Please I can't use herbal stuff, it doesn't agree with me. I end up sick. Things I've read today seem to be in the direction of apple cider vinegar or tea tree oil. Can you give me some ideas? Something that works? I have 3/4th of my back with burn scars and have several keloid scars on it. Most of it needs to be softened, loosened and faded. A massage therapist said pinch therapy and I have done that in the past, which is probably why it looks as good as it does. I just really want to get this done...... Is it honey, vinegar, tea tree oil or what? Any help in this would be fab. Thanks either way! God bless everyone who reads this and the other suggestions as they are very helpful and natural, not all herbs that some are allergic to as I am. I am allergic to trees, some plants and sensitive to so many herbs.

Posted by Lita209
Sanford, Fl, Usa
54 Posts
Carol, have you tried aloe vera gel from the plant??
Posted by Maybach
Jonesville, Ca
Hi carol! I just stumbled across this site and saw your question about your scar. I have had a accident many years ago which I was kidanpped and stabbed 18 times. I have many scars which most have faded enough or are hidden by clothes or inside of arms etc. Howoever I had a huge one across my chest that bothers me most and have had numerous surgeries and procedures to "camoflauge" it as much as possible. I have found good results but one thing that I had done over 12 times was dermabrasion to smooth my keloid like raised scar. I still have a smooth but better scar so I discovered a natural oil called emu oil I researched and found a good brand and company and used that and now people say it looks great compared to many years ago looking like a warm. You may want to try it as it is not expensive and works well especially with what I was left to live with. I hope this finds you some comfort and luck. Best wishes

Posted by Erniepen (Franklin, Nj) on 12/09/2009

deep face scar - had an accident deep scar 4 above eye and 5 inches below looks bad 6 internal stiches 37 external, what can i do to reduce it?

Posted by Kerry
Port Alberni, British Columbia, Canada
Vitamin E applied to a cut will help it heal quickly and reduce the amount of scarring. Use a 400 IU capsule and apply the oil a couple of times a day every day. You can even use Vit. E to reduce old scars.
Posted by Sandy (sandhya)
Bangalore, India
apply coconut oil. If your scar is new, it will help immensely.
Posted by Lisa
Thousand Oaks, Ca, USA
704 Posts
Erniepen, You can take msm internally. This can definitely help reduce it. Also, juicing will renew tissue quickly all over the body. It has been 2 months since my husband and I began first with the mini beet protocol and then onto juicing and wow! has our skin changed. All melasma on my face is gone and damage on my arm from the sun in Hawaii from 3 years ago is gone as well. Hope this helps, Lisa
Posted by Merryanne
Orange City, Florida, USA
127 Posts
It help to have more information,,,like when did it happen, is the area healed or still got stitches. If the area is healed applying vitamin E oil helps. Merryanne from FL

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