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Ovarian Cyst Remedies

Last Modified on May 16, 2016

Beets, Carrots, Non-Alcoholic Wine, Molasses  

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Posted by Angie (St. Croix, Virgin Islands) on 09/15/2009
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I was told about 4yrs ago that I had a cyst and fibroid. I took everything possible to get rid of them and nothing seemed to work including herbal pills and cleanses. Finally my aunt prepared a mixture of 5lbs of beets, 2lbs of carrots, half a bottle of non alcoholic red wine and 2 jars of molasses. I drank this mixture twice. The first one I took one shot glass three times a day before I ate for 15 days. The second batch I took two shot glasses a day one before breakfast and one before dinner. Your cycle should be heavy for the first couple of days. Alcoholic beverages are a definite no while taking this. I went for my ultra sound today and there were no cysts nor fibroids the technicians nor doctor could believe that they were all gone. I was also told that females should drink this remedy at least once a year to prevent any irregularities.

Replied by Josie123
Colorado Springs, Colorado
could you more specifics on the mixture? My 16 year old had a cyst that popped. She is constantly in pain, and they want to remove one of her ovaries. Please help! Thank you!
Replied by Sara
The Beach, Canada
can i ask why Alcoholic beverages are a definite no while taking this? I dont want to sound stupid, but I am going to a coctail party this weekend and was wondering how harmful a glass of wine would be. I have been taking your beet, mollasses carrots and green apples in a juice blend. i did not have non alcoholic red wine in the house so i subbed green apples in my juicer. the one thing i have noticed so far is how gassy i have become while drinking this in a shot glass before every meal. Is this typical? thanks sara
Replied by Robin
Powdersprings, Ga
Hello Thanks for the information. I would like to know were these fresh beets and carrots and if they were did you juice the leaves(tops) and all. Did you change any eating habits at all. How large were the fibroids? I can't wait for your response, because I'm ready to give it a try. Thanks Again Robin
Replied by Leekat
Bulawayo, Zimbabwe
2 out of 5 stars

Side Effects:
I visited my Gyn and was told I had 3 cysts, I have been drinking the 1kg beets,1kg carrots and 500ml (1 jar)mollasses mixture for 2 weeks now, but I have discovered that I have a dull pain in the low part of my abdomen and I feel like my uterus has dilated. Is it normal or I have had an overdose of the mixture?

I would also like to know if I can also use aloe powder and the measurements involved. I desperately need to do away with the cysts its now affecting my marriage life since I dont have any children. Thanks in advance.

Replied by Polly
Harlingen, Tx
Hi there, quick question, I just prepared the carrot, beets, non-alcoholic wine, & molassses drink, and boy is it strong (has a punch when you drink it). Has anyone else experienced this? Thanks:) Polly
Replied by Polly
Rgv, Tx
5 out of 5 stars

Hey there, just wanted to let you know that I no longer have a 4 cm cyst. It is 5 weeks post the diagnosis, and I went for my follow up today. I prepared the beet, carrots, non-alcoholic red wine, & organic molasses, and I followed the same eating pattern before meals, wow, I am amazed that this helped me. Thanks for sharing, I am so happy I did not have to have surgery!!!! Thanks, Polly

Replied by Lisa
Thousand Oaks, Ca, Usa
Wow Polly! That is fantastic! Good for you and congratulations! Lisa
Replied by Chele
Saugerties, Ny
In regards to the beet, carrot, molasses & n/a wine mix, I have not started it yet but heard this truly works. I was told it needs to be a specific brand of cooking wine. For those of you that this worked for could u tell me what brand/type of non-alc wine you use? I was also told if you stop drinking the mixture the growths come back - true???
Replied by Tina
Utrecht, Netherlands
What is the exact recipe for the red beet/ molasses. I want to know if it would work for a dermoid cyst? Did any of the women who are so positive about this mixture have a dermoid cyst? Any other positive stories on how to get rid of this? I am doing hydrogen peroxide and the Mary Parker program now, but still often feel a pain around that area so I don't think it is helping. Any advice would be welcome as I am scheduled for surgery on aug. 31. Thank you
Replied by Helen
Beirut, Lebanon
This answer for Tina, try the castor oil, it's for all body cysts. Warm it, apply to the cyst. Put a piece of cotton cloth full of oil also, then cover with plastic, then put a hot pad on it for one and half hour. Then u can wipe and sleep. Do it 3 to 4 times a week and see what will happen, it will shrink more and more day by day. I cured myself of many kinds of cysts with castor oil, hope this will help, mollases is good also.
Replied by Tina
Utrecht, Netherlands
5 out of 5 stars

Thank you Helen for your quick response. I bought the castor oil today and it feels so good when I apply it to my side of tummy with the cyst, that I could keep it on all day. I have a special belt that holds a thin heating pad in place around my tummy. It would probably not be good to wear all day, would it? I wish I could. Then you write about molasses, what do you do with that? Eat it? Is that the beet mixture you are talking about? Thank you so much for answering I really do appreciate it. Tina

Replied by Helen
Beirut, Lebanon
Hi Tina, sorry for being late to answer. I was out of country, hope that castor oil cured your cyst! No you don't need to put all day , your skin pores shouldn't be blocked all day , when you remove the oil use sodium bicarbonate disolved in water for wiping your skin, it will clear oil very fast. The molasses I drink 1 teaspoon daily, I like the taste.
Replied by Shasa
Selangor, Malaysia
Hi Helen, I would like to check with you does this castor oil cures all type of cyst? I just went for a check up today and doctor said there is cyst & the size is 4x3 cm. But the doctor ask me to monitor first. BTW I just went for a opt early this year to remove cyst from my left side and now it's in right side. Can I know how do I need to apply the castor oil? I need your urgent assistance on this please. Thanking you in advance.
Replied by Shasa
Selangor, Malaysia
Can I use Carrot juice instead of aloe Vera juice for the beet mixture?
Replied by Faithinhealing
Forest Park, Ohio
The castor oil packs will help pull the toxins out... But tumeric and organic blackstrap molasses... Starting with a teaspoon of each a day will get rid of your cysts... Balance your hormones... And cleanse your liver!
Replied by Shasa
Selangor, Malaysia
Thank you for your response Faithinhealing.
Replied by Josie
Mariposa, Ca, Usa
Hi! I just need to know how you preserve this mixture So it lasts fresh. Also, did you juice the carrots and beets? Or boiled them?
Replied by Nazia
Hyd, Ap, India
Yes I do want to know how to preserve the juice of beets n carrots, can we keep in fridge?
Replied by Cysticgal
Toronto, Canada
Nazia, the trick is also mollasess. Molasses in urdu is called raab. its the last process of the sugar cane, its a black tar like substance, you must have the molasses to make it work.
Replied by Patricia
Lagos, Nigeria
thanks for your wonderful site. I am 10wks pregnant and has been spotting since the fourth week. I've been diagonised of having two large cyst and two smaller ones on my left ovary. I'm so scared of this harming the baby or cuasing complications. Please can you suggest any remedy for me. Thank you. pls treat as urgent.
Replied by Nkechi
Lagos, Nigeria
Dear Patricia I found out yesterday I have a cyst on my left ovary. Havnt had a period for 4 months. I live in Lagos also but some of the ingridients mentioned like the molasses and beets are not easy to find here. Please any suggestions. Hope all is well with your pregnancy.
Replied by Ola
London, Uk
please im a bit confused about the beets.. Is it raw beet juice as in teh red one, cooked or the beet leaves.
Replied by Huma
Texas, Usa
hi everybody, can somebody tell me in detail that how to make that beet, carrot, n/a red vine & molasses mixture?do I have to make a jiuce out of fresh beets & carrots?& then mix red vine & molasses & keep it in a fridge & what time & how many times in a day I can drink ??& how long it can be fresh& saved?plz reply.
Replied by Stav
Could someone please write the exact amount for this and the exact recipe? (How to prepare ? How much in weight of beets, carrots, molasses and wine. What kind of non alcoholic wine should it be? Red wine or white wine?)

The non-alcoholic wine here is just made of grape juice and I'm not sure if that is suitable.

Thank you so much

Replied by Hannah
Lubbock, Tx
I'm breastfeeding and have a 3cm dermoid cyst, I was wondering if this mixture is ok to take while breastfeeding.
Replied by Sylvia
hi I am pregnant 24 weeks and I have a dermoid cyst. Is there anything I can do to shrink this without hurting the baby. I am in such pain.
Replied by Mmsg
Somewhere, Europe
Sylvia, a slow but safe and steady thing to try might be clay. Read up on it.

Carrot, Beet, Parsley, Spinach, Apple Juice  

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Posted by Jesusislovetome (Fayetteville, Nc) on 12/20/2009
5 out of 5 stars

Ovarian cysts

I discovered quite by mistake, that juicing carrots, beets, parsely, spinach and green apples is not only delicious but it also caused my cysts become much smaller. I made up this mix simply for the health benefits and one of the immediate effects was that my monthly cycles became very lite and not painful as they had been in the past. It took some research to find out that it was the beets that I included in the mix. I drink a glass full every day. I make this in large quantities 5 pounds carrots,4 green apples, a few sprigs of parsley, a hand full of spinach and 2 whole beets. I hope this is helpful to someone, God bless.

Replied by Olu
London, Uk
hello, please is it teh beetleaves or beet root(red one)

thank u

Replied by Huma
Carrollton, Tx. u.s.a
Huma, yes dear its fresh red beets without leaves, fresh carrots.

Dermoid Ovarian Cyst Remedies  

Posted by Margyg (Newcastle, Australia) on 03/25/2014


Am trying to find a cure for a Dermoid Ovarian cyst as most of the posts refer to the fluid filled Ovarian Cysts that have symptoms and are painful. I have no symptoms or pain. I have just been diagnosed by ultra sound with a 10x6x4cm cyst that would have been growing for many years.

For the past 20 years (from one week after I stopped breastfeeding my youngest after being continuously pregnant and breastfeeding for 8 years straight) my body has shown signs of hormone imbalance but all the blood tests come back normal or opposite to what they expect. I was very physically fit at the time and always went back to 52Kg after each birth.

Within one week after stopping breastfeeding, I began putting on weight (30Kg in 28 weeks) as well as many other hormonal changes including height growth. Exercise or anything that increased my metabolic rate increased the weight and increased the rate at which my body and its functions deteriorated.

22 years later, the hormonal imbalance result has been detected by the finding of the dermoid ovarian cyst in my left ovary. The recent blood tests still show normal range for hormones and no cancer indicators.

Ovarian cyst cures are mentioned online with a great success rate but are mainly referring to the fluid filled cysts that can come and go.

I would like to find out if the same treatment for the fluid filled ovarian cysts would eradicate the dermoid cyst which usually consists of hard tissue. If not, what would dissolve the dermoid cyst. Trying not to have left ovary surgically removed and researching so that I do not activate the growth of the cyst.

Would then be able to use some of the remedies to put my body into an alkaline state to prevent future cysts occurring and for good health and hormone balance.

Two weeks ago began taking borax (5ml of a borax solution - 6g borax/L) each night. Skin sores that have not healed for months are now healing.

Hoping for some advise and cure.


Replied by Mike62
MargyG: There is one word that describes the super hero who comes to everybody's rescue during dire circumstances saponins. 70% of the body is water. The best nutrient of all would be the one that makes water better. Saponins make water better. Saponins clean every system, carry more nutrients into the cells, and contain steroidal hormones for the adrenals. A 70 year old Christian who loves God is a master herbalist. He lives with his lovely wife of fifty years on a ranch in Arizona. He takes jiaogulan, a herb that has 100 saponins. Chinese centenarians take jiaogulan. American centenarians eat beans, the food highest in saponins. Red Korean ginseng has thirty four saponins. Yucca liquid is highest in saponins. Eat raw organic and grass fed whole foods and take saponins.
Replied by Stav
There is information about a Carribean remedy for dissolving cysts on the internet.

It uses organic carrots, organic beets, and organic molasses. Cooked somehow.

Try to find it on the internet.

Dietary Changes  

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Posted by Claudia (Menifee, Ca) on 10/16/2009
5 out of 5 stars

Relief to Ovarian Cyst and PMS Symptoms.

For many years I have suffer from extremely painful periods and all of the usual symptoms, bloating, water retention, upset stomach, etc. etc. About a month ago I had an ultrasound and it was confirmed I had ovarian cyst on both ovaries, the one on the left one was big, I don't know the exact size. Anyway I came home with a Dr's prescription for a medication that was supposed to help ease the symptoms and shrink the cysts, but after reading the side effects (cases of high levels of acidosis on some women) I decided not to take the medicine. On the last 5 to 6 weeks I've drastically change my diet to a High vegetable intake all trhoughout the day, veggie juice in the morning, veggies in my eggs, high fiber cereal, home made gazpacho at least a couple of days a week, fish, chicken and lots of veggies for dinner, I switched from regular milk to almond milk, low fat yogurt (in moderation) nuts such as almonds and sunflower seeds for snacking. No red meat, no fast food, pizza, fried chicken,sugar,bad carbohidrate, soda and specially coffe. Lots of water with some lemon juice and a hint of baking soda. I also did the beet/molasses drink twice a day for two weeks. Today I'm on my second day of my period, and haven had to take a single pain killer, no bloatting, or upset stomach, just mild cramps like it should always be, I'm taking herbal teas for comfort and easing symptoms. I'm so thrilled about it, (I don't look pregnant anymmore), I've lost over 5 lbs. and feel very calm and light. I will continue following this natural approach, and continue educating myself, I'm not sure if the cysts will ever go away, but the symptoms are definately not the same anymore. I'm going to get another ultrasound in a few months and then I'll be able to see if there has been a change on size and amount of the cyst, maybe they'll be gone! Good luck to everyone, and thank you to all the people that have provided valuable information to this subject.

Replied by Jess
Birmingham, Al
Have you tried switching from regular yogurt to soy or a coconut based yogurt instead? You can find them at WholeFoods or possibly an organic store. Cutting out the dairy in your diet really would help. There is a downside. These types of yogurt cost twice as much and can be harder to find. It will also take your taste buds some time to adapt, but the rewards are definently worth it. You feel better. You really do.
Replied by Lifechangingcysts
Savannah, Ga
I do NOT recommend using any soy products. An imbalance of the estrogen in your system leads to ovarian cysts and soy is a mass producer of estrogen. Dairy should be used in moderation and organic as much as possible as it contains estrogen as well.

Estrogen blockers like brussels sprouts, broccoli, cauliflower and cabbage are awesome to implement to lower your estrogen levels.

Replied by Marcia
Glendale, Az
I agree with the soy. I also read that. To only consume soy in moderation if at all.

Dietary Changes, Apple Cider Vinegar  

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Posted by Alicetine Righteouschild (Nassau New Providence, Bahamas) on 01/02/2012
4 out of 5 stars

Hi ladies, I am 39 years young, I was tied off five years ago, after I gave birth to twins. Soon after I started having heavy 20 day periods with unbearable pains.

In February of 2011, while having my period, I fainted on my job and was taken to hospital by ambulance. After many tests and scans they discovered an ovarian cyst, and discharged me from hospital, before my next appointment I had my period and this time it was heavier than anyone can imagine. After my fiance found me on the floor unconcious, he took me to my Dr.who sent me to the emergency room where Dr.said I needed surgery. I was so worried I knew there was something else that could be done naturally, so I desperately surfed the internet, for months.

I put off my wedding and dedicated some serious time into finding a remedy other than surgery-that's when I came across this website and the apple cider vinegar remedy. Stopped eating red meat, fastfoods, chocolates, dairy products, animal fats, sugar, caffeine, sodas and breads made with white flour. I started drinking 100% juices and green tea and 180 ounces of water daily, eating lots of vegetables, fruits and boiled foods, prunes, nuts and beans.

I tried the apple cider vinegar in my water and juices twice daily, and I also douche twice daily with strong vinegar and water, and I must say it's been three weeks and I feel and look much better. My stomach is much flatter and I can now sleep on my stomach at night, no more heavy bleeding or pains.

I am so glad I came across this site. My cyst was the size of a cantaloupe I could have actually felt it in my stomach, this remedy along with praying in faith and believing God for my healing is truly working. I didn't show up for my surgery but I rescheduled an ultrasound and I will keep you ladies posted on my results. I truly believe my cyst has shrunk, and I believe in these remedies and my God.

Replied by Lauren
Queens, Ny
To: Alicetine Righteouschild: I luv your post. So inspiring and once again we see how when you give the body what it needs it comes through for you. And the Lord... We can't forget him! Keep doing what you're doing and I'll surely remember you in my prayers. God Bless
Replied by Pearl89
Collinsville, Vai Hasd Js
I have been reading alot about Apple Cider Vinegar helping with ovarian cyst, but I'm still a little confused on how to take it. If someone could help me with this I would really appreciate it. I'm 23 years old and was told that I had PCOS at the age of 17. It would be really nice to get rid of them so I could regulate my menstrual cycles and have a family of my own in the near future. My husband and I have been married for 5 years and would like to start trying to get pregnant without this problem. I need the amount, how and how many times a day I should drink acv. Thanx
Replied by Philippa
Frankfurt, Germany
5 out of 5 stars

I have had 3 MRIs over the last 2 years to monitor a large fibroid (see other posts). The first scan also showed the presence of a chocolate cyst and a functional cyst. Since changing my diet to control the symptoms of the fibroid, both cysts have disappeared.

In addition to becoming a vegetarian, I regularly drink ACV (2 tbsp/day with baking soda water) and take vitex agnus castus (chasteberry) capsules (4 mg). 6 months after the first MRI, the cysts were not visible. 19 months later, the latest MRI has shown no sign of any cysts.

Replied by Jee
5 out of 5 stars

I have had irregular cycle since last year and was diagnosed with a 3.5cm ovarian cyst 8 weeks ago. Doctor says to just watch and wait as cysts usually resolve on its own.

I made dietary changes by eliminating caffeine, dairy products, refined carbs and red meat. I occasionally indulge on bread and sweets but I always go back to whole food diet. I also take 1 Tablespoon of apple cider vinegar 1 teaspoon of unsulfured blackstrap molasses every morning on an empty stomach. I take multi vitamins everyday and evening primrose oil. I also do castor oil pack 2-3x a week.

In a nutshell, I aim to keep my body alkaline by choosing alkaline food and drinks. If I cheated on a day by eating meat or muffin, I compensate it by taking a cup of water baking soda or lemon juice (no sugar) to alkalize.

Today, my follow-up ultrasound showed I have no cyst, just a few follicles that are ignoreable. My period is still irregular but I hope that resolving the cyst will at least kickstart a more regular cycle. Hope this helps.

Dim, Flaxseed, Chckweed  

Posted by Aquarelle (West Coast, America) on 06/01/2012

My naturopath recommended DIM supplements (pill form) in the treatment of ovarian cysts. She recommended it for at least 3 months along with Vitex (chasteberry) to 'reset' my system. DIM is an estrogen blocker, extracted from cruciferous vegetables (like cauliflower) and I've read a few comments suggesting adding those into the diet which is a great idea too.

In addition to this, she suggested I take either ground flaxseeds or psyllium husks daily or on a regular basis in order to flush the system and keep things moving. She said that this is a big help with ovarian cysts.

I can say that a 'complex' cyst that was found back in December had found to be decreased in size in March, and just last week was no longer there. Although I am now also using a Chickweed tincture (as recommended by Susan S. Weed) because I wanted to shrink this cyst, the DIM and vitex are what was in use at the time of this 'shrinking' cyst. So that is promising.

But...they did discover I have a 'new' cyst. And my issue may not be about shrinking them as they come and go, but... How to keep them from recurring. And I believe that perhaps a large part of my issue has to do with stress. I have had my share (haven't we all) as I am also recovering from Adrenal Fatigue.

I looked up 'stress' and 'cysts' online and found a few interesting articles... Of course we all know what stress can do. I believe that this was a big dot to connect as I can pinpoint major stress events and what followed, though it's not a perfect pattern. Just a thought to throw out there. There is so much mystery surrounding ovarian cysts it's really very unfair.

Essential Oils  

Posted by Bluessky777 (New York, US) on 11/28/2014

Hi, Momma to Many mentioned Frankincense oil can help treat an ovarian cyst. Can you recommend any other excellent essential oils to try? I was reading about Vetiver essential oil, do you think that would help?


Replied by Mama To Many Donate

Dear Bluesky777,

I would not rule out that Vetiver would be helpful for cysts, but I have not found any research to support its use for cysts.

Heritage Essential Oils sells a blend for ovarian cysts that contains frankincense, geranium and cypress. So, geranium and cypress might be worth a try.

However, my first choice would be frankincense since I have seen it work first hand in my family for cysts. I had an ovarian cyst that felt like an egg. (I could feel it from the outside! ) I used frankincense and castor oil on it and by the time I went for an ultrasound a couple of weeks later, that cysts was dramatically reduced.

So, castor oil alone may be an effective and inexpensive treatment for ovarian cysts. (Since Frankincense is more expensive and not as easy to find as castor oil.) I put it on a cloth over the ovary area, covered it with plastic wrap and then put a heating pad over that area over my bedclothes and slept that way for several hours each night. (Heating pad needs to be on the lowest setting.) Castor oil should not be used during menstruation, though. I was using frankincense on the area each morning. So, I can't say for sure which contributed more to healing.

~Mama to Many~

False Unicorn  

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Posted by Caty (St. Louis, Mo) on 02/05/2014
5 out of 5 stars

I have suffered from funtional and dermoid ovarian cysts for many years. the only thing that I have found to help is an herb called false unicorn. After reading up on it, I learned that it has been used for thousands of years to heal and repair the female reproductive system.

Foods to Avoid  

Posted by Jw Aka Sand2pearl (Orange Curtain, California) on 08/25/2013

Question: Is it possible that carrot juice is making my ovarian cyst [aka tumor] bigger?

Starting on 08/04/2013, I began to live primarily on fresh vegetable juice that I make myself and a small amount of legumes [beans, lentils, tofu, and yuba]*. Initially, I started out with juicing 6 red beets, celery, and limes daily. Immediately I was encouraged by how I felt – besides more energy, I literally felt my giant ovarian contracting and softened. All of these feelings were short-lived; soon I felt my waist was expanding. I persisted and on 08/12/2013, I began adding 10-15 glasses of fresh carrot juice PLUS parsley and green apples while decreasing the numbers of beets to 2 – 3 daily. Yet, my ovarian cyst seemed to have hardened, and I felt bloated all the time. I am not giving up this routine, and a few days ago I began drinking apple cider vinegar (2 tablespoons), black strap molasses (1 tablespoon), and cayenne (. 25 to. 5 teaspoon) three times a day.

The fact of the matter is, according to my measuring tape, my waist increased from 33.5” to 35” since 08/04/2013.

What's going on? Am I just going through a phase [aka shock]?

*I have completely stopped taking all forms of sugar [except for green apples which Ted approves], salt, oil [except for small amount of coconut oil], dairy, meat, animal-proteins, gluten, flour, all the food banned by Ted.

Replied by Be Your Own Doctor
Wellington, New Zealand
It could be possible that the tofu is the cause of your tumour increasing. Soy is reputed to increase tumour growth, therefore not recommended if you have tumours, I found it helpful to cut out soy products when treating my fibroids.
Replied by Mt
Ottawa Ontario
Google Yarrow + ovarian cyst

General Feedback  

Posted by Pri (Onatrio, On, Ca) on 12/25/2012

Its been interesting to read on ovarian cysts as I suffer from one..... after having 2 surgeries... can call it mental trauma... and physical one. I have been diagonsed again with 7 cm which I am sure has increased as have not got ultrasound done last 2 years due the fact I'm scared. Now I have met someone who loves me to core and I feel I have a reason to live and survive this... I am glad to have found this website and the hope it gives me is immense... I will be buying Apple Cider Vinegar and Blackstrap Molasses on 26th dec.. and start doing it... Have read all the 3 pages dedicated on ovarian cysts and I am glad for the people who have escaped the surgery and beaten this thing... And for those who have not please do not loose hope.. Even tho its hard and harsh. As I read it by someone who posted when we are ready we find the way... So I believe god has shown me this website with some purpose... And I am negative in nature but I will make positive changes... And I will heal. God bless everyone who struggles with endometrosis and ovarian cysts... I am dealing with one...

Replied by Cynthia
Hi Pri,

When reading your statement I can see myself it it. I have been through a surgery to remove an large ovarian cyst in my right ovary 6 years ago and in 2013 I went for an ultrasound and discovered that I have several cysts in my left ovary. I didn't want to go through surgery again and the doctor prescribed me contraceptive pills but I couldn't see any change in my status

I did not do an ultrasound at all in 2014 and now on 2015 I decided to overcome my fear and did a check up and it turns out that now I have only one large cyst of 8cmx7cm and the doctors is telling me to remove it by surgery as it will not shrink. I don't want to go through surgery again, I am scared! I want to try everything possible way to shrink it. Please keep me updated with what happened to your cyst. I started taking Apple Cider Vinegar and molasses but I was not regular. Now I decided to fight this cysts as I would be grateful if some of you can give me hope if you found a large cyst of 8 cm shrink. Thank you

Replied by Kal_el
Colorado, US

Food grade H2O2 works like magic. My wife had very bad ovarian cysts when I first met her. It was so bad that she could not even have a period for over three years. Thankfully, I was an alternative health guy and had her take H2O2 . Drop 4 to 5 drops of H2O2 in an 8 ounce glass of water. The water has to be either distilled or completely purified, or RO water. Otherwise the extra oxygen will unite with the contaminants and you will lose the H2O2. Drink in the morning on empty stomach. Start once or twice a day, then increase to 3 to 4 times. or you can increase the drops from 5 to up to 8 drops. Google food grade hydrogen peroxide 35%. but don't ever use 35% always diluted it to about 3 %. Good luck

Posted by Tiara (Pune, Maharashtra, India) on 12/23/2011

Hi! My thanks to this website and all the members who have shared their remedies for ovarian cysts. I have cysts in both my ovaries for almost 2 years now. I've been taking homeopathy medicines since 8 months due to which the pain has subsided but the cyst remains!!!

I'm gonna try the ACV & Molasses this month and will revert back, hope it works!

Thank you all....

Replied by Tiara
Pune, India
Hi All! I was taking blackstrap molasses (2 tbl spoons) apple cider vinegar (1 tbl spoon) in glass of warm water, morning & night for 2 months but discontinued later due to travel. Though I continued with some yoga & exactly after 5 months my ovarian cysts have disappeared.

I truly trust the blackstrap molasses & apple cider vinegar & I'm planning to take it on alternate days even though my cysts have gone.

We need to wait to see the effect. Best wishes to all......

Replied by Ew
Rockville, Md, Usa
Hi Tiara, that is terrific news about shrinking the cyst. That is such an encouragement. May I ask how big it was when you started?

Posted by Shonn (Hope Hull, Al) on 05/16/2011

Went to the ER after an excessive bleeding and pain episode after sex... Was told I had an ovarian cyst on my left ovary size of a bird egg... Was given provera for the bleeding and pain pills. Now the pain has subsided, want to know if it is ok to resume sexual activity and will it prevent me from having more children? Will the remedies listed here hinder me?

Posted by Emaa (Saudi Arabia, Makkah) on 02/17/2011

I have ovarian cyst of 10 cm before after watching this website I was taking Apple Cider Vinegar and beets molasses and aloe vera juice but now it become 16 cm I m really worried doctors said we will do surgery what to do plz any one tell me.

Replied by Karen
Randolph, Nj
Look into iodine - stop consuming any caffeine or chocolate -

Posted by Lissayvette (Hayward, Ca, Usa) on 11/02/2010

Can someone tell me how to cure cervical cysts. I dont have medical insurance thru my work and had to have go to the county hospital to get a Pap and the Dr. referred me to have a pelvic sonogram. The nurse called a few days later and told me I have cervical cysts but she didnt know how many or how big and that I couldnt talk to the Dr. by phone or email but I could in person but not until Dec 22 when she made me an appt. I have been bleeding for 3 months about 20 days out of the month and cramping. It affecting every aspect of my life ( exersise, work ( had blood on my chair one day) sex etc. Not to mention I feel like an emotional wreck. Any suggestions on how I can get rid of these holistically.. Organic foods, vitimins etc.. Thanks, Lisa Oh Im 42. 3 kids 19, 16 and 9 and my tubes are tied.

Replied by Christal
Austin, Tx
You could be having the cysts due to the tubes being tied, I have a close friend who got hers tied and apparently its a common side affect, She ended up getting a historectomy( sorry for the spelling)... You need to get on some iodine, bentonite clay (the edible kind, not aztec clay) and change your diet. Raw milk is a must if you can get some do it. EAT MEAT, Our bodies need good fats and I would suggest taking some dandelion root tincture, you can get that at a healthfood store, also take apple cider vinegar and blackstrap molasses in the milk, for this you take 1 cup Organic or Raw, preferrably raw milk, blend with 1 Tablespoon of Unsulphered blackstrap molasses and drink, immediately after take 1 tablespoon of Organic Apple Cider Vinegar, abvoid chocolate and caffeine and I would suggest getting on some good magnesium oil as well, spray onto the bottoms of your feet before bedtime, one to two sprays is sufficient, it will make your feet itch so I suggest getting a lava stone or something to scrub the dead skin off with. Also get on a good multivitamin and make sure your eating PLENTY of DARK LEAFY GREENS, try to eat most of your food raw, of course not meat but you know what I mean, raw fruits and veggies. Hope this helps! You should also go see a Naturopath in your area, they will be able to do much much more

Green Tea  

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Posted by Janelle (Austin, Tx, Usa) on 09/11/2010
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Worked Temporarily:
I've been struggling with an ovarian cyst that an ultra sound found on my left ovary. I started drinking green tea for a month and the cyst shrunk significantly, I couldn't feel it anymore. However, I stopped drinking the tea and the cyst is back. I also noticed a little cyst on my right breast near my arm, it is painful to the touch so I think its just a swollen node. I've also noticed some swollen lymph nodes under my chin. I'm exercising regularly and loosing some weight, but not too much. I've come to the conclusion that I'm detoxing too fast and my lymph nodes are getting overwhelmed. I've also learned that I have an iodine deficiency that is causing an under-active thyroid, which is causing a hormonal imbalance and slowing my weigh loss. There in lies the reason why my cysts keep coming back and are hindering my success in becoming pregnant. I've been searching for alternative treatments and it looks like I will be taking some sea kelp pills to get the iodine I need to help my thyroid and get the hormones back in balance. I will also be adding the Apple Cider Vinegar 2 teaspoons with 8oz glass of water 3 times a day. I've already ordered some PH testing strips to test my alkalinity and some Apple Cider Vinegar with mother from Amazon. I'll post my results in a couple of months.

Replied by Veronica
Austin, Texas
Hello, just wondering how this has worked for you. I was just diagnosed and the Dr. said I could possibly lose my ovary. Thanks!
Replied by Tata
Los Angeles, Ca
Go to an oncologist for the breast cyst and lymph node. That is not normal and may be malignant- don't wait!
Replied by Memsy
Nigeria, Fct Abuja
Hi, am Memsy from Nigeria. I did pelvic scan & the result shows that I have ovarian cyst on my right ovary, which is measured 4. 0 x 3. 7. Please I want to know if Forest Green Tea With Mint can help in treating it.