Olive Oil and Lemon Juice for Kidney Stones

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Posted by Sam (Bangalore, Karnataka, India) on 08/26/2010

[YEA]  Hello Everyone, I am not that good in writing such blogs so I will keep it simple and sweet. One fine morning, I had a severe pain in my lower abdominal. I went to the doctor and he suspected that it could be the Kidney/Urinary Stone. I had my Ultrasound Scan done and found that I have got 3 Stones:

2 In the Kidney of around 4mm
1 In Urinary Bladder of 7mmX4mm

After 4-5 hours, my pain was gone and doctor gave me a medicine for 2 weeks and have told me to wait if I would pass it. If I would not, I would have to go for an operation. I tried those medicines for a week and nothing happened. NO pain though. So I started feeling worried about it. Because I knew if I would not pass it then I have to go through an operation which is ticking on my mind constantly. And by taking those medicines, nothing positive was happening so I was kind of loosing hope of passing my stones. So I started looking on Internet what would be the easiest way if I have to go through an operation. I did a bit of research and found that there is a Shock-wave Therapy and I thought of requesting that one for an operation. But then I thought, WAIT A MINUTE... Let me see what people has to say for the problem like this. Searched on net. And... FOUND THIS SITE!!! I read this blog and was surprised to know that Olive Oil and Lemon Juice was consistently effective on more than 200 people. I had decided to give it a try.... Went to a shop and bought a EXTRA VIRGIN OLIVE OIL and FRESH LEMONS. Went to home and before sleeping, I took about 60ml of Olive Oil and mixed 60ml of Lemon Juice with it as suggested by this blog. Drank it followed by lots of water at around 11pm. After few minutes, I felt my stone moving!!!!!! I thought it would start paining now so I went to bed immediately and slept before it starts hurting me. But got no pain that night. Woke up in the morning but didn't pass it. So before going to work, had another shot of the same at around 10am. I went to office, around like 5pm I went for a toilet and I felt it is moving and it is in the Urine Passage!!!!! But unfortunately the force of urine was not enough to push it outside as it was 7mmX4mm of stone!! But stone got stuck in my urinary passage and I was like.. Was not able to walk properly, was not able to even sit as it was stuck right there in the urinary passage!! SO drank lots of water.. Went to home.. Waited until I got good pressure in my urinary bladder... At around 8pm in the evening.. I thought I should give it a try again. Went to the toilet and pushed it hard and guess what???

IT WAS GONE!!!! I was so surprised!!!! Just 2 shots and my stone out!!! Amazing... Isn't It?

I was so happy, I called up all my friends and my family and told them about this. Went to the Doctor after two weeks from here for a scan and found that I have ZERO stones inside of me!!! Moral of the story is....
1) Olive Oil and Lemon Juice funda really works
2) I just had to take 2 shots so it is very effective and works straight away
3) It also cured my other 2 stones in my kidney
4) No pain and it was not at all bad in taste. It was just like drinking a lemon juice..
5) I felt I must share this so whenever I got chance, I share this around me

If you have a stone problem.. Please give it a try. You do not have to loose anything. It works!!! Give it a try!! Hope this would help!! Cheers,
SAM :)

Posted by Ggharter6
Milford, Mi, Usa
My story: I have suffered with kidney stones since I was 16 yrs old. I had my first surgery for a 9mm last yr I recently found out there was more in both kidneys. I came across your site and decided what did I have to lose but hopefully some stones. I couldn't bring myself to drink 2 oz of each so decided to try 1 oz of each once a day along with the water afterwards and throughout the day low and behold the second day I passed 7 stones of good size the biggest being around 3mm with no pain also passed all kinds of small sand like ones. I'm still facing surgery as they want to know why there was so much blood in my urine but I will continue doing this on a monthly basis to keep the stones at bay. I can't thank you enough for having a site like this.
Posted by Jay
Dayton , Ohio
I was told the blood in my urine is from the crystal that make up the stone. These crystal cut up the bladder causing bladder infections. Calcium citrate and a low to medium oxalate diet can also help prevent them from forming to often. Research low oxalate diet.

Posted by Michael (Davie, Florida) on 01/13/2010

[YEA]  Yea
1/21/02 Kidney Stone Attack #2

My first kidney stone was in 5/97. I went to the ER, received medication for pain and after the pain subsided went home. About 3 days later the stone passed with no further problems.

My second Kidney stone was in 1/02 and about 18 hours after the pain began passed a dark brown irregular calculus measuring about 3x2mm.

My third kidney stone incident began on 1/4/10 with the familiar discomfort in my groin and lower back. I was driven home and took some leftover pain med.

Three days later, I finally got to the doctors. I didn't take any pain med and the pain began while in the waiting room and intensified while I waited in the exam room for the PA, ceasing a few minutes before she entered. She sent me to nearby hospital for a CT scan. Their report confirmed a 5mm stone at the opening where the urethra empties into the bladder, a common bottleneck for stones. The Urologist, who was able to see me right away, explained that 5mm is about the limit for stones to pass without assistance and there were two procedures available, extracorporeal shock wave lithotripsy and ureteroscopy, where they insert a fiber optic probe through the urethra and break up and grab the stone in a basket. He said that the stone's position made the blasting not a good percentage option. I decided to give it about a week and set a followup for the next Wednesday. He gave me some Flomax and a strainer and told me to drink a lot of water.

The next few days the pain came and went. Monday, I called the Urologist to set up the operation as soon as possible. It turned out that I needed clearance and some additional tests. The earliest the procedure could be scheduled was Thursday, Jan 14. When I got home, I jogged & walked 2 miles in the park and jumped off of a picnic table several times, trying to dislodge the stone from where it was stuck and move it into my bladder. It might have worked because after that there was no more pain - even the back soreness disappeared.

Tuesday, back to the doctor for an EKG, more blood work, and a chest X-ray. I passed the time in the waiting room looking up kidney stones on the internet on my smart phone. I found an interesting site that promised an effective home remedy of a common drink plus a vegetable, for $40. Researching it at home later, I found it was reported as a scam and that the "secret" was 6 cans of Coke and pureed asparagus. Thankfully, I kept researching alternatives and found this web site that listed hundreds of testimonials for a simple mixture of olive oil and lemon juice.

I went to the store and bought some lemon juice - not from concentrate - in a yellow squeeze bottle. At 3:30 pm I mixed 2 oz of each in a salad cruet (how appropriate) and shook it up really well, then downed it, followed by 12 oz water. The taste wasn't as bad as some reported and other than some oily belches, there were no side effects. It might even have had a beneficial effect of loosening my bowels that were tight from the pain meds. But still no stone.

Later, I rode my horse with my wife and did a lot of sitting trot to keep working on jarring down the stone. We watched a movie until 10:30pm, at which time I made a second cocktail, about 2.5 oz each of oil and juice this time and downed it. I got up to urinate around midnight and heard a distinct clink as the stone passed and hit the bottom of the jar. I collected it with the strainer and it looked different from my previous stones, which were light brown and very jagged. This one measures about 3 x 4mm and is darker, sort of rounded. It's possible the potion partially dissolved it making it rounder and smoother - if so, that's a good thing because there was no pain or any sensation at all when it passed - nine days from the initial attack and about 9 hours after my first drink, 1 1/2 hours after the second.

I'm very grateful to the people who put up this web site. It is truly a godsend. I brought the stone to the Urologist today, to have analyzed, and, obviously, called off the procedure - saving thousands of dollars and unknown discomfort!

I'm convinced that the olive oil and lemon juice helped the stone pass, thus averting unwanted and unnecessary surgery. The urologist thought the jumping did more than the mixture, but admitted that lemon juice is helpful in preventing stones. I plan on taking the mixture periodically to help inhibit kidney stones, cause there's no way I'm going to refrain from all the foods in the big list my urologist gave me. In the future, if I experience kidney stone pain I will take the potion from the outset, combined with some serious jumping. Pain medication and flomax are also helpful.

Posted by Brenda (Livermore, Ca) on 09/23/2009

[BETTER BUT WITH SIDE EFFECTS]  How many times should I take the lemon juice and EVOO for the kidney stone issue?

Been taking the EVOO and the lemon juice (2 oz of each mixed together). How many times per day seemed to work for people? My stone was a left renal stone lodged way up in kidney. Was scheduled to have surgery last thursday, however, got really sick so couldn't do the surgery. Would much rather pass it on my own. I took the concoction Saturday (morning and night) then Sunday (morning and night) and Monday three times and Tuesday Morning only. I have small bits of gravel (very very tiny) coming out in strainer, and on Monday the pain was severe. Haven't had pain up until this point, so maybe the stone is rollin on down and out? Any advice how long I need to take it? Supposedly I have at least a 7MM stone. Doctor resisted my theory it was stone (I only had bleeding when I exercised, no pain until this past Monday), and sent me for all kinds of cancer tests. As LAST RESORT, he sent me for CT scan and was surprised to find kidney stone. Please advise how long I need to take the stuff. It's been cleaning out I think my gallbladder too, so for the last two days been in bed and bathroom only. Kind of frustrating when one works for a living.

Posted by Dave (Newport News, Virginia) on 08/10/2009

Kidney Stones from Hell: Been having stones for over 20 years, very tired of the Doctors, I'am trying the olive oil lemmon juice remedy to start, will let you know how things turn out. Thanks for the web site and all the people willing to help. People united by kidney stones, lol..

Posted by Sally
Salinas, Ca
Hi my name is sally and i have been diagnosed with alot of 3mm kidney stones and i seem to have passed some according to the doctor while i was in the emergency room on 9/14/09 but in doesn't seem to feel like it because i haven't seen any or felt that i have and since this is my first time dealing with kidney stones i don't know much about them, all i know is that they are painfull and i have alot of side and back pain, and i have no health insurance so i found this website and i'm gonna try the lemon juice and olive oil remedy and i'm hoping it works because i am in some excruciating pain. So thank you everybody for the remedy and i'll be sure to let everyone know my results

Thanks once again,
Sally V.

Posted by Purduerocks2 (West Lafayette, IN) on 06/28/2009

[YEA]  Remedy for kidney stones: 2 oz lemon juice + 2 oz olive oil, followed by 10 oz water.

I am 24 year old male PhD student. I had a kidney stone 6 years ago. I was diagnosed with a 4 mm kidney stone about 10 days ago, in my left kidney. It was quiet for a week and then a week later when trying to pass into the bladder, started creating problems and hurting like hell. I had to take hydrocodone to relieve my pain. Luckily stumbled into this website and for some reason believed that it will work.Tried the remedy once a day for 2 days. Unlike many others who stopped getting pain after they took the concoction, my case was different. I still got pain during the night and had to resort to the pain killer. On follow up, the doctor told me that I had two days to pass the stone otherwise he would refer me to a urologist. The third day, I tried the remedy twice, once in the day and once before going to bed. Still, no change and I got pain during the night. I was a pretty disappointed and thought I should give up on it. The fourth night, I mixed about 2.5 oz of each ingredients and drank them one hour before I went to bed. I had also walked a lot that day, that also helps. I had the best possible sleep, didnt even wake up once, no pain at all during the night. When I woke up at around 8 and peed through the strainer, there it was! The 4 mm stone was out!!Thank you Earth clinic and thank you everyone for sharing their experience. I am really grateful to everyone in this forum and the person who suggested this remedy :)

Posted by Keri (Hudson, Florida) on 06/08/2009

My doctor said I have a 2mm kidney stone and I took the olive oil and lemon juice starting yesterday. I have had 2 doses of it so far. Just now when I went to urinate in the strainer there was what I would call white mush (so sorry to be graphic), sadly I didn't save it and it got down the sink-could someone please email me and tell me if this is my kidney stone disolving? I would love to hear from anyone that has had this experience. PLEASE email me, instead of responding to this board. I am new to this site, and I don't know how to get to my post to see my responses. I hope to hear from some of you, thanks Keri

Posted by Judy (Greendale, Wi) on 02/04/2009

[YEA]  Lemon Juice and Olive Oil. Wow, this really works. I have passed four kidney stones in the last 3 weeks with this. I was miserable until I tried this. The last stone I passed, I was in so much pain and discomfort that I felt like crying. My attack started at 3:30 p.m. At 9:30 I still had not passed it. I couldn't sit or lie down. And the urge to urinate was constant. So I mixed up 2 oz. of lemon juice concentrate and 2 oz. of olive oil. I followed it with a glass of water. Within 15 minutes my pain was gone. I was finally able to lay down and go to sleep. 1 hour later I got up to use the bathroom and I PASSED THE STONE. This is unbelievable!! Since I have had a ct scan recently to determine how many stones I had, I know that I have one left in my kidney. I will always have lemon juice and olive oil on hand. Don't be afraid to try this. It really does work.

Posted by SP (London, UK) on 12/19/2008

[YEA]  Guys This works..It really Works..You cant imagine how relieved I'am..Thx a million to this site and all others who shared their experiences..Actually other user stories on this site kept me believed and also gave me strength in my last few very difficult days..

I had sudden severe pain in my right abdomninal area last wednesday..I was unable to figure out what was happening as i never experienced pain like that in my life..Believe me its horrible...I was rushed into emergency section and after CT scan they have confirmed i got a kidney stone..I was scared of surgery which is scheduled for next week but luckily I found this site...

3oz LEMON juice + 3oz OlIVE oil is the magic formula..Initially i had only 1 oz lemon+1 oz olive (2 times a day)for 3 days but it didnt work...so I took 3oz lemon + 3ozOlive this morning and guess what with in 4 hours I passed the dark brown stone of size 3mm..huffff..what a relief...

Guys you are not losing anything if it doesnt work but trust me its worth giving a try..GOOD LUCK..

Posted by Dana (Clinton, La) on 12/09/2008

[YEA]  Since 2001 I have had three surgeries for removal of kidney stones to large to pass. Two years ago, I stumbled across this web site and tried the Lemon Juice & Olive Oil remedy. I still get some stones almost every other month, but with this remedy I pass them without any pain or discomfort. At the first of each month I drink the four ounces of mixture four times a day for three days. This routine, for me, flushes all the stones out. This past month I passed two stones each almost 2.3 mm. with absolutely no pain or discomfort.

Posted by Tony (Chicago, Illinois) on 11/24/2008

[YEA]  About 2 weeks ago I went to the bathroom and I urinated red. To me that is a sign of kidney stone. I have had stones come out before and that si the first warning. I did not know what to do. I started drinkin a lot of water and said to myself that I would let it come out just like the other times. On the other times I flushed out t he stone but if hurted me because it had spikes on it, and I suffered for some days after.
I did some research and I found out the remedy of OLIVE OIL and LEMON JUICE. I wanted to try since many here said it worked for them. I have Calcium concentrated stones.

I took 4 tablespoons of Olive oil and a fresh full squized lemon, ones in the morning and ones at night. Everytime I took it after a while the pain would be gone. 2 days ago, I took the last shot of the "cocktail" followed by distiled water and waited.

In the morning of saturday 11/22/2008 I felt like my blader was about to explode. I went to the washroom and urinated a whole lot....not paying any attention to anything....When I focused on the bottom of the boul, I saw it....there is was..my worst enemy...The stone had some out and was the sice of a rice grain. How come i did not feel it? WOW....I tried to pick it up so I could see it and I could not..Everytime I went to grab it it would desolve.

This was the first time I had a stone come out without even feeling it, or feeling any pain.

THANK YOU FOR THIS REMEDY, BECAUSE IS AWSOME. GOD BLESS you and if I see any signes of stones again, this will be my cure from now on....


Posted by Charles (Maryville, TN) on 11/02/2008

[YEA]  Thanks everyone so much for the olive oil and lemon combo. I passed my kidney stone after four weeks of extreme discomfort. When I would feel the pain coming on I would mix up the 2 oz. of each and I truly believe that it helped. On the last day of the experience I felt that it was about ready to come out so I mixed my last batch. Two hours later I was the proud parent of a 7mm stone. Thanks again. : )

Posted by Forest (Kitchener, Ontario) on 09/03/2008

[YEA]  I used the lemon juice and olive oil treatment. Shortly after taking the mixture and a glass of water the pain subsided. Two treatments later I passed a 4-5mm stone without any pain. It worked great and will be used again.

Posted by Stormy
Austin, Texas, USA
[YEA]   Yeah Forest, Twenty years ago I was scheduled for a kidney stone op. Luckily a friend handed me a little booklet by a doctor who claimed he cured hundreds of patiants with this remedy. My doctor laughed until I through a baggy' worth of stones on his desk. I wish I had a photo of his face. I took a pint of olive oil and about six lemons. Every fifteen minute I downed three tablespoons oil and one of the lemon until it was all gone. Mind you, this is not an easy assaignment but I did it. Went to bed after about four hours, woke up and just made it to the bowl. There they were all floating, blueish and white quartz like substance. I was cured. No more pain and today.....no symptoms.

But for anyone brave enough or like myself at the time, desperate, it's nasty. Good luck.

Posted by Jim (Panama City Beach, Florida) on 08/06/2008

[YEA]  18 months ago, I spent 7 hours in the emergency room mostly waiting to be waited on. A nurse would come and go, but no one did a thing while I writhed in paid and cried like a baby on a stupid table and vomitted three time from the pain. Finally, a doctor showed up after 4 hours and ordered a CT scan and an hour later gave me a shot for the pain.The shot worked! After two more hours the doctor came back and said I had a 12mm stone and they would have to opperate or attempt lithotrypsy. I chose the latter, but it could not be performed for another week. I went home with a bill for $14000 and they did nothing but a CT scan and a pain shot. I read about the lemon juice and olive oil remedy and took two doses the first day and one dose the second day. By the way, the pain never came back except for a bearable ache in my lower back, just below my lowest rib. On the third day, I urinated and felt a strange "tumbling" sensation that felt like something leaving the bladder, but it didn't come out and it didn't really hurt, just a weird sensation. I drank several more glasses of water and an hour later, I urinated and felt this stone "tumbling" again and just as I was about to stop urinating, it popped out with just a few drops of fresh blood and no pain. This stone measures 13.25mm! I have photos to prove. I placed it on a dime (as a reference to size) and it completely covers the president's head! I failed to mention that I would drink an 8oz glass of water approximately every two hours and two glasses with every meal. I have one question: why do doctors not prescribe this remedy?? Could it be that they could not charge $14000 for lemon juice and olive oil?? Let me know if you would like to see the photo.
Jim in Panama City Beach, FL

Posted by Evon
San Antonio, Tx
I would like to see the photos of what you passed. Why not post them up on youtube with the remedy you used. That would be so helpful for those skeptics out there.


Posted by Celina V (Douglas, AZ) on 07/21/2008

Hello everyone, I finally reached a turning point in my life in which I made the decision to turn to natural ways of healing. I've had kidney stones for 20 years and many lithotripsy surgeries. I am tired with all those procedures and nothing seems to be working to prevent me from forming so many kidney stones. It is July 21 and in 6 more days I turn 40 and I would like to live a healthier quality of life. I am scheduled for another surgery in 3 weeks to blast a size 6 stone that was a size 8 a couple of weeks ago and the lithrotripsy only made it a bit smaller but has not passed yet. I will try taking the lemon juice and olive oil for the next few weeks to see if I can prevent another lithrotripsy. Thanks for the suggestion to all of you and it this works I will let you all know.

Posted by JAI (TORONTO, CANADA) on 06/22/2008

[YEA]  I suffered from kidney stones for over 8 months. i did not want to go for surgery and searched for natural treatment and found this remedy. i had gone thru excruciating pain in the 8 months 4 times. enough to almost pass out. the first time i had this concoction, i didn't have the complete dosage. (2 oz + 2 oz) nothing happened. after two weeks or so, i decided to give it another shot, had the full dosage. i felt some thing and the stone did move, b'cos i had another pain attack. when the stone moves, you get the terrible pain. then i continued the dosage and suddenyl felt my urine flow sort of obstructed, it felt like the stone was now in my penis and was too big to come out. it really irritated the hell out of me. it also burnt and i occasionally felt bad pain. i continued the dosage and also continued to have almost a gallon of water every day. two days after my last dosage, i passed an almost 1 cm stone in my early morning urine. i felt my penis hole stretch and there it was. i couldn't believe he size!! i believe this concoction works but it has to be aided by plenty of water, 1 gallon and also a little running helps. i definitely give it a yea but as i said, aided by water!!

Posted by Coyote
Cazma, Croatia
When you feel like the stone is in your penis it actually is not! It is at the entrance of the bladder. Here it occasionally creates sharp pain, especially when your colon or rectum fills. Remember Porthos in The Three Musketeers - "Kidney stones. It hurts when I piss. It hurts when I sh*t". And you also might experience constant urge to urinate. It can be here for several days. I even had one at that particular spot for a whole month because it was the first and my doctor didn't diagnose it well and didn't tell me that I had to drink a lot of water to pass the possible stone. In the past I had several stones, the largest of them was about 7 mm. In all cases the entrance into the bladder was always the hardest place to pass it for me (I guess it is the narrowest). I usually feel immediate relief when the stone goes into the bladder. Moreover then I also know that there is only one step for it before I will get rid of it. For all bigger stones (3 mm and larger) that finally went into the bladder I had to relieve my bladder at least twice to get them through the penis. At the first relieve it would usually got stuck somewhere (perhaps because of the prostate) and from that moment you cannot sit anymore because you will feel sharp pain if you try. So I walk and wait for bladder to fill up and then on the second relieve the stone finally goes all the way through the penis. Yeah, this is definitely sharp pain, and once you felt that then you can compare and unmistakably know when it is in the penis and when it is only at the bladder entrance trying to get in. Until now I usually would drink 3-5 liters of rose hip tea daily, especially when the stone is at the bladder entrance. In my opinion rose hip is also great for reducing the urinal infection which almost always accompanies the stones. However, at the moment I have one particularly difficult stone stuck at the entrance of the bladder for last 4 or 5 days so I decided to try the olive oil lemon juice remedy. Hopefully it will help it to get into the bladder. Or even better dissolve, as many of people have said here...

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