Natural Rheumatoid Arthritis Treatment

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Posted by Confused In Ny (Nyc, Ny) on 02/08/2013

Hey Guys, I have RA and am wondering what is left to eat. I already have a self imposed sugar restricted diet that I have broken for the honey and molasses treatments. But I've heard your not supposed to eat beans (I love almost all beans), grains (meaning no bread, no bulgar and I guess no brown rice which has been a yummy staple). Does that include brown rice too guys, I have heard some conjecture. I think we are not supposed to have meat, except for omega 3 fish... I'm not sure, no dairy (which is what I was pretty much doing anyway. I would do raw milk if I could get my hands on some). No nightshades (mushrooms, tomatos, onions and peppers in an omelet were my fav) No potatos, no eggs. NO nothing LoL! Can someone please tell me if I am now a vegetarian. This is not the worst thing but it's not the easiest thing. I used to be vegan but still consumed brown rice, lots of beans. Does anyone know of a type of bean an RA person can have and is brown rice really off the list? Does this long list of elimination mean that I am now a strict vegetarian? Thank you!

Replied by Loves To Read
Wi., Usa
I have come across and just started reading a book called The Acid Alkaline Balance Diet. It is suggesting to get tested for food allergies, using a four day food rotation plan or even trying a blood type diet as this can help for many ailments. Hope this helps.
Replied by Confused In Ny (
Nyc, Ny
Hi, thanks that's very helpful. I was considering getting a food allergy test done and I bought the book eating right for your blood type. I will now study up on balancing my food choices and trying to stay alkaline (very easy to do when I was vegan). Your post has been very helpful. Thanks again!
Replied by Jennywren
Perth, Western Australia
Hi! I've heard the Paleo diet combined with the autoimmune diet is meant to be very beneficial for RA and autoimmune diseases (try Googling the two terms). Basically, we're meant to have leaky gut, and before we can start to get better we need to heal our digestive tract. So I'm into day 3.

Basically Paleo is: eat lots of organic/free-range/grassfed meat and fish/seafood, as well as fruit and veg. No dairy. No legumes (beans). No grains (bread, pasta or rice, however some say white rice is okay, while others say it's a no-no). No sugar or refined stuff.

Autoimmune diet is: no nightshades (tomatoes, eggplant, red capsicum, chilli). No caffeine. No sugar. No nuts or seeds.

From what I've read, it's meant to take anywhere between 4 weeks and several months to notice any difference in joint pain. There's a pretty British girl on Youtube who has successfully gotten her RA under control using this diet, she documents her journey on YT.

Hope this helps, and good luck to us all in being pain and med free!!

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Posted by Patricia (Brooklyn, New York) on 07/05/2013

What is helpful for getting rid of inflamation from Rhuematoid Arthritis?

Replied by Mary
Regina, Saskatchewan, Canada
Hi: I think a good way to start would be to read the Borax Conspiracy link here Boron is so important that in Israel where it is very high in the water, they have .75% of population with arthritis but in Jamaica they have something like 75% where it is low in the soil. Take a peek at this. Also a very good idea would be to look into DMSO. Of course alkalizing your body as per Ted's protocol and the diet. Hope this helps.
Replied by Mama To Many
Middle, Tennessee, Usa
Dear Patricia, Cat's Claw Bark is good for the inflammation of RA. It may take a number of different things in combination to help. Last year my daugther had symptoms of Juvenile RA. (Pediatrician thought that was what it was, but we didn't have the testing done as we didn't want to go the Big Pharma route. ) She was 8. We took her to a natuaropath who had her do many things. She also had asthma, migraines and eczema. Praise the Lord, she has no symptoms of RA or eczema anymore. Her migraines and asthma attacks are infrequent.

Daily she took Cat's Claw Bark in capsules, nettles in capsules, vitamin C, Blackstrap Molasses, and Vitamin D. She doesn't take any of that any more. If she has an asthma flare up, she takes nettles. She does take feverfew every day to prevent migraines.

She does have a pretty healthy diet, eats very little processed food.

You might also add Apple Cider Vinegar to your daily routine - 1 T. In 8 oz. Of water twice a day. Drinking at least 1/2 gallon of pure water a day (herbal tea and vinegar in your water are okay.)

Let us know what helps you!
~Mama to Many~

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Posted by Leonie (Canberra, ACT, Australia) on 11/05/2007

[YEA]  re: Shilajit and fulvic acid -- Hello everyone, about 3 years ago, I tried Shilajit capsules which I buy via the internet, and come from India. I don't know if they are the purest or best brand available, but after taking them I was able to stop using chemotherapy drugs for my Rheumatoid Arthritis. I still use Shilajit daily and give them to my dog also. I would recommend these capsules, however I'm open to hearing about other types of fulvic/humic acid which might be purer or better. In searching the internet, I have read that there are questions surrounding the purity of shilajit from India, but it's hard to get a definitive answer on it.Thanks for listening!

Replied by Rain Ra
San Francisco
Can you tell me how much Shilajit you take? I saw Gold Shilajit and Shilajit M----, how many mgs. do you take? How long before you felt results? Do you take it for life?

Thanks, Rain

Replied by Rain Ra
San Francisco, California
Are you still out there? How much Shilajit do you take a day (ie millgrams, etc. ) saw one called Gold Shilajit is this any good?

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Posted by Cekm (Melbourne, Australia) on 09/24/2011

Hi Fellow EC readers.

I am 32 male and have been diagnosed with Rheumatoid arthritis two years ago, although I have negative rheumatoid factors.

Symptoms: Swelling and stiffness in multiple joints on both sides of the body

First sign of symptoms: December 2009 - No swelling, however was getting sore wrists

March 2009: Symptoms were getting really bad and had first appointment with Rheumatologist.

I have tried and persisted on all the natual remedies with no luck (ACV, wheatgrass, raw juicing, exercise, baking sode with lemon, fish oil, msm, tumeric, flaxseed oil etc.).

I have been researching Stem Cell therapy using the adipose stromal vascular fraction method. Basically taking fat via lipo from your own body then a process of separation of stem cells takes place and are reinjected into either the problem joint and or via IV back into your blood stream.

Pricing ranges from $8k - $20k AUD around the world for the procedure and you can also freeze or you need another session later.

Please let me know any of your comments around a durable long term drug free remission for this procedure. You may know someone or tried it yourself. Apparently they are claiming the stem cells give immunotherapy benefits by being able to re-regulate the immune response and shut down the overactive auto immune state.

I am thinking of getting it done, as Methotrexate is my next option (take sulfasalazine only) which we know has its own issues, or although with natural remedies will give me my life back and protect the longer term damage.

I hope if you are facing something similar that you keep your chin up, as I know what you are going through.

Regards, Cekm

Replied by Dud
From The Woods Of, Wv, Usa

Sounds like you got Lyme disease/fibromyalgia/chronic fatigue syndrome. Apparently caused by some kind of poison, like fluoride or mercury, in your tissues. Poly-Arthritis is a symptom, not a cause. Treat for the cause.

I gave this information to Margaret recently; see if it fits you:



Poly-myalgia is sometimes a result of fluoride poisoning. Did she by any chance take a prescribed anti-biotic, like cipro, etc, etc, just before getting the symptoms ? [contains fluoride]

Some anti-depressants also contain fluoride. , I think. Many other drugs do contain it also, a long list. Pesticides contain it. Rat poisons contain it. City water supplies contain it.

........... check all her medications to see if they are made/contain from fluoride, in any form.

If so, she must detox from it.

Research fibromylgia, lyme disease, CFS, treatment protocols."


read the earthclinic. com article on fluoride as cause of lyme disease.

Replied by Cekm
Adelaide, Australia
Hi Dud,

Wow you are right, I was given antibiotics two years ago and then after this for some reason BANG life has been a misery. I am going to ring the doctor to find out what he gave me, but life has been a disaster even since. How do I get the fluoride out of my body?

Cheers, Cekm

Replied by Dud
From The Woods Of, Wv, Usa

I have been caring for a family member who also has been plagued with the "poly-arthralgia" [= roving joint pains], tendon soreness, mucle soreness, joint soreness, CFS = chronic fatigue syndrome, and for awhile, colitis, or IBS, connected to wheat gluten sensitivity, which was also brought on by the fluoride poisoning process. Also developed rickets of the bones, or osteomalacia. And no doubt osteo-penia and osteo-porosis. Sudden onset about 3 years ago. Probable cause of fluoride poisoning, possibly from a fluoride based rat poison, or insecticide; from a suspicious source.

We stumbled around in the wilderness of the germ theory of disease for about 6 months while the disease symptoms got worse and worse, and the rickets/osteo-malacia set in, as the fluoride caused the calcium to be ravaged from the bones, as the body attempted to save the poisoned one's life by sacrificing the bones calcium stores to keep the blood's pH within the narrow pH range of the living.

After failing to get any relief by playing the germ-theory game, I eventually stumbled upon the fluoride theory of arthritis, poly-arthritis, LYMES disease, CFS, FMS, osteo-malacia, rickets, osteo-porosis, IBS, alzheimers, etc., etc.

One of the chief sources of information on this was from a article by a JASON UTLEY. ..... , or: ....... and then many other new sources I found on the internet, by search engine searches using "fluoride", fluoride poisoning" , "fluoride arthritis" etc.

As to how to detox from fluoride, I would get calcium and magnesium and sodium minerals, and others, into my blood to try to quench the fluoride atoms from acid-ifying the blood. Choose the ionic forms of these minerals, that dissove in water, and are capable of donating their electrons to the blood chemistry, for use in quenching and neutralizing the fluoride ions. Go to this page, and read Bangkok Ted's ideas on using borax, baking soda, and lemon juice to neutralize the fluoride ions in the blood : Earth Clinic remedies to Remove Fluoride Poisoning and Buildup.
......... Do a search on for "fluoride" and one on "fibromyalgia" also. Read up on all these ideas.

This should get you started on learning what to do.

The things I am told that can help remove fluoride from the body are: iodine, borax, cilantro herb as food, blood alkalyzing minerals, sea salt minerals.

The best symptom relief method I have seen work is the taking of hot water soaks in a bathtub, for about 30 minutes per treatment. using 1 quart of EPSOM SALTS and 1 tablespoon of BORAX, in the soak water..... For relief of arthritis & fibromyalgia symptoms. At least temporarily.

After the fluoride ions are removed: To undo the damage caused by the fluoride poison on the bones & cartilidges & muscles might take months & years of nutritional type supplementation, or special diets; I think.

I hope this helps you some.

Above all, learn all the possible sources of this poison.

note: bromide is a close cousin to fluoride, and is capable of causing most or all of the same damages. So you could also be suffering from bromide toxicity symptoms also. It is in the food supply also.

Replied by Dud
From The Woods Of, Wv, Usa
Cekme;... Addendum to last post :

If you are having trouble believing that hidden toxins can cause degenerative diseases; note that the powers that be teach that the disease of polio is caused by a germ, a biotic, a virus. They teach it so you will believe it. The historical evidence is that it is caused by a toxin called DDT. Polio never existed before DDT existed. [ circa 1890's] When DDT was banned as a insecticide in the USA, new cases of polio began fading away there.

the powers that be claimed that some injected monkey pus [or something similar] caused it to go away. No giant corporations that sold DDT were ever held liable in the courts for giving anyone polio. No profits were lost. Brain-washing successful. Thank you, scientists;... Here is some money.... We will just call it "research" money. [wink, wink]

Fluoride is similar. The carnage it creates is similar. Go on some of the LYME disease message boards on the w.w.w. and read some of these people's stories. Some of them choose to commit suicide rather than go on.

Replied by Cekm
Adelaide, Australia
Hi All,

You guys are so amazing with your time. The medication I was prescribe two years ago is called Zinat here in Australia, used for treating viral infections of the airways and sinusus. Let me know if you can find out any info.

The condition has spread to my eyes now which is so upsetting, my career is really in jeapordy and I've just received a promotion. I am going to hit Ted's set up hard (Borax, ACV with BiCarb Soda & Magnesium) and buy a electronic PH meter. I am now also having to go on Enbrel to get things under control in the short term.

You guys are so great with your time.

Thanks again.

Straub-Cutolo Remedy   1  0   

Posted by Ray (Calgary) on 01/11/2014

Straub-Cutolo Remedy: I call this remedy the Straub-Cutolo remedy since I base it on the article

Involvement of the Hypothalamic/Pituitary/Adrenal/Gonadal Axis and the Peripheral Nervous System in Rheumatoid Arthritis by Rainer H. Straub and Maurizio Cutolo

ARTHRITIS & RHEUMATISM, (Official Journal of the American College of Rheumatology) Vol. 44, No. 3, March 2001, pp 493-507

The idea is that the initial trigger (bacteria, virus etc infecting us) is met with by the usual reaction of our body, by our immune system attacking the microbes, as usual. But, in fact, these trigger microbes that set off the inflammation are usually eliminated by our powerful immune system and are long gone by the time that RA sets in. So in RA we are not interested in treating only that infection.

RA is a chronic condition, not a normal infection, where our own immune system does not want to shut down it's attack. (Like an army that has destroyed the enemy and has gone berserk, shooting at it's own ranks or at innocent civilians.) It is well known that RA is characterized by macrophage activity even though there is NO infection. The word macrophage just means "big eater" since they basically eat up the enemy bacteria and viruses. But in RA they eat our own cartilage.

Why does the army of our immune system not shut down the fight and realize the "war is over" and that the enemy bacteria are dead? Why does our immune system not just stop, stop attacking our innocent cartilage? Why does our gone-berserk immune system turn a short term fight against a short term infection, that ended long ago, into a long term, chronic battle against our own body? Because the local nerve supply has been affected.

Our nerves shrink away from the scene of the inflammation or are damaged in the battle. But they grow back. Nerve fibers of the Central Nervous System grow back FASTER than the nerve fibers of the Sympathetic Nervous System. There is then a long term imbalance, more CNS fibers than SNS nerve fibers in the joints of those with RA. So what? Lots of what.

Those CNS nerve fibers secrete Substance P, long recognized as the leading chemical that our body uses to continue the inflammation reaction, the fight against invading bacteria etc. The CNS fibers, with substance P, are the hawks of the immune system. It is like they shout out over and over again, "kill, kill, kill." The over supply of CNS fibers and Substance P means the macrophages are encouraged to go on with their berserk killing. They have only the hawks to lead them. And if some bacteria have learned to avoid destruction by looking like the body cells, then the marophages, in a reverse sense, think the body cells are enemy cells. And what can stop them. All they hear from headquartes if the CNS orders to "kill and fight."

All because the CNS fibers are there in greater supply than the SNS fibers. They grew back faster. If the Sympathetic Nerve System was there then the macrophage soldiers would get other orders from headquarters. The SNS fibers try to shut down the inflammation, to call an end to the war. They do this by secreting epinephrine and adenosine. But they have not grown back. So there is no epinephrine. But lots of Substance P. So the soldier Macrophages only hear the command of Substance P, to kill.

Of course the inflamed area (our joints) still sends out messages to the brain and the rest of the body. (Chemicals such as cytokines) These are known to circulate throughout the whole body. The inflamed area sends out the cytokines as urgent messages, "request for orders sir, request for orders, please send orders, Emergency. Hurry. Send orders urgently." But no orders come from the SNS. No epinephrine arrives with a message to "Stop fighting", the only orders that come are from the hawks of the CNS, the Substance P message to "kill and go on killing."

As well the Adrenal glands should send out Cortisol, and epi-nepherine, that should also inhibit the inflammation reaction. And the gonads should send out testosterone and DHEA that would inhibit the infection (Men have less chance of RA than women). But it doesn't happen. It is well known that Cortisol production by the Adrenal glands is low in RA. So the Adrenal glands should send out orders to stop the inflammation, stop the fight. But for some reason they don't (Maybe they are overwhelmed by the huge amount of cytokines etc. coming out of the joints, which imply that a huge battle is going on. If there is a huge battle then the Adrenals would be wrong to interfere. But unfortunately the Adrenals are a lone, and weakened, voice for peace. They have found no support from the Sympathetic Nervous System. They are alone and so keep quiet. The Hawks win the day.

Hence the diet,

(1) Do something to shut up that Substance P messenger. To shut up the CNS and it's hawkish commands to fight. The best way is by capsaicin. Apparently, the FDA has approved it's use. Capsaicin can be found in Cayenne Peppers. Of course eating lots of Cayenne Peppers means the drug circulates all over in the body. So if you get a real infection somewhere then what? Stop the pepper for a while. Yet even the FDA approved it as a cream. So rub the spice, cayenne pepper on your sore spots. Or get capsaicin creme prescribed by your doctor.

Note: cayenne peppers are in the biological genus of "Capsicum" and related to bell peppers. So some "health stores" sell you stuff with "Capsicum" as an ingredient. That only means it has pepper in it. Bell pepper. Black pepper. Capsicum is not Capsaicin, the active ingredient. (Some say even black pepper is helpful with RA) It's worth a try to use the Cap-si-cum stuff, but just don't think you have Cap-sai-cin, the active concentrate. (note the spelling difference). Save your money and just buy peppers or ground cayenne spice at the grocery store.

(2) Do something to increase the low cortisol levels in RA. Increase cortisol so the areas affected by RA can get the message to shut down the fight. Where to get cortisol? Licorice (real licorice, please, not that junk they sell in candy stores that's made of flour and molasses) and coffee and grapefruit (also other citrus like lemon). It's easy to drink coffee.

(3) Do something to increase the low epinephrine levels in RA joints. A good source is the peel of a banana, though a banana pulp isn't bad. I wash the banana peel and blend the whole banana up and eat it. Another good places to get it is chocolate. Also helpful in building epinephrine is avocado, nuts, chicken, eggs, wheat germ. Of course this is not a local supply, where it is needed in the RA joint, but hopefully the extra supply in the whole body should allow more than usual to seep to the affected area.

(4) Cortisol and epinephrine work even better when taken together. Yummy, chocolate covered licorice (real licorice please) or chocolate in coffee. Or licorice mixed with banana.

(5) Some other substances the body needs to help build epinephrine are lysine, methionine, tyrosine, vitamin C, vitamin B6, manganese and MAGNESIUM.

This diet above is based on recent scientific observations, but has never gone to clinical trial. So it is "not scientifically proven" but personally I try everything I find on earthclinic. My initial results from this remedy are good. Hopefully it will continue for more than just a few weeks and is not just a placebo effect. Hope you find hope in it.

Replied by Ray
Calgary, Canada
[YEA]   About a year now since starting doing this procedure (especially taking coffee with chocolate in it, and hot peppers). So far it is almost as if there had never been any RA. Amazing. Will go back to doctors to see if it shows any results on the rheumatoid factor and citrulline tests.

Ted's Remedies   0  1   

Posted by Tanner (Vancouver, Bc, Canada) on 10/15/2011

Hi, I am new to earthclinic and have read many posts but have a few questions. I am 43 years old and have been diagnosed with RA about 8 months ago. I am taking Sulfasalizine and it is not working so my doctor wants me to take methotrexate which I do not want to do. I have read alot about alkalizing but am confused as to which one to do, the ACV or the lemon juice with baking soda? Also I have read alot about Lugol's and borax. Are these a good idea for my condition? I have just started an elimination diet and am juicing as well. Should I stop taking the Sulfasalizine now or wait until I see improvement from other remedies? Any advice would be appreciated.

Thanks, Tanner

Replied by Cekm
Melbourne, Australia
Hi Tanner, I am reading your post and sorry to hear about your bad news, I'm young(32) and got the same news 2 years ago. Like you I didn't want to take methodrexate and was only taking sulfasalazine. I got my CRP down from 66 to 9 by taking raw juice three times per day. Basically all the greens and earth veg's and steer away from the night shades. Raw Wheatgrass and better again raw barley juice really snapped it fast. I have had some flares since then, which could be just disease related, but it could have also been from spirulina. So stick on the stuff that calms your system not boosts it, and I think raw juice has helped me the best good luck.
Replied by Tanner
Vancouver, Bc, Canada
Thanks for the reply. I have tried to go off foods I think might be a problem such as wheat, dairy, red meat, sugar , corn. Did you only take juice? I am juicing and using barley juice. I went off the sulfasalazine and I am in a bad flare which seems to be worse than usual. I am doing the ACV twice a day and the borax. Did you have a problem with swelling? I can't seem to get the swelling down in my one knee. No matter what I do. It is very painful and I am discouraged! How long did it take you to calm your RA down? I am doing oil pulling and everything but it has been two weeks and it is bad. Could I still be detoxing? Any info would be appreciated. Thanks, Tanner
Replied by Bess
Calgary, Alberta, Canada
Hi Tanner - Have you checked out the other remedies for rheumatoid arthritis on Earth Clinic? Here's the link:

For instance, Gavin from New Zealand, suggested taking boron.

In the book, Digestive Wellness, the author has about six pages of healing options for people with arthritis (all types, including rheumatoid). This includes an alkalizing diet, exercise (like yoga, swimming, stretching), elimination diet (including eliminating the nightshade foods), taking cetyl myristoleate (CM), Vitamin C (up to 3 grams daily - best taken with MSM - see below), high quality fish oils (very important to reduce inflammation), GLA (borage or primrose oil - 1400 mg daily), ginger, niacinamide (250 to 500 mg daily), folic acid plus Vitamin B12, MSM (1000 to 5000 daily - taking along with 500 to 2500 mg Vitamin C daily), bromelain (500 to 1000 mg 2-3 times daily between meals), turmeric, etc. The author, Elizabeth Lipski, also has suggestions on how to nourish and regenerate the joints and connective tissues.

Start with a few suggestions - see if they work. It sounds like you are already on an alkalizing diet (make sure you aren't eating any processed foods), keep hydrated (put 1/4 teaspoon natural sea salt in each litre of filtered water), and start taking fish oil. MSM and Vitamin C are definitely helpful for overall health. Vitamin D, also, is incredibly important - especially now that autumn is here and there is less sunshine around.

Good luck Tanner - I hope you find something that works. If you can, check out the book at the library - it's amazing how our digestive health affects our overall health. Take care, Bess

Replied by Gavin
Manganui, Northland, New Zealand
Baking soda was the old time remedy for stopping a flare up. Liver salts and some popular vitamin substances have a lot of baking soda which makes them fizz. In a thirties book I read, it said drink it till your ears ring then go to bed, and the flare up should be over by morning.
Replied by Tanner
Vancouver, Bc, Canada
Thanks so much for the info. Bess, I will look for the book called Digestive Wellness, it sounds good. Thank you Gavin, I am going to try the baking soda tonight. I just want this flare to let up. I went and got some turmeric and made some tea with it. Does anyone know how long it usually takes for some of these remedies to start healing the RA? I'm just wondering how long the borax takes to work and the alkalizing to take affect on the pain? I've been taking so many supplements for the last two weeks but the symptoms of the RA almost seem worse. I know there is probably some detox going on but this has been brutal! However, I will do just about anything to stay off the drugs. Thanks everyone for all your help! Tanner
Replied by Bill
San Fernando, La Union
Hi Tanner... The evidence for boron or borax to help cure arthritis is fairly well known. There is a fair amount of research on it.

Interestingly, the West has an arthritis prevalence of 20% across its populations, whereas Israel has a prevalence of only 0.35% arthritis within its population. The reason for this is that Israel has a much higher boron content in its drinking water -- 2-3 ppm -- than the West.

Here is a more detailed research review on the successful use of borax against arthritis: and Arthritis.pdf

Borax is also very efficient at removing Fluoride from the body -- another major cause of arthritis, fibromylagia, alzheimer's etc. Borax is also the ultimate fungal killer.

Iodine is also useful, because it is involved in proper bone formation in the body. Iodine also helps to kill bacteria, viruses and yeast and also acts as an anti-inflammatory agent.

Generally, as Ted from Bangkok has said, it is also necessary to supplement Magnesium Chloride (Mag Oil transdermally) to balance body calcium and to help kill any bacteria associated with arthritis as well as Vitamin C (1000 mgs 3 times a day) to help re-build the collagen. See this link on Magnesium Chloride (Magnesium Oil):

I also helped a German friend -- 75 y o -- who had had arthritis in his knees for years. I went to see him one day and he could no longer walk because one knee had come up like a football. So I showed him how to make a simple decoction with a local vine plant called Heavenly Elixir (Tinospora cordifolia).

Five days later I heard my friend shouting at my gate. He had walked the 600 metres to my house. When I went out I could see that his knee was completely back to normal. I was astonished. This man liked his brandy and beer a little too much and, to be honest, I never thought that the remedy would work that well because he was such a heavy drinker. But work it did. Heavenly Elixir (Tinospora cordifolia) is a well-known and much revered plant and bitter that is widely used in Ayurvedic medicine. There are also many other plants, such as Chanca Piedra, which also have similar beneficial anti-inflammatory (anti-swelling) and pain-killing effects against arthritis.

Replied by Bill
San Fernando, La Union
Hi Jen... In answer to your questions:

Is there something in the therapies here that helps get the excess sodium out

Perhaps we best clarify some things first. Sodium is not table salt. Sodium bicarbonate is also not table salt. Refined table salt is Sodium Chloride(NaCL). What I am going to talk about is the sodium ion in relation to the cancer cell.

You've asked a complex question and a good one. Cancer cells are indeed top-heavy with sodium. The cancer cell relies completely on anaerobic respiration (just using glucose only -- no oxygen). The inside of the cancer cell is therefore like a cesspool where its mitochondria has completely lost control of apoptosis or programmed cell death.

It's also true that Gerson never gave salt or sodium salts in his remedies -- but he did use a lot of fruit and vegetable fruit juices many times a day. These juices would have provided adequate sodium as well as many other useful macro and micro-minerals for the body. Like it or not -- the body fluid electrolytes contain 80% sodium and this balance must be maintained for true health. In every healthy body cell, sodium pumps are used to trade nutrients and metabolites in and out of the cell respectively. This ability is critical to the proper functioning of the cell.

Gerson also used coffee enemas, because his emphasis on treating cancer was to promote and protect the health of the liver and kidneys in order to help to efficiently remove the lactic acid, aflotoxins and mycotoxins from the blood. He also used potassium bicarbonate, potassium gluconate and monobasic potassium phosphate for his patients everyday. But his use of particularly carrot juice and raw liver in a blended juice mix has never fully been explained.

The method Gerson used was to blend carrot juice and raw liver and then just let it sit for 20 minutes before drinking it. The reason for doing this was because there was a delayed reaction between the carrot juice(vitamn A) and a liver component which created abscisic acid in the juice drink. Abscisic acid acts on cancer in two ways. First it inhibits the HCG growth hormone, thus helping to inhibit cancer growth. Secondly -- and more importantly -- abscisic acid acts on the cancer cell to remove the intracellular sodium ions which move out of the cell to populate the outer cancer cell wall making it more positive. White blood immune cells -- which have negative charges -- are therefore able to come closer to the cancer cell to attack it more efficiently. Also, more potassium and magnesium is absorbed into the cancer cell turning it back into a normal aerobic cell again. The mitochondria are therefore re-activated back to their normal aerobic state and apoptosis results (programmed cell death due to irregular growth detection by the mitochondria).

Dr Livingston-Wheeler, who worked with Dr Gerson for a while, knew of Gerson's use of abscisic acid. She even formulated a vaccine and a pill that used abscisic acid in her own therapies against cancer.

Similarly, Ted has also made clear to me that he uses DMSO, Lugol's Iodine and Lysine instead of abscissic acid in his own protocols against cancer. These chemicals, besides their many other beneficial properties, have similar beneficial hyperpolarizing effects on the outside of the cancer cell walls like abscissic acid -- helping to revert the cancer cell back to a normal aerobic cell again. Vitamin C and Green Tea are also used to similarly stop the cancer growing, spreading and metastasing. The problem with abscissic acid is availability -- very hard to find now or to purchase easily.

From what I saw, there isn't an alkalizing formula that doesn't not use sodium bicarbonate?

Sodium bicarbonate is used in several ways in Ted's remedies. First it is used with his lemon and lime remedies to create citrates and ascorbates(anti-oxidant) from the citric acid and ascorbic acid(pro-oxidant) in the fruit juices. And ascorbic acid does not have the same properties as ascorbates. One is an acid, the other is a chemical salt(not the same as table salt!! ). I haven't got room here to describe why. But I will ask you a question instead. Why is it that whenever Vitamin C is given as an IV -- directly into the blood -- why are ascorbates only used in solution and why is ascorbic acid never ever used?

His other remedies using sodium citrate and potassium citrate as well as the Carbicarb remedies are necessary for people with potassium or sodium issues where the remedy must also include potassium for balance.

Just Sodium Bicarbonate in water can be used for Stage 1 and Stage 2 cancers but is never generally recommended by the oral route for Stage 3 and Stage 4 cancers because of its possible effect on promoting cachexia. Having said that both caesium and lithium salts -- both much more alkaline than sodium bicarbonate -- are regularly used in small amounts in other alternative anti-cancer protocols.

People also seem to have great trouble understanding the difference between a pro-oxidant acid compound and its anti-oxidant derivative chemical salt. The reason why people confuse taking oral Ascorbic Acid with Ascorbates is that when they take the Ascorbic acid(pro-oxidant) it is always first digested and neutralized to its Ascorbate salt(anti-oxidant) by the bicarbonates produced from the pancreatic juices during digestion. So by adding sodium bicarbonate to ascorbic acid in solution before you take it, all you are therefore supplementing is the post-digested form -- ascorbates -- anyway. And exactly the same argument applies to ACV when you take it with Sodium bicarbonate in water. So, by neutralizing these acid forms with bicarbonates first, before taking suplementing them, you save the necessity of using up your own body's important bicarbonate store(from digestion) which helps to further alkalize your body.

Replied by Tanner
Vancouver, Bc, Canada
Hi Bill,

Thank you so much for all the information. I did read Ted's remedies for Rheumatoid and have been doing pretty much all of them. Do you know how long it usually takes for the borax to work? Since starting all this I have been feeling really bad but I understand this is probably detox. Does the detox usually go on for many weeks? I am supplementing with Magnesium Citrate. I was also reading your info on Magnesium drink made in Australia and was wondering if you had the measurements of the MoM and baking soda in ml? I can't find a conversion for the 500 mg MoM and the 120mg baking soda. Also I did get some Lugol's solution and was wondering how much you would recommend me taking? Do I need to take selenium with this? I think I read somewhere that I should but cannot find it again. Also where do I find Tinosporo Cordifolio? Apparently the health food store I usually go to has never heard of it. The swelling in my knee is almost unbearable but I don't want to take any drugs if I can help it.

Sorry for all the questions but I really need the help. I have been trying to read and read all this stuff but I have many small children and little time on the computer :) Thanks again, this site has been such a blessing!!

Replied by Robert Henry
Ten Mile, Tn Usa
BILL, always appreciate your inputs and have read both these articles and they make sense. I have osetoprosis and the supplement my Anti-aging doctor suggested for me does contain Boron.

I have written about my arthritic knee, which I keep under control by spraying with hydrogen peroxide every morning. I got into that routine because my Prolotherapy Doctor would not use Ozone when the Dextrose did not work for me.

My question to you is why not soak in a mild bath of Borax to relieve the pain. The article says that is what people do in countries that have high boron water. It would be a transdermal thing wouldn't it? Your input please. Thanks.

Replied by Bill
San Fernando, Philippines
Hi Tanner... Here is a link that describes in simple detail how to make magnesium bicarbonate water from both magnesium carbonate and from MoM:

Once you've made the magnesium water you can just add the 1/8 or 1/4 tspn of borax to the 1 litre of mag water and drink this throughout the day. I have done this and its a very convenient way of taking both these important mineral nutrients.

I wouldn't worry about the Tinospora Cordifolia because you can use Chanca Piedra instead. Chanca Piedra is easily found in any health store. Chanca Piedra has very similar anti-anflammatory and anti-pain properties. Chanca Piedra is also very efficient at removing excess calcium from the body -- which is part of your problem. Take 1000 mgs Chanca Piedra twice a day at mealtimes. You should also alkalize using Ted's alkalizing remedies -- the important ones are the simplest -- Ted's lemon/lime and baking soda and also use just the baking soda in water remedies. The former alkalizes the cells and the latter alkalizes the blood.

It is also completely natural to have a detox reaction -- an increase in pain etc -- while taking these remedies. Chanca Piedra should help with this. This detox reaction should stop after a few weeks as you start to heal in earnest.

Replied by Gavin
Manganui, Northland, New Zealand
A chap on earth clinic reported that cayenne turmeric and ginger. Worked fairly fast to stop the flare up that was at the dose of a teaspoonful of each, in eight ouces of water. I think he used the powdered ginger from the spice isle, not for the faint hearted! .. But my back came right after a week on about a fith of a teaspoon of turmeric and cayenne and about a half inch cube of fresh ginger everyday.. I mentioned the type two collagen that was reported in "Nature" shows the best promise for a cure, the trials were rigorous and all the people came right after a few weeks on it. The Doctor that invented it cured his own arthritic knees. The cartilage from a chicken breast is put into the food blender, mashed up and two teaspoons a day were taken. Chicken has long been known to be anti inflamatory but it's been narrowed down to the breast cartilage.
Replied by Bill
San Fernando, Philippines
Hi Robert Henry... Regarding the Borax, as far as I am aware, this is not absorbed into the body as well as say Mag Sulphate(Epsom Salts) or Magnesium Chloride or Sodium Bicarbonate. Also, to use these forms in such large amounts for just one application seems wasteful and perhaps expensive. The way I do it is to just get a garden sprayer, add the Epsom Salts/Mag Chloride and Borax as a topical after shower spray. This topical remedy is also the best deodorant I've ever used!! The Magnesium is absorbed easily into the body and the borax is purely used as a topical anti-fungal in this case. I also use Ted's Borax remedy at least once a month internally. My own greatest fear or paranoia if you like is yeast and fungus attacking my body again. Bacteria and viruses are not as difficult to get rid of as fungus. But that's just me remembering what life was like with systemic candida... Never again!!

Osteoporosis is also a nasty autoimmune disease that perhaps bears some relationship to your arthritis. Having both these problems indicates to me that you need to alkalize in order to stop acid build up from excess calcium in your blood and cells. Because of this acid condition, the body tends to compensate by robbing your bones of more calcium and, eventually, to rob your muscles of protein converting this to ammonia in order to neutralize the acid blood condition. If nothing is done, the eventual result is a wasting of the body or a sort of shrinking with many associated problems. But the real problem is diet. Less dairy and less acid foods in the diet perhaps. Here is where Chanca Piedra, EDTA and alkalizing would help you remove the excess calcium from your body and the magnesium would help to balance the calcium in your body.

I had a good friend and she was in her fifties. When I met her she was vivacious and fun and ran a restaurant. Three years later, because of her diabetes and heart disease, she could barely walk and she became skeletal. This was because of excess acidity in her blood. She trusted her doctor and took the pills. She passed away a few years ago.

In my diggings on osteoporosis -- the most recent research has shown that there is now a definite link between low thyroid or hypothyroidism, osteoporosis and diabetes. Here is the research link which might interest you:

Essentially it seems to be true that our bones help to regulate insulin.

Calcitonin hormone from the thyroid regulates bone formation --> Osteocalcin hormone is produced by bone formation --> Osteocalcin increases insulin and also decreases insulin receptor cell resistance(proven).

See this link for the research:


1. Iodine supplementation will help to produce correct levels of calcitonin from the thyroid which improves bone formation.

2. Increased bone formation increases osteocalcin hormone production from the bones which increases insulin production in the pancreas.

3. Thus proper insulin production is maintained and insulin resistance is reduced.

Here is further proof that taking lugol's iodine helps cure certain types of diabetes:

So iodine supplemantation must therefore have quite a significant beneficial effect on both our bones as well as against diabetes.

Replied by Jenny
Sydney, Australia
Hi Bill. Apologies if you have already been through this earlier but could you please give quantities for your topical after shower spray with Epsom salts and borax. How much of each ingredient and how much water? Thank you!
Replied by Jen
Eureka Springs, Arkansas
Thanks you a billion times over Bill for your detailed and awesome answer!
Replied by Mmsg
Somewhere, Europe
Gavin, is the chicken cartilage raw or cooked?
Replied by Gavin
Manganui, Northland, New Zealand
I dont know the answer to that question, but id imagine it would have to be cooked as most of the folk law regarding chickens are in the form of Chicken soup . Which would involve the whole of the chicken being in a stock pan, including the breast cartiledge. which would break down into the stock/soup. Ive noticed the breast cartilege is of a crumbly crunchy texture when its removed from the oven and would no doubt break down in the food processor with olive oil without much trouble. If your going to try it get organic chicken, at least you will then have a chicken that has a full compliment of nutrients, and hasn't been forced.
Replied by Maria
Gippsland, Australia
The cartilage is definitely cooked, bring to the boil and simmer for 20 mins. Dr Joel Wallach recommends chicken cartilage (even the cartilage that's at the end of bones) with some Vit C or orange juice and also colloidal minerals.
Replied by Mmsg
Somewhere, Europe
Thanks Gavin. Some more questions: How much should be taken a day for "bad knees"? And also, is the cartilage at the end of bones also good?
Replied by Gavin
Manganui, Northland, New Zealand
The breast tissue was the only form mentioned, that had the type two collagen, and as that was the part that seemed to work, it seems to break down into a crunchy edible state, I'd stick with that. It's the only treatment for RA. where I've seen the word "cure" used. The "Nature" publication is probably the most rigorous assesor of claims on the planet.
Replied by Red
Reno, Nv
1 Avocado a day will keep RHEUMATOID ARTHRITIS at bay. Just try for a month : ) It works for me.
Replied by Ted
Bangkok, Thailand
Well basically that just resolved pain temporarily but if you want a more permanent solution we have to look at the cause. Rheumatoid arthritis, based on my own findings, is of a fungal nature, and thus is treated accordingly.

The simplest of the remedies is topical application of DMSO with castor oil (say 70/30 or for simplicity 50/50) to the area (such as the knees) apply as often as you like. This works better than other topical application as it kills the fungus mostly localized but DMSO is a carrier vehicle so it goes deeper.

Methylsulfonylmethane (MSM) is the other one that seems to work. That is taken at least (you may need to take more) 1000 mg x 6, as the starting dose. They kill the fungus.

Borax is a cheaper version but is required minerals anyway. For instance Israel consumes from their water supply alone 10 mg of borax (boron) and has one of the lowest incidence rates for arthritis. Basically borax kills the fungus, but are essential in mammals, it is a stomach poison of insects since their digestive systems rely on fungi, while the mammal's relies on bacteria (the good ones), as long as pH of the intestines is generally alkaline, or else we get bad bacteria.

Magnesium slowly reduces the arthritis, the best form is a topical form, the magnesium chloride which can be topically applied, It might work better if DMSO is added, but haven't got around to experiment with this formula as the clients are quite happy with the mentioned one and are not interested in pursuing any further! (LOL).

If there is any problems contact me again.


Replied by Art
Tustin, California Usa
Hi Ted,

As always, thank You very much for sharing your knowledge so freely! I stumbled across your recent post by accident as I was roaming through Earth Clinic.

I read your post a couple of nights ago and made up a 60% DMSO / 40% castor oil mix as soon as I finished reading it as I had those ingredients from previous experiments. I can't say if it is working yet, but I will say that mixing the two together takes the sticky oily feeling out of the castor oil and also cuts the dmso enough so that it does not give that slight burning feeling to the skin when first applied........ Very nice and so simple! How often should I apply this mix and how long should it take to notice any benefit?

I added lavender oil to the mix.... Just enough to give the mix a pleasant scent or basically to tone down the dmso scent. Do you think the lavender oil will cause any problems with your mix?

Ted, I was wondering if your mix would be of any benefit for osteoarthritis and also if it would be of any benefit for other type fungal infections possibly on the head or feet?

Thank You.


Replied by Art
Tustin, California Usa
As a followup to my earlier post regarding Ted's topical RA formulation.

I started with a mix of 2 ounces of castor oil combined with 3 ounces of dmso and added approximatelly 35 drops of lavender oil to improve the scent of it and take advantage of any helpful properties that the lavender oil might offer. I applied this mixture to my problem joint areas twice a day. I noticed some improvement of symptoms within the first week....... Fairly gradual improvement overall....... nothing instant.

In an effort to gain a bit more pain relief and because I felt that I had contaminated my first mix, I threw out the first mix and made a second one with the same proportions, however this time I also added 20 generic 325 mg tablets of aspirin to the mix for its analgesic ability and its antiviral potential. I also added a quarter teaspoon of borax for its potential antifungal properties. I have no clue how much borax would be appropriate for this size mix, so I decided to start at a 1/4 teaspoon and see how it went.

Overall, I would describe this mix as "effective to very effective" for relief of symptoms. It did not start to work overnight, but it clearly did within one week of use. Although this mix is slightly different than what Ted originally described, I think it is close enough to obtain similar effects and I think the addition of the aspirin may offer more pain relief from the very first application.

Observations: as mentioned previously, the combination of dmso and castor oil improves the feel of both substances on the skin. I still get a very mild burning feel the closer to my head that I apply this mix. I apply it on the back of my neck and that area generates the most burning sensation, but still it is very mild in nature. The lavender oil is just enough to give a slight lavender scent...... Not overpowering at all and the scent goes away in 10 minutes or less. I've asked people around me if they can smell anything if they are near me and they tell me no.

I previously used a topical home made pain reliever made from ibuprofen, 91% isosopryl alcohol (91% rubbing alcohol) and sweet orange essential oil with msm and distilled water which was helpful in relieving some of the pain, but Ted's formula works better and lasts longer. The ibuprofen formula also seemed to have a rebound effect where when it wore off, some pains seemed to comeback stronger than they had been....... Not so with Ted's formula! Also, Ted had mentioned an application schedule of "as often as needed". I wasn't able to do more than twice per day because it just wasn't practical for me because of the areas I had to apply it to which required removal of my clothes for some of the areas, but even at two applications per day, I have gotten good benefit. I have been applying Ted's formula for just over two weeks now and I have no doubt about the effectiveness of this topical for me. I don't know if it will eradicate the fungus/arthritis yet, but this is a great start so far!

Thank You, again, Ted and if you happen to read this post, I sure would appreciate your input on whether the addition of topical borax is likely to be helpful or not, and if yes, what would be an appropriate amount to add to this size mix (approximatelly a 5 ounce mix).


Replied by Art
Tustin, California Usa
I forgot to mention in my previous post that Ted's formula "seems to have a cumulative type effect"........ That is to say that relief seems to last longer with time and pain return is lessening with time, but at just over two weeks of application, it is too early to know if this effect will be lasting....... Fingers crossed!


Replied by Art
Tustin, California Usa
[BETTER BUT NOT CURED]   Hi Ted. I just wanted to update on how this topical formulation is working for me and ask you a couple of questions if you happen to see this post and have time to answer.

So far I would say this mixture is very effective at relieving the pain and symptoms I have. I do not need to apply as often to maintain the benefit, but I do still need to apply. I haven't had any side effects that I am aware of other than a very slight burning sensation when I first apply to the back of my neck, but this is only minor and more than worth it for the relief I get.

There was a swelling at my hip area just under my belt line that was accompanied by pain that I never realized I had until the other pains started to lessen significantly. This swelling has reduced and so has the pain.

I have a swelling and small ball formation where my left thumb meets the wrist that had been painful for quite awhile. That is less painful now and the swelling is almost gone while the ball seems to have lessened in size a small amount.

My neck does not stiffen up as much as it used to and I do not feel the need to constantly crack it anymore.

On my right hand, the thumb was similar to the left thumb, but not as bad and that pain is almost completely gone as I seldom notice it now. On my small finger where it meets the meat of the hand at the knuckle, I have joint pain and it is most noticeable whenever I reach into my pocket for something as this knuckle catches on the pocket top..... that pain is noticeably reduced.

My hip pain and most of my back pain is also significantly reduced.

My elbow and shoulder pain is gone.

My right knee does not bother me anywhere near as much as it used to. Mainly if I try do do anything on my knees on a hard surface is when I will notice it now. It used to hurt often and especially on stairs.

I used to have to sleep on my sides as to lay flat on my back was painful in my lower back and the pain would seem to buildup the longer I tried to lay flat on my back. If I fell asleep on my back, I would wake up in 5 minutes in very significant pain. That problem is very much reduced. I can now sleep for several hours flat on my back before it becomes uncomfortable enough to wake me up.

The main problem that I still have is that it is still very painful in my lower back to just stand straight in one place for more than a minute. If I am moving there is no pain there, only when I stand still for more than a minute does the pain become noticeable and then it starts to increase until it becomes unbearable.

Before I started with the topical applications I was already taking glucosamine, chondroitin sulphate, msm, boswellia(5-loxin/AKBA), boron(3mg), manganese(2mg) and hyaluronic acid (300mg). All of these helped, but still were not enough to control my pain. With the addittion of your topical formula, I feel that I am much improved and able to move freely now.

I was recently able to find borax so I have now added the 1/4 teaspoon and liter of water to my regimen. I weigh 175lbs and felt the 1/4 teaspoon of borax would be okay even with the 3mg of boron.

My questions are the following:

1. Do you consider the topical solution to be a cure or just a very good treatment of symptoms?

2. Do you have any opinion on what I can do to help my problem with the pain from standing in one place? I can walk for a couple of miles now with little pain, but standing still in one place for more than a minute is still quite painful. I apply the formula now at least once a day and two times a day when I can. Honestly, sometimes the pain is so little or not noticeable that I forget to apply it.

Thank You Ted for sharing your formula, it has helped my pain quite a bit!


Replied by Art
Tustin, California Usa
[BETTER BUT NOT CURED]   Hello Ted, I just wanted to update again since I have been using your topical remedy since early December so about 2 1/2 months now. I can now sleep through the night flat on my back and I am not awakened by pain during the night and I don't toss and turn nearly as much as at the beginning of December. My left thumb is still a problem, but not much of one...... Just a little discomfort every now and again, but I suspect there isn't much cartilage left in that joint. I still have the problem of pain when standing in one place for more than a minute, but this pain is significantly reduced compared to how it was and I can now stand still a bit longer than before and the feeling is more of discomfort as opposed to just straight pain. I suspect this is just from damage caused by the arthritis and will take an extended period to heal. I only apply the mix sporadically now whenever I need to or if I am going to be doing anything strenuous. It's hard to remember to apply it without constant pain to remind you!

The doctor I was going to had told me years ago that I had degenerative disc disease so I guess it is to be expected that these back problems will take time to recover, but there is a clear trend toward diminishing pain with improved mobility and I must thank You again for sharing your remedies as I'm sure the hyaluronic acid is helping my back also. One drawback to the topical remedy is that I have not figured out a practical way to apply it to my upper back between the shoulder blades as it is out of reach from the top or bottom and I do have minor pain there which I'm sure would improve if I could just apply this solution on it.

Btw, I have shared some of your topical remedy with 4 friends and they all found it helpful too! I can see why your clients are so happy with it.

I must say, Ted, I was kind of at the point where I felt that pain was just something I was going to have to learn to live with for the rest of my life....... You sure turned that around for me! I went for a brisk two mile walk this morning and no pain!

Thank You!! Art

Replied by Art
Tustin, California Usa
Hi Ted, Each time I have posted in this thread I had meant to mention that I tried MSM as a remedy for my arthritis, but did not seem to get any benefit from it at all. I know some people swear by it, but not me. I was taking 5 grams X 3 times per day for a total of 15 grams per day...... The maximum dose recomended on the one pound tubs that I was buying at the time. I still take MSM, but only because it is an included ingredient in my glucosamine supplement and it is well below the dose I was taking or the dose you recomend. In any case it doesn't much matter for me as your topical remedy is taking care of business now! Art
Replied by Sammy
Birmingham, Uk
[NAY]   I have tried all teds recommendations but nothing has worked for me, Borax gives me blurred vision.

Vit c and veg juices help with fatigue but nothing can defeat severe RA and before some of you disagree and say what cured you please make sure you're talking about Rheumatoid Arthritis and not as I suspect Osteoarthritis there is a massive difference.

Replied by Dave
Spruce Head, Maine
Boron- up to 10mg a day 2 weeks cut out all sugar and night shade vegetables and stressor foods.
Replied by Kate
Vancouver, BC, Canada
I had seen this book and many positive responses about this treatment regime for RA, "The New Arthritis Breakthrough". I thought you might like to post the information for others to view. Sincerely, Kate

Posted by Mother Earth (Ks, Us) on 06/16/2010

Dear Ted,

A friend of mine has Rheumatoid Arthritis believed to be genetic in nature. Would you please send one of your amazing cures for this disease. Thank you for all of your wonderful posts, they give us so much help and hope.

Replied by Carolyn
Hobbs, Nm
This is for Mother Earth from Kansas. Rheumatoid Arthritis is a terrible disease. I am not Ted but I can surely tell you something that will help your friend. Get a water ionizer that produces alkaline water. My husband has arthritis and I can't tell you how much this has helped him. A lot of our problems are caused by the Sad American Diet. We eat all foods that cause our bodies to become more acidic than alkaline. Tell your friend to get on an alkaline diet (google acid-alkaline diet). My water ionizer is a Jupiter water ionizer and you can get one for about $1,500. It is the best money I have ever spent. Also google benefits of drinking alkaline water.

Good Luck and God Bless,

Replied by Chloe
East Greenwich, Ri
Hello, I really hope this can help someone.

This doctor believes a virus is at the root of RA... He is helping people with Lysine and B Vitamins. Of course, you must actually be absorbing the B vitamins and if you're stomach acid is too low, you will end up with terrible deficiencies.

Betaine HCL solves this - take after meals.

Posted by Nick (Usa) on 06/03/2010

Hi Ted,

My wife with rheumatoid arthritis has done and extensive blood (I think) allergy test and it turns out she is allergic to apples. We are strong believers in apple cider vinegar. Is there any other option for her?

Thank you.

Replied by Ted
Bangkok, Thailand
Dear Nick:

We can make a crude substitute of a apple cider vinegar, but not a perfect one. A major component of the apple cider vinegar is the vinegar (distilled vinegar) and malic acid, perhaps some vitamin C, to get a similar antioxidant figures. To get a minerals component reconstituted, a sea salt can be added. An apple cider vinegar recipe (a rough version) is as follows:

1. 1 cup Distilled Vinegar
2. 1/4 teaspoon of malic acid powder
3. 1/8 teaspoon of sea salt
4. 1000 mg of pure ascorbic acid

While this may not have all the component of apple cider vinegar, its chemical properties is similar while obviously it may lack some probiotic benefits of the malic acid, we cqn perhaps add one probiotics capsule into the mixture.The reason why this kept separate from the above menu, the probiotics is that in a few instances, people may be allergic to certain probiotics. The enzymes and probiotic and enzyme is a common overlook features in the apple cider vinegar.


Posted by Maria (Houston, Texas) on 02/12/2008

I was diagosed with RA 2 years ago and was prescribed methotrexate. I am a single grandmother that needs to work and those meds are not allowing me. I would like to know where and what brand borax I should use. I am going to try the ACV, Honey and the borax. At this point I will try anything due to the severity of my flare ups. I have been doing the ibuprofen and getting shots and did prednisone. Obviously I cannot continue. Pls advice on borax and do I get it at health food (GNC)? I will do any remedy faithfully and let you know results. Waiting response.

Replied by Ted
Bangkok, Thailand

The borax I used comes from a chemical supplier, labeled as a food grade, however, since borax is used in small amounts, other people usually used 10 mule team borax. I have found that there are four things most helpful.

1. 1/4 teaspoon borax in one liter of drinking water. 1/8 or 1/4 teaspoon of xylitol (Haven't perfected the exact formula for this one)

2. Magnesium citrate (or magnesium malate, or magnesium gluconate) 500 mg a day.

2. Vitamin D3 usually 10,000 i.u. 3. Vitamin K2 usually 200 mcg.

If there is anything else, than it has to be 1/2 teaspoon of sodium citrate in 1/2 glass of water twice a day. A glucosamine sulfate will temporary help with some squeaking of joints and temporary movement, although a longer term borax xylitol and magnesium are most important. Anyway most of the autoimmunity is quite helpful with borax and alkalizing, xylitol prevents the attachment mycobacterium on joints which prevents healing.

It should be noted that aspartame, thinner, hydrocarbons, white bread, white flour, colas, greatly worsens conditions rheumatism.

Aloe vera juice in later stage will speed up healing, but getting rid of the mycobacterium and other fungus like organism that causes bone problem appears to take much more time. There are newer remedies I have found, unfortunately, much of these ingredients can't be found, such as sodium silicate or sodium metasilicate. However eating oatmeal on empty stomach or horsetail.

I have my doubts about using honey, but it is the xylitol powder I have found to be quite helpful with this from my own experience.

Replied by Mita
Albuquerque, New Mexico
I have severe RA, lupus, fibromyalsia and due to the meds I now have necro scleritis (both eyes are affected). my questions is, can I still try most of the remedies without doing any harm to my eyes?

the pain I have is excrutiating and have me disabled most of the time. I am 54yrs and have had RA for the past 20 yrs, but only in the past two years it has gotten out of control when I got cut and ended up with a strep infection in the blood system.

What is your recommendation on what I can take?

Replied by Ted
Bangkok, Thailand
I would just try something simple first, H2O2 3% one capful in one liter of water as my drinking water, and perhaps add borax 1/4 teaspoon too. The lysine is taken hourly four a day with one more dose before sleep to help with the deficiencies. This should adequately address the lupus and fibromyalgia. This should not do harm to the eyes as it gives oxygenation. For pain, I would try allopurinol 100 mg before sleep and in morning, the supplement somehow has a positive reduction in some of the pain, but not by mechanism of uric acid.


Posted by Eileen on 11/05/2007

Dear Ted, Your advice on the earthclinic web site is helping so many people. I just found the site a month ago and read it ever chance I get. Thank you so much for all your expertise! I find it incredible that we can change our health and receive all this information from our computers.

For some reason I have always believed in natural remedies and that the body is self-healing. Fortunately I have been very healthy until I turned 55, eight years ago, and began an unwanted dance with Rheumatoid Arthritis. I do need help now. I am looking and searching for a cure for RA. The best I have felt is taking CMO and Monolaurin (coconut oil in a pill). I also cook with coconut oil. They both keep me very functionable and pretty much pain free but I know they don't cure.

Also, since Sept. I started with mega doses of Vitamin C. I have been taking 60,000 mg a day of Vitamin C to bowel tolerance. I was able to decrease to 50,000 mg after Sept. My goal is to reduce the inflammation in my body. I was going to try this for three months to see the results. I have completed two months and feel disappointed not being able to reduce the mg. after the second month. I read that you recommend sodium ascorbic and I have been taking ascorbic acid. I guess I am not helping an already acid condition after reading about your comments on earthclinic. I was going to start the ACV but wondered what the mix with the Vitamin C would do? I do the epsom salt bath two/three times a week and I do the Cayce castor oil packs especially in the winter months. I do apply castor oil a couple of times a week in the warm months but do not use the heating pad. I think the castor oil packs are awesome. I have tried taking Vitamin B complex and it keeps me awake all night long. I have even tried the lowest amount in sublingual drops and still awake. I am able to take Cod Liver Oil, the Epsom salt and Vitamin C but I am unable to take any other vitamins because I don't think I absorb them any better than I do certain foods that bring on pain. I did keep a food journal at the beginning of this illness and know that grains, etc. do not agree with RA. I am very careful with my diet and eat mostly vegetables, salads, chicken and fish and drink only water. After reading earthclinic I just started with the honey in water and feel very positive this is good. But, I know my body is lacking in vitamins. I started the Oil Pulling two/three times a day for five days a week. After a couple of days I had pain and then I cut back to once a day and no pain. If I thought the pain would only last a month or so I would continue two/three times a day. But since I don't know thought I would do this a little slower to be more comfortable. Today I read your personal story and realize that you believe in Vitamin C. I guess I am surprised since you don't recommend Mega doses and I am curious to hear your opinion. I am writing for help and any information is welcomed.

Replied by Ted
Bangkok, Thailand
Dear Eileen:

Yes, the castor oil packs are incredible. That's because even a tiny trace, even if it is undetectable, the portion of ricin, which are quite toxic to microorganisms even at undetectable levels. The castor oil packs kills the mycoplasma that causes the condition.

However, my approach to an autoimmune Rheumatism Arthritism, deals more directly with the cause. Autoimmunity in my opinion happens whenever the fungal, mycoplasma attaches itself to the joints, and certain staph bacteria eats through the ligaments, causing joint deformities. If both the myco bacterium and the staph are removed, then the condition goes back to normal.

However, to normalize such problem I always require that the body must first normalize its pH, otherwise the body simply can't repair itself. The body repairs itself in an alkaline or an optimum pH state, where with a small electronic pH meter, I can monitor my health a lot better than if I used the doctor's thermometer. The urinary pH needs to be 7.0 or at least near that such as 6.8 for example. Electronic pocket pH meter need not be expensive. Mine costs about $50 and it lasts for years with proper use. I alkalized myself with either 2 tablespoons of lemon juice with 1/2 teaspoon of baking soda in 1/2 glass of water twice a day, but I sometimes find I need more than that based on the pH meter readings. A reading is taking after about an hour or two after taking the lemon and baking soda.

It should be noted the body repairs itself in an alkaline state, but at the same time the body repairs itself, the body is also in a relaxed, relatively reduced stress whenever the baking soda and lemon remedy is taken. But this may lead to sleepiness in some cases, and hence the schedule of taking this can be moved to early evening and late evening, assuming it's two dose a day, so this won't interfere with the work, but the body will require more sleep to repair itself.

Generally the pH issue is foundation to many of my remedies, as I have found to my surprise, that the body needs to get to an alkaline state before any other remedies to work effectively. If not, it is not going to work.

One of the most misunderstood issue of alkalizing involves the issue of vitamin C and ACV being "alkaline". With people having greater access of pH, the truth now comes out without all the disinformation out there in the internet and you can prove to yourself also. Ascorbic acid tends to cause the body to be more acid. A vitamin C in an acid state is an oxidant state, not antioxidant and causes your urine pH to be acid. A vitamin C in an alkaline form, usually sodium ASCORBATE, is an antioxidant. So the reason why 50,000 mg was taken did not result in improvement was that the ascorbic acid CAUSES the body to be in acid state, preventing the healing process. This is why the issue of pH is so important. I am NOT against mega doses of vitamin, I am against taking the wrong kinds of vitamin. Taking too much can sometimes burn your pocket much easier than if you just take the proper amounts and get same therapeutic effect. The issue therefore deals more with effective dose.

The second most important, more like the second part of the remedy that has helped greatly is the magnesium. The more the better, generally speaking. But generally the dose is anywhere between 250 - 1000 mg/day, usually 5 days out of a week. The form of magnesium is important one, I prefer the magnesium citrate, because of its alkalizing influence. Perhaps, 250 mg is taken 3 to 4 times a day. Or a 500 mg dose is taken twice a day. The magnesium kills of the bacterium which causes the ligament damage bought out by the staph bacteria, that can cause the joint to fuse. I have notice personally of one person with severely disfigured hand, upon taken magnesium, in fairly high dose of 1000 mg for about 3-6 months period that the disfigured hands returned or improved significantly such conditions. You should noticed the pain to reduce quite noticeably the very next day or two.

The third remedy, which can be added to the magnesium supplement or put into a drinking water, at least for me that has helped stopped any joint pain I may have, is the borax remedy. The remedy I used is 1/4 teaspoon of borax per one liter of drinking water. But if it was a woman the dose may be reduced to 1/8 teaspoon of borax per one liter of drinking water. I would probably take as much as I need, usually 1-3 days out of a week, but for more severe conditions it may require up to 5 days out of a week. At least that's what I would do. Just remember, I never tell people what to do, they simply have to decide for themselves. In many people who do take this remedy, there is a some weight loss effect, which is generally good in reducing weight pressure on the legs, if the Rheumatism does have problems in that area too. Borax is a powerful antifungal medicine, that I found because it has helped me a lot.

The other remedies that I consider quite helpful and has helped increase bone density, obviously, any antifungal supplements will do that, such as borax, magnesium, alkalization (from reduced bone leeching effect caused by acid blood), for example. One other remedy I tend to forget, is the xylitol. If taken with SUFFICIENT alkalization, the xylitol has an antifungal, anti yeast (obviously antifungal), and hence reduced rheumatoid conditions.

I suspect there is good potentials in the used of polyols, especially the xylitol in many other autoimmunity disorders, besides just the borax and baking soda. Castor oil packs, applied is helpful too as it discourages microorganism from growth by killing them. One interesting story was the use of ammonium chloride, that is mixed in certain, conventional medicine to reduce joint pain.

What most people don't know is ammonium compounds, especially if it is in a very alkaline state (such as ammonium chloride, in sodium carbonate solution) the ammonium compounds kill fungus almost instantly, but does not kill the staph bacteria as effective as the magnesium citrate. If you want the joint pain to be worse, doing the exact opposite is the calcium, where mycoplasma tends to grow on that will make the conditions worse, so avoiding some calcium rich foods seems to help.

Especially acid forming foods, such as simple grains, as in white bread, or pizza, or even oily foods as in french fries and fried chicken. What is most important is fungus tends to grow best in free metal iron rich, and this is why some woman who can no longer menstruate, experiences greater rhematoid, as free iron metals accumulate in the body. Hence, green tea, no sugar, no milk will reduce as the tannins strongly attaching themselves to the free metal iron, depriving of food source of fungus necessary to do further damage. There are other tannin rich foods that can help, such as my favorite, is a pomegranate fruit, rather than juices, are more effective, as well as a powerful diuretic too.

The other helpful supportive remedies, is the chrondrotin and glucosamine sulfate, especially the glucosamine, since it tends to lubricate the joints with less squeaking, thus may cause less pain. But over the long run, it is the killing of the bacterium that will help the most. Maybe the medicines of today may not admit all those microorganisms causing the condition, but in the future, it is going to go in this direction.

To permit joint healing, hyaluronic supplements, aloe vera supplement can help. Certain vitamins that are deemed important and have anti fungal properties in killing off the cause that I found very helpful is vitamin D3 and vitamin K2. The usual doses is about 20,000 I.U. of vitamin D3 and vitamin K2 or K3 using as per prescribed dose, often taken for 2-3 months is quite helpful. The pain also reduces the next couple days.

The other things that I think is helpful, especially the bacteria that attacks the ligament, is the zinc supplements, but usually magnesium is most important and zinc are important especially if there is a deficiency. A reasonable dose is 50 mg once a week.

Replied by Ted
Bangkok, Thailand
Today I have been very tired and will start tomorrow (as you suggested) to take at 4 PM (an hour before dinner) and then again at 10 PM. Does this make sense?

4 pm and 10 pm, or 6 p.m. and 10 p.m. would be o.k. If the hours are tight a minimum of 30 minutes before dinner, but preferably one hour or more before dinner, or one hour or more after dinner. It is BEST BEFORE dinner, however.

I think this is to be taken on an empty stomach?


I have been taking a whole lemon with 1/4 teaspoon baking soda. Should I reduce to 2 tablespoons of lemon?

Preferably try whole lime, its about equal to two tablespoons anyway. Therefore, I would reduce to two lemons. Just to keep the body within the pH range for healing!

Magnesium citrate 500 mg taken twice a day on an empty stomach? Right now I am taking the pills but when I finish this bottle I will make up your recipe.

Yes, but I prefer to chew or ground up the magnesium citrate, and perhaps dissolve in water. This way magnesium gets into the body instead of just staying there in a tablet form without dissolving. The tablets ideally should dissolve in 15 minutes, fully in 20-30 minutes, if not, it is safer to ground them up or get them in powdered form, if they have it!

You said I could add borax to the magnesium drink. I can do this without adding water?

The borax should always be dissolve in one liter of drinking water, then taken slowly over an entire day like any drinking water. This way I will ensure that the blood borax levels stays pretty constant, causing the mycobacterium to die. It works that way. If the blood borax decreases, they regrow back again at a fairly fast speed. I have noticed I am thirsty today. Is this from the baking soda and is normal?

I was counting on that. So it is normal. Over the next couple of weeks, appetites should increase too. A definite relaxed feeling should be noticed. The tiredness should disappear once the body is fully detoxed. To energize the body in the morning I would add 3 drops of 3% H2O2 and 1/8 or 1/4 teaspoon baking soda as an option. The baking soda can or cannot be added, but I would just try the H2O2 3% 3 drops in one glass in the morning first. Then I will try on the H2O2 3% 3 drops plus 1/4 teaspoon baking soda in 1 glass in the morning the next day. My general feedback is people seem to prefer the H2O2 & baking soda, but everyone is different. People tell me stress can cause a lot of sickness, but one other factor is alkalization can also reduce stress. So perhaps in some case acidosis or lack of alkalization can also lead to stress too. Should I exclude the sodium vitamin C while I am on the baking soda?

Add the vitamin C, powdered or grounded with the baking soda. Add enough baking soda until the taste is no longer sour. This is sodium ascorbate. It reacts with baking soda and ascorbic acid to get this and it should not have an effect on the body's pH. For me I will add the baking soda until the pH is 7.0-7.5 on my electronic pocket pH meter. The key is not to take acid form of vitamin C, BUT neutralize the acid vitamin C to be neutral or alkaline.

If I am taking Cod Liver Oil will this take care of D3?

The vitamin D in cod liver oil is insufficient, in some people who cannot get the vitamin D2 or D3 had to take up to 20 capsules just to get a reasonable vitamin D such as 1000 -5000 i.u. The therapeutic range of vitamin D used by doctors is actually between roughly 20,000-50,000 i.u. Mine is on the lower end of the therapeutic range. However, officials generally recommend only 500-1000 i.u. maximum, which is quite different from what they do in practice. A lot of recommendations out there regarding the arthritis, by the officials actually make the conditions worse. Since I have tried this, I know what works and what does not work for me and the people I know first hand.

I am 5'2" and weight 100 lbs. Do I need to adjust the amount of 1/4 teaspoon baking soda or adjust the amount of borax?

The remedy, is designed for a small build, light weight person anyway. So there is no change. The remedy may be insufficient, if the person's weight is 150 lbs or above, however.

Do these measurements serve all body sizes?

The remedy is based on 100 lbs, 5 '2 to 5 '4 build, so there should be no problems here. A person of slightly larger weight of 150 may need to double the dose. Most calculations of remedy is based on weight, not height basis.

I am still taking CMO (cetyl myristoleate) and Monolaurin. I think this is okay?

That would be fine. It actions actually work more like detoxification. I think BHT supplements are more interesting therpeutically than the CMO, but that's just my opinion!

I have been inhaling one time twice a day with the H202. I think this is okay?

Inhaling H2O2, would be fine, but this depends a lot on concentration. If it is in aerosol form or humidifier, the concentration might be anywhere from 1% to 3%, but if it is put directly in the nose, the concentration can never be above 0.5% concentration. This is a common mistake.

Now, I get my body alkalized by testing every day until it reaches 6.8 to 7. I am going to purchase an electronic pocket pH meter now. All I have right now is the paper. Is it okay to purchase this from a swimming pool supplier? I would think they would be the same?

There is a big difference between a paper and the pH meter. I can be off by 1 pH on the paper, and this is significant. Paper, for some reason or another gives a false reading towards alkalinity and this is a big problem of many pH papers I have experienced.

Once my pH is at the okay level do I continue on the lemon drink five days a week or stop until my pH drops below the 6.8? I don't switch ever to the ACV/baking soda?

The body's pH should be maintained for the rest of your life, otherwise the body can't heal. An exception is I can give it a 2 day rest a week by not taking the lemon and baking soda. I have been doing this for the past 35 years, but I wished I would have the discipline to manage to do more often, like at least 5 days out of a week at least.

Actually, it would be easier if we were sea animals. Their sea water and ocean's pH is an ideal environment of getting really good ideal alkalinity, since the world's ocean's pH generally is between 8 - 9 anyway, which is at a range quite close to baking soda, whose pH is about 8. Ancient ancestors, evolutionary anyway, actually came from the sea, so I can't miss the fact that I need to return to my original roots - regular alkalization, just like our ancient ancestors.

Replied by Eileen

Ted, I want to do this correctly and I have a few questions. First, I wanted to tell you I am glad you told me the lemon/baking soda could cause me to be tired. Today I have been very tired and will start tomorrow (as you suggested) to take at 4 PM (an hour before dinner) and then again at 10 PM. Does this make sense? I think this is to be taken on an empty stomach?

I have been taking a whole lemon with 1/4 teaspoon baking soda. Should I reduce to 2 tablespoons of lemon? Magnesium citrate 500 mg taken twice a day on an empty stomach? Right now I am taking the pills but when I finish this bottle I will make up your recipe. You said I could add borax to the magnesium drink. I can do this without adding water? I have noticed I am thirsty today. Is this from the baking soda and is normal? Should I exclude the sodium vitamin C while I am on the baking soda? If I am taking Cod Liver Oil will this take care of D3? I am 5'2" and weight 100 lbs. Do I need to adjust the amount of 1/4 teaspoon baking soda or adjust the amount of borax? Do these measurements serve all body sizes? I am still taking CMO (cetyl myristoleate) and Monolaruin. I think this is okay? I have been inhaling one time twice a day with the H202. I think this is okay?

Last question, I think? Now, I get my body alkalized by testing every day until it reaches 6.8 to 7. I am going to purchase an electronic pocket pH meter now. All I have right now is the paper. Is it okay to purchase this from a swimming pool supplier? I would think they would be the same? Once my pH is at the okay level do I continue on the lemon drink five days a week or stop until my pH drops below the 6.8? I don't switch ever to the ACV/baking soda?

Replied by Julie
Atlanta, Ga
Hi Ted, Is sodium ascorbic the same as Sodium ascorbate?
Replied by Susie
Las Vegas, Nv
Hi Ted, I'm a little confused. You have three remedies, should I do all three at the same time? Also, if I do the lemon juice should I quit drinking ACV. Lastly, I know sugar is bad for arthritis, but is honey ok?

Turmeric   1  0   

Posted by Connie (Tennessee, US) on 12/05/2014

[YEA]  Turmeric ninja bullet RA is cured!!!! No more inflammation or pain. Thank you!!!!!!!!!!!!

EC: Hi Connie, can you please send us the recipe/measurements you used? Thank you!


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