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Muscle Strain and Pain Remedies

Last Modified on Aug 21, 2015

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Posted by Deirdre (Los Angeles)

[YEA]  I take potassium supplements every so often because I do so much martial arts training and my muscles are often severely fatigued. I find I am less tired the day after an intense workout when I take a potassium supplement along with a Calcium/Magnesium/Phosphorous liquid combo. I also take potassium when I am sick as it dries up excess mucus in the body. I have low blood pressure to begin with so I have to be careful not to overdo the potassium supplementation! I can tell it lowers my blood pressure somewhat.

Tennis Ball Massage  
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Posted by Regulator555 (Grand Rapids, Mi, Usa) on 06/03/2010

[YEA]  Muscle Aches - massage

When you need a back rub, and no one is willing, you can give yourself a decent one. Put a tennis ball in a long sock, place it on your back and hold the other end. Then, lean against a wall and move around. Let the ball do the work.

Vinegar Soak  
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Posted by Anita (Muskegon, Michigan/usa) on 01/31/2009

[YEA]  Hi from Anita, My first impressions are quite favorable. I have been into Holistic solutions for several conditions I have. It would be nice if people would be more specific in dosage amounts and if the remedy is meant to be taken orally or applied to the skin,etc.

The use of ACV with honey is great, but a note of caution for those with borderline diabeties and diabetics due to the sugar in the honey, especially if you don't monitor your sugar levels regularly.

I have had great success with alleviating muscle pain (like after a workout, strenuous activitiy.) Before going to bed take a warm bath and add ACV to the water. Use at least 1 cup and for severe soreness use 3. When you wake up in the morning you will feel great. This tip was passed on to me by a coach who had her team at the start of a new season do this every night after practice. I messed up once by using white vinegar and she informed me only ACV works. Give it a try! Thanks for all the unique remedies. Anita

Posted by TAN KOON PENG (SINGAPORE) on 06/22/2008

[YEA]  To relieve sore muscles from exercise soak in a warm tub with about 2 cups of vinegar poured into the water.. It will help with the soreness tremendously...Its actually best if you can soak with the vinegar after strenuous excercise, (before the soreness sets in), BUT, it will still help alleviate some of the soreness that is already there and you wil feel better soon.

Strawberry tea is good for muscle cramping and tightening. Some people like the tea leaves green but it tastes like straw.

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