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Posted by Mandyjean (Hartford, Ct) on 02/15/2013

I have had ongoing medical issues with constipation, blood and mucus in stools, cold hands, feet and nose. I also get burning sensations in my arms and legs but will feel ice cold at the same time. I have tine itchy small bumps on my scalp (yellow scabs). I sometimes will have tiny bumps behind my ears that have clear fluid in them.

I never had allergies, and now seem sensitive to everything.

My thyroid is normal 0.80, although all female family members have hypothyroidism.

I also have recently been diagnosed with gluten intolerance and casein sensitivity.

Posted by Timh
Louisville, Ky, Usa
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Mandyjean: the standard begin for you would be a gallbladder cleanse (given you have gb), and next a colon cleanse. Then begin taking a very high quality multivitamin/mineral w/ green foods and enzymes. Speaking of enzymes, it seems quite obvious you're lacking in enzymes so additional supplementation would be quite helpful. Next, do a thorough Parasite cleanse.

Info of all I've mentioned is here on E.C. under "Remedies", "Ailments", "Supplements".

Please update any changes.

Posted by Butterfly (Greenfield, Ma) on 01/10/2013

I suspect I have aspergers syndrome-I'm very smart intellectually, but have difficulties socially and I also have bad ocd. I also have severe fibromialgia-possibly lymes, I just got tested and will know the results fairly soon. I am in constant pain esp in my neck and shoulders- under my skin; it feel gravelly and broken up and intensely painful. I have similar pain around my waist and other areas.

My sleep has become ever more terrible. I fall asleep ok, but my sleep is broken and not restful and I wake at around 4 am. I take deep sleep, an herbal formula and trazodone 125mg, also venlafaxine the generic of effexor 12.5mg for depression, and gabapentin the generic of neurontin for mood swings.

I would like to get off the drugs, but when I cut the dose I can't sleep. My doctor says it is ok for me to come off the meds, but I am scared because when I did so abruptly in the past I became really unhinged.

I also have been taking a tincture with valerian and kava kava etc, but it is not helping. I am so exhausted and napping does not help. I am kept awake by the pain and by my stomachedigestive system -it doesn't hurt but it feel like the food just sits there.

I have gas, bloating farting, constipation and then dumping, sometimes real loose and smelly other times chaulky. Sorry to be so grossly descriptive, but I thought you folks might need the details.

I don't think I am digesting my food, its like I eat and then I dont take in the nutrition, I just poop it out. It is hard to take full deep breaths-it really hurts my stomache when I breathe deeply-my stress level is thru the roof. My nasal passges are clogged.

I also have neuropathy in my legs and feet esp in my left foot. I do not have diabetis. My skin and hair are very dry an my complexion is too white and kind of yellowy which is not normal for me. I have lots of amalgam fillings in my mouth and my home seems to be making me sick, but I do not yet have the resources to move.

I have brain fog and forget stuff a lot and can't think straight. I also have depression and mood swings, extreme irritablity and and am prone to rages that feel very physcial in origin, and have ptsd, anxiety and my personality is fragmented, I have parts, but I am almost always co-concious- I am aware of what all part so me are doing.

My head is very itchy. I have arthritis, chronic fatigue candida and ibs. I get easily overwhemed and am having a very hard time functioning. I have lots of guilt over things I have done and feel out of my integrtiy. I am very very creative, but also feel very destructive, almost haunted.

At the same time, I am a poet and artist and make music and love nature and beauty. I get rather, no, extremely overwhelmed with all the information out there on holistic healing. So far I have not yet been susccessful in healing. If I could sleep well and have less pain that would be a great start.

I do not eat any sugar, flour or junk food. I would appeciate any suggestions. Thanks, butterfly

Posted by Mag
Flat Rock, North Carolina
Butterfly, "yea" to your coming to this site for your "healing opportunities", the one I credit my getting big time help for mine. My first thought was to remind you to use your intuition. Sharpening those skills using dowsing techniques to tune in to what "spirit" is trying to tell you. Second thought (from your symptoms) is to tell you to look at Celiac. com and the page marked "Associated diseases and disorders" ( That will be your "2x4 up side de head" and you will realize that this was your life, present and past. You really won't be able to sleep due to all those "aha's"! E.C. steered me to low dose naltrexone, then I went gluten free, taking coconut oil, cinnamon in my coffee, B.S.M. , etc.... All the while still reinforcing my 25 year healthy denial of dx of M.S. (especially after learning that celiac could cause placques in the brain as seen by MRI which prompted the diagnosis). Even if this is not the cause, it will get you thinking out of the box. Take pride and be bold in asking your healing angels to come on board and steer you. Pat yourself on the back for coming to E.C.! MAG
Posted by Mmsg
Somewhere, Europe
Butterfly, I wonder if you are absorbing nutrients from your food. Read up on digestive enzymes.
Posted by Connie
Slc, Utah, Usa
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Hi Butterfly ;

It may be hard to believe that so many symptoms can be caused from a B12 deficiency, but it's true. My case is very similar to yours, so I feel I can write this honestly.

It may be a good idea to be checked for Pernicious Anemia, an autoimmune type of B12 deficiency. The common tests are for intrinsic factor antibodies, and parietal cell antibodies. The doctor should also check blood serum B12, folate, and ferritin. People with PA are often low in these. (Don't take B vitamins for at least 48 hrs, even longer, before tests.)

Even if these tests don't seem to indicate B12 deficiency, which is true for so many people, a trial of high dose B12, with either injections, sublingual lozenges, etc. , should help. (Oral types may be ineffective.)

Many of the symptoms are neurological, and may take up to a year to improve and heal. Some people may need very high dosages, frequently, to heal. Most people with these symptoms will need high and frequent dosages for life.

In my own case, B12, in the form of methylcobalamin, helped with all of the same symptoms listed, but, not for insomnia. For insomnia, I take potassium and zinc. (large amounts of potassium, smaller amounts of zinc, 7-15 mgs daily.) Magnesium and melatonin have helped many people with insomnia.

People who find that they need large amounts of B12 will usually need to increase potassium intake at least 1000 mgs. Daily. This can be done through dietary or supplemental means.

Also, as the B vitamins are supportive of each other, increasing them can help the balance. I suggest a trial of low dose B-complex. (I believe this should be done carefully, even one by one, because there can be side-effects from too much.)

I'm now taking 15 mgs. Daily of sublingual methylcobalamin daily. This may be too much for most people, but it's the amount I need for now. (Brands vary in strength, so this can add to the problem of dosage amount.)

My Best to You.

Posted by Amy (Los Angeles, Ca, Us) on 01/02/2013

Hello! I am trying to make a turn to a healthier lifestyle, which for me (in part) means getting off prescription meds. I was diagnosed with Fibromyalgia several years ago, but I was diagnosed with depression (potentially bipolar) and anxiety when I was 18 (am now 38). I may also have ADD (according to one therapist). I have been taking an Rx to deal with my Fibro and the depression; I have been taking an Rx to deal with my anxiety and sleep troubles. I recently went off an Rx for IBS, acid reflux, etc. When I began a regiment of ACV and baking soda in filtered water, along with a probiotic. I also take a fish oil supplement (Omega-3 only) and vitamin D. Can anyone PLEASE recommend something natural for my Fibro, anxiety and depression? Thank you so much to all who have suffered and found a way through the prescription haze!

Posted by Ed2010
Oakville, Canada
Hi If your fibromyalgia is because of Flouride poison, then please see thread about flouride toxicity in this site EC.

For flouride poison, take tamarind juice for couple of week. You can see nice improvement everyother day, as tamarind juice removes the flouride poison. There are even variety of remedies in this site for fibromyalgia.

Depression, Anxiety is part of life the best way to handle it is ACCEPT the cause of your depression. Medicine can't cure depression. You can relax yourself by doing exercises, yoga, prayer, regular visit to your worship place. Participate in activaties that interests you and gives happiness. Jogging, cooking, gardening, skiing, shopping.

Once you see improvement using natural remedies, slowly take off your meds.

Try to cook food in home and eat, no junk foods, no GMO foods.

Life is to live. Life is not to work and pay bills. Be determined you will be successful. Good Health

Posted by Anne
Chicago, Il
I developed fibromyalgia a few years ago when I was severely stressed. I found a more 'natural' doctor who specialized in fibromyalgia. He had me taking enzymes between meals and gave me chiropractic care including some electrical pad stimulus. I felt better after the treatments but it didn't last. But I picked up on the need for enzymes to kick start my system, and got into a raw food diet for several months (raw food has enzymes where our typical American diet doesn't).... Including going to a raw food spa near San Diego where I learned more about preparing raw foods. I do recommend buy get some enzymes at your health food store and add more raw foods to your diet (salads, raw vegetables and fruits)... Get a book on preparing raw foods. I no longer experience it. Fibromyalgia is just a condition, not a disease. Hope this helps, Anne
Posted by Juliette
Reston, Va
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I dont know much about fibromyalgia but Ive definately struggled with the anxiety and depression before. The Mood Cure by Julia Ross was really helpful in figuring out what amino acids I needed to heal my brain and what "type" of anxiety and depression I had. I took 5htp and GABA everyday for a couple weeks and now only have to take 5htp occassionally. There is a chapter in the book about getting off of prescription medication too and the best route to go about it. :)

I take a supplement thats a combination of Ashwaganda, Holy Basil, and Rhodiola and it makes you feel so nice! Ashwaganda and holy basil are adaptogens and help your body respond to stress better. If your wound up it brings you down if your down it brings you up. Rhodiola increases blood flow to the brain, so your more awake and clear headed! Something else to look into... You might be able to take this on meds Im not sure check it out. Whole Foods has it.

Good luck! And awesome job getting off all that junk :) down with big pharma;)!!!

Posted by Heather
Santa Rosa, Ca
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Amy~ I have been an EC reader for many months, but have never contributed in writing until now as this is my opportunity to help a fellow reader. I'd been having symptoms since August, 2011: total exhaustion, body aches, depression, and fierce anxiety, in addition to a complete myriad of other symptoms (too many to list. ) I would classify these as severe, as I was unable to function either at work or as a mother/wife. I was diagnosed with Fibromyalgia in March, 2012. I was already on Prozac and Xanax, and was placed on Amitriptalyne (sp?) for the muscle aches and to assist with sleep, but was making absolutely no progress. By August, 2012 I was off all prescription medications, yet I was still very ill. In an effort to find better answers outside mainstream medicine, and ultimately to feel better, I kept searching after the Fibro diagnosis.

As I learned (in part) on EC, my symptoms were parallel with endocrine insufficiencies (both adrenal and thyroid. ) I sought a 2nd opinion outside my primary health insurance in November, 2012 and I am very happy with the results. The doctor I saw is both an M.D. as well as an N.D. He did not confirm/deny the Fibro diagnosis, but told me that I have an adrenal deficiency and type 2 Hypothyroidism (the kind that does not show up in a blood test- google it). First, he put me on specific vitamins and adrenal supplements. Certainly I had some expectation, but not the incredible difference I experienced in a short period of time. I am mentally sharp for the first time in YEARS! My depression and anxiety have vanished, and any sadness or nervousness I experience I consider "normal" for the circumstances. If someone had told me that a few key vitamins and a quality OTC adrenal supplement would change my life, I wouldn't have believed it- but as I write this today, it is TRUE :O) My thyroid hasn't even been treated yet (as the doctor said that the thyroid treatment would not work unless my adrenals were working properly) and yet I can say definitively that I am very happy and mentally stable as well as greatful for his knowledge and treatment. I can't wait to see what my future holds next.

In honoring EC's guidelines regarding specific product names, I will only say that I re-ordered the supplement I received from the doctor on Amazon. Please feel free to email me at rpcouponsforkids(at) and I am happy to provide you or any other EC reader with the details. Please title your email "Earth Clinic" so I don't delete you! I wish you the very, very best in your endeavor to health. Don't quit~ it's worth it!

Posted by Lisa
Thousand Oaks, Ca, Usa
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Hi Amy, Good for you for wanting to move into a healthier way of living and returning to life! I would highly recommend you look into Chinese Medicine with a very good TCM Dr. Since you live in LA, there is much available here. Also, you might want to give rhodiola a try since it is known to help with depression. Also, you can get a free consultation with dragon herbs which is located here in West LA and Santa Monica. Or google it and call the number for a phone consultation. You are under no obligation to buy anything but they will tell you the herbs for these issues and also if there are contraindications with meds. Explain your situation and also make sure you ask to speak to a licensed TCM rather than someone who works there and is "knowledgeable".

Another source since you live in LA is Samra University of Oriental Medicine which you can google and get information about it. I know they have a clinic there or perhaps they can give you sources as well. I know several people who have graduated from there and gone on to have their own practice.

One other recommendation I have is to get fermented cod liver oil/ butter oil instead of just fish oil. It is very healing to the body. It is part of Weston Price protocol which you also might want to look into.

I wish you the best and encourage you to keep moving in a positive direction. Lisa

Posted by Amy
Los Angeles, Ca
Thank you so much for your advice and support! I will be looking into all of it. I will also be emailing some of you for your personal recommendations. About the fluoride poisoning and drinking Tamarind, my only concern is that I am Eco-friendly, and I drink out of a filter-included water bottle. However, these water bottles do not filter out fluoride. I really don't want to use fresh water bottles all the time because I drink A LOT of water... about a half a gallon/day. That would be a lot of plastic waste. Suggestions?

Thanks so very much!


Posted by Arunkumar (Galloway, Nj) on 12/26/2012

I need the complete cure from the prostate cancer after 9 months of radiation, also from parkinsons and arthritis.

Posted by Sam (Houston, Texas) on 12/18/2012

Acid reflux, high blood pressure, chest pain alot bloating, feels like food stuck bad breath burps very unfortable, hi I am a 35 year old male of Pakistani origin I live in USA. I have had BP issues since 3 years now with my lower touching and going beyond 90 upper one is fine at 120 or less or close. I smoke my weight was 229 lbs with 57 hieght but now it is at 210 lbs not a lot of exersize just joined teh gym. I take omega 3, garlic with cayenne and something else, also coq10 and sometimes Apple Cider Vinegar in water. I feel really really terible very uncofortable with heart pain as well, feels like nothing is digesting so take enzymes as well. Bad cholestrol last checked in april was under control, good cholestrol was low so take omega 3 my triglycrides were 232 or and my red blood cell count was elevated. I get shortness of breath alot, bad breath burps but sometimes it all goes away. H pilori was checked long time ago and was fine I guess I dont remember may be I took some pills to fix. please help I would love to talk to TED.

Posted by Martha
El Centro, Ca
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Hey Sam- You sound sicky-poo! I suggest U do a few things. Take 1/3 tsp Baking Soda twice a day for about a week. Then U need to take 2 pills in the morning & 2 at night of CALCIUM/MAGNESIUM/ZINC/VIT D mix they now sell at most drug stores for the BP, I use NATUREMADE. Then change your cooking oil to GRAPESEED OIL. Try these three changes first for most of your major symptoms.
Posted by Sheila
Boise, Id
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How about doing a 'reset' by detoxing or fasting, get to a baseline level and then gradually introduce things into your diet, like elimination eating?

I've done the Master Cleanse (MC) about 3 or 4 times in the last 10 years, but haven't learned my lesson on what I'm consuming. After completing the last MC, my skin and hair looked healthy; I was sleeping much better; eyes were clear and bright; had more energy, others noticed, especially those I hadn't seen in over a month, but saw me before the MC.

I'll be doing another MC, and hopefully won't feel the need to do another sometime later, after Christmas Day to ring in the new year.

There are supervised detox/cleansing spas, but I've not been to one.

Posted by Kathy
Ontario, Ca
I had similar issues for a long time... I tried everything... Apple cider vinegar helped the most but did not get rid of it. I chewed mints had peppermint tea, baking soda to help me burp, drank aloe vera and that helped some. But nearly complete releif came with a product that my friend takes.... I cant name it but Donny Osmond supports it. The product starts with a P and ends with an M..... I dont sell it, but I take it. I hope you get better soon because it's very painful and scary. Everynight I went to bed and prayed that I wake up in the AM.

Posted by King (Pinang, Pulau Pinang,malaysia) on 12/07/2012

Got a new infection early this year, but have no idea what it is or where to go for treatment as am shy. Severe waist pain, worm-like movement around the body, persistent headache particularly after sleeping. How do I correct the situation and get well again, coz I dont want to infect my would be wife? I've not had sex since then. If u have an address here in my country better. best rgds

Posted by P
Middle Of, Fl
Diatomaceous Earth is a parasite killer. If you think you have worms than this is a good remedy. You take a teaspoon 1 or 2 times daily in water. Taste like chalk and does not disolve easy; however it seemed to have work for a friend of mine and her husband!

Good luck! Read up all the remedies you can, very helpful for almost everything in your life!

Posted by Linda (Cobourg, Ontario, Canada) on 12/02/2012

Hi; You are my last hope. I am 50 yrs old and have been suffering from repetitive ear infections, sinus and upper respiratory infections. It proceeded to bouts of chronic fatigue about 5 yrs ago. This has also grown too included periodic episodes of anxiety, acute depression and poor sleeping. I cannot make plans because I never know how im going to feel one day to the next. Needless to say this has severely affected my daily quality of life.

Please be aware that I am as healthy as a horse for a 50 year old woman... The only medication I take is 10mg od Paxil following my husband being killed in 2009. I was on 25cr, but have gradualy decreased this comfortably. I have spent thousands of dollars on vitamins and natural cures, with minimal to short term results. To be blunt, the best way to describe how I feel, is like my body is polluted and feels weighted down. This all began when I started having frequent infections and has exacerbated from there. I pray you can help me, as I frequently read the post and am optomistic. I did once try Oil of Oregano, but am not sure I was taking it frequently enough or high enough dosage. I have been a nurse for 30 yrs and abhor modern medicine. I've been on antibiotics so many times none of them work, sure I feel slightly improved while on them , but as soon as I stop, with in 2-3 days I start feeling as I did before starting them... Bless you all for your feedback....Linda

Posted by Lisa
Thousand Oaks, Ca, Usa
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Hi Linda, Yes, there was a point where suddenly I kept getting infections too. Gum and tooth infections, bladder infections, rashes, etc. You say you are very healthy but, this isn't exactly healthy. Also that you have tried many vitamins and natural cures with limited results. I was having that experience as well. What finally did it was to detox and really look at my diet. I always considered I was eating well (no processed food, fresh meat and vegetables) but we ate a lot of gourmet type food which were recipes from some of the very well-known chefs of today.

It was here on EC that I first started to read about all the natural remedies, trying many of them with the same results as you. Then one day I started reading about the mini- beet protocol. I wanted more information on it and began to google for that. I came up with little additional info but it led me to the juicing sites and then to the raw food sites. I was at first taken aback by the thought but as I searched further was impressed by how many had turned their lives around through this. I told my husband I wanted to give it a go so we did for 3 months. It was amazing! All infections ceased, the pain that coursed through my legs disappeared and my sleeping was great.

Now, I'm not saying you need to go this radical. What I am saying though is to re-assess your diet and detox your body. I continue to drink fresh green veggie juice every morning, detox on a regular basis through sodium thiosulfate, far infrared saunas, zapper, use apple cider vinegar and baking soda, making sure I eat fermented food and drink to keep the good bacterias high for health and have also incorporated Chinese herbs on a daily basis. My feeling is that, through the years toxins had accumulated in my body leading to the disorders I was experiencing. The one thing I've learned is, we live in a polluted world and it's difficult to prevent, if not impossible from having an effect on us. So, my solution is to continually detox after that first radical move I made of a raw food diet.

I wish you the best on your quest for health. I hope this info helps. Lisa

Posted by Alegreviajero
Nha Trang, Vietnam
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Hi Linda, I sympathize. The only suggestion I can do for your ear infection is to use a cotton swabs soak with Apple Cider Vinegar. It works perfectly for me. This is how I ended-up on this site to find out there was more wonder associated to ACV.
Posted by Timh
Louisville, Ky, Usa
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Linda: It is recommended for even healthy people to do an annual detox of all the organs, so it seems a must for people who show obvious signs of toxicity. Start w/ a Gallbladder flush and next a Colon Cleanse. I find Garlic Oil supplementation one of the most all-round general defense herbs. In the same category as garlic without the odor is MSM. The natural sulfur and oxygen of MSM detoxes the entire body. SAM-e is an exceptional natural supplement good for many things but primarily for detox/liver and mood boosting. Here is a link to the detox section here on E. C.

Update us on your health journey.

Posted by Louwrence
Rustenburg, North West, South Africa
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Hi Linda, Everything is related to diet & the worst culprit is starches in all its forms, once you cut out starches & margerine plus cooking oil a lot of problems disappear. Also do a liver flush, look it up on the net how to do it, very beneficial.
Posted by Linda
Cobourg, Canada
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Than you all for your suggestions. I will start with a major detox. Just an extra note: My doctor trusts my insticts and due to my complaints, has over the years had me thoroughly checked by numerous specialists. None of them were able to find anything medically wrong. This is when I decided that I needed to take the bull by the horns so to speak and research more natural remedies on my own. Will keep you posted...Linda
Posted by Anonymous
Boise, Idaho
Get checked for heavy metals, parasites, blood deficienies or excesses. hormones imbalances and have all root canals removed and redone with implants. If you have mercury filling, you need to have them removed too. Final step spinal tap, check for an infection in the bones.

Posted by Jackie (Niagara Falls, Ontario, Canada ) on 11/16/2012

I finally found some 20 mule team borax. Before I would buy it I want to know if the sodium stereate is safe thats what in it and if I got the right kind of borax I bought 3 books listed on the website I purchased the ebooks I am loving it.. I became handicapped through an industrial accident about three years after I ended up with Fibromyalgia later diagnosed with Lupus. My whole body will flare up in a burning mode-pain. Sometimes last for months on end and no sleep. I have acid reflux, this past while I ended up shingles, and yeast infection right through the body and in my mouth wouldn't stop burning.

I have been Alkalizing following Teds instructions. I have read 2 of the books and going on the third I am doing the food combining and juicing green. Also taking vitamin D 6000 iu according to the books and Ted I should be taking more? I am already taking a host of other oxidants and vitamins, probiotics , boron capsules, tumeric and garlic, magnesium, herbal teas.

I would appreciate some advice. I need some sleep. I running on empty and I am so exhausted I love this website... Thank you in advance Jackie

Posted by Louwrence
Rustenburg, North West, South Africa
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Jackie, Contact me l. Jansevanvuuren(AT)gmail. com as I may have important info which may help.

Posted by Uzair (Faisalabad, Pakistan) on 11/12/2012

hi Ted. I read your advices and with hope that u will also respond to my mail I'm writing about my child. He is 9 months now, 35 5 weeks born with mecconium aspiration syndrome of grade 2, had pneumonia at third day of life which lead him to sepsis and he had a seizure at 15th day of life. Very mild even not documented but he had a little encephillitus at the age of 4 mnths when his seizures started again. Up till now he hasnt acheived neck hold and is floppy, but understands each and every thing, looks at fan, feels irritated if the food is either hot or cold, knows me and father. But doesnt play even he bears weight on his legs for some secnds but his seizures arent controlled and he is not holding neck neither sittin nor acheiving any other milestone. I'm so much worried. I have consulted about more than 50 doctors but no one knows his diagnose. He also have recurrent chest infections. Right now he is taking singulair for chest, levetiracetam for fits, delacortil, hydergine and origink but I m not satisfied from his health. kindly guide me I will always remain thankful to u.

Posted by Debbie (San Antonio, Tx) on 10/28/2012

Over the last 20 years I've had a multitude of systems that I suspect may be related. In somewhat order of occurrence:

Vaginal yeast infections, Thrush, Migraines, Chronic edema, Acid reflux-GERD, Neck and back joint issues, Hashimoto's disease, Partial hysterectomy (fibroids), Toenail fungus, Atopic dermititis, Dry mouth with peeling inside lip, Sugar levels normal (), Good B p, Good heart rate, Good cholesterol, Rashes on legs from heat (swelling, red bumps w/o itching)

Posted by Lisa
Thousand Oaks, Ca, Usa
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Hi Debbie, Your suspicions are most likely correct. The yeast infections, thrush, toenail fungus, atopic dermatitis and rashes are connected to candida. Although, they could all be due to systemic candida. There is a lot of information on this site regarding this. I have written quite a bit as has Bill of Luzon, Philippines. I will give you the link to the section on candida.

In this thread, you'll find Bill's advice.

I have helped many friends and my husband rid theirs through diet and fermented foods and drink. The Body Ecology Diet is a great and simple method with delicious recipes on their site as well and advice on healing the body. Just google it and you will find a wealth of information there. I hope this info helps. Lisa

Posted by Bill
San Fernando, Philippines
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Hi Debbie... I would also strongly suspect that you probably have candida in your body and if =these symptoms have steadily progressed and gotten significantly worse over the last twenty years or so, then I would also suggest that you probably now have the systemic candida form -- where the candida has become disseminated throughout your blood, organs and tissues(adding to your symtroms and problems) and not just in your intestines. This is the virulent or more robust fungal form of candida that can be hard to defeat.

As a group - symptoms like thrush, vaginal yeast, GERD, tissue myalgia, low thyroid, toenail fungus, dermatitis and rashes are all indicative of a fungal infection. Thyroid problems also regularly arise and usually accompany candida problems and can be aggravated by a fungal infection.

I am also assuming also that you have been to the doctor about your many problems and not only have they been unsuccessful in recognizing and diagnosing your candida infection, but they have probably given you antibiotics for some of your problems. This, of course, is the worst thing you can possibly prescribe when you have candida or a fugal infection -- because antibiotics help to more rapidly spread the candida fungus throughout your body. See this link on The Antibiotic Syndrome.

To determine and convince yourself whether you have candida -- and also to show you the myriad symptoms and other associated problems that can arise from candida problems -- take this questionnaire:

Dr Wiilam Crook devised this questionnaire in his famous book the The Yeast Connection. He introduced this questionnaire because of modern medicine's complete inabilty to consistently recognize both early and late stage candida symptoms ie from their blood/urine tests. Little surprise then that your blood work appears to be normal.

See this recent link to a post at the end of this post stream that will help you cure you candida:

Here is a cure for GERD and reflux issues, with reasons, that I posted earlier this year on EC:

"If your doctor has determined that your digestion problems are caused by high stomach acid without having the proper tests, then he or she is just assuming, perhaps incorrectly, that you have excess stomach acid problems. It's generally true to say that 80% - 90% of all reflux problems are actually caused by too little stomach acid. I have helped many people with candida problems and many of them had reflux problems -- some as serious as your problems. In all instances, I advised that they had too little stomach acid and successfully helped them recover all the same way. Here are my detailed reasons for doing this.

See this link:

Doctors always advise PPIs for bad reflux because that's what the Merck Medical Manual, their medical bible, tells them to do. However, it's far more sensible to have either a Heidelberg pH Test(invasive) or a blood, hair and urine analysis(non-invasive) to accurately determine and confirm whether you have too much or too little stomach acid.

The main remedy for to little stomach acid is to take betaine hydrochloride and preotease enzymes (that contain pancreatin, chemotrypsin, bromelain and papain) with other supporting nutrients.

By way of further description:

* When food enters the stomach, the hydrochloric acid secreted by the stomach normally works to kill all the bacteria and the protein-digesting stomach enzymes(pepsin) partially digest the food with the muscles around the stomach helping to mash and breakup the food. The purpose of this stage is to fully prepare the food for the next stage -- main stage duodenal digestion in the upper intestines.

* When the stomach acid is at the correct strength -- and only when it is at the right acid strength -- a hormone is released into the blood called secretin which in turn triggers the secretion of the pancreatic enzymes in a solution of bicarbonate(alkaline) into the duodenum for main stage digestion.

* If the stomach acid or food chyme mixture in the stomach is not at the correct acid strength (low acid) then the pancreatic enzymes and juices will not be triggered and released for main stage digestion(which is alkaline alkaline) in the duodenum and the acid food mixture (chyme) will just sit there in the duodenum stagnating, rotting and fast breeding bad pathogens with associated spread of pathogens into the upper intestines leading to further problems later. This also causes reflux.

* Another twist to this problem is if your body also lacks bicarbonates. As already described, your pancreas needs stores of bicarbonates to neutralize the acid food mix or chyme coming into the duodenum from the stomach. So if you are lacking bicarbonate stores in the pancreas, the acid food passing into the duodenum will not be neutralized and, again, acid intestine and reflux will be the result with further dysbiosis and pathogen spread.

* You must therefore insure that your stomach acid levels are at their correct strength and amounts for proper and complete digestion to occur

* You must have adequate stores of bicarbonates in the pancreatic juices to fully neutralize the acid chyme or food when it passes from the stomach into the duodenum for main stage digestion.

Here is the remedy:

Betaine Hydrocholoride

You must find your own dosage in the following way. What you are doing is using the BH to up your acid strength and help to increase the stomach acid stores. Everyday take one extra pill at mealtimes until you get an acid or nauseous feeling. Then cut back on your dose by one or two tablets. Maintain this dose until you again feel acidic or nauseous -- then cut vback again. Do this until you no longer have to take the BH -- in other words your stomach acid is at the correct strength and you are cured.

To give you an idea, I've read about one lady who was tsking 7 betaine hydrochloride tablets at mealtimes. She cured her stomach acid, reflux and digestion problems fairly quickly.

Protease enzymes.

Take doube the dose recommended


Use magnesium chloride in the form of magnesium oil. Dosage is 8 drops in water at mealtimes.

B Vitamins

As B50 or B100. Take this everyday

Kelp Extract

Regular dosage as advised. Iodine is also needed for proper stomach acid formation. Also kills bacteria/fungus/parasites. All good.

Sea Salt

Supplies chlorides to help formation of stomach acid in the stomach. 1/2 tspn in a gass of water once a day."

Baking Soda

1/4 to 1/2 tspn of sodium bicarbonate(baking soda) in a half glass of water 1/2 hour to 1 hour after meals is the remedy.""

Posted by Deb (Grand Junction, Co USA) on 10/22/2012

SO I have had a swollen neck that gets red, hot internally and externally for a year, have slight thyroid disorder, had mri, cat scan came back normal. also feel dizzy, nausea, have had a chronic vaginal yeast infection. been to 10 different doctors, no one knows what is wrong with me, neck swells to the point that one doctor accused my husband of choking me. any suggestions?

Posted by Roec
Los Angeles, Ca
I can't say that I know you're your ailment may be however over the years I have read accounts of people who have had unusual symptoms that the doctors can not diagnose.

If I were experiencing what you were, I'd take Olive Leaf extract to rid the body of yeast fungus and any low grade bacterial infection that may be below the radar of the immune system to detect. Try to get a good Olive Leaf I can mention the ones I tried that were not effective and the one most effective but I don't want to sound like I'm a sales man.

Next, I'd do a parasite cleanse. Parasites will not show up in x-rays and most other tests. They can cause allot of other odd symptoms. I don't want to scare you with the thought or possibilities of parasites. Its only a thought. Parasites are actually more common that most understand. If you choose to go ahead with a parasite cleanse, be sure the "Green Black Walnut" you are taking be it tincture or powdered, is still green. Otherwise it is not effective.

Hope all is well with soon.

Posted by Wayhealed
Motown, Ca/ Usa
Deb - The likely reason that your doctor implied that your husband could be choking you, is because that is how some/ many women develop thyroid disorders- from being "choked" by an angry man. It pushes on the thyroid or something. So, don't be offended.

It is a "slight thyroid problem, " but I would research right now, all over this site, and elsewhere, for ways to heal it. Iodine is always the thing to turn to for the thyroid. I rub 4-5 drops on my calf every day, and my body absorbs exactly the amount I need. If there isn't any left on my skin after a few hours, then I need more. If there is some there still, then I am fine. My body will only draw in as much as it needs, safely, into my bloodstream, through my skin. --T.

Posted by Cj (Texas, Usa) on 10/13/2012

Hello, I've been lurking on your site for awhile. I realize you are not drs and can't accept liability for anything. WIth that out of the way. I'd like some advice or whatever you have to legally call it.

I'm a 35 year old male, I've had a surgery to fix a severe gerd problem (nissen fundoplication, my stomach is wrapped around my esophagus). I have migraines, candida, and a severe hormone issue (hypo with a cyst and nodule on thyroid).

After reading the site I've been taking lugols with sea salt and selenium. I'm thinking of trying borax to combat the heavy metals/candida (i have a history of lots of antibiotics and vaccines, of which I avoid like the plague now... I was us military so I had a ton forced on me). So I was thinking of doing 1/8 tsp of borax, 1/2 tea of baking soda, peroxide "mixture" every morning. The plan is to do the protocol I found of 1 drop of 35% and slowly adding it up.

My question is any idea if my surgery affects any of this? I also know I need to add in doses of ascorbic acid. Any other big things I'm missing? How could I add ACV in?

Should I post this somewhere on the forum?

Thank you, Cie-J

Posted by Debbie
Bonita Springs, Florida, Usa
3 Posts
Hi CJ. Why not try Apple Cider Vinegar before you try the borax solution? I pour just a splash or two into a bottle of water, along with some honey. Acv is an alkalizer so it should help with the heavy metals and definitely digestive issues. Also, try calcium, magnesium and zinc (all combined in one tablet) for your migraines. Good luck.

Posted by Jorge (Mcallen, Texas) on 10/12/2012

HELLO!!! I have being a vegetarian for many years but unfortunately i have two health problems: one is genital herpes for a long time no complications until now, but a doctor told me that i can get bell paralysis in a given moment.... what are the odds to get it? what can i do to avoid it in the first place?

the other problem is nail fungus... what can you recommend me to rid of it?... thank you very much.

Posted by Citygirl27
Richardson, Tx, Usa
215 Posts
Coconut oil is supposed to kill the herpes virus.

Posted by Jennif (Murray, Ky, Callaway) on 09/20/2012

Jenn if-i have been having headaches everyday for years, and ringing in my left ear. The ringing can go from a scale of 1-10 from day to day. Same with the headaches. Seen many Gen. Doc. And they always give me Antibiotics. Finally seen a ENT Doc. He said I had reflux and a slight Burt throat area. said to take Nexium or WHATEVER.

Its always much worse when sleeping and seems somewhat better after getting up. My tongue has had swollen areas the size of grapes on different places, but seem to disappear after getting up from bed. I have noticed that when taking the Antibiotics possible tongue swelling on different places. At one point I couldn't swallow food and it would get stuck. But right now th aheadaches are about everyday and ringing in the left ear. Cant really sleep from it all. What should I take for all this. Like I am saying Gen Doc. say its re a curring sinus infections and or Allergies.

I lived in Indiana all my life and now am in Murray, KY on KY lakes. Its seems much worse here for headaches and my throat problem started within one year of moving to KY. area.

I'm 56 and 205pds, 6'1 tall. I really have controlled my foods for over 30 years cause of gas, dire has. I listed this cause I never see head aches and ringing in the ears or the Tongue swilling in grape size areas sometimes one or even up to 3 places.

Posted by Timh
Louisville, Ky, Usa
1294 Posts
Jennif: a good, broad approach to resolving your condition seems to be summed up in DETOXIFICATION. Couple days ago I gave a post for detox that is quite succinct. Fallow these recommendations and you should see positive results almost immediately. One particular problem could be EMF poisoning from electric power lines which are numerous in Ky lakes as much of the electricity of Ky is generated on the Dams of Ky and Barkley lakes. If you live close to major power lines, be advised to relocate. Here are links to the post I spoke of as well as the E.C. page for detox.

Hope this helps, and report any problems or progress.

Posted by B.patel (London, UK) on 09/06/2012

To whom it may concern. I am B. Patel. I have a close relative aged 76 who is critically ill and bed ridden but I woul like to have open advise from those who care to post a reply and I shall provide as much information as possible. I am giving some parameters of the patient:-

a. Cardiac arrythmia : Not now but was pointed 15 days back.
b. Blood clot. : Not now, but was dissolved about 15 days back.
c. Heart attack : slight attack and effect is seen inthe right hand and leg but it could be also due to some kidney problem . See below.
d. Edema : in the leg and abdomen.
e. Kidney disease : brown yellow urine. With S. Creatinine 5.3* by KAM method. Intake of fluids upto 900ml per day, out put low to 100-300ml maximum.
f. Liver cirrhosis : Yes.
g. Malignant neo plasm. : yes effective.
h. Stength and energy : very weak.

Patient is having pain and cannot understand what is trying to tell. Any professional who can advise is welcome and inform next steps to follow. Patient very adamant if hospitalised.

Thank you. B Patel.

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