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Tooth Pain Remedies

Last Modified on Nov 29, 2015

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Posted by Mrs. Hill (Louisiana) on 05/14/2013

[YEA]  I had sudden tooth ache earlier today! Took some over the counter med! They worked but went to work that night and forgot my meds! So I got on earth clinic and found out about garlic! So looking around work couldn't find any! Just so happened we had garlic powder! Don't ask why I have no idea! So I put it in my mouth and pushed it on the tooth with my tongue and it worked! It probably took a little longer then the fresh but after while it worked! So if anyone out there can't get a hold on fresh garlic at the time and have garlic powder try it!!! THANKS EARTH CLINIC!!!!! YOU'RE AWESOME!!!!!

Posted by Polly (London, England) on 04/05/2013

[YEA]  I cured a badly aching tooth with I clove of organic garlic liquidised with half a whole organic lemon (chop them both small for ease of liquidation I use a hand held one) a couple of drops of filtered water (depending on your taste) and a half tspoon of manuka or propolis organic honey.

I am 62 years old and I follow a healthy diet for my blood type so am not generally ill at all. It took 2 and a half days of taking the above recipe 3 times a day. My dentist was very impressed.

Posted by Jerry (Hemet, Ca) on 02/19/2013

[YEA]  Garlic made my tooth pain very tolerable! I can finally sleep. I was awake 2 days and nights.. Was using ice and ice water to kill pain. GARLIC GARLIC GARLIC

Posted by Nene (Dubai, United Arab Emirates) on 01/05/2013

[YEA]  Its 3am and I have been in pain since 10am the previous day. Taken so many pain killers (Panadol, Proxen, etc) with no relieve, my head was pounding and I had tears running down my right eye. Thought of yanking off the tooth myself but decided to check the internet and read about the garlic cure, luckily I had some in the house. I cut off a bit and chewed on it and I must say I am so grateful for that advise. Now I can finally go to bed. Thanks a million.

Posted by Kat (Jacksonville, Fl) on 11/28/2012

[YEA]  I just want to say thank you, thank you. The garlic REALLY WORKED for tooth pain. My husband is scared to death of dentist. Sincerely, Kat

Posted by Darlene (Otto, Nc, Usa) on 11/08/2012

[YEA]  I am ecstatic! I have been suffering with all of my top teeth hurting for the past three days. Everytime my heart would beat I would feel excruiating pounding pain in my teeth. I decided to look on earth clinic for anything that would help. When I saw all the yeas for garlic... I decided to give it a try. I sliced a fresh clove of garlic, put a piece on each side of my mouth and started chewing... Wow!! I did not expect the burn to be so intense! At first I thought... What have I done? This is as bad as the other pain! But within a matter of minutes the burn was gone, and my teeth were starting to feel better. I chewed a few more pieces... This time knowing what to expect, and no kidding... As soon as the garlic burn stopped... No more pain in my teeth! That was at 6pm it is now 11:10 pm, and still no pain! Thank You! Thank You!! Thank You!!! Earth Clinic!!!!

Posted by Katie (Kenosha, Wi) on 10/19/2012

[YEA]  A few weeks back, when I was experiencing the worst toothache of my life (on a tooth that I was told to have a root canal on a few years back).

I used garlic as needed, every time the pain started I would slice a tiny piece off and hold it between my gums and lip. I also made garlic tea and gargled Hydrogen Peroxide every other night. (Only con: I smelled like garlic for a few days)

The pain slowly subsided each day, and after 4 days it was COMPLETELY better. Within a week, the pain and tenderness was 100% gone.

PLEASE try this before going to the dentist... It sounds so ridiculous but it really does work. I was ready to schedule an emergency appointment because the pain was so severe; I just wanted someone to pull it out, I couldn't even think straight. Garlic worked like a Vicodin for the pain and must have eventually killed the infection... I have no clue what it did, but it worked.

Earth Clinic has had this result for me many times but this time I felt I had to come back to donate $15 to the website; this site is so SO valuable. As a person with no health insurance, I'm SO thankful for all of the contributors and the site itself.

Replied by Paul123
New Jersey, New York
Can clarfy how to do this? I used garlic as needed, everytime the pain started I would slice a tiny piece off and hold it between my gums and lip.
Replied by Phil
Las Vegas, Nevada
Just had the same issue and had the tooth extracted. Found out that an abscess tooth is a very serious issue and can cause death if left untreated. The #14 molar has direct access to the sinus cavity and brain and is only 2 inches away from the brain. Please seek help if you develop a fever, nausea and vomiting and so on. The garlic is awesome for the pain though.

Posted by Kd (Kenosha, Wisconsin) on 10/06/2012

[YEA]  I am SO incredibly pleased right now.

A toothache came on suddenly today, and it was just mind-numbing, sharp throbbing from the gumline up. Several years ago I was told this tooth may eventually need a root canal, but only if it was ever bothersome or painful.

I bought some drug-store gel with 20% Benzocaine in it, but it just dulled the pain for about 15 minutes. The pain kept reemerging.

I saw all of the YEA's for Garlic and had to test it for myself. Took a clove of it and peeled it, cut it in half and placed the fresh piece to my gums. It burned for about a minute, but for the first time in about 8 hours, I literally have no pain. I'm wondering how long it will last, about 25 minutes now and it's still feeling good.

This is so fantastic. Earth Clinic always comes through. Thank you thank you THANK YOU!

Posted by Rayan (Richmond Hill, On, Canada) on 08/22/2012

[YEA]  As I am typing the following words, I am also healing from endless toothache. Recently, lost almost everything from house to business and everything else but happy to be with my family! Moved to to another city. Started looking for any job just to earn a living and feed my kids, finally got a job; today the second day and this toothache.... Not now! Came early from work no money to go to a dentist, called few of them and they are asking hundreds to pull it out... All I got was $100 with me and that is it. Suffered severly from the pain and being a man to cry is really bad, but tears come with no stopping... so came across this site and after reading all these beautiful results, jumped to the kitchen and did what others have done, and the pain is gone!!!!!!!!!!!!! By the way spend money on pain killers, such as Advil and etc, and the self claimed RAPID RELIEF(SENSODYNE) TOOTHPASTE" please do not waste your hard earned $ on these very useless products".

For now I am 99% pain free and thank you very very much for those who created this site, and all those who shared their pain relief and pain free methods!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

And at last thank to Almighty God who HAVE blessed us with so many herbs, plants and the nature that houses them!

Posted by Angie (Somewhere, Al/ Usa) on 01/19/2012

For toothache pain I placed a clove of garlic on the tooth and bit down and chewed the clove up with the bad tooth then swallowed. Instant relief!! While chewing the garlic it becomes hot and all I could think was that as soon as I swallow this I am going to drink lots of water but as soon as I swallowed all the heat was gone... Along with the toothache!!!!! Easiest thing I ever tried.

Posted by Robert (Clearwater, Fl) on 05/27/2011

[YEA]  Garlic does work for tooth pain, I had a filling done a few weeks ago and my dentist said it should be fine yet wasn't 100% sure, and then it was fine up until about a week ago, anyways I tried all kinds of remedies and even stuck a sterilized pin in it to see if it would drain yet it didn't, and so my gums in that area were raw and very sore so the method of chewing the garlic was way too painful but I figured out another way, you can cut up the garlic into a small piece then stick it on a toothpick hold you lips with other hand and put it right to the spot that is most bothersome, it burns yet is much more bearable and it seems the longer it is kept there despite the burn the more effective, I just did it and am basically pain free for the moment:)

Replied by Kathie
Houston, Texas/ Usa
Hang in there Robert, try some clove oil!

Posted by Karensiesta (Sarasota, Fl) on 03/21/2011

[BETTER BUT NOT CURED]  I am so grateful for this website... Recently I had been suffering from tooth sensitivity. It started where I couldn't tolerate anything hot but then it got worse and I could drink or eat anything hot or cold. I rinsed my mouth with salt water and peroxide. I tried special mouth washes and applied oral analgesic to the affected area at night which numbed my mouth for a short time. I also took Ibuprofen, tried taking Echinacea which at first seemed to give me a slight bit of relief. I called my dentist and described my symptoms and the fact that was a tooth he had put a crown on (two years ago), he said for sure I would need a root canal. I do not have dental insurance and he said it could run about $500 or more. I panicked, I started searching the web.

I found Earth Clinic and started reading the testimonials about tooth pain and garlic. Well, I had nothing to lose by trying this, after all I was desperate and I don't have $500 to spend not to mention the pain of having a root canal. Well, let me tell you, after putting the first clove of garlic in my mouth and biting down on it where I was having the pain I felt the burn, yah; just like everyone mentioned, if you can put up with the burn for about 10 mins you will feel relief. It's true! I have only done this once so far and I do feel some relief. I plan on doing this several more times today and I pray I will not need the root canal. I felt I needed to share this with anyone else who is experiencing tooth discomfort. Hey just try it...... What do you have to lose, you will have some burning and I did have extra saliva but it is so worth it. Thanks to everyone who shared their stories on Earth Clinic. Thank God for natural remedies like this one. Karensiesta :o)

Posted by Armand (Los Angeles, Ca) on 02/12/2010

[YEA]  After about a week of tooth pain, the pain finally got to me so bad that it woke me up tonight around 2am. After finding EC and using such remedies as Apple Cider Vinegar, Egg Whites and more, I decided that I had no other choice and jumped on the computer to find out how to stop the pain...ah ha! GARLIC! smashed with cold compressed olive oil (for oil pulling thx EC) swirled the garlic and oil mixture around for a few minutes and yes it burned but it WORKED! The pain subsided and I can now go back to sleep. I LOVE EC and thank god for all who contribute here....g'nite

Posted by Jure (Los Angeles, California) on 03/18/2009

[YEA]  hey guys.... garlic is better then dentist

i was suffering from tooth pain and swelling for couple of days. Went to pharmacy and they gave me Advil .... I called my dentist as i was in vegas and he suggest me to go to dentist in Vegas and to check out and to get antibiotic. Was calling almost every dentist in Vegas there was no luck and in hospitals they were really very rude and hopeless... And then i remember garlic and was checking on net how to use.

i just cut garlic on half and put around the tooth and press for nearly 10 minutes. Be aware they will be pain but in less they 30 minutes my pain gone, my gum open and all passage went off and i got no pain, swelling gone and was like i never had any tooth pain.

hope helps to you too

Posted by Carl (Chicago, IL, United States) on 03/03/2009

[YEA]  Garlic and toothache, YEA. I have a terrible toothache where I had a root cannal about 10 years ago, I believe it to be a bacterial infection. The only thing that takes the pain away is raw garlic. I'll chew up a bulb and hold it by the tooth, yeah it burns like heck but it takes the pain away. Works better than vicodin. I am also taking oil of oregano abstract to help fight the bacterial infection.

Replied by Camojunkie
Orange, Tx
I am in so much pain and have been for 4 days now and pain meds are not working. i've tried the salt water, hot and cold compress and something called red cross. omg it's nasty and doesnt work so im sending my husband to the store now. hope that the garlic works.
Replied by Terrell
Los Angeles, Ca
Send your hubby to GNC to get olive leaf extract. I was in your high heals last year and the olive leaf extract works! I know this site does not allow one to mention brand names but in this case I hope they make an exception as that brand is the most effective! I did end up having the wisdom tooth pulled but after 7 months of stalling with the olive leaf extract. It really does kill the bacteria and reduce pain and swelling. I know you will feel the difference in 8 hours once you have taken 2 and then 2 more in about 4 hours.

I have another tooth where the amalgam filling has come out and got infected. I have been on the olive leaf extract since Feb and no more pain. I just have to be sure to clean the tooth out each night. I have been looking around town for root canal alternatives such as direct pulp capping. Till then, the olive leaf extract is a god send!

Replied by Monica
Virginia Beach, Va
I am a dental assistant and I'm so sorry you're in pain. Dissolve a tsp of baking soda in 4 oz of warm water and swish it around the tooth for 30 seconds to a minute. Baking soda counteracts the acidity in the bacteria/decay & should relieve your pain. I hope this works for you!
Replied by Oscar Donate

Syracuse, New York
Dear Camojunkie, An absessed tooth is a serious condition and requires a good dentist to resolve this potentionaly dangerous infection. You tried some alternative treatments and they did not work for you. Get to that good dentist as soon as possible. This condition can lead to very serious infections some of which are life threatening....Oscar