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Ganglion Cyst Remedies

Last Modified on May 25, 2016

Hit the Cyst With a Book  

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Posted by Mag (Central New York) on 04/05/2016
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I had a large ganglion cyst on my knuckle. Gave it two good smacks with a heavy book and it was gone!!!

Replied by Sallie
I heard that hitting it with a book isn't recommended.... Could hurt surrounding tissue.

Posted by Anna (Ny, US) on 02/27/2015
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I had a ganglion cyst on top of my wrist for 2 years. I tried having a Doc aspirate, I tried oregano oil with thyme for month, I tried Frankincense oil for month and nothing. If your cyst is large and firm instead of squishy you might need something stronger. Using the binding of a hard book worked for me. Start of with a light tap and then gradually increase the amount of force. I tried using full force only and it didn't work. Not only will it prepare you for the final blow but you will notice your cyst soften, and this means it's ready for the hard hit. Maybe it weakens the sack so it can pop not sure, but either way it spares you the amount of hard hits you will need (I took about 5) and totally worth it.

Posted by Lori (Wilm, NC) on 09/28/2014
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I am a 31 year old woman. I got my first ganglion cyst on the inside of my wrist 5 years ago. Dr. said it was barbaric to hit it with a book, so I went and got xrays, went to a hand surgeon, then had the surgery. Dr. didn't tell me, but my hand was in a cast for 2 weeks and it took 6 weeks for the stitches to heal and to lift more than 5-10 pounds.

2 months later the cyst came back in the exact same place. I went back to see the Dr. and they said it is very common for the cyst to come back. (Why not say that before surgery). I got xrays again and an MRI this time to see what area was causing the cyst to reappear. Dr. recommended another surgery (each surgery leaves scar tissue).

I came home and googled home remedies and got this website. First I saw he frankincense oil and the Epsom salt water. Some people said it took from 3 days-2 months for it to work. After reading, I saw the 'hit it with a book', so I thought why not, it is 5 in the morning, what else should I be doing. lol. I tried a couple times, but chickened out.

Then I though to take the book and hit the hand that did not have a cyst on it to get the force right and see how it felt. Once I did that a couple times, I felt more comfortable and hit the cyst. It instantly started going down. I massaged it for awhile to get more to go down, then I put ice on it for 15 minutes.

What could have been another surgery and more Dr. visits and time and money...disappeared in 2 minutes. It really didn't hurt, more just the thought of hitting yourself makes your stomach turn. It did not hurt at all afterwards and after 12 hours there was no bruise or pain. Also my hand was numb up my forearm from the cyst pressing on a nerve. As soon as I did this all feeling came back. Good Luck

Replied by Geri
New Zealand
Hi, I've got now my 3rd seed ganglion on my hand (previous 2 had surgically removed) I don't want to go for that option again but am wondering how many of you had the small hard seed like ganglions like me and whether the bible/book method works on this type of ganglion? I just purchased frankincense oil and applied my first lot - fingers crossed my ganglions are always so painful and make the rest if my hand and arm painful.. Thanks for any correspondence
Replied by Sarah
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Thanks so much for sharing this. I have had a large ganglion on my foot for over six months. The doctor said it would need steroid injections which I was reluctant to have as I heard that was painful. I decided to try your method and started out with a few gentle taps with the spine of a book, then a few harder ones and could not believe my eyes when I realised it had vanished! The area was a little spongey so I massaged it and applied an ice pack for about 10 minutes and no more ganglion! It was so quick and hurt a lot less than I was expecting. I am over the moon it's gone and so grateful to you for sharing this method!! xx

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Ganglion cyst 10mm appeared on side of left thumb about 50mm below joint towards elbow. One hit with the palm of my right hand & it was gone. That's 2 days ago & no sign of it yet.

Replied by Lorena
I am scheduled to have surgery in 5 days. I can't. Cyst in top of foot. Will try oil! And book first. Can you explain what you did?

Liquid Sulfut  

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Posted by Carla (Texas, US) on 06/12/2014
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Liquid sulfur, prescribed by my naturopathic doctor for my ganglion, relieved the swelling, redness and pain in less than three days.

Replied by Joyce
South Carolina
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I said Yea, because my sister had a cyst and used MSM which has sulphur in it and it disappeared completely.

Massage, Ice  

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Posted by Richard (New York) on 06/02/2013
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Had a ganglion cyst on my knuckle on my thumb for quite a while. It did not hurt but was getting larger.

I massaged it with pressure using my other thumb for about 15 minutes to a half hour when I felt the cyst break. The size was reduced by more than 3/4 but there was still something there. I gave it several days to see if it would go away on its own but there was no change. So I once again massaged the remaining portion with pressure and the remaining portion of the cyst broke and it is gone.

Posted by Smanga (Pretoria, Gauteng, South Africa) on 05/20/2013
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I had a ganglion cyst and I massagd it 4 times an hour until it decreasd in size. Then after I put ice cubes on my wrist to ease the swelling and avoided using my right hand for 2 days, then after 2 days I massaged the last remaining liquid out of it. Then it was gone just in 3 days.

Noni Juice  

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Posted by Joyce (Easley, Sc) on 07/21/2014
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I had a ganglia cyst all through my highschool years. They called it a 'book bump' and said I could wack it and it might go away. I can not recall how many times I took a book to that thing and it ALWAYS came back.

A good friend gave me a bottle of NONI when it was first coming out and a big 'NEW" deal. It was a top quality brand 100% noni, NO FILLERS.

Anyway, she gave it to me as a gift to see if it would help my hormone imbalance. I drank a couple TBS of it for a month and never saw a difference in my hormones, but my ganglia cyst just disappeared. Never to return. that was over 20 years ago. Weird. I had that ganglia cyst for so many years it blew me away to see what my own body could do, just giving it the 'right tools'.

So... just keep eating healthy people, if it doesn't help one thing, it is probably helping another.

Food- Eat what heals you, not what kills you.

Oil Pulling  

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Posted by Swanny (Swansea, West Glamorgan, United Kingdom) on 05/08/2010
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Oil pulling with virgin coconut oil cured my ganglion cyst - I was oil pulling to help my receding gumline...the ganglion cyst (which I have had for many years and was very unsightly) was a complete and unexpected bonus.

EC: More about oil pulling here:

Pierce With a Needle  

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Posted by Ursa (Philadelphia, Pa, Usa) on 03/29/2012
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I had a ganglion cyst that refused to yield to smashing (book method), oil pulling, salt soaks, or grape seed supplements. It was hurting my wrist more and more each day and becoming more grotesque to the point I was dreading having to give up long sleeves.

Finally, I ordered an 18 gauge sterile piercing needle. I had to steel my nerve for this but it was actually not very difficult once I set my mind to it. I pierced it from the side to avoid accidentally puncturing anything important in my wrist in case I overshot the cyst. Well, the needle was only about halfway in and already thick liquid began to come out. I removed the needle and "milked" the cyst gently. I was not uncomfortable at all. A lot of thick, gel-like fluid came out. When it was over, my wrist looked normal again and more importantly, felt so much better!

I soaked it in saltwater for about 25 minutes before bandaging it for safety and I'm typing now in complete comfort. I would try the other methods again first if it came back or I got another one but I'm glad I had this option when all else failed.

Replied by Bizzyditchaz
Spokane, Wa
Holy Cow do you have a calm stomach to do that! I have a cyst right now on the base of my thumb about the size of a quarter and seems to be getting larger, AND I am starting to feel it. Sore. Needle aspirations freak me out because I had one in my breast once and it was unreal painful. So yeah, I am pretty gun shy to have it done again.
Replied by Bruce31s
New Orleans, La
Fyi, this is the one of the techniques doctors use to remove/drain the cyst from the affected area. If you don't have the stomach to do it yourself, ask your bdoctor to do it. they have the necessary equpiment to do this.
Replied by Alex
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Me too, I pierced the ganglion cyst over my wrist with a syringe needle that cuts a good hole and not just a pin. I pierced it sideways in order not to go deep downwards. Be careful if any vein is nearby. With milking some of the white jell come out even from the hole in the skin. The bump is now 90% down, and only an empty cyst now remains after one day which I bandage it an put some Frankincense Oil in order to clear and not reappear. Be careful to sterilize the skin before. Without the syringe and with only the needle one can do more delicate movements but with the syringe attached one can suck the cyst and not milk it too much.
It doesn't hurt. It is much better than smashing it with a heavy book. Not even a drop of blood came out. I have tried before the frankincence oil and epsom salt for a week with no success.

Replied by Linda
New Zealand
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I keep piercing mine with an ordinary sewing needle every week or so, but it still builds up regularly.

Initially I thought I had a deep seated splinter, but after about 4 months I went to the doctor and was told it was a ganglion caused by arthritis. She was not happy with me doing the piercing, but I will keep doing it and eventually get it surgically removed if it doesn't disappear.

After piercing and squeezing I cover with a plaster with betadine and so far I haven't got any infection.

Replied by Alex
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Hi Linda,

I had the same problem with you. My cyst built up in about 2 months. The second time I milked it out with a syringe needle I put a bondage in my wrist the whole night. Just above the cyst and in the bandage I put some cotton with some drops of Frankincense Oil. I do also some massage in the morning, something like put the empty cyst tissue in place. Bandage is referred in wikipedia as doing good in classic medicine for ganglion cysts.

Then cyst hasn't refilled for months and I even saw the remaining empty cyst tissue shrinking to minimum after about two months of every day treatment.

Replied by Karen
I had a ganglion for about a year. Then it gradually got smaller and disappeared all by itself. I did nothing to get rid of it.


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Posted by Toourlady89 (Hayward, Ca, Usa) on 09/13/2011
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Years ago, my daughter had a ganglion cyst in her right wrist that was in the way and painful when she writes. A surgeon advised surgery to drain it but he said it could recur. Instead, at a friend's suggestion, I started her on grape seed extract (Tru OPCs ) other name is Proanthocyanidin.. Dose suggestion is 1 mg per kg weight once a day before meals or divide the dose and take it twice a day.. The cyst cleared in about 6 weeks.. Or longer, there is no definite time... Another friend had a big one in his right foot and has been unable to wear shoes for months.. It also cleared after taking Tru OPCs and never re appeared.. We used Nature's way Tru Opcs but they are also available at Costco as grape seed extract...

Replied by Bucci
Ithaca, Ny, Usa
Hi, just wanted to share that I had big ganglion cysts on wrist and it went down the day after going back on my heparin shots. Meaning I think the reason I got it in first place was thick blood but not sure. Do you know what the cause of your cyst was? And if it took 6 weeks for the grapeseed to work, are you sure it was that?
Replied by Debbie
Melbourne, Australia
Cayenne pepper is excellent for thinning the blood. You can add some boiling water to it to make a tea or just add it to your foods.

Sea Salt, Epsom Salts, Borax  

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Posted by Bill Donate
(San Fernando, Philippines) on 01/07/2010 | 1230 Posts

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Hi Everyone...I had a significant ganglion lump appear on my right wrist joint earlier last year(2009). A ganglion lump is defined as:

"A ganglion is a small, usually hard bump above a tendon or in the capsule that encloses a joint. A ganglion is also called a synovial hernia or synovial cyst."

"Most ganglions develop on the hand or wrist. This condition is common in people who bowl or who play handball, raquetball, squash, or tennis. Runners and athletes who jump, ski, or play contact sports often develop foot ganglions."

I started to take 1/4 tspn sea salt 1/8 tspn Epsom salts in a full glass of water twice a day as well as spraying my body after showering with an 8 oz spray bottle containing water 3 tspns Epsom Salts 1/2 tspn borax and the ganglion lump simply disappeared quickly within a week. I was little amazed, since my ganglion lump had been with me for well over a year.

I also have small calcium bumps or lumps on the back of my neck which also greatly reduced in size because of this protocol. I'm guessing here but I think this was perhaps due to the magnesium (from Epsom Salts) leeching out the calcium and restoring some electrolytic balance in that area of my body.

Replied by Bill Donate

San Fernando, Luzon, Philippines

1230 Posts
Just an update on my first post above. I was taking the sea salt and magnesium sulphate as above, but the ganglion only went down so far and then didn't change.

So I reverted to taking just the Magnesium Sulphate (Epsom Salts) crystals orally on its own in a larger dose - 1/4 tspn Epsom Salts in a half glass of water, 3 times a day.

The ganglion on my wrist has disappeared completely and this only took 3 weeks.
Replied by Kantuckee
Green Road, Kentucky, Usa
I couldn't function without Earthclinic!! I developed a cyst a few weeks ago that has been annoying and painfully growing on my wrist. I checked and found your comments. I have experience with sea salts, epsom salts and borax. I feel transdermal is the better method of application so I made a small solution of magnesium oil and borax.

I have applied it for 4 days, in the evenings only, and have reduced the cyst by half so far with no pain now. Only the memory keeps me applying it every evening. I am not sure how long to keep using it but since it will not hurt me will continue until I am very sure it is gone.

Thanks so much for the solution!!

Replied by Bruce31s
New Orleans, La
Transdermal? What's that?
Replied by Bruce31s
New Orleans, La
What kind of water did you use to apply with dsmo? I have what appears to be a ganglion cyst. first noticed it in May 2013 during lunch. At that time it was at the top of the thumb joint. Noticed it last night that it has expanded, it has expanded past the bottom thumb joint.
Replied by Carol
Indiana, Usa
Bruce -- "Transdermal" means "through the skin" -- for example, that's how nicotine patches work. It sounds like Kantuckee just rubbed it on.

The Book Method  

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Posted by Jds (New York, Ny) on 02/26/2016
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It took a little bit for me to not feel afraid of smashing a book into the cyst I had on my finger but I finally warmed up to the idea...

I applied the frankincense oil everyone's been referencing under a bandaid the night before and this morning I essentially smashed a heavy book's binding into the finger of concern and I am happy to report the cyst is GONE! Go figure. I wouldn't waste my money on a hand surgeon for this :)

Posted by Terry (Canada) on 10/09/2015
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I have a ganglion cyst on my finger, and it is very painful, I had surgery on it, it came back, I hit it with a book, nothing happened except more pain, I have an eraser taped to it for 3 days, nothing happening to it yet, giving up hope, that I will never get rid of it, I don't want surgery again, but if I have no other options.

Replied by Mama To Many Donate

Dear Terry,

Please try Castor Oil, topically, at least twice a day or Frankincense essential oil twice a day for your ganglion cyst. Keep it up for a couple of weeks before deciding if it has helped you. We have found both of these to work so well for cysts of different types. Don't give up! :)

~Mama to Many~

Replied by Mmsg
Somewhere, Europe
Terry, have you tried clay applications? It's slow but usually works.
Replied by Dana
Seattle, Wa
Maybe you should try the frankincense? Looks like it's the most successful.

Posted by Dave Donate
(Fountain Inn, SC) on 04/07/2013

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I had what an orthopedic surgeon described as a ganglion cyst on the outside of my left ankle. It had stayed there for a number of years growing more and more every year until it was bothering me when I walked. The surgeon told me he could lance it but it would grow back. He told me the cause: the foot is like a building, he explained. If a part of it shifts incorrectly then the whole will not drain liquids as it should. As such, the cyst accumulates liquid and continually grows. Well, I went home and thought about that for a while. If my left foot structure had shifted then why wasn't it hurting somehow. So I began pressing the foot, using my thumb to see if some "issue" existed that I knew not of. The cyst was on the outside of the left ankle but I was pressing my forefinger and thumb all around the inside of the top of the foot... Deeply pressing, to find something wrong. After all, if the foot structure was "out" as the surgeon had told me then something would be "disjointed. " It took me only five minutes to find the spot. How could I have not felt that pain before is beyond me. Between the big toe and the second toe, about an inch up the top of the I pressed deeply with my finger, a terrific pain and soreness was instantly evident. "What is THAT?" I thought. I gently used pressure... five seconds and letting up (with my thumb and forefinger). After twenty minutes I let the foot rest.

The next morning to my amazement the size of the cyst had diminished by about one third in size! That night I repeated the pressure method where the pain was centered... Between the big tow and second toe... but up the foot...deep into the foot. The next day the cyst was half the size as before I'd started. The third day, an amazing thing happened. As I did my usual "press" with my foot crossed over my right knee, and using my right hand with thumb below the big toe and forefinger pressing on top between the big toe and second toe, suddenly, the structure "clicked" as if clicking back in place! I gently massaged the left foot. No pain or soreness at all. The next morning the entire cyst was GONE. From then on, I occasionally repeat the technique...pushing between the toes and gently separating the big toe deep and high in the foot from the second toe. And on occasion, it will "click" back. That was eight years ago. The cyst has never come back. I just wonder if many of the cysts that arise are structurally instigated cysts that can be "manipulated" such that the structure, whether it be hand or foot etc using a method I describe herein might reset the structure allowing proper drainage. Also, it could be that some "cysts" described in this section are not caused by the "structure" problem the orthopedic surgeon explained to me.

Once I had a growth on my hand coming out of the inside of the palm, between the little finger and fourth finger. That one, unlike the one on my foot was hard.The ganglion cyst on my foot was soft. The one on my hand I do not believe could be described as a ganglion cyst. I used DMSO, the solvent and anti oxidant, applied with a white paper towel and left as a poultice for thirty minutes. Two applications were sufficient to make the cyst disappear. Dilute the DMSO with an equal amount of purified water or the DMSO will "pucker" the skin. The pucker will go away' in a few hours but it will scare you. To make sure the cyst was not caused by an infection I'd use as the "dilution" not just any water, but colloidal silver. The silver will kill any infection. That hard cyst on my hand came back in the exact place six months later and the second time I did use the DMSO plus the colloidal silver as a "dilution" and again used a white pater towel with about twenty drops of DMSO and twenty drops of colloidal silver. That was ten years ago. That hand cyst has never returned. The DMSO is good for stiff hands (arthritic hands and fingers, by the way). Just a cap full rubbed into the hands like a lotion making sure joints of both hands are covered... all joints and poof...hands as good as new. Every year or so I feel that stiffness and I pull out my DMSO.

Replied by Bev
Long Beach, Ca
I have a new lump in the palm of my left hand. It's about the size of a pea. Could you tell me where my pressure point would be to see if I can get rid of this thing? No idea what it is. Thank you.
Replied by Dave Donate

Fountain Inn, Sc
Bev, please forgive me for taking so long to respond but I missed your question in the "recent posts" which I sometimes can't get to on a regular basis.

On finding the pressure point, use your thumb between the fingers on palm side and work up them quarter inch at a time. Also try this: sitting on your couch take your hand and flare out the thumb using different angles to press against the cushion... you are stretching the muscles to see if anthing moves.

You are looking for a sore point; I call it the "ouch" point. That is what you massage and in time the lossened up structure may shift. If that is the source of the problem the cyst will recede by the next day.

Keep repeating until the cyst is gone and the "structure" is back to normal. I've noticed hand issues are common with folks who do a lot of gardening/ boxing on a heavy bag without wraps/ tennis/ golf etc. I think I read there are over fifty bones in the hand so anything out can cause a problem. Remember what I said about the cyst I had between my fingers: Consider using DMSO as an anti inflamatory if the "hand/ pressure point" method doesn't work.

Replied by Grace
Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia
5 out of 5 stars

Thanks for sharing. I believe you actually found the acupressure point to trigger the flow of fluid. After reading your experience, it made sense to me. So I decided to try to find the soreness in the fleshy part of the palm just below my left thumb. Once I found the soreness alternately massaged it and press it with my right thumb for a few seconds. I repeated the procedure a couple of times and after a while the ganglion on my left wrist, the pain was no more. Before I did that the pain from the ganglion was increasing. I believe the ganglion was growing and putting more pressure on my nerve. I can't believe how fast the pain went off. My left hand and forearm loosen up a lot. Thanks for sharing your remedy.

Posted by Tyler (Toronto, On, Canada) on 02/19/2010
5 out of 5 stars

I have grown up with a ganglion cyst on my left wrist. It remained small for years but recently I have noticed that it has grown and I found that I was unable to flex my wrist like I used to. When I tried I could feel strain in that joint. I had made a visit to my doctor when I first noticed it - it looked like my arm bone was jutting out of my wrist when I flexed it forward. He inspected it. Holding my wrist and probing the site with his thumbs he asked me if I had ever heard of Bible therapy. I thought about it - no. I responded, "Should I have?" No sooner did the words escape my mouth that a sharp and sudden pain flared up on my arm - the jerk tried squishing it with his thumbs!! "OUCH!" He stepped back and fingered his way along the nearby bookshelf only to withdraw one of his hardcover medical textbooks. He went on to explain what he meant by Bible therapy while approaching me again - book in hand. I told him his idea was barbaric and stupid and I left.

Years later my attention has been brought back to my wrist. In an attempt to find a solution myself I remember quickly browsing to see what remedies existed - none of them looked appealing. You essentially had the option of having it drained, surgically removed, or worse - smashed with a heavy object - just what the doc advised! The sources seemed to suggest that after having it drained the ganglion is likely to reappear - not to mention the huge needle! Surgery was to leave you with this huge scar because in order for the surgeon to access the area they need to pull back all the tissue from your wrist and then stitch it back! I decided to wait it out..

The wait wasn't doing anything. I woke up this morning determined to get rid of this thing. I couldn't stand looking at it! I was morbidly curious about the experience others had had smashing their wrists with a book - it seemed like the most convenient option - why not? I Googled videos and watched.. one after another. It seemed like most of the pain was spent in anticipation for having a part of you voluntarily and forcibly smacked. All of the victims looked okay afterwards - could this be the miracle treatment? I swallowed the last of my coffee and walked to the bookshelf. As I had forgotten my textbooks at school I had to settle for the Harry Potter: Goblet of Fire. It was smaller in than what I had seen people using.. but if my understanding of physics was correct I just needed to apply more force. And there I was. Book in one hand, ganglion on the other. There was nobody to assist, not drink to be drank, not a pillow to cry on. SMACK! ..and that was it. Gone. Harry Potter had saved the day. The pressure was gone and I swear I could feel the fluid depart into my bloodstream. But oddly the ganglion isn't what hurt the minute that followed. It felt like I had just been hit on the wrist with a book! I worked to try and drain the remaining fluid from the cyst by working my fingers over the site and moving my wrist about.

And there it is. I type to you now, a ganglion-free man!

Replied by Tricia

89 Posts
Many years ago Mom & Dad would each slip a disc a couple of times a year and their doctor used the bible treatment sucessfully. At one time it happened simultaneously and they were going to the doc together for a change. I did the driving as they were in too much pain.

Mum was complaining about how bad the pain was when getting hit by the "Bible" and maybe she'd try and ride it out without treatment. Dad looked at her in genuine astonishment and asked her "how come the anaestethic didn't work for her." She exploded cos he never used any kind of pain relief on her. The doc told us that women were better able to tolerate pain than men so he didn't waste good anaestethic on them. Bye bye Doc.

Replied by Clintd
Paris, Tn
5 out of 5 stars

After months of having this cyst and debating over what to do, totally discounting the book method, I finally decided to use the book. It worked.

Replied by Debbie
Doha, Qatar
5 out of 5 stars

The book method worked for me today. I had a ganglion cyst come up suddenly while on a diving vacation last week. I went to the internet and watched a few videos and had my husband watch as well. He smacked it for me and just like in the video... Gone instantly. No pain really.... And my wrist is cyst free :)

Replied by Janet
Columbus, Ms
Binding method- I had a ganglion cyst on the base of my fingernail bed, under the skin area that caused my nail to grow out crooked. I tried puncturing with a needle but it kept returning. I wrapped my finger with a band aide then took a strong tape and bound it tight. Kept it bound for a few days and it forced all the liquid out of the cyst. It has never come back and a new nail came in perfectly. I wonder if that would work for a cyst on the wrist too?
Replied by Bc
Newtown, Pa
5 out of 5 stars

Yes it works... many video examples and tried myself.