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Female Health, Arousal, and Libido
Men and their erectile dysfunction get all the press, but women need to have rewarding sexual lives as well, and female sexual dysfunction is a serious health problem. It's a complicated issue for sure with social and emotional components to libido and arousal, but there are physical conditions and side effects from nutrient deficiencies, medications, and more that can limit a woman's sexual pleasure and desire.

Not only is a woman's sexuality a source of needed pleasure, but it can be a critical part of our romantic relationships. So when you are feeling vaginal pain when having sex, lack sexual arousal, or can't achieve orgasm it's good and necessary to seek medical help from a doctor or certain health supplements and herbs that can improve sexual function and libido.

Increase Female Libido and Sexual Health with Natural Cures

Maca root is perhaps the best known herbal remedy to promote female libido.(2) Sexual issues can also arise as symptoms of diabetes or cardiovascular issues, so you may want to address any high blood sugar issues or try something like cayenne pepper supplements to improve blood flow throughout your body. Yoga and acupuncture may also help you to relax and enjoy your sexuality more easily, as well as improve your general and cardio health.(3)


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Posted by Alice (Manama, Bahrain) on 05/08/2009

Hi! I would like to request that a new ailment would be listed in that section.."female sexual dysfunction". I only found erectile dysfunction and low libido listed and these have remedies for men.. I hope you would consider fulfilling my request


Posted by Mocity
Missouri City, TX
I would also like some remedies for this problem. I have been like this for about 1 year now and would like to try something natural. I am only 33 years old and don't think I should have this problem. It is affecting me seriously now. Your help is appreciated.
Posted by Lisa
Thousand Oaks, Ca, USA
704 Posts
Hi Mrsksims from Saint Louis, MO, I just recommended to Loren from Queens, NY to take maca. It is a root found in South America very high up and is wonderful. Read all about it. It is highly touted for restoring the libido, hormone balance and many other wonderful benefits of which I've written of already so I won't repeat them but you can look at other posts of mine. I wanted to write you asap as I can see you are really hurting. See my other posts for other things to help you and give you hope. Write if you have any other questions. Also look into raw cacao and all of its benefits. Chock full of magnesium/chromium, highest of antioxidants on the planet which protect us from cell mutation, builds serotonin in us which makes us feel happy, and so much more- truly! Take your health in your hands, Lisa
Posted by Mrsksims
Saint Louis, Mo
I'm in the same boat at Mocity. I am a 7yr breast cancer survivor and had a hysterectomy/oophrectomy last Oct. I'm only 33, with a 24 yr old husband and NO libido and NO arousal and NO orgasm. I can not take hormone replacement therapy because of my history with cancer (the reason why I had the surgery in the first place.) I saw my doctor on Monday and he recommended a sex therapist and a medicine normally prescribed for male impotence, that my insurance won't cover. HELP. please.
Posted by Brendak
Columbus, Ms
I would like to know more about the MACA. How much and how often do you take it? Does it come in powder or pill form? I thought there wasn't anything out there to help me so I am willing to try anything. Thanks for your help.
Posted by Mocity
Missouri City, Texas
Where can I find out about maca. Lisa from Thousand Oaks, CA says she has posted them, but where. Thanks!
Posted by Lisa
Thousand Oaks, Ca, Usa
704 Posts
Hi Mocity, Sorry you couldn't find that post. If you google maca and even maca/david wolfe you can learn all about maca. It is an excellent superfood! Of course you'll find sites that are selling the product but remember, you don't have to buy anything- just read all the information. You will learn a lot. And then you can make an educated decision from all the info you garner. Hope this helps. Lisa
Posted by Raven
Helena, Montana, Usa
2 Posts
I think I have accidentally stumbled upon something that will help with low libido- zinc supplements. I started taking zinc gluconate a couple months ago for an entirely different issue at the time. I was feeling easily fatigued and short of breath just walking up our split-level stairs and not in an anemic sort of way. I am hypothyroid and work out and weight lift twice a week at least, so it was pretty alarming at the time. Anyway, in my research I found out that zinc is also essential to testosterone production, which in turn is partially responsible for libido in both men and women. I have been taking it at bedtime for 2 months now, and wow! I guess I never realized how far my desire had fallen, but it's back! And another thing- I have started dreaming again. I used to dream vividly every night but stopped somewhere along the way in the last two years. The shortness of breath cleared up in about a week. I am totally impressed and will continue to take it. Hope this helps someone else!
Posted by Sarnrse
Houston, Tx
5 Posts
Female Sexual Dysfunction: Try the program offered in the book "The Orgasmic Diet" by Marrenna Lindberg

It is best to get the book. A small synopsis of the plan is here: http://www.doctoroz.com/videos/orgasm-diet

Posted by Aep
Small Town, Mi
I have to answer this as I " accidently" found the solution to low libido for women when I tried Magnesium oil for another problem. I slathered the magnesium oil on (undiluted! ) my legs and arms and belly every night for a couple months, and sometimes in the morning as well. I also took Magnesium citrate orally but could only tolerate a small amount, starting at 50 mg daily and working my way up to about 300 mg daily. Too much causes loose stool, especially in those with sensitive guts. I noticed some improvement in about a month, and a LOT of improvement after two months. I too had cancer and chemo which completely decimated my previously healthy sex drive. My husband started to think he'd been given a new wife! It also helped significantly with insomnia and helped me sleep very deeply which also hasn't happened since I had chemo 15 years ago! I later realized how much tension was gone in my jaw muscles that I never realized I had, and my migraines have decreased from 3-5 days weekly down to maybe a few times a month, mostly around ovulation and just before my period.

Sometimes the oil makes my skin itchy when it dries, and since I guess I'm too lazy to wash it off, I found it easiest to just put a little lotion on my arms, and legs just before or just after the magnesium oil.

For all the guys that read this, if your wife is irritable, or has no sex drive, do yourselves a favor and buy a BIG bottle and start offering back or leg massages to your wife, and use this oil! In a month or so you will be one happy husband, and your wife will thank you too as having the Big O will be effortless! Just dont use the magnesium oil near any sensitive areas as it stings.

Good luck, and I hope this helps alot of women. I wish someone had told me 15 years ago!

Ps. I eat a very healthy diet, no sugar/pop, lots of fresh fruits and vegetables and I was still severely magnesium defficient, even though standard blood work said I was not. Do yourselves a favor- just try it. You will be happy you did.

Posted by Jo
Nm, US
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Lost libido, ability to have orgasm, and natural lubrication (and inability to lose weight, zero energy, focus, etc, etc) in '94 following mastectomy and chemo. Multitude of drs no help. During hospitalization for pancreatitis in Feb. '13 (20 days), I got b 12 injections for 7 days. Drs later decided I wasn't really deficient, but within days, I had surge of libido. Over next 6 months lost 50 lbs, rediscovered muscle and concentration, etc. Effect started dropping off. Taking oral 5000 mcg but weight loss hasn't picked up. Just started using patch. Libido is improving again. Orgasm too. Following paleo diet (stopped chronic sinusitis and psoriasis). Using many supplements recommended here including mg (great for restless legs but no effect on libido), maca , vit d, vco, Apple Cider Vinegar and more. They helped with many things but not libido. Will continue experimenting. Definitely feel b 12 caused my turn around. Wish my various drs were less hidebound. Shame to spend 20 years begging for help and one simple blood test revealed it.


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