C-Diff Remedies

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Posted by Tomerodrique (Hendersonville, Nc) on 04/22/2011

[BETTER BUT NOT CURED]  I was on very strong antibiotics for three weeks for an abscessed tooth and about a week after discontinuing the antibiotics, I developed all the symptoms for c. Diff. The diarrhea I managed almost instantly with tumeric, but the cramping was so severe that it literally was almost unbearable. My daughter brought home Kefir. That was all I could eat/drink for six weeks. I did not have the cramping while on kefir but that was ALL I could eat. I mean all. I tried one bite of banana after six weeks on Kefir and the cramping returned full force. Finally I went to health food store and bought the capsules with billions of the good bacteria in them (have to be refrigerated). I started on them and within days could eat as normal. After stopping the capsules, about two weeks afterward, the c. Diff cramping returned with a vengeance. The moral of this story is to take the probiotics at the same time (separated by hours) as you are taking the antibiotic. It has come back, not the cramping, but the discharge from bowels that alerts one to the fact that the bad bacteria, c. Diff, is still there ready to act up. Now I notice the pharmacy is alerting people about c. Diff BUT it is still not telling people what to do to prevent it. You do not want to get this bacteria. It is bad, but I now know how to control it. Also, there is now a coated pill (so it lasts in a bottle) of acidophilus cultures but it is only in the millions of good bacteria, not the billions of the refrigerated capsules. They are cheap. Got online for $2.48 per bottle of 50 or 100. I stocked up on them.

I thank those who provide this life-saving site for us. Bless you and bless you, again!

Posted by Grace
There is a mega dose probiotic that is prescription only ask your doctor for it. It helps

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Posted by Tom (Laguna Niguel, CA) on 10/19/2013

[YEA]  To all fighting C Diff... My mother in law is in a care facility where C-diff runs wild. After 4-5 rounds of it and all the antibiotics, I took matters in my own hands. After a lot of rerearching and talks with health pros, I tried out the Probiotics and added also some D-Mannose powder. As explained to me the D-Mannose is a type of sugar and it lines the bladder walls so the "bad guys" bacteria can't hold on. So with a regimine of Probiotics and D-mannose, along with lots of water, she has been C-diff free for over 5 years now. It's worth the effort. Good luck to all.

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Posted by Brie (Strongcity, Ks) on 06/03/2012

Hi my name is Brie and I was diagnosed with c diff. I have been through three rounds of metronidazole and one round of vancomycin and I am still hurting. The doctor that has been helping me told me to wait a few weeks. Well its at the end of week one and I am starting to hurt more than usual. What should I do and is there any type of food that can help me get rid of it and programs to help me get another round of vancomycin and this one doctor that kept giving more anti biotics after I told him something was wrong with my stomach. He just kept sending me home saying that the antibiotics cant do such a thing can I get him in trouble for that?

Please help me, I dont know what to do and how to get rid of this and I am in a lot of pain to where I cant work.

Posted by Bill
San Fernando, Philippines
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Hi Brie... The most probable cause and main aggravator of your C-diff problem is over-use of antibiotics. So because your doctor is over-prescribing even more antibiotics over the long term for your problem, your problem is therefore bound to get even worse. See these links on something called The Antibiotic Syndrome:

The Antibiotic Syndrome

The End of Antibiotics and the Rise of Iodine as an Effective Alternative

Just do a Google Search on "lugol's iodine kills c-diff" for more info.

What will help destroy the clostridium bacteria is the following:

* Put 4 drops of lugol's iodine into a litre of mineral water and drink this throughout the day outside mealtimes. Do this everyday. It's really up to you how many drops of lugol's iodine you use everyday -- the more the better -- but this will depend on the severity of the die-off and detox reaction that arises from this kind of internal iodine use. Unfortunately iodine is too good -- not only will it kill the c-diff quickly but it will also detox your body and removes dangerous heavy metals, bromide and fluorine from your body which can give significant detox reactions and symptoms. So, in regard to iodine supplementation -- Start Small and Go Slow.

* Take turmeric tablets every day with meals or take the powdered form in green tea. Turmeric is also a c-diff killer. Turmeric is also food.

* Take the recommended dosage of organic aloe vera juice several times a day outside mealtimes. This will help to heal the intestines and should help to greatly reduce the pain.

* Take a 1/4 tspn Bentonite clay, twice a day, in a half glass of water outside mealtimes as recommended. Adding psyllium husks to the Bentonite drink will also help. Bentonite works because its particles have a negative charge which attracts all positively charged toxins, heavy metals, pathogens etc and helps to remove them safely and naturally from the body. This is a gentle protocol that is quite safe with few side-effects.

The above protocols will help to kill the C-Diff quickly and will also remove and neutralize the intestinal toxins and will help to heal your intestines naturally.

You also say you have a problem with your stomach. This isn't much to go on but could mean possible associated problems with H pylori. So best to get tested for H pylori.

The last thing I would do is fire your doctor -- he is definitely clueless about the Antibiotic Syndrome and his recommendations are not helping you. You should see a naturopath instead -- naturopaths are much more knowledgeable and sympathetic towards problems caused by gut dysbiosis and they also understand and more fully appreciate the Antibiotic Syndrome and how it arises.

Posted by Wayfarer
Cookeville, Tn, Usa
My mother, at almost 90, had c-diff. I doubt she would have lasted long. Within 24 hours of taking bovine colostrum (capsules available at your health food store) her bowel movements were normal. You might want to give it a try.
Posted by Blackened Dove
Arlington, Tx
To Wayfarer from Cookville, TN: Thank you for this information. I am suffering badly with c diff. Woken from my sleep at 5:30 this morning with the urge I ran to the restroom. It is now 9:30 and I have already gone to the bathroom 6 times. Can you tell me how many pills your grandma took? Or did she use the regular recommended dose? I will be going to buy some of these on my lunch break in a couple of hours.

Posted by Josh (Litchfield, Illinois) on 05/19/2012

This is my 6 or 7th time having this evil infection. The first few times I had it, it occured after multi antibiotic treatment for staph.... However it went away about a week after stoping the antibiotics. The last time I had this, I was hospitalized for 4 days on iv pain meds, fluids, cipro and flagyl and other meds. I was better after 4 days of this treatment and released...

Well today I just started having the symptoms of it again, the need to go potty, cramping and vomiting and pain, right now its not bothering me too much, getting outside and moving around seems to have helped.... I believe I have it this time because I have been on in the last few weeks, septra ds, doxycycline and cleocin for a staph infection. I decided today to stop the cleocin since its the last one im on and am almost done with it.... I still feel queezy and the need to potty, but thank you GOD the pain is gone for right now. I am going to go get some kefir and see if that helps any, I found out about it from this site.... I wanna say thanks to all of you who posted this info, cuz like everyone else says, this is an evil evil infection that does make you feel like your never gonna get better.

Posted by Natalie
Detroit Lakes, Mn, Us
You need to be treated with a course of Flagyl to rid your body of this dread bacterial overgrowth and you nee to be taking a very high quality, potent probiotic. Never again ingest Cleocin! It is the antibiotic most likely to cause C-Diff and you must advocate for yourself with your Dr. So that you are never given this med again. I had C-Diff from Cleocin and it was horrible. Once you have it, the more likely that it will return. I would take probiotics every day - forever and yoghurt is not enough to do the trick.

Also, if you have pets, you may want to see if they have C-Diff because you could be exchanging it back and forth. You and your pets should be treated at the same time and they should also get the probiotics.

Please seek treatment as C-Diff is not only highly contagious and dangerous - it can be fatal. Left untreated, you could end up with complications later in life. Best wishes for your health.

Posted by Joyce
Dallas, Tx
Hi, I suffered from B strep Urinary infection and also MRSA... Both of them would not go away after I don't know how many rounds of different antibiotics I tried... None of the antibiotics killed the infection and both of these ailments kept recurring over and over for a year... I spent weeks and weeks and months looking for remedies and trying all these remedies here on Earth Clinic... ACV, Baking Soda, Colloidal Silver, Garlic, Iodine, Vit C, Magnesium, H202... I tried EVERYTHING!

Then I stumbled upon another naturopathic website that talked about Dr. Scheussler 12 Tissue Salts... These tissue salts are essential for the body and any defficiency will cause a number of ailments and outbreaks... Each of the 12 tissue salts is assigned for a certain function in the body... I used Sodium Chloride, Pottasium Sulfate, Calcium Sulfate, Potassium Phosphate, Silica (aka Aspirin), Magnesium Phosphate and Sodium Sulfate... After one month, I noticed my ailments and symptoms disappeared and have not had a recurrence of either MRSA or B Strep urinary infection... I stopped taking them two months ago because I ran out of them... And still no recurrence...

I am going to get some more Calcium Sulfate because it thickens my hair, Silica because helps with my skin and hair, and Potassium Phosphate because it helps with stress and anxiety... As for MRSA and B Strep I am clear of them both... The Tissue Salts are at most health food stores... Dr. Scheusslers Tisssue Salts... Google it... And educate your self even more!

For C DIFF, I would look into Sodium Sulphate, Potassium Sulphate, Silica, Calcium Sulfate, Magnesium Phosphate, Potassium Phosphate and Sodium Phosphate...

Posted by Anthony
Philadelphia, Pa
Hey, interesting post. Could I ask where you ordered your tissue salts from? I cant find them anywhere in brick and mortar or online. Thank you!
Posted by Bess
Calgary, Alberta, Canada
Hi Anthony - I'm not Joyce, but you can get Dr. Schuessler 12 Tissue Salts from most health food stores. There is also another brand, called Hylands, that offers tissue salts - also found in health food stores. If they aren't in stock, ask at customer service and they should be able to order it for you. Good luck!

Posted by Diane (Spokane, Washington, United States) on 01/17/2012

Question: My Papa has been diagnosed with this condition since July 2011 and is on his 3rd bout. He is 73 with several other medical conditions however this is currently the most prevalent. Does anyone know where I can find a site that will provide in lay terms the most accurate description, treatment, and possible specialists in this area? Many thanks and best to those in your life suffering as well.

Regards, Diane

Posted by Helen
Bern, Switzerland
Dear Diane, Sorry to hear about your Papa. My friend was infected (twice) with c-diff, first in a hospital, then in a nursing home.

allnurses website had good info on c-diff, especially posts written by

Carol S./Concerned lady

I read it a few years back. I hope those links still work. Or you may google Dr. Johannes Aas or Dr. Rubin in a clinic in Duluth Minnesota. Their therapy is shocking, unless you're open-minded, but it is about 95% successful.

Posted by Keith (Simsbury, Ct) on 09/26/2009

I'm 48 and came down with a C.Diff infection after surgery to repair my ulnar nerve. The site became infected and I was given Keflex. 3 days after my last dose I became very ill, but I've had IBS and GERD most of my life so I ignored it. That is until the pain got so bad that I couldn't move. I finally had enough and had my wife drive me to the emergancy room. They placed me on Moraphind(SP) and Vanco and by about a week later I was doing pretty good. Then the Vanco ran out and I ended up back in the emergancy room. I'm a weight lifter, by hobby, and was at 230 pounds. Now 4 months later I'm at 185 and still can't eat much of anything. Nor can I lift anymore. And once again the Vanco course has ended and now 3 days later I'm starting to get the symptoms back. I can't go through this again, I almost lost my wife and my job because I couldn't stay awake. I have always been athletic but now I'm lucky if I can get through the day without falling asleep. The Dr even put me on Amphetamines (sp) to help me get through the day. Anyway, now I just sound like I'm feeling sorry for myself but I'm at a point where I don't know what to do. I really hate sounding like a whinny little baby but the pain is so bad that the thought of eating makes me naushous(sp) And the constant trips to the bathroom is getting old. On a good note, I've caught up on a lot of my reading while in there. KDK

Posted by Deeree
Southeast Massachusetts
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To Keith from CT: I am 52, and had relapsing C-Diff last year from Thanksgiving til April 2009. It started with a respiratory infection, followed by antibiotics, and a trip to the emergency room, where I picked up the nasty bug. I was in the hospital three times for relapses. The final time, I was put on a pulse dose of Vancomycin for 6 weeks. But I also took matters into my own hands. I purchased Probiotics on-line. I read as much as I could about how it travels and incubates, and I started disinfecting my home. The only thing that kills this bacteria is BLEACH!! The dilution rate used is 10 parts water to 1 part bleach. I wiped down every surface in my house, especially door handles, knobs, toilet and toilet handles, phones, computer and mouse, and more. I read the spores can live up to 6 months to 2 years. Don't know which is true, but even the lower 6 months is long time. I also carried a small spray bottle of the diluted bleach solution when I had to go back to the hospital. If I could pick it up in the ER, I wasn't taking any chances. If you do purchase probiotics, make sure they are stable. I paid $40.00 a bottle, but the good ones all run that much. Some, like LGG can run up to 200.00 for a month supply. But they DO WORK. I try to take 1 a day now. Good Luck, I hope you get better.
Posted by Denver, Co
Denver, Colorado, United States
Similar to many of you I was prescribed an antibiotic for an unrelated infection in August, 2011 and by mid-September, 2011 I had to go to the emergency room because of the c. Diff symptoms. They diagnosed me with C. Diff and gave me a 10 day prescription of Metronidazol (Flagyl) and told me I should be okay after that. At the hospital they didn't treat it as a serious condition and just told me to take the meds for the time period suggested and stay away from spicy and acidic foods. I followed the instructions as given to me by the hospital but little did I know that after the 10 days on the medication the c. Diff came back and I had three reoccurrences from the end of September to the end of October 2011.

During the last reoccurrence I came accross this website and I believe the remedies provided here were more advantageous than the medicine I was taking. What I did was take the 10 day Flagyl (500 mg) three times a day and also purchased probiotics at a local store-the ones I bought are Culturelle-with Lactobacillus GG and I started taking three of these a day as well. I started pulsing down the amount I was taking, until on the last couple days I just took one flagyl and two probiotics. I also stayed away from any sugar, dairy, wheat, and acidic products during those last 10 days and drank only water (and lots of it). I have been 2 weeks clear of the c. Diff and feel great. I am now eating as I was before and hope this time it doesn't come back (in the past after 1-2 days of being off of the flagyl I would feel the symptoms again... So this is a great sign! ). I continue to take a probiotic a day and probably will continues to do so for a few more weeks.

Posted by HollyI (Marine City, Michigan) on 07/09/2009

I am 27 years old and as a result of taking care of my grandfather, I got MRSA. I didn't know it until it formed a lump in my breast. When the cyst was removed, my doctor noticed it had been infected and that's how I learned I had MRSA. Instead of going through another surgery to have a drain put in(my breast kept refilling with infection) my doctor put me on Clindamyosin. After finishing the medication, I felt good and the infection had cleared up, but a few days later I had major stomach problems. I always have a sensitive stomach and GERD so to me this was normal. It lasted ten days before I went to the ER. Which was last night. The pain was like nothing I have ever felt in my life. I just wanted to die. The ER doctor took a stool sample and told me to go home. No pain medication or anything. Today the lab called me and told me I have C Diff. now i am taking flagyl and sucking on pretzels. I can not eat and once I get into a position, I don't want to move because I will feel the pain again. I CAN'T believe I cried like a baby and I just want to lay in the fetal position. This is the worst thing to have and I would not wish this on anyone. I lost 4 pounds already. Anyone else feel like this????

Posted by Lee
Tyler, Texas
I know it's an older thread but to answer your question, "has anyone ever felt like this?", I can tell you I have. I was literally worried about dying. I hope you have gotten rid of the c diff. I have read this entire web page and noticed no one has mentioned anything about a new drug called Difficid. It is made to treat c diff and nothing else. I just finished it a couple of days ago and so far the symptoms haven't totally bombarded me although for me it normally takes a few days to tell what is going to happen. The first time I had C diff and ended up in the er it was cleared up with flagyl (it took either two or three rounds). The second time which is now (it's been going on for several months now) I took the flagyl, then two rounds of vancomycin, and like I said I just finished this new drug called Difficid. In a couple of days I'm going to do another stool sample and I'll post my results to let everyone know if it worked.

Posted by Hurtinginny (Putnam, NY) on 05/17/2009

I have only had cdiff for about 1 month and have not enjoyed it at all. I have diverticulitis and issues from a parasitic condition from 1992 and this has certainly complicated my life. I am on Flagyl and over 500 million of probiotic per day. The diarrhea has stopped and the pain is still there most of the time. I have lost 22 lbs and all this happened from antibiotics and a colonoscopy as I had no c diff in my stool just prior to the scope. CAN I SUE THE HOSPITAL as this is really bad?

Posted by Joyce
Joelton, Tn
Hello hurting ginny with the C diff,

Having recently been in the position of pooping & peeing down both legs getting to the bathroom, I feel for you. Two things I recommend that you do quickly is get some active Yogurt, drink buttermilk to replace the good guys while making what is supposed to be the granddaddy of all in replacing the good guys in your gut. The recipe for cultured cabbage can be pulled from the internet but it takes 3 days to fix your first batch. Making it yourself is much cheaper than buying probiotics. Succeeding cultured cabbage is hastened and only takes 2 days by using some of the first cultured cabbage as a starter. Keep taking this until your problem is ended and your poop floats. The other thing to start immediately is find you a compounding pharmacy and call to ask if they can prepare an 8 ounce supply of SSKI for you. Start taking 6 drops per day in unchlorinanted water (distilled is fine). Put potassium iodide in your search window and go: when given references look for the Tahoma Clinic one, pull it up and print it out on what it does for you, a wonderful solution that does many things, kills off many pathogens, parasites, molds, liquefies secretions in the body so they can be ejected in one way or another. When you feel that your C diff is under control, reduce your SSKI to 2 drops per day in unchlorinated water.

Lots of luck, Ginny and keep us posted on how you are doing, we care. If need be, we'll put our heads together and see what else we can come up with.

PS: In the future, if you are having symptoms indicating the need for a colonoscopy or other invasive procedure, have it but don't let anyone do an invasive procedure because of your age alone. My philosophy is that if it works, don't let anyone fix it, cut on it or cut it out, because you are likely to get worse problems than you already have. My next younger brother headed for emergency surgery when they perforated his colon during a colonoscopy.

Posted by RAY (SAGINAW, MI) on 03/06/2009


Posted by C.S.M
Vero, FL
Have you heard about probiotic therapy and fecal transfusion? Here is a thread with some good links.


Best Wishes to you and your wife. Hope she recovers quickly!

Posted by C.S.M
Vero Beach, FL
Coincidentally, just tonight I listened to an online talk from this MD (see his bio below) who specializes in treatment of recurrent C diff. Maybe he can be of some help. As you are acutely aware, Cdiff is a complicated diagnosis. I have done an online search and have not been able to find any other alternative therapy. Is your wife actually having active diarrhea? The spores do stay in the colon and if not causing diarrhea should not be actively treated. Again, best wishes to you.

Stuart Johnson, MD, DTM&H, is Associate Professor of Medicine at Loyola University Stritch School of Medicine, Chair of the Infection Control Committee at Loyola University Medical Center in Maywood, Ilinois, and a Staff Physician at the Hines VA Hospital. He is a council member of the Anaerobe Society of the Americas and the current President of the Chicago Area Infectious Diseases Society. His main research interest and focus has involved the epidemiology and pathogenesis of Clostridium difficile infections. He is actively studying variant strains of this enteric pathogen that do not produce one of the two large clostridial toxins. In addition, he is studying the role of these toxins in the pathogenesis of C. difficile disease. He has also been involved in clinical research on the parasite Angiostrongylus cantonensis, which is responsible for most cases of eosinophilic meningitis worldwide. He is the author of more than 60 peer-reviewed journal articles, reviews, and book chapters.

P.S. By the way, I am not associated with this doctor or facility at all. I only took his name from the medical conference that I watched on line at Medscape. CSM

Posted by Gean
Salina, KS
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Please read Meryl's story at http://www.lactobacillusgg.com. Click on "testimonials", then on "Meryl's story" at the bottom of the page. It's about a lady with C. Diff who was healed with Culturelle probiotic, which in their words did in four days what four months of antibiotics could not do. It surely can not hurt. Culturelle can be purchased at Walmart for under $20.
Posted by C.S.M
Vero Beach, FL
Another thing--

C diff colonizes in the bowel and should not be treated unless she is having symptoms (abdominal symptoms, fever or diarrhea).

C. diff is a bacteria--it couldn't hurt to use turmeric per the advice here on Earth Clinic.

According to The Peoples Pharmacy --

"Shredded Coconut and coconut macaroons can be lifesaving for relief of diarrhea from several conditions. The response can be immediate or can take several weeks"

From the same source--consider adding pineapple for inflammatory properties.

In my experience, C diff can cause lactose intolerance at least for a while after the infection. Try a lactose free diet.

Earth Clinic-- Would you please add my response to any diarrhea treatment forums you have? C diff should be suspected in any case of diarrhea now (because of the use of antibiotics in man and animals) and, according to MSNBC, a superstrain of C diff may be in 40% of grocery store meats.

Thank you. And thanks for offering this wonderful resource for people! CSM

EC: Yes, will cross-post to the diarrhea page. Thanks for your research, C.S.M.!

Posted by Joyce
Joelton, Tn
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Hello Ray, Sorry your wife has been ill for so long with C diff. Since C diff usually follows use of antibiotics, it would seem logical that it occurs because the antibiotics killed off the good guys in the intestines. It also seems logical to think that those bad guys called candida albicans have taken over and are causing the trouble.

If I were you, I would look up Ted's remedies on other things, and would probably begin with his methylene blue drops to kill off the candida, also taking probiotics to replace the good guys to keep the candida in check. You can also research other sites regarding
systemic candida infections and natural cures for it.

Posted by Anonymous

Would colostrum help? Wishing your wife well!

Just google colostrum for c-dif and you should find helpful info!

Posted by Anita
Georgetown, IL
My husband had c-diff for several weeks and we beat it with Bentonite Clay. One tablespoon each day cleared up his diarrhea within about 3 - 4 days time. The bad bacteria in the gut is attracted to the clay and absorbed by it. Works wonderfully!
Posted by C.S.M
Could you please describe how you take the bentonite clay? Do you mix it in something? Did you take the whole tablespoon all at once or split throughout the day?

Thank you.

Posted by MMAK
Vero Beach, FL
To CSM in Vero Beach...I live in Vero Beach and contracted C-Diff after abdominal surgery. The pharmacist told me he fills 20 prescriptions per week for Vincocin.. the antibiotic used to treat it. I have been on meds since February and it has not gone away. I will try some of these suggestions. Just wondering what your experiences are and if there is something to be said that we are in the same town....and perhaps got it at the same place.

Also, not sure what docs you use.

Posted by Kimberly
Lincoln, Ne
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Before you give up hope, Please try Pau d'arco tea or a decoction of the bark. This is the only thing that has truly worked in my case. It is a very strong antimicrobial, antiviral, antifungal, antibacterial. I have tried yogurt and probiotics. Try drinking one cup of it 2-3 times a day. You can find it in health food stores or online. You will also want to try Wild Oil of Oregano capsules. Make sure they are the real thing and not a diluted copy cat.
Look both of these things up on the web. Wild oregano is a very potent antiseptic, antibacterial as well. Please have your wife and anyone else you know who has C. Diff try these.
Posted by Sky
Harrisburg, Pa, Usa
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Anita from Geargetown , I know this has been almost a year, but did the c-diff ever return in your husband?

I had the c-diff or may still have it. I was done with the metronidazole (flagyl) last week and felt great. Right before I was done I got my Bentonite clay and diatomaceuos earth in the mail. Since I no longer had diarrhea I only started taking the diatomaceous earth instead of the clay. Also still taking some probitics and drink the cabbage juice every couple of days, but last night I started with the first symptoms of c-diff again....I guess I am not taking enough of something, since it's not cleared up.

I took one TBS of clay last night, again one this morning and I'm hoping to beat this as soon as possible. I wish more people would comment on posts, I am very curious about all of this and would like to know if people have actually beat this bacteria?

Posted by Tabvan
Mechanicsburg, Pa
Sky this was a long time ago. How is your c-diff now at the end of Aug. ? My c-diff started in Feb and I am on my 4th dose of pulsing Vancomycin. This time 3 weeks for each dose which will take me up to Nov. I have formed stool but not floaters yet.

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Posted by Patti1089 (Mountain View, Nj) on 09/18/2009

I wonder if Ted could weigh in on this. People are saying that yogurt is a good way to go when I've heard from nutritionists that yogurt is usually loaded with sugar which is never good, it is a milk product and for C Dif you are always advised NOT to use any dairy products for a while. Also I doubt that yogurt has the levels or variety of pro-biotics needed to actually help with C Dif. Also, I notice that just today someone wrote a frightening warning about C-Dif here with NO suggestions on how to help. Personally, I'm not happy that I just left my mothers hospital room who is frightenly ill with C-Dif, I come to this site for answers and I get more fear. I will contact a nutritionist on Monday about this and if he enlightens me anymore, I will add some HELPful tips about C Dif according to what he has to say. On my own I have read about Colustrum supplements, and (believe it or not) Fecal transplants. I am sure each case is different so I'll mention that my mother was on anti biotics for a urinary tract infection she got a week after having a hystorectomy. I will add more information on Monday night if our nutritionist can enlighten me.

Posted by Tricia
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Nutrition is such a complex subject. I too am confused adout the sugar content in a lot of supposedly "healthy foodstuff". My daughter, now 4, was diagnosed with a small rectum and lazy bowel within 8 weeks of birth. We were told that the only way forward for her was an operation and meantime laxatives. After consultations with nutritionists and other medical reps we chose to give her a prune juice and water mix instead of an unnatural laxative knowing that this could affect her front baby teeth. When introducing solids we were also very careful not to give her anything that could constipate her. This included plenty of fruit and natural plain yoghurt products which for flavour I added the fruit. She has had so little in the form of shop bought sweets that she thinks wet raw carrot and turnips are desserts. And the good part is......so far no operation needed.

When I brought her to the dentist recently he told me that she needs 4 filling on each of her back teeth so I explained about the prune juice. He told me that this would only affect her front teeth not the back ones and that she was getting too many sweets. When I explained that there was no way that this could be the problem and told him about her treats of yoghurt, carrots and fruits. He told me that these are all high sugar even though it is natural sugar and it is these healthy treats that are probobly causing her the problem. I am in a bit too much of a temper at the moment to fully research this but from what little I have gathered most of our foods turn to sugars apart from meats and she is a bit young for an atkins diet.

Conflicting advice is coming at us from all sides. My husband has been diagnosed with a hereditary heart defect and the specialist gave him a special diet. When we rang the nutritionist at the hospital about another issue I mentioned this diet and she said no way would it be beneficial and gave us totally conflicting advice.

I do my own research on the subject whenever I can but there is such a large amount of information on the web that there are too many sites to trawl through.

O.k. now I'll get off the proverbial pedastal..........

Posted by Joyce
Joelton, Tn
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Hi Patti, Since we know that C dif often starts after antibiotics, it would seem to be a result of the good guys getting killed off in the intestines,letting the bad guys take over and create havoc. If this is truly the cause then the cure should be in killing off the bad guys and replenishing the good guys.

Please read recent posting in EC on maple syrup/baking soda (sodium bicarbonate) cure for cancer (can also click on link to article in IMVA (International Medical Veritas Assn. by Dr. Sircus) where this information came from in which he states that he preferred black strap molasses instead of maple syrup because you don't have to boil it). The explanation of how it cures cancer is to saturate the sugar that the mold thrives on with the baking soda which kills it, so the unsuspecting mold (probable candida) gobbles up the sugar, not suspecting that it is poisoned and is killed off, and the cancer goes away on its own. Probably the slaughter of the bad guys gives the body time to replenish the good guys, bringing the system back into balance and good health.

The rapid way to replenish the good guys is probiotics, which can be expensive, but if you have the stamina to make your own cultured cabbage, it is supposed to replenish the good guys quickly. Recipes for this and for Asian Kimchi (another cultured dish) can be obtained on line. Just type in "cultured cabbage recipe" or "Kimchi recipe" in the search window. My son recently made his first batch of Kimchi using the recipe calling for Napa or chinese cabbage, green onions or scallions, ginger root which he loves and I found it better than the commercial brands that he shuns because of pork or shrimp, etc. in them.

I am now on my first batch of cultured cabbage. Sure glad that it calls for 4 ounces of it mixed with 4 ounces of water, because when you open the jar it smells somewhere between sauer kraut and flatus (anyone doesn't know what flatus is, the four letter equivalent begins with fa..). This definitely doesn't whet my taste buds, and one is instructed to drink it 2 or 3 times each day until ones feces no longer stinks and until it floats. By the time my cultured cabbage juice is used up, my son might have a partner in making Kimchi and using it as a side side with each meal instead of drinking the cultured cabbage (Kimchi is also a cultured dish).

Fortunately I have never had C dif, but this is the route I would probably take. In fact, I pulled up the cultured cabbage because I suspected that I might have a lesser problem secondary to many antibiotics during my hospitalization this past spring, despite the fact that my good and wise doctor gave me probiotics throughout the hospitalizition to prevent problems with killing out the good guys.

Yogurt, Ripe Bananas   2  0   

Posted by Joyce (Joelton, TN) on 04/02/2008

[YEA]  To Beth from Bristoll 4/01/08:

Hello Beth, Welcome to the world of unwanted side effects (c diff in your case) from antibiotics. In most cases this is from killing off the good bacteria along with the bad. If so, the best treatment is to replace the good bacteria by eating lots of live YOGURT. Ripe bananas (the peels get brown speckles on them) should also help.

I also remember reading where someone wrote in to Earth Clinic, that they solved the diarrhea problem with 5-6 drops of iodine in a glass of water. I would try one or both instead of taking another antibiotic. Looking at the humorous side of the sitation, you can now respond to Kyra Jones, from Los Angeles 4/2/08, question: "What on earth are they doing for their $150,000 education"?

Posted by Beth
Bristol, VA
I was diagnosed with C-Diff on Feb.14,2008. I had initially gone to the Dr. with bad stomach pain & sore throat & was prescribed Omnicef. On day 10 I had bad diarrhea with blood. I went to the ER. A week later I got a call saying that I had C-Diff. I took 10 days of Flagyl which was one of the worst experiences ever. I still have upper abdominal pain from time to time. I want some relief.
Posted by Marsha
Lima, Oh
I contacted c diff after being prescribed clindamycin for infection. I had 2 rounds of vancomycin, 2 rounds of flagil, took florastor, and culturett faithfully. I also started drinking Kefir. This started January 1, 2009 and I could not shake it. I wound up in the hospital in February. In April, my gastroendologist decided to do "bacterial" therapy. Another name is fecal transplant. My husband was the donor. Since I was 53, I needed a colonoscopy anyway, so my doctor did both at the same time. I have not had c diff since. Automatic cure after all these months. Now I am getting ready to face breast surgery and am loading up on florastor, kefir, and culturette. I hope it does not come back but if it does another bacteria therapy is in my future.
Posted by Diane
Rives, Tn
I have had another recurrence of C Diff, but am unable to find a doctor willing to do a fecal transplant. Does anyone have the name of a physician that will perfom one?
Posted by Jujuinvegas
Las Vegas, Nv
To Dianne in Rives: A fecal transplant is also called a fecal enema, and normally a family member is the donor. You instantly have the benefit of healthy bacteria, flora, without introducing cultures to your system orally. I think you could find out how to do this yourself online... Everything is online.. That's how I found this thread! Fighting C-dif in my 88 yr old Dad, second bout in three weeks of Flagyl... If this doesn't cease, 6 to 10 diapers a day.. We won't mention sheets)here comes the enema!!
Posted by Justpassingthrough
Cookeville, Tn, Usa
Regarding fighting clostridium difficile in your 88 year-old father - My mother had c. Diff. At 88 also (caught it in the hospital). The doctors were at a loss. A child's dose of bovine colostrum had her bowel movements back to normal within 24 hours. In 2 weeks she was back at home, and lived another year. Get bovine colostrum capsules at your local health food store.
Posted by Chandkid
Chandler, Arizona
My 84 year old mother has had diarrhea for 3 months now. First month her gastroenterologist refused to think it could be C Diff despite fact she had been on 2 yrs of antibiotics for recurrent UTI's and most recently CIPRO and Levaquin (which I have since learned are notorious for causing C Diff. ) Ended up in hospital dehydrated and had colonscopy and sent home. 2 nights later fell while cleaning diarrhea and fractured her spine w/bone fragment wedged against spinal column and couldn't walk. Back in hospital, colonoscopy results came back with collageanous colitis in meantime. Had 7 hr neurosurgery for spine, a few days later diarrhea even worse and diagnosed C Diff. I think she had it all along although they said it didn't show up in colonscopy (is this possible?) Started her on Flagyl 4 days, then switch to Vancomyacin. Then her heart rate became irregular, fluid built up etc. Sent her to rehab and 4 days later she was VERY ill and back to hospital with infection in blood stream (doc said from all the diarrhea), heart attack, congestive heart failure, atrial fib, SVT, pneumonia... We almost lost her. Infectious disease doc was great (wish he'd been called in earlier)and he chose an antibiotic for the blood stream that wouldn't aggravate C Diff and wouldn't let them put her on any other antibiotics. Started her on Floraster and lactobacillius in hospital (at least they do that now). She got better, blood stream infection and C Diff both got better. Her heart functioning was 25%, and only 2 2wks earlier it was strong and fine. They did angiogram and found 95% blockage in LED artery and put in 2 stents. Doc told me that stress of being so sick and diarrhea so long can cause veins to restrict and plaque to be knocked off, blocking the arteries.

She is now out of hospital back in SNF for rehab, and diarrhea started getting worse again pretty quickly even tho on Vanco for 4 wks. Doc extended it 10 days more. Meanwhile - I expressed concern that she may have a UTI (with diarrhea in diapers and CNAs not making effort to get her to bathroom no wonder! ), and put her on Macrobid without telling me. Now I know and am torn - the UTI could make her very sick again, but so can the C Diff. He says Macrobid isn't one that causes C Diff like Levaquin does. So I compramised and said ok to 5 days of it. Making myself sick too worrying about this, managing it, advocating and researching. Are there any good antibiotics she could be on that won't make C Diff worse?

Posted by Bev
Long Beach, Ca
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I agree with Joyce that yogurt is the best for curing C-diff. My mother has the same thing from antibiotics killing the good bacteria. I get her Kefer yogurt drink that she has every morning. Suppose to be the best probiotic.
Posted by Oldladyj
Mansfield, Oh, Usa
[YEA]   I had C-Diff early this year (January, 2011), after taking the antibiotic, Clyndamycin, for some supposed necessary dental surgery I was to have at Aspen Dental (which turned out to be totally unnecessary, per a true dental surgeon). Horrid, nasty disease, it was! I got so badly dehydrated that I had to have the emergency squad come get me. That's how I discovered that I had C-Diff. I was given Flagyl, which had no effect on it.

I have found several medical research team articles that document the use of what is called kefir for C-Diff (and other bugs like this). It works very well for getting rid of this superbug. The treatment they used is a type of yogurt, but the yogurt is not made with pasteurized milk. Kefir has been around for centuries. It originated in the Caucasean Mountains (research kefir for full history).

What I've read is that all of the test individuals recovered from C-Diff with no recurrence, using the kefir treatment. They stated that antibiotic treatments had little to no affect on the disease. Kefir is staggered througout the day with the antibiotic, as they gradually decrease the dosages of the antibiotic, finally replacing it totally with the kefir, which is taken every day for awhile.

Any good store that carries a wide variety of yogurts carries this probiotic liquid (I get mine at Kroger and Meijer). In Kroger, go to either the yogurt or the healthfood sections. Meijer - yogurt section. Look for a container shaped like a small milk bottle. It comes flavored or plain. I use a brand, raspberry flavor, which both stores carry where I live. (Google online for coupons, and for what this container looks like.)

I personally stopped the antibiotic (Flagyl) right away. Instead, I drank a 1/2 cup of kefir four times the first day, then went down to 1/4 cup four times a day for about a week. I mixed it with a little bit of filtered cold water from the fridge, which watered it down a bit and made it a little easier for me to drink (I'm a woos, even though the stuff tastes good right out of the bottle. ). I have since replaced the water with about six ounces of Meijer brand, "not from concentrate" orange juice. The drink tastes like an orange cream popsicle. Quite good, actually.

Within 24 hours, after taking 1/2 cup two times the first day, the severe diarrhea began to decrease. Within two days, it was gone. It's been seven months, and I have not had even a hint of a recurrence.

I still drink one or two servings of the 1/4 kefir to 3/4 orange juice or water, once or twice a month, just in case, because I have a history of intestinal problems since childhood. I have also started adding a 1/2 cup of cold water with 1/2 cup of aloe vera juice (buy at healthfood store), to keep my stomach and intestinal lining healthy (I extensively researched this). It knocks out any trace of heartburn, for some reason. I only use the aloe once in awhile when the heartburn rears its ugly head (after I slip and eat something with sugar in it).

Posted by Dolores
Lancaster, Pa
Dear Readers, to all those who lives and bodies are upset and down from C-diff, this horrible destroying bacteria and to those who lost loved ones from it, I hope to let people know, please be your own advocate and question your doctors, they don't have the answers for severe cases . I read many stories to find comfort, DKH from High Point NC we needed to understand all this information about the way C-diff is handled and how deadly in some cases it could be. I didn't come across it till now. Your story really touched my heart, as it still aches over losing my brother. At 42 on February 20, 2010 Bob JR died from COMPLICATIONS of C-diff and the long lasting effects of the colon being destroyed. It is a long story of a single guy with a heart of gold, an ambulance driver and volunteer fireman to boot, there were missed signals and many hospital stays with diverticulitis issues and lots of antibiotics over the course of probably 3 to 4 years.

I live in PA the rest of my family in NY and the FEBRUARY 14, 2010 wedding of our nephew was a blessing to whole our family as my brother was dancing and smiling (we have lots of pictures) through his pain as he could not eat and had lost over 40pounds in the year. He was released from the hospital Jan 11, 2010 on antibiotics again only to return as we rushed him there Feb 17 where he died. This C-diff is a killer still. The doctor in the hospital said we have 5 cases and Bob's is the worst, besides doing emergency illiectomy surgery, as he was Sepsis and in shock when we brought him there. His ambulance friends went to a sister hospital in New york City to get an experimential medicine, it was given who knew if it would have work it was just to late. Why was he sent home in Jan. with a port of antibiotics, nursing care that didn't really know about how dangerous C-diff was, as we didn't either and given a letter that he could return to work just 10days before he died, yet the discharge doctors didn't even have the blood tests back yet. We have all the hospital records but according to New York State Law they, the doctors and the hospital were in their Jurisdiction of care and laws of care as three experts told our lawyer.... So to all..... OUR heallth care system is crumbling and we need to be proactive for ourselves, our children, grandchildren and loved ones that need a voice, be viligant.

I have friends and family in the medical field who are so fustrated by the politics and profits of "People Care" consumers not patients to some any more with human life on the line.. Doctors Nurses, Caretakers you went into this field because you care for others.. Please speak up. Knowledge is Power and the public needs to know what can we do to help ourselves against these killers.... Start a group...... Life is precious. Sepsis, C-diff and MRSAs- all of them killers and on my dad's Death certificate 1/09/2009 and my brothers 2/20/2010 as cause of death. In our hearts forever..... Thank you for listening and the good info. on what to do if someone else in our family gets C-diff.... I pray not.

Posted by Bess
Calgary, Alberta, Canada
Thank you Dolores from Lancaster for sharing your story about your brother and C-diff. I am so sorry for your loss.

You are right about needing to be proactive in our health by empowering ourselves and our families. As a former C-diff sufferer (1995 when I was given Biaxin and Cipro for walking pneumonia), one thing I strongly recommend for getting and staying healthy is taking a very high-quality probiotic daily - eating fermented food helps too.

Take care, Bess

Posted by Alberto
Miami, Fl
I had cdiff last year after the first round of flagyl for 14 days it came back after 3 or 4 days, then I went on metrodinasol (vancocymin) for 14 days. Again I thought I was finally rid of this horrible thing, but it came back after 3 days again. My doctor, and I also did some research, put me on 21 days of flagyl and that is what finally did it. I also take an Activia yogurt everyday and 1 pill of saccaramyses Boulardi MOS and I have been free for the last 9 months. As a matter of fact my stomach has never been this good even before CDiff it must be the probiotics. I hope this helps.


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