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Last Modified on Sep 04, 2014

What Is ITP?

It is sometime difficult to define exactly what is ITP. Nonetheless, Idiopathic thrombocytopenic purpura or ITP is a condition that leads to excessive bruising and bleeding. A result of unusually low platelet levels, ITP is a disorder characterized by poor clotting of the blood. ITP, also called immune thrombocytopenic purpura, affects both children and adults; however, children typically recover fully from the condition while adults generally develop a chronic disorder.

While ITP may present no symptoms or signs, several individuals do experience symptoms without realizing the cause. Common symptoms include easy or excessive bruising, superficial bleeding into the skin, prolonged bleeding from cuts and spontaneous bleeding form the nose. ITP may also cause bleeding gums, blood in the urine or stool, unusually heavy menstrual flow and fatigue.

The exact cause of ITP is unknown, hence the name “idiopathic.” Idiopathic means “of unknown cause.” In any case, though, immune system malfunctions have been identified in most individuals with idiopathic thrombocytopenic purpura, so the condition is believed to be linked to the functioning of the immune system. In most individuals the malfunctions have involved an attack on the platelets in the blood as if the platelets were foreign substances, much like any autoimmune disorder. A typical platelet count is higher than 150,000 platelets per microliter while an individual with ITP may have a count as low as 20,000 or even 10,000. Most children develop the disorder after having a viral illness, such as the mumps or flu.

Natural ITP Treatments

Improving and supporting the platelet count is the main focus of ITP treatments. Several vitamins and minerals support this development including vitamin B9 or folic acid, vitamin C, vitamin D and vitamin K. Other compounds that are helpful in improving platelet count include chlorophyll, alga, seaweed, colostrum, melatonin, moducare sterinol and noni fruit juice. Additionally, diet can play a big part in the treatment of ITP. Avoiding and eliminating problematic foods that contain quinine and aspartame and introducing a specific diet such as an anti-inflammatory diet or the macrobiotic diet also supports treatment.

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Posted by Emily (Auckland, New Zealand) on 09/02/2014

Hi, I'm Emily, I was diagnosed with Lupus about 5 years ago and Idiopathic Thrombocytopenia Purpura (ITP) developed 3 years ago. To date, I have been resistant to Chemotherapy, Steroids, IVIG, Platelets and a Splenectomy. Being in NZ we do have limitations to the type of treatments available so I am now looking into natural therapies. My platelets are currently 4, and have been less than 10 for the past 4 months. I don't want to keep filling my body with these horrible drugs without result. I'm 28 now and do not want to live the rest of my life on pharmaceutical drugs. I'm currently taking Eltrombopag which is proving to be ineffective whist making me fatigued to the point I can't function and I have terrible bone aches.

Any natural or other therapies that anyone knows of I would love to hear about. At this point I have no other options. Thanks!

Posted by Nanowriter
Hotspot, Texas
Emily, look into vitamin d supplementation. A quick search showed research linking both your diseases to vit d deficiency.
Posted by Mama to Many
707 Posts
Dear Emily,

I was first diagnosed with ITP when I was your age. I had lots of tests, including a bone marrow biopsy. I never did get any solutions from the medical community. There are several stories here at Earth Clinic about things people have tried and found helpful. You might read them and see what you would have available to try. I do think there are natural solutions, there is just not a lot of information.

ITP and Lupus are autoimmune. There is a lengthy discussion on the ITP pages about a viral link to ITP and autoimmune diseases. If that is the case, things like Coconut Oil, Vitamin C, Colloildal silver, and other anti-virals may be the key to both of your conditions.

Let us know how you are doing. I hope you will be much improved soon.

~Mama to Many~

Posted by Art
California, US
According to the following link, melatonin may offer a viable option for ITP. Melatonin has a very good safety profile, is not expensive and has minimal negative side effects.


Posted by Justin (Shah Alam, Malaysia) on 08/23/2014

Hi, I'm Justin, 17 years old, and I recently got diagnosed with ITP. I keep getting bruises on my shins and quite frightening-looking blueblacks on my legs. Having gone to the doctor, he has prescribed me with medicine ( 5mg prednisolone & 180mg Mycophenolic acide ec tablets ). But even after taking these meds, I still have bruises and blueblacks. My platelets count still remains around 22-50 (normal is 150-400) . Is there any natural foods I can take to cure ITP? Please help me. Thank you .

Posted by Mama To Many
707 Posts
Dear Justin,

Is the bruising something new or have you had this going on a long time? Did it begin after an illness? In children (though you are a young adult) this can be caused by viruses. It seems quite likely that it can be caused by viruses in adults, too. Have you been to Earth Clinic's page on ITP? There are some fascinating stories, successes and theories.

~Mama to Many~

Posted by Justin
Shah Alam, Malaysia
2 Posts
Yes, the bruising is new. And no, I didn't start to have these bruises after an illness. It just suddenly appeared.
Posted by Mama To Many
707 Posts
Dear Justin,

Alfalfa is a good herb for the blood. So is turmeric. Both can be found in capsules or the powder can be used. When I take turmeric, I take 4 capsules a couple of times a day. Alfalfa, I take at least that much.

I had ITP for years. My numbers improved after I started using Extra Virigin Coconut Oil daily. I was taking 2-3 Tablespoons daily.

Papaya leaf has helped some with improving platelet numbers. It is pretty bitter as a tea but can be found in tincture form in some places.

Taking 1, 000 mg several times a day is helpful to many conditions and an easy thing to try. You may be able to take a lot more. If you start to get diarrhea from it, cut back a little.

Your body will be able to work best as you eat more whole foods and less processed foods. Milk kefir and carrot juice are two wonderful foods if you have access to them.

When I was first diagnosed 18 years ago, I was told, of course, that there was no cure. So I didn't really look for one. Turns out, you can get better from it! With the internet, access to helpful information has increased so much. I trust you will find your solution to ITP more quickly than I did! :)

~Mama to Many~

Posted by Mama to Many
707 Posts
Dear Justin,

I was just rereading the ITP page and saw that my last post to you had some missing information. I must have deleted it when revising what I wrote. I referred to taking 1, 000mg of something several times a day--I meant Vitamin C.

Sorry about that!

~Mama to Many~

Posted by Srihari (Ongole) on 02/17/2014

Dear Sir

My daughter P.Sneha Female child 4 year old girl suffering with ITP from past 4 months. September 15th we admitted Rainbow hospital with high temperature and with blue sports in the legs and arms.

At the time temperature is 103. After that they done blood test and bone marrow test they done. Finally they told your daughter have ITP (Idiopathic Thrombocytopenic Purpura) after that they used IVIG. After that the plat lights have gone up to 1,10,000 after 13days again came to 10000/- again we have admitted in to hospital after that they used Anty D. Againe plat lights have gone to 90000. After a couple of days again drops to 20000. After that we went Christen medical college Vellore for better treatment. They again done blood test and bone marrow slights review. They given Dapsone 50mg per day and folic acid tab for daily 3 months.

Please advise me which treatment is the best and when it will cure.

Posted by Mama To Many
Tennessee, Usa
707 Posts
Dear Srihari,

I am so sorry about your little girl. Usually ITP in children is often by a virus. Perhaps the doctors think it is bacterial since they prescribed Dapsone. If it is caused by bacteria, hopefully that will help. Folic acid is good.

Extra Virgin Coconut Oil would be good for her. 1 teaspoon three times a day. It is anti-viral and anti-bacterial.

I would also try turmeric - 1/4 teaspoon three times a day. You can mix it with honey.

Vitamin C would be very important, too. You can give her as much as she can take in a day without getting diarrhea. That may be a lot since she is dealing with sickness.

If you can get fresh carrot juice and milk kefir for her each day, that would be very good. You can mix the turmeric in that, if she likes it that way.

Unless her red blood cell count is high, she could take 1 teaspoon of Blackstrap Molasses a day to build her blood.

An epsom salt bath twice a week would be good - 1 cup of epsom salt in a bath for 20 minutes.

I do not know how long healing will take, but I will be praying for her healing. Please do keep us posted.

~Mama to Many~

Posted by Yp
Houma, La
In December, my son was diagnosed with ITP his platelet count went from 2,000 to 0 in a week. He was given many treatments in his 2 week stay at the hospital. Including IVIG treatments, infusion of platelets and several types of steroids, but nothing lasted for long. His lymphatic system was clogged and not draining. His spleen was enlarged. This site was truly aided our situation. Many people offered diets that they noticed that helped which include: eating a lot of green, avoid meats, avoid dairy and blood thinning foods (onions and garlic).

I read from someone on this site that they noticed that when they used boron, there platelet count would improve. I didn't know anything about boron and was unsure about it use. In reading that information that told me that he had some type of bacteria that was unresponsive to antibiotics. I am a distributor of essential oils so I started researching on the uses of Oregano. I changed his diet and I gave him oil of oregano, thieves and frankincense for 2 weeks 4 times per day and for 1 week 3 times per day. After finishing this protocol his platelet count is not 150,000. He still being monitored at this point. A number of other things were used in addition to the above mentioned, but the most important thing I did was to pray and believe he would be healed.

I would also suggest that your daughter have a zyto scan done also, it will tell you what type of vitamins or supplements that are needed to aid her body in recovering.

Posted by Ironbutterfly (Buffalo, NY, USA) on 01/30/2013

My boss's son was just diagnosed with purpura.... had recently helped someone move from a very dusty place.

Doctors jus tput him on a heavy course of steroids. I am wondering if it is a heavy metal poisoning.

Posted by Foofoo (Dallas, Tx) on 12/07/2010

My daughter was just diagnosed with ITP (super low platelets; hers are 8, should be 200-400). No known cause, no known cure is what the pediatric hematologist told me. NOT ACCEPTABLE. She also has low hemoglobin (9.7, should be 12-15), and low white blood count (4.0, should be over 6). She is not on any medications and has no other medical problems. What can I do to help her? She is almost 6 years old. I have her on B12, C, multi vitamin, thymus supplement, fresh organic carrot/romaine/parsley juice, NanoGreens, organic Goji juice, organic Acai puree, organic blackstrap molasses, acidophillus, no processed foods, no refined sugar (only a little panecho), little grain, all organic natural foods (If God didn't make it, she doesn't get it. ) No improvement so far. What am I missing?

Posted by P
Look into beets, I read they build up blood count.
Posted by Lauren
Oviedo, Fl
How about giving her some fish oil and coconut oil? I know coconut oil can increase white blood counts. Good fats are extremely important for young kids' developing brains as much as all of the other wonderful foods you're already giving her.
Posted by Brooke
Montgomery, Tx, Usa
88 Posts
Wow - that is low! Has she been diagnosed with anything else? Anemia, and auto-immune disorder, or anything like that? Blood starts at the second and third sphincter muscle. Has she had an injury to her spine or her coccyx? I would start her on a Blood building diet - mostly liver, tripe, and things like that. The Offals is what they are called. I make a beef heart soup and my boys don't even know it! There are many ways to mask the taste of them. Do NOT fry them, but boil or broil them. Also supplement her diet with cod-liver oils and lamb instead of beef. If you want to give her beef juice that would be great -it supplies the body with a lot of iron - to make it - get an atlas jar and lid - put a low fat to no fat piece of red meat in that and put the lid on - but not too tight. Get a pot boiling with water and put a towel in it, then put your jar. Let this boil for about 30 min - to 1 hour and throw out the beef, keep the juice. Put any spices in it to make it taste better and have her sip it really slowly 3x a day or more. What you are trying to do is have her body absorb the juice before ever getting into the stomach. Go online and look for it, and also look for the blood building diet.
Posted by Foofoofoo
Dallas, Tx
2 Posts
Yes, anemia, no auto immune. MD thinks she was exposed to a virus of some kind and it settled in her blood. No confirmation on anything without a bone marrow test. To invasive. No, no injury to spine. Sees chir regularly. Everything I've read says that liver is bad for ITP. Not to much meat, either. To hard to digest. Omega 3's are o. K. , but not omega 6's. Hard to find accurate info on internet on what to eat and what to avoid. One site says load up on blueberries, another says avoid them like the plague, for instance.

Since western medicine can do nothing for her, I've taken her to an eastern medicine doctor. We did NAET to clear her allergies and are now working on "body talk". Strange to a person used to western medicine, but I'm open. Anybody have any experience with these? Any other suggestions from ITP people?

Posted by Foofoofoo
Dallas, Tx
2 Posts
Fish oil is no good for ITP people. Coconut maybe. I've been giving her olive oil for added callories. Have added an avocado a day for good fat as well.
Posted by Assad
Quetta, Pakistan (balochistan)
My son he is also diagnosed with ITP, his age is 2years and his complete blood count (CBC) shows a low number of platelets 20000. And now I have started giving him iron syr and folic acid tab. and a diet plan for him 1 glass milk in morning, one egg after an hour one folic acid tab, brown rice or wheat in lunch and a iron syr, after that one date and some times orange, apple or banana, and at night beef, or white meat or meat fried in oil. And thanks God he is showing much more improvements. Remember I gave my son warm water not cold water.
Posted by Judy
Seffner, Florida, Usa
I am a 59 year old female. I was diagnosed with ITP back in 1968 when I was 15. My platelet level rose after a course of treatments with Prednisone, but went low again after lowering the dosages.

I guess, at the time, the treatment was to remove the spleen. In the spring of 1969 they removed mine, plus several "accessory spleens" which, I was told, was not uncommon.

My platelet levels immediately started to rise. I recovered quickly (oh, to be 15 again) and have not been troubled with it since.

At times, my white blood count is "slightly" elevated. I have not, to this point in my life, suffered from any lowered immunity problems and am in pretty good health.

My understanding now is that they treat this issue with antibiotics and/or steroids. Given the outcome of continued steroid use, I'm glad that things worked out for me with a relatively simple surgery.

Good luck to those who struggle with it.

Posted by Robin
The Big Apple, Ny
I've had itp since 1993. My platelets usually don't get severe but I bruise and bleed alot. I believe the platelets I do have are not that strong. For some reason I know my platelets are low when I crave apples. I drink apple juice, eat apples and apple sauce. They rebound faster the more apples I eat. The doctor thinks I'm nuts but it works for me. I don't want to give anyone false hope, I'm just saying what helps me.

Hang in there, ITPers, and stay strong!

Posted by Yogesh
Delhi, India
To all the itp patients. This is to inform u that platelete counts can be allevated by intake of wheat grass juice and aloe vera juice plus anwla juice. Without any side effects. Totally natural cure
Posted by Ladyfsgf
Judy from Seffner, Florida--my downfall is the antibiotics I am given. After antibiotics later check my blood and want to send me to cancer doctor. After 2 visit/2consecutive months last cancer doctor determined medicine related-antibiotics, over the counter pain meds, aspirin. Several years back frequently throughout year saw cancer doctor/blood work-never did anything other than check blood. Quit going after few years.

Posted by Dal (Springville, Ut, Usa) on 06/05/2010


I recently discovered I have Idiopathic Thrombocytopenic Purpura, ITP (low blood platelets). My platelet count was at 3000. I showed signs of bruising and red dots. The doctors ruled out cancer and other diseases but will continue to monitor this. Aside from this my body feels fine. I have be taking 4, 20mg steroid pills for 2 days since the diagnosis. My platelet count went from 3000 to 8000. Doctors will wait until the platelet count gets to safer levels to remove the steroids. At that point we will watch and see if my platelet count rises or drops without the steroid use. If it rises on its own, that's good. It might mean that I just have ITP. If it falls,that's bad and it might mean I have Chronic ITP...meaning I will need to continue steroid use which leads to side affects with long term use. Here is my question...Im prepared to deal with this either way. Are there alternatives to steroid use? And what has been the most effective way for you to manage ITP?

Posted by Baldwin
Portland, Oregon, Usa
Hello Dal,

ITP can be very scary. I went through this with a young child (3 1/2 - 5 yrs old). He was treated with a number of products in a hospital setting: IVIG, Winrho and Steroids. After nearly a year and a half, I put him on a very high end Vitamin C made from sodium ascorbate and ascorbic acid (100% natural fruit chew - 500mg) His recovery followed that month. He has maintained normal platelet levels since. There is not significant medical evidence to support the Vit C therapy and it does not help all cases, but it did coincide with our child's recovery.

I found the Platelet Disorder Support Association ( to be particularly helpful. They explain all the treatment options including natural therapies. Also, check out the link to the UK website for additional info.

Best wishes on your journey.

Posted by Tom
Regina, Sk
Dal & Baldwin:
That reference to Vitamin C seeming to make the difference is interesting, since it is known that HIGH doses of it do chelate heavy metals out of the body. A urine test can be had, btw, called a urine porphyry test that will detect the amount being passed thru and pulled out via the kidneys of course.

A good personal health questionnaire by any alternative practitioner would ask you, among other things:

Details of diet and stress

How old when ITP hit?

Does occupation expose one to heavy metals breathing (dust), or handling?

Any/all vaccines received in lifetime, but especially just several months before ITP onset

Any amalgam fillings replaced or put in just months before
ITP onset?

Pauling's site:

Click on SEARCH of the big molecule in the center of main page. Enter "thrombocytopenia" in search box.

First in results list:

Page 3 excerpt:
Vaccines are a mixed blessing with regards to ITP. Vaccines decrease the incidence of the virus they protect against, yet they themselves have been linked to ITP. The most
Common vaccine implicated is the MMR vaccine. The incidence of MMR vaccine
Causing ITP is 1 in 20,000, while the rubella vaccine contributes to ITP in 1 in 3000. Vaccines present several potential problems to patients in that they are inactivated viruses, they introduce a foreign protein into the body, and they depress the immune system
For several days. Additionally, until recently,
All vaccines had been preserved with a small amount of thimerosal (mercury).

This article is from 2003, and written by an MD! So has your MD told you this about ITP?

Here is just one of many vaccine info supersites:

Any quick read will tell you that mercury has in fact NOT been removed now from all vaccines! Not by a long shot.
Also, note the distinction between the mercury found in fish (methylmercury), and that still put in many vaccines (ethylmercury):

Since I am only trying to give you one possible starting point of many, and which might have to be overseen with tests and such by a practitioner, the idea is to get you onto something cheap and harmless so you don't waste time.

Here is just one search result for "heavy metal chelation nutrients":

They are not in any order, like price or effectiveness, and it's obviously up to you if you even wish to pursue this angle. The Dr. Hoang article above also touches on other possible remedies like TCM & Chi energy balancing.

Posted by Ash (Mississauga, Ontario) on 05/27/2009

ITP-Low Platelets:

Hello, I have a condition called ITP. I have low platelets and it's unknown why. I have been on predisone (steriods) and it does help but with major side effects. I was hoping you might have a natural rememdy to help increase my platelets. Thanks

Posted by Luis
Cali, Colombia

I have taken Engystol (below tongue) with success, a homeophatic remedy from Heel to raise platelets quickly, in case of Hemorrhagic Dengue (a tropical viral disease trasmitted by mosquitoes.

Good luck.

Posted by Shannon
Texarkana, Texas
My sister was diagnosed with ITP disease. She was taking high dosages of steroids that was only helping slightly. She went to Baylor Medical Hospital in Dallas, Tx. for exploratory surgery, her Spleen was damaged from an auto accident years earlier and was never found in any type of X-ray or scans. Thankfully the Spleen removal was successful and has never had to take steroid medication since. Her platelet count will never be completely normal but they have increased tremendously. The only downfall from not having a Spleen is a weakened immune system.
Posted by Gsmagirl
Nashville, Tn
[WARNING!]   I feel badly for all the ITP sufferers. My father has had ITP for four years and let me assure you the treatments are WORSE than the disease. First of all, the condition is rare so it is very exciting for the doctors to have an actual ITP patient to experiment on. My Dad has had splenectomy, two rounds of chemotherapy(experimental, didn't work), and four years of daily prednisone. Before the prednisone he was losing weight, his clothes falling off of him. Now because of the steroids he must deal with obesity and the steroids have fried his adrenal cortex. No more adrenaline means low energy and chronic depression. (So they have Dad on anti-depressants now as well, plus he now must see an endocrinologist to monitor the adrenal gland) The splenectomy did not affect the ITP. We were told the effectiveness of splenectomy on ITP was 50-80%. I was absolutely opposed but my parents were very naive and they wanted to "obey" the doctors. I do not understand the previous commenter who stated that the "only" side effect of spleen removal is loss of immune system function. Only??? (that's what AIDS is, suppressed immunity, would you choose AIDS over ITP?) Another side effect of the long-term steroid use, besides the previous mentioned obesity and loss of adrenal cortex (both dangerous conditions in themselves) is osteoporosis. Steroid use causes osteoporosis!! This means my father has multiple compression fractures in his spine and can no longer walk without using a wheeled walker. He can no longer swim. I want to tell you that four years ago, my father had bruises and lethargy. They did not bother him enough to see a doctor. The ITP was discovered during a routine blood test. The treatments for ITP have left him a helpless cripple without even a spleen to help fight off minor colds, he is frequently bed ridden with every little bug. Four years ago my Dad worked during the week and played golf on Fridays. Maybe even two years ago he was still able to maintain his activities. Not anymore, there is not enough energy in his body to swing a golf club. All of these treatments are Bad Medicine. Print out my "rant" and show it to your doctor and let him explain to you what suppressed immunity means. Any doctor who told you taking steroids or giving up your spleen "only" causes suppressed immunity should lose their license. I hope a natural remedy can be found, and until then, if it were me I would suffer the bruising and lethargy before undergoing any of these treatments.
Posted by Steve
Martinsburg, Wv Usa
I was diagnosed with Idiopathic Thrombocytopenia Purpura (ITP) in 2004, tested at 4,000 platelet count and received standard medical treatments (high toxic dose prednisone 180Mg daily; IVIG intravenous infusions for dropping levels and Winrho SDF (near fatal reaction).

Levels hung around 50-60,000 for a year and restricted from strenuous outdoor activities; started using alfafa supplement after researching animal medicine and noting that too much alfafa content in livestock feed leads to serious clotting disorders--exact opposite of ITP. Alfalfa also contains good natural level of Vitamin K constituents, which is used medically for some bleeding disorders and what patients taking blood thinners are advised to avoid in their diet!
Also switched to solely consuming distilled and/or reverse osmosis-treated water; local water supply has some issues with low level contaminants of agricultural pestcides and other micropollutants. Hence purified water for bodily intake!
Blood levels gradually rose up to 90,000-100,000, as confirmed through periodic CBC testing. Now after 7 years, had highest test to date just inside normal range (144,000 -15) last week.

Now watchful waiting--both above items with little if any risk, good solid basis that may help.

Posted by Janis
Hudson's Hope, Bc Canada
2 Posts
Cured ITP. After 27 years with platelets of 3,000. I tried everything to cure myself without surgery and drugs.

Things that may have caused it or contributed to it are, Vaccines, Amalgam fillings(removed in 95') & Chronic Constipation (healed this in 2006) This is known as "Leaky Gut Syndrome"... Once this was healed my platelets returned to normal.

Also had Chelation treatments in 2005 which may have helped with my healing. I would be happy to help others thru my email, with more info. Dj(at) Good Luck Janis

Posted by Zilverb
Seabrook, Tx - Texas, Usa
13 Posts
This is how I cured (Idiopathic thrombocytopenic purpura). My platelets dropped to 7,000 and I had a platelet transfusion plus steroids that caused my eyes to develop cataracts. I was not pleased with further talk about removing my spleen and the low recovery rate with a high death rate at my age from brain bleeds. Children usually recover but as we age the rate of brain bleeds and death is very high.

I own an electromedicine machine (Known as a Rife machine or GB4000) and I noticed that they had a frequency for Werlhof's disease which is the old name for ITP disease. This verified that ITP is caused by microbes and I read elsewhere that parasites cause this disease.

To grow more platelets so that I would not have more treatments pushed upon me at the doctor's office, I took: Vitamin K (100 mcg) three times a day and Vitamin C (1,500 mg with rose hips) three times a day. To kill microbes I took baking soda (1/2-teaspoon to 1-teaspoon) in a cup of water with raw honey, crude blackstrap molasses, or pure maple syrup to maintain a pH level between 8.0 and 8.5 urine pH for 21 days. So one needs to have some pH strips. This baking soda treatment kills bacteria, virus, yeast, and mold. Maybe a few parasites but not enough. At the same time, I did Ted's parasite cleanse with Borax (20-mule team) for 30-days (5 days on and 2 days off). Use 1/8-teaspoon (1/4-teaspoon for people over 180-pounds) borax (sodium tetraborate, sodium borate, or disodium tetraborate) into 1 liter of distilled water. Drink throughout the day slowly to give parasites a dose over the day and keep them sick and die. Drink other liquid during the day because this is not enough for a person.

I did six (6) rounds of the baking soda with sweetener and borax water. I took the vitamin C and K the whole time. I expect to do maintenance rounds and I will be checked periodically to make sure I do not have any more episodes. My blood tests will tell me how often to do maintenance.

It is a good idea to do a 5-day liver gallbladder cleanse because this is quite a task for the body to rid itself of so many dead microbes. My platelet count rose steadily. My last platelet count was 292 thousand. Normal is between 150 and 450 thousand.

I am so grateful to EC for the help and support.

Viral Link to ITP   0  0   

Posted by Mama To Many (Tennessee, Usa) on 09/28/2013

Not long ago, there was a discussion on whether or not to take immune boosting supplements/herbs, etc. for autoimmune diseases. I have ITP, which is low platelet count for which they have never found a cause, but I have been told it is autoimmune. Dave from Fountain Inn, SC suggested that since acute ITP is viral caused, chronic ITP may also have a viral link. In the spring, my platelet count was 111K (normal range is 150K-400K) which was actually a really good number for me. In my last pregnancy, they dropped to 64K. (Immune system is suppressed somewhat in pregnancy so the body won't reject the baby. ) Anyway, I was wondering if my consumption of Coconut Oil in the last year or two was helping my platelets, because it is an anti-viral properties, and maybe there is a viral link.

Yesterday I had some bloodwork and my platelets were 128K! That is the best number I have ever had. (and 125K used to be considered the low normal. ) So, maybe I don't even have ITP anymore.

But it may be the extra virgin cold processed coconut oil alone isn't the only thing that has improved my numbers. (And I wasn't taking coconut oil for platelets, anyway. ) At the end of July I had a deer tick bite that was causing me extra symptoms. (We have lots of ticks and I have had many bites, but this one swelled worse and my lymph nodes were swelling, so I was suspecting it was a lyme carrying tick. ) Realizing that conventional protocol would have been a lot of testing with possible inconclusive results and an anti-biotic for a month, I decided to try natural things and see how things went. I took lots of GSE (grapefruit seed extract) and Astragalus Root daily for 6 weeks, to strenthen my immune system and kill off bacteria. It was just a guess, but I have been reading a lot by Stephen Buhner, a lyme expert who does a lot of natural things, and it seemed reasonable.

For anyone with ITP, I have read in a couple of places that papaya leaf is very good to help bring up the platelet count. I have never tried it, as while I have had low platelets for a long time, then haven't bothered me and it wasn't high on my list of priorities. It would be something to look in to.

So, I don't have any hard and fast conclusions, just an anecdotal story and some thoughts. I pass them along because maybe it will help someone else. We all benefit by the collective knowlege shared here.

Have a great day!

~Mama to Many~

Posted by Dave
Fountain Inn, SC
435 Posts
Hello Mama to Many,

re: your platelet count and recent tick bite which became swollen;

First off... YEAH! ... To your increased numbers. You are happy as you should be but as I warn numerous folks I "dialogue" with on the issue of long running infections... the viral/fungal/bacterial infection which has run for years, and may be causing your ITP, must be treated for three months to two years to be eliminated.

The fact that after the tick bite you experienced severe swelling tells you.... that your immune system is still on thin ice.

That in turn tells you the ITP virus is still a force to be delt with and is lurking in the wings... chased there by your use of anti virals.

And in turn, the fact that your platelet count is UP tells you that the anti virals likely are what is working for you and ... Ipso facto... it IS a virus causing the ITP.

Now really, I think... Who am I... Little ol Dave to tell the amazing Mama to Many anything. You are just the best and truly amazing, but really, trust me here: Careful NOT to physically exert yourself too much.. Eg I mean heavy workouts in your excitement that the virus is "gone"... 'cause it isn't. Your immune system is still recovering and in my opinion the virus still is real and waiting.

And, therefore, please continue your course of attack on the virus. You've got it on the run. But the CS taken over time will finally kill it. CS will NOT turn you blue... I've been on it for near twenty years and not a tinge of blue. If you need a source and don't have one, I will gladly ship to you all the CS you want... Free of course. I'll pay the shipping too. We have to keep you real healthy for the "movement. " The most effective method is both oral as well as upper respiratory irrigations. Have you read my numerous (tedious?) explantion of the "how to" take CS? If you contact EC staff they can give you my email. I think they will... I am so authorizing them to do so.

Your student,


Posted by Mama To Many
Tennessee, Usa
707 Posts
Well, bless your heart, Dave. I appreciate your suggestions and your encouragement. I do plan to keep up what I am doing for my health. Funny how I was taking stuff for one reason and it helped something I hadn't even been thinking of. I think it is because often we take something to help one problem and it solves the root problem. I had to smile that you caution me against heavy workouts. My idea of a good workout is a laundry marathon! If I can get a mile or two walk a few times a week, I am doing well, so perhaps I am not at much risk of overexertion.

Thanks for the CS recommendation. We actually keep it in the house and have used it here and there for a variety of things over the years and I am learning of more uses via your posts... So thanks! I appreciate that there are often a variety of solutions to health problems and when EC posters suggest different things, often they complement one another. Plus, readers get options. Some are more comfortable with some options than others. Plus there is the availability factor. One thing that especially interests me is finding very easily obtainable and inexpensive solutions. I thing God has provided wonderful natural medicines around us, we just don't always know about them.

Your posts are motivating me to make my own colloidal silver generator (or have a teenage son make one! ) I love the idea of being able to have plenty to share with others.

Thanks again for your concern and kindness!

~Mama to Many~

Posted by Peter
Hi Dave, can you let me know where to buy the CS according to this posting? (collodial silver = CS).
Posted by Dave
Fountain Inn, Sc
435 Posts
To Mama to Many:

You laughed at the warning I gave you (and anyone else who is on the edge with a viral load that is taxing the immune system); which is, even if you are feeling great after being on something that is improving their condition, be careful not to overdo an exercise program that is an exhausting workout. My advice is to come back slowly.... Well, actually I have a theory about exercise which I've seen confirmed only in the last year. It's what I call my "Leg-Lung" theory. What do you think about the following:

I noticed that very senior adults might be doing well mentally but begin having problems with good movement/ ambulation, I mean, as they get into their 70s and worsens into their 80s. We've all seen this. The balance part of the formula is somewhat seperate and has a different solution... That is loss of balance as one ages... Can be corrected. But that's not what I'm talking about relative to my "LEG-LUNG" theory. Here it is:

As we age the tendency is to use our legs vigorously less and less. In our youth, up through the 40s perhaps, we do use our legs and lungs in SUCH a way that forces the whole leg/ capillaries, tendons, muscle into maximum output. I mean how often do we see our older aunts and uncles RUNNING ... Much less a "sprint"... Or what could be called a sprint. As I contemplated my older relatives losing their walking ability I wondered if the loss was a function of atrophy. Atrophy. By disuse the power to use the lower limbs begins to fade. A futher function of that phenomenon would be the accompanying disuse of adequate lung capacity and I do know that disuse of the lung can cause the lung to atrophy. Now the heart is doing the pumping so if it rarely is called upon to max output in order to press the lungs to oxygenate the legs to their limit, even for only 30 seconds two or three times, three days a week, then perhaps the capacity of the heart to do such work is also compromised. Therefore there is a cascading effect.

Well, a few years ago I began using that theory (LEG-LUNG) short sprint idea while working out on the elliptical exercise machine. I'd just max out for about 30 seconds and catch my breath and then do it again. Three times. And then this past year I've seen two PBS type shows that actually talk about the science behind that very concept and the evidence is that to attain certain levels of good protein signals in blood after the workout it was found that the simple sprint system done three or four times weekly had the same positive effect as someone who had a 30 minute run. But the idea I propose is deeper than even that. I'm saying that as the body ages (I'm in my mid 60s) that if I press even with marginal workouts but do the sprint three times when I do workout and do that three times weekly, if that max out will keep the legs/lungs and heart in such condition that if the good Lord lets me live to 95, I would still be able to move with energy and strength... Having good leg muscle tone. Now of course I KNOW that as one ages one will not be able to do sprints in the same way that I do sprints now. There will be a lessening of capacity, yes I know that but if one did not do such Leg-Lung efforts during the 50s and 60s then by 75 could he do it at all?

I'd love to see some experiments on this idea and wish anyone reading this would link me to any sites that discusses such a concept.

Dr Mercola, in fact, has recently had some imput along these lines, as I recall.

Now Mama to Many, I earlier warned you NOT to overdo and then immediately talk about the benefits of intense but short term leg/lung output. But it is ultimately something that all need to consider. Just walking won't get one to the place that the sprints will produce. It's just that we in the alternative movement seem to focus on nutrients/what to eat and not eat and miss the type of excercise that could produce capacity as we age.

Anyone who has thoughts on this, I'd love to hear from them.



Posted by Mama To Many
Tennessee, Usa
707 Posts
Uh oh... I wasn't laughing at all at your warning to me. I was laughing at the very thought of me doing anything very strenuous. I am really not the athletic type. And, I will take heed not to overdo. Perhaps I need a greater goal than just walking.

I think your Leg Lung theory makes a lot of sense. And I agree that natural cures tend to focus on nutrition and supplements and often leave out the excercise, when both would complement each other.

I know plenty of people on the Standard American Diet who are surprisingly healthy. But I think it could be because they get a lot of excercise. I think exercise has a lot of benefits to the body and also help improve the mood. I nearly always feel better after a walk.

I will look forward to reading more input here on this theory. Thanks for sharing your wisdom and observations on that.

~Mama to Many~

Posted by Mike
Denver, Colorado
Dave: You are right. This method increases hgh, the most important and complicated nutrient in the body. This method is recommended by every exercise coach in the world. There are two types of muscles, slow and fast. Excercising this way excercises the fast muscle. Speaking of 95 years old a tarahumara indian that age walked 50 miles over rough terrain through the copper canyons of north mexico. I walk 30 minutes. Then I rest for 30 minutes. I do this 8 times a day. I put my bare hand on a tree for the electromagnetism from good old mother earth. I also wear an earthing body band while reading the latest posts from all the wonderfull people at E.C. I exercise mostly to strengthen the glands and organs and to get oxygen. The best food coach for excercising is Dr. Colban. He was the first man to have 21 inch arms. He and his colleges at the Colban Institute do research in a lab and advise world class athletes. He recommends 56% carbs, 23% protein and 21% oil taken together 6 times a day.
Posted by Candy
Fort Madison
I am so happy to see this. I follow Dr. Mercola also and since your theory agrees with his, I'm going to give this a try. I'm 62 and I walk a couple miles every day in a hilly park. I'm going to pick up the pace for short durations and hope for good legs and lungs all my days that the Good Lord gives me. Thanks to you and Earth Clinic.
Posted by Dave
Fountain Inn, Sc
435 Posts
Hello Peter from Chicago; Your question was where to buy CS. Virtually all health stores and on line too. I'd try to get a high ppm (parts per million)... Like 100 or more. I make my own. Simple to do. You can buy the little units for 70 dollars... The 3/ 9 volt battery with the silver strips. They last forever. But if you are just wanting a small amount the kind you get in health food stores is fine usually although expensive. I have found some are just not effective and as I've posted before the way to know is to try it out on a sinus infection. If the silver is effective when you "sniff" or "irrigate" the sinuses there will be a sting as the silver kills the infection... Then some drainage. Repeat ten minutes later. You'll be able to breath much easier. If you do this irrigation and there is no effect then likely your silver is just not enough ppm.
Posted by Timh
Ky, Usa
1295 Posts
Dave: I believe the truth of what your proposing doesn't stop w/ simply cardio exercise and the aging population; more than "use it or loose it" theory. Athletes and longevity seekers have cashed in on studies which positively conclude that rapid or burst exercise significantly boost Human Growth Hormone (HGH) production. Researchers have also found that fasting one meal a day also significantly boost HGH. Interestingly, both these "stressor" ploys not only stimulate HGH but also the "survivor gene" that the antioxidant Resveritrol is known for. There is some intelligent signal/response going on in the body and the benefits are measurable.


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