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General Feedback

07/03/2012: Robyn from Melbourne, Australia: "Ive heard it said before some supplements are toxic, too much for some sensitive mcs people. This has just come up again as a naturopath claims people that have an adrenal deficit in cystein dioxygenase will find most herbs, vitamins too toxic. Acupuncture, dhea too stimulatory. I have addisons disease, what perhaps started out as low adrenals & perhaps, thanks to doctors is now full blown addisons. For me, acupuncture certainly had me screaming in pain & a worse wreck for more than a week. And not knowing any better I went through at least 9 practitioners hoping to find relief.

Ive done Sherry rogers supplements and many others. At the moment I take wheat grass, vits E, C, (I did have scurvy), mg, COQ10, taurine, B3, lysine, zinc, olive leaf, krill oil, greens; chlorella etc, 1/2 multi, 1/2 B, caprylic acid, probiotics, grapefruit seed extract, apple cider vinegar, coconut oil, cloves, iodine hcl and milk thistle - Ive been on these and versions of this for years with no change. I take a well known & expensive brand called Swisse so not too many fillers.

Does anyone have an opinion on whether these are helping or hindering. I know I had a C and zinc deficiency, the others are for immune support and to get rid of candida (if I have it??) Ive run out of my biodentical hormones (also registered as nil or so low immeasurable of dhea, all sex hormones, cortisol). These are also very expensive. Im considering giving up the lot - hormones and supplements. Does anyone really think they benefit from their supplements?"

07/04/2012: Heather from Leicester replies: "Hi Robyn, I think with supplements you first need to establish what you are deficient in- you will have symptoms which tell you something and then you can do a hair analysis which can be an eye opener. Then when you take the supplements you have to take good quality close to natural form and with or without food as advised, some supplements knock others out of balance so again it's best to take in natural form as ted advises eg take liver for minerals. It's also good to let your body rest a bit so don't take them continually say have weekends off and recheck your levels and have a repeat.

Hair test when necessary- observe your symptoms- keep a diary. Have food sensitivity done eg dairy and wheat can cause malabsorption in some people- coffee, black tea, chocolate, alcohol can cause malabsorption of vitamins and minerals. A good book on this subject is called' Dead Doctors Don't Lie' by Joel Wallach. Hope that helps x"

07/06/2012: Lisa from Jax, Fl replies: "Hi Robyn, I think supplements are effective, however, absorption, amounts and your actual needs make such a difference. When I was detoxing from candida many supplements seem to do nothing. Those that directly affected the candida such as peppermint tea, coconut oil, milk thistle, were noticeable. I have also had hip inflammation, but it had gone away. I stopped vitamin d and calcium for a while and now it is back. Make sure you take as good quality as possible and don't take something that causes another supplement to be ineffective. I found out also that I was taking too little at times. It is sometimes good to switch days. Also if I am sick, I take nothing and just let my body rest. God bless you. My prayers are for you today! Lisa"

10/21/2011: Karenina from Southampton, Uk: "Hi Ted, my supplements are in capsule form. I tried dissolving one in a glass of water which took only 5 minutes to dissolve but the contents which look like white powder settled to the bottom and did not dissolve. Is that good or bad? Would be most grateful for your response.

Many thanks, Karenina"


04/22/2011: Faye from Sparta, Nc: "My cholesterol level rose really high about a year ago even though my eating pattern did not change. I read in a news article that someone had the same problem but thught that it was connected to taking a joint capsule that contained glucosamine/chondrotin. I had the same experience. Has anyone else found a connection? Thank you."


09/22/2012: Angelina from Cape Cod, Ma: "Ted or Bill or anyone who can answer this please. I have read that you can ONLY get glutathione into your system by taking precursers like ALA etc. However there are clinics out there that are giving glutathione by IV..

Will this work? I have read that it won't .. Call me confused or is it the clinics that are trying to take your hard earned $$. Thank you much..."

09/22/2012: Robyn from Melbourne, Australia replies: "Glutathione IVs arent cheap. I had them a couple of times because others with mcs used it when they were having their worst symptoms & it helped them. Unfortunately, I am so ill being in the building to get the IV made me sicker than the benefits. Ive had tests done and my glutathione is really low. Supplements dont absorb so if you are similarly low in glutathione an IV could help. It worked for others. Didnt for me."
09/23/2012: Bill from San Fernando, Philippines replies: "Hi Angelina... It is certainly expensive to take nutrients like Vitamin C and Glutathione by IV but it can be effective. But there are alternative and cheaper methods of internal delivery such as by the liposomal delivery of said nutrients.

Liposomal delivery involves completely enveloping the Vitamin C or Glutathione(in solution) into the center of a suitable nano-sized lipid sphere. When supplemented, this lipid/glutathione sphere takes the lipid or fat pathway into the blood. And because the lipid is of a similar form and constituency to the the body cells, the lipid spheres then automatically melds with the cell walls then opens up to directly deliver its contents -- vit c or glutathione -- directly into the cells. This is a very efficient method of delivery for nutrients to the cells because it takes the lipid pathway -- so you can normally ingest much larger amounts of glutathione or vitamin c using this liposomal delivery method which are comparable to IV delivery methods.

I've also read research that has discovered that larger amounts of vit c can be delivered to the cells by this liposomal method than by IV because there is no problem or danger with excess vitamin c causing problems in the blood -- because the vit c is always surrounded or at the center of the lipid sphere while in the blood.

It is true that liposomal glutathione is also somewhat expensive but you can perhaps make the liposomal glutathione form by the same method used for making the liposomal vitamin c form. You can actually do this at home -- you will need soluble glutathione powder, organic granulated lecithin and an ultra-sonic cleaner (as used for cleaning jewelery etc) -- see this link for a description of how to make liposomal vit c :"

09/24/2012: Lisa from Thousand Oaks, Ca, Usa replies: "Hi Angelina, I take lypophilic vit. C upon recommendation from my Dr. who oversaw my stem cell therapy. He told me it is as effective as IV vitamin c. He told me the company to order it from and I know they also have glutathione available in the same delivery which Bill has described. The company is called LivOn Laboratories but if you go on Amazon you can get it for $10 less than on their site plus free delivery so this is how I order mine. Still, you can go on their site to read about the products and the unique delivery system which is what makes it so effective. Hope this info helps, Lisa"
09/24/2012: Susan from New York replies: "Bill from San Fernando, in your link, for step 3 (Increase Absorption Dramatically), can you substitute vitamin c sodium absorbate for ascorbic acid? The recipe after this using baking soda to make it into absorbate, it seems very cumbersome? Thanks Bill!"
09/24/2012: Bill from San Fernando, Philippines replies: "Hi Susan... I always buy the powdered form of Vitamin C as ascorbic acid. And I always convert this by first dissolving 1/4 teaspoon of Ascorbic acid into a glass of water then adding the the sodium bicarbonate to this solution until the fizzing stops. Now you have converted the Ascorbic acid to Sodium Ascorbate and that's the way I take it.

This may mean a little more work, but you will pay a much higher price to buy the ester forms of Vitamin C and these forms usually always contain Calcium which is not what you want. And powdered forms of ascorbic acid are also much cheaper than any pill or tablet form of Vitamin C because there is less processing involved and because the powdered form contain no additives like Magnesium Stearate or celulose starch or Caclcium phosphate -- which all tend to inhibit absorption into the body as well.

So by converting the Ascorbic acid into Ascorbate you create a very beneficial and more alkaline form of Vitamin C for the body."

09/24/2012: Angelina from Cape Cod, Ma replies: "Robyn, Bill and Lisa... I can't thank you enough for the quick reply. I am new at this site and am so impressed. The clinic I considered wanted $110.00 for 25 grams of vitamin C. They also want $24.00 for 8 IV units of glutathione. This is a lot of money for me to spend weekly for an indefinite period. I have hepatitis C and have tried all the recommended protocols, except interferron (will not do that to my body.) I also have been told of a product called "Lions Mane" for my Peripheral Neuropathy. My PN is very troublesome as I have problems walking and going up stairs with much pain, shoooting pains, electric shocks etc in my feet, calves and thighs and it is also in my arms.. The information on Lions Mane is VERY, VERY encouraging, however I get a severe headache in the middle of my forehead with only 125 mgs. The capsule comes in a 500 mg. I always buy capsules and take small doses from them first for safety reasons. They tell me at the clinic that IV ALA will resolve my neuropathy somewhere in the 200-400 mgs dose.

Again, I can't thank you for the information. Much blessings to you all and to those reading and to the people who put this site up.

In 100 years this site will be reffered to as a MAJOR catalyst in the natural health movement."

09/25/2012: Robyn from Melbourne, Australia replies: "Hi Bill, Ive been using the lyphospheric C, sometimes the cheaper ascorbic acid (no ca) and take it with mg so its not so acidic. One of our companies here has made a effervescent C. It says 1000g of ascorbic acid, cant find any other fillers or ingredients in it? I'm asking because I think pesticides is one of my problems. Just ran out of the library because someone put gum in their mouth. If I smell spearmint or peppermint, that includes when people have just brushed their teeth amongst many other things I cant read, think, talk. I can barely stand up. I found where it is suggested 25g vit c & 50g choline to remove pesticides. That seems a whopping amount. I take 1.5 g & 330mg daily."
09/25/2012: Trickles from Africa replies: "Yea, "much blessings to you all and to those reading and to the people who put this site up. " They are indisputably the few nobles on earth remaining. Unlike some other big natural-health sites that reek of commercialism and smell of exploitation, Earth Clinic put the care of your health and well being where it ought to safely be - in your hand. In 100 years this site will be referred to as earth caretaker and custodians of healthful and original living."
09/25/2012: Bill from San Fernando, Philippines replies: "Hi Robyn... Since you have so many allergies and sensitivities, I would do all that I could to specifically heal your intestines. Generally, the main reason for allergies is through damaged intestines and the favourite cause for this is candida -- the hypha of the more virulent candida form penetrates and causes holes in the intestines. Thus, partially digested proteins find there way into the blood which then become the enemy(foreign protein bodies) and the body attacks them. The body then becomes completely overpowered with these foreign protein bodies and simply cannot cope, causing significant anti-histamine reactions, inflammation and pain all over the body. Food sensitivities causing nausea are generally also an intestinal/liver problem.

Rather than suggesting a whole raft of remedies, for now I would strongly suggest that you try taking Humic/Fulvic acid with water as advised on EC. Although there is plenty research on observing the many benefits of humic acid, scientists are still unable to explain the reasons how it works and why it is so beneficial. See this link on its many known benefits:

Supplementing Fulvic/Humic acid in this way will help to heal your intestines gently. It also removes heavy metals, pesticides etc as well as supplying essential micro-minerals to the body. HA is also a strong anti-viral which also helps to remove candida. I have also read research that shows that humic/fulvic acid helps to heal allergies -- perhaps a another testament to its intestinal healing properties.

I have been using HA for a while now and have been quite pleased with its effects on my intestinal health. I simply use the organic garden variety because I really don't like the high cost or the chemical processing which must be involved to achieve food grade. I simply use it straight from the mountain without any chemical fiddling as God intended."

09/26/2012: Robyn from Melbourne, Australia replies: "thanks Bill. Is Shilajit the same thing? or contain it? Im suicidal today as I am most days. I cant talk to anyone because professional counsellors have no idea what its like to be this sick for this long and have nothing in your life but a radio & live in a car. The people on the cfs, fms groups dont get it either. I cant think of 1 reason I should be here doing this much suffering & nothing ever comes up re: housing. I try really hard, then I hand it over to the universe or god & nothing ever turns up."
09/26/2012: Bill from San Fernando, Philippines replies: "Hi Robyn... Yes shalijit is the same as Humic/Fulvic acid and is the Indian name for it. Shilajit has been used in various forms of Indian medicine for centuries."
09/26/2012: Paula from London, Eng replies: "Lions Mane will cure your stomach problems. Google it to see for your self... It's been around thousands of years..."
09/26/2012: Heather from Leicester replies: "Hi Robyn, I love your name I chose it for my eldest daughter as it embodies a strong independent female so you are probably a lot tougher than you think. You probably feel worse at the moment because it's almost the full moon. I am sorry you are suffering but it will pass. Try and get out in nature if you can, I think it will help you. You have a light within, concentrate on making it brighter x"
09/27/2012: Timh from Scottsville, Ky replies: "Robyn: have you tried BHT? If at all possible in your situation, BHT could provide antioxidant protection for your lipid membranes as well as eradication of viral strains in the body. I take 1 250mg daily as maintenance to prevent chronic active hepatitis."
09/27/2012: Wayseeker from Modesto, Ca/ USA replies: "[Pectin] or [citus pectin].

This worked for me in the middle of a full-scale allergic reaction that could have been deadly in minutes. I often wonder if the hospital could have responded quickly enough to save my life. The product was arnica massage oil. My shoulders froze, muscles ached intensely, couldn't lift my arms, heart raced. Happened so fast. UsuI

The [citus pectin] worked almost immediately at counteracting the toxins being released, absorbed them, stopped their action, and were easily carried out of my body with little to no reaction, beside some mild nausea (body trying to expell the deadly toxins). Usually [citus pectin] causes no reaction itself, whatsoever. I believe this is also called 'modified citrus pectin', from grapefruits.

I credit this with saving my life. --T."

08/22/2011: Matthew from Hartford, Ct: "Does anyone have any feedback on "Life Wave" glutathione patchs or any glutathione patches? I have read conflicting reports. Thank you"

Hair Analysis Results

02/27/2013: Anthony from Philly, Pa: "Hi, I had a hair analysis done and received the results. It is from a reliable company. They do make recommendations on supplements to help balance the body but other help from someone who understands or TED would be great. I'm willing to email my results to anyone who can help but I'll list some things that need some fixing! Calcium/potassium ratio was through the roof, calcium was very high, phosphorus was slightly high(this confused me because I thought calcium and phosphorus were inversely related?), copper was slightly high, zinc very low(I've been supplementing for years so again I'm confused here), magnesium slightly low, aluminum slightly high, cadmium slightly high, few other things were off.

Please any help would be great! TED I need your input when you have time please! Thank you all."

02/28/2013: Anon from Anon replies: "Hi, you didn't mention why you took the test or what symptoms you have. I would make a general recommendation to bath in magnesium salts to balance your calcium and phosphorus. I would recommend drinking water with real lemon juice a couple of times a day to get rid of toxic metals, you could take vitamin c for a while in a high dose. Some natural supplement like black strap molasses should gradually help to balance out your zinc/ copper/ iron ratio. Hair analysis generally checks against the rda it really is only a guide to help establish what is wrong with a patient (customer!) along with other tests and analysis of symptoms."

Hair and Blood Analysis

10/13/2013: Beberobozo from New York: "Hello, I want to get a hair analysis done to see what I am in need of as far as supplements and herbs and all because I am getting confused of it all... I am wondering though after hair anyalysis does one see a nutrionist or does the place where hair analysis give you remedies or see a naturopath.. I go to a regular M. D. and they arent helping me much as everyone knows... Thank you."

10/14/2013: Debbie from Australia replies: "A hair analysis may not be beneficial because there are inorganic metals in the water supply, even the food supply. Just because you are high in calcium for instance, may not mean that you should cut out calcium. It may be inorganic and therefore not available to the body. People today take calcium supplements (which is usually inorganic) and still get osteoporosis) but if they had a blood test it would show high levels."

08/07/2011: Anthony from Philadelphia, Pennsylvania : "Can anyone recommend a place to get a hair analysis done? Thank you!"

09/14/2009: Win from Clifton Heights, Pa: "Where do I get my blood & hair analyzed accurately in order to have good recommendations for supplements needed. And where could I get a good plan of action to get balanced. I have Type 2 DM and my girlfriend has Non-Hodgkins Lymphoma. We do need this but have no clue as to a trustworthy source of help. Thank you!"

09/15/2009: Ralph from Orlando, Fl replies: "try here:"

Herbs and Supplements

11/19/2013: Maria from Europe: "Hi, I have purchased a multi-mineral supplement online, and having now looked at the label on the back, it states that it contains nettle leaf, and spring horsetail leaf. Does anybody know if it is safe to take with medication, specifically Lyrica. I really don't know why they would put herbs into something as basic as a mineral supplement. I could ask my GP (a real pain), however, to be honest I would probably say she doesn't know about herbs in general. Another supplement that I got contains Bacopa (Whole Leaf Extract), Lemon Balm Extract 4:1. Does anybody have any idea about herbs and medications, or are there any hard and fast rules, Thank you in advance"

Human Growth Hormone (Hgh)

10/13/2011: Sudburygirl from Sudbury, Ontario: "Does anyone know of a natural supplement (alternative) for HGH? I would like the same results, without the risk of HGH."

10/14/2011: Timh from Louisville, Usa replies: "Sudburygirl, A good approach is to nourish your glandular system with herbs (combinations exclusively for glands) and/or raw multiglandular suppliments. There are a number of amino acids also proven to naturaly boost HGH: Arginine, Ornithine, and GABA. I have been using GABA for several yrs with good results.

If you wish to avoid these suggestion and want an even less pronounced effect, I would suggest non-hormonal growth factors such as found in the omega 3 fatty acids, and the sea weed Chlorella. There are some Japanese companies isolating or extracting the Chlorella Growth Factor (CGF) specifically for cellular healing & growth. Last-but-not-least is the herb Comfrey from the borage family which contains Allantoin, a substance the stimulates the proliferation of epithelial tissue. Bad news: Comfrey is also on the watch-list as it contains toxic pryrollodizine alkaloids that cause liver damage, and I think it is banned in Canada. Good news, Allantoin can be purchased alone by cosmetic vendors."

01/27/2010: Bev from Long Beach, Ca: "Has anyone tried HGH with any success? I have read that the three main ingredients are L-Arginine, L-Glutamine and L-Isoleucine and have to be included in the pill."

Humic Acid

07/28/2011: Roshi from Mumbai, Maharashtra: "Hi Ted,

I just bought a bottle of Baidyanath Shilajit-and it says that it contains "Asphaltum". Ive been diagnosed with mild ulcerative colitis. There are a lot of companies selling this product. Is it the same as Humic acid?

Thank you, Roshi"


12/31/2011: Sara from Sacramento, Ca, Usa: "Is it dangerous to take Iron Pill without talking to a doctor?"

12/31/2011: Lisa from Rabat, Morocco replies: "Sara, do you know for sure if you are deficient in iron? You should first have bloodwork done to check your iron levels. It is not recommended to take iron without knowing your levels since high iron levels can cause problems."

L- Glutamine

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[YEA]  11/10/2012: Rob from Manhattan, Ny: "I've been pretty impressed by the results of L Glutamine. When I am feeling out of sorts.. Dark eye circles, concentration problems, anxious, I have found a good tablespoon of this (powder) in a glass of water can really help normalize my state. I am not exactly sure how it is working in my system but I suspect it has to do with my intestinal health and immunity. The Leaky Gut theory seems to be gaining credibility and this may be a remedy for it.. I am a firm believer in taking a break from supplement or only taking them when you feel a need and this is one I like to have around. There is much more detailed info here which you should read 1st before considering...

EC. you may want to add this to the supplement section."



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