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Where to Buy

11/18/2012: Suzy from Eugene, Or: "I just wanted share that I buy my Epsom Salt- Magnesium Sulfate Heptahydrate-- (9.8% magnesium by analysis) in 50 pound bags from my local livestock feed store. Cost is $20. I have been soaking in it for sore muscles. It says on the bag "for use in animal feed". I have never taken it internally, but if it is okay for a cow that would be good enough for me."

Where to Buy: Magnesium Chloride

10/16/2013: Xyrus from Benguet, Philippines: "Hi Bill,

I'm from Baguio City. I just have a quick question regarding Magnesium Chloride. Do you have any idea where we can purchase it in raw/pure but food grade form so I can make an emulsion out of it? I'll be using it to cure my son's tics. Thank you so much in advance and God bless everyone."

10/16/2013: Bill Thompson from San Fernando, Philippines replies: "Hi Xyrus... You can order magnesium chloride online from Manila using this link:

You can order online or you can order by phone and they will deliver. The brand of magnesium chloride that they sell is well known and is a high quality product."

11/07/2013: Xyrus from Benguet, Philippines replies: "Hi Bill. I'm so sorry for the late reply. I've been busy lately. Thank you so much for posting the link. I appreciate it. Have a great evening and God bless everyone."

12/11/2011: Rudy from Lucena, Quezon,philippines: "To Jeff of cebu city, philippines, where did you buy your magnesium chloride here in the Philippines? Pls tell me the address and phone numbers, thank you"

07/30/2009: Deirdre from Earth Clinic: "For those of you wishing to make your own magnesium oil for transdermal magnesium therapy, I emailed Jane from Fort Worth recently (whom you may recall has been treating her father with Parkinson's by massaging him with magnesium oil she made every night) and asked where she bought her magnesium chloride. She responded that she bought the magnesium chloride on Ebay from a company called "Get Tanked". I researched this further on the web and found Get Tanked Aquariums, which is located in Carlisle, Pennsylvania. Here is the URL... This company sells High Purity Magnesium Chloride, Zero Ammonia.

I just called the owner of Get Tanked and ordered two 7 pound bags of magnesium chloride for $27.99 (plus shipping, which is costing $11.10 to Atlanta, GA from Carlisle). He told me he has plenty in stock and gets it shipped out same day delivery if he receives the order early enough in the day, Monday - Friday. He prefers to be called for orders and then sends an invoice via paypal. Otherwise you can buy from ebay.. here's his ebay store (and great reviews).

Please note: the owner told me twice that he sells this product for aquariums and cannot answer any questions about human use!!

Thought this would be a good resource to share with y'all as magnesium chloride in bulk is a difficult search."

EC: Read Jane's posts about Magnesium here:

09/13/2011: Sarah from None, Bulacan Philippines replies: "Is there anyone from the philippines who can tell me where to buy magnesium chloride or nigari? thanks.."


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