Tea Tree Oil: A Potent Natural Health Aid

Last Modified on Nov 03, 2013

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Tea Tree Oil Warnings

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08/31/2011: Diamond from Salisbury, Usa: "I found out recently there are two different types of tea tree oil, may be different brands. Beware that wal-mart is putting their own brand of tea tree oil out and I cannot tell the difference from the real ones by the labels but after opened; I dilute it with water and use for gargling also as a mouth wash but wal-marts feels/tastes differently and seems stronger."

[WARNING!]  12/01/2008: Kelly from Bennington, Vermont: "Be careful about putting 100% tea tree on your scalp. I know that in one of Ted's remedies he speaks about putting pure 100% tea tree oil in scalp. I caution you about this. I tried this, (put a small puddle of tea tree and rubbed through entire scalp, to get rid of dandruff, and an itchiness, and my scalp, months later is still very red and inflamed, sore and burnt. (and am losing alot of hair). I do not want this to happen to any one else. So, please, please, make sure you only use tea tree if it is mixed with a carrier oil like olive oil so you do not burn your scalp. (maybe some people can put the 100% tea tree onto their scalp, but, I am still suffering the aftermath). So spot test first!!!"

[WARNING!]  07/08/2008: Hazel from Rufus, Oregon: "Do not drink tea tree oil it is to be used on the skin only not internally. This is for people who want to get into natural remedies. Always ask a knowledgable homeopathic, naturopath, herbalist or health food store. They know their stuff. But never take anything without the proper knowledge -- you could do more harm than good."

Toxic to Cats and Dogs

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[WARNING!]  12/02/2008: Judith from Chicago, IL: "Tea Tree Oil is a known toxin for cats. Do NOT use tea tree ever on cats. I have heard this many times including once from an essential oil expert. Essential oils in general can be very dangerous to use on cats. Please check out this link to a company that sells tea tree oil products and even warns on the site that it is toxic to cats. http://www.tea-tree-oil-use.com/pets.htm"

03/10/2009: Eunice from Gold Coast, Australia replies: "Sounds to me like the symptoms are from the tick bite."

[WARNING!]  11/06/2007: Craig from Cumberland, MD: "Tea tree oil is toxic to dogs and cats. It is readliy absorbed through the skin and can cause breakdown of the nervous system, resulting in shock, hypothermia, and death. I know because I accidently poisoned my dog by putting about a teaspoon of tea tree oil on a tick bite. Hours later she couldn't stand, was disoriented, and shivering. I gave her activated charcoal by mouth and bathed her and rubeed the spot with activated charcoal. She got better quickly after the charcoal, and the vet said she was lucky. Do not use Tea Tre Oil."

[SIDE EFFECTS]  10/28/2008: Jen from Maple Falls, WA replies: "Thanks to Craig from MD about the warning of tea tree oil being toxic to animals. I used it on my dog, and he reacted the same way Craig's did; and though I treated him for shock and hypothermia, I did not know about the charcoal. It really works to stop the toxic reaction!"
10/29/2008: Linda from West Newfield, Maine replies: "What you say is interesting; a teaspoon is a LOT...I've had success with just a few drops of tea tree around the spot where the tick's head is burrowed and within a few days it has dropped off."
02/18/2009: Laurel from Detroit, Mi replies: "I used a tea tree oil/ aloe mixture to treat a skin infection on my dog. she had absolutely no effect by the mixture except a shiny coat and flake free skin."
04/01/2010: Lucky from Somewhere, United States replies: "I put a few drops of tea tree oil in my dogs shampoo and her fur looked great. She had no reactions at all."


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[YEA]  07/17/2013: Kimberly From Florida from Pensacola, Fl: "Tea tree oil WILL get rid of warts. I did have luck using a drop on a bandaid and placing over wart at night. Gone in a week!"



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