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Rolling Thunder's Prayer for the Earth

Jul 03, 2013

Grandfather Rolling Thunder

"This is the Earth, healed again, growing green and blue. I want you to remember this exactly as it is, and then go and tell the people that if enough of us hold this image in their minds, we can heal the Earth and make it like it was a long time ago."

Prayers to Heal the Earth

In 1997, shortly before his passing, Grandfather Rolling Thunder, the beloved Cherokee Medicine Elder, gave the above instructions to one of his students, Sun Eagle. In following Grandfather's words, we invite people of all races and spiritual denominations to join us in sending prayers of healing to the Earth.


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Reader Feedback - Thank You!02011-08-16

Reader Feedback - Thank You!  

Posted by Anon (Oakland, Ca) on 08/16/2011

When I prayed and concentrated on the globe, it was like a joyous spirit took over me. This is a good prayer to remember because it reminds us that the earth needs healing just like we need healing.

Posted by Lorraine (Sedona, AZ) on 01/12/2010

My prayers to the Divine Mother who has an aura extending from the earth to the sun goes on daily and includes all Nature Forces. In their way they acknowledge my concerns for the earth to survive and become a sacred planet. AUM SHANTI.

Posted by Thermopolis (WY) on 03/22/2009

It is refreshing and hope-filled to discover this prayer on the internet and know that it is being passed on so that our beloved Mother Earth may heal from our hearts to counteract the destruction of our hands...

Posted by Standing Bear (Marion, Kentucky) on 03/21/2008

Osiyo! RT put my feet firmly on the medicine path years ago. He was a great inspiration in my life, and was able to clarify complex issues. He passed too early. The experiences I had with him and because of him would sound like X-Files or a Castaneda novel. What I most remember is him telling me that I would live to see the day when Native American traditional wisdom and worldview was respected once again. The fact that so many now take "Gaia Theory" for granted, and even the most jaded bureaucrat sees global warming as everybody's concern fulfills his forecast. Wado!

Posted by Anon (Salem, Oregon)

Many prayers are made to make this earth a better place to live in. White man has destroyed it with too much building, commercializion and greed. I also am of Cherokee blood lines, very small, but yet proud to admit. I take pride in the natural things of the country. I hate to see it destroyed. This has to stop, we need to step back in time and appreciate what we have had, and not ruin it for our coming generations. I pray hard, with many tears in my eyes and much pain in my heart. I work to keep the land, rivers, lakes, forests, and streams clean. I know the higher powers are ashamed of us for being so wasteful and destructive. Bless the East, West, North and the South....all corners of this universe. Make our earth beautiful and whole again.

Posted by Anon (Catoosa, Oklahoma)

Living in the land of the Five Civilized Tribes has allowed me to learn from them. This is one more thing we need to learn. The land must be healed for our children and grandchildren to have their place in the sun. I deeply enjoy the land.

Posted by Anon (Salina, Kansas)

The Earth, healed again, growing green and blue. May it be so.

Posted by Anon (South Australia)

We have weekly healing circle and ceremony and we practice this prayer each week. With thanks.

Posted by Anon (Boulder, Colorado, USA)

Thank you for this website and your heart. I believe in the power of prayer and I know it is especially powerful the more people that hold this vision. May we all walk lightly upon the earth with peace and joy in our hearts as one nation, one people.

Posted by Anon (Pelham, New Hampshire, USA)

Whenever I send out some Reiki or a prayer to someone in need, I always ask that whatever is not needed by people is given to mother earth for healing the planet.

Posted by Anon (Grandview, MO, USA)

I pray for peace for all mankind as God intends. I pray that my people (all of them) can keep their individualities and live in harmony: they share and compliment each other.

Posted by Anon (Lima, Peru)

Yes, I pray in the name of Watonka and Great Spirit for peace and unity.

Posted by Anon (Little Rock, AK, USA)

I will be praying for the healing of the Earth. Thank you so very much for this website. I feel at home as I read the messages of the elders. Thank you.

Posted by Anonymous

I've recently started trying to invoke positivity on a more meaningful level. Thank you for this little spark of inspiration. I will help to keep this alive.

Posted by Anon (Key West, Florida, USA)

Thank you for sharing this prayer. We must also help others to understand how our minds are powerful tools not only to help us personally but also globally.