Where to Buy Apple Cider Vinegar?

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05/24/2010: Fermin from Tlaxcala, Mexico: "I am interested in Apple Cider Vinegar where to buy in Mexico"

08/02/2010: Nycgirl from New York, NY, Usa replies: "I am now living in Tacxo, Mexico and going crazy looking ACV. I even called my favorite brand (which has the mother) back in the USA to see if they could send it down here. That same company (sorry I cannot say which one) also makes a couple of other amazing products which I am hoping they will send down. Will keep you posted."
06/30/2011: Fredrik from Huatulco, Oaxaca replies: "Im also interested as I read its very helpful in the treatment of gout. I can only find flavored Apple Cider Vinegar in Mexico"
08/10/2012: Oye from Culiacan, Mexico replies: "Aqui­ pueden comprarlo. Yo hice mi primer pedido la semana pasada y ya esoy tomando ACV Organico sin filtrar. Me llego ayer. Creo que la empresa esta¡ en Mty y pueden pagar con Paypal.


Here you can buy. I made my first order last week and I am taking Organic unfiltered ACV. I arrived yesterday. I think the company is in Mty and pay by Paypal.


New Zealand

04/27/2012: Erika from Wellington/kapiti Coast, North Island: "Apple cider Vinegar is great, but where can I buy 35%food hydrogen Peroxide in New Zealand?"

04/30/2012: Thefoodyguy from Katikati Bay Of Plenty, New Zealand replies: "Hi Erika, Katikati here! I get my ACV from Pack and Save in Tauranga but local health stores have it too. It is important to note that the vinegar is naturally fermented and not filtered if possible. There may be some cloudyness in the vinegar toward the bottom of the bottle this is called the "mother" and if actually good-just shake to disperse."

08/13/2011: Dave And Nicole from Auckland, New Zealand: "Hi there, Just learning about Apple Cider Vinegar with mother and the many benfits this gives. We live in New Zealand and would like to purchase a bottle of this preferably a large bottle 1 to 5 litres in the hope it may be more econnomic as this product can be expensive. Could you guide us with some information? Happy to buy online too!

Thanks Dave and Nicole"

08/14/2011: K1w1angel from Perth, Australia, Western Australia replies: "We can get this off the shelf in our local Coles store, great for warts too (found that out on utube and it worked) anyway, dont know about quarantines etc etc but cant see too much issue, if really stuck, perhaps look at someone you know in Aussie sending it over to you?"
08/16/2011: Marlane from Geelong, Victoria, Australia replies: "Most health food shops in NZ have _____s CV, I just use the ordinary CV which you can buy at any supermarket in NZ."
04/29/2012: Natasha from Auckland, New Zealand replies: "You can buy organic ACV with mother in Foodtown Lynn Mall and in Lifesense stores. It is Coral Tree brand. Google it and you will find lots of addresses."
05/02/2012: Lane from Auckland, New Zealand replies: "In Auckland harvest wholefoods in grey-lynn and all hucklberry farms supply their own homemade organic ACV, it's awesome I use it for everything and it costs about $5 for a litre."


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06/11/2012: Kalu from Lagos: "Where can I get unadulterated ACV in Lagos Nigeria?"

08/01/2011: Orji from Makurdi, Benue State Nigeria : "Hello, please I need ACV in Nigeria. How can I buy it online?"

06/28/2012: Ada from Abuja, Nigeria replies: "Hi, I am Ada I live in Abuja. I used organic apple cider vinegar and blackstrap molasses to clear my cyst. For the lady having cyst call this number 08126505123, this outfit sells organic apple cider vinegar with mother and organic blackstrap molasses."
07/11/2012: Florence from Abuja, Fct, Nigeria replies: "Hi Ada, I read your post and called the number you provided on the screen but a man picked the call and told me he doesn't know any Ada. Can you please write the name and address of the Supermarket where you bought your ACV so that we can go there and buy it too.Thanks."


12/31/2011: Neil from Singapore replies: "S. A. M. Thaha & Co - Singapore (samthaha (at) hotmail.com) are bottlers of 100% pure apple vinegar (NOT distilled, flavoured or alcoholic cider) under the registered brand - "AppleTalk" and wish to appoint an agent for Nigeria. Prospective importers may email or visit our facebook page: AppleTalk or Samthaha. Cheers Neil"
07/16/2014: Oji from Unwana Afikpo North replies: "Am in Ebonyi and needs this ACV so badly. Where can I buy this?"
07/17/2014: Mmsg from Somewhere, Europe replies: "Oji, until you get it, you can try using regular vinegar for what you need."

02/03/2011: Esther Ayodeji from Akure, Ondo State, Ondo State Nigeria: "Please apple cide is my best medicine in my life and I want to use it for peaple how can I get it it I need it as matter of ugent

01/09/2012: Obiora from Abuja, Nigeria replies: "Where can I buy this apple cider vinagre de manzana in Abuja, Nigeria?"
04/13/2012: Bam from Lagos replies: "Please can I really get a original apple cider vinegar in lagos and for how much. Pls I need a fast respond. Cos I need it for my bad breath."
02/19/2013: Gra from Abuja, Nigeria replies: "Pls I need Apple Cider Vinegar to cure pcos and cyst thanks"
[YEA]  04/03/2014: Bolaji from Lagos, Nigeria replies: "If you need Bragg apple cider vinegar with the mother here in Nigeria contact 08101147731"

[YEA]  11/02/2009: Fav from Lagos, Nigeria: "HI, i've read so much about acv on yoursite that i just went out to buy one, however the shop i went to only had one brand (acv is hard to come by in nigeria) and its called dolly's famous foods their acv is called natural apple vinegar.
i hope i bought the good one. also can you tell me were i can get bragg acv in Lagos Nigeria? cheers"

EC: Send the company (http://www.bragg.com/) an email and see if they have distributors in Nigeria!

[WARNING!]  07/10/2010: Labes from Toronto, Ontario, Canada replies: "Hi everybody,

Be careful about false claims from Nigeria and Cameron. I was a victim myself to one fraud when I was willing to buy pine nut oil from Nigeria. I found the name of the company in Alibaba.com but the company simply doesn't exist. It was just some frauders trying to pretend that they sell pine nut oil. I'm not accusing Obidike from Nigeria but we have to be vigilant with false ads, because my self I was a victim of fraud from Nigeria. Hope that will help some users to be vigilant about some claims in the Internet."
07/14/2010: Labes from Toronto, Ontario, Canada replies: "Hi Serge,

I didn't accuse anybody, but as I was a victim of a fraud from company that doesn't exist even. At that time I was willing to buy pine nut oil for my ulcer and I found a name of a company in Nigeria. The fraudster told me to send him money via western union. Then when I checked the name of the company in google, I found that this company is just a fraud and scam."
09/09/2011: Chinyere Lawal from Abuja replies: "Organic apple cider vinegar is amazing combined with blackstrap molasses, my fibroid 8.5 went down to 4.0. I think doctors should encourage home remedy."
10/22/2011: Gloria from Port Harcourt, Nigeria replies: "Hi, Chinyere. Please, where did you get your Apple Cider Vinegar and Blackstrap Molasses?"
06/23/2012: Florence from Abuja, Abuja Nigeria replies: "My name is Florence from Abuja, I have ovaran cyst and is causing me so much pains. Chinyere Lawal Please can you help and direct me to where you bought your Apple Cider Vinegar and Blackstrap molasses. I have been to every supermaket and pharmacy shops I know and can't find it."


07/30/2012: Steve from Stavanger, Norway: "Does anyone know where I can buy (preferably organic) apple cider vinegar in Norway?"

04/15/2014: Aimee from Norway replies: "You can buy it at most health stores all around Norway"


12/26/2011: Dibakar Biswas from Muscat, Oman: "Where do I get organic apple cider vinegar in Oman?

Please let me know."

08/09/2012: Bogart from Muscat City, Duqum, Oman replies: "where can I buy this apple cidr vinegar here in oman?"
02/20/2013: Sonny from Muscat, Oman replies: "You can get ACV in major supermarkets in the capital and Salalah. Check out at Lulu, City centre etc."


06/05/2014: Hania from Pakistan : "I'm from lahore Pakistan. I have submucosal fibroid and I want to use Apple Cider Vinegar and bsm, but I don't find it in Pakistan even in superstores. Pls tell me from where I can buy these in Pakistan. Pls I'm very upset I don't find it in gnc stores. If anyone know pls tell me from where I can buy? pls thanks"

EC: Hania, you will find some information here on where to buy ACV and BSM in Pakistan.



02/27/2012: Muhammad from Karachi, Sindh, Pakistan: "100% Organic Apple cider, Please mail at brand. Distributor@gmail.com for foreign customer and Local can call me for home delivery 92 3212075111 Muhammad Khalid"

09/06/2010: Aliya from Rawalpindi, Punjab, Pakistan: "Apple Cider Vinegar: What is the Price in Pakistani Rupees and where is available in Rawalpindi Pakistan, and how much weight loss in a month?"

04/25/2010: Nasreen from Karachi, Pakistan: "Please can anyone guide me from where to buy 35% foodgrade H2O2 and also organic apple cider vinegar in Karachi?"

07/02/2010: Naqeeb Ullah Khan from Islamabad, Ict replies: "You can find ACV with any store of herbal medicines (Pansar) or its is available with "Metro Cash n Carry" quality is very good (Manufacturer : American Gardens)"
07/03/2011: Sabih from Karachi, Sind, pakistan replies: "In karachi it is availale as Dattu brand on herbal products shops."


09/17/2013: Nelz from Philippines: "Hello, I'm living in Sagay, Negros Occidental, Phils. and I wanted to try apple cider vinegar. Do u have nearest outlet where can I buy this kind of vinegar?I wanted my cousin to try it because she has visible varicose veins on her legs. Thank you!"

09/18/2013: Sapphire from Manila, Philippines replies: "Hi Netz... I have a friend in Iloilo who buys her ACV from the grocery section of SM City. I would suppose you'll find it also in SM City Bacolod. Here in Manila, I get mine from SM or Healthy Options stores."

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