Where to Buy Apple Cider Vinegar?

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Saudi Arabia

05/22/2012: Chococrunch from Riyadh, Saudi Arabia: "Where can I buy bragg apple cider vinegar in riyadh ksa? thank u"

02/16/2012: Sheryll San Pedro from Al Khobar, Saudi Arabia: "Where can I buy bragg's apple cider vinegar in al khobar, saudi arabia? thank you"

04/14/2012: Shine from Al Khobar, Saudi Arabia replies: "hi, I just want to ask if you find the product here in khobar. Pls I need that too. Tnhx"
12/26/2012: Ahamad from Alkhobar, Eastern Province replies: "Apple Cider Vinagar in plastic bottles available in Lulu super Market Alkhobar"

01/06/2012: Angel from Jubail City, Kingdom Of Saudi Arabia: "Where can I buy apple cider vinegar and cranberry juice in Jubail city, kingdom of Saudi Arabia?"

08/18/2012: Ghat from Abha, Saudi Arabia replies: "hello I recently heard about the wonders of apple cider vinegar, please help me, where can I find apple cider vinegar here in abha, thank you very much..."
01/19/2013: Abu Hamza from Jubail, Eastern Province replies: "I am in Fanateer, Jubail, Saudi Arabia. I have eczema and wish to buy quality Cider vinegar. Any suggestions? Best wishes, Abu Hamza"

South Africa

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04/22/2013: Thobeka from Durban, South Africa : "Hi, where can I get this apple vinegar. I am from Durban."

01/14/2012: Junain from Cape Town , South Africa: "Hi, I am in Cape Town South Africa, please where can buy Organic Apple Cider Vinegar by _____.

Thank You,


02/03/2012: Jasmina from Cape Town, South Africa replies: "Hi there - I would also like to buy the raw apple cider vinegar from _____. Does anyone know where in Cape Town I can buy this?"
11/14/2013: Mg981sl from Johannesburg, Rsa replies: "Found it...

Apple Cider Vinegar with Mother can be round at a few places in and around Jozi... The links below will help those in need...

http://www.freshearth.co.za/store/t-gSearch.aspx?q=bragg apple cider vinegar


I started looking for a solution to my many health issues and happened across ACV and thought well hey might as well try it...

My friend had a tummy bug yesterday and I suggested she sip on some ACV with water and guess what, she went from a tummy that wouldn’t keep any food in to almost 100% in just a few hours...

I also applied some mixed with my fav. body cream last night to the backs of my knees for those wonderful blue ink pen lines (veracious veins) and guess what, they look lighter...

I'm not sure if its just a random chance but I've tried lots of stuff on these buggers and nothing has made an instant difference like ACV...

I also have been getting sleepy during the day often and today have tried a mix of 30ml ACV to 500ml warm water; won't lie its gonna take some getting used to but its not as bad as I thought it would taste and the strange thing is even though I used plain old store bought ACV I do feel a bit more alert...

Will pop a message on here in about a month to update on the weight loss and overall health changes I go thru...

Hope this helps anyone who like me spent hours googling..."

07/07/2011: Muntshi Ntanganedzeni from Thohoyandou, Limpopo(dzwerani)south Africa: "Hi..if need to try ACV here in South Africa you can get it frm the following shops: shoprite'spa' pick 'n pay and many others, don't waste more time, ACV works like a Bomb, u wil neva regret 'Gud-Lak"

10/21/2012: Muvhango from Makhado, Limpopo replies: "I've also been looking for this ACV, as I heard of its wonderful way it cures."

02/02/2010: Leonard from Johannesburg, Gauteng: "Where can I buy Apple Cider Vinegar? I am staying in South Africa, Johannesburg."

02/02/2010: Haycee from Gauteng, South Africa replies: "You will find it in most supermarkets (on shelf with other types of vinegar) or in health food shops. I have not been able to source unfiltered ACV with the 'mother', but I use the supermarket/health shop variety with good effect. I prefer the brand from health shops since it's available in glass bottles"
02/03/2010: Sonja from Durban, Kzn replies: "Healthy lifestyles.co.za in Port Elizabeth deliver raw unfiltered ACV with the 'mother'"
07/01/2010: Cecilia from Richards Bay, Kwa Zulu Natal replies: "I bought my ACV from Healthworks in Johannesburg.It has the mother and they posted it to me"
[YEA]  09/20/2010: Cindy from Johannesburg, Gauteng, South Africa replies: "I found _____'s ACV at Fruits and Roots in Bryanston! :)"
11/06/2010: Caren from Johannesburg, South Africa replies: "Distributor of _____s Apple Cider Vinegar countrywide, visit healing by nature.co.za or email info@healingbynature.co.za"
05/22/2011: Bergill from Durban, Natal South Africa replies: "I have just started to take ACV and would like to know what is the mother in ACV"
[YEA]  07/07/2011: Muntshi Ntanganedzeni from Johannesburg, Gauteng South Africa replies: "I had abt it last year and never took it seriously, dis year I tried, it helps me a lot cause I'm no longer seeing any clots and havier period, dis time my period last for 3 days, last was 15 days, thankx to ACV, try it"
02/02/2012: Kamakazi from Cape Town, Western Cape, South Africa replies: "You can buy _____'s Apple Cider Vinegar (also with "the mother") from Simply Natural in Canal Walk/Century City where I buy it. Also try the Wellness Warehouse on Kloof Street in the City Bowl and at Cavendish Square in Claremont; Cavendish Sqaure also has a nifty little health shop whose name I have forgotten."

South Africa: Johannesburg

01/27/2014: Ruth from Johannesburg South Africa: "I would like to purchase ACV with the mother am in Johannesburg cbd kindly help. Regards Ruth"

01/29/2014: Mvo from Jhb, Rsa replies: "Hi Ruth, I bought raw, unfiltered apple cider vinegar (no mother that I can see) made by Nature's Choice from Dischem at Parkmeadows."

Sweden ACV Supplements

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[YEA]  02/04/2008: Isolda Burlesque from Manchester, UK: "Whilst visiting Scandinavia two years ago I visited "Overskottsbolaget," a discount store selling everything from axes to ladies underwear, lawnmowers to baked beans, and amongst the vitamins I found tubes of soluable ACV, produced by a company called 'body boost'. I had noticed that ACV was widely drunk in sweden, being available in Tetra packs in the supermarket, and was intrigued.I brought home a couple of the tubes (they were packed like sterident, in plastic tubes) and tried it. Nothing happened and I stopped using it, and for a while they languished in the back of the cupboard. Five months later I found them again and started using them, as a drink in warm water. Believe it or not I lost nearly 28 pounds in a month. I still ate as normal, never dieted, didnt do any strenuous exercise.The strange thing was I never noticed, not at first and it was other people who have said, "wow look at you loosing weight!" Not only this, I suffer from Rhuematoid Arthritis and ME ( only mildly) and during the time of taking the ACV, never had an attack of either. And, even more..a mild skin complaint cleared up and my skin and eyes looked clearer and fresher. I have no other explanation other than it being the ACV. On another visit to Sweden last August saw me emptying Overskottsbolaget of their ACV, and apparently my contacts over there say they havent seen any since! I have recently started to take it again to lose a few pounds before a function in March..fingers crossed!"


03/19/2012: Peter from Bangkok, Thailand: "Hello there... this is a great site. I am a New Zealander living in Bangkok Thailand.

Just to let other folk know.... you can also buy _____s ACV at Tops Supermarkets in Bangkok 242baht for a pint sized bottle.

Cheers Peter"

03/28/2009: Alfred Baron from Rangsit, Bangkok, Thailand: "Where to locate in Thailand Apple Cider Vinegar: Apple Cider Vinegar is Great Stuff. The kings store in future park now has several brand of organic stuff, Big C.. does not have it yet, Medco has Heinz regular ACV, not organic.. Tops market At future park center has it. a very good selection.. many brands.

Stay well folk

P.S. I have been taking _____s ACV in USA for 22 yrs., now I buy _____s in Thailand."

08/11/2010: Smeg from Chiang Mai, Thailand replies: "_____s can be bought in small independant health food shops around town for 250Bt small and 410-440 large bottle. I found TOPS has an organic brand, with Mother, for 369bt for large bottle, forgot brand, sorry. ACV Rocks!!"
11/07/2011: Nazir from Islamabad, Ict Pakistan replies: "Please can anyone guide me from where to buy extra virgin coconut oil in Islamabad? plzz"


09/10/2011: Vicky from Fethiye, Turkey: "where can I buy apple cider vinegar in Turkey please?"

07/26/2013: Tracey from Wagga replies: "Where can I buy braggs apple cider vinegar from in Turkey?"
07/26/2013: Mike Giller from Denver, Colorado replies: "The medicinal properties of Apple Cider Vinegar are in the nutrients, the acid, and the enzymes produced by the beneficial bacteria during the fermentation process. You can get the same benefits from any raw fermented fruit or vegetable. If you are unable to get these products you can easily make your own because the beneficial bacteria are already in the fruit. You have to get organic produce because the pesticides and herbicides kill them. The best ones to get are berries. Mash them up. Do not use metal. Add enough water to cover them. Let them sit at room temperature in the dark. Check them every four hours. When you see bubbles rise to the surface they are fermenting. Taste them. They should start getting sour. If you let them ferment to long they get too tangy. Add some more water and drink them. You can start the next batch with some from the previous batch. You can also ferment organic raw sugar that has not had the molasses removed with water kefir grains. These prevent and cure all illneses. I myself took 1 quart a day in 4 divided doses for six months. They have 26 microorganisms, 3 kinds. I bought mine from the ukraine for $4 including shipping. Many organic farmers should be able to give you advice. You can get instructions on the internet."


07/28/2012: Jessie from Dubai, United Arab Emirates: "Where I can buy Apple Cider Vinegar? Im currently working here in United Arab Emirates. Thanks"

05/29/2012: Cheryl from Dubai, United Arab Emirates: "Hi, Kindly please advise if where can I buy Apple Cider Vinegar here in United Arab Emirates. Thanks. Cheryl"

12/05/2011: Bilal from Sharjah, Uae: "Sir/Madam

I am living in sharjah uae. Where can I get the organic apple cider vinegar? Kindly give me the proper address."

12/20/2011: Majed from Dubai, Uae replies: "Hi there , if you go to Dubai Mall, a store called Organo, 95% of their products are organic."

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