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03/15/2013: Oscar from Syracuse, New York, Usa: "We had to create a NEW Yahoo group because we were unable to add new moderators to the original group. This new group is essentially a continuation of the original group with the added ability to add new moderators.

We have made important new discoveries as to how best use the BHT treatment. Supplements and foods to avoid and NOT take include: Milk thistle and its extracts, Vitamin E supplements, and grapefruit juice.

Things that help with the BHT treatment include vitamin B12 and vitamin D and maybe the lipid monolaurin.

So please do join the NEW group if interested here:

Please do NOT join the original or old group because you be instucted to join that NEW group I just posted a link to above.

As always I encourage all people trying the BHT treatment to post their results here at the EARTH CLINIC. This is the BIG forum where people are most likely to read what you have to report....Oscar"

11/09/2013: Gwendolyn from Cedar Hill, Tx replies: "Has anyone had serious side effects from BHT?"

11/18/2012: Oscar from Syracuse, New York, USA: "Here is a link to the feedback available from people who provided a baseline and at least one blood test results follow up report. These are people with actual blood test results. Most of their names have been replaced with an initial and a number, D1, or S1 for example. Anyway, there is a lot of important feedback provided at one location:"

05/06/2012: Oscar from Syracuse, New York, USA: "Yes I did and am no longer available to answer questions about BHT therapy. But there is an extensive and informative discussion about BHT therapy here in this forum:"

06/18/2012: Sarah from Fort Wayne, Indiana replies: "I was married for ten years and caught husband in an affair. While separated I developed genital warts around the anus. I had a doctor put some type of treatment on them that burnt them off. Not only did it hurt horribly, I developed a nasty infection even though I cleaned my bottom frequently. I decided NOT to go back for more treatment!

I then tried tea tree oil and it did not help me. Infact, it seemed to spread. From there I tried organic apple cider vinegar. FORGET that! It burned so bad! I couldn't even stand it on me for a second! I then tried peroxide and had no luck either.

I am at the end of my rope. I have now had this issue of genital warts for a year. It is not even my fault that I have them!

*** I just received BHT in the mail. I have read to take 350 mg up to twice daily and wanted to confirm this dose on here. I will begin with just 350 mg in the morning and if all goes well, I will add in one more 350 mg pill in the evening.

I also have high blood pressure that was insanely high before I was medicated. At the age of 27 it would go up to 120/170. I now take one atenolol 25mg once a day and it keeps my blood pressure in a healthy line. I am now 33 years old. I know, I know: I smoke cigarettes as well. I will also attempt to cut back.

IS IT SAFE TO TAKE BHT WITH HIGH BLOOD PRESSURE as long as the high blood presure is medicated and under control?

I have all natural vitamins I want to take along with the BHT. What else would you reccommend I take along with the BHT and vitamins? Supplements? Topical products to apply?

Because of the divorce, I do not have alot of money. I will check back here often for replies and will keep all of you informed as to what happens in regards to the BHT.

Thanks so much for your help. It means alot. I truly am scared."

06/20/2012: Oscar from Syracuse, New York, Usa replies: "Dear Sarah from Fort Wayne, My heart goes out to you. I am very much hoping the BHT will work for you. From what you said you are using the BHT the way you should. You started with one 350mg of BHT per day and plan to increase the dosage to two 350mg per day. If you have any problem with that increased dosage you can always go back to the one capsule per day or take two doses every other day and see how well you tolerate that. This dosage issue is different for different people.

Now, The BHT treatment by itself has worked very well for some people for genital warts. For those it has worked for dramatic improvement occurred in about one month. The warts were gone in about one month. If the BHT works you still need to keep taking it to prevent a relapse.

Also, I do encourage you to join the BHT CURES group because there are a number of other people there who are dealing with this problem. For one of those people the BHT by itself did NOT work. BUT this person did find an additional treatment regimine that included: 2,000 mg of Vitamin C per day that seems to be working well for that person along with the BHT. 2,000 mg of vitamin C per day is THE UPPER LIMIT of what is considered safe to take. But that is pushing it. So give the BHT a try and if needs be you may wish to add that vitamin C. And do join the BHT CURES group. There are other people there dealing with this issue successfully here:

I know how frightened you are and how terrible that is to have to live with. BUT, real people are finding real answers for this problem at that group and here in this forum....Oscar"

06/21/2012: Skyrandall from Camas Valley, Or replies: "Hi my name is Randall. I would like to talk to Oscar about BHT for hep c. I have had it 35 years with no treatment and just got the BHT and also about the hip forms if you could be so kind as to e-mail me @ skyrandall357(at) I only found out in 2008 that I had hep c."
06/22/2012: Oscar from Syracuse, New York, Usa replies: "Dear skyrandall, I do not give out my e-mail address to anyone. To do so is more than I can deal with. I am sorry, but I am not willing to do that. But, there is that BHT CURES group I discussed with you. I do think you joined this group. Is that true or not?

Joining that group is the best way of staying in touch with me and there are all the other group members also. A growing number of people are reporting success stories at the BHT CURES group and here in this forum. I am going to encourage people over at the BHT CURES group to report thier stories here in the EARTH CLINIC forum. This forum has played a crucial role in this endeavor and still does and warrants, deserves to have much of the credit for the success of this effort. This forum and that group are saving people`s lives. That is very important....Oscar"

06/23/2012: Skyrandall from Camas Valley/roseburge, Oregon USA replies: "dear oscar yes that is right. And I will post my info here on earth clinic I am new at the computer and how all this works. Please forgive that and my spelling skyrandall"
06/24/2012: Skyrandall from Camas / Roseburg, Oregon Usa replies: "Dear oscar I said I would post my hep c history and here thay are . In 2008 I found out I had hep c 01/29/2008 alt48 ast37 02/03/2008 alt 53 ast35 07/22/2008 alt 102 ast62 2/18/2009 alt 125 ast 72 08/26/2009 alt70 ast56 09/13/2010 alt79 ast56 04/06/2010 alt68 ast52 09/19/2011 alt61 ast41 06/11/2012 alt49 ast43. As of 04/28/2011 my viral lode was 10 million genotype 1b. On bht for a few days up to two 350mg doses a day one in the morning one at night on emptey stomace I take nothing but the bht. I have had hep c for 35 to 40 years as far as I can tell bad choice in 1970s. I will get retested in 6 to 8 weeks keep you posted. Skyrandall"

[SIDE EFFECTS]  03/07/2012: Ava from Boston, Ma: "I have just begun taking BHT for HCV and I notice that I'm very tired in the mornings.. Like I haven't slept well. With 8 hours of sleep!! People report increased energy.. When?"

03/08/2012: Art from Vancouver Bc, Canada replies: "Give it time, normally it takes a couple of weeks. How much are you taking? What I like about it is I feel anxious in the morning but my eyes still want to stay closed. I take 350mg twice daily at bedtime and in the early hours of the morning. I do find the one at bedtime helps to make my oxycontin 10mg work better. I did start off with a small dose and now I can't tell the difference."
11/25/2012: Art from Victoria Bc, Canada replies: "Upon reviewing my post on 3/08/12 I have to say that I dropped to 1 - 350mg every second day as I felt over loaded or bogged down. That was at 11/03/12 and now after 3 weeks I am back to 1 - 350mg a day taken in the night. I still feel good and a whole lot better than I did before January of this year. My last blood work was ALT 79 and AST 58 and Gam GT 29. Now these numbers are lower than my test in April. I do hope to see lower numbers again on my next test in December.

Thanks and stay well."

11/26/2012: Oscar from Syracuse, New York, Usa replies: "Dear Art, You are discussing the BHT treatment are you not here? I am quite sure you are. My thinking is that you have suffered considerable liver damage but are slowly healing your liver. Do not get discouraged. The numbers are getting better wich indicates the BHT treatment is working. You are doing the right things by lowering the dose of BHT when adverse effects are experienced. For some people with serious liver damage the process takes longer. I would not say that if progress was not indicated. Just keep doing what you are. The indications are that your liver is healing... Oscar"
11/27/2012: Art Alias Davey D from Vancouver Bc., Canada replies: "Yes Oscar, my bad I failed to mention BHT. That is important and thanks for pointing it out."
11/13/2013: Zark from Emerald City, The Land Of Oz replies: "Perhaps the immune system is picking up on the viral particles floating around in your body now that most have been disabled and cannot infect new cells. In other words it may be akin to a Herx reaction."

02/16/2012: Dennis from State College, Penn: "Ocsar, Thanks for the response. We are freaked out because of the potential for the subtype of hpv with has manifested into cancer once in myself ready and as these type of cancer cells can reoccur and with my girl the potential for cervical cancer to manifest has us in a panic. We did cut back to 350 mg. , twice daily and our urine has returned to normal.

Our understanding about bht treatment is it allows the bodies natural immune system to the go after these viral cells once the bht has broken thru the lipid envelop. Please correct us if our perception of this is wrong. That is why we added a load of immune boosting supplements and vitamins to our regiment.

We also read that to protect the body from some of the effects off bht that taking milk thistle for liver, chlorophyll to assist in additional oxygen to cells in lungs and gelatin for kidney protection. Again are we correct in our treatment or is all of this unnecessary?

Also does coconut oil used in the diet adversely affect the bht? L-lysine, olive leaf and astragalus are suppose to have anti viral effects as well. Is this overdoing it? We added the DIM as a preventive or possibly treatment for any cancers which may be in the works. My girl doesn't have insurance yet, but will in one month and we aren't sure what type of Dr. would specialize in hpv. I am seeing a surgeon to keep an eye on the active warts I still have but no Dr. for the hpv. The gastroentenologist is for the hcv which is active however they have told me my liver is in good shape.

It was mentioned that there is a kit for testing for the hcv antibodies. Can I purchase one or is it obtain thru a Dr.? We are most concerned at this time with the hpv as we both have it, it's the subtype which causes cancer. Any additional info about treating the hpv would be greatly appreciated as radiation and chemo don't sound like fun stuff! Thanks"

02/16/2012: Debbie from Melbourne, Australia replies: "Dennis, cancer is not something to fear. Cancer can only survive in an acidic environment and an environment deprived of oxygen. Cancer can not survive in an alkaline environment. If your pH is alkaline, cancer will not survive. If your diet consists of lots of vegetables (green vegetables) and you regularly drink ACV (1-2 tblespns in 8oz water) and even lemon juice they are alkalising. If your diet consists of lots of processed foods, sodas, chocolate, junk food, then you are more likely to have something to worry about. Cancer is not something to fear once you realise it is preventable and even curable. You can buy pH strips and test your pH to ensure it is in an alkaline range."
02/17/2012: Oscar from Syracuse, New York, Usa replies: "Dear Dennis from State College Penn. Listen, I am very happy to learn your urine has returned to normal color by lowering the dosage of BHT. This urine color IS an important indicator of liver function.

Also, I do not know anything about these home test kits. If you can afford it I do think having liver function tests done by professionals is the way to go.

And I do NOT know about all these other supplements you have discussed. From what fatcha brute and teru from Paris have stated: They make NO mention of other supplements and the one capsule of BHT taken twice a day worked very well for them for genital warts and with fatcha brute, hepatitis C also as stated here:Â

In my opinion: As a general rule: It is NOT good to mega dose with any vitamin or other supplement because when you do so you end up screwing up any number of metabolic processes. I do take a generic vitamin B complex pill and a 500 mg vitamin C pill about every other day. I am very wary of MEGA DOSING with anything and do NOT do it.

The BHT seems to work very well all by itself as a treatment for viral diseases of many types including HPV.

Now if you wish to you can join this Yahoo discussion group that Victoria started and I am member and I do stay in touch with that group here:

Dennis, I do NOT have all the answers regarding the use of BHT to treat viral diseases. I am NOT a doctor. This treatment is experimental at this time. BUT, there is a growing number of people showing dramatic positive results with the use of BHT to treat hepatitis C and HPV also....Oscar"

02/18/2012: Teru from Paris, France replies: "Oscar, I do take supplements and vitamins and other things to keep me in good health, but ONLY when I took the BHT I could see how my genital warts started to go away. I will have a control again in a year and I will inform back to the forum. I hope this help someone."
02/19/2012: Oscar from Syracuse, New York, USA replies: "Dear Teru from Paris, Well I surely appreciate your feedback concerning BHT as a treatment for genital warts. I had not realized how serious this condition can be. A forum member has reported that HPV can lead to certain cancers.

Also, and importantly: HPV is NOT a lipid coated virus as I had assumed it was. As did fatcha brute from what he stated.

HPV is a protein coated virus. So your experience and that of fatcha brute`s is new ground in the treatment of viral diseases with BHT. So it appears that BHT is very much an effective treatment for at least some protien coated viruses also.

This is very important new information. Again: This forum is the ONLY one that has taken a serious interest in BHT as a treatment for viral diseases that I am aware of. So please do keep posting here in this forum. Let me ask you teru: Are your genital warts all gone now or not ? Your feedback is very important to all those other people out there suffering from this condition. Please be totally honest. I have no desire to be promoting wishful thinking about this, but if the BHT treatments are working people need to know about it.

Also, I do ask you to join this Yahoo group created by Victoria, a member of this forum. I am a member and a moderator at this Yahoo group:

This discussion group's focus is: The use of BHT to treat viral diseases. Now I have no contact with fatcha brute so you ARE the primary source about BHT as a treatment for HPV and resulting genital warts.

Look, you are a very important person to those who have genital warts and HPV. Please stay in touch with this forum and join that Yahoo group.

Thank you so very much teru, for this very important feedback. This is a very real example of what so many people hope for in and of the World Wide Web. Thank you teru, ...Oscar"

02/20/2012: Teru from Paris, France replies: "Hello Oscar, Not only I could see myself that in the anal area, the warts were gone but I had a colonoscopy and where I could see a big wart, the doctor could only see a "small" one after one month taking BHT. The doctor only found that. No idea about the protein coated virus but seems it worked for me, even you said it was not the same product you was taking. In a year I will know if the warts come back or not and I will, for sure, report. I don't want to join the yahoo group for the moment."
02/22/2012: Oscar from Syracuse, New York, Usa replies: "Hello Teru, Look, I have been reading up on: papovaviruses. There are at least four different types. What they all have in common is an enveloped structure. Also, these viruses have some proteins included as a part of said envelopes. And, the same is true for hepatitis C also. I am looking into all of this. Now these protein envelopes like the lipid envelopes have structures that are made up of seperate proteins and or lipids. These proteins and lipids are NOT chemically bonded to each other. They exist as a layer or layers of proteins and or lipids held together by relatively weak forces that have to do with what are called HYDROGEN BONDS and the way these proteins and lipids behave in water. It is hard for me to explain without some diagrams or pictures but I am working on it. Here is an example of a HIV viron to give an example of what I am discussing:

Now, this BHT and its metabolites seem to me to be the right size and the right shape the disrupt these different viral coatings. And I do have good reason to think that: BHT and it`s metabolites will be drawn to these viral coatings and always be seeking and never achieving permanent hydrogen bonds in the same way that water molecules do. These bulky molecules will be wriggling about very rapidly tearing apart these lipid and protein envelopes. Well that is my theory for what it is worth. And once these coatings or envelopes are stripped away the bodies defense mechanisms recognize what is left of them as foriegn bodies also and the usual immune system respones may very likely play a role in this or it may not. The BHT alone may be enough to make these different viruses incapable of infecting any uninfected cells.

What is important for you to know is that these BHT treatments are working for you. That is what is really important to you. So just keep taking it and do NOT worry about exactly how this process works. Stick with what is working for YOU....Oscar"

02/22/2012: Louwrence from Rustenburg, North West South Africa replies: "Hi Oscar, Just a question concerning BHT. Toluene in paint is considered very toxic, does this apply to the toluene in BHT or are there other mechanisms that come into play with the toluene in BHT? Thanks."
02/23/2012: Oscar from Syracuse, New York, Usa replies: "Dear Louwrence from North West South Africa, Listen to me: The differences between the compound known as toluene and the compound known as buylated hydroxytoluene [ BHT ] are immense or very big. The same can be said of so very many compounds. As the different goups or added to a compound such as toluene, the proprties of that compound change dramaticaly. Rather than go into some long discussion of organic chemistry I will refer to that very extensive toxicology report with it`s NOEL [ No-Observed-Effects-Level ] statement regarding BHT here:

In view of the probable involvement of hepatic enzyme induction in the development of the hepatocellular damage associated with repeated doses of BHT, the Committee concluded that, in this case, enzyme induction was the most sensitive index of effects on the liver. A well-defined threshold was demonstrated at 100 mg/kg bw/day in the long-term study reviewed for the first time at this meeting, giving a NOEL of 25 mg/kg bw/day. Effects observed in the reproduction segments of the in utero/lifetime exposure studies were also taken into account in the derivation of this NOEL. The Committee used a safety factor of 100 to allocate an ADI of 0-0. 3 mg/kg bw for BHT.

I am NOT up for or capable of teaching a course in what is called: ORGANIC CHEMISTRY....Oscar"

03/02/2012: Paul from Otterndorf, Germany replies: "Hello Oscar, my name is Karin. I am the wife of Paul from Germany / Otterndorf. After my husband has done such a great experience with BHT, I wanted to try it. I have genital herpes for about 30 years, the last 5 years I had an outbreak every two weeks, that was really cruel. I notice it every time, just before it breaks, I feel a burning sensation in the legs and partly in the face.

When it started again last week, I took the first 3 days of BHT 500mg twice daily on an empty stomach. I usually do not believe in miracles, but for me is probably a miracle happened - the herpes outbreak has not occurred. Additionally stops I feel as good as never before.

I will now continue with BHT-treatment with preventive 1x daily 250mg. Thanks again for your excellent work. All love from Germany, Karin"

03/03/2012: Oscar from Syracuse, New York, Usa replies: "Dear Karin and Paul from Otterndorf Germany, It is a pleasure to hear from both of you. Yes, this BHT stuff really does work. It is not a miracle but is a blessing. The only sad thing is that more people do NOT know about it. With your help [ feedback ], and that of others we ARE changing that. Thank you so very much for your feedback, ...Oscar"
03/04/2012: Derek from Vancouver, Canada replies: "Oscar, First off, THANK YOU… because after I've contracted herpes this year and have been doing a ton of research, almost wherever I look up info about BHT you are there! Lol

So it is really good to know you have done tons and tons of research about BHT, albeit you use it for hep C and I am trying to get rid of herpes with it.

Now I have had herpes for about 6 months and have been taking BHT for about 1 month continuously. 350mg/ day when no outbreaks and 500g twice daily on empty stomach with a gulp of water (as you suggest) when I am getting an outbreak. I'm about 5'10, male 150 lbs.

Although it has helped, it hasn't helped in the way it has helped some people (completely OB free). I still get minor OB's but they don't get worse and it takes a few days for them to go away. I used to get an OB maybe every 3 weeks, but after BHT I have had 2 OB in a month (both minor that started to appear but didn't actually turn into a full OB)

I guess this makes me question if I should try taking BHT after meals? I know you are highly against taking it with fats, but does it matter we are trying to treat herpes instead of hep C or is empty stomach just the best way for BHT absorption. I'm also extremely weary about increasing my BHT dosage past 1g per day

Also, what about taking other supplements/herbs with BHT? I know you said somewhere wait like 1. 5 hours before eating after BHT. Should that be applying to other supplements too? A lot of people have said St. John's wort helps the effectiveness of BHT when combatting herpes. Would it be bad to take them together? People tell you it helps the effectiveness but no one really has a proper guideline as to how to combine it with BHT (as in when to take each)


03/05/2012: Oscar from Syracuse, New York, Usa replies: "Dear Derek from Vancouver, Regarding the use of BHT to treat herpes infections: My focus has been the use of BHT [ butylated hydroxytoluene ] as a treatment for the hepatitis viruses. But I also was prone to oral herpes outbreaks when I first started using BHT for hepatitis C back in 1997. From my experience as time went by I was less and less prone to these outbreaks with daily dosing with BHT. I have NOT had a herpes outbreak for many years now. I rarely took more than two capsules in any one day. Usually one 350mg of BHT per day. But when I felt a herpes outbreak coming on [ itchiness and swelling about my mouth ] I would take an additional capsule as soon as possible. This very often though not always would prevent any sores from appearing. As the years went by I simply stopped having any problem with herpes. I also NEVER get colds or any flu type diseases.

Like you, I am wary of taking large doses of BHT and never felt any need to do so. I am adamant about not mixing BHT with any oil. I also believe it is NOT a good idea to mix BHT with any other supplement at the time it is ingested. I have NO opinion on other supplements including St. John`s wart because I never tried it or them. The BHT seems to work very well all by itself at least for me.

I do take a generic vitamin B complex tablet about every other day and a 500mg tablet of vitamin C also, again about every other day and an occasional multi-vitamin tablet also. This BHT really does work for all types of herpes virus in my opinion and that of many others... Oscar"

03/05/2012: Derek from Vancouver, Canada replies: "Oscar, Just wanted to clarify, how long after you started taking BHT did the cold sores stop appearing? Did it take a certain ammount of months/years of continous BHT consumption to build up in your body before you were rid of cold sore? Thanks!"
03/06/2012: Oscar from Syracuse, New York, Usa replies: "Dear Derek from Vancouver, My freind, I was treating a very serious case of hepatitis C and my experience with the use of BHT was focused on that issue. These cold sores [ one type of herpes virus infection ] was very much a secondary concern. But I will say these cold sores I was prone to pretty much were no longer a problem after about one year of the BHT treatments. After that one year or so of the daily BHT treatments I would have an occasional outbreak on rare occasions. It has been many years since I had an outbreak. I don`t really know exactly how many years. Probably at least 5 years. It may be as much as 10 years since I had an outbreak. I ceased to be a problem for me many years ago. Do keep in mind that I still take a daily dose of 350mg of BHT per day and I started dosing with BHT back in 1997... Oscar"
03/18/2012: Paul from Otterndorf, Niedersachsen, Deutschland replies: "Hello Oscar, the first time in my life where I felt like "wow.. can this really be happening.

After more than 20 years.... exactly 4 weeks without any stupid herpes outbreak untill today I have not had any herpes-outbreak.. Thank God! What does this mean seriously? Can I go my whole life without ever having one? Could it be that its very mild in some way? Thanks so much!

With best regards, Karin"

[YEA]  02/08/2011: Oscar from Syracuse, New York, U.s.a.: "BHT's ability to effectively treat lipid coated viruses which include: hepatatitis C and B, all the herpes viruuses and the AIDS virus has been being reported since 1975. A lot has been published about it since then in different scientific publications including the journal SCIENCE. This stuff works. I self treated for hepatitis C back in 1997 using daily doses of 200mg per day with water on an empty stomach. I went from being symptomatic [ sick with jaundice, yellowed eyes, darkened urine, stomach pain, trouble digesting food and such to being well and free of any viral load in my blood in about 4 weeks. Like I said, this BHT stuff works and fast. I was tested and retested to confirm I had hepatitis C and was told I definately had it. Before I was ever prescibed any medication I began taking BHT and like I said I was testing negative using the hepatitis C RNA test within 4 weeks and was well. I never had any side effects. I still take it to keep from catching any of the lipid coated viruses. What BHT can treat it will prevent infection of.

Also, BHT is the most powerful anti-oxident and free radical scavenger out there as far as I know. That is not just my opinion. Dr. Denham Harman, the father of the free radical concept of aging did extensive tests with mice being dosed with BHT and achieved an up to 50% increase in the average life span of mice dosed with BHT. Some of his critics said all he was doing was preventing the mice from getting CANCER and that accounted for the life span increase. Well, if that is ALL he was doing I would say THAT is quite important in and of itself....Oscar"

03/22/2011: Mike from Canterbury, Uk replies: "Heya, I wanted to get hold of you Oscar to discuss whether I might benefit from BHT to help strengthen my liver? Is it useful for this, or do you think supplements such as milk thistle etc might be more useful? I wanted to combine treatments to make a very potent liver strengthening combo!

Thanks :)"

03/27/2011: Oscar from Syracuse, New York, Usa replies: "BHT is a very powerful antioxidant and free radical scavenger. Will this strenghthen your liver ? I do not know....Oscar"
06/11/2011: Devastated from Kansas City, Missouri, USA replies: "Earth Clinic,

Can anybody please tell me if BUTYLATED HYDROXYTOLUENE can also cure drug resistant tuberculosis? Please reply quickly, for I am devastated. Thanks and God bless you mightly for this free and useful website."

06/18/2011: Santhi from Cairns, Queensland, Australia replies: "I am from Australia. I have a friend who has Hep C and another who has shingles - can BHT help with both and where can I get it from in Australia?"
06/25/2011: Oscar from Syracuse, New York, U.s.a. replies: "Dear Santhi from Australia, BHT can be purchased from a number of different online retailers. Like you, I never use credit cards, online accounts and such. Many of these companies allow for their products to be purchased through the mail by check or money order. Just click onto one of the websites provided in this forum or some other you may wish to try. Then click around that companies website for payment options. They should provide the information necessary: address, product identifier, any instructions required. This has always proven to be easy for me to do. They do wish to sell their products after all. What I do is to click onto the product and proceed to check out or whatever they call it and take it from there....Oscar"
06/25/2011: Oscar from Syracuse, New York, U.s.a. replies: "Dear Devastated in KC, TB is a bacterial disease, not a virus. There is no evidence BHT can treat bacterial diseases that I am aware of. Never the less there is evidence that BHT can strengthen your immune system significantly. Along with having hepatitis-C, I was diagnosed with evidence of an active TB infection back in 1997. Calcium deposits in my lungs consistant with an active TB infection. The VA was concerned because TB is a public health issue also as I am sure you are aware. They did the skin test and it came back positive. So, I had already started taking BHT for that hepatitis-C infection about 1 or 2 months prior to that. And after about 2 months more of my BHT self treatments the X-rays done then showed no signs of an active TB infection. I was getting worried they were going to place me in some sort of a hospital, order me to be placed in one. So, in about 3 or 4 months that TB infection cleared up and I was not required to check in with the outpatient clinic for further examinations. Is this the result of self dosing with BHT ? I can`t say it was with any certainty. I do think it helped significantly by strengthening my immune system.

There are Dr. Denham Harman`s studies and a good many others that show a definate AVERAGE LIFESPAN INCREASE with daily dosing of mice with BHT of 31% to as much as 50% in some studies by Harman and others. There is a lengthy discussion of all this in a PHYSIOLOGICAL REVEIWS article that discusses anti-oxidants as lifespan extenders and BHT is by FAR the most effective average lifespan extender. So why is that ? It seems to me that being a immune system booster is at least a plausable explanation. And it follows that by boosting your immune system you cannot help but increase your ability to cope with a TB infection. I don`t see how it can hurt in the doses I have discussed: 200mg to 400mg of BHT with water on an empty stomach for average size adults. There is also an extensive World Health Organization report that discusses the many tests that have been done regarding BHT`s toxicity at length. A compilation of over 50 studies as to BHT`s toxicity over a very many years. I don`t know how to provide links in this forum. Are people allowed to do so, to post links ? Those two reports are the best ones I have found about all this....Oscar"

06/25/2011: Oscar from Syracuse, New York, U.s.a. replies: "I wish to provide two important links about BHT [ butylated hydroxytoluene ]. The first one is the World Health Organization`s report. This comprehensive report is that organization`s evaluation of more than 50 studies done over a very many years as to the toxicity of BHT. This lengthy report illustrates how SAFE BHT is in the theraputic dosages myself and others have discussed: 200mg to 500mg per day. Here is that link:

And here is a table that ranks BHT as the number one Average Lifespan Extender. This table is but a small part of this comprehensive review. Those who wish to can link from there to the full article:

I feel it is fair to say that both the World Health Organization and " PHYSIOLOGICAL REVIEWS " are reputable organizations. The very long list of scientists, doctors, and such that did the different studies discussed deserve to have their conclusions to be taken seriously. These are both scientific articles that presume a lot of knowledge of their readers in subjects that include: chemistry and biochemistry. I myself have been looking into BHT as a treatment for hepatitis-C since 1997. I just now figured out how to provide links in this forum. I will know how to in the future. I have posted in this forum about BHT as a treatment for hepatitis-C previously. About 150 million people are infected with this often deadly disease worldwide so it is an important topic....Oscar"

07/12/2011: Oscar from Syracuse, New York, Usa replies: "I wish to provide an update about BHT. I just recently ran across this report about the toxicity of BHT. This Canadian health organization has looked at over 200 studies done as to the toxicity of BHT and established a NOEL for BHT of 25mg per day per kilogram of body weight. NOEL is an acronym for: no-observed-effect-level.

A 110 pound person weighs 50 kilograms. 25mg X 50 = 1, 250mg. The dosage I have discussed as a very effective treatment for hepatitis C is 200mg of BHT per day with water only on an empty stomach for a 180 pound person, ME. Any person choosing to try BHT should get a very dramatic decrease in viral load counts within a very few weeks [ 3 to 4 weeks ] if it is working as I beleive it will. So how big is the risk ? You should know in a few weeks wether it is working or not. You can always stop taking it if you choose to. Here is a link to a statement by me that includes a link to that Canadian report. THIS BHT STUFF REALLY DOES WORK. Link:

I want to see people get well, be free of this hepatitis C....Oscar"

07/27/2011: Jameszhawk from White Lake, Mi., Usa replies: "Hey Oscar, you state 200mg of BHT for 180 lb person should not that be 2000mg. Just need to make sure

thanks Jim"

07/28/2011: Oscar from Syracuse, New York, Usa replies: "Hello Jim, That 200mg per day dosage was all that I took back in 1997 when I had a full blown case of hepatitis C, with a failing liver. I was astounded when I had my follow up appointments at that VA outpatient clinic.

All this hepatitis C stuff was all new to me. From everything the doctor told me about HVC I was very unhappy. I was quite sick with all the usual symptoms of a failing liver and my liver function tests were all not good. I could not eat regular type foods. I ate soups and drank beer so I could make myself do my moving jobs. That is what I was doing for a living back then and it takes a good bit of what for to move people`s furniture and everything else when feeling sick and the beer gave me that what for. I sort of quit caring whether I lived or not.

But then I read this book that said BHT could cure lipid enveloped viruses and bought some BHT in 200mg dosages. I did not put much hope in it, but felt: why not give it a try ? In about a week I was feeling much better, stronger, and able to eat regular food. The doctor I was seeing noticed an improvement in me and I told I was feeling a lot better. He ordered some new liver function tests and a hepatitis C RNA test be done and to come back in a week. The first hep-C RNA test came back " indeterminate " and my liver function tests were very much improved. He said he did not know what to make of it and ordered the same tests be redone and to see him in another week. That Hep-C RNA test came back NEGATIVE and my liver function tests were all NORMAL except one that was close to normal. He told me his intership was about up with the VA and asked if I wished to see some new doctor. I saw no reason to because I was feeling strong again, and well and was busy just trying to make a living and such.

I have learned a lot about hepatitis C since then and realized what a remarkable recovery I had made considering everything. I do think it is safe for most adults to take the 350mg capsules most commonly available once a day. I also think it is important to take BHT on an empty stomach with water. I often took it with beer because beer was my breakfast back then and figured beer was pretty much water anyway. I had to get up and do those moving jobs and did not have time to dally about getting going.

That is what worked for me. Anyway, I kept taking that BHT and still do. I never had any bad effects doing so. I was retested by the VA in 2006 and was told I have no indication I ever had hepatitis C. I now test negative with the anti-bodies and antigens tests. My VA healthcare provider asked me why I thought I ever had hepatitis C. I helped her go back to those 1997 records and she did not know what to make of it all. Indeed I did have hepatitis C in 1997 and now I do NOT. A TRUE CURE was achieved. The liver completely rejuvenates itself about every year or so. And if no new liver cells are being infected eventually a true cure is achieved using BHT with water on an empty stomach, like I said.

A person who goes by January had equally amazing results. Read his story here:

I hope you find this information helpful, ...Oscar"

08/10/2011: Broken-hearted from Kansas City, Missouri replies: "This question is for Oscar of Syracuse, New york or anybody that has the answer.


I have been treating Hcv since 2002, and I have used a lot of things, after interferon injection did not work for me (because of serious side effects).

The last test I had for Hcv was on July, 2011 and got the following values:

Hcv above 377, 000(this value is higher than what it was before the test).

Liver function test:

AST 62-high

ALT 77-high

Tumor marker-10.6-high.

With these values, will BHT be dangerous for my liver?

Also, I wish to know: If I take BHT on an empty stomach(according to Oscar), how long should I wait before I take my breakfast?

Please, answer me quickly before I start taking it. I feel BHT is my last chance.

Thank you and God bless."

08/10/2011: Oscar from Syracuse, New York, Usa replies: "Dear Broken-hearted in Kansas City, This is Oscar and I will do my best to address your questions and concerns about the use of BHT to treat hepatitis C.

First of all there is every reason to believe that BHT is an effective treatment for even drug resistant HCV. BHT is NOT disease specific or even species specific. By that I mean BHT has proven to be an effective treatment for ALL viruses that have a coating that is to some degree made up of lipids. This includes all forms of hepatitis C virus. It also includes hepatitis B virus. I had both hepatitis C and B back in 1997. Two, very different viruses, both of wich have a coating that is to some degree made up of lipids. I was told by the VA [ veterans administration ] in 2006 that I have NO indication I ever had been infected with those viruses.

I got in an argument with the healthcare provider. She questioned me as to why I had checked that I had a history of HCV and HBV. I guided her back to the records from the Boston VA that showed I had been tested and rested for both infections and had tested POSITIVE for both in 1997. I also went to a private doctor in 1998 and paid to be tested for both forms of hepatitis then. Those results also came back positive. I was never prescribed any treatment. The only thing I ever used to treat those infections was BHT. I was taking a selenium supplement in 1997. It was a 300mcg capsule. That is 300 micrograms and NOT milligrams. Whether this selenium compound helped or not I do NOT know. I only took a one of them now and then. Every 3 or 4 days as I recall.

In my opinion: BHT taken as I have discussed is the safest most effective treatment available. I was taking one 200mg capsule of BHT per day on an empty stomach with a gulp of water to wash it down. I did not eat for about one hour after swallowing the BHT capsule. The capsules available today are mostly 350mg capsules. You can open these capsules up and tap out a portion of them if you wish to take a smaller dose and push the capsule back together and then swallow it.

Regarding your safety concerns: The NOEL [ No-Observed-Effects-Level ] for BHT is 25mg per kilogram of bodyweight per day in this toxicology report published by a Canadian health organization. I will link you to that report and this NOEL statement is located at the end of this report and the basis for that NOEL is defined here:

A 110 pound person weighs 50 kilograms [ kg ]. And 25mg X 50 does equal 1, 250mg. So read that NOEL statement and make your own judgement about BHT`s safety. I cannot and will not do that for you. I strongly recommend a BHT sensitivity test because some people are sensitive to BHT though most are not. Take a small dish, open up a capsule of BHT and pour the contents on that dish. Lick your finger and daub it on the crystals and lick the crystals off your finger. Wait at least one hour to test for any negative reactions. Some people report dizziness, upset stomach, and hives. Most people have no reaction. If you have a negative response but still wish to try this treatment. Try 1 daub the first day, 2 daubs the second day, 3 daubs the third day. Hopefully this will resolve any sensitivity issue. This has worked for at least 2 people who discussed sensitivity to BHT with me. Others have found the effects acceptable with the entire capsule and told me they disappeared in about 2 or 3 days. Again, for most people there are no adverse effects to begin with.

The goal is to find a safe effective dose. For some people one half of a 350mg capsule may be that dosage. I weigh 180 pounds and 200mg per day worked for me when I was truly sick with hepatitis C back in 1997. I don`t know what else I can tell you that would be helpful. If you have some other questions I will do my best to answer them. Oh, there is this table published in PHYSIOLOGICAL REVIEWS that shows a MEAN LIFESPAN INCREASE of up to 31% in mice that were dosed with BHT over their lifetimes compared to undosed mice. So, it seems BHT is in fact good for you. Here is that table:

This is for mice dosed in reasonable, theraputic dosages and NOT massive dosages. What other treatment can claim that ? What other compound of any sort can make that claim and back it up with any proof ? BHT can and does....Oscar"

08/18/2011: Jameszhawk from White Lake, Mi., Usa replies: "
Been almost a month taking 350 mgs of BHT, going to be retested will let you know the results"
08/18/2011: Dr W from Upstate Ny, New York replies: "Hi Guys

I'm a Chiropractor from upstate NY diagnosis HCV geno type 2 viral load 837 k 6 weeks ago. Been taking BHT for 5 weeks and Blood tested on 08/08/11 will post results and exact dose if successful.

Dr W"

08/20/2011: Drw from Upstate Ny, Ny replies: "Dr W here-

Well the blood work showed increase in Viral load so far up to 1.24 mil however my alt and ast are slightly lower. I suspect that Taking Fish oil and assorted other herbs and vitamins at the same time as BHT negates the effectiveness!

I will take 1050 mg on an empty stomach morning and evening and the only thing I will take with it will be St Johns Wart.

Will post blood work results 10/01/2011"

08/20/2011: Tommy from North York, On, Canada replies: "Hi Dr W,

How come it increases the viral load when Oscar is saying that it eradicates HepC? Keep us inform of your blood work.


08/21/2011: Oscar from Syracuse, New York, Usa replies: "Dear Dr. W, I very much appreciate your feedback regarding BHT as a treatment for hepatitis C. It is not the feedback I was hoping for, obviously. Let me ask you this: Were you taking the BHT at the same time you were taking the fish oil and other things ? I mean along with these other things, at the very same time ? I am trying to make sense of all this. I do not have much feedback to go by yet. January does state that he had very positive results with the BHT PRIOR to having mixed it with any oil.

There seems to be 2 schools of thought, so to speak as to the best way to take BHT. Those that mix it with different oils and those that do not. I am in the DO NOT MIX IT WITH ANYTHING other than a gulp of water group because that is what worked for me and this agrees with January`s statement also. Also, how are you feeling ? Is your health better or worse since you began the BHT treatment ? I will point out you are taking a lot more BHT than I ever have. That would seem to make sense if you can tolerate these large dosages. But I don`t really know that and I have never suggested such large dosages. BHT is a very powerful antioxidant and there may be some undesirable interference with biological processes at the dosages you are taking. I really do not know. A lot of the metabolism of BHT does occur in the liver. Maybe these larger dosages in someway overtax the liver and this in some way negates the desired overall effect. I really do not know. I will suggest taking a lower dosage to stay on the safe side so to speak. You appear to tolerate BHT well. Why not try half of what you were taking and see if there is some improvement. I am very disturbed about your results and do not know what to make of it....Oscar"

08/21/2011: Oscar from Syracuse, New York, Usa replies: "I am Oscar. I can no longer connect with the Life Extension Forum. At least one message was sent to me there. I cannot read it because I am unable to access that forum. Well, I do not know what to make of that, but felt I need to let this forum`s members know that I can no longer connect to that forum and read messages sent to me there. Also, until and unless I get some positive feedback regarding BHT as a treatment for hepatitis C, I am done posting about it....Oscar"
08/21/2011: Morey from Columbus, Oh replies: "Oscar, have you ever experienced skin problems for your Hep C? I. E. Itching and skin eruptions? I am going to check into the BHT treatment. Where do you purchase your capsules? Thank you."
08/22/2011: Dan from Clearwater, Florida replies: "Dr W: Regarding the BHT treatment not working for you... perhaps there were other dietary items that Oscar failed to mention, or perhaps you didn't follow the exact protocol that Oscar outlined. For instance, what brand of beer were you washing it down with?

I hope we find that this can work, as I have two friends with Hep-C that I'd like to pass this info on to."

08/22/2011: Dr W from Upstate Ny, New York replies: "Yes I was taking all of them together

NAC , Fish oil, and a host of other things along with my morning shake. Morning shake is a whey protein shake made with flax milk [also a lipid rich food] it has some Coconut oil in it as well.

Now :

BHT and St Johns wart without any oils [lipids] to bind with the BHT and a higher dose as well.

We will see what happens, but keep in mind that a viral load of 1.25 mil is not all that high."

08/24/2011: Dr W from Upstate, New York replies: "Oscar fron Syracuse :

I have studied BHT and done a large amount of research on it and According to animal studies I am well within the save zone as far as dose per kilo of body mass. As far as over all health I am in wonderful health and if I had not run a liver panal I would never have found out about my HCV status

There may have been another reason that my Viral load seemed higher, I was a bit dehydrated which would make the Viral load apear higher when it may have been about the same.

I determined the date of infection and it was actually in December of 2004 [7 1/2 years ago /-]

I suspect that I have almost no liver damage at this time due to my overall health and diet.

I expect the next blood work to show a vast improvment and may be a zero viral load.

Dr W"

08/24/2011: Dr W from Upstate, New York replies: "Dan from clear water:

Wise guy- I suggest you try taking 2 grams of BHT with a 6 pack. You do know that BHT and anything containing Alchohol do not play well together."

08/25/2011: Oscar from Syracuse, New York, Usa replies: "Hello wise guy, Well, I was very reluctant to say I often took BHT with beer. People with liver disease are supposed to stop drinking and all that for very good reasons.

But I have been haunted for years with knowing that: as often as not, I did in fact take the BHT with beer. And have often wondered if in fact taking BHT with beer had something to do with my recovery. Just maybe they play very well together so to speak when treating a hepatitis C infection. Both ethanol [ the alcohol in beer ] and BHT are processed in the liver and I cannot rule out the possibility of some combined effect of using the two together.

Of course I am aware of all the warnings about such. Do you see the difficult position I am in ? I did things everyone out there makes strong statements should never be done. But I did get well doing what I did. I was very sick, but had to do those moving jobs. And drinking beer made me able to knock back the pain enough to do them. I was at the point of liver failure where I had difficulty digesting food also. I had very little reason to hope this BHT would work. The same is true for the interferon treatment the doctor discussed with me. He never prescribed it. The success rate was not good back in 1997 with interferon. The bad side effects were a given. I was pissed off and did what I did not expecting anything other than to die of liver failure and figured: Why prolong the agony ? Drink the damn beer, do the damn jobs, and see what happens with this BHT stuff.

Well, the BHT did work for me. I did not change my lifestyle, so to speak. It is the only change I made. Is drinking some beer helpful when taking BHT, to drink it at the same time ? I do NOT know. It does to go against all medical advice for people suffering from liver disease: Do not drink beer, do not take BHT, AND NEVER mix the two. But that is what I was doing and I made a remarkable recovery. Now January and Gina also had remarkable recoveries using BHT. They do NOT make any reference to mixing it with beer. I do NOT know what works best. It does seem taking BHT with water is the safest way to go....Oscar"

08/25/2011: Oscar from Syracuse, New York, Usa replies: "Dear Dr. W, I very much appreciate your getting back to me about this. I have been determined to find some valid answers as to the use of BHT to treat hepatitis C for more than 14 years now. I have just today gotten some useful information about just that from another paticipant in this forum. Victoria has found some, I think, crucial answers as to why BHT taken on an empty stomach with water only, is the way to go so to speak.

She has informed me that when mixed with any sort of oil BHT does NOT go directly to the liver as it does when NOT MIXED with oils and some other things also. This is not just her opinion. She provided some informative links about all this. She also is trying the BHT as a treatment for hepatitis C and has what I consider very valuable input about all this. It is my sincere hope that a true cure for hepatitis C is at hand here. It DID work for me exactly as I have said it did, and for January and Gina also. I now test NEGATIVE for hepatitis C using the antigen and antibodies tests. This did take some years of daily dosing with BHT to achieve. I don`t know how many years, only that it happened. I had myself tested for HCV in 1998 and was still positive then. The next time I was tested was 2006. And those tests were NEGATIVE. Please keep the forum updated with your test results. Your participation in this discussion is very much appreciated by me and is important to a very many others I am sure. After all, about 150 million people are infected with this often deadly disease. Sincerely, ...Oscar"

08/25/2011: Dr W from Upstate, New York replies: "Oscar

Well hell, guess it's Miller time :}

BHT should make the Beer have a hell of a lot more kick and last longer

Dr W"

08/27/2011: Dan from Clearwater, Florida replies: "Dr W. : Ok, you got me -- I definitely AM a wise-ass. However, in my defense, I restrict such "humor" to (hopefully) thought-provoking remarks that are "on-topic".

Oscar: Thanks for your additional feedback on this. And out of curiousity, were there other vitamins, minerals, nutrients that you were taking during your Hep-C experience that might make a difference? I mean were you already taking One-A-Day, Centrum, and/or a fist-full of this-and-that type of supplement, or was it truly just the BHT (and maybe the beer) that contributed to your reversal of the Hepatatis-C?"

08/27/2011: Dr W from Upstate, New York replies: "Dan:

Actually if you think about how the liver receives food it makes sense that beer might carry some BHT to the liver. The liver receives its blood supply from the hepatic portal vein. Take a look at how we digest food and how that food is converted into glucose by the liver.

I have read as much as I can find on the many ways of treating Hep-C and BHT seems to be the best alternative so far.

I do not have any symptoms of liver disease and because of my age and the averages involved, I may never have any problems [80 % of Hep-C people do not develop liver disease].

Being Geno type 2 also suggests that the interferon, riboviron combo would kill the virus.

My money is on the BHT doing it first.

Dr W"

08/28/2011: Oscar from Syracuse, New York, Usa replies: "Hello Dan, I will do the best I can to answer your question. Well, like I said, I was pretty sick, had a failing liver: jaundice, yellowed eyes, dark urine, and trouble digesting food. I read Pearson and Shaw`s " The Life Extension Companion ". In that book they discuss BHT as a treatment for some different herpes infections and how BHT in some way not fully understood is able to treat lipid enveloped viruses. They say NOT to take BHT if you have liver disease. They also say to take BHT on an empty stomach for treating herpes infections. That is why I took my BHT on an empty stomach. I was eating soups because I could digest them. I also took a generic multi-vitamin and an occasional selenium compound [ 300mcg, micrograms and NOT mg or milligrams ] The kind sold at most drugstores. I always took the BHT seperately, by itself. And, as often as not I did drink some beer with the BHT because I figured beer was pretty much water anyway. I honestly do not know if the beer helped or not. I knew the beer would not give me diarhea, and that was important. I had to do those moving jobs and could not risk getting diarhea. I Know it sounds contrary to medical advice but that was the way I lived then. I was just trying to get through those moving jobs the only way I knew how to, by drinking beer. And yes I did often take the BHT with the beer.

Now, January and Gina make no mention of drinking beer in thier reports on using BHT to treat hepatitis C. They had a very rapid recovery also.


I can no longer connect with the forum with Gina`s report. I was kicked out or banned from that forum for some reason. Anyway, I provided a link to her statement in an earlier posting of mine in this forum. That link should still work. Also, Dr. W has some worthwhile thoughts about all this. There are no clear answers about BHT and how best to use it, YET. Maybe we can find some in this forum. I very much hope that does happen. I appreciate your interest....Oscar"

09/08/2011: Dr W from Upstate, Ny replies: "Well on the 15th I will tap a vein again and run another liver profile and find out the Viral load. Wish me luck

Dr W"

09/09/2011: Oscar from Syracuse, New York, Usa replies: "Dear Dr. W, I very much wish you luck, Knocked on wood, and have my fingers crossed. We will see what happens with your tests. For sure, please post whatever the results are. Sincerely, ...Oscar"
09/23/2011: Oscar from Syracuse, New York, Usa replies: "Well, here is another success story about the use of BHT to treat hepatitis C. Read what fatcha brute has to say. BHT also successfully treated his genital warts within in about one month using 2 capsules of BHT per day for his hepatitis C infection:"
09/27/2011: Alisia from Huntsville, Alabama replies: "Anyone heard of any updates from that Doctor yet?"
[YEA]  09/28/2011: David T from Fountain Inn, Sc replies: "On the tuberculosus issue, TB is caused by a bacteria. Let me suggest to that writer, Colloidal Silver which I have been making myself for about 17 years and giving away free to friends and relatives.

CS will kill virus, coated with lipid, as well as the uncoated type of virus and will kill bacteria and fungi also.

One anecdotal I have of a friend, who is a college professor with a case of Lyme disease (bacterial). Four experts (MDs) tried to cure him with antibiotics and a multitude of other drugs but to no avail. After five months post infection, he was unable to leave his home for lack of strength and was literally concerned for his life. I convinced him to try CS. I brought my little generator to his house so he could see that the water solution I was making really had silver in it, and he watched as the silver atoms came off the negative pole in a light "cloud" until in eight minutes the two cups of water had a light saturation of silver. Then I diluted that mixture with 16 cups of pure water and there was his bottle of colloidal silver. He took twice a day, quarter glass, on an empty stomach. In five days his strength returned greatly. In two weeks he was teaching again. In one month he was normal. He kept up the twice a day quantity for six months to make sure the bacterial was wiped out. Then for another six months on half dose.

It has been three years and he is fine. He insists I always keep him supplied with the silver for colds, to gargle with, to spray in sinus for infections, for pink eye etc.

My point is: silver can kill a systemic infection, either viral or bacterial.

So to the person who had the TB question: try the CS. On the issue of Hep C or B I'd ask Oscar if he has any anecdotals on the effectiveness of CS on those. On any systemic infection, be it viral or bacterial, the use of CS is a long term process: At least six months. (By the way, neither I, nor any of my friends who use my silver, have had any issue with skin tinting blue. I use it almost at least three times a week, usually in sinus.)"

10/06/2011: Dr W from Upstate , Ny replies: "Well friends the blood work is back!

Viral load ""NULL NULL" No virus detected!

THE BHT works in my case, will continue at 350mg morning and eveningLiver enzymes within normal limits. Keep in mind I was using up to 1500 mg a day on high dose days and 700 mg on off days and 3 grams of C a day along with lots of vitamins.

Thanks, Dr W"

10/08/2011: Oscar from Syracuse, New York, Usa replies: "I don`t know what to say. I am in tears as I type this. I have had such high hopes for this BHT treatment as a treatment for hepatitis C for so long now. I just know it works form my own experience. I know this does not prove with certainty it will work for everyone. But it is another success story to add to mine, Gina, Janurary, and fatch brute's. That makes five of us I am aware of.

Please save your medical records and share your methodology: The dosages and how the dosage was taken. There is no one else focusing on the use of BHT as a treatment for hepatitis C than us here in this forum. What you have to say is of vital importance to millions of people. I am doing what I can to spread the word in other forums and will add your story to those others I mentioned. Thank you Ted for providing this life saving forum. Thank you Dr. W for giving the BHT a determined try and effort. I know your initial results were not all that encouraging. I am hoping that between yourself, me, and some others we can answer the quetions as to how to best administer BHT as a treatment for hepatitis C.

For now I need to make very clear to everyone interested in the use of BHT to treat hepatitis C that: It takes years of daily dosing with BHT to achieve a true cure as I have done. Clearing the blood of the virus does not clear all those liver cells that are still infected with HCV. BUT, with daily dosing with BHT you ensure that no new cells become infected. The liver completely renews itself about every year or so. With daily dosing with BHT eventually the liver is completely free of infected cells. That is when a true cure is achieved. This takes at least a couple of years of daily dosing with BHT. I don`t know how many years and no doubt more for some than for others. But then BHT has proven itself to be an average lifespan extender for mice and other mammals, so, if your tolerate BHT well there is no reason not to continue taking it and good reason to. I am pretty excited about Dr. W`s results and wish to share them in the Life Extension Forum because there are people there giving the BHT treatment a try also. Thank you Dr. W, ...Oscar"

10/08/2011: Victoria from Hep C, Usa replies: "I want to congratulate Dr. W on his success. Thank you for posting your results as it is very encouraging. I have been using the BHT treatment and will take my labs next week and am hoping for the same results you had. I want to thank Oscar for his tireless efforts about informing Hep-C sufferers about the potential of BHT. I will post my lab results here when they come back."
10/16/2011: Dr W from Upstate , New York replies: "For the Record, I am still taking 350 Mg twice a day and will do so for at least 5 months to be sure all the virus that hides out in the liver are destroyed.

I take BHT and St John's wart together along with NAC and Sam-e along with a multi for men.

Durring the time when my Viral load was 2 million I took the BHT [350 mg] up to 6 times a day which did give me a bit of a problem with lower GI isues .

I believe that you must Saturate your system with BHT ahd keep the titration levels in your blood high for at least 4 to 6 weeks to kill the virus and get SVR. [Sustained Viral Responce] [dead virus]

I also believe that you should dose between meals and take the BHT with enough fluid so it is completely absorbed into the blood stream for the best results. BHT should kill the Hep C virus in almost every case if it is used for long enough and in a high enough dose"

[YEA]  10/16/2011: Drw from Upstate, New York replies: "Remember that the MD's want to use Interfearon and Riblviron for close to a year, so using BHT for a month is not really giving it a fair chance

I suggest you take a minamum of at least 1 gram, and I took at least 3 caps @ 350 mg every day for 3 months. When my first Viral load showed up at 2 million I bumped that dose up to taking up to 6 of the 350 mg caps a day, about 1 every 4 or 5 hours along with the St. John's Wart and NAC and Sam-e

Do not give up... Take it for at least 6 months or more, and it will work. Dr W "

10/17/2011: Oscar from Syracuse, New York, Usa replies: "Thank you Dr. W for your detailed information regarding the use of BHT to treat hepatitis C. I appreciate it very much. I hope other people appreciate your efforts also. One of the other forum members did mention lower GI problems a while back, so this is an issue for some people trying this treatment. Another member discussed an undesired stimulant effect also. So there are undesired side effects for some people that need to be taken into account for those wishing to give the BHT a try for hepatitis C.

I very much encourage people trying the BHT to start with small doses and hopefully find a dosage they are comfortable with and stick with that. It has become apparent to me that these dosages can vary from person to person greatly. Some tolerate what I consider high dosages well. And others have a hard time with the smaller dosages I have discussed.

Hepatitis C is a very serious disease. Simply doing nothing does not seem to me to be an adequate answer. Anyone who has looked into it will find there are many very serious side effects with the conventional treatments also. Far worse ones in my opinion including: chronic anemia and kidney failure with the conventional treatments for some people.

Thanks again Dr. W, ...Oscar"

10/19/2011: Dr W from Up State, New York replies: "Oscar : Considering the alternatives, a few adverse side effects like a minor bellyache is no big deal.

The side effects for Riboviron and interfearon are often life long where the bellyache is short term.

I suggest that you put up with the slight discomfort and start out at at least 350 mg 2x day and work up to at least 700 mg 2x a day and if you can move it up to 700 mg 3x a day [ 2100 mg ] 2. 1 grams]

However have your liver enzymes checks monthly if you go this high a dose.

It eliminated my virus in 8 weeks vs. 45 weeks of interfearon and riboviron for a possible cure which was not a sure thing by any means.

Animal studies suggest that 2 grams a day is well within the safe dosage, it took a 74 gram equivalent to do liver damage in rats?

Remember that Vit C also boosts the BHT so do take mega-doses of Vit C as well."

10/20/2011: Oscar from Syracuse, New York, Usa replies: "Dear Dr. W, I very much agree with you. I have visited the websites promoting the conventional treatments and the horror stories many of those people have described has convinced me BHT is both: far more effective and also far safer.

I have received feedback from some people trying the BHT. The large majority of people seem to tolerate daily doses of up to one gram or so very well. There are some who report some lower GI discomfort and an undesired stimulant effect with the use of BHT. Most people seem to tolerate the dosages you have discussed very well.

I agree with you vey much, like I said. I have been promoting the use of BHT as a treatment for hepatitis C for many years now. I take your feedback very seriously and thank you for it....Oscar"

10/30/2011: Jon from Singapore replies: "To Oscarguy, Does BHT help in EBV infections also?"
11/01/2011: Oscar from Syracuse, New York, Usa replies: "Hello Jon from Singapore. I think you are referring to what is know as: Epstein-Bar Virus but do not know that to be so. Why not make that small effort to be clear about what you mean? If that is what you mean by EBV, EBV is a virus that has a coating that is to some degree made up of lipids.

BHT has been shown to be an effective treatment for many lipid coated viruses and EBV is such a virus. If you have a EBV infection you may wish to try the BHT to treat it and let this forum know what the results are. I have no experience with the use of BHT to treat EBV and because of that cannot offer an informed opinion about the effectiveness of BHT as a treatment for Epstein-Bar Viral disease....Oscar"

11/04/2011: Victoria from California, Ca replies: "Hello all, I got my viral load results today and while not cleared I am improved. Here are my recent results followed by the prior results:

10/31/11: viral load: 496, 313, AST 32, ALT 32

8/16/11: viral load: 1, 396, 524, AST 46, ALT 49

So, with taking the BHT now since 8/10/11 at 250 mg/day in the morning with water, at the least my liver panel is within normal range now and my viral load is approximately 2/3 improved.

I am going to follow Dr. W's regimen advice starting today. I will report back with my next labs. Does anyone know where I can get labs done at a reasonable price? My doctor says she will not order any more viral load tests unless I go for the interferon treatment. So, I will need to pay out of pocket for any further labs. Thanks, Victoria"

11/05/2011: Oscar from Syracuse, New York, Usa replies: "Dear Victoria, Well, I am very relieved you have achieved the improvement you have with the BHT to treat Hepatitis C virus. A return to normal liver function results with a 2/3 reduction in the viral load count indicates the treatment is working. From what I have read about the conventional treatments: those would be considered very good numbers. I had not realized the conventional treatments often involve about one year of treatments until only recently. And I agree with Dr. W that a person needs to give the BHT at least 6 months to give it a fair chance as a treatment. He also suggests a larger dose taken twice a day than I have discussed if you tolerate the BHT well. His input is instructive and important. It seems to me you have very good reason to believe the BHT treatment is working.

Thank you for your feedback Victoria. It has been my sincere hope that we here in this forum can answer these important questions as to how best to use the BHT. I wish to also say to those who cannot tolerate the higher dosages that: As long as improvement is being indicated, there is no big hurry with this treatment. As long as your liver is winning this battle, improvement is shown in the tests, you will get well eventually. Not surprisingly it takes longer for some than others....Oscar"

11/06/2011: Jd from Okc, Ok replies: "Oscar--Dr. W had type 2, do you know what HCV type the other success stories had? Genotype 1 is suppose to be the hardest to get rid of. What about presence of ascites? I think we need to keep a running log of the HCV type so as to make a better trail of success.

By the way--thanks for your drive to get the information out about BHT."

11/07/2011: Oscar from Syracuse, New York, Usa replies: "Dear JD from OKc, Yes, there is another forum member named Victoria. She has hepatitis C type 1B if I remember correctly. I am quite sure it is one of the type 1 variants of HCV. She has recently posted her initial test results in this forum. She was taking only one capsule of BHT per day with water on an empty stomach. Her initial tests results showed a decrease of 2/3 in her viral load count and her liver function tests are now NORMAL. I am in contact with Victoria and she intends to increase her dosage to one capsule twice a day as Dr. W has suggested and I agree is more likely to produce a NO VIRUS DETECTED viral load test result.

Something quite remarkable is happening here in this forum regarding the treatment of hepatitis C. We are getting some real answers regarding the use of BHT to treat HCV. This requires feedback from forum members using BHT to treat their infections. The more specific the feedback the better. Things like the dosage used and the HCV genotype and all test results will help answer all these questions.

This hepatitis C is a very dangerous disease that infects about 150 million people woldwide and new people become infected all the time. The conventional treatments have very bad side effects for many people, are very expensive, and only work for about half the people so treated.

As you pointed out type 1 HCV has been the hardest to treat. It is also the most common variant by far at least in the USA. About 80% of people in the USA infected with HCV have one of the type 1 variants. I consider Victoria`s initial test results to be quite good. The conventional treatments require 48 weeks or more of said treatments and only work for about 45% of HCV type 1 patients. Many of the people that undergo these treatments suffer serious permanent damage from them. I do beleive this BHT will prove to work for ALL people with hepatitis C. This is because of the structure of all the variants of hepatitis C. The HCV virus in all of it`s variants have a very high portion of their outer coatings made up of lipids. These viral particles are quite small for a virus. Exactly the type of virus BHT has been shown to be effective as a treatment and preventative or protection against. So when you go to the dentist for example you may wish to take some BHT to protect you from getting HCV or AIDS also. AIDS is another lipid coated virus. Because of the nature of on AIDS infection I expect it would be harder to treat BUT preventable if one takes BHT on a daily basis.

I need to thank Ted for providing this forum. It is the only forum that has taken a serious look into BHT as a treatment for hepatitis C. Thank you Ted. You are saving millions of peoples lives and I am not only referring to BHT. Far from it. Your devotion to helping other people find answers to their health problems is very much appreciated by me and I am sure all the other forum members also.

So, please keep the feedback coming in. I had about given up on presenting my story about my success with the use of BHT to treat hepatitis C. I have been at it for over 14 years now. I need to thank Victoria also for encouraging me in my efforts at a time I was considering giving up on it for lack of interest and negative feedback. This BHT stuff really does work. And we here in this forum are going to answer the questions surrounding it`s use as a treatment for hepatitis C and other diseases. There are some people who do experience negative side effects when trying the BHT. Most people do not. I believe these issues can be resolved with some careful ramping up as to dosage. The same is true for many treatments by the way. And thank you for your interest JD, ...Oscar"

11/14/2011: Mike A from Marietta, Ga. replies: "Thanks Oscar for your feed back on bht. I've been trying things for over 30 years and I still have hep c, interferon twice last time for 96 weeks. I'm trying the bht with an empty stomach and water (no beer) MY VIRAL load was just over 600,000. Hpe it works I will post my next test results. Mike"
11/22/2011: Taylor from St.charles, Mo replies: "Question to Oscar or anyone When you state to take BHT all by itself, what about 24 hour time release prescriptions? I have diabetes and am on Lantus and metformin and Effexor for depression which are all time release and a crapload of other meds for my heart which are not time release. Would I need to stop these TR drugs? I know you are not a doctor but I am wondering if anyone else in this forum has these issues and what, if any, problems occured before I order BHT to try for my Hep C? Also, should the label on the BHT supplement ONLY have BHT as an ingredient?

Thanks so much for this forum!!"

11/22/2011: Dogwood Blssm from Eureka Springs, Ar, Usa replies: "Hi, I've been reading the posts on BHT, and it has caught my attention that some people experience have dramatically positive results in a short time with lower doses of BHT vs others do not have the same results, or require higher doses for longer times.

That variance in dosing reminds me of a similar effect with high dose oral vitamin C as described by Dr. Tom Levy and Dr. Cathcart. In summary, for those people who feel very sick and symptomatic, the body seems to absorb much higher amounts of the oral ascorbic acid, and much less is excreted. Also, they have much higher bowel tolerance before getting diarrhea. It would seem the body 'knows' it really needs to hold onto the ascorbic acid and so it does.

I noticed that both Victoria and Dr. W, who were not feeling symptomatic and had more normalized labs, seemed to require higher doses than Oscar2U, who was very symptomatic.

Just a thought I wanted to share. :)"

11/23/2011: Oscar from Syracuse, New York, Usa replies: "Dear Taylor, This is Oscar and these are my thoughts on the concern you discussed: Would BHT interact with time released medications ? My answer is NO, it would not if taken as I have discussed [ on an empty stomach with a gulp of water ]. My reason for saying that is this: When the BHT is taken as I have suggested it is metabolized and absorbed within that one hour. Any interactions with other medications or compounds occurs in the stomach and duodenum. These time released medications will not be in the stomach or duodenum if taken as I have suggested. Such medications will be well on their way through the small intestine and large intestine. They will NOT be mixed in with the BHT and it`s metabolites.

In my opinion: BHT and its metabolites will NOT interact with other medications in the bloodstream. The PH value of the blood is maintained in a very small or tight range and is slightly basic. It requires a fairly strong acidic environment for BHT and it`s metabolites to interact with any given compound.

If you choose to give the BHT a try as a treatment for your hepatitis C infection this is an addditional reason for you to do that simple safety test I have discussed previously: open up a capsule of BHT and empty it into, onto, a small dish. Lick your finger and daub it onto the BHT crystals and lick that finger. Wait at least one hour to see if your have an undesirable reaction or not. Again, most people by far do NOT.

This hepatitis C is a serious infection and requires a treatment that works. I believe this BHT is the most effective treatment available. That belief is based on sound reasoning resulting from the substantial evidence available that BHT is a potent anti-viral against a very many lipid coated viral diseases of which hepatitis C very much is. The prescibable treatments are very risky and known to cause serious permanent damage to many people`s health. These treatments also DO NOT work for many people. They only work for 45% of people with one of the type 1 variants. 80% of Americans have one of the type 1 HCV variants. And many of those these treatments do work for relapse within a few years. This is because clearing the blood of any and all viral particles does NOT clear the liver of infected cells. The same is true for the BHT treatments. BUT, with the BHT you can continue to dose yourself for the years required to achieve a true cure, to completely clear the liver of ALL infected cells. The conventional treatments are too toxic to do that with. Also those conventional treatments are very expensive. On a worldwide basis, far too expensive for most of the people so infected.

Now, I made the effort to answer your questions as best I could. I do ask you to report back to this forum with whatever your results are if you choose to give the BHT a try. This is the only way to answer the questions surrounding the use of BHT as a treatment for hepatitis C.

From the feedback available at this time: It takes at least two 350mg capsules a day for best results for most average size adults. Take one capsule twice a day on an empty stomach for best results. Thin or lean people probably require less BHT and are more likely to have undesired side effects. This is because BHT and it`s metabolites accumilate, end up being stored in fat cells. All the BHT and it`s metabolites are constantly being metabolized in different ways and eliminated in about one week from a person`s body. It is all part of the process. Take care and I wish you well and to be well, ...Oscar"

11/23/2011: Taylor from St.charles, Mo, Usa replies: "Dear Oscar, Thank you for your insight into my concerns. I will be ordering the BHT the first of December. I am sooo excited. I weigh around 250 so we shall see how the two doses per day work, I might need 3 doses with my weight. I will test first as you advised and I certainly will be reporting my progress. When I was first diagnosed on Aug 10, 2010, my viral load was 2.7 million and 6.43H (I dont know what H means) I went on the Lomatium Dissectum for a year continually upping my doses, Aug 12, 2011 viral load 4.8 mil and 6. 68H. Imagine my disappointment. The Doctor would not give me any interferion (sp sorry) treatments because my heart would not withstand the stress the treatment would put on my body (which after reading so much now, I can only thank god for that! )

That's all for now, God bless everyone and have a wonderful Thanksgiving!"

11/27/2011: Mike A from Marietta, Ga replies: "hey Oscar, why is BHT banned in England and its said to be toxic for the liver and it can cause cancer?"
11/27/2011: Oscar from Syracuse, New York, Usa replies: "I do not know why BHT is banned in England. I did not have anything to do with that. For many years many people have insisted on misinterpreting the many toxicology reports on BHT. At massive doses of BHT health problems do occur. At smaller, reasonable doses BHT has been proven to be an average lifespan extender of between 22% and 31% in this well researched [ 384 references cited ] article published the journal PHYSIOLOGICAL REVIEWS


Full Article:

I know of no other compound that can claim such an average lifespan extension as is proven in the many mice and other mammal studies that have been done with mice dosed with BHT over their entire lifetimes compared to mice that were not. So, if BHT is so bad for you why do these BHT dosed mice live so much longer than the undosed mice ? That makes no sense at all. The proof is in. BHT is good for you if taken in reasonable dosages. If you take BHT in massive dosages it is bad for you. So what is a reasonable dose ? For people treating hepatitis C the evidence available is that one 350mg capsule taken TWICE a day on an empty stomach is an effective dose for average size adults. As a lifespan extender one 350mg dose per day for average size adults seems to be what most people are taking. As far as I know people in the UK are allowed to buy the BHT, though food marketers are not allowed to add BHT to food products sold there. Here is a link to the most thorough toxicology report on BHT I am aware of:

You can scroll to the bottom of that report and read about the established NOEL [ No-Observed-Effects-Level ] for BHT and how it was arrived at:
In view of the probable involvement of hepatic enzyme induction
in the development of the hepatocellular damage associated with
repeated doses of BHT, the Committee concluded that, in this case,
enzyme induction was the most sensitive index of effects on the liver.
A well-defined threshold was demonstrated at 100 mg/kg bw/day in the
long-term study reviewed for the first time at this meeting, giving a
NOEL of 25 mg/kg bw/day. Effects observed in the reproduction segments
of the in utero/lifetime exposure studies were also taken into
account in the derivation of this NOEL. The Committee used a safety
factor of 100 to allocate an ADI of 0-0. 3 mg/kg bw for BHT.
So, like any of the other treatments discussed in this
forum, you have to make up your own mind about the BHT.
I do what I can to provide what information is available
about this BHT stuff.... Oscar"

11/27/2011: Victoria from California, Usa replies: "Dr. W - Did you take the St. Johns wort at the same time as the BHT? How long did you wait before eating a meal after consuming the BHT? Did you take the other supplements you mentioned with the BHT or with a meal?

I am currently doing your protocol of 350mg 2x day with water on an empty stomach, but I'm thinking of upping the dose as I still feel no ill effects at this dosage and I would like to saturate my system more completely.

For the record, in response to an earlier post by someone else, I have 1a and have no progressed symptoms except lethargy and brain fog.

I also want to point out that at a hep c workshop I attended by my HMO - which was basically a sign up for the chemotherapy treatment, there were 3 people attending who had gone through 2-3 courses of chemo treatment and failed. Worse, they admitted to having a variety of permanent side effects from the chemo. One man could hardly walk because of some type of muscular and/or nerve damage from the treatment. Why on earth these people were back signing up for more treatment, I cannot understand. They were lured in by this new treatment combination that is now being offered, but the interferon is not dropped from the schedule. Needless to say, I declined the chemo treatment. I also declined the liver biopsy.

Anyhow, I am laying more stock in BHT and were I not putting hope into recovering with BHT, I would just as soon do nothing but a diet and supplement related regimen rather than take the chemo. But for now, my research indicates to me that BHT is my best hope to beat Hep C. Thanks again Oscar!!"

12/01/2011: Mark from San Diego, Ca replies: "Help.....................

I was diagnosed with MS 2 years ago at age 52, The only symptom I have is numbness in legs, no pain and still golfing. My Kinesiologist says I have a virus in spine. MRI shows a lesion in spine as well. When I take a hot shower my legs get more numb and stiff. I also had shingles 10 years ago. Will BHT kill this virus or am I just grasping at straws?"

12/01/2011: Oscar from Syracuse, New York, Usa replies: "Hello Mark, From what I have read: The cause of MS is unclear at this time. Also, there may be more than one cause. One of the possible causes is a virus of some type.

BHT [ butylated htdroxytoluene ] is a well known treatment for LIPID COATED viruses ONLY. There are a very many lipid coated viruses. Is the POSSIBLE MS virus a lipid coated virus ? I don`t know.

If your MS condition is caused by a lipid coated virus BHT may very well help a lot. BUT, the condition known as MS is a result of the depletion of lipids in the myelin sheathing of nerve cells. BHT interacts with lipids in ways not fully understood. It in some way fluidizes, or strips away said lipids from the outer coatings of lipid coated viruses.

So, if you choose to give the BHT a try for your MS condition: THIS is a very good reason to proceed with a great deal of caution. Do that BHT safety test I have discussed. Open up a capsule, empty it`s contents onto a small dish. Lick a finger and lick the crystals from that finger. Wait at least one day to see if you have a bad reaction. And then carefully ramp up the dosage. One lick the first day, two licks the second day, three licks the third day, etc.. IF your MS condition is the result of a lipid coated virus, BHT may very well be helpful.

MS is a very serious condition with no known cure as you know. Just maybe BHT will help. I have no way of knowing that. It, BHT, may make matters worse. I do NOT know. If you choose to try the BHT do so with caution. And do report back to this forum with whatever your experience is if you choose to try it. That is up to you. Also, if you try the BHT I recommend taking some olive oil at least one hour before or after taking the BHT, NOT at the same time. I would say at least two tablespoons of olive oil, perhaps more. I wish you well whatever you do or do not do....Oscar"

12/01/2011: Oscar from Syracuse, New York, Usa replies: "Dear Mark, I had some follow up thoughts and did some further reaseach regarding your question and concern about BHT as a treatment for MS. I do NOT have a definative answer about all this. But, it did occur to me that along with BHT`s ability to effectively treat very many lipid coated viruses, BHT is very well known for it`s ability to preserve: all oils, fuels, plastics, rubber, things with a high level of hydrocarbons in their makeup.

The primary physiological problem that is what MS is, is the degradation of the myelin sheathing of nerve cells or neurons. This myelin is composed of compounds with a high degree of hydrocarbons just like the plastics that coat electrical wires to insulate those wires. BHT is very well known and used as a preservative for any and all compounds with a high hydrocarbon content. So, just maybe, this BHT will go a long ways in preventing the degradation of this myelin sheathing that is what MS is. I don`t know. I don`t know if anyone has even considered just that as to MS.

Ideally: You would be destroying the virus and preserving or maintaining this myelin sheathing at the same time with the use of BHT.

Without any doubt: biochemistry is much more complex than ordinary chemistry. By that I mean: principals that are true and valid in non-living systems, do NOT necessarily hold true in a living organism, a person. So I think there are two reasons why BHT may help with MS. But as I stated in my earlier response to you: there are also very good reasons for you to be especially careful if you choose to give this BHT a try. Do that simple ramping up of BHT as I discussed and do take that olive oil as a way of ensuring you compensate for any possible loss of lipids in your body. I know it is somewhat contradictory. If you choose to try the BHT be careful. Pay attention to how it may be effecting you. It may just work. It may also aggravate the condition. If it has any negative impact you can stop taking it. It takes about one week for all BHT and it`s metabolites to be cleared from a person`s body.

BHT has been looked into a whole lot. But I do not know if anyone has tried it as a treatment for MS or not. You are exploring new territory here if you choose to give the BHT a try as far as I know....Oscar"

12/03/2011: Cm from Charleston, South Carolina replies: "Oscar,

Where is a good source for ordering the BHT, I was diagnosed 3 years ago when giving blood thru the Red Cross. After researching and seeing all cons of the interferon treatment available, I decided to wait on treatment and now I'm glad I did after finding this forum and the information and results you are posting concerning success with BHT."

12/04/2011: Mike A from Marietta, Ga. replies: "Hey Oscar, been doing some research on this bht and in England it is banned, they say it is linked to some cancers. I am taking this bht along with some berry extracts, but that ban concerns me. any feed back would be helpful. Thanks Mike"
12/04/2011: Oscar from Syracuse, New York, Usa replies: "Dear CM from Charleston, I have been buying my BHT from Vitamin Research Products for more than 10 years now. They have been making it and selling it for a long time and know what they are doing. I have noticed it is also one of the sponsored links for this important forum also. VRP is a trusted name in the supplements industry.

Now, from the feedback I have gotten: one 350mg capsule taken TWICE a day seems to be an effective and safe dosage for most average sized adults. Take the BHT on an empty stomach. Do NOT mix it with ANY oil.

Now please post your results in this forum. Any details regarding test results and things including genotype will be helpful for other people following this topic. Also do the sensitivity test I have discussed. Most people have NO side effects but some do. This issue can be resolved with some simple ramping up on the dosage. You take care and I look forward to hearing back from you....Oscar"

12/04/2011: Oscar from Syracuse, New York, Usa replies: "Dear Mike, I posted a response about this earlier to you. Evidently you did not read it. This ban on BHT in England is in my opinion ridiculous. I have posted links regarding the toxicity of BHT many times now. The established NOEL [ no-observed-effect-level ] for BHT is 25mg per kg of body weight per day. That works out to 1,250mg of BHT per day for a 110 pound person. You can read that report yourself here and that report is espescially about the toxicity of BHT to the liver:

NOEL statement as to BHT:

4. EVALUATION In view of the probable involvement of hepatic enzyme induction in the development of the hepatocellular damage associated with repeated doses of BHT, the Committee concluded that, in this case, enzyme induction was the most sensitive index of effects on the liver. A well-defined threshold was demonstrated at 100 mg/kg bw/day in the long-term study reviewed for the first time at this meeting, giving a NOEL of 25 mg/kg bw/day. Effects observed in the reproduction segments of the in utero/lifetime exposure studies were also taken into account in the derivation of this NOEL. The Committee used a safety factor of 100 to allocate an ADI of 0-0.3 mg/kg bw for BHT."

12/08/2011: Mark from Escondido Ca, California replies: "Oscar,

3rd day on BHT and this is what I found. MRI shows a lesion on T-6 spine which controls sensitivity of lower legs. BHT is making legs more numb, I think it's attacking the virus and this is causing inflammation. Today I am at 1500 mg and just maybe this will kill it or it could get worse. I will try anything. Next week I get my LDN and will take 4.5 mg a day. I will keep you posted."

12/09/2011: Oscar from Syracuse, New York, Usa replies: "Dear Mark, I very much appreciate your reporting in to the forum regarding your use of BHT to treat hepatitis C. I am concerned that you chose to increase your dosage to 1, 500mg of BHT after only 3 days of treatment. I have no idea what caused this lesion on your spine. I very much doubt it was the BHT. I have read many of those toxicology studies done on, with BHT and even at massive dosages, spinal lesions are not mentioned as a condition resulting from BHT that I am aware of.

Still, I see no reason why you should increase your dosage if you are concerned about BHT being the cause of this lesion. From the feedback I have gotten: one 350mg capsule of BHT taken TWICE a day is an effective dosage for most average sized adults.

Mark, were you on the peg-interferon ribaviron treatments prior to trying the BHT ? Partial paralysis is one of the conditions attributed to such treatments with some people. Please answer that question for me.

Regardless of whether or not you had such treatments I see no reason for you to be increasing your BHT dosage at this time. I can`t tell you what to do, obviously. But it does seem logical that if you feel this BHT is causing or aggravating this spinal lesion you should lower the dosage, NOT increase it. The whole idea is to find a safe effective dosage.

In my opinion 1,500mg of BHT per day is pushing the upper limit as to what is a safe dosage based on that NOEL [ no-observed-effects-level ] I have discussed, refferred to in the past.

Please stay in touch with this forum and lower your BHT dosage. Also, please do answer my question regarding any earlier treatments you may have tried. Why are you taking Low Dose Naltrexone for example? MS and other cental nervous system conditions are discussed as conditions LDN is used for. If you have such a pre-existing condition, why would you attribute a spinal lesion to 3 days of BHT usage ? That makes no sense to me.

I try my best to help people with hepatitis C. But if you have a pre-existing central nervous system condition you need to be honest about it. I don`t know what to make of this unless I get some honest answers from you....Oscar"

12/09/2011: Oscar from Syracuse, New York, Usa replies: "Mark, This posting of yours disturbs me. From the statements you made it seems likely to me you have a pre-existing central nervous system disorder. Is that true or not? Why are you taking LDN [ Low Dose Naltrexone ]? And why would you choose to increase your BHT dosage if it aggravates this condition ? From what I have been reading a number of the different interferon treatments can lead to serious central nervous condition disorders. See here:

Is this what happened to you? Are you trying to discredit BHT therapy and blame 3 days of using BHT for what is a pre-existing condition? And why on Earth would YOU choose to increase the BHT dosage if the BHT aggravates this condition? That makes no sense at all.

If you believe BHT is aggravating this condition: STOP TAKING IT.

If on the other hand you tried these other treatments and were damaged by them say so. And if that is the case BHT may very well help you. But take it with caution. DO NOT INCREASE the dosage to 1,500mg. Lower the dosage. Start with a very low dosage and see how it effects you. You make me paranoid. I get the feeling you want someone to blame for your problems. It is not going to be me. If you have any reason to think BHT is harming you stop taking it....Oscar"

12/09/2011: Oscar from Syracuse, New York, Usa replies: "Dear Mark, I am very confused. Are you the Mark who is treating MS ? I think you are and wish to appologize to you if I offended you with an earlier response. This confusion was the result of the title that response by you was posted under: FEEDBACK ON BHT USE FOR HEPATITIS C

If you are the Mark from San Diego who is treating MS, and I think you are then: You need to be especially careful using the BHT as I told you earlier. I need to be real clear with you. First of all you are the ONLY person I know of trying or who ever has tried using BHT to treat MS. And like I have been saying I think taking 1,500mg per day is too much for you. Please lower that dosage to no more than 350mg of BHT per day for MS. Even that may be too much. I don`t know. Please do not get in a big hurry with this and assume larger doses will work better. You need to find a safe dose that does not aggravate your condition. You scared me Mark by upping the dose to 1,500mg of BHT per day after only 3 days. So, I was assuming you were treating hepatitis C when I made my last 2 previous responses to you. You are trying something no one else ever has that I know of with the use of BHT to treat MS. You need to do so with caution. Please see how you do with the 350mg of BHT per day and if you have any negative reaction lower the dosage. I want to see you get well. This BHT just might work for the reasons I discussed with you. But I also warned you to be very careful.

I will explain again: BHT interacts with lipids in ways not fully understood at this time. That is how it destroys lipid coated viruses such as hepatitis C. This MIGHT work if your MS condition is caused by a lipid coated virus. But no one knows whether or not MS is even caused by a lipid coated virus. Also, that nerve sheathing is made up of lipids. The BHT may also interfer with those lipids, I don`t know. It may also help preserve or maintain those lipids, again I don`t know. That is why it is so important for you to proceed with caution with the BHT. If you tolerate those 350mg capsules well and have no side effects, it makes sense to me for you to take only one 350mg per day and see how you do with that dosage. That may very well be the right dosage and taking more than that may prove harmful, again I don`t know. My big concern is how BHT effects the nerve sheathing with an MS patient. And do take at least 2 tablespoons of olive oil at least one hour before or after taking the BHT. This is to ensure an adequate source of very good quality lipids. Stay in touch with the forum and make note of what condition you are treating [ MS ] to avoid any future confusion about all this when you make your postings. Take care Mark and I hope this works for you....Oscar"

12/09/2011: Oscar from Syracuse, New York, Usa replies: "I made a mistake in this response to Mark. I had assumed he was treating hepatitis C. I am quite sure he is trying the BHT as a treatment for MS and not hepatitis C. I don`t know what to do. I am sorry Mark. I got confused and paranoid. Please disregard any paranoid statements I made. But do lower the dosage to no more than one 350mg of BHT per day. Sorry, I make mistakes sometimes. All I can do is say I am sorry, ...Oscar"
12/16/2011: Oscar from Syracuse, New York, Usa replies: "I am going to present my theory, concept on just exacty how BHT [ butylated Hydroxytoluene ] destroys, deactivates, treats, whatever you choose to call it, viruses that have a coating that is to some degree made up of lipids. Such viruses include many of the most dangerous and troublesome of the viral diseases that plague mankind including hepatitis C, B, all the herpes viruses, the AIDS virus, the different flu viruses, genital warts and a very many others.

I have been looking into this for more than 14 years now. Since I came down with hepatitis C with a failing liver back in 1997. I successfully self treated myself for that disease using only BHT. I was never given any of the prescibable treatments. The only treatment available back then was interferon. Anyway I was well: liver function tests NORMAL and NO VIRUS DETECTED in about one month of self treating with BHT. I have also discussed and will restate: Simply achieving a NO VIRUS DETECTED result does NOT mean you are cured of hepatitis C. That takes at least 2 years of daily dosing with BHT to achieve because your liver will still be full of infected liver cells that will go on to infect uninfected cells. But because every liver cell is a new liver about every year, eventually, with daily dosing, a true CURE is achieved with BHT. You in effect insure that no new cells become infected.

This was pretty amazing and I knew that at the time. I have been looking into it since then: reading the literature available and such. The most helpful literature is the different toxicology reports and studies that have been done.

What I learned from those reports is that: BHT itself does NOT enter the bloodstream. BHT has to be altered in such a way as to make it somewhat water soluble. This is accomplished by adding at least one and often more than one oxygen atom in a number of different ways to make what are called the metabolites of BHT somewhat water soluble. There are more than a few of these metabolites. The one thing they all have in common is that: All the metabolites of BHT maintain a six carbon ring and also maintain those two bulky tert-butyl groups. With some, some of those tert-butyl group`s hydrogens are hydroxylized, become an O-H. With others the methyl group becomes a carbonyl group, one oxygen atom double boned to one of the ring carbons [ C=O ]. And with other metabolites both of those events occurs.

So, what you end up with is: A number of different metabolites that all are SOMEWHAT water soluble, but still maintain a high degree of lipid seeking behaviour. To destroy these viruses the metabolites of BHT have to find these lipid coated viruses and this is how that is done.

Now, exactly how do these metabolites destroy the lipid coated viruses? The answer is: They are bulky molecules that have oxygen atoms always seeking hydrogen bonds but never achieving them in a permanent way. That keeps these molecules moving very rapidly grinding away at those lipid coatings. A very rapidly moving globular molecule drawn to and tearing apart those lipid containing outer coatings of those different viruses.

But we have to keep in mind that these metabolites will be drawn to any and all lipid containing structures throughout the bloodstream and the inner surfaces throughout the cardio-vasular system. These metabolites may also effect structures such as the sheathing that coats nerve cells also. Now this nerve sheathing is much more substantial than these viral coatings. This sheathing is made up of chemically bonded lipids. The viral coatings are NOT. Also this nerve sheathing is much thicker than these viral coatings. Much thicker and the types of bonds that hold this sheathing together are much stronger also. The reason I have focused on this nerve sheathing is because I think this is the cause of the undesired side effects some people experience when they try BHT therapy. Lean and thin people seem to be the people most prone to bad side effects with BHT therapy. That is why I believe it is a very good idea for such people to be taking at least 2 tablespoons of olive oil at least one hour before or after taking the BHT. NOT AT THE SAME TIME. You want the BHT to seek out those lipid coated viruses. That is why you do not take BHT along with, at the same time as ANY type of oil. But, for lean and thin people it is important to supply a good source of high quality lipids to replenish certain tissues with said lipids. Simply take the BHT and the olive oil seperately to solve this problem.

This bulkiness and the lipid seeking nature of the BHT metabolites along with that phenomenon I discussed about those oxygen atoms always seeking but never achieving those hydrogen bonds is what destroys those lipid coated viruses. Also, the size, not too big and not too small is a crucial factor in all this. I am talking about the size of the metabolites of BHT. The right size and the right shape combined with the lipid seeking nature of these molecules. That is my explanation for how and why BHT and its metabolites are such an effective treatment for the different lipid coated viruses. I think this is a well reasoned explanation for how BHT destroys lipid coated viruses. This theory of MINE is NOT copyrighted, but I would appreciate attribution, acknowledgement from anyone writing about this theory of MINE. It is a request by me. Just put according to Oscar in there somewhere. I spent many years putting all this together....Oscar"

12/17/2011: Mike A from Marietta, Ga replies: "Oscar, I have had HEP c for 35 years and have tried many things to cure it over 2 years of interferon, berry extracts, milk thistle, juicing and now BHT. I am in stage 4 liver disease and you do give me hope, but I do hope I'm not doing more damage then good, but thanks for all your feedback and research. Mike"
12/17/2011: Taylor from St. Charles, Mo replies: "Hi, day 4 of my BHT treatment of 2x350mg per day. I currently have not experienced any ill effects from that dosage. I was wondering how long it took you, Oscar, before you felt more energetic. I am looking forward to that!! Also, since I weigh 250 lbs at 5'7" do you think I should go to 3 caps a day at some point in my treatment?"
12/17/2011: Oscar from Syracuse, New York, Usa replies: "Hello Mike from Marietta, I want you to know I always was and still am concerned about any potential that BHT can harm a person with hepatitis C`s liver.

As you must know the prescribable treatments often do not work and have very serious health risks. I do take a lot of comfort from that NOEL statement I have discussed in the past. I will post it again at the end of this response. It specifically discusses the dosage levels that BHT has proven to have a [ No-Observed-Effects-Level ] on the liver and how that NOEL was established. I found that report within the last year.

Also, I was very sick with hepatitis C when I first started treating myself with the BHT. At that time I was told I had a failing liver and that is why I was as sick as I was. I was never told I had a certain stage of this disease. I don`t think they had such a rating system back then in 1997. The only treatment available was interferon. There was only one type of interferon back then. My doctor discussed this treatment with me and said it worked for some people, but that it might cause baldness and make me even sicker. I tried this BHT after reading about it as a treatment for herpes. Now I got well and fast using this BHT and so have others. I never had any side effects.

Of course I CANNOT guarantee you anything. But there has been some very positive results being posted in this forum and some other forums also. If you feel this BHT is harming you, you can always stop taking it. It takes about one week for all of the BHT to be cleared from your body once you stop taking it.

From the feed back I am aware of: most of the people who are in a state of liver failure start feeling much better within a matter of weeks. And liver function tests show NORMAL or close to NORMAL results in a matter of a few weeks or as much as two months of treatment.

I do suggest you have the liver function tests be done on a weekly basis because you are as sick as you are. Those tests do not cost that much. The viral load count test is the expensive one. Here is a link to the toxicology report I refered to and that NOEL statement is the last paragraph of that report:

And this is what it says:

In view of the probable involvement of hepatic enzyme induction in the development of the hepatocellular damage associated with repeated doses of BHT, the Committee concluded that, in this case, enzyme induction was the most sensitive index of effects on the liver. A well-defined threshold was demonstrated at 100 mg/kg bw/day in the long-term study reviewed for the first time at this meeting, giving a NOEL of 25 mg/kg bw/day. Effects observed in the reproduction segments of the in utero/lifetime exposure studies were also taken into account in the derivation of this NOEL. The Committee used a safety factor of 100 to allocate an ADI of 0-0. 3 mg/kg bw for BHT.

In my opinion: BHT is the safest treatment that is truly effective available at this time. Obviously and of course it is up to you if you choose to give the BHT treatment a try.

I do ask this of you: Please report any and all test results in this forum. It is the only way to establish just how well this treatment works. A number of people have said they will do just that and some few have. Please be one of those that does....Oscar"

12/17/2011: Oscar from Syracuse, New York, Usa replies: "Dear Taylor from St. Charles, Great hearing from you. I am happy to know you tolerate those 350mg capsules of BHT taken TWICE a day well. That is always my first concern: That anyone trying this BHT therapy NOT have negative side effects. For people that do, simply lower the dosage. For you, this is not a problem.

Now to your question: Should a person who weighs 250 pounds up the dosage to three 350mg capsules a day? My answer is, not necessarily. Is a lot of your body weight fat tissue? If it is I would suggest trying a third 350mg capsule every other day only. And if you experience any negative side effects go back to the 350mg of BHT only twice a day. If you are comfortable with the three 350mg capsules every other day you can always try taking that dosage every day also. The best dosage IS going to vary from person to person and body weight is a factor, especially if a lot of that weight is fat tissue. BHT and its metabolites accumulate in fat tissues to a point. So it would make sense that people who have more fat tissue may require more BHT for best results. But there is no big hurry with this treatment. Finding a dose you tolerate well is the most important thing.

Now, as to how soon you will start to feel more energetic: For me that took about 2 weeks and others have reported similar results. BUT, a lot of your lethargy may be attributed to carrying around a good deal of fatty tissue. That puts a good deal of strain on a person`s heart for one thing. Try and at least get out for a good walk every day. You need to get some exercise to be in good health. And buy a set of dumbells and work out with them. You can do this while watching TV. I do exactly that.

Now I wish you well Taylor and to be well. Please report in to this forum with any and all blood test results regarding hepatitis C: liver function tests and viral load count tests if you can. I do understand that some people have to pay for such tests themselves and cannot afford them. But if you can get these tests done, please do report those test results in this forum. Happy Holidays, ...Oscar"

12/18/2011: Nsd from Baytown, Tx replies: "Hi. Where did you buy bht? Thanks."
12/18/2011: Taylor from St.charles, Mo, Usa replies: "To NSD: I bought mine from VRP. Google is your friend :) search for BHT and you will find them :)"
12/18/2011: Taylor from St.charles, Mo, Usa replies: "Oscar, about the tests, I have insurance, let me get with my doctor in a month or so and ask him how often he will let me get those, as I a curious myself, of course!! My last one was in August of this year, as I stated earlier, so even if he says only twice a year by March I will have been on this treatment for nearly 3 months and can hope for some great results!

About the fat *sigh* yep, I have lots of it, unfortunately, so I will do 7 days of the 2x dose then start the 3x every other day dose as you suggested and then, if all goes well, proceed to the 3x daily. And I will try some walking :) Hopefully my energy level will improve soon between the treatment and the walking.

I thank you Oscar for doing all that you do, and your dedication in trying to help others.

May you and yours and members here have a blessed and joyous Holiday season!

Love, Tay"

12/18/2011: Nsd from Baytown, Tx replies: "To Taylor, thanks alot for the info! I'm new here and it's really interesting!"
12/19/2011: Teru from Paris, France replies: "I just got BHT but the name here is dibutyl hydroxy Toluene.... It's the same as butylated hidroxytoluene????. Maybe Oscar can help with this...thanks."
12/19/2011: Oscar from Syracuse, New York, Usa replies: "Dear Taylor, Thank you for reporting back in to this forum. People, including you reporting back with your results is the only way of proving just how effevtive this BHT [ butylated hydroxytoluene ] is, as a treatment for hepatitis C. I cannot do this without this feedback. I have been trying for more than 14 years now to bring this to the public`s awareness. This is the ONLY forum that has taken a serious interest in it. I have managed to find only a few other people in the other forums who have given the BHT a try. Four of those people have reported equally amazing results as mine with the use of BHT to treat hepatitis C. But here in this forum there are already three additional people who have reported in with impressive results. Dr. W achieved a NO VIRUS DETECTED result in about 8 weeks of BHT treatment, Victoria reported a two thirds reduction in her viral load count and a return to NORMAL liver function test results within about 8 weeks of treatment. She was using one 250mg of BHT per day and is infected with the HCV type 1a variant. The type HCV type 1 variants of HCV have proven to be the hardest to treat and also the most common variants of HCV by far. In the USA about 80% of people infected with HCV have one of the type 1 variants. There is another member of this forum who reported a 50% reduction in his or her viral load count in 4 weeks of treatment with BHT at a 250mg of BHT per day for a hepatis C type 1a infection:

Mon, 12 Dec 11 21:47:33 -0600

12/12/2011: Yanktongal from Moses Lake, Wa, Usa writes: "Hello. I have had hep c for about 40 years. Genome 1a. I read about BHT in August and ordered some, and began taking the 250 mg. Caps in the middle of the night when I get up to use the restroom. (Which I do without fail every night. ) I had just had a viral load test done and it was around 600000. After a month of religiously taking the BHT, I had another viral load done and it was down to 290000. I have been taking it ever since, and have another appt. This Thursday with an Infectious Disease specialist. He wants to discuss a "New" treatment, probably that protease that's being used along with ribarivin and interferon. I do not want to go that route, because of the side effects. I think I am feeling a lot better and would not be surprised if my viral load is now undetectable. It was reduced by 50% in one month; and it has been three since my last lab. If it hasn't gone down significantly, I will amp it up to 250 mgs. Twice a day. I just can't decide if I'm going to tell my doctor about my BHT protocol. Maybe I will just wait until it disappears and then tell him how and why. But so far, I feel the BHT has been very effective."
Those are impressive results and agree with Victoria`s results also with the use of BHT to treat a HCV type 1a infection. We are getting some real answers here because, and ONLY because of the feedback fellow forum members are providing here in this forum. There is NO OTHER FORUM doing this. This feedback is vitally important to many millions of people. About 150 million people have hepatitis C on a worldwide basis. There is NO ONE ELSE out there investigating this, so it is very important that those forum members trying the BHT treatment report back in to this forum with your results. This BHT stuff really does work for hepatitis C.

Now to get back to you Taylor: You have some other serious health concerns. You are seriously overweight and that is stressing your heart. Please do what you can to lose some weight. Some moderate exercise is important. And you need to eat less food and healthy food only. You are going to beat this hepatitis C with the use of BHT, but you still have to work on losing weight. You can do it. Buy those dumbells I discussed and use them. You can do that while watching TV.

Also, this BHT does help to clean the cardio-vascular system of harmful deposits. It helps improve your blood circulation, but you still NEED to do some form of exercise. I want to see you get well and be well. But you need to make some effort. I know it is hard to do when you feel bad and do not have much energy, but you can do it. Just start with getting outside and going for walks every day and slowly exercise a little more each day. I don`t want you overdoing it because of your heart condition. Start with short walks and work from that. You can beat this and the BHT will help a lot. Stay in touch with this forum and let us know how you are doing. Sincerely, ...Oscar"

12/19/2011: Oscar from Syracuse, New York, Usa replies: "Dear Teru from Paris, I am not sure it is the same. Does it say di-tert butyl hydroxy toluene or not? Does the bottle include that tert prefix or not?

BHT has a number of different names, almost all of which are considered historic or trivial names and are NOT the correct names, in compliance with the international rules of nomenclacture regarding organic compounds. If it does not include the prefix " tert " I cannot assume it is the same compound. The prefix di means two, the prefix tert designates a specific arrangement of the butyl group. Butyl means 4 carbon atoms. It may very well be the same compound but I do not know that for certain. That is how sloppy or confused this nomenclature is. Is it called BHT or not ? If you give me the seller`s name I can research this for you. The name you provided suggests that it is NOT the desired compound. It should read di-tert-butyl and NOT di-butyl. Di-butyl indicates a linear arrangement of those 4 carbon atoms in the two butyl groups. So, if that name is NOT di-tert-butyl hydroxytoluene I have to assume it is NOT the right compound.

Also: I would not trust any company selling this product [ BHT ] that would make such an error. If they cannot even correctly identify it how can anyone trust them to know how to make it correctly. Having said that: The historic or trivial name " buylated hydroxytoluene " IS the accepted name most often used to designate this specific compound. I will end by stating that VRP [ Vitamin Research Products ] is a trusted name in the supplements industry and has been making BHT for many years now....Oscar"

12/19/2011: Oscar from Syracuse, New York, Usa replies: "Hello Teru from Paris, Let me ask you this: Are you sure the compound described is di-butyl hydroxytoluene and not di-tert-butyl hydroxytoluene ? There is an important difference. The di-butyl compound does indicate a linear arrangement of the butyl groups whereas the di-tert-butyl indicates the tertiary arrangement of those groups. And that is an important difference. In my opinion: The effectiveness of BHT to treat hepatitis C and other viral diseases requires the tertiary arrangement....Oscar"
12/19/2011: Teru from Paris, France replies: "Hello Oscar and thank for your answer. I"m not in Paris right now but in Asia at this moment. And here I bought BHT they give me these names:

Dibutyl Hydroxy Toluene

Di-butyl Hydroxy Toluene


THey said all this names for the same product. I check on the internet and the formule for this is C15 H24 O as for butylated Hidroxytoluene so now little confused..."

12/20/2011: Oscar from Syracuse, New York, Usa replies: "Dear Teru from Paris, I am not wrong about this: For what is commonly referred to as BHT or butylated hydroxytoluene, the prefix TERT is an important part of the name used to describe the molecular structure. Without that tert prefix it is assumed that the butyl is the linear arrangement. So di-butyl hydroxytoluene does indicate 2 linear butyl groups. If whoever is selling what they call BHT can make such an obvious error in nomenclature does make me seriously question the qualification of whomever is making their BHT. Do they have a for real chemist making thier product or are they just using some cookbook recipe? The proper synthesis [ making ] of BHT requires paying attention to important details. Why not buy your BHT from a trusted source? Here is a link to the nomenclature regarding the word BUTYL. You will see there is an important difference in butyl and tert-butyl. The di simply means 2. Link here:

So, if the product you purchased is in fact " di-butyl hydroxytoluene " it is NOT the desired product. And if who ever is selling this product made such an obvious error in their description of their product I would have NO confidence in their ability to properly manufacture it. This is first year organic chemistry level stuff. I have to seriously question whether or not they have a for real chemist working for them. It is the kind of mistake only a rank amatuer would make in nomenclature.

Now quit struggling with it and buy a good quality product you can have some faith in. I assume you have hepatitis C. Why play around with some questionable product when treating this very serious disease? As I mentioned before: Vitamin Research Products [ VRP ] has been making and selling BHT for a long time now. It is the company that makes the BHT sold by the Life Extension Foundation, another trusted name in the supplements industry.

I will state that I have NO financial interest in these organizations or any other for that matter. I am sure there are other trusted names out there. VRP is the brand name for the BHT I buy and use and has been for over 10 years now. I want everyone out there to know that I have NO finanacial interest in this BHT stuff. I have never made any money promoting BHT. Not one penny. And I have never been paid even one penny for my efforts by anyone. I do NOT own any stocks, bonds, in ANY company and I do NOT work for anyone. Sorry about that rant by me. I have been accused of somehow profitting from my discussions about BHT as a treatment for hepatitis C in some of the OTHER forums, NEVER this forum....Oscar"

12/20/2011: Oscar from Syracuse, New York, Usa replies: "Follow up posting to Teru from Paris, Yes, I am absolutely correct about the nomenclature regarding your question. BUT, this may be the result of the marketing department of whomever this Company is, and NOT the person who makes their BHT. A case of the right hand not knowing what the left hand is doing. Di-butyl hydroxytoluene IS the linear arrangement of the two butyl groups, and di-tert butyl hydroxytoluene IS the tertiary arrangement and there is a very important difference between the two.

I don`t know what to tell you. I have NO desire to discredit this company. But I am right about the difference between di-butyl hydroxytoluene and di-tert-butyl hydroxytoluene. Perhaps whomever created the label did not notice that " tert " portion of the prefix. But that still makes me question the professional standards of this Company. How could it not ? There are many companies making BHT. How can I possibly know the quality of their products ? I do see this on the VRP product lable: " This product is manufactured in a NSF GMP registered facillity ". You can learn about what that means here:

So, in conclusion: your question has forced me to at least try and come up with some answers regarding product quality regarding BHT [ butylated hydroxytoluene ]. And, my answer is: Is the manufacturer a registered or certified NSF GMP company or NOT? If it is NOT, that is a good reason NOT to buy their product, in this case BHT. I think this is some helpful and important information....Oscar"

12/20/2011: Oscar from Syracuse, New York, Usa replies: "Dear Teru from Paris, Your question has me in a bit of a tizzy here. NSF GMP is but one of a number of similar organizations that try and insure product reliability. It is an international organization. There are others. Product reliability, quality, is an important issue. So I do hereby retract that ealier response of mine. I do NOT know if NSF GMP is any more reliable than some of the others. I give up on this one. You will have to decide for yourself whether or not the product you purchased is the desired BHT or not. I am staying away from this one for now. It IS an important issue, but it is not something I can provide definate answers about other than: di-butyl hydroxytoluene is NOT the same as di-tert-butyl hydroxytoluene. That is not based on my opinion. It is based on the accepted international rules as to nomenclature....Oscar"
12/21/2011: Teru from Paris, France replies: "Dear Oscar, thank you for taking time to answer my question.

I will go back to the shop were I bought my BHT and I will try to take more informations. I also send a email to where you buy the BHT asking for some information because they do not write anything except the name and seems there is more then one name for this product. Thank you again and I will let you know what I found. I'm going to try the BHT for my genital warts."

12/22/2011: Garrett from Oklahoma City, Ok replies: "Hey Oscar, I've read many of your posts and I want to try BHT. My uncle has stage 4 liver disease and HCV for over 30 years from a blood transfusion. His kidney are starting to shut down because of the liver disease now. His just got lab results today and really wants to try alternative medicine because western medicine has not worked now for over 5 years. For the first 25 years he was taking care of himself ate really well and never went to the doctor. His wife finally got insurance on him and his doctor suggested this new treatment for HCV some kind of chemo or such that just made everything worse. His labs from today are as shows. ALT-62, ALK-203, AST-119. Renal panel=BUN-40, Creat-145. My question is do you think that he can still try BHT and still benefit from it?"
12/22/2011: Oscar from Syracuse, New York, Usa replies: "Dear Teru from Paris, This is a very important issue you have brought to my attention. Technically any of 4 different compounds could be called BHT [ butylated hydroxytoluene ] because all of them possess butyl groups that are connected to a hydroxytoluene ring.

The desired compond is the one with 2 butyl groups arranged in what is called the tertiary formation. There are are very important differences. There is what is called the tert-butyl effect for one thing. You can read about that here:

Now I will say: I think it unlikely that the people who answer the phone at the different companies are the chemists involved in its manufacture. I see all sorts of different names given to what is called BHT. This is the result of the use of different historic or trivial names used by the different companies. The important thing you need to know is if that product has those two butyl groups arranged in the tertiary arrangement. That is the desired compound. The sad fact is that these trivial names are the ones almost always used. The proper name is:" 1, 3 di-tert-butyl 2 hydroxy 5 methyl benzene ". I have yet to find a company using the proper name in compliance with the international rules. It is a simple enough system when it comes to naming 6 carbon ring compounds, and yet, you end up with this compound having all these different names. I get very frustrated with this unnessary confusion. Again the important thing to find out is if the BHT has the butyl groups arranged in the tertiary formation. That is what is so very different about BHT and a very many other simular compounds. Those tert-butyl goups. You will find names including para-cresol, methyl phenol, and others. That is why they created these international rules that everyone seems to ignore. I can`t change that. I can provide a link to what is called a skeletal model of what the compound should look like here:

I want to do what I can to eliminate this confusion. Usually if the BHT is being sold as a food preservative, it is the correct compound because that tert-butyl effect I discussed earlier IS what this compound requires to be an effective anti-oxidant but that is NO guarantee is it? As I have stated previously I use the BHT sold by: Vitamin Reseach Products. I am sure there are other companies selling the correct compound. If you have further, additional questions please do ask them. I very much want to have people giving this BHT treatment a try, using a reliable product. Sincerely, ...Oscar"

[NAY]  12/22/2011: Mike A from Marietta, Ga replies: "My blood work after taking BHT on an empty stomach and 700 mg a day: ast 53 HIGH alt 93 HIGH hep c Virus 11.0 HIGH after 10 weeks of bht all my counts are HIGHER I will have to go back on Interferon, ribaviran and tela prevera."
12/22/2011: Teru from Paris, France replies: "Dear Oscar here is what VRP answer me:

"Please tell me if the butylated hidroxytoluene product you sell it's the same as dibutyl Hydroxy toluene or dibutylhydroxytoluene. I'm confused if it is the same product with different name?? Thank you."

"Thank you for your inquiry. These products are the same thing. Please contact us if we can be of further assistance.

Thank You!

Wishing you the best in health."

Very nice of them to answer so fast. I'm going to start today with BHT and hope I can give good news in a month!!"

12/23/2011: Oscar from Syracuse, New York, Usa replies: "Dear Teru, Well, like I said previously these two things: 1. The product sold by VRP, Vitamin Research Products, is the correct compound. 2. Di-butyl hydroxytoluene is NOT the correct designation for this compound. I am becoming aware of the fact that the people in what I will call public relations departments of these different companies do NOT know that there is an important difference between di-butyl hydroxytoluene and di-tert-butyl hydroxytoluene. The producy sold by VRP is the CORRECT compound. The people in these public relations departments are very unlikely to be chemists and simply do NOT know the difference.

So, in conclusion: The product sold as BHT by Vitamin Research Products is the desired compound even though their public relations department does NOT know the difference between di-butyl and di-tert-butyl. Why would they ? And in all fairness, the same can be said for the other companies selling BHT.

It does require some back ground in chemistry to know the difference and public relations people are unlikely to have ANY background in chemistry.

I want you to know that this conversation between you and me has brought to my attention the so called " tert-buytyl effect " as described here:

This is without a doubt in my mind another important difference between BHT and so many other compounds and helps to explain just why BHT is such an effective anti-oxidant and anti-viral agent.

Please do this for me and your fellow forum members, it is very important: Report back into this forum with your reults with the use of BHT to treat genital warts. The amazing health benefits of this inexpensive compound very much need to be brought into public awareness.

As a reminder: fatcha brute was/is using two capsules of BHT per day and all of his genital warts were gone in one month along with achieving a NO VIRUS DETECTED result regarding his hepatitis C infection. This stuff REALLY DOES work. From his webname I do get the impression he is not a small man. My reason for saying that is: That if you have any problem with the use of two capsules per day, a one capsule per day dosage may work very well for genital warts. Let the forum know your results....Oscar"

12/23/2011: Oscar from Syracuse, New York, Usa replies: "Hello Mike, I am a bit confused here because of previous statements you made in this forum such as this one:

12/17/2011: Mike A from Marietta, Ga replies: "Oscar, I have had HEP c for 35 years and have tried many things to cure it over 2 years of interferon, berry extracts, milk thistle, juicing and now BHT. I am in stage 4 liver disease and you do give me hope, but I do hope I'm not doing more damage then good, but thanks for all your feedback and research. Mike"

I don't know what to tell you Mike. You did try the interferon treatments for over 112 weeks without success. You tried the BHT for 12 weeks and want to go back to the interferon? treatments. Dr. W did state that to give the BHT a fair try should be about 6 months. Without any doubt the treatment time required for BHT will vary from person to person. You do what you have to do.

Also, I see NO reason why you cannot try them both at the same time. I wish you the best whatever you do....Oscar"

12/23/2011: Oscar from Syracuse, New York, Usa replies: "Dear Mike, I want to make you aware of the fact that there are now two new drugs available to the earlier treatments you underwent that show a significant success rate with the conventional treatments. You can read about that here:

So, there is new hope for non-responders to the earlier treatments. Happy Holidays, ...Oscar"

12/24/2011: Teru from Paris, France replies: "Dear Oscar,

Did you contact VRP to know exactly what they are selling? And of course, I will write back in a month to report what happens. I'm expecting the best. This will be my last message concerning this BHT name problem. I don't want that this board to become the BHT board. My best for you and HAPPY XMAS to everybody."

12/25/2011: Timh from Louisville, Usa replies: "If I might add to Oscar's big contributions on Hepatitis, as I found an Alt Med site of a Dr. Lloyd Wright who must be an expert on Hep C. that may be beneficial for folks suffering this condition.

Hope this helps and good luck."

12/25/2011: Rob from Manhattan, Ny replies: "Oscar, I've been following your posts for some time... A valuable contribution to this site! Keep up the great work and happy holidays. Will be curious to hear from those with other lipid viruses reporting on its effectiveness..."
12/25/2011: Mmsg from Somewhere, Europe replies: "Oscar, or anybody else: are canker sores a "lipid coated virus" which BHT might help?"
12/27/2011: Oscar from Syracuse, New York, Usa replies: "Dear Teru, The BHT sold by VRP [ Vitamin Research Products ] is the correct compound. It is the brand I have been using for well over 10 years now.

You are putting me in an uncomfortable position in that I do NOT wish to infer that other companies are selling the wrong compound. From our past conversations it has become clear to me that the public relations departments of the different companies INCLUDING VRP, are not chemists.

What else can I tell you? VRP is a trusted name in the supplements industry and I am SURE there are other trusted names also. I have only my own experience to draw on regarding this issue. I have no desire to be put in the position of endorsing this or that company and CANNOT do that. I do NOT work for or with ANY company.

Perhaps it is time for other forum members who have been using BHT to treat the different lipid coated viruses to give some feedback as to what brands or company names they have been using. Many thousands of people have been using BHT for a long time now to treat the different herpes viruses for sure. So let me end on that note, that question: What brand have you other forum members been using to treat viral infections successfully ? ...Oscar"

12/30/2011: Oscar from Syracuse, New York, Usa replies: "Dear Garrett from Oklahoma City, I don`t know why I missed your posting, but I did. My appologies for not responding sooner.

In answer to your questions: I know of NO reason why your uncle should not give the BHT a try. There is NO evidence that BHT taken in the dosages I have discussed harms the liver or the kidneys.

Also: I also got infected with hepatitis-C by way of blood transfusions [ at least 17 such tranfusions ]. More importantly: I lost my entire right kidney along with most of my liver and half of my large intestine as the result of that gunshot wound. That injury is why I got those blood transfusions.

So, in effect, I had some of the more serious disadvantages your uncle does when I successfully used BHT to treat my hepatitis C infection: A failing liver and only one kidney with me.

In my opinion: The BHT treatment has to be worth a try. The prescribed treatments include kidney failure as one of the possible side effects. At the dosages I have discussed: There is no evidence that BHT harms the liver or the kidneys. Again, from the feedback available: That dosage is: one 350mg of BHT taken TWICE a day with a gulp of water on an empty stomach for average size adults. Please stay in touch with this forum as to your uncle`s response to this treatment if he chooses to give it a try....Oscar"

01/10/2012: Dr W from Upstate, Ny replies: "Oscar: I agree with your view posted here.

Dr W for the less informed, the side effects of the standard treatment Ribovirion and interferon:

Bleeding hemorrhoids

Canker sores [lots of them]

Joint pain

Flu symptoms

Damage to eyes and Kidneys


BHT- I have no side effects that we can detect

Dr W"

01/10/2012: Dr W from Upstate, New York replies: "Well another blood test is in and the results are not 100% but they are not bad either.

I have been using BHT along with Silmarin and St. Johns Wort. and a good diet

The long and short of it is this Viral load was not zero this time but it was very low. at 100K and my liver enzymes were all good with no symptoms at all.

As I said before this treatment should continue for at least as long as the main stream treatment does which is about a year.! Am on month 5 and plan on continuing for another 6 to 9 months.

Do not forget that I use a combo to fight Hep-C.

That combo is NAC and Silmarin as well as BHT and St John's Wort

The MD with whom I work is impressed with my numbers."

01/10/2012: Oscar from Syracuse, New York, Usa replies: "Dear Dr. W, Thank you for reporting back in to this forum. I have been at this BHT as a treatment for hepatitis C for more than 14 years now and do dare say I know what I am talking about to a point: I have always said that to achieve a true cure does require daily dosing with BHT for no less than two years. This is because anyone who has hepatitis C has a liver infectected with a very many cells and that achieveing a NO VIRUS DETECTED result in no way what so ever means you are CURED of hepatitis C. You or any one else will still have a liver with a very many infected liver cells. Any and all of which can and will go on to infect uninfected liver cells. What BHT can do is: keep the bloodstream free of intact viral particles. Your viral load count is extremely low as you just reported.

Also, I did warn against mixing BHT with anything other than perhaps beer. Taking BHT with beer may mainline BHT and it`s metaboles to the liver and thereby concentate BHT and it`s matabolites in the liver.

Anyway, like I said: it takes years of BHT therapy to acheive a true cure which I have done for myself. But, NONE of the other treatments can do that because they are so toxic people can not take them for more than a year or so. For the prescribable treatments: 5 years without a relapse is considered a true cure.

I did warn you about mixing BHT with other compounds. BHT is NOT an unreactive compound. It does readily enter into chemical reactions in the stomach and duodenum. That is why it is such a powerful anti-oxidant. The BHT more readily enters into oxidative reactions than such compounds as vitamin E by a factor of 240 times more readily as discussed here:

The so called " tert-butyl effect ". Anyway, it does take YEARS of daily dosing with BHT to truly free the liver of any and all infected liver cells....Oscar"

[SIDE EFFECTS]  01/13/2012: Herb from Ny replies: "Just wanted to know if bht causes stomach problem, constant diarrhea and acid reflux? These are some symptoms that we're experiencing. Thanks Herb"
01/14/2012: Oscar from Syracuse, New York, Usa replies: "Dear Herb, The only advice I can think of is to take less of the BHT. The same is true for anyone experiencing adverse side effects using the BHT treatment. How much of the BHT are you taking? Is there any improvement shown in the liver function tests or the viral load count tests? How much do you weigh and are you a lean or thin person? Such people are the most prone to adverse side effects and shoud take less BHT as a general rule. Finding a dosage you are OK with is important, obviously. Just what that dosage is does vary for many people and I have no way of knowing just what is the best dosage for each and every person. Start with a low dosage and ramp up to a dosage you are comfortable with, not to exceed one 350mg of BHT taken twice a day for most average size adults. If that is too much take less....Oscar"
[BETTER BUT NOT CURED]  01/15/2012: S from Sacramento , California replies: "Oscar, Thank you for sharing this powerful info. With ALL of us. I purchased my BHT and I am currently taking it about 5 days now. I was diagnosed with Hep C in 2006. After this I decided to visit my herbalist and started taking milk thistle and other supplements but up until recently I started to feel sick as if my condition needed medical attention ASAP! I was experiening liver pain, joint , foggy memory, no motivation to get up in the mornings.. I was desperate, Luckily I came across this forum. I was impressed with the possitive feedbacks etc.. I decided to try it. I am going to the doctors to get blood work done this week. I was keep you posted. Now that I am taking the BHT I no longer have the liver pain and best of all I don't have ANY side effects from BHT 2 x a day 350mg. I just wanted to let you know that you inspired me and I do see a light at the end of the tunnel. This is indeed a blessing. Thank you!"
01/16/2012: Art from Tustin, California Usa replies: "Hi Oscar. I have been following your BHT thread with great interest. I don't have hep c, but I agree that BHT is likely to be of great use in other diseases. I was just reading a very recent hep c study where vitamin d-3 was used in conjunction with antivirals and the two together seemed to have synergy. I was thinking that given the relative safety of vitamin d and its many health benefits, it may be worth considering as an add on to the BHT.

I was also thinking that it may partially explain why some people respond faster than others to the same dose of BHT.


01/30/2012: Dr W from Upstate, Ny replies: "Oscar: I had a thought this week. The fastest way to your liver is by the hepatic portal vein.

Ever hear of coffee enemas? I wonder if using BHT and delivering it in that manor might be faster?

BTW I have not done a Viral load in 6 weeks and I won't do one until late march, however my Glucose has suddenly dropped to the near normal range and other thing suggest that the Virus is no longer affecting my liver at all. I expect it to be zero in march.

Dr W"

02/01/2012: Oscar from Syracuse, New York, Usa replies: "Dear Dr. W, I do NOT think BHT enemas will work because: BHT has to be metabolized in the stomach and duodenum to make it water soluble.

Simply stated: It is the metabolites of BHT that enters the bloodstream and NOT the undigested BHT. There are a number of different BHT metabolites. All of which maintain the 6 carbon ring structure and all of these metabolites have oxygen atoms added in different ways to the BHT. These additional oxygen atoms are what makes these metabolites somewhat water soluble. I keep using the word somewhat because these metabolites still maintain a high degree of lipid seeking behaviour.

And this lipid seeking behavior combined with the relatively large and bulky shape of these metabolites that now have the necessary additional oxegen atoms is the reason the metabolites of BHT are able to destroy the lipid coatings of viruses such as hepatitis C in all of its variants.

Also, these BHT metabolites with their added oxygen atoms will always be seeking but never achieving so called hydrogen bonds. This keeps these BHT metabolites moving about, wiggling and such very rapidly and that is what destroys these lipid coatings of the different lipid coated viruses including hepatitis C.

So in conclusion: using BHT in an enama will NOT work....Oscar"

02/05/2012: Dr W from Upstate Ny replies: "There are ways around that issue, By desolving the BHT in One of several mild solvents that the body tolorates well could place the BHT directly in the hepatic portal vein ?

There are risks depending on the solvent

maybe a 5% alcohol solution [Beer ]

I cringe at the thought of an IV introduction but that might be the most potent of all."

02/18/2012: Oscar from Syracuse, New York, Usa replies: "Dear Dr. W, I am sorry I did not read this last posting of yours earlier. I have had thoughts regarding alternative methods as to how to administer BHT most effectively for those in the last stages of liver failure. Now like I have said a number of times now it is the metabolites of BHT that enter the bloodstream and NOT BHT. Now quite a number of these metabolites have been identified as reported in the different toxicology reports and some of those water soluble metabolites are available from chemical suppliers. But I have no way of knowing which ones would be effective or safe to take in an say an IV solution. It would take years of animal studies to find the answer to those questions. But, these questions could be answered. Just what metabolites are the most effective in destroying HCV viruses and which ones are the safest to take in an IV solution. One of those many reports does state that the metabolites that have one or more of those outlying tertiary hydrogens of those tert-butyl groups oxidized, that is to say one or more of those hydrogens becomes an [ C-O-H ] hydroxy group, is what most often occurs in human beings, initially or first. This route does not require the elimination of the aromatic electron structure whereas the oxidation of the methyl group does. With oxidation at the methyl group two different arrangements occur. A [ C=O ] or carbonyl group as a substitution for what was the methyl group or a [ C-O-O-H ] peroxy group , at the same ring carbon as the methyl group. And with both of those arrangements the molecule loses the aromatic electron structure. Also a [ C=O ] carbonyl group is now where the [ O-H ] hydroxy group was. And it is now a hexane ring and not a benzene ring. It has lost the armomatic electron structure. Also, those two remaining hydrogens are now, each one of them 2 hydrogens because carbon always bonds 4 times UNLESS a resonance structure exists.

Well, if I could draw a few simple diagrams you would immediately see what I am talking about. Just for fun: draw a 6 carbon ring, add those tert-butyl groups, the OH group and the methyl group and play around with it. I do that sort of stuff all the time. Hey, I would very much appreciate your joining me and Victoria`s discussion group at:

You obviously have an interest in this and I would very much appreciate your thoughts about all this. I am getting older Dr. W and my mind is not getting any better. I have been at it for 15 years now and need all the help I can get. Please at least join the group and take it from there....Oscar"

02/25/2012: Tigra from Medford, Us replies: "Hello Oscar, I'm not sure you will recall me but we had some dialogue at another forum regarding this subject and I wanted to post what was happening with my therapy with BHT and other supplements but the moderators made it so difficult to post, I gave up. I would like to continue here since I see so many positive comments by others.

If you will recall, I was diagnosed with HEP C last May. My viral load was over 3,000,000. and my liver enzymes were not good but I was asymptomatic. I had started BHT for one month along with whole organic milk thistle that I grind myself along with some other vitamins. I went back for a test one month later and my liver enzymes were normal but my viral load was now over 4,000,000.

I started another regimen along with the BHT and can actually see a difference in my face (my husband says I look years younger) and as far as symptoms, well I never had any to begin with so I feel great. I had planned another test in December but decided to wait until either April or May before I do that and would like to share the results here if anyone is interested. I will also state exactly what I am doing. Thanks all."

02/26/2012: Oscar from Syracuse, New York, Usa replies: "I surely do remember you Tigra. This BHT treatment does take longer for some than others.

I am happy to know you now feel well and look younger. This is not your imagination. I still get ID`ed at liquor stores every now and then and I am 62 years old close to 63 years old. That is if I dye my hair which is quite gray now for whatever that is worth. And oh yes I continue to take BHT on a daily basis....Oscar"

02/27/2012: Kathy from Camarillo, Ca replies: "I have been following the discussions regarding BHT and Hep C. Oscar I am truly grateful for your persistence in getting this info out to the general population. My husband found out he had Hep C in 2001, even though it wasn't symptomatic at that time. In 2002 it became symptomatic and in 2004 he went on self injected Peg Interferon and Ribovarin for 9 months. He did not clear the virus. We have been keeping it under control by massive doses of a whole food supplement, milk thistle and an organic diet. He functions well but has developed Peripheral Neuropathy. He is considering going on the Interferon again with a new drug that supposedly has a 75% success rate.

I ordered BHT last week and we should have it tomorrow. He has agreed to try it for a few months before he goes back on Interferon. We just got his blood work done and his viral count is pretty good.... 289, 754, but his liver enzymes are AST 107 / ALT 126. We are going to get his blood checked again in 30 days and see if there is any improvement, I will keep you posted. If there are any suggestions you would have, please let me know. Kathy from CA"

[YEA]  02/27/2012: Art from Vancouver Bc, Canada replies: "Hi Kathy! I can relate to your husbands problems. I think the Peripheral Neuropathy is caused from the interfuron treatments and Vitamin B12 is the answer as it was for me. I myself asked about any new treatments 6 months prior and the stand in doctor didn't seem very helpful telling me there were none. Now that I have found the BHT I have my old life back again, old as in new energy over the last ten years. That pegetron therapy can really drag you down. It took away ten years of my life and now I have a lot more enrgy and my skin color is normal pink instead of a yellowish hugh. I have no liver pain as I did for ten years and can now eat Hawian pizza which used to give me great discomfort overnight. As for my Peripheral Neuropathy which caused a lot of burning in my legs, it is now subsuided at using 500mcg. a day of Vitamin B12. Now I can sleep comfortably. It is non toxic and you excret what you don't need in the urine. It is a better alternative than the Gabapentin an expensive poisen the doctor wanted to perscribe for me. Give it a google and you will see all the side effects it has. I hope this helps you. You failed to mention your husbands Genome Type.

Art 1a."

03/07/2012: Hpv2years from Bangkok, Thailand replies: "After nearly 2 years of living with HPV I have joined a site to write for the first time. I have just ordered BHT after rejecting podophyllotoxins, aldara, ACV method... I want something to get this at a cellular level and after reading up I decided to order and write. To Oscar and Teru, I will update the progress as soon as I receive the capsules. I have also ordered DIM, why not - Oscar, what do you recommend of the two?"
03/08/2012: Oscar from Syracuse, New York, Usa replies: "Dear HPVfor2years from Bangkok, I do not know much of anything about DIM [ diindolylmethane ]. I did find this link that discusses this DIM compound:

Make what you will of that. Regarding BHT: fatcha brute and teru from Paris reported dramatic results using 2 capsules of BHT per day as a treatment for genital warts.

fatcha brute says all of his over 100 warts were gone in one month of the BHT treatments and teru had similar results in one month.

In my opinion: even when all warts have disappeared you still need to take some BHT daily to prevent re-occurance of said warts. My best guess after the warts are all gone: one 350mg of BHT per day should be used as a maintance dose for at least 2 or 3 years....Oscar"

03/11/2012: Hpv2years from Bangkok, Thailand replies: "Hi Oscar, thanks for your reply. I have ordered both so I guess I will take the one which arrives first! When and how is it best to take BHT daily? In the morning or with food, or what?

Also, are there any side effects I should be aware of... And is it dangerous in your opinion? I just read it's been banned in England for a long time."

03/13/2012: Oscar from Syracuse, New York, Usa replies: "Dear Hpv2years from Bankok, I will provide that NOEL statement again here:

In view of the probable involvement of hepatic enzyme induction in the development of the hepatocellular damage associated with repeated doses of BHT, the Committee concluded that, in this case, enzyme induction was the most sensitive index of effects on the liver. A well-defined threshold was demonstrated at 100 mg/kg bw/day in the long-term study reviewed for the first time at this meeting, giving a NOEL of 25 mg/kg bw/day. Effects observed in the reproduction segments of the in utero/lifetime exposure studies were also taken into account in the derivation of this NOEL. The Committee used a safety factor of 100 to allocate an ADI of 0-0. 3 mg/kg bw for BHT.

That NOEL [ No-Observed-Effects-Level ] statement is at the end of this lenghty toxicology report linked to here:

And there is also this PHYSIOLOGICAL REVIEWS table that shows an average lifespan increase of between 22% to 31% in mice dosed with BHT over their entire lifetimes compared to undosed mice linked to here:

So, I have provided this information for you to consider. Is BHT dangerous? That is for you to decide for yourself and is not my choice to make. It is up to you to decide for yourself.

The most common side effects I am aware of reported by some people are:

1. A nervous condition similar to drinking too much coffee.

2. Stomach discomfort

As to dosage: one or two capsules per day of BHT in 200mg to 350mg doses taken on an empty stomach. Teru and fatcha brute were and or are taking two capsules per day with a gulp of water.

Now I made the effort to answer your questions. You can thank me by reporting into this forum with your results with the use of BHT to treat HPV if you choose to try the BHT to treat this viral infection.

Also there is this BHT CURES group you may wish to join that is focused on the use of BHT to treat viral diseases here. I am a member of this group and encourage others trying the BHT treatment to join this group here:

I wish you well, ...Oscar"

03/13/2012: H from Lincoln, Nebraska replies: "To Teru from Paris - are you still free from genital warts after taking BHT, and how long did you have the warts before you started taking the BHT? Were they pretty severe? Thank you for your time, and I look forward to hearing from you."
03/21/2012: Fatchabrute from Tucson, Az, Usa replies: "Hep C BHT. I have been taking BHT, two 180 mg caps once a day I had a test before the BHT the HVC RNA PCR QUANT WAS 2110000 H >43/IU/mL BUT NOW... 837. 930 H

Then there is another no. Under that HCV RNA PCR QUANT >6 H.32 1.63 Log IU/ mL?? which I have no idea what it means.

A year after tha1test I began BHT within a month the venerial warts I had for 25 years went away, totally gone. I then waited about a year and had another Hep C test, I waited 1 month the doctor called me and told me something was wrong that the lab didn't enough blood to do more testing and I needed to go for another test. Well last week I went. The Doctors office told me to come in this friday in two days, I asked for the numbers of the test and the nurse gave me this HCV RNA PCR QUANT .... 837.930 the other HCV that was 6.32 H is now 5.92.. Reference range 43Iu/mL was the same. And the 1.63 no. was the same.

Now I do not know what those numbers mean but the most important are BEFORE BHT 2110000 H AND AFTER THE BHT 837.930. I have not seen the Doctor yet but the numbers look good to me!!"

03/23/2012: S from Sacramento, California replies: "Hello everyone, I would like to post my results after a little over a month of BHT 2x a day 350. These results are amazing. I have normal liver function thanks to this forum. Thank you, Oscar!!


Ast 19 (13-39)

Alt 30 (7-52)

Ggt 20 (9-64)

Bilirubin total 0. 2 Low ( 0.3-2.0)

Before I was told in 2006 that I had stage 4 liver damage due to my hepC that my counts were in the millions with this other test done by oncologist."

03/23/2012: Oscar from Syracuse, New York, Usa replies: "Really great to hear from you fatcha brute, I want you to know that because of your posting over at the hip forum about BHT as a treatment for genital warts: teru from Paris has now cleared from gentital warts in one month of the BHT treatments also and teru had a nasty case of genital warts. Your posting [ that I reposted here at the Earth Clinic ] resulted in at least one person`s recovery from a very troublesome and dangerous condition. There is a BHT cures group that would very much appreciate your participation. I am Oscar, and a member of that group. If you wish to join here is the web address:

I know for sure Hanna would like to hear from you because she said so. She is a member of this group and has posted here at The Earth Clinic also....Oscar"

03/26/2012: Oscar from Syracuse, New York, Usa replies: "Dear S from Sacramento California, Those are very healty liver function test numbers for anyone, with or without a history of hepatitis. Please keep posting any and all liver test results including viral load counts if such test results become available to you. It is important to make note that: S. From Sacramento is using the 350mg of BHT twice a day dosage and has been doing so for a little more than one month....Oscar"
04/10/2012: Elena from The Hague, Netherlands replies: "Hello, I life in Holland and I want to try BHT but cannot find a shop in Europe where I can Buy. Only on a UK webshop I find: "BHT. Each capsule of BHT Plus contains 180 mg of BHT plus 80 mg of ascorbyl palmitate, a fat soluble form of Vitamin C". Can I use this to treat Hep C (a). Does somebody know where I can buy good capsules in Europe or from the US?"
04/14/2012: Oscar from Syracuse, New York, Usa replies: "Dear Elena from The Hague, BHT [ butylated hydroxytoluene ] is only available by mail as far as I know and is NOT available in health food stores and such. There is VITAMIN RESEARCH PRODUCTS that sells the BHT and other online retailers. I buy my BHT through LEF [ Life Extension Foundation ] and it is the same VRP product. So the BHT is available through the mail in Europe, the UK, the USA and most other nations or areas of the world through the mail only....Oscar"
04/17/2012: Hpv2years from Bkk, Thailand replies: "Oscar, Thanks again for another swift and engaged response... I have read a lot about BHT now, mostly thanks to your research and directed links, and today (this morning on an empty stomach) I had my first BHT 350mg capsule. (Well, actually just over half a caspule, as I tested it first by dabbing some just to make sure I asnt going to react badly, then left some out so as to work up to 350mg).

If it works, I will definitely report it, and if it doesn't, it will be useful for others' treatment and so you know that it might not work for HPV.

Fingers crossed though, and I will update when I get any kind of result. Thanks..."

04/25/2012: Oscar from Syracuse, New York, Usa replies: "Dear Henryf from Miami, Sorry I did not get back sooner. What I have learned about HPV virus, the cause of genital warts is that there are over 40 variants, some no doubt harder to treat than others.

Now the two people who did report very good results were/are taking 2 capsules of BHT per day. Also there are people reporting good results using the apple cider vinegar treatment applied topically with a cue tip to these warts.

So I see no reason to not use both treatments. You would be attacking the virus internally with the BHT and topically with the apple cider vinegar....Oscar"

[NAY]  05/06/2012: Tigra from Medford, OR replies: "Dear Oscar, I wish I were posting something other than what I am going to say here but I think I need to let people know what my experience has been thus far with BHT. As you will recall, I was diagnosed with HEP C last May. My liver enzymes were elevated and had been for quite awhile and my viral load was at 3,000,000. I immediately started dosing with milk thistle, turmeric, various vitamins and 200mg bht on an empty stomach. Within one month, my liver enzymes were normal but my viral load went up 1 million to 4,000,000. I upped my dosage to 350mg of BHT and included 600mg of R-alpha lipoic acid (real important to state this is "real" r-alpha lipoic acid) not the stuff off the shelf. I continued this therapy for the past 8 months and decided to test myself around the 9th month. I increased the BHT to 700 mg for approximately one month before I tested. My liver enzymes continue to be normal but my viral load is now at 12,000,000. Needless to say, I am very disappointed and bummed out because I truly believed this was going to work. I have genotype 2 and now feel the next step is to go through the treatment, if they'll do it instead of waiting until I have liver damage. Wish me luck and for the rest of you, given the circumstances, I would still give the bht a try if I had to do it all over again."
05/07/2012: Timh from Louisville, Ky, USA replies: "Tigra, although I have never been officially diagnosed w/ Hep. , I have historically responded favorably to natural treatments, and until recently favorably to BHT. I first began using Licorice Root caps w/ good results, but other problems prevented any long-term wellness. Eventually, I modified the standard Dr. Murray / Pizzorno protocol. First, take 1 grm vit-c and wait about 10 minutes, then take any form of Glutathione boosters like NAC or SAM-e (I used 1grm each of Glycine - Cysteine - Glutamic Acid B-50) wait another 10 minutes. Take 1-3 grms of powdered Licorice Root, wait about 5 minutes then take 250 mg DMG. This combo has proved faaar better than any other (for me anyways). Your choice for ALA is good but it appears you may have insufficient levels of Glutathione for any boost from ALA to even take place. Speaking of boosting G, Selenium is critical for G production, but remember to take separately from vit-c.

If hypertension becomes a problem (as it did w/ me) here's an entirely different anti-viral protocol (which would be good as a rotational for anyone): St Johns Wort, Lysine, Colloidal Silver.

One or other of these protocols 1x or 2x day plus other nutritionals. I believe DMG may modulate or boost Glutathione better than ALA but this is just my opinion; anyway it appears Methylation from any source (B-12, Folic Acid, TMG, DMG, SAM-e, B-6) may be severely lacking in any Liver disease. Also (as I learned the hard way) a clean Colon is critical for Liver health. Coffee enemas may be necessary to eliminate die-off and metabolic waste.

Hope this helps and good luck."

05/07/2012: Oscar from Syracuse, New York, Usa replies: "Dear Tigra, You surely gave the BHT a try. The good news is that the conventional treatments work much better for HCV type 2 infections, much better than type 1 infections. Also: females respond better than males. People starting these treatments with normal liver function tolerate the treatments better and respond better. Also: The conventional treatments for HCV type 2 infections are generally much shorter in duration. If you decide to go with the conventional treatments from what I have read: You should NOT be taking BHT while undergoing these treatments.

Here is a link to the Veterans Administration`s hepatitis C website. The VA is and are leaders in the conventional treatments. I am very sorry the BHT did not work better for you. Here is that VA link:

Sincerely, ...Oscar"

05/17/2012: Michael from Kigali, Kigali City, Rwanda replies: "Hello everyone. I am glad to see this forum. In fact, I live in Rwanda and I was diagnosed HVC in 2002. The doctor told me that my liver function is very low on May 1, 2012. He said that the protein metabolism is quite bad which can lead to disastrous consequences and death.

Please help me and tell me what I can do now. I am 29 old now and I am praying that God gives a remedy for my disease. About BHT, how can I get it? What is the cost in USD?

Please let me know if you know something. Thank you. Michael

My email address is micmas2(at)"

05/18/2012: Janie from Bucarest, Romania replies: "Hi everyone, I have a question if someone have an answer. I was thinking about what tigra said that her viral load is very high after using bht: is it possible to get so high because the viruses can't enter the cell anymore or its just speculation what I say here. Might be a stupid question though, thank you."
05/18/2012: Miles from New York, Ny replies: "If I might suggest, look into "Lipid Exchange" (or PLX) and the pretty good results that are being achieved with oral supplementation (and IVs) of phosphatidylcholine (PPC), found in lecithin and naturally in egg yolks and krill oil.

It's said the liver, brain, instestines etc. are comprised largely of fats (lipids) and phosphatidylcholine is said to repair and regenerate cell and cell membranes and return to health.

Reports are that PPC oral dosages of between 3-6 grams a day (and some take more) -- taken with Vitamin C (and some recommend Vitamin B-1), as well as the good fats Omega 3s and 6s EPA/DHA -- are achieving very good results.

I've only recently discovered this and am curious if others have had experience with this?"

05/18/2012: Oscar from Syracuse, New York, Usa replies: "Dear Michael from Kigali, You can buy BHT through the mail from a number of different retailers. I buy mine from Vitamin Research Products. I have been paying about 10 dollars US for bottles of one hundred, 350mg capsules.

The dosages used vary somewhat for different people. Most people who have used this treatment successfully use between 200mg and 350mg of BHT once or twice a day. I do recommend starting out with only one capsule a day and seeing how well you tolerate that for a few days before trying that second dose per day.

Also, from the feedback available it is best to NOT mix this treatment with other treatments including milk thistle extracts. Just eat a healthy diet and do NOT be trying a bunch of other supplements while using the BHT. An occasional vitamin pill might be helpful but do not be megadosing with vitamins either. The BHT treatment seems to work best when not mixed with other supplements. This is because BHT will interact with many other supplements in unpredictable ways. At this time I do recomment taking the BHT with a small amount of some sort of fruit juice to ensure an adequate supply of glucose at the time it is injested. BHT should be taken on an empty stomach. If stomach discomfort is experienced a small piece of bread should help. Just a small piece of bread.

There is the BHT CURES group you may wish to join to stay in touch with others who are trying this treatment here:

Also, if you decide to give this treatment a try please do report your results here at the EARTH CLINIC forum....Oscar"

05/23/2012: Oscar from Syracuse, New York, Usa replies: "Dear Janie from Bucharest, There is nothing " stupid " about your question. Like everything else in life: You don`t know the answer until you learn what the answer is.

The answer to your question is: The viral load count should go down eventually if the BHT treatment is working. This may take a few months depending on different factors. The same is true for the conventional treatments.

Many people have reported dramatic improvement in a very short time. Others have shown NO improvement or even higher viral load counts after many months of the BHT treatment.

I do think it is a bad idea to be mixing the BHT treatment with many of the other alternative treatments including milk thistle and it`s extracts. This is because BHT will react in undesirable ways with such treatments in my opinion. For best results use the BHT treatment by itself and NOT in combination with other alternative treatments. These viruses are hard to treat. The BHT may very well NOT work for everyone. The same is true for the conventional treatments. People have try and find out what works best for themselves. The conventional treatments do work very well for many people. I want to see people get well one way or another with whatever works for them....Oscar"

05/23/2012: Kim from San Ramon, Ca replies: "I am unfamiliar with BHT as I have not used it. I have though found milk thistle helpful for my Hep C condition. Milk thistle helps to regenerate the liver. I have taken the supplement for a number of years.

I was diagnosed with Hep C in 2000 which resulted from a blood transfusion I received in the mid-70's. My liver enzymes were normal. A lot of people do not know they have Hep C and usually find out by accident after a physical exam.

In 2004, I underwent treatment for the Hep C (ribivarin and interferon) after my liver enzymes elevated. The treatment was successful for me. My liver enyzmes continue to remain normal.

Success of treatment depends on your genome type and stage of the Hep C."

05/25/2012: Oscar from Syracuse, New York, Usa replies: "Dear Kim from San Ramon, I am NOT trying to tell you or anyone else what to use to treat your hepatitis C infection. I am saying BHT does NOT work well with milk thistle and it`s extracts from the feedback available....Oscar"
[YEA]  05/27/2012: Twodragunns from London, Ontario, Canada replies: "I've been doing 2 x 250 mg daily of BHT with a splash of water on an empty stomach since Feb 1, 2012 and after 1 month all my symptoms of chronic Hep C had completely disappeared. I've just ordered 3 x 350 mg bottles from Vitamin Research Products and plan to up my dosage to 2 x 350 a day as soon as I recieve my BHT order.

I can't believe how good I feel these days and I have to thank Oscar for sharing this invaluable information with everybody that will listen and I'm sure BHT is the answer for many. I failed tx with Ribiviron daily and Peginterferon 1 injection per week back in 2008 and was a non responder after 4 months. I have genotype 1a which is very resistant to conventional therapies and had all the classic symtoms, like brain fog, joint aches and low energy, but after 4 weeks of BHT, "I feel like kid again".

I just had a blood test (5 vials taken) and they're measuring my viral load as well as all the other measures they do. I will post the results in late June after I see my MD and get the results. To all the na sayers and crap talkers that give Oscar a hard time about the validity of this treatment, "get a life and stop with the B. S. Posts that are accusing Oscar of spreading false information about this very effective treatment". I can tell it's working Oscar because all my symptoms disappeared and it's been 4 months now and I feel great!! I'm out golfing everyday (which I thought I'd never get to do again) and I'm playing very well!

Thanks again to Oscar from the bottom of my big old heart for discovering and sharing with us all this treatment that seems to be helping very many folks that have either failed conventional tx or not wanted to do this because of the catastrophic side effects. I'm going to keep posting here about my recovery from this chronic disorder and provide my medical test results as well.

kindest regards, Mike from London, Ontario, Canada"

05/30/2012: Oscar from Syracuse, New York, Usa replies: "Dear Twodragunns from London, Ontario, Canada, I am so very glad to hear from you. Your kind remarks mean a lot to me and I want you to know that. Stay well my friend and enjoy your golfing. What a great time it is right now to get out there and enjoy life after a long winter. Your freind, ...Oscar"
[YEA]  06/26/2012: "Got the best news I could ever ask for today, my bloodwork results are in and I no longer have any Hep C antibodies in my blood and my liver function levels are all normal. Now this is after failing conventional therapies back in 2008 and almost losing all hope of ever clearing this dreaded virus. I feel fantastic and I have to admit that BHT absolutely cures Hep C type 1a geno types when all else fails and it does it for pennies.

Anybody that comes across this post, you owe it to yourself to try this wonderful substance that has given me and so many others back our lives after thinking all was lost!! BHT works!! Thank you once again Oscar for saving me and many others by sharing BHT therapy with the masses. Cheers!"

06/27/2012: Oscar from Syracuse, New York, Usa replies: "Dear whomever, Please tell me who you are. I mean the webname you use. Any details regarding dosage and whether or not you are using other supplements will be helpful. This IS Oscar. Please do that for me and the other forum members. Sincerely, ...Oscar"
06/29/2012: Carol replies: "Count me in as another person with results with BHT! In the past 6 months of using the BHT 350 mg 2x/day, my viral load went from 7 million to 2. 7 million! Am wishing things to go faster, but will continue with the protocol as you have clearly delineated. Thank you, and will keep you posted. My white fell count and platelets were below normal tho. Have you heard of anything relating this to BHT? Blessings! Carol"
06/30/2012: Oscar from Syracuse, New York, Usa replies: "Dear Carol, I am glad your HCV viral load count has gone down significantly. But I am concerened about the low platelet and white blood cell counts. I very much hope you are seeing a good doctor to monitor and advise you about these conditions.

It would be helpful for me to know whether you have ever undergone any type of chemotherapy for HCV or some other condition. Such treatments often do lead to the conditions we are discussing.

Try not to be frightened about all this. These conditions very often resolve themselves once the chemtherapy is stopped if that is the cause. Also there are other things to consider as discussed here:

Because you are having other issues I do recommend you join the BHT CURES group here:

By joining that group you can stay in closer contact with me and the over 80 members using the BHT treatment. You very much still need to be seeing a good doctor. There is no substitute for that.

Look, your body is winning the battle with this hepatitis C infection. This BHT treatment does work. It takes longer for some than others. Do not get discouraged. Your body is healing itself of this infection with the BHT treatment....Oscar"

07/01/2012: Mary from Springfield, Mo replies: "carol how long do you plan to take bht. I was wondering how long to treat certain ailments."
07/11/2012: Twodragunns from London, Ontario, Canada replies: "Sorry about that Oscar it's Twodragunns from London, Ont, Canada that replied with: 06/26/2012: "Got the best news I could ever ask for today, my bloodwork results are in and I no longer have any Hep C antibodies in my blood and my liver function levels are all normal. Now this is after failing conventional therapies back in 2008 and almost losing all hope of ever clearing this dreaded virus. I feel fantastic and I have to admit that BHT absolutely cures Hep C type 1a geno types when all else fails and it does it for pennies."

Anybody that comes across this post, you owe it to yourself to try this wonderful substance that has given me and so many others back our lives after thinking all was lost!! BHT works!! Thank you once again Oscar for saving me and many others by sharing BHT therapy with the masses."
07/14/2012: Oscar from Syracuse, New York, Usa replies: "Thanks for getting back to this forum and clarifing who you are Twodragunns. There are people who would like to discuss the BHT treatment with you at the BHT CURES group here:

And for those forum members here at the EARTH CLINIC it would be helpful to hear from you. One of the issues that have come up is: What if any other supplements were you taking ? I never took anything else other than an occasional vitamin C and vitamin B complex tablet. Are there other supplements you were taking or not?

The BHT treatment worked so very well for you many people wish to learn any details you can provide as to dosage and how you took the BHT. You said you were taking one 250mg capsule of BHT twice a day with a dash of water on an empty stomach. Do I have that right? ...Oscar"

07/14/2012: Carol from Eureka Springs, Ar replies: "Hi, Am unsure why my post does not show up. Hmmm? Maybe it was not approved or I did something wrong. Anyway, thank you so much for your input and encouragement!

The doctor was not concerned about the lowered platelets and white count from 1 lone lab test, however we will continue to monitor and continue BHT.

I've not had any chemo. I plan to continue the BHT for years... at least, assuming labs continue to be ok, white count normalizes, etc.

Thank you all! Carol"

07/30/2012: Twodragunns from London, Ontario, Canada replies: "I only take vitamin B-12 and a multi vitamin with my BHT..... I also do 20 mg of Rabeprazole for acid reflux and I was on Hydromorph Contin, but have stopped it since June 1, 2012.

I'm feeling very well Oscar and last blood work of May 16, 2012 shows me as undetectable and I had the dreaded genotype 1a!!

Thanks Oscar,

twodragunns - Mike"

07/30/2012: Twodragunns from London, Ontario, Canada replies: "Yes Oscar I was doing 2 x 250 mg caps per day, one every 12 hours with water only...... I recently started doing 2 x 350 per day, but had some sleepless nights, so dropped back down to 2 x 250 per day. Feeling fantastic and hope everyone else finds success using BHT.

Twodragunns - Mike"

08/01/2012: Oscar from Syracuse, New York, Usa replies: "Dear Mike [ Twodragunns ], Thank you so very much for reporting back in at the EARTH CLINIC. Mike`s BHT success story is the most dramatic story I am aware of for the use of BHT to treat hepatitis C. Mike was a hepatitis C type 1a person. He was a non-responder to conventional treatments. He now tests NEGATIVE with the HCV antibodies test. It took me over 2 years to achieve that. Mike did it in about 6 months. Mike says he also takes a multi vitamin pill and a vitamin B-12 pill. He was/is using one 250mg of BHT TWICE a day at 12 hour intervals. I know of NO one who has made a more remarkable recovery from hepatis C with the use of BHT than Mike. Thank you very much Mike for reporting here at the EARTH CLINIC with your results....Oscar"
08/02/2012: Karl from Digby, Nova Scotia replies: "What did you use, capsule form or powder? I have powder and am looking for a mix for it. Evidently oil or alcohol are the only choice but what type of oil? Will coconut oil work or organic olive oil maybe, please help....Thanks"
08/03/2012: Oscar from Syracuse, New York, Usa replies: "Dear Karl from Digby, For best results do NOT mix BHT with anything!!! Just take a gulp of water to wash the BHT crystals down. This mixing BHT with oils is a big mistake. It dilutes the effect very much. You you chose to buy it in bulk. You need an accurate measuring spoon to come up with even a rough estimate as to what those dosages are. You need to spend a very few dollars to get a set of fraction of a teaspoon measuring spoons. 1/8 th of a teaspoon = about 350mg of BHT. These fraction of a teaspoon devices also should include a 1/16th of a teaspoon measurement because 350mg of BHT may very well be too much for you to be starting out with. So buy a set of these fractions of a teaspoon measuring spoons and use them. And do NOT mix BHT with any oil at the time it is taken. Take the BHT with a gulp of water on an empty stomach for best results....Oscar"
09/28/2012: J from San Francisco, Ca replies: "Anyone still here? This site is really important for some folks moral support I think."
08/30/2013: Ayodele from Lagos State, Nigeria replies: "How can l get BHT here in Lagos?"

Hepatitis C and Peripheral Neuropathy

09/26/2013: Stephanie from Brattleboro, Vt.: "Hello Oscar, I'm sort of new to this site. Do you have any people taking BHT for hepatitis c that also have peripheral neuropathy? Thanks much."

09/28/2013: Oscar from Syracuse, New York replies: "To Stephanie from Brattleborough: Yes there were and are people using BHT who also have neuropathy. Taking a regular type B-complex vitamin and vitamin B12 in a daily dosage of around 1mg [ milligrams ] which is the same as 1, 000mcg [ micrograms ] seemed to help with the neuropathy....Oscar"


Approval Ratings

[SIDE EFFECTS]  09/26/2013: Matalina from Spartanburg, Sc: "Oscar, Two years ago I took 350 mg capsule of BHT once a day for four days for the herpes virus. I had a nervous reaction to it so stopped after four days. It took me awhile to recover from that.

I would like to try it again and am wondering if anyone who has had this reaction has been able to take it at a lower dosage. If so, what would be the dosage to try?

I noticed a suggestion to break a capsule and touch the powder with a finger tip and try that for a reaction. If a reaction occurred when taking this small amount would it be as strong a reaction as with the 350 mg capsule? Or a lesser reaction?

I ask this because a pharmacist once told me that if you ever react to any medication you will always again react to it just as powerfully even if it's taken in a minute dose. Not sure whether to believe that as it doesn't seem logical.


09/27/2013: Tom from Fort Worth, Texas replies: "To Matelina from SC,

To answer your question; you are going to try again the BHT to kill the virus but the first time you did it you had a reaction and your question is... is there a way to take it such that there is no reaction?


There is such a thing as building up a tolerance to something. So try a TINY amount of the BHT and just see. That's what I'd do anyway. Your first reaction was not life threatening was it? I did not get that from your post. So just try a few grains; the smallest amount you can... and with food so the BHT isn't hitting the system on an empty stomach.

By the way; there are other ways to kill a virus. I'm a big advocate of Colloidal Silver (high dose) taken over months to kill a system wide infection / echinacea.... Five drops twice a day for a month. Topical applications if possible of same."

09/28/2013: Matalina from Spartanburg, Sc replies: "Thank you. I do use echinacea when I have an outbreak only but the virus continues to return whereas with BHT I have read it eradicates the virus after a year or two.

With colloidal silver I'm concerned about turning blue. I saw photos of the guy on the news who turned blue from using colloidal silver and died recently.

The nervous reaction I had from taking the 350 mg capsules was pretty bad. It was internal shaking 24/7 and I was also very sick. I took the capsules for four days and quit. I then contacted Stephen Fowkes who was kind enough to respond and even talked with him on the phone. He told me it was a metabolic problem and that I should up my intake of Armour Thyroid. I tried that but it made no difference, a fact I didn't relate to Stephen Fowkes as I felt it was useless. It took me a year to fully recover. Since I told Stephen Fowkes about it I am always surprised to read on the internet that no adverse reactions have been reported as I did report that reaction to him.

I may try to take a tiny grain of it to see if I can build up. Thank you for replying."

09/28/2013: Oscar from Syracuse, New York replies: "To Matalina from Spartanburg: Some people do report a nervous disorder similar to drinking too much coffee when first trying BHT. Usually these problems go away within a week or two. But I always advise lowering the dosage of BHT used when ANY adverse effects are experienced. 350mg of BHT per day IS too much for more than a few people. If you wish to give the BHT another try it is sold in 250mg capsules. You can also try taking a capsule every other day. This dosage issue is something each person has to work out for themselves....Oscar"
09/28/2013: Oscar from Syracuse, New York replies: "Matalina, That colloidal silver stuff is poison. What else are you taking ? The BHT treatment does NOT mix well with other treatments. If you choose to try a bunch of other treatments do NOT take BHT. Again: BHT does NOT mix well with many other treatments.

I am amazed at the number of people who insist on mixing all sorts of stuff together. A large part of pharmacy is all about avoiding mixing the wrong things together. Read the bottles and pamphlets provided with almost any drug out there and you will see that I am right about that....Oscar"

09/28/2013: Rob from Manhattan replies: "Oscar, I was wondering what got you to try and most importantly, stick with the BHT treatment to see through to success... I imagine much was less known when you started.. and most give up after a month or so... Also, I noticed a steady increase in reviews on BHT on the iHerb site... I very much appreciate the work you've put into this... as it will help many.."
09/28/2013: Oscar from Syracuse, New York replies: "Hello Rob from Manhattan, The subject title of this response is misleading because I first began using BHT as a treatment for hepatitis C.

You asked me why I started using BHT and stuck with it. My answer is because I was very sick and went to the VA outpatient clinic in Boston seeking help. The doctor gave me a physical examination and asked me if I had ever had blood transfusions. I told him I had many blood transfusions as a result of an old gunshot wound in 1968. He explained to me that I had jaundice and other signs of liver disease. He ordrered some blood tests and had me come back a few days later and told me I had hepatitis C. He told me they had this drug called interferon and that it helped some of veterans treated with it but only about 25% of them. This was in 1997 and they only had the first of the interferon drugs back then. He also said it made some veterans sicker and go bald. He ordered more blood tests and set up an appointment for a week later. I was unhappy about all this on the train ride home. I stopped in at a book store and they had a big dispay of Durk Pearson and Sandy Shaw`s " The Life Extension Companion ". I bought the book and read up on the use of BHT to treat the different herpes viruses. They discuss BHT as a treatment for lipid coated viruses. They also warn people with liver disease to NEVER take BHT. Well I found out hepatitis C is a lipid coated virus and decided to give BHT a try as a treatment for hepatitis C in spite of their warnings. I figured it could not be any worse than this interferon stuff.

The BHT worked so very well for me I was showing signs of improvement in one short week. When I saw that doctor he said I looked much better and ordered new liver function tests and a hepatitis C RNA test.

Anyway, after only a month or so of this BHT treatment my liver function tests were all normal except one that was close to normal and I was testing NEGATIVE with the hepatitis C RNA test. The doctor told me his residency with the VA was over. I told him I felt well and had no reason for any more doctors appointments.

My treatment was one 200mg of BHT twice a day with water on an empty stomach. I also took a standard multivitamin pill and a vitamin B complex pill now and then. About every other day along with a 500mg vitamin C pill and an occasional sodium selenite pill.

For me the BHT treatment worked very well. The results astounded me. I sent a letter about all this to the CDC and THE AMERICAN LIVER FOUNDATION. The only response I got was a request for money from The American Liver Foundation. I called them and told them to never ask me for money again....Oscar"

09/29/2013: Rsw from Uniontown, Oh replies: "Hi Oscar, I respect your opinions very much, so I wondered when you say colloidal silver is poison, do you mean when combined with the BHT or you do mean in every circumstance? I just bought some yesterday and will not use it if it is not a good choice for nasal congestion. I bought 500 PPM but do not understand what that means in terms of use or effectiveness. Could anyone explain it in simple terms? Thank you."
09/29/2013: Dave from Fountain Inn, Sc replies: "Hello RSW: in re colloidal silver. 500 parts per million is plenty strong enough. My test for making sure it is a "for real" silver solution is just what you are now facing; a sinus infection. Just take enough in palm of hand to be about a teaspoon and sniff up sinus cavity on both sides. (Make sure it get deep into sinus cavity. ) You definitely have an infection so if this is a quality silver it WILL sting, especially on one side. Sinuses will begin draining in minutes and in five minutes you'll be breathing fairly well. Now, repeat the irrigation ten minutes later, leaning head back as silver drains down throat. The second time the stinging will be barely present. The infection is being killed.

Infection in the ears may be going on also so consider an application in the ear canals. The two (sinus irrigation and ear irrigation) will get to the eustacian tubes. I've had twenty years of experience with CS/ make my own and have personally seen hundreds of anecdotal stories so know quite well the results. Silver solution properly made will kill virus/fungus and bacteria if properly applied. Depending on the infection, repeated treatment might be necessary and sometimes for a long time. There are variables."

09/29/2013: Rob from Manhattan replies: "Thanks Oscar... I thought that it took a year or two for you to clear the virus... But am surprised to hear that it only took a month?... thanks for sharing."
09/30/2013: Oscar from Syracuse, New York replies: "Dear Rsw, Alright I will answer your question: Why do I consider so called coloidal silver a poison. It is an element that does NOT occur natuarally in human biology. I read a toxicology report that was included in some company selling colloidal silver as a portion of their patent application.

That toxicology report described the one toxicology test they had done. Ten young healthy rats were given the colloidal silver as recommended with dosage adjusted for the weight of these young adult and healthy rats.

After only two weeks on the colloidal silver treatment: Two of the ten rats so treated had discolored livers. One of those ten rats had softening of its heart tissue. This is called congestive heart failure. So out of ten rats so treated for only two weeks, three of those rats had observable signs of vital organ damage. The person who did this testing said the results were inconclusive.

This colloidal silver treatment does remind of the old salts of mercury treatments for syphilis. Those salts of mecury did work to varying degrees as a treatment for syphilis. But like mercury, silver accumilates in certain vital organs and damages them as that toxicology report clearly indicates. At least in my opinion it does. I am sure I will catch some heat for expressing my opiinion. So be it....Oscar"

09/30/2013: Rsw from Uniontown, Oh replies: "Hi Oscar, thank you for your candid and evidence-based view on CS. I respect what you have to say and appreciate your input. The more opinions we have on a subject, the better prepared we will be to make informed decisions. Thanks, again."
09/30/2013: Dave from Fountain Inn, Sc replies: "Hello Oscar; Am responding to your assertion that colloical silver is poison. You cite a toxicology study conducted by a manufacturer of Colloidal Silver (CS). You do not name the manufacturer. You do not specify the report. So you assert a manufacturer published a report that impuned his own product. Fascinating.

I can go on line and come up with abstracts that make assertions about silver accumulation in the organs and what I find is that they are using silver as a compound or like one that was done for a Euasian Toxocology Journal... Chickens were given the silver in unspecified quanties from a POWDER. Imagine the PPM level of that.

You depend heavly on that unnamed and uncited "study" to describe Ag as poison. Yet by not being able to analyze how the study was conducted we do not know the validity of your criticism.

Electrolysis made silver diluted to less than 500 ppm will not accumulate and even critics of CS concede that fact. Only big Pharma want to frighten us into believing otherwise.

I've been on CS about five times weekly at the high PPM now for 20 years and what you describe as "poison" must be a slow killer. I feel great. (And have had four hair samples taken in past ten years with NO indication of even abnormal silver levels.)

Oscar, if you had followed your own advice and trusted Pearson and Shaw's admonition about not using BHT to kill viruses if related to liver issues, you'd called BHT a poison. (Life Extension Companion)

Fortunately, you didn't follow their warnings and you have helped many people who are being devestated by Hep B and C.

And is BHT part of the "Human biology"? You criticize Ag, one of the elements of the periodic table, for not being part of the human biology when we get microscopic amounts of Ag daily and does no damage at all and yet you are an advocate of BHT which is not an element and definitely not a part of the human biology and you assert is a Hep B and C killer.

And on the odd assertion that silver softens the heart causing congestive heart failure. Please cite a source for that idea. I've read a lot about CHF over the years in all its many forms; usually the extra pressure being caused by plaque build up, or water retention; and that excess causes the heart to enlarge and HARDEN because of the intense pressure it must exert to force the blood through a restricted opening (hence high blood pressure as indicative of heart problems). A recent Mercola explanation of why distance runners develop HARDENED hearts which is just what happens with congestive patients. I've missed the "softening" issue which you attribute to silver sofenting the heart to cause CHF. I've read perhaps a dozen causes of CHF but the softening one has eluded me.

I've read plenty about the heart muscle "streching" as it tries more and more to pump blood all the while never catching up... That's not "softening" so I'm not at all following what you mean when you equate the "softening" with CHF... and then say that silver can cause the same.

Please cite your sources so I can get better informed.


09/30/2013: Rob from Manhattan replies: "Dave, I no longer see the man with Argyria in my neighborhood so cannot ask him how much he took to cause his condition.. Plus I would be reluctant to for obvious reasons.. But again, seeing him was enough to scare me away from the stuff. Making me realize it is real & possible. Also, I tend to respecet Andrew Weil's opinion & it appears he gives it a big thumbs down.. I did have a friend who had her own silver generating machine... & she never turned blue grey.. but for me the issue is, why take a chance and that there are many other germicides that are as or more effective.

Here is what Weil says...."

10/01/2013: Timh from Ky, Usa replies: "I'm with you on this one Dave. It is beyond common that "studies" and "reports" are biased and skewed towards self interest and maximizing financial profits. Facts & knowledge suffer the same problem not only in medicine, but now dominating politics (one can effectively lie thru deceptive statistics). Simply consider the complications involved in the (man made?) global warming issue. C. S. Has a long track record of efficiency & safety in human use. C. S. Is also a preferred antibiotic for pets.

The white truths are always compromised by the dark lies, and the consequence is that grey area that many people get bogged down in with no path out."

10/01/2013: Andrea C from Wales replies: "Hi Dave and Oscar xxxxx

I am going to add my ten cents here also. Bicarb when given to birds and rats will blow them apart in seconds due to the rush of oxygen it supplies to their body, but it doesn't do it to humans or any other species that I know of. What's to say the web page you read is not Pharma scare tactics? You don't sell a product to bankrupt yourself by putting a negative statement up with it? Instant Bankrupt? And its been known for a long time pharma and supplement companies pay the lab workers to get rid of dead ra's and put live ones in the Labs so it gets passed as 'Safe for use'??? I too would like to see more solid evidence on this, I admire you greatly Oscar, but it's a bit suspect to me, I am with Dave on this matter. And there are other posts like this on EC that look like their all reading from the same piece of paper word for word. Love Andrea C xxxxxx"

10/01/2013: Andrea C from Wales replies: "Hi that 'Smurf' fella your on about was not 'Smurfed' by Colloidal silver, but by his own stupidity, he made Silver himself, with too big a particle. Then to make it worse, he added salt, you're not suppose to put salt in it, and the 'Pharma Harmer's' paid him to parade his idiocy in public to scare people off using it, and them losing billion's as it's an amazing cure for a legion of illnesses that Pharmacutical Drug's will never equal. Million's of us, or maybe billion's of us, have used it for years, and Hippocrates was using it all that time ago, and year's before him it was recognized for its wonderful healing powers. I drink it, use it externally, put it in my eyes, under my arm's as a deodorant, brush my teeth in it, use it in every orifice of my body, wash and sterilize load's of thing's with it, so why don't I look like 'Smurfette'? And Hospital's use it to sterilize operating theatres and as dressings and spray's on severely burned people, it is the only thing the Medical Community agree kill's M. R. S. A, plus a whole host of cancer's. Antibiotics can only kill two hundred and odd bacteria strain's and no Viruses, and they are made from Mold. CS kill's over six hundred bacteria, viruses, mold, fungus, the list is never ending, parasites, etc. I have mentioned this before. And if it were true about Argria, why is there not Billion's of out sized 'Smurf Community's' that were once Human's?, next you'll believe that Zombie's are real, but I am beginning to wonder this myself about some people. Love Andrea C xxxx"
10/02/2013: Dave from Fountain Inn, Sc replies: "Rob on the Colloidal Silver/ Grey issue:

And no one else responded to my general "challenge" to describe what process was being used by someone who has argyria. That was my point. And you also talk about another neighbor you have who uses the electrical system and has no problem.

My argument is, we hear of argyria cases and I can never can get an explanation on how they are incorrectly doing it.

One part per mission is like one inch in 12 miles. I do more than that but the miniscule amount cannot cause a problem. Now if I drank a cup of concentrate daily... An amount you could actually see in the glass container and drank that every day for months, then I could see how that concentration... 100,000 parts per million perhaps, how that amount could cause argyria.

Thanks for responding."

How to Take BHT

09/09/2013: Oscar from Syracuse, New York: "BHT Works Best Taken With Water Only on Empty Stomach:

This is in response to a number of different posters. I have discussed this issue many times now. In my opinion mixing BHT with any oil very much degrades the treatment. For best results BHT should be taken with a gulp of water only. Do NOT mix BHT with any oil at the time it is ingested or anything other than a gulp of water.

My opinion is based on the results posted in this and other forums....Oscar"

Late Stage Cirrhosis

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09/27/2012: Wayseeker from Modesto, Ca/ Usa: "Hi All! New here, and have read all posts. My Sweetie, Marv, just started on BHT today, 9/27/12. We do not have current liver counts, VA not being very helpful. We may order tests anyway, but won't have a perfect starting number.

Marv is in stage 4 with cirrhosis but not cancer. He has ascites (swelling of stomach and one ankle / foot). Like Oscar was, in liver failure, and not doing too well, and not eligible for interferon. (Wouldn't do it anyway.)

Have been on many, many things, basically "throwing the best and brightest" we could find to try to beat this thing. Marv now insists on going it alone with BHT and vegetable juicing only. And Vit C.

Keep Marv in your prayers, please, for a complete recovery to health! Will keep posted as to symptom improvement, and any numbers I can locate for him.

But we are now on board! --T."

09/28/2012: Oscar from Syracuse, New York, Usa replies: "Dear Wayseeker, I just prayed for Marv and want to see him make a full recovery from hepatitis C. Now, I am very troubled that you are having problems getting help from the VA, the Veterans Administration. I am a veteran also. I have had both good and bad experiences with the VA. Many veterans have hepatitis C. The VA is legally obligated to help these veterans. Did Marv ever recieve any blood transfusions? Also did he ever get any shots that are prodects of the blood? If he served in Vietnam he almost certainly did get such a shot. There was some shot they gave ALL of us as far as I know. I forgot what it was called.

If he has not yet joined the DAV he owes it to himself to join. The DAV is the Disabled American Veterans. They have been very helpful to me when dealing with the VA....Oscar"

09/28/2012: Wayseeker from Modesto, Ca/ Usa replies: "Oscar- You are an inspiration to Marv and me in a very dark hour. He is, for the first time, hopeful that he may live a longer life. Thank you for your prayers, and concern for others.

I have a question about lactoferrin (apololactoferrin) use to lower iron overload, and redistribute existing iron to the blood and away from Hep-C virus attachment to it. Has anyone used this alongside BHT use, or is it a non-issue with BHT being sufficient by itself. Advanced cirrhosis always involves iron overload, I have read elsewhere. Hep-C feeds on the excess iron, and even steals it from forming blood platelets, etc.

Any ideas on this? We are so comforted by the heartening news of your, and others', recovery, from Hep-C, so generously reported here on EarthClinic. --T."

09/28/2012: Wayseeker from Modesto, Ca/ Usa replies: "Oscar- To answer your questions: The VA has not done very extensive bloodwork, and won't do a ferrous iron test, nor are they doing anything else but giving up on Marv. They have not even bothered to help get him on a transplant list. I have cautioned him about that anyway, having read up on it.

Perhaps the best thing to do, as this lovely site does, is to simply jump to the solution, and skip the problem alltogether. I am all about throwing enough crud against the wall and seeing what sticks, giving each trial more than a fair shake.

I love solutions, and loathe fighting "the powers that be. " Marv remembers everyone getting shots from the same needle gun enroute to 'Nam. Grounds for disability, but it sits on the judges desk, and is called "a non-combat" related health issue. --T."

09/29/2012: Oscar from Syracuse, New York, Usa replies: "Dear Wayseeker, Please have Marv join the DAV. These people are VERY good at looking out for veterans. It is what they do. They are VERY familiar with all the crap some people in the VA system do to thwart veterans and know the best ways to deal with said crap.

Also that shot I discussed earlier is a blood product. Much of the blood being used to make those injections was infected with hepatitis C.

But, this BHT treatment has worked very well for many people when NOTHING else did. So called non-responders to the conventional treatments. At this time the best results are with a dosage of between 200mg to 350mg of BHT taken on an empty stomach twice a day. Also, best results are reported by those who do NOT take milk thistle or any of it`s extracts. Do NOT mix the BHT treatment with anything other than moderate doses of vitamins. Also, I do recommend joining the BHT CURES group here:

Many people have achieved dramatic improvement in a few weeks to a few months. I do think it is at least worth trying. I want to see Marv get well like I did and so many others also. Sincerely, ...Oscar"

09/30/2012: Wayfarer from Modesto, Ca/ Usa replies: "Dear, dear Oscar-- Marv is on his third day with BHT, and being a large man, is already on 350mg 2x per day, and feeling better than he has in a long time, as well as quite hopeful. We see you as a very important person (VIP) and speak your name often! He insists on doing just the bare minimum of Vit C, plus BHT. He's not being good about doing a tspn of oil at all. As a large man, is this neccesary? And can it be organic coconut oil?

VA is $180.00 to join, and right now, I have spent several small fortunes on various healing protocols, and can't swing it. He is, however, trying a different angle with the VA, but is told it will take 12 months at least to get any money or aid, and must begin from scratch. Can this org. help make that wait more brief? Appears all they could do is give some minimal financial support, as they claim not combat related. I smell a lawsuit with that tainted blood issue.

I will try to navigate this site better, and go to the group you mentioned. I feel like I am writing too much here, but like you, my desire to share experience of what works is very strong. Thank you. --T."

10/01/2012: Oscar from Syracuse, New York, Usa replies: "Dear Wayfarer, I am happy to learn that Marv tolerates the BHT well and is already feeling better after only a few days. That is NOT unusual. Many people respond very well to this BHT treatment and very quickly.

Now it is important that he be seeing a medical doctor for test monitoring purposes. He is a veteran and is eligible for such services. All veterans are. There is NO requirement that he have been in combat or even served in a time of war. If Marv is a Vietnam war veteran and he got that shot I think he did he may very well be elidgible for a substantial disability claim. He needs to get in contact with a DAV [ Disabled American Veterans ] officer. These DAV people are devoted to America`s veterans and absolutely know how to deal with the VA. He may very well have a substantial disability claim if he seved in Vietnam and has hepatitis C.

Also, you did say Marv is a large man. For that reason I know of no reason for him to be concerned about taking that tablespoon of vegetable oil. That is a concern for thin or very lean people only.

From what you have told me it seems to me that Marv is responding well to the BHT treatment. But it is important that he be having liver function tests and viral load count tests done on a regular basis. So, again: Please have Marv get in touch with the DAV. They WILL walk him through any problems the VA comes up with. I can not help but think the VA is worried because he may very well be eligeable for a substantial disability claim. The DAV will know what to do to help you people. Sadly, many veterans have to fight for their rights with the VA and the DAV knows how to do that....Oscar"

10/01/2012: Wayseeker from Modesto, Ca/ Usa replies: "Dear Oscar, Thank you so much for clarity on this matter re: the VA. Marv only recently became aware that he could be eligible for disability aid through the VA for Hep C. He had, off-and-on for 20 years, tried for it because of Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD), but could not make it over the VA's humps and bumps. He has holes in his memory, and has blacked out the entire experience, therefore invalid in the VA's opinion. Marv could not tell them where he had been or what he had experienced, and so was repeatedly denied help by the VA. This, of course, is the very nature of PTSD, to have no memory of a traumatic experience. What a catch 22.

Now, with the recently discovered late stage cirrhosis and Hep C, they told him he "likely got it in 'Nam. " I thought this a strange remark. More likely, he got it in their group shots/ tainted blood shot!

I am the daughter of an attorney, and my instincts say lawsuit, or settlement of a disability claim. We will join the DAV today! He just got word of the decision being mailed to him for regular SS disability. We don't know what their decision is yet. Could be yes or no. Would this have any bearing on a VA disability claim settlement? Are you aware of any legal claim being settled in this manner? Or is this their quiet way of putting it to rest, to avoid legal action?

I am particularly annoyed, as I have born the financial burden, but in love, of paying for a great many things in caring for him and trying to find a cure. I am also quite ticked that I also must assume I have this, and begin to heal me, too. I have my own catch 22's with private insurance. It seems smarter to me to avoid the insurance rate hikes, being dropped, etc, and just assume the worst. I do already feel liver pain, and at the liver spot under my index toe. All positive test results are required to be reported, which in some countries already is grounds to not be employed. It would be safe to assume, as have long been together.

I have been doing the lypo Vit C, as am told this can also generate complete healing. Plan to move to BHT when run out of it. This strong form of Vit C can act as a strong detoxifier, and could null the BHT.

I am so grateful to you, and to EarthClinic and staff. You both have already made a huge difference in our lives, to have received such friendly guidance and suggestions. Some of us are more disfunctional than others, and don't know how to do everything!

I deeply believe in the power of sharing what we have found, in love toward one another, especially at this time. Marv has helped literally thousands of men with their sobriety over the past 32 years, for free and for fun. A more functional person would have been the director of a treatment center, knowing what he knows how to do. He is a very rare and special man, whom I pray lives a very, very long time.

Many blessings to you! --T."

10/03/2012: Oscar from Syracuse, New York. Usa replies: "Dear Wayseeker, I don`t know where to start. So Marv has PTSD. I do also. I got shot in the guts really badly in 1968 and was sent back to a front line unit in Vietnam 6 months later. There was no mercy back then for servicemen. I had a friend who got shot three times, had all his teeth blown away and on an on. Still they kept sending him and me back into action. And yes you can only remember fragments of what happened at the time.

The DAV will know how to deal with all this. And his SS disability claim will have NO bearing on his VA claim. From what I know he is eligible for both. If anything the eligibilty for SS disability would help with the VA claim. Get in touch with the DAV. You will get the help you need. My father, who was a WWII veteran did not even know he was elidgable for VA health care until he I made him aware of it. The VA does not advertise all this.

Now, as to your concerns about you being infectected with HCV: There is an inexpensive test that can answer that question. Get that test and find out. It is called the HCV antibodies test. Look, do not get all freaked out. This BHT stuff really does work if taken as discussed for a very many people. There is a very good chance you are NOT infected also. Stay in touch in this forum and do join the BHT CURES GROUP. I am the primary monitor there and am on your side so to speak. BHT CURES GROUP here:

Sincerely, ...Oscar"

10/03/2012: Wayseeker from Modesto, Ca/ Usa replies: "Hi Oscar, I have tried to navigate the yahoo trip, but my email lists my name (unfortunate), and I don't know how to change that. This site is much easier, so I will try not to abuse the privledge in writing to you, specifically. I am also enjoying the EarthClinic group as a whole, very much.

Great info on last post. Thank you. Our local DAV is pretty weak, and we can't even get a good phone #, and have tried many. We are in Modesto. Marv's agent at VA is making him wait for SS decision first, and is not returning repeated calls. It all starts with this agent. We do need DAV's help, as have been told it takes 12 months to get any VA disability. Way too long to wait! Big runaround. At least the disability claims don't cancel each other out, you think. Will know more very soon, and will try to get a good blood panel on him, too.

RE: myself... That antibodies test is the one that is now reported to the CFDC and insurers. Didn't use to be that way. (AID's people have total privacy?! But not us?! ) Hence, my concern. Pre-existing condition, blah, blah, blah.... With my private insurer. I am not married to Marvin. I have my own financial reasons why not, but it means I am not insured through VA, though I am a Significant Other, a status they do not recognize the same way.

I will have to just plot my own course of action, and my numbers may have to wait until I'm certain I am clear. Sorry, can't help others with my numbers. And, I do suspect I am not clear of the 'happy virus. ' Having dealt with many addict/ alcoholics, I have seen this virus jump pretty darn fast to the partner. I just don't need that albatross to deal with around my neck, with my insurer.

My local paper had a front page story that all people of the baby boom generation should get tested for it. I see it as an 'experiment' done on us somehow, but then I have a rather suspicious nature! --T."

04/23/2013: Leah from Philadelphia, Pa replies: "Dear wayfarer, I'm not sure if my last post went through. In case it was lost due to Internet connection, ill quickly post my suggestion again. Please have your partner and yourself take B12 and a b complex. B12 is strongly antioxidant and will mop up excess iron. Also it will help heal and protect nervous system and therefore should be good for PTSD too. Kind regards"
[BETTER BUT NOT CURED]  04/30/2013: Wayseeker from Modesto, Ca replies: "Dear Oscar, I had to tell you! Marvin's scores were finally obtained, and despite doing BHT not at all well-- not consistentaly, only a small dose 1x/ day, mixed with food and his medicines (5), he still has seen his scores drop from ALT 248 and AST 303, to ALT 98 and AST 59. These are from the Veterans, so aren't listed in millions. I trust you understand them anyway. His recent bloodwork they said he hadn't had ALT/AST tests in 6 months, when he has had two tests, 3 & 5 months ago. Oddly, they didn't include these, and though they drew many vials of blood last week, have "no ALT/AST tests for 6 mths" for this visit.

He has been, during the past 3 months, doing it right, by itself, 2x/ day, w/o food, by itself. Pity they didn't give us those scores, because I'm sure they're even better. But perhaps they didn't test him at all this time.

All in all, very hopeful news. Thank you. He did have to go back on meds, as has terrible ascites and they came back.

I have one question about drinking distilled water while using BHT, and if you have any remarks on that, please reply. --The Wayseeker."

05/01/2013: Oscar from Syracuse, New York, Usa replies: "Dear Wayseeker from Modesto, Well, that is a very substantial improvement in liver function especially when the person using the BHT treatment was in LATE STAGE CIRRHOSIS. From everything I have read about cirrhosis of the liver, it is very difficult to get ANY improvement when said cirrhosis is at the advanced stage.

Also, from what you said it appears to me he was mixing the BHT with other medications at the same time he took the BHT. I have warned people to NEVER do that. So stop doing that. For this treatment to work you have to use it as I have been discussing.

Regarding distilled water: Distilled water is the BEST water to use. Always drink adequate amounts of DISTILLED WATER. Distilled water is water and NOTHING else. That IS what you want to be drinking. As sick as Marvin is he, you really should join the THE NEW BHT CURES GROUP here to get quick responses to any questions you may have here:

We have a team of people devoted to helping people such as Marvin. He has shown significant improvement and if he uses the BHT treatment as recommended I see very good reason to believe the treatment will pull him through this health crisis. Many very sick people have gotten well using the BHT treatment as recommended....Oscar"

05/01/2013: Oscar from Syracuse, New York, Usa replies: "Dear Wayseeker from Modesto, Marvin is showing substantial improvement in his liver function test results. Do use the BHT treatment as recommended. Do NOT mix the BHT with any other medication at the time it is ingested. I very much recommend drinking the DISTIILED water. As sick as Marvin is I do recommend joining the NEW BHT CURES GROUP here so that we can provide quick answers for your concerns here:

We want to help, but for this treatment to work you have to take our suggestions seriously. Do NOT mix BHT with ANYTHING except a gulp of water at the time it is ingested....Oscar"

05/01/2013: Wayseeker from Moxietown, California replies: "Thank you, Oscar, for such a quick response! Yes, Marv is a bit unteachable, but I did get his attention with these test results, and he was waiting to hear what you would say!

I wrote at the group suggested, but got no reply in my questions about ascites... over five days. Plus, it was difficult to manuever my way on that site. Personality clash, with a... Big Eater. Much like a difficult day with my sweetie!

However, so glad to hear about the distilled water concern, as it may have potential to pull out the BHT as an inorganic solid. Did you use distilled water at the time of your recovery?

Thank you, again, and I really pray he can pull out of this. He let it get a lot worse before became at all willing to do anything to try to help himself. --Wayseeker"

05/02/2013: Oscar from Syracuse, New York, Usa replies: "Dear Wayseeker, Yes, I have been only drinking the distilled water for many years including and before 1997, the year I began my BHT treatment for hepatitis C. What name are you using at the NEW BHT CURES GROUP ? I will pay close attention to your postings if I can find them. Also, why not sign off as Marvin at the end of any postings over there? That way I will know it is you. We have had some great recovery stories coming in with this BHT treatment. The fact that Marvin had significant improvement in his liver function test results is very significant for someone with late stage cirrhosis. I hope Marvin realizes that. There is NO conventional treatment I am aware of available for that condition. Does Marvin realize that? The doctors pretty much give up on people with late stage cirrhosis....Oscar"
05/02/2013: Wayseeker from Motown, Ca replies: "Hi Oscar- I really only have two questions now about BHT, and that is if BHT is still working for you while only drinking DISTILLED WATER? And the other is like it, which is, were you drinking distilled water at the very time of your recovery?

I love what I have been reading about distilled water, but have only the concern about using it with BHT, and making sure the BHT is effective.

I am deeply heartened by the fact that it is presently all that you drink! That is just what I wanted to hear!

Please respond here with this info, and we are on our way! --Wayseeker"

05/03/2013: Oscar from Syracuse, New York, Usa replies: "Dear Wayseeker, Yes, I drink distilled water. I was drinking distilled water before I ever used the BHT treatment. I drank it while I was treating my hepatitis C infection. And I still drink distilled water. Good quality distilled water [ I use the Poland Springs brand ] is water and NOTHING else. Tap water can contain all sorts of unhealthy other things. And mineral water contains who knows what. All sorts of minerals are not good for you....Oscar"


07/12/2014: Kingsley from Nigeria: "Please I need your assistance on how to purchase BHT capsule. I reside in Nigeria."

07/13/2014: Timh from KY replies: "K: Check online retailers like "Ebay" & "Amazon" to see if they ship to your country. You will also need to make payment information."

Oscar's BHT Recommendations

11/24/2013: Oscar from Syracuse, New York: "I am no longer available regarding BHT. But this need not be a problem. For those interested in the BHT treatment there is the REMEDIES TAB HERE:

And there is the BHT CURES CHAT GROUP here:

So, if you are interested in the BHT treatment for Hepatitis C and B and other viral diseases the information is available for you. I will post MY recommendations regarding BHT here once again:

Weight is an important factor in determining dosage. Fat content of a person`s body is another. Generally the more you weigh and the higher the fat content of your body the more BHT you need to effectively treat a viral infection. Many average size men have done very well with 250mg of BHT taken twice a day. If adverse side effects occur and persist, LOWER the dosage of BHT used. That is the treatment.

Supplements that have been shown to work well with the BHT treatment are:

1. A regular type multi-vitamin and mineral pill once a day.
2. A regular type vitamin B complex pill.once a day.
3. Vitamin B12 in a dosage of 1mg [ milligrams ] per day. 1mg is the same as 1, 000mcg { micrograms ].
4. Vitamin C in a daily dosage of between 500mg and 1, 000mg per day.
5. The lipid monolaurin. Unsure about dosage.
6. The herb chianca piedra seems especially helpful in treating hepatitis B. Unsure of dosage.
7. Sodium selenite in a daily dosage of 50mcg [ micrograms ].

Also, and importantly: Continue taking any doctor prescribed medicines or drugs. Very many of the people who have had dramatic improvement with this BHT treatment are taking a doctor prescribed medicine of one type or another.


1. Milk Thistle and it`s extracts. Degrades the treatment to the point that it no longer works.
2. Grapefruit juice. Degrades the treatment to the point it no longer works.
3. Colloidal silver
4. Hydrogen peroxide taken internally. Hydrogen peroxide is a REACTIVE OXYGEN SPECIES. It will make the BHT treatment NOT work.
5. MMS [ Miracle Mineral Supplement ]. MMS is chlorine bleach, a very powerful oxidizer that will react with BHT in such a way as to make the treatment not work.
6. Vitamin E supplements. Yes, you NEED some vitamin E. But a normal diet provides plenty. Vitamin E supplements have been shown to enhance lipid coated viruses ability to replicate and should be avoided for that reason.


For best results stick with those supplements I listed that have been shown to work well with the BHT treatment. Vitamin B12 is an especially good one.

That is the treatment that works consistently well based on the substantial feedback available....

My VERY BEST to all forum members and especially the dedicated staff here at THE EARTH CLINIC....Oscar"

11/24/2013: Rsw from Uniontown, Oh replies: "Oscar,

So sorry to hear that you will no longer be our #1 advocate for BHT. You have helped so many people here who were facing sometimes rather dismal futures and have given hope and healing where only decline seemed to be approaching. Thank you so much for your wonderful protocol and the sincere effort you have made to reach those in need. You will be missed, but we hope you will still drop in when you can. Take care and best wishes always."

11/25/2013: Rob from Manhattan replies: "I 2nd the above...thanks Oscar for your valuable info!!!"


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[SIDE EFFECTS]  05/02/2013: Horace from St Thomas, VI: "I started taking BHT for shingles and I'm feeling a general state of weakness and pain. Should I reduce dosage? one Pill =250 mg."

05/03/2013: Oscar from Syracuse, New York, Usa replies: "Dear Horace, How long have you been taking 250mg of BHT per day ? Has this shingles gotten worse using BHT ? Do you have any other health issues ? 250mg of BHT per day may be too much for you. If you are experiencing symptoms you did NOT have prior to the time you began using BHT and these symptoms persist then you should lower the dosage of BHT used....Oscar"
11/13/2013: Zark from Emerald City, The Land Of Oz replies: "I believe this would be a Herx reaction. In which case the immune system is busy cleaning up all the viral particles that have been wiped out."

Where to Buy

01/04/2014: Janet from Colorado: "Can you tell me where you can purchase butylated hydroxytoluene? I would really like to try it but don't know how to get it. Thanks, Janet"

01/05/2014: Oscar from Syracuse, New York replies: "Dear Janet from Colorado, There are many online sellers of BHT. Here is a good one. This company sells the 250mg capsules of BHT at a good price. I highly recommend starting out with no more than one 250mg capsule of BHT with a gulp of water and on an empty stomach. For thin or lightweight people 250mg of BHT per day may be all that is required. Here is a link to this company that sells the 250mg capsules of BHT:

See my detailed treatment protocol here:

PLEASE post in this EARTH CLINIC forum your results with the use of BHT. You did NOT mention what disease you wish to treat with BHT. Will you do that for me and the other forum members....Oscar"

01/05/2014: Oscar from Syracuse, New York replies: "Dear Janet from Colorado, There are many online sellers of BHT. Here is a good one. This company sells the 250mg capsules of BHT at a good price. I highly recommend starting out with no more than one 250mg capsule of BHT with a gulp of water and on an empty stomach. For thin or lightweight people 250mg of BHT per day may be all that is required. Here is a link to this company that sells the 250mg capsules of BHT:

See my detailed treatment protocol here:

PLEASE post in this EARTH CLINIC forum your results with the use of BHT. You did NOT mention what disease you wish to treat with BHT. Will you do that for me and the other forum members....Oscar"

07/15/2014: T from Ca replies: "Try Amazon."

06/25/2013: Kevin from Yakima, Wa: "I'm wondering wear one might buy BHT (offline)? Like what kind of places might sell it, if one does not wish to purchase it online?"

06/26/2013: Oscar from Syracuse, New York, Usa replies: "To Kevin from Yakima, WA. You pretty much have to buy BHT from an online retailer. It is sold in a very few if any health food stores these days. But you can do so by mail with a money order and need not use a credit card and such. That the way it is with buying BHT nowdays....Oscar"

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