Constipation Remedies for Pets

Last Modified on Apr 17, 2014

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[YEA]  02/01/2009: Jodie from Eau Claire, WI: "The pumpkin really works! Wow. Thanks so much for your suggestions on using pure pumpkin for clearing up pet constipation issues. My dog was spayed a few days ago, and hasn't been able to go to the bathroom since I brought her home. I fed her 1 tsp. of pumpkin with her dinner, and a few hours later, she was finally able to start going to the bathroom again. Thanks!"

[YEA]  01/26/2009: Sara from Albertville, Alabama: "Cat Constipation: Hi, I found this wonderful site searching for natural cure/treatment for Sjogrens disease. In cruising the site I found this section on pet treatments. I would like to tell everyone who has cats and feeds them dry food to give them a tablespoon of canned pumpkin 3/4 times a week to prevent feline constipation.NOT pumpkin pie filling-just plain old pumpkin. I lost a cat to this after surgery to remove the blockage. One cannot also feed them milk as this is not digestable."

[YEA]  11/29/2008: Jesse from Los Angeles, CA: "My dog loves to eat. He suffered constipation the day after our Thanksgiving party. i suspect someone tossed him a bone or beef BBQ. Last night was really hard for him. After reading your web site, i went to the local store and bought a canned pumpkin. This did the trick for him. I gave him 5-7 spoons every 4 hours. The next morning he was jumping and relieved.

Thanks for the information. You help save my wonderful dog and help me a trip to the vet."

[YEA]  10/16/2008: Pam from Smithsburg, MD, USA: "The pumpkin method also worked for my golden retriever, Lucy. I think at times she tends to overeat grass. The vet is the one who told me about the pumpkin so I felt it was a safe method. Now I have to really hide it in her food as she will not eat anything remotely related to fruits or vegetables concerning people food. Over her 2-1/2 years she has become a very picky eater for both dog and people food."


[YEA]  09/03/2008: Silvia from Toronto, On, Canada: "My kitten was constipated but what worried me most was the gas. My kitten eats raw but I have no clue how to give her pumpkin so this is what I did: I shred the pumpkin and then I put it in the blender with melted butter and obtained a paste. She loves it, I just give her 1 teaspoon a day and after 2 days the pup is too soft so I have to stop it. Anyway, great remedy. Thanks"

[YEA]  07/05/2008: Shaun M. from Cottage Grove, MN: "Wow!! My dog was constipated due to recently being spayed. Gave her a tablespoon of pumpkin when we went to bed, woke up to lots of "treats"! Thanks"

[YEA]  02/25/2008: Estelle from Taylors, SC: "Canned pumpkin for dog's constipation. Tried the canned pumpkin and it worked like a charm on my little Chihuahua. Thanks for the information."

[YEA]  01/09/2008: Kris from Benton City, Washington: "I have used Pumpkin for constipation for my dog who suffers from chronic problems daily. Contrary to others beliefs. I give him a tablespoon every day. It works great! I also have another dog that has problems with diarrhea I also give him the same amount as it has fiber and works for both problems. This is a marvelous cure all. I am thirlled that I found this information on this site."

[YEA]  07/28/2007: Mary from Costa Mesa, CA: "My dog needed to see a Vet for constipation a few years back. He had to stay there for an enema, and it wasn't cheap. Today I recognized the signs and symptoms, Googled it, and found your Pumpkin remedy. He ate it willingly and it did the trick! I'm amazed and thankful."

[YEA]  05/14/2007: Cassie from North Vancouver, BC: "The most bland pumpkin filling really works to cure both constipation AND diarrhea in a dog any age. If I known that my 10 month old Berner puppy has gotten into something, I will actually give him a heaping tablespoon to push out the junk him faster and the end result being less "mess".

BEWARE, if you feed it to a dog too often it stops being effective."

[YEA]  04/25/2007: Lisa from Wichita Falls, Texas: "I have used the pumpkin for constipation in my dog.It really works!I just put the pumpkin in my dogs mouth and keep it closed until he swallows.Because he is not going to eat it if I put it in some other food.But it does work great!! I relly love the Earth Clinic site by the way!!"

[YEA]  04/19/2007: Ginny from Ashland, OR: "Pumpkin puree really works to cure constitpation. Thanks! Some antibiotics seem to create constipation and I used a couple teaspoons of pumpkin puree with piecies of cooked chicken to flavor it with each meal during the period of time they were on anitbiotics and my two mini dachsunds ate it with no problem and in a day were back to normal. I have shared this with others and appreciate you and your contributions greatly."

[YEA]  02/23/2012: Happy from Somerset, Nj replies: "I never reply to these, but wanted to say thanks! This worked great for my dog."

Remedies Needed

11/06/2011: Sebie from Friendswood, Texas, Usa: "My dog seems to be constipated she is not eating, but she is drinking and urinating. She is breathing heavy at times, walking slow, and her stomach tightens up with quivering knots. Can someone please help."

11/08/2011: Linda from Toronto, Ontario, Canada replies: "did she swallow something that is stuck in her stomach? I'd get her to a homeopathic vet a.s.a.p."
11/16/2011: Beth from Plainfield, Il replies: "TRY CANNED PUMPKIN MIXED WITH FOOD."

10/31/2011: Adriana from Brooklyn, Ny, Ny: ""My cat stopped urinating. We took him to the vet to have a catheter put in, plus a 3 day hospital stay and antibiotics. After that we switched him to special canned food with a very low ash. After 2 weeks he started showing signs of it again and stopped urinating. Luckily I found this website and went out and bought some ACV. I use 50/50 and I put some diluted on his back of neck. Also I got cranberry tabs diluted with water too. The effect was miraculous! He started urinating a little within 6 hours (or less) and is almost back to his normal active self.

BUT now I notice He is straining to go poo. He's in raw diet now, I dont know if this happen because the ACV. I'm still feeding him ACV/water (once a day) through a plastic syringe, the cranberry/water (once a day) and mineral oil once a day. He's not drinking water for himself. Please do let me know if you have any information on this. Thanks a lot for this website and all of your posts. I am so grateful to have found this great site."

11/01/2011: Timh from Louisville, Usa replies: "Adriana, sure sounds like your kitty is quite ill. The mineral oil, if doesn't work first day or two, should be discontinued as it will worsen the condition. You may try calling the vet for followup advice but be careful with the pharmaceuticals as your kitty seems already dehydrated. Ask Vet about an enema, or consider giving one yourself. Filtered water with about 2cc's over-the-counter sodium diphosphate (Fleet) should help. If not, try a few grains of milled flax seed in food should elicit a responce within an hr. Be careful to not use too much, as I have used only a pinch for as many as 4 kitties in one dose as sufficient. Hope this helps and good luck."
11/01/2011: Valerie from Fort Worth, Texas, United States replies: "We had a kittie with end stage renal disease and diabetes. It came on so suddenly we were shocked as he was well one day and very ill the next. The vet had sent us home to basically keep him comfortable. I researched and found that sweet potatoes are almost a perfect food and very well digested for renal problems. At first he was too weak to eat and we gave him pureed sweet potatoes through a small syringe without the needle. By the third feeding he was lifting his head and licking it off my fingers. The next day he was up and walking around. We gave him sweet potatoes every day, we also gave iv bolus' of fluids every day and checked his ear with a diabetic blood testing kit and gave him insulin as he needed it or glucose if too low.

Have you checked your kitties blood sugar? You can buy the kits at any pharmacy and test the ear. Youtube has wonderful videos on how to perform the procedure. I also gave him a small amount of goldenseal for inflammation and fever mixed with water through a needless syringe when he was not feeling well. When he was not well we put him in a child's playpen to keep track of him and so he would not exert energy. We put a sound machine with the heart beat under the playpen, a positive ion lamp near him and used a tuning fork over his body three times a day. He lived 8 more months after the vet said there was nothing to do. Moral of the story, go to the vet BUT also research, research, research, and look to add alternative therapies when able. Good luck with your precious baby.. my thoughts are with you."



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