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Last Modified on Jul 10, 2014

What Is Restless Leg Syndrome?

Restless Leg Syndrome (RLS) is effectively a sleep disorder but is more directly considered a neurological disorder where nerve endings in the legs signal pain, throbbing, tingling, or other sensations without external stimulation. Those nerve signals trigger an uncontrollable urge for movement in the legs. RLS symptoms occur principally upon laying down for sleep or when you are at rest, though the condition is likely to keep you from easily falling asleep or relaxing entirely. In fact, the only thing that sometimes relieves restless leg symptoms is to get up and walk around.

RLS typically can affect the feet as well as the upper and lower legs with a variety of sensations, all pushing the sufferer into moving their legs. Your legs may twitch spontaneously as well (something called periodic limb movement disorder (PLMD)). Unfortunately, the cause of RLS is not well understood, though it can occur alongside pregnancy, and risk of enduring the condition rises with age. Furthermore, iron deficiency may at least worsen restless leg syndrome.

Find a Natural Treatment for Restless Leg Syndrome!

Where modern medicine fails, a number of home remedies for restless leg syndrome may help you relieve your RLS symptoms, get some sleep, and get back to your normal life. However, the most popular (very popular!) is to place a bar of soap between or near your legs as you sleep. You have to read about it to understand! Baking soda and a few other home cures have helped others relieve restless leg syndrome as well, and you can find all the details below.

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Most Popular Remedies:

A Bar of Soap16 YEAS
Baking Soda8 YEAS

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A Bar of Soap

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Bar of Soap Therapy for Restless Legs

Folk Cure Ingredients:

  • One Bar of Ivory Soap

Some remedies are as hard to explain as they are effective! For this one, take a bar of Ivory soap (it can stay in its wrapper or go into a sock) and bring it to bed with you. You can hold onto it, put it at the foot of the bed, or set it down alongside you somewhere between the knees and hips.

[YEA]  06/03/2014: Lockamy from Salemburg, Nc: "New to Restless Leg Syndrome, but this morning I was so in need of relief. I came across this site. Grabbed a bar of ivory soap still in wrapper, placed between knees and on seconds the pain, tingling went from my thighs to my knees. It stayed there but it wasn't as bad as my full leg pain. I was asleep in minutes of doing this. I'm amazed! A bar of soap stood between me and some sleep, usually my husband needs the soap. lol, blessed it be."

[YEA]  09/03/2013: Taylor from Zillah, Wa, United States: "I'm only 18 and I've recently been experiencing RLS, I'm a student in high school trying to get into college and get some scholarships, so you can see why I need every minute of sleep I can get. One Saturday night I couldn't get to sleep till 1am and I had to work the next day. I tried everything, but nothing worked until I put a bar of Irish Spring soap under my leg. It beats me how it works but it's amazing! Plus I enjoy the minty smell :)"

[WORKED TEMPORARILY]  06/04/2013: Pam from Clinton, Nj: "I have been using a bar of soap successfully for RLS for some time now but recently, it seems to have lost its efficacy. At first, I thought it was because I was using a handmade bar of natural soap in place of the packaged soap from the market. But even going back to the Ivory didn't help. I will try the niacin and vitamin C."

06/04/2013: Dave from Fountain Inn, Sc replies: "Hello Pam, Try a half teaspoon of baking soda in a quarter glass of water... Dissolved of course. Now put a teaspoon in your hand and rub on knees and legs. Apply twice.

If restlessness still persists, get all sugar out of your system. Especially no sugar after five pm. Sugar in anything if you are borderline could present as restless leg or other extremities pain."

03/25/2013: Nightdancer from Land Of, Oz: "I was looking at the comments under Restless Leg Syndrome (RLS) and using a bar of soap for a treatment. There is no cure for RLS, so I refuse to use that word. I manage many support groups for RLS and other neurological sleep disorders, and have done so for the last 15 years. The only way soap can "fix" a neurolgical condition would be the placebo effect. While there is nothing wrong with a placebo effect, I hate to see desperate people hanging their hopes on a bar of soap. The first kind back in the 90's was use Dial, then Irish Spring, then Caress, and now Ivory. As a chemist friend told me, who also has severe RLS, "there is no way the molecules from the soap is going to jump onto your legs and quiet down those restless limbs". We say "limbs" because it is not only legs, it can be your arms, hips, back, in between your shoulders, etc. Whatever kind of soap it is, it will make your sheets smell better, and it is cheap, so not much money lost on a bad idea. What works for one person does not work for the next one. That is the only rule of RLS. IT is all trial and error, and I see most of the comments are "anti" soap, or some people tried it, and it did nothing for them. Yes, I was desperate enough years ago to try it. 65% of all RLS is Primary or genetic, so it is a genetic neurolgical disease with no cure, and it needs to be taken much more seriously than a bar of soap. Sleep deprivation is an epidemic in this country, and the world, and a bar of soap is not going to "save us". Never mind all the ridiculous "cures" being sold on the internet. Keep your hands on your wallets."

03/25/2013: Citygirl27 from Richardson, Tx, Usa replies: "RLS is from a magnesium deficiency. Maintaining adequate magnesium levels either through food, supplementing, both, or other methods (such as magnesium oil or epsom salts, etc), will prevent it from coming back, until your levels drop too low again. I had it for years before it ever had a name. It improved with upping my magnesium, and with eliminating MSG."
06/04/2013: Lloyd from Charlotte, Nc replies: "To Night dancer and Citygirl,

First, Night dancer says there is no "cure" for RLS.

Well, there has been one for me. I had RLS for seven years; every night crawling irritation around knees especially. Just about drove me crazy and kept me from much sleep.

My short term cure... Take a third to a half teaspoon of baking soda mixed in purified water. Disolve and then apply a teaspoon topically to most affected area. With me it is right on my knee caps. Apply twice to three times within ten minutes. The irritation leaves almost immediately.

The long term problem for me and others I've discussed this with is harder... NO SUGAR. Sugar is the key to triggering RLS. I note Citygirl uses magnesium and there might be a relationship between magnesium neutralizing the effect of sugar.

But I have seen a DIRECT relationship between sugar consumption, especially after 3 pm, and RLS. I would guess it is a insulin issue that RLS suffers are seeing... perhaps a bit borline diabetic.

So the cure is: long term, eliminate sugar and if you can't do that then try the baking soda applied topically to get rid of the symptom of excess sugar.

Oh, and here's an interesting aside. Sometimes I will "feel" the RLS when I've had no sugar and will go back to what I ate for supper only to discover that... Sure enough... Sugar (like in pasta sauce) was a big part of the ingredients. So the RLS can actually inform me of hidden sugar intake.

Just remember: Sugar is the enemy."

08/09/2013: Louise Randle from Bc Canada replies: "IT REALLY MAKES ME VERY VERY ANGRY, when I read such stupid stupid suggestions, you obviously don't have Primary RLS. If giving up sugar helps then you have secondary rls related to diabetes. So please find out what you are talking about before offering advice, RLS is terrible, some days I want to die, no vitamins will help or food groups, it does not get better it gets worse, and worse as you age. AND I AM AFRAID IS THE REAL TRUTH."
10/17/2013: Carolyn from Fort Myers Fl replies: "I have been a sufferer of severe RLS for almost 10 years and have tried almost everything that is homiopathic and nothing has EVER worked. I also find it frustrationg when people say, try this, this worked for me... I HAVE tried. If you think about it, how is a bar of soap supposed to help nerves?? And magnesium isn't the solution either... Been taking it for a long time and nothing. Only thing that has worked is medication from my Dr."
12/03/2013: Mat from Florida replies: "It's important to realize that 1. the body does know how to heal itself, it's been doing it for millions of years as we allow it to do so. 2. Nutrients/vitamins play a huge role in nervous system health. 3. It's crucial to try natural and non-harmful remedies whenever possible.

Iron, Folic acid, Vitamin B, Magnesium…exercise daily; no smoking or caffeine; apple cidar vinegar and molasses mixed into a glass of water all have provided relief for people suffering from RLS.

And, of course the soap in the sheets, baking soda/water rubbed on the affected area and no sugar.

And, before we judge something as "placebo effect, " we should actually realize that the most powerful healing tool each of us has is our MIND…Our mind tells our bodies how to heal, what to let go of, etc.

That's not to say we don't need a bit of help from the body and a few outside sources here and there, but when we harness the mind, we harness the power of nature to heal ourselves!

Again, I think it is crucial to determine the underlying issue - is it a nutrient deficiency? A hormonal issue (some research says it is - for both men and women…men have hormones, too), stress? A combination?

Good luck - I've had success with vitamins and exercise and placing my legs against the wall/feet up at night for about 5-15 minutes while lying in bed. My mom has had success with Calm (a magnesium drink)."

05/09/2014: Faith from Sd, US replies: "i researched restless leg syndrome the causes vary It can be from an allergic reaction to supplement, refined sugar, or wheat. My ND suggested that going on a elimination diet is the best way to figure out if you're intolerant/allergic. Apparently statisically allergy tests scratch test /blood tests are not as accurate as we have been taught to believe .

Ntritional deficiencies such as Iron deficiency Deficiencies in other minerals, such as magnesium, potassium and calcium, may cause RLS Some people have been helped by adding Vitamin E ,"

06/06/2014: Mark from Ky, US replies: "Sugar seems to be my number one enemy also. I always have restless legs but if I eat sugar or starch mirapex doesn't stand a chance. Here's something weird... If mirpex doesn't work well enough I get up and drink a cup of espresso. In fact I have started to drink espresso every night before bed. For some reason the initial effect of espresso is always sedating for me but after 30 minutes it tends to wake me up. My sleep is kind of off and on but way better than it was. I wake up frequently but always go back to sleep quickly. I told my doctor about the espresso but he looked at me like, you are nuts! All I know is that is works for me and it might work for others."

[YEA]  02/14/2013: Jean from Palm Desert, California: "Two years ago I had quadruple bypass heart surgery and a defibrillator implant. Well recovered but in last six months my body, especially left side, throbs as soon as I get into bed. Became sleep deprived and would fall asleep during day. Went to Earth Clinic and saw that possibly what I was feeling was a form of RLS although I had been blaming my defibrillator. This is crazy but a week ago I put six leftover pieces of soap in a sock and placed it between the sheets. For a week now I no longer dread going to bed. The throbbibg has stopped. Thank you Earth Clinic and all the wonderful people who contribute. I am a health nut, take no meds and am 92 years old."

06/10/2014: Golditoo from New England replies: "I realize these are old posts, but I want to respond. I've had restless legs on and off for years. Lately I've discovered what's causing my current severe RLS: venous insufficiency. A couple of years ago I had some deep leg veins cauterized through a procedure that was once called "vein stripping" that was done during surgery. Today it's outpatient. The dr told me I would be back, as there were other veins that needed attention. It has been excruciating yet it doesn't strike every night. Last nite I finally got to sleep at 4 am. I tried everything. One thing that helps that I read about here, I believe, years ago, is quinine. We used to be able to buy quinine pills over the counter years ago but no longer. Thus I drink tonic water, at least a half cup. This helps me. I also discovered that my new magnesium pills were 1/3 the strength of the former pills, so I have upped that. Magnesium is important for muscle/nerve transmission. In any case, I can't wait until the summer is over so that I can get the vein procedure taken care of. I'd do it earlier but you have to wear thick black, tight support stockings 24/7. In the summer it's torture: no going to the beach in those! Good luck, everyone. Please report if you have any success with treatments."

[NAY]  07/01/2011: Surveyor65 from Jefferson City, Mo, Usa: "I have suffered with RLS for about 20 years now and have been taking prescription medications to help for the last 10 or so. Since I HATE the idea of having to take a pill for the rest of my life, I tried searching natural remedies for RLS, and here I am. My RLS starts in my left leg, then, if I don't start moving or medicate, it will "attack" my left forearm, them my other leg, then the other arm (I usually take something before it gets to my right leg). I also have issues when just sitting at rest. I work two jobs, and my part-time gig requires a LOT of sitting (it's at a mental hospital). It will also start in on me while trying to watch TV in the evenings.

In reading the comments on the website, I decided to try the bar of soap remedy last night. NO HELP. I used a bar of Ivory soap, still wrapped, in the sheets. First below my feet, then between my knees and feet, then unwrapped the bar, shoved it in a sock and kept it between the sheets, then held it in my hand. After an hour and a half, I broke down, took my pill, and went outside to walk it off for about 30 minutes. Finally fell asleep about 2:45 AM!! UGGGGGHHHHH!!!

Thoughts, suggestions, snide remarks?"

07/01/2011: Blanche from Iberia Parish, Louisiana replies: "I read somewhere that restless legs sometimes occur if you are anemic. Just a thought."
07/02/2011: Debbie from Melbourne, Australia replies: "Surveyor65, From the Doctoryourself.com website:

Just thought I'd let you know another great use for Niacin -- restless leg syndrome. My husband has never been officially diagnosed, but has a lot of trouble sleeping. This year when the work season started again, he began kicking me all night. It got so bad that I wasn't going to be able to sleep in the same room. Every few seconds, his legs would move and it was driving me up the wall. I persuaded my husband to try Niacin with Vitamin C right before bedtime. Works like a charm, in fact when he missed his vitamins the other night, I could tell within minutes. What a great solution to a problem that so many suffer with! "

"Doses vary from person to person, ranging anywhere from a low 50-100 mg to a high 500 mg".

Source: http://www.doctoryourself.com/leg.htm"

[NAY]  01/03/2012: Sherri from Houston, Tx replies: "The bar of soap didn't work for me either. I try not to drink caffeine in the afternoon, and get plenty of water intake. I'll try the niacin. The best thing I've found, is "Restful Legs" a homeopathic remedy that you put under your tongue. It lets me get back to sleep in 10 minutes. If I run out, I drink a large glass of water, and that will help. But then you might wake up to go to the bathroom. It's very frustrating!"

[YEA]  06/07/2010: Janet from Winnipeg, Manitoba, Canada: "I am 62 and have had RLS all my life but have never used prescription meds for this. Last nite I couldn't get to sleep because of the RLS and turned on my computer and went to this website. I read about the soap and decided, why not. When I got to bed, I held the bar of soap (which I had put into a sock) and NO RLS. When I woke up this morning, the soap was no longer in my hand but it didn't matter. I never have a problem with RLS once I am asleep; it's just that period before I fall asleep. If I don't lie perfectly still during that period before sleep, I will always get RLS. So, after I was holding the soap, I moved my legs around and around and around, to see if RLS would appear and it never did. Thank you so much for this website...amazing information."

[YEA]  08/16/2010: M.h from Paisley, Scotland replies: "Tried the bar of soap under the sheet two years ago and it's been like a miracle. I change it for a new one every few months and it always works for me. M. H."
11/28/2011: Rigger from Newtown, Ct replies: "I have had RLS for about 5 years, so bad that the prescription medicine doesn't even work well. There are different levels of RLS, with mine being really bad, I have tried alot of things, including a bar' of soap. For me it didn't touch it, but what has worked is a combination of magnesium glucimate (take as much as you can, until your body tells you it is enough - don't worry, you will know!) it really works! I also use a oil that is rubbed on my lower back and the area that is acting up at the time, it is called 'Night Time leg calm' from Natures Inventory. This too has been fantastic, it doesn't make it go away for good, but it allows me to rest and to sleep. I also have just discovered that my problem with RLS might be my sciatic nerve.... will keep you posted."
[YEA]  01/29/2012: Piper from Nashua, Nh replies: "I've had RSL for over five years now... Beginning when I turned 45. No remedies have worked until I heard from a visiting neighbor's friend that putting an unwrapped bar of soap under the top sheet at the foot of the bed reduces the episodes and for some people, even eliminates it. I tried it with a bar of goat's milk soap (no reason) and NO kicking! I don't know why it works; perhaps, it's the aroma of certain ingredients - I don't know, but I'm glad I finally found something other than drugs!"
[YEA]  09/26/2012: Barbara from Denver, Co replies: "Wow! A big yea for the bar of soap! I have had restless leg for years, and just suffered through, banging my foot on the floor incessantly (which helps not at all :) Since beginning medication for hypertension it has gotten worse, and keeps me from sleeping at times. Last night I came to this site, not really thinking I'd find anything but hoping...

The bar soap idea seemed pretty strange, but the whole alkaline thing suggested by a contributor appealed to me, so I gave it a try. I use coconut soap and didn't think that would work, but my daughter had a little scrap of a bar of Dove which she prefers. Since it was pretty small, I gently rubbed it over my legs for a few minutes - not making much contact at all. Then I just let it sit atop my legs. Seriously, that was the last time I felt the effect of RLS! I slept the night with that little scrap on the sheet under my legs, and that was all it took. I slept soundly through the night, not waking once (which is notable in that I'm taking a diuretic in my drug coctail!

Fantastic! I love this website and all the wonderful people who contribute. Thank you!!!"

07/05/2013: Catherine from Wellington, New Zealand replies: "Just a thought for all those detractors of the "bar of soap" remedy.. All things have resonance (even dead things) Resonance cannot be seen but can have profound effects. Maybe the soap has a resonance???"

[YEA]  01/11/2009: Jack from Hendersonville, NC USA: "Took a drug every night at bedtime to ease RLS so I could get some rest. Discovered that the drug would become ineffective after 24 months and then there was no help. Desparation began to mount.

At dinner one night a friend told me about the bar of soap. He was very sheepish because he thought I would laugh. When I didn't, his wife presented me with a bar of Ivory Soap. Used it that night and threw away the drugs. That was 4 months ago. Since then, no drugs, no RLS, and lots of sleep.

I use Ivory Soap unwrapped between the sheets somewhere between the waist and knees. There may be variations that also work but I am not broke so I will not fix it."

[YEA]  01/04/2010: Sal from Fresno, Ca, 93726 replies: "Yes. A bar of ivory soap worked for me. You would have to put a new one every now and then."
[YEA]  03/24/2010: Cynthia from Jacksonville, Alabama, Usa replies: "Well, I've tried taking just about every nutrient listed to varying degrees of success. The ivory soap bar seems to be the easiest and works the best. I tried putting it in socks, which worked well, but my feet ended up getting too hot and I had to pull them off with little crumbles of soap going everywhere. I tried a bar of soap still in it's pkg and found, rather than letting it kick around randomly in the bed, if I just held onto it it worked fine. I wake up, and I'm still holding onto the bar of soap. It's like a security blanket or something. It really does work. It's verrrry weird, makes little sense and whoever thought of it is a genius. How it works, I can not understand, but it does. Thank God for home remedies. If you havn't tried it, please do, it's strange but works for me. Thanks to everyone on this site for your help~ Namaste"
03/24/2010: Blanche from New Iberia, La. replies: "Yep. I felt a little foolish doing this, but it does indeed work. I happened to use an old bar of Lifebuoy soap, and it is firm enough to have lasted for at least three years. Every now and then I use it for handwashing or something and it seems to revive the smell of it, which I happen to like."
03/25/2010: Alain from Ottawa, Ontario, Canada replies: "An explanation to the soap bar use for the restless leg syndrome.

1st a soap is alkaline. It has to be to remove oil and grease as they are acids (as in fatty acids!).

For instance check http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Ivory_(soap)
where it says "The Ivory soap bar (classic) had contained: sodium tallowate, sodium cocoate or sodium palm kernelate, water, sodium chloride, sodium silicate, magnesium sulfate, and fragrance.[7] The soap bar had a determined pH value: 9.5. "

Surprise, its pH is 9.5 i.e. alkaline. Also notice it has magnesium sulfate i.e. Epsom salts.

Now from http://www.progressivehealth.com/RLS-magnesium.asp
you can read
"Magnesium for RLS

If the massive amounts of body magnesium are low, you can have restless legs, cramps of the uterus and other muscles, migraines, and other problems. It is an essential mineral critical in 300 enzyme reactions in the body.

Calcium, magnesium, and potassium all have an effect on muscle contraction and relaxation. In addition, they help nerve transmission. Experts say that you can help calm your legs and get some rest by making sure that you're getting enough of all three minerals. Taking a daily dose of between 800 and 1,000 milligrams of calcium, 300 milligrams of potassium, and 500 milligrams of magnesium at bedtime may help reduce RLS symptoms.

Magnesium is important for muscles to be able to relax, while calcium helps them contract. Too little magnesium in relation to calcium (or low levels of both) can make muscles cramp more easily and may make some muscles, like the smooth muscles that wrap around big blood vessels, stay somewhat contracted.

Magnesium deficiency can make muscles go into spasms easily. When you're short on magnesium, the waste products of metabolism, such as lactic acid, are harder to flush out, so you may get tired, burning, sore muscles."

Now check http://www.earthclinic.com/CURES/restless_legs.html
and see how many post refers to minerals, magnesium, blackstrap molasses.

So definitely, RLS is related with mineral deficiency. Therefore I would suggest people with RLS to consider alkalizing protocols that would include multi-mineral like BSM ...

Search about how to take magnesium. One way is externally with Epsom Salt baths. Or take a pinch of ES with a heavy meal or with a glass of water. Magnesium will help the liver and kidneys in the digestion of proteins. I am now taking about a total of between 1/2 and 1 teaspoon a day of ES with my water through the day with beverages. But one must start slowly first. I need less ES in the summer when a eat a lot of fresh veggies.

For lengthy and technical articles on minerals you can read the following:

This, http://www.acu-cell.com/acn.html , for a very lengthy article on Calcium/Magnesium/Vitamin D.

For muscle spasms http://www.acu-cell.com/dis-mus.html

And this, http://www.acu-cell.com/femn.html , for iron and manganese.

For good natural sources of numerous minerals you can take BSM and cold water kelp.

[YEA]  04/23/2010: Cynthia from Jacksonville, Alabama replies: "I wanted to thank you for the bar of soap idea. This is the weirdest coolest thing I've found yet. Not only does it work for restless legs, but for almost any ache and pain you can imagine, for me. Neck aches, headaches, back pain, flitting pains, on and on. I just hold the still wrapped ivory soap bar in my hand while I sleep or even hold it on the pain directly. I've even seen it help sore throats and mouth sores. It is the weirdest thing, but it is beautiful. We even have a bar in the living room so if we need it, we have it handy. It even helps my hubby and he's a hard sell. I just wish I understood it. God bless this site and all the sharing going on!"
05/26/2010: Bernadette from Scunthorpe, United Kingdom replies: "I have read the interesting and helpful hints and comments on restless legs. I have suffered with this for years. Been on tablets (3 a night) but they stopped working after a few years. I am now desperate. Frequently mentioned on this site is Ivory Soap - is that only available in the US or is there an English equivalent. Have also tried cider and vinegar but maybe not for long enough. Tried homeopathic and that worked great whilst I was on it but you can only take it for five days. Look forward to hearing from someone who can advise on the soap or anything else. Bernadette"
02/01/2012: Mia B from Slough, Berkshire Uk replies: "Hi all, firstly... Terrific site! .... I have been suffering from painful feet for over 6 years, also from painful legs, especially painful after about 15 mins after getting into bed.. I originally thought that this was all the same ailment.... I must say that when I go on my low carb protein diet, the pains seem to subside within a few days... After many years, I have deducted that the joint pains in my feet, hands and knees are arthritic and are brought on by wheat.. I have yo-yo'd and proved this to myself... Within hours or days of eating wheat, my ankles and wrists swell with water retention and then my feet /joints start to ache... Negative for coeliac! ... The pain in my legs is quite separate I think and fits RLS exactly... I am glad I have found the cause... I thought I was going mad as it's very hard to describe to anyone... I have to take a co-codamol every night just to be able to sleep.

Anyway, I have read all the threads on this and as I cant get hold of the ivory soap in uk, I read the ingredients and the thread above and wondered if it was the magnesium.... And whether it had anything to do with the power being emitted or being absorbed by the body... Tonight I had a very bad case of rls and was generally tired.... I dreaded the night ahead.... I took a hot bath with epsom salts and went to bed with work to do on laptop.... My legs started to tingle after awhile but only mildly... I then put some epsom salts in a little mesh bag I had and put it under my feet and my co codamols at the ready..... That was over 2 hours ago... haven't had any pain, my legs haven't had to be moved, and I am surprised I haven't had to take my meds!!! ...

I will continue every night to see what worked... The hot bath or epsom salt bag... But definitely seems to be the magnesium... The rls seems to have eased and the throbbing pain is gone.. But joints are still a bit stiff in the hands but that's the wheat and grains at work!!"

[YEA]  03/31/2012: Doc from Youngstown, Florida replies: "I have never tried Ivory soap, but have found that Dial (gold) or Leaver Brothers 2000 (green) works really well. They were the ones recommended by my vascular physician. I unwrap the soap and place it in a clean, somewhat thin cotton sock. It is easy to smell the soap and know when it is time to change bars. Be very careful taking additional magnesium without also taking calcium. If the magnesium/calcium ratio becomes out of balance, the result may be jerking muscles in the shoulders, etc. which can make sleep difficult."
03/01/2014: Share from Il replies: "Hi I also have had some improvement with soap relating to my RLS I also was wondering did my RLS symptoms slowed down from the smell of the soap? Therefore every night when I use it I made a point of smelling as well.

In the last few weeks I have been seeing a different doctor this doctor believes their could be something from the nose that triggers RLS, in me the doctor injected a substance in my nose just to see the effect. However, I really couldn't say if I had a improvement from my symptom or not, because I have had the RLS, for 20 years, and in the last ten of those years it has been disabling. Nonetheless, after I leaving the doctors office from being injected in the nose, I wasn't sure if it was true or not I began to feel cool inside which is one of the symptoms of the RLS becoming dormant in me. Mine would stop for months at a time, and return with a vengeance like it had never left. However, as time past after being injected maybe a half hour or more, I notice the RLS started re-blooming full force again.

PS; in my last post I meant to mention over the years I have tried acupuncture it has helped with the right technician. I went to a acupuncture school so technicians change from time to time, however they normally have a history of all sessions given; anyway the Dr. at the clinic stated RLS, comes from stuck blood that's why the throbbing occurs, which mainly is a liver problem in Eastern, medication, however the same diagnosis is not equivalent from a Western stand point."

[YEA]  01/13/2008: Rich from Orlando, Florida: "A simple Bar of Soap. A simple bar of regular Bath Soap placed under your bedsheets below your feet works amazing well to get rid of "Restless Legs"! It doesn't really seem to matter what type of soap is used, and you can even leave the soap in its wrapper. I'm not sure why this works, but I'm sure it has to do with the "outgassing" of the soap chemicals, which you can smell. Or it may have to do with the Molecular structure of soap, and the energy those molecules put off and how they influence your muscles. Either way, it works! I have read about this several times in "natural health" articles and have had many people use this. They think it sounds crazy, but they are happy either way with the results. We have found no negative side-effects with doing this. Try it yourself and stop your Restless Legs in your bed at night!"

[YEA]  08/26/2008: SoapOpera from Raleigh, NC replies: "RLS --I vote "Yea" to Soap and Yea to Calcium Magnesium tablets. Don't know why the soap at your feet works, but, it does. Immediately. CM tablets also work--when I remember to take them!"
[NAY]  12/09/2008: Sammie from Ventura, Ca replies: "I have restless legs that intesify after a workout. I've tried the bar of soap remedy, and it does not work for me at all."
[YEA]  03/19/2009: Rita from Plano, TX replies: "I had never heard about putting the bar of soap at your feet but I have put soap on a wet paper towel and rubbed it on my legs at work. It works wonderful. I am so glad someone told me about it. It's awful when you are trying to work or sleep and can't because of RLS."
04/27/2009: Donna from Brattleboro, VT replies: "Good Morning, I would just like to mention that I moderate 3 online supprt groups for RLS and sleep disorders. I do have SOME members (under a dozen) who swear by the soap thing. I think almost all of us have tried it at one point or another when we were desperate. Out of 1500 members, I would say that soap may work for 6 of them. I am not puttig it down, but most of us need more than soap to keep the RLS at bay, and our sleep partners from getting kicked, if you have PLMD. It is most certainly a trial and error thing, treating RLS, and we just have to keep plugging away.
[YEA]  07/29/2009: Stephanie from Racine, WI replies: "I have used the bar under the sheets as well. I think it is a life saver!!! another trick, if you wear socks to bed at night; you can also use a sliver of soap in each sock. I do this too, when my husband complains about the bar of soap in the bed."

Alkaline Diet

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[YEA]  08/26/2013: Susan from Westlake Village: "I've just been experimenting with the Alkaline Diet and I was surprised to see many alkaline substances on your home remedies list for restless leg. I do believe topical applications can affect the body, but was surprised to see the alkaline soap and baking soda paste. Can you add an alkaline diet option? It's made a huge difference in my rls and I'm really looking forward to getting off ropinerole for good :)"

[YEA]  05/05/2014: Nath from Paris (france) replies: "Works like magic. I have it for more than 29 years. Every day. Legs and arms sometimes. After several years of Ropinirole I am now on Pramipexol. I already gave up chocolat, cafe, tea, sugar, industrial food, alcool, etc. This avoids very big crisis but does not more.

A week ago I tried the alkaline diet (allowing fish or chicken or eggs at lunch but mixed with lots of alkaline ingredients and 90% alkaline for diner). The first day I tried, I coudn't believe myself. No more pain, no more syndrome. I encourage anyone to try!"

Apple Cider Vinegar

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[BETTER BUT WITH SIDE EFFECTS]  02/06/2013: Cindy J from Thurgoona, Nsw Australia: "I found Apple Cider Vinegar for Restless Legs does work really well for me. The pain is minimal. However I have inherited a weak bladder from my father so when I have the ACV before bed, I spend the next 3 hours going to the toilet at least 5-6 times before I got to sleep and 3 times during night. ACV gets rid of toxins and my urine is now clear. So I am still having trouble sleeping, and my sleep patterns are totally messed up. I tried the soap on its own - pain all night. If I rub ACV on my legs, I am concerned about absorbtion into the body and it may still make me got to the toilet endlessly. Can I have ACV in the middle of the day and have the same effect of constant urination at night? Will it stop the pain at night if I have ACV during the day? I am wondering if Baking Soda will make me urinate alot as well."

05/28/2013: Laurie from Thonotosassa, Florida replies: "I writing to you about the apple cider vinegar. I read on a web site about a women who was doing the Apple Cider Vinegar thing and it messed her up. Her kidneys failed and other problems. So if I was you I would check into it more before continuing, but thats my opinion. I thought I would pass it on to you."

07/13/2009: Barbara from Swansea, South Wales: "I have just recently been suffering from RSL and it is making my life completely miserable. So I have just been reading all the useful remedies provided by fellow sufferers. Thank you very much. Starting to-day! I am going to have a go. Strangely however I have always dedicated my good health to Cider Vinegar, but in recent times have neglected to do so. I wonder if this is the cause of my nightly suffering. I saw my doctor who gave me pain-killers and sleeping tablets but they are causing other problems like I do not have the energy I usually have. I will start to-day from the beginning of these pages and will let you know in about a week how I have got on.

Thank you all so much.

Barbara from Wales"

07/13/2009: Joyce from Joelton, Tn replies: "Hello Barbara,

I haven't checked this out personally but have read that putting a bar of ivory soap in the bed gets rid of restlessleg sysdrome. Nobody seems to know how it works but have read where several different people with restless leg syndrome says it works. One of the claimants said you don't even need to remove the wrapper from the bar of soap."
07/13/2009: Luis from Cali, Colombia replies: "Dear Barbara:

1. A half cup of soy milk added with 1 tablespoon of blackstrap molasses, 1 capsule of folic acid (1000 mcgr.) and 1 table of potassium citrate (250 mgr.). Use your blender.

2. A strong alcohol massage in both legs (calf), before going to bed.

It is working to my mother, so far. No more sleeping interruptions.

To your best days.


04/29/2009: Gail from Melbourne, Victoria Australia: "I believe the recommended dose of vinegar for weight loss is 2 teaspoons in 16oz of water sipped throught the day I don't know if this will be enough for rls if not do it 2 or 3 times throught the day but also rub your legs with the vinegar, I get almost instant relief from this. Hope it works for u too. Gail"

[YEA]  01/17/2008: Gail from Melbourne, Australia: "for anyone who can't take acv for their restless legs they can rub it into their legs, this works just as well as taking it internally"

04/28/2009: Alice Curt from Seale, Alabama replies: "I am new to the site. I have had restless leg syndrom for MANY years now and take medication for it. I DO NOT like the side effects. I see where many people are talking about acv. I have severe rls and would like to know how much acv and water to mix? Also what time of day should this be taken? I can not take naps either because if I take a pill to sleep I am no good for the rest of the day.

I am a 59 year old female, about 5ft6inches and weigh 180, I would also like to try the acv for weight lose. Any suggestions?

Thank you for your time,
Alice Curt"

[YEA]  12/29/2006: Lois from Florida: "I started taking apple cider vinegar for the acid reflux , i took one tablespoon with a cold glass of water a day for a week and right away i notice that my legs didn't hurt at night any more, which they have been bothering me for years. i never went to the doctors about it. every night it kept me awake for hours,and i felt like crying thinking i don't want to have to go through this the rest of my life. i started taking aleve or whatever else i could think might work which i don't like taking med. aleve didn't work that good. anyway, the apple cider vinegar did work for me. i did have to quit taking it every day because i only weigh 132 pounds and the vinegar was making me lose weight so now i only do the vinegar every 3 or four days and it is still working. i'm very glad i started taking it for the acid reflux and found that my legs no longer I'm am so thankful. i have no problem going to sleep at night any more. as bad as it bothered me and now that it doesn't, i want every one that has restless legs to give it a try . oh yea i started taking it october 5th 2006. well that is a bout it good luck to any one with restless legs. i know what it is like to have restless legs ,and i hope it works for all who tries it. good luck"

[YEA]  01/04/2010: Sal from Fresno, Ca, 93726 replies: "Yes. Thank you so very much for posting this. It really worked for me. About an half an hour to an hour before I go to sleep, I warm up a glass of water (8 oz. or so) and add 2 teaspoons of apple cider vinegar and 2 teaspoons of honey. (I buy the one that says unfiltered apple cider vinegar made from ripe apples - organic, pasteurized). This formula really worked for me. The taste is good and I read a lot of things about apple cider vinegar, it is supposed to be a very good thing and has been used for centuries safely. So definitely give it a try. Thank you again!!!"

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