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Molasses, Aloe Vera and Beets  

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Posted by Julissa (New york, New york) on 07/23/2007
5 out of 5 stars

Molasses in spanish is MELASA. For years I have heard my dominican family member say that a mixture of molasses, aloe vera and BEETS will remove any cysts from women breast and ovaries. I just found out i have two cysts. According to my dominican aunts i must take the this mixture for 40 days. I will post my results. I have true faith in natural resources.

Replied by Shpresa
NYC, New York

Thank you Julissa. I want to know where I can buy this product. How much should be taken in the 40 day time period? thank you

Replied by Ann
newyork, usa

on the overian cysts where you take beets, aloe vera, and molasses -- how much of each dosage do you take a day? thank you.

Replied by cindy
texas, usa

i would like to know how much of the aloe vera and beet juice and molasses you take to get rid of ovarian cysts. thank you

Replied by BB
Cleve, OH

Hi, Was just wondering how are you doing since you posted this message and what was the outcome of your cyst. I'm suffering from the same problem and is looking for help other than surgery. Anyone have any ideas, please help!!

Replied by Jessica
Brooklyn, NY
5 out of 5 stars

I've taken the molasses, aloe vera & beets remedy and it has to be taken in the morning before eating anything. I would say a shot glass size. It really works!

Replied by Marisol
Fort Washington, Maryland, USA

Thank you so much Yea for your advise. I finally have the recipe I knew it was something like that, but i had it incomplete. I am Dominican too. Que favor. ! Gracias.

Replied by Marsha
Montego Bay, Jamaica

What dosage of apple cider vinegar is used to cure ovarian cyst. Also how is the molasses, alo vera and beets used to cure ovarian cyst, and how is it been prepared and what is the dosage?

Replied by Precious
College Park, Maryland

I was recently diagnosed with 3 ovarian cysts that have been causing me a lot of pain. A friend told me to mix the Aloe Vera with the molasses, she said it worked for her. Does it really work?

Replied by Karen
Aliquippa, PA

How much of each and do you mix them together?

Replied by Tess
Palm Beach, FL

It's been a year and a half since she posted this ovarian cyst concoction, so it doesn't appear that Julissa is going to write us all back any time soon!

I am guessing that this recipe is: a standard dose of molasses, i.e., 1 to 2 tablespoons (but be careful if you are diabetic, watch the sugar content), 1/3 cup of beets, and 1/3 cup of aloe vera juice. Beets can make people very nauseous if eaten on an empty stomach, so start out with less if the beets are fresh. Canned beets might not cause nausea.

Ladies, experiment and write us back with your dosages and recipes! We're on our own!!

Replied by Diane
Utica, New York

i recently found out that i have a cyst 8 centimers in size on my left ovarie..that is about the size of an orange. it is causing me to bloat and i am in pain.. the doctor says wait a month and see if it is any larger..im missing work..i bled for a month straight , clotting and very heavy flow.i was wondering about the beets in the recipe..do i put all the ingredients in a blender , as beets are not liquifid ...or just use the beet juice from a can of beets..please let me know , as i am desperate to start some kind of remedy to alliviate this cyst.i am also having anxiety now and losing sleep, whichi is heightening my pain..any cures for that besides drugs..i would appreciate anybodys input.

Replied by Joyce
Joelton, Tn
522 posts

Hello Diane from Utica, NY,

If you google SSKI or saturated solution of potassium iodide, pull up Dr. Wright's article which mentions the Tahoma Clinic. Read what he has to say about getting rid of cysts with SSKI.

Replied by Gean
Salina, KS

This is a question for Joyce regarding SSKI. I bought some liquid potassium iodide at the health food store, which says 150 mcg iodine per 2 drops. (The ingredients are purified water and potassium iodide). This is a lot weaker than SSKI, but might it still work on cysts, mixed with DMSO? Thank you.

Replied by Michelle
Bronx, New York

Hi, Ladies
I am trying this remedy and a majority of my friends with cysts did as well and all have living proof within 2 months by sonograms and all of them could'nt conceive since this is a major barrier but they have their babies without any complications. I prepared 2lbs of raw beets well peeled and chopped, the aloe vera will be one entire part washed and peeled what you take is the inside part, (also you can try it with carrots instead of aloe vera is good as well) 1 full bottle 12oz of molasses ( I use imported dominican one that can be found in a botany but when I don't find any I use grandma's brand original molasses). Blend all ingredients and drain mixture through a strainer, place it in a closed gallon or bottle and refrigerate. Let it rest until the next morning and drink one full glass empty stomach and after each meal( do not exceed 3 glass a day).

After 2 months I will post my results as well, Good luck to all of us.

Replied by Baldev
Mumbai, Maharashtra, India
160 posts

What can be the substitute for Molasses, because I don't know as to where from one can get the Molases.

EC: You might get some ideas where to look for molasses in India here: http://www.earthclinic.com/remedies/molasses8.html#WHEREBUYMOLASSES

Replied by Gean
Salina, KS

How much aloe vera exactly? By one part do you mean one leaf, and if so, how large a leaf? Measurement by cups or weight would be helpful. Also, would aloe vera juice work the same? For the daily dosage, would this be three 8 oz glasses per day? Thank you.

Replied by Marths
Powderspring, Ga

Does anyone have the exact measurement of everything you take? Are Cyst and Fibroids about the same? I am looking for something for Fibroids tumors, but I a am willing to try anything that I think will help shrink these fibroids. Any information you have will help. Please send exact measurements. The aloe vera, can this be found in the vegetable area in the health food store. Is this a detox? Please send more information. Thanks to everyone for sharing their information. Martha in Powder Spring GA

Replied by KT
Irvine, Ca, USA

Hello ladies, I'd say, don't feel lost. We have a big clue about the Ingredients, we can always experiment with dosage using common sense, I'd say, half a cup of beet juice mixed with 1 tblsp. of Molasses and a tsp. or 2 of aloe vera edible jel or half a cup of aloe vera juice, mix and drink. Good health food stores also sell Beet capsules or find them online. Beet juice is also available. I am taking both with Molasses. Oh, and not everyone is suited to Aloe Vera, you can be allergic, apply it on your body part to see if you develop a rash, test for a week. If not, AV is safe for you. Since I am allergic to it, I am skipping it. Whatsmore, I found an article on this Dominican remedy which only mentions Beet & Molasses, not Aloe Vera. So there's hope. I think the Main ingredient here is Beet. Check this article out -


And do post any positive results after trying this nutritious remedy. God bless Julissa for posting it.

Replied by Mary
Golden, CO

I suffered from cysts during my late 20's up to the time I had a partial hystarectomi! I did have two children, but had a hard time getting pregnant. Now that I'm in my mid 50's I am experiencing ovarian pain again, I still have the right ovari. I am going to try the beets/aloe vera/mollases to see if this helps. I never have and will NOT take any drugs - ever! I'll keep you posted. I like the 'shot glassful' recepie of 2-3 slices of beets, 1 Tbsp Aloe Vera, and 1 Tbsp of molasses.

Replied by Cured
Ft. Walton Beach, Fl
5 out of 5 stars

I have to say that I believe it is the molasses doing the trick here. I started taking Apple Cider Vinegar daily. A few weeks later I started the Blackstrap Molasses. I had suspected a cyst for the last year. If you have ever had one, you know what they feel like espcially if you have had them removed via surgery. Anyways, I was taking both ACV and BSM. About a week after starting the BSM I had a constant stomach pain that lasted two days. I knew that this was the cyst busting. I am glad the ACV was helping with pain as I am sure it would have been excruciating to experience another cyst bust. I hope you find something that works for you as surgery is not a fun option.

Replied by Jenn
Union, Nj

Hi Cured.

I have 3.5 cm cyst on left ovary. doctor diagnosed it with endometrioma cyst. Surgery is not urgent as per my doctor. i am planning for baby. do you think ACV and BSM will work with endometroma cyst? or Beet, aloe vera juice and molasses is good option? Anyone can you please advise? Thanks...

Replied by Tianna
Bronx, Ny

I was diagnosed with 2 3cm cysts on my left ovary last weekend and my doctor said that if in 6 months I still cant conceive, ill need to undergo another surgery (which i had 3 years ago when they found 5cm and 7cm cysts on each ovary!). I definitely dont want to undergo surgery again so I am trying other natural remedies to get rid of them.

I started drinking apple cider vinegar in the mornings mixed into a glass full of water. We've also switched to alkaline water as well. And just to be sure, I made some beet, molasses and aloe vera juice yesterday.

I bought 6 beets (about 2.5lbs worth of beets), a whole aloe vera leaf and a box of powdered molasses (there were liquid ones too but i saw the sugar-like one first). I peeled the beets and put them in our juicer. Mixed in the inside of the aloe vera leaf (which looks like a clear gel) and then chucked in half the box of the molasses. I drink 1/2 cup in the morning and another 1/2 cup at night! And the rest goes in the fridge.

Hope this works... ill post my results when i go for another scan!

Replied by Patti
Ewing, Nj Usa

I did a lot of reading (because it fascinated me) about Serrapeptase. I'm not sure if I'm spelling that correctly but I was researching some other "female" problems and ovarian cysts came up. There seemed to be a lot of women who were taking this enzyme (I believe it's an enzyme) and they were able to get rid of the cysts. It took some time, it didn't happen over night, but they were all pleased about avoiding surgery. You may want to do an internet search to see what you find on it. And good luck.


Replied by Tiana
Bronx, Ny
5 out of 5 stars

I drank the beetroot juice concoction for about 2 months... Drank apple cider vinegar for about 3 months... And we still drink alkaline water. I'm happy to report that I am 4 weeks pregnant! I'm scheduled to undergo a scan next week and I'll also find out what happened to those cysts... Apparently they were no longer a hindrance to conception -- so I'm really glad! I'm curious to find out if they have shrunk or disappeared and will update again after next week! Thanks again for these natural remedies to eliminate cysts! They must work-- because the cysts were causing fertility problems for me and I'm pregnant now!

Replied by Tiana
Bronx, Ny
1 out of 5 stars

I just got back from my scan at the ob-gyn's. I'm definitely pregnant... But the cysts are still there on the right ovary. They didnt shrink-- they are still the same size so I guess the beetroot juice/ alkaline water/apple cider vinegar combo didnt eliminate them!

Replied by Charlotte
Marion, Illinois
5 out of 5 stars

I had ovarian cysts, 3 of them, about tennis ball sized that caused significant pain. As they were dermoid cysts they had to be removed surgically. A few months after the surgery, I began feeling the similar abdominal/lower back pain once again. I went in for an ultrasound to verify, and yes, I did have ovarian cysts (they believed these to be follicular cysts). I found an online article claiming that drinking aloe vera juice mixed with beets and molasses every morning could help shrink tumors and prevent their recurrence.

This was about 6 months ago. It works!!! As long as I keep drinking the concoction daily, I am pain/bloat free! Sometimes I get lazy and stop drinking it; and the pain slowly returns until I begin drinking the mixture again.

When I first began drinking the mixture, I noticed small improvements within a week, noticeable improvements within two-three, and was virtually pain-free within a month.

In separate studies, both aloe vera juice and beets have been shown to cause a reduction in tumors-both cancerous and benign. The compound in beets which gives them their dark red pigment works within the body to cut off blood flow to tumors/cysts over time, which causes them to stop growing and shrink. The aloe vera juice helps to flush out the system and the liver from toxins. Taking them in combination works beautifully. I'm not 100% sure how the molasses helps.

I read about this "cure" online, researched the claims in peer-reviewed medical journals, and then proceeded to try it for myself. It worked for me. I just wasn't willing to accept that the only way for me to live pain-free was to take drugs everyday and have multiple surgeries!!

Replied by Ew
Rockville, Md, Usa

Charlotte, thanks for pointing out the benefits of aloe vera and beets. I'm the opposite-- I understand the benefits of molasses but don't know why beets and aloe vera would be helpful. Do you have a link to the studies?

I've been taking the unsulphured blackstrap molasses for 2 months now. I'm lazy about the beets and not taking aloe vera at all. I think the molasses supplies some missing nutrients, because pain during my cycle has decreased a lot while my energy has increased. I haven't been going to the doctor, and I don't feel that there's been significant shrinkage to the cyst. With your encouraging testimony, I'm going to add the beets and aloe vera as well.

Earthclinic's molasses page describes some of its benefits. There's also a book solely dedicated to stories of healing from molasses

Replied by Naomi
Lesotho, Africa

Thank you all for the information. But there are some people out there who are diabetic and cant take molasses also aloe vera can make your tummy run. What are the alternatives when you want to use the beets? Naomi

Replied by Mama To Many Donate


Dear Naomi,

You could certainly try the beets alone and see if that would help.

I have found castor oil packs and frankincense essential oil to help me very much with cysts. I used the castor oil packs at bedtime and a few drops of the frankincense over the ovary area in the morning.

~Mama to Many~

Replied by Sb

Do you boil the beetroot or use it raw before juicing?

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Posted by Maria (United Kingdom) on 08/21/2016
5 out of 5 stars


I just wanted to share with you something amazing, I had a complex dermoid ovarian cyst for 17 years, that the doctor said would never go away and that he recommended having surgery for it, and now it's gone! It used to be 4.2 cm, so not huge, but still.

It took me 1.5 years though and as I did so many things I'm not sure which one worked, so unfortunately I don't have any top tip of what to do, but it is probably due to one of these factors or a combination of some (or all).

- Blackstrap molasses and apple cider vinegar with warm water twice a day (not the best for your teeth though...) for the first half year.

- Special herb teas from the herbalist twice a day for the first 6 months (can't remember what was in there - cardamon and other spices).

- No meat, no sugar (except natural sugar in fruits and blackstrap molasses), no dairy, no soy products and almost only wholgrain when it comes to flour products, no processed food, cooked everything myself from scratch for the first 6 months, after that there I half went back to my previous eating habits, but partly my new eating habits stayed.

- Castor oil packs on a regular basis, kept it for about an hour while watching TV.

- Healing (reiki and reconnective - my herbalist told me issues in this area of the body often are emotional).

And on another note, that first half year when I ate super healthy and took the herbs - I didn't have any period pains!

So despite not being able to tell you exactly what it was that worked for me, I mostly wanted to let you know that despite my cyst being dermoid and of the more complicated type, and having had it for so long, alternative therapies can work. And now I'm doing some research on how to solve my other health issue...

Good luck to you all and just hang in there when times are tough! Lots of love

Replied by Npan2010
Lake Forest, California

Hello Maria,

Thank you for posting the good information on the site about natural cures for ovarian cyst. My wife has a 10 cm complex dermoid cyst on her right ovary and has been suffering tremendously from bloating, abdominal pain, digestive problems, etc. Her CT scan of the cyst shows human tissue such as “teeth, hair, skin and fat tissues” and the doctor said this type of cyst has to be removed surgically because it doesn't go away on its own. But my wife refused to have surgery because we just got married and still want to have a baby. However, none of the doctor sound positive about preserving the ovary if surgery is involved.

We were very encouraged by reading your post about shrinking the cyst using natural methods. We'd really appreciate any additional information from you which could help my wife's situation. We were wondering if your complex cyst was also of the dermoid type, having teeth fat, and hair tissue. Did you have an CT scan done that showed these tissues?

Thank you so much for your kindness and help. Any information will be greatly appreciated. It gives us hope to know of the different natural cures that you have taken. My wife already started drinking black molasses and applying the castor oil ever since we read your posting.

God bless you.

Best regards,

- Nelson

Posted by Nelle (New York, Ny) on 12/29/2014
4 out of 5 stars

Hi everyone. I wanted to share my experience to date with ovarian cysts in case it is of use to others and as a part of my own healing process. First, thank you for this site - Earth Clinic, and all of you participants. You've been very helpful to me already and I'm grateful.

I'm 48 years old, premenopausal and generally healthy. 6 weeks ago I went to planned parenthood (how I love planned parenthood! ) with a prolonged and unusual period of about 10 days duration, and they did an abdominal and vaginal ultrasound. They found a left sided simple cyst on my ovary and a right sided "complex" cyst of about the same size.

I immediately scoured the internet including this site for home remedies. Here's what I did:
*made a small pretty sign that reads "My body is perfectly healthy" and hung it on my wall to see each day. I encouraged myself to believe it, without being pushy. Practiced this affirmation in spoken form too.

*practiced metta or loving-kindness to myself and others. I sent out intentions for health/happiness/peace/ and safety for all sentient beings multiple times per day. practiced active stress reduction, tried to be quick to let go of anger or other stress inducing emotions. watched only happy movies and tried to minimize my addiction to the news (that was not terribly successful)

* opened my heart and body to receiving all prayer and good intentions from the universe and a few people who volunteered to keep me in their prayers (Of note, I am buddhist and I do metta practice but am not religious. My family is religious and I'm open to it all so long as it has wellbeing as its intention.)

*did guided imagery for healthy pelvis and shrinking ovaries. did this and the above whenever it occurred to me to do.

*received one reiki session from my friend who is a reiki master

*received acupuncture every other week

* abdominal massage at night with sesame oil infused with a few drops of frankincense, clary sage, lavender and rose

*basically launched a liver cleanse for two weeks: twice daily aloe vera juice (2 ounces); daily or at least multiple times weekly teas (dandelion -yum! ; milk thistle); lots of water throughout the day (tall 1/2 liter container infused with 1-2 oz apple cider vinegar/1 oz unsulfured blackstrap molasses/ and warming spices of cinnamon, turmeric, cayenne pepper, ginger)

*changed my diet to counter what I'm guessing is excess estrogen in my system (I was already gluten-free and factory-farm animal products-free): added soy-free, processed food-free, and went near-vegan. went up on greens, apples, rice, yams, garlic, onions, nuts, seeds flax, occasional fish. made a lot of fruit/veg smoothies and had a red juice from the health food store once or twice a week: beets, carrot, ginger, apple.

* avoided: daily, alcohol, caffeine and processed sweeteners. I also avoided xenoestrogens by avoiding plastic containers and makeup/hair products.

* I've been taking evening primrose oil 500mg three times per day, vitex (chaste berry) capsules three times per day, and a multivitamin for women over 40.

*after two weeks on a very limited diet as described (including over thanksgiving - my family was gratefully supportive, but it was tough! ), I added back farm-raised meats and eggs in limited amounts. I also added back occasional glass of wine and a 1/2 cup of morning joe if I needed it.

I followed up with a gynecologist about 2 and 1/2 weeks later who did an pelvic exam and checked my thyroid, both of which were largely unremarkable. He suggested that we followup in a month with a repeat ultrasound to see if they were shrinking on their own. That sounded great to me since I was eager to see if my comprehensive self-care program was working at all.

I have to say, that even though this may seem over the top and way too radical for many, I am enjoying these changes very much. I work from home and have no children so I have the leisure of being able to apply a fair amount of time and energy toward these practices, but honestly I think anyone could do these things fairly easily.

Today I had a follow-up ultrasound (6 weeks since the first one). The tech shared with me that my right "complex" cyst is now down to a small (1.5cm) simple cyst. So that one is going in the right direction and my fears about something more serious are abating. My left sided cyst is about the same size and remains "simple" in appearance.

I am taking this as nice progress! I haven't spoke to my doctor yet but hope to be in a watch and wait mode. I plan to keep up my new diet and regimen. I may add in castor oil packs, and will continue with reiki and acupuncture and metta.

I also may investigate iodine deficiency as I use sea salt on my food which is non iodized and I don't know if I am deficient or not.

I realize that it could be that my right one was hemorraghic and the cysts ruptured (I haven't had any pain though) and that's why that one is better; it could be that none of these practices have and any bearing on the resolving right cyst. I realize that. But I choose to believe that the little things we do matter a great deal to our bodies and that we have more power regarding our wellbeing than we are led to believe.

Thanks for your support on this forum and best wishes for health and happiness to you all!! Please send any comments or ideas my way if you care too. Happy New Year! May it feel very new. Hang in there!

Posted by Resh (Tempe, Az) on 12/24/2014

Hello All,

I have been reading the posts and it has been very encouraging, Thank You All :). My heart goes out to all of you suffering from all the pain and you are in my prayers. I am a 38 year old female with a 4 year old daughter, trying to get pregnant. I had a blighted ovum (placenta but no developed egg) 6 months back and d&c was performed. 3 months back my gynaec found a 4 cm cyst on my right ovary and thinks that it might be endometriomas. He is not completely sure if it is and wants to wait and see if the cyst goes away by itself. I always had regular 28 days cycle with very little pain and 3-4 days of bleeding without any clots before the cyst. Since the cyst my last 4 cycles have been 22 days and I did have a considerable pain during 2 out of the last 4 cycles. My naturopath prescribed a tincture of Vitex, Wild Yam and Raspberry which she thinks will help with the cyst and also help me to pregnant. Since I started taking the tincture my last cycle was 25 days but my cyst is still the same size. I am planning to take Shatavari as its highly recommended and have started the apple cider vinegar with black strap molasses once day. One question I have is does the sugar from the molasses flare up the cyst. I would really appreciate if anyone could recommend what would be a good course of action to get rid of the possible endometrioma

Replied by Mama To Many Donate


Dear Resh,

It seems that Blackstrap Molasses is helpful for many with cysts. For me, it is something I would want to try.

You might also want to try charcoal poultices over the ovary with the cyst at night. Here is a link to a story about a woman who use charcoal therapy for a cyst and endometriosis. Castor oil packs may also be a good option. I have used both for many things and always find them helpful. (Castor oil packs should not be used during menses, however.)


(The story is about half way down the page of the link above.)

If you decide to try castor oil or charcoal, I can share some more links with more information about how to use them.

~Mama to Many~

Posted by Ann (St. Louis, Mo) on 09/10/2013
5 out of 5 stars

I found out that I have bilateral ovarian cysts after getting a CT scan to see if kidney stones had returned. I researched online and began a whole foods diet with no sugars (other than what is found in fruits) and no white flour. I also began using iodine on my skin once in the morning and once at night as iodine deficiency was said on one sight to be a factor in cyst development. I also began drinking Echinacea tea two to three times daily as it is supposed to regulate hormones. Most importantly, I prayed, prayed, prayed that this would quickly be over! Today, one and a half weeks after my CT scan, I'm told that both cysts are shrinking significantly (by half or more). I'm praising God! :)

Posted by Nic (Lancaster, Pa) on 09/07/2010

PLEASE HELP! 31 years old, 6 years infertile, 2 surgeries and headed to the operating room again!!!! The fertility doctor says my husband and I are "normal". There is no medical reason we can't get pregnant. I took the drug clomid over 3 yrs ago and was blessed with not 1 but 4 GIANT OVARIAN cysts..... No babies! It seems my ovaries are in overdrive still and I have had 2 laparoscopys (surgeries) in the last 28 months. I sit here, unable to work or leave the house due to heavy clotting period, still childless with my "normal body", knowing the cysts are back and another surgery will be the doctor's answer. They tell me if I get pregnant my body may no longer produce these cysts. I have not taking any other fertility drugs. I have a list of vitamins I am taking and going out to buy Apple Cider Vinegar asap. I read up on Iodine and the link with ovarian cysts. I purchased some Atomidine (water and iodine trichloride) at a health food store but want to make sure I can do all these remedies combined. I would like to take 2 tablespoons Apple Cider Vinegar, 1/4 teaspoon of baking soda, and the molasses, beets and aloe vera leaf mix and and 1 drop of iodine a day. Is this safe or correct? I am COMPLELETY DESPERATE yet grateful this is driving me to seek healthy answers. It's REALLY nice to read I am not alone (with tears in my eyes).

Replied by Helen
Beirut, Lebanon

Hi Nic, Try the castor oil, it's for all body cysts. Warm it, apply to the cyst. Put a piece of cotton cloth full of oil also, then cover with plastic, then put a hot pad on it for one and half hour. Then u can wipe and sleep. Do it 3 to 4 times a week and see what will happen, it will shrink more and more day by day. I cured myself of many kinds of cysts with castor oil, one of them was ovarian cyst (4cm) after one week it disappeared , hope this will help, mollases is good also I drink one teaspoon daily.

Replied by Sheree
Hammond, La

Hi Helen, can you please tell me, did you put the oil on your lower abdomen on ovary area with heat as you did with the cysts on your skin? How often did you do it?

Replied by Helen
Beirut, Lebanon

Hi Sheree , yes I put the castor oil on the abdomin area on the ovary then put a cotton thin cloth then cover with plastic then the heat pad for one hour and a half three to four times a week before you sleep then remove the oil from your skin with tissues then wipe with water and sodium bicarbonate it will remove the oil. It's the cure for Cysts.

Replied by Tina
Tina, Netherlands

Hello, I had a dermoid cyst 4 cm for 6 months. It wasn't growing but my gyn wanted it out because it can twist and cause you mega pain and dermoid cysts CAN become cancerous. ( although really rare). I was terrified about surgery!! SO I tried everything for 3 months. I followed the mary parker project for 3 months lost lots of weight I actually shouldn't have lost and had absolutely no energy.

Then someone told me about the beet/ aloe/ molasses remedy and castor oil packs. I used these for 3 months non stop. Beet drink from beets in the garden, and I slept each night with a warm castor pack. I also took tons of milk thistle, vitamins and vitex and vitamine E - all that everyone recommended. I felt my energy rising really quickly. I also drank only 1tbsp of Apple Cider Vinegar in a glas ( 350 ml) of lukewarm water 3 times a day. I had tons of energy and felt like I could take the world with Gods help. I also used a terminator 11 from Don croft for 2 weeks straight. I thought all this would certainly shrink the cyst so surgery was not necessary.

Unfortunately after 3 months of this, the cyst was still the same size. I had surgery last week they left my tubes etc intact and I was back on my feet the next day feeling 100 % thanks to the good condition I was in before the surgery. No nausea, no pain, back at home in 1 day caring for kids and hubby. Now after 10 days, I have the energy for 10.. It didn't help to get rid of the cyst, but I got all my energy and positiveness back. The cyst is gone, but I am keeping to the diet just because I feel so great. Surgery was so easy, don't worry about it, it is not hardly as bad as you imagine. But make sure you are in good shape before the surgery. Hope this helps you with your fight against cysts.

I think I would do the same as you. I would also avoid ALL cow milk, avoid all gluten foods, and all refined sugar products. Take milk thistle, to help your liver and kidneys, and vitex would probably do wonders for you. Check up on Vitex for you. It takes a while to get result on this, I had a really terrible heavy period 7 days per 27 days and it is now after 4 months very light, 3 days per 28 days. I am 39. I had surgery for dermoid cyst last week. I tried it all too, but I had no success, but I was in great condition because of all this and was feeling great 1 day after surgery. Good luck Tina

Replied by Gavin
Manganui, New Zealand

I suggest a complete reboot to your system. Eat tuna or salmon.. Every day for a hundred days.. This will replace every molecule with the 72 essential elements.

Replied by Diane
Berkeley, Ca
1 out of 5 stars


Good lord. If you eat tuna every day for 100 days, you'll probably end up with mercury toxicity. There are high levels of mercury in many large ocean-going fishes, and tuna is one of them. It might "re-boot your system" but in a bad, bad way.

Replied by Nic
Lancaster, Pa

Thanks so much for the advice. I started to ACV and drop of iodine everyday. Now, I am starting to break out only after a week! My skin has been clear until this point. Any suggestions?

Replied by Gavin
Manganui, New Zealand

The mercury thing is well overdone.. Have a look at... Truehealth. Org.... If your not convinced I'll eat my hat.

Replied by Beky
Highland Park, Mi
5 out of 5 stars

In august, I got a pelvic exam and was told that there was about a 5cm cyst on my ovary. I immediately started employing some natural methods, when I returned the next month, I was told that it was down to about 3.5cm, but still there, nonetheless. Then by ultrasound, I was told it was an endometrioma (or chocolate cyst) on my right ovary (which is more serious than just a functional cyst, which it was they first thought). When I researched it, the only real treatments I saw or read about were bleek, --surgery was the main option. That worried me tremendously. And I haven't had children yet, so I got even more worried, so I was faced with an awesome opportunity, not an obstacle.

So this is what I did and I wanted to share it with people. I don't know if it was a combo of all the things I did or just one thing.... In no particular order, although #1, was the very first thing I did and I did the juice fast within a week of learning about the cyst....

1. Always believed I could heal myself

2. Visualizing the cyst shrinking (over and over and over)-for weeks

3. Didn't listen to fearful stories. I avoided them or immediately discarded them. 4. Writing & journaling about my feelings, especially those concerning my reproductive organs, fears, concerns, worries, and relationship woes

5. Forgave people that I needed to forgive

6. Asked my guides, healers, angels and archangels to help me heal myself and guide me on how to do that & meditated on healing

7. Asked my body what it needed from me (& listened)--sometimes it would say exercise, sometimes sleep, sometimes it would be- 'eat blueberries'

8. Honored my feelings (released anger and frustration appropriately, practiced acceptance also)

9. Asked the cyst to kindly leave my body--thanked it for its presence first

10. Prayers of others (friends)

11. Rubbed castor oil on me and put heating pad over my abdomen

12. Biomat

13. Infrared sauna

14. Ear acupressure

15. High impact exercise (5-6/days per week)

16. Chinese moxibustion stick

17. Night/dream healing from a close friend

18. Icy-hot patches for pain

19. Healing crystal directly over skin

20. Acupuncture with scannar and laser

21. Ginger oil on the skin over my abdomen

22. A 7 day juice fast

23. Black strap molasses (in beet juice or almond milk) (p. S. When mixed with almond or soy milk, it is DELICIOUS! )

24. Increased my intake of raw foods

25. Decreased dairy intake

26. Decreased sugary & processed foods

27. Apple cider vinegar and water drinks

28. apple cider vinegar douches (1-2x/month)

29. honey & cinnamon drinks

30. Increase in using tumeric

31. Took milk thistle

32. Increased intake of ginseng

In december, I got a follow up pelvic exam and ultrasound to confirm that the cyst was GONE! For anyone reading this, if any of this resonates with you, then employ some of these therapies. If they don't resonate with you, then discard them and do whatever feels right for you. You body will tell you.

Replied by Pilar
Brooklyn, New York, Ny

Hi my name is Pilar and I just loved what you wrote, I have the same problem , a 5.5 cms ovarian cyst, I'd like to contact you if is possible is about the list of what you did, for example did you practice the moxibustion daily, weekly or monthly? what about the ear acupressure? that was done by a specialist, or by you learning where the acupressure points of the body are? I read that you were healed in about 5 months, if you fasted for 7 days, what was your average diet the remaining time? I will go on a raw diet, maybe a 70% and 30% wholesome cooked food, do you think this is ok or I should just stick in the raw food? how is the ginger oil applied? sorry they are so many questions, but I was very impressed with your method, I firmly beleive that one can cure oneself, in the power of faith and prayer, have a blessed week!! I will thank you forever for your help :)

Replied by Sophia
San Francisco, Ca

To Beky from Highland Park:

Your response resonated so much with me. I had a fluid-filled ovarian cyst last fall and healed it completely with nutritional/emotional/herbal therapies like the ones you described. However, I've just been diagnosed with a 12cm dermoid (solid) cyst- do you think nutritional/herbal remedies would be enough to heal it? Most of the literature out there says surgery is the only option for a solid cyst. That almost makes sense to me since a fluid-filled cyst could just eventually deflate/drain whereas a solid one has nowhere to go... They are suggesting I get surgery within the month, and "not to wait"- so I don't know if it's foolish or effective to spend a few months focusing on remedies such as yours. What do you think?

Replied by Larry
Rgv, Texas Usa

Here's the real deal, been reading comments about ACV and others. Here's what will work though some of the comments are good but the molasses is still a sugar very much better than white and better for diabetics, Sugar is our main cause of a lot of problems and our life style and everything we eat/buy in the store has it or fructose in it we're Sugar Junkies. Sugar, caffeine, Vit C citris should all be avoided while doing the following to get rid of cysts. You need to take 6 drops potassium iodine SSKI in water with teaspoon ACV or 1 drop of 5-2% Lugols Iodine both found on-line or at drug stores. Supplement with Vitamin E, Selenium to control the interaction on T3-T4 and your thyroid, the selenium will help metabolize estrone& I6 Alpha to good estrogen and take Dong Quai, chinese herb that will help regulate estrogen and take as long as you can find it take Natural Progesterone pills/tablets. The iodine will need to be monitored by your Dr for your thyroid level if you continue longer than 30 days. Start slowly to make sure you are not iodine sensitive. As with the old Iodine on cuts and in water to kill bateria the Iodine will work on any one of the three types of cysts that get infected by menstral bleeding and cause pain and growth. These have worked for 90% of those and more that have tried this.

May God Bless. I hope to have e-books on this and other cures (some of which have worked on me and saved /prolonged my life) soon and possibly on kindle if I can find the time to complete writing and publish to my web pages and others.

Replied by Edita
Los Angeles, Ca

Just a month ago I was diagnosed with 5.5cm ovarian cyst and 6 small fibroids. Doctor prescribed me birth control pills and said that most likely I will need a surgery in few months. I already had one surgery 9 years ago and I was on birth control pills long time after that. However, we want to have a baby now. I decided enough is enough; I don't want to have surgeries every 5-10 years and I wont drink birth control pills.

I found this website and it really inspired me. I could not believe that people can treat such problems themselves. Immediately I went to store and bought some beets, carrots, aloe and molasses. I squeezed fresh juice, added some apple to improve the taste. I put a big jar of juice in a fridge and it was enough for a whole week. Every morning and afternoon I made a mix of juice, aloe vera, molasses and apple cider. No precise measurements, only as much as I could drink. Since I also had fibroids, I bought vitex, milk thistle and yellow dock tinctures and I mixed in the juice. I found them on this website: http://www.uterine-fibroids.org/herbal-treatments.html

Also, I was drinking herbal teas couple times a day, usually few different at a time (dandelion, milk thistle, nettle, red clover.. ). In addition I bought moringa and maca powder, I added some kelp powder, that is good for thyroid ( I don't recommend it for cysts). That was extremely nasty and I made myself to drink just couple times. Moringa and maca are bitter, kelp made everything taste like a green swamp.

I put castor oil packs almost every night.

I tried to eat less dairy and meat, but actually it was more difficult than I thought.

One really good book I would recommend is "Women's Bodies, Women's Wisdom" by Christiane, Northrup. It talks a lot about emotional side of healing in addition to physical healing. I cried reading this book. I let go some emotions. I think every woman has to find out for herself, what the problem was that the cyst appeared.

I don't know is this a coincidence, or it really worked. I went to a different doctor today and he saw only 1.5cm follicle cyst, that he said is nothing to worry about, because I am about to ovulate. He said that could be two possible fibroids, but they are really small. I don't know if it worked, or was it a mistake by one of the doctors. Also, I had a two months of vacation, after stressful job with extreme overtime and had time to relax and ate tons of rasberries, from my parents garden, that are good for women. I still cannot believe myself that a large cyst is gone.

Replied by Lola
Washington, Dc

I feel compelled to post on this site as a way to say thank you to all that have shared what has worked for them. I have not come on this site in some time but found myself with a 2. 9cm hemorraghic cyst. I had all the symptoms of bloating, fullness, pain on side etc. I was very worried because I also want to start to TTC soon and having a cyst can complicate things. I started eating just a bit healthier, cutting down on sugar and junk food and just eating more green veggies, I'm also on prenatal vits. I read on here about the castor oil packs and decided to try it because I figured it couldn't hurt things. I made a simple pack by soaking a couple of cotton washcloths in castor oil and putting a heating pad over it. I left it on for about an hour or so. The next day I felt a bit better but not completely gone. I tried it again and left the heating pad for a longer amount but not more than 3 hours. Well the NEXT day I felt a slight burning sensation in my abdomen/stomach area and the symptoms slowly all went away, thank God!

I don't exactly know if it was the diet, vits, castor oil packs or the heat but I just know I feel all better now, and back to normal. My gyn says she was not worried about the cyst because they are normal and they come and go, and that might have been the case with this one too but I really think that the castor oil with heat is what truly made the biggest difference. I have read that one way of knowing that these types of cysts have actually dissolved is by the burning in the stomach which I definitely felt. My hopes in posting this is to help anyone that is looking for alternate ways to eliminate cysts.

Replied by J.

Crystals are a good idea! What kind? white clear quartz?

I have wild Red Raspberrys down the street, you put it in vodka and make a tincture?

Or eat the leaves wild?

I can't find beets, not near stores, am using raw beet organic powder.

How does the apple cider vinegar play in? Drink it in water separately? I usually drink this stuff anyway, I do drink WAY too much coffee. I have a squishy bump, was freaking out and couldn't sleep. Going to try the beets, aloe vera and molasses. Do you need the molasses or aloe vera though? I don't have a lot of extra money, it's the beet itself that will try to shrink the cyst?

I think it is worry, stress and coffee.

I also don't think these will burst and you will die! I think they are common, an online article said 3 or 4 women get them. I am not trying to get pregnant, I just found a squishy bump yesterday. I am 90% raw, and 100% vegan.

I just drink craploads of coffee every morning, unhappy with my job and addicted to coffee.

My period lasts 2 days only, every month, since I'm raw it's almost gone.

I'm going to stop drinking from plastic containers too, the hormones and BPA maybe cause all this. That has been my goal for a while but it's hard sometimes. Glass water is $$

Ginger and tumeric is supposed to be good or kill cancer cells? I don't even know if cysts are cancer. probably are.

Replied by Steve

I had a friend with ovarian cysts. She took iodoral for a couple of months. When she returned to her doc for a checkup he said they were almost completely gone.

Ovarian Dermoid Cyst Remedies  

Posted by Neha (Mumbai,india) on 05/13/2014

Respected mam,

Thanx a lot for such a wonderful site. Now I have only right ovary with 5. 7cm dermoid cyst also using remedies of earthclinic. Eagerly wants a baby. Can I have sex in this condition??? I read online somewhere that only a dermoid which started bleeding or has infection can b cured by natural remedles. Is lt right? Waitng for ur faithful reply.
I'm totally surprised that it z said that every disease can b cured except death. Even, on ur site, a lady having ovarian cancer has been cured! But ovarian dermoid cyst has no special known remedy??? How can it b possible mam???

It hurt me badly. I have lost one ovary after two surgeries and have drmoid now thrice of 5. 9cm. Still wating for a baby. I request to u all experts, owners , contributors and all members please find out the hollistic treatment for dermoid cyst also as u people know abt other diseases and say!!! Hurray!!! Life depends upon hope. I m waiting! Sorry for this frank complaint.


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Posted by Chandra (Seattle, Wash) on 10/21/2009
5 out of 5 stars

I started taking potassium iodide (sski pills - 1 a day) last yearwhen I was having intermittant ovarian cyst pain after reading about it on Dr Wright's site. The pain went away after a few weeks taking the supplement. After I ran out of the supplement 2 months ago, I didn't buy more, thinking I didn't need it. Well in the past 2 weeks I am having the same shooting pain in my right ovary area that is getting more pronounced as I near my period. I have just reordered it online (most vitamin stores carry different brands of it) and will post an update if it works. But from past experience, I would say a definite YES to sski for ovarian cyst pain.

Replied by Chandra
Seattle, Washington

Update to my October 21 feedback about SSKI for ovarian cyst pain. 3 weeks on SSKI (3 tablets a day) and my ovarian cyst was gone by the end of my last period. No pain, no tenderness. Yea yea!! I plan to take it every day with a 1-2 day break here and there. I may switch to 1 drop of lugol's iodine later on and see if that has the same preventative effect.

Replied by Migurl09
Donaldsonville, La

What is the product you used (SSKI) because I am hoping to find something to cure my ovarian cyst and i am willing to try this?

Replied by Chandra
Seattle, Wash

Hi Migurl09,

I can't name the brand per this site's policy, but I can tell you I bought mine at iherb (online store). Bottle says Potassium Iodide, 32.5 mg, 120 Tablets. I have bought other supplements from this same company at Whole Foods and think there are pretty good. Oh, I see another liquid potassium iodide on iherb from another company. Well I think that as long as you buy sski from a reputable vitamin company it will work fine.

Let me know if it cures your ovarian cyst!

Replied by Emily
Phoenix, Az

I've been having pain in my lower right abdomen for the last month. Due to current health insurance status, I can't make any Dr. Appointments until next year. But a friend of mine is a general prac and she said it sounded like a cyst or fibroid. I came to to this site to find ways to alleviate the pain until I could get an ultrasound done to verify that it is a cyst. I wasn't sure what SSKI was, so I ended up getting a bottle of Bernard Jensen's brand liqui-dulse at the farmer's market. The suggested dosage is 4 drops per day, which equates to 225mcg of iodine. I've been mixing it with my water/apple cider vinegar drink for the last 4 days, and the pain is practically gone. I only get a twinge once or twice. I am shocked at how fast this seems to have worked. I'm going to continue drinking this, and if the pains subsides completely, may not ever get that ultrasound.

Replied by Mirasol Bayose
Tagbilaran City, Bohol-philippines

I'm 2 mnths pregnant & diagnosed of ovarian cyst about 11cmx 9cm, I'm 39 yrs old. My doctor told me that I have to undergo surgery if my baby is fully developed. I hope anyone out there could give the good tips to avoid such surgery. Raw beet roots, raw carrots, a leaf of aloe vera can help. What is a castor oil, where we can find for it. Thanks need your help

Replied by Sara
Ksa, Riyadh

mirasol. Plz dnt use castor oil bcz u r pregnant. Doc dnt allow castor oil pad in pregnancy and mensturation. better b careful.

Replied by Hapimom
Miami, Florida

I went out today and purchased the ACV from an organic food store and I also purchased the moringa pills as well. I will keep you guys posted and let you know the outcome.

Replied by Ew
Rockville, Md, Usa

I've been taking the Potassium Iodide for a little less than 2 months now, and it doesn't seem to have done much in terms of shrinking the cyst. Maybe I haven't been taking enough. (2 tablets of 32.5 mg each at the most, and then using iodine/iodine tablets or liquid iodine occasionally)

I think I lost 10 lbs because of the Potassium Iodide. It seems to work a lot like the Molasses-- it took away the pain almost completely. The first month, I felt that it had a detoxing effect, but then I lowered the dosage because I didn't want to hurt myself with too much iodine.

I remember reading one site that mentioned that the iodine may need 2 to 6 months to work. That seems to be a long time. I wish I enjoyed eating beets more, but it's really hard to stand the taste.

Healing and health to everyone! Don't give up.

SSKI Iodine  

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Posted by Patricia (Montana) on 11/23/2015
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I had many ovarian cysts over a 10 year period. Towards the end of that period they occasionally burst with many hours of excruciating pain. I had tried many things homeopathy and Chinese medicine which helped but did not cure. Then an acquaintance suggested I check out Dr. Jonathan Wrights website and forum on SSKI iodine/ iodide supplement & ovarian cysts. Following his protocol for approximately 6 weeks my orange sized ovary returned to normal size and I have never had an issue since. That was 6 years ago! I also did some hypnotherapy around my ovary issues at that time. Good luck!

Replied by April
Oklahoma City
5 out of 5 stars

I have only been doing iodine 6 days and I can already feel a difference. My cyst have shrank steady dramatically and pain has significantly decreased. I feel better already even my right cyst ovary pain and shrinkage. Thank you so much! I'm going to keep doing it for the 6 weeks recommended.

Replied by B
Boise, Idaho

How much iodine did you take, April? I have a very large cyst (over 20 cm), but have tried taking drops of iodine, and so far I can only tolerate taking one drop every other day due to the back pain it seems to cause me. Thanks.

Supplements, Dietary Changes  

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Posted by Justy (San Diego, Ca) on 06/28/2010
4 out of 5 stars

About 6 months ago I the doctor found a large cyst on my right ovary, and told me I needed to have surgery. Following the surgery she discovered two very large cysts with cysts INSIDE cysts! All the doctors were amazed, I guess that's not very common. Anyway, it's been a few months and I am experiencing pain in my lower left pelvic area, sometimes when I urinate, pass gas, or have a BM I feel that area too, and I have been to two doctors who think it might just be scar tissue, and recommended that I stretch and use something that warms the area, a homeopathic gel.

Two days ago I started taking chaste-berry supplements a couple times a day, along with a liver supplement(found at a local health foods store), starting eliminating too much sugar (I have a sweet tooth), eating yogurt in the morning, exercising as usual, and for the past two days the pain has been EXTREMELY lessened. I have a check-up appt. Thurs. and another in 2 months, as I have another very small cyst on my right side! I am going to try this beet/carrot/molasses mixture ASAP! I am reading a lot into natural cures, and they all seem much more appealing than conventional methods.
Thanks for the info. everyone!

Replied by Kay

I wish you all the best; please stay diligent with both doctors and alternative treatments! Especially beware of potential conflicts (cysts can be cancerous; cancer feeds on iron; molasses is iron rich).

ATTN ALL WOMEN: Please consider (and share) my recent experience with Ovarian Cancer, for all our/our sisters/daughters sakes: I became very sick (up & down) over a decade ago (despite great health/diet/lifestyle/athleticism; then hundreds of doctor visits; meanwhile trying most "every thing under the sun" to recover, including most all the remedies here at EC)! Eventually I was (mis?)diagnosed with fibromyalgia, chronic fatigue syndrome, multiple chemical sensativities, arthritis, etc. (and a plethora of other ailments, unusual symptoms, etc).

Fortunately, many/most of my ailments/symptoms abated after a recent radical hysterectomy, because the culprit was actually OVARIAN CANCER (OC); (found accidentally when I was preparing for a "liver gallbladder cleanse" and palpating my naval area/lower waist, and found several large rock-hard lumps, [assumed by my PCP & GYN to probably be simple fibroids; but NOT! ]).

Unknowingly, I also had ALL the precursors of OC (but not one doctor, specialist, OBGYN, or urologist, had connected-the-dots):

1) I still had my regular period/menses at age 57.

2)I had started my menses very young (9/10 years old)

3) I had never had children or used chemical birth control

4) I had suddenly become quite overweight & bloated looking in the past 2 years (despite a VERY healthy lifestyle/diet; albeit had become too ill to do much 'exercise' beyond necessities of daily living).

5)I had increasing urinary leaks/watery discharge diagnosed as "stress incontinence" (drips & surges during coughs/sneezes etc).

NOTE: Most women with OC never experience any symptoms of "illness", thus OC is called "The Silent Killer" (a deadly ailment now quite prevalent among many middle aged women)!

MY GOOD NEWS: Within months of surgery (removal of all female organs, plus some) many of my symptoms abated: much illness & pains are gone; all my body hair started growing back, as did my nails! All my skin marks/scars changed from dark purple/black to light pink, & are fading still! My skin is moist, not dry/flaking/reactive. I am no longer "freezing to death"in Hawaii/Florida; my BP is almost back to normal; my joints/muscles no longer hurt 24/7; night sweats are less troubling (hot flashes are still here, but no nearly as bad/often); and many other notable improvements.

Because of my previous great health, my hard work, strong faith in God, and dilligence, determination, and die-hard commitment to find & utilize super nutrition & alternative treatments, I chose not to do chemo as a prophylactic. My doctor was not happy about this; however he now praises me for my decision since I have repeatedly tested cancer free thus far (via blood & tissue tests, and abdominal washings).

So, please ladies, go to a Womens Center (specialists in womens issues) for your annual GYN checks if possible, esp if you have these "common denominators" or are having 'unusual' problems! Otherwise, be sure to plead with your OBGYN to watch for HIDDEN female/ovarian problems (which often are assumed to be thyroid problems or simply 'hormone' issues).

Good Luck & Best wishes to You/Yours!