Olive Oil and Lemon Juice for Kidney Stones

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Lemon Juice and Olive Oil

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[YEA]  09/03/2008: Forest from Kitchener, Ontario: "I used the lemon juice and olive oil treatment. Shortly after taking the mixture and a glass of water the pain subsided. Two treatments later I passed a 4-5mm stone without any pain. It worked great and will be used again."

[YEA]  09/04/2008: Stormy from Austin, Texas, USA replies: "Yeah Forest, Twenty years ago I was scheduled for a kidney stone op. Luckily a friend handed me a little booklet by a doctor who claimed he cured hundreds of patiants with this remedy. My doctor laughed until I through a baggy' worth of stones on his desk. I wish I had a photo of his face. I took a pint of olive oil and about six lemons. Every fifteen minute I downed three tablespoons oil and one of the lemon until it was all gone. Mind you, this is not an easy assaignment but I did it. Went to bed after about four hours, woke up and just made it to the bowl. There they were all floating, blueish and white quartz like substance. I was cured. No more pain and today.....no symptoms.

But for anyone brave enough or like myself at the time, desperate, it's nasty. Good luck."

[YEA]  08/06/2008: Jim from Panama City Beach, Florida: "18 months ago, I spent 7 hours in the emergency room mostly waiting to be waited on. A nurse would come and go, but no one did a thing while I writhed in paid and cried like a baby on a stupid table and vomitted three time from the pain. Finally, a doctor showed up after 4 hours and ordered a CT scan and an hour later gave me a shot for the pain.The shot worked! After two more hours the doctor came back and said I had a 12mm stone and they would have to opperate or attempt lithotrypsy. I chose the latter, but it could not be performed for another week. I went home with a bill for $14000 and they did nothing but a CT scan and a pain shot. I read about the lemon juice and olive oil remedy and took two doses the first day and one dose the second day. By the way, the pain never came back except for a bearable ache in my lower back, just below my lowest rib. On the third day, I urinated and felt a strange "tumbling" sensation that felt like something leaving the bladder, but it didn't come out and it didn't really hurt, just a weird sensation. I drank several more glasses of water and an hour later, I urinated and felt this stone "tumbling" again and just as I was about to stop urinating, it popped out with just a few drops of fresh blood and no pain. This stone measures 13.25mm! I have photos to prove. I placed it on a dime (as a reference to size) and it completely covers the president's head! I failed to mention that I would drink an 8oz glass of water approximately every two hours and two glasses with every meal. I have one question: why do doctors not prescribe this remedy?? Could it be that they could not charge $14000 for lemon juice and olive oil?? Let me know if you would like to see the photo.
Jim in Panama City Beach, FL"

10/15/2008: Evon from San Antonio, Tx replies: "I would like to see the photos of what you passed. Why not post them up on youtube with the remedy you used. That would be so helpful for those skeptics out there.


07/21/2008: Celina V from Douglas, AZ: "Hello everyone, I finally reached a turning point in my life in which I made the decision to turn to natural ways of healing. I've had kidney stones for 20 years and many lithotripsy surgeries. I am tired with all those procedures and nothing seems to be working to prevent me from forming so many kidney stones. It is July 21 and in 6 more days I turn 40 and I would like to live a healthier quality of life. I am scheduled for another surgery in 3 weeks to blast a size 6 stone that was a size 8 a couple of weeks ago and the lithrotripsy only made it a bit smaller but has not passed yet. I will try taking the lemon juice and olive oil for the next few weeks to see if I can prevent another lithrotripsy. Thanks for the suggestion to all of you and it this works I will let you all know."

[YEA]  06/22/2008: JAI from TORONTO, CANADA: "I suffered from kidney stones for over 8 months. i did not want to go for surgery and searched for natural treatment and found this remedy. i had gone thru excruciating pain in the 8 months 4 times. enough to almost pass out. the first time i had this concoction, i didn't have the complete dosage. (2 oz + 2 oz) nothing happened. after two weeks or so, i decided to give it another shot, had the full dosage. i felt some thing and the stone did move, b'cos i had another pain attack. when the stone moves, you get the terrible pain. then i continued the dosage and suddenyl felt my urine flow sort of obstructed, it felt like the stone was now in my penis and was too big to come out. it really irritated the hell out of me. it also burnt and i occasionally felt bad pain. i continued the dosage and also continued to have almost a gallon of water every day. two days after my last dosage, i passed an almost 1 cm stone in my early morning urine. i felt my penis hole stretch and there it was. i couldn't believe he size!! i believe this concoction works but it has to be aided by plenty of water, 1 gallon and also a little running helps. i definitely give it a yea but as i said, aided by water!!"

11/18/2008: Coyote from Cazma, Croatia replies: "When you feel like the stone is in your penis it actually is not! It is at the entrance of the bladder. Here it occasionally creates sharp pain, especially when your colon or rectum fills. Remember Porthos in The Three Musketeers - "Kidney stones. It hurts when I piss. It hurts when I sh*t". And you also might experience constant urge to urinate. It can be here for several days. I even had one at that particular spot for a whole month because it was the first and my doctor didn't diagnose it well and didn't tell me that I had to drink a lot of water to pass the possible stone. In the past I had several stones, the largest of them was about 7 mm. In all cases the entrance into the bladder was always the hardest place to pass it for me (I guess it is the narrowest). I usually feel immediate relief when the stone goes into the bladder. Moreover then I also know that there is only one step for it before I will get rid of it. For all bigger stones (3 mm and larger) that finally went into the bladder I had to relieve my bladder at least twice to get them through the penis. At the first relieve it would usually got stuck somewhere (perhaps because of the prostate) and from that moment you cannot sit anymore because you will feel sharp pain if you try. So I walk and wait for bladder to fill up and then on the second relieve the stone finally goes all the way through the penis. Yeah, this is definitely sharp pain, and once you felt that then you can compare and unmistakably know when it is in the penis and when it is only at the bladder entrance trying to get in. Until now I usually would drink 3-5 liters of rose hip tea daily, especially when the stone is at the bladder entrance. In my opinion rose hip is also great for reducing the urinal infection which almost always accompanies the stones. However, at the moment I have one particularly difficult stone stuck at the entrance of the bladder for last 4 or 5 days so I decided to try the olive oil lemon juice remedy. Hopefully it will help it to get into the bladder. Or even better dissolve, as many of people have said here..."

[YEA]  04/12/2008: John from Chicago, IL: "2 oz Olive Oil, 2 Oz of Lemon Juice:

I read about the above and decided at 2:00 am. I had nothing to loose. I mixed the two ingredients, drank it and followed with a large glass of water. I also added 24oz of Diet Caffeine free Coke. Read some more stuff and finally went to bed at 4:00 am. I decided I would go to to the emergency room at 5:00 if nothing changed. I fell asleep and woke up at 6:00 with the pain almost gone. By 8:00am the pain was gone. I will try a couple more doses today and hope I'm cured. Thanks."

[YEA]  03/17/2008: Rod from Alberta, Canada: "You can count me as 100 percent YEA on the lemon juice - olive oil remedy for kidney stones. My story is this... exactly 8 months and 8 days ago (July 9/07), I woke up at 630am and went to the bathroom to urinate. I went back to bed and immediately the horrendous journey began. I got the most excruciating pain out-of-the-blue, in my lower right back, lower right abdomen and right into the right groin and testicle. Like a burning knife stabbing right through me. Had no idea what is was but it had me writhing on the floor in pain for the next 16 hours at least. Couldn't get relief in any position, not even on the bed, and that is how I ended up on the floor. That night I managed to get to sleep and woke the next day feeling much less pain. Went to the ER but couldn't get in within 5-6 hours so went home. During the course of that week the pain reduced considerably, I had exactly 3 times of smoky-brown urine, but that was it. Was getting back to normal it seemed.

Fast forward 4 months later to November 18/07. Again woke early and got the worst pain imaginable out-of-the-blue again. Exact same pain, but this time was accompanied by violent vomiting that just wouldn't end, even after there was long since nothing left to vomit. Pain, just like the first attack, lasted the entire day and was excruciating again. Got to sleep again that night, and once again pain was less the next day and tolerable, but still hadn't seen a doctor about the condition yet. No blood in urine this time surprisingly enough.

Finally, after close to 8 months of discomfort and frequent urination (up to 25 times a day, I meticulously kept track one week), I went to the ER and sat out the multi-hour wait and saw a doctor. He immediately suspected kidney stones, and got me in for a CT scan after the weekend was over. Scan showed a 6mm calculus (stone) stuck in the right ureter, within an inch or 2 of the opening to the bladder. Didn't know what kind of stone it was, CT doesn't show that and this was my FIRST stone ever, so had nothing to compare to. Got an appointment with the Urologist, and he said there was pretty much no chance of passing the stone anymore if I hadn't done so in 8 months. I had just nicely started taking an anti-inflammatory and a flo medicine, plus drinking gallons of water, hoping that I could still pass the stone since I had just nicely found out that I had one. But despite this, the Urologist booked me for surgery for 4 weeks later.

Then I got desperate for a home remedy, NOT wanting the ureteroscopy surgery. I started with lemon juice but didn't have any olive oil on hand so substituted canola oil in its place. But didn't do remedy right because I was using 2 oz of lemon juice but only a tablespoon or 2 of canola oil because the taste was so bad. Then a week later I got some groceries and bought lots of lemon juice, extra virgin olive oil, and also some Coca-Cola and canned asparagus just in case I needed to try the other "famous" remedy found frequently on the internet.

I took 2 oz of Lemon Juice mixed with 2 oz of Olive Oil, and took this twice a day... once in the mid-afternoon and once in the late evening, at least an hour before bed. I was still taking my 1 flo med each evening, but had stopped taking the anti-inflammatory a week earlier. Three days passed and no success, so I decided to try the 6 cans of Coke and 8 oz of pureed asparagus. It was very hard to do without throwing up, being so full that the distended belly was almost too much to cope with, but I managed to do it.

No success the next morning, so went back to my Lemon Juice/Olive Oil routine. Did that for 2 days, and was giving up hope and down to my last flo med pill. Woke up 5 times that night to go pee, but still nothing. Finally got up for good at 835am, tired and depressed. Sat down to go pee this time (other times that night I stood up and strained through strainer), and while sitting and straining the pee, OUT PLOPS THE 6MM STONE into the plastic strainer!!!!!!!! NO PAIN whatsoever, just weird tickling or tweaking in my lower right side and a bit of discomfort for the first time in my lower "left" back. I was SHOCKED. 8 months, 8 days, and 2 hours and it finally came out!!!

Now to pass the stone after all this time, which most everyone thought would be impossible, was amazing and a massive relief. Was it just the lemon juice and olive oil? Or had the coke and asparagus remedy 3 days earlier also contributed? And maybe the Flomax helped too? All I know is that I danced and jumped up and down with joy after that weird, brownish, oval-shaped stone plopped out like a legless spider or beetle or something. And the last 2 days had just been with lemon juice/olive oil and 1 flo med, so I have to give most of the credit I think to the Lemon Juice and Olive Oil. And NO PAIN, stunning!

So to sum up, if I could pass a 6mm stone, stuck in the ureter for over 8 MONTHS, using the home remedies of Lemon Juice/Olive Oil, Coke/Asparagus, and 1 flomax each night, then there is hope for those in a similar situation. Oh, and drink water like it is going out of style, 10-15 full glasses per day. I was drinking after every pee, every meal, and practically every 30 mins. in between time. No little sips, full glasses of water each time. There was hope and in the end the home remedies worked. 3 days of Lemon/Olive, 1 day of Coke/Asparagus, followed by 2 days of Lemon/Olive worked for me. Thank you very much to EVERYONE that has posted on this "Earth Clinic" site, even the Nays, because in the end the great balanced opinions I got on this board told me that these were REAL people, and it came through for me in the end. Now I have to call and cancel my SURGERY....no 2-foot telescope going up the winky on this guy!!!!!"

[YEA]  01/06/2008: Steve from Chino Hills, California: "re: positive results with lemon juice and olive oil. I consulted my uncle who has 48 patents in blood plasma research. He said it was a dietary issue, and advised me to see a doctor and told me of all the current medical remedies. He said the level of pain associated with stones is higher than that of child birth. His colleague in Europe was the first to bring Ultrasound to the US for use in breaking down the stones without invasive surgery. He also said the lab tests and MRI's would be costly. I currently do not have medical benifits. I highly recommend the lemon juice/olive oil method as a first treatment before seeking expensive medical treatment. Within 24 hours I notice no more bleeding and no more pain. I would like to thank all those who came before me for this simple and inexpensive treatment. I have also made the nesseccary adjustments to my diet, no more Jack Danial's whiskey."

[YEA]  12/31/2007: Jim from Seattle, Washington: "I'm usually the biggest skeptic when it comes to "home remedies" but as others have said I had nothing to lose by trying this one. I'm here to report that the 3oz cocktail of Extra Virgin Olive Oil and 3 oz of Lemon Juice resulted in two wonderful small presents delivered on Christmas day! Thanks to everyone for sharing this remedy!"

[YEA]  12/10/2007: Frank from Philadelphia, PA: "The olive oil and lemon juice remedy absolutely works in helping to pass kidney stones. I've used it on more than one occasion over the years."

[YEA]  10/02/2007: Jim from Clermont, Florida: "I am prone to getting kidney stones and get them about every 2 years. Recently I've gotten them again and of course anyone with stones knows, I would do anything to get rid of it without the surgery. I came across this web site and saw the remedy that calls for 2oz of lemon juice mixed with 2oz of extra virgin olive oil. So last night when I got home from work I mixed up this little witches brew and drank it. The time was 21:00. I went to bed about midnight. At around 07:00 i got up to go to the bathroom and BOOM it came shooting out. I couldn't believe it! The stone was about 1.5cm long and about .5cm wide. It hurt like hell but it sure beat another operation! Thank you for this remidy! (or witches brew!) hahaha"

[BETTER BUT NOT CURED]  08/22/2007: trisha from sherman oaks , California: "well yesterday 8/22/07 i tryed the 2 oz. of olive oil and 2 oz. of lemon juice! and nothing yet except still a little pain it is not as bad wich i am thankful for but if anyone has any other home reciepts i would be thankful for the help to get rid of my 4 5mm kidney stones! thanks again for the help"

[YEA]  08/21/2007: Eric from Schenectady, New York: "Lemon Juice/ Olive Oil (remedy) -- I recently had my first run in with kidney stones. After suffering with the aganizing pain for a few days i went to the er for an xray and it was noted that i had a 5mm stone in my right kidney. The doctor said it may pass on its own or futher action may be required. I decided to wait it out since i didn't have insurance and pain medicine seemed to be getting me thru my day. Then upon reading this remedy on this site I decided to give it a try. I drank the mix on a wed. night before i went to bed. I was pain free all day thursday, friday when woke up there was slight discomfort but nothing that needed pain meds. I then went from sat. to wed. afternoon pain free. Early wed. evening i passed the stone with no pain. I would like to think this remedy was the cause. I would give it a try -- you have nothing to lose."

[YEA]  07/19/2007: Pattabiraman from Sharjah, United Arab Emirates: "am Pattabiraman, Indian, residing in Sharjah, UAE. I had my first stone removed (size - 6mm X 4mm) by Laser Lithotripsy in 2000. Two years later I had another one, came out on its own just few minutes before undergoing IVP diagnosis. This was like a crystal disk. On both the occasions the calcium oxalate stones stayed over six weeks at the lower end of my right ureter tube. On 14th of June 2007, again I felt severe pain on my right flank and I knew another stone had started to move. I was rolling with pain for half an hour. After that I passed urine stained with blood and all the pain went away. After this, for over a month every now and then I felt pain while peeing and the urine was with blood. Also I had a pricking pain at the tip of my penis and severe burning sensation at the time of urinating, especially at the start and end of urination. After carrying out Ultrasound Scan, X-ray and Urine tests, the Urologist confirmed that this could be another small stone still at the lower end of the ureter and prescribed to continue with Ural, Rowatinex and other antibiotics and pain killers. But it didn't improve my situation. My daughter who stays nearby, scanned through internet and found the Lemon juice & Olive oil remedy form your web pages and suggested me to have a try. I know that one of my colleagues removed his gall bladder stones using the Lemon and Olive oil Gall bladder flush method. My wife also encouraged me a lot to go in for that. So I wanted to give a try. I stopped all the medicines on 12th July. I wanted to keep my stomach empty to reduce vomiting and any other uneasy feeling. since I stopped all medicines my pain increase on 13th. Today (14th July, 2007), I got up around 5 'O' clock in the morning and passed motion and cleared my bowls. I took exactly 2 oz. of Extra Virgin Olive oil and 2 oz. of lemon juice and stirred them well. I was not sure of the taste. At 6.30 am I just drank this in one go in few seconds. Believe me, the taste was not at all bad. I didn't have any vomiting sensation or any other uncomfortable feeling. First half an hour I didn't drink anything, After that, every half an hour I took around 400 ml of water. I went for peeing around 7.15 am . I didn't pass anything, but the pricking pain & burning sensation got reduced a bit. After an hour, I felt a bit of pressure at my back around the area of both my left and right kidneys for a short time. Then I was watching TV and felt sleepy around 9.00. I slept for half an hour and when I woke up, my bladder was full, and hence had the urge to urinate. I went to the toilet and peed holding a strainer to filter any particle. There was no pain at the time of peeing and I felt something went through the urine stream. Yes it is the stone around 5mm. in size. WOW !! what a relief in just 3 hours!!. Believe me, it really & definitely worked. Absolutely I don't feel or have any sort of uneasiness through out this 3 hours. My stomach is very very normal and don't feel any problem with my digestive system. I am writing this email (12.30 pm) immediately after removing my stone (of course, proudly keeping the 5mm stone in front of me) with this Lemon Juice & Olive oil method. I definitely encourage those who are suffering from kidney stones to have a try in ths method, before undergoing surgery, Lithotripsy or Shock wate Lithotripsy treatment. Many thanks to your Web Page and Internet service. Regards"

[YEA]  06/24/2007: Chris from Fort Worth, TX: "Hello Earth Clinic and members. I had my first kidney stone in 1997 for a period of 7 months (5 hospitalizations). After finally experiencing kidney poisoning I went to the emergency room and it was remove using the BASKET/CAGE method follow by a Stint for two seeks. In 2004 I had a kidney stone on my other side removed by lithotripsy. I have passed 2-3 small stones since then. My large stones have been 14mm and 10mm.

June 23-2007 @ 6PM Central

The stone I have now is smaller but stuck. I found this site and went to the store to get the needed supplies.

I like olive oil and use it often in my cooking. I like lemon added to water. So I got home with everything and mixed 8oz Lemon juice with 8oz Olive Oil, and 2oz Lime juice. The hairs on my chest grew in magnitude as I drank what should be know as the "FORMULA - KIDNEY, NASCAR" As I write this, I have just started drinking water and will soon take a very long hot bath. I figured that if the 4oz FORMULA works, I would drink about 20oz and then it should work for sure. No Nausea experienced however the Heart Burn was something else. I drank this FORMULA over the course of 30 minutes. I will report more when there is more to report."

[BETTER BUT NOT CURED]  06/08/2007: Mason from Anytown, NC: "06/07/07 Saw lemon juice/olive oil mix on line and decided to try. I have had 8 invasive proceedures since 1992. There are over 20 stones in left kidney and 15 in right. Lithotripsy, grabbing and laser have not worked. I have passed one stone in 15 years. The drink wasn't bad at all. Within 5 minutes 95% of the pain was gone. Five minutes later I was running to the toilet where I spent the better part of the night with burning diarhia. It's been 12 hours and I still have diarhia and the pain is still subdued. I am concerned about another 2/2 drink as I am afraid I will end up dehydrated from the massive fluids coming out. Lemon Juice/Olive Oil definately relieves the pain, just stay close to the toilet!"

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