Olive Oil and Lemon Juice for Kidney Stones

Last Modified on Mar 19, 2014

What Are Kidney Stones?
Kidney Stones are crystal aggregations of dissolved minerals in urine that usually form inside the kidneys or the bladder, and can cause a lot of pain when passing them. Symptoms of kidney stones are unfortunately quite painful, though they may not cause any symptoms at all until they start causing pain: pain below the ribs or back, pain in the lower abdomen and groin, pain while urinating, cloudy or strong smelling urine that's colored red or brown, frequent urges to urinate, and nausea.

Fortunately, we have received an overwhelming response from our readers on our kidney stone remedies' page for the combination of lemon juice and olive oil, making it our most popular cure for kidney stones at almost 300 yeas.

Instructions for This Kidney Stone Treatment Home Remedy:

Mix together two ounces of freshly squeezed lemon juice with two ounces of olive oil and drink it all. Follow with plenty of water. Repeat this natural remedy treatment two to three times a day until the stones are passed (can occur anywhere from 1-3 days).

Also check out our original page on Natural Remedies for Kidney Stones!


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Lemon Juice and Olive Oil

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[YEA]  03/04/2014: Karla from Louisville, Ky: "Lemon and Olive oil for kidney stones

3 days ago. Mine hit me like a ton of bricks. One day I was fine the next day flat on my back, with Hydrocodone, Advil, and a valium not even TOUCHING the pain. I knew what it was just through evaluation although I had never had the pleasure of experiencing one. Everything they say is true. I had to crawl to the bathroom the pain was so severe. Started researching as a last ditch attempt before going to the ER, followed by CAT scan and all the other lovely goings on that I knew would follow. :/ Earth Clinic has been a go to site for me for a decade now and has never failed me. Fell onto the Lemon/Olive oil suggestion and immediately tried it. By this time it was evening of the first day. Woke up next day, "thought" it felt a little better...did another round of it that morning...followed by a 2nd round before bed. Next day felt 80% better!!!! Followed same routine. Today (3rd day), I can barely feel it. Will continue this protocol until it disappears completely. ?? To my knowledge, I haven't passed anything or was so small I wasn't aware of it. The progression feels more like to me that it's dissolving (?). Is anyone aware of what the technical principle is behind how this works ? (which it obviously does..?) as in say, what role does the Olive oil play? Can Ted explain it, I would love to know his thoughts on it. Thanks AGAIN Earth Clinic. You are a life saver!!"

[YEA]  02/11/2014: Monty from Philadelphia, Pa: "I had been diagnosed w/a 4mm kidney stone in the hospital ER via CTscan. Dr gave me pain killers & naseau medicine-that's it. Went to Uroligist 2 days later-he gave me Flomax-no results. I found this site here & gave the olive oil & lemon juice a try. 3 days later I'm totally pain free! I haven't seen a stone yet, so I'm guessing it got dissolved by the oolj mixture. Like Drano for kidney stones!"

[YEA]  02/09/2014: Cecile from San Jose, Ca: "THIS IS SO CRAZY! This is my 3rd round with Kidney stones, came upon this article and read about the remedy of lemon juice and olive oil?

Was already scheduled for surgery, tried the remedy for 2 days and past it and with zero pain, just plain amazing, just want to thank everyone for their feedback...you guys cured me!

Thank you, Any advice on a weekly remedy to keep them from coming back?"

02/09/2014: Mike62 from Denver replies: "Cecile: I eat 85% raw organic produce and 15% raw grass fed animal products. I feel better than in my entire life."
02/09/2014: Dave from Fountain Inn, Sc replies: "Hello Cecile,

Congratulations on eliminating kidney stones. I've succeeded in riding myself four times. As preventative do the same thing but on a small scale;

Take lemon juice from one half lemon in glass of water six times in one day. (Three lemons.) Do that one day a week as a preventative. If still problems, double the once a week as preventative."

[BETTER BUT NOT CURED]  02/10/2014: Wsb26 from Michigan replies: "Hi! I just started this lemon juice & olive oil remedy this past week due to symptoms of a possible kidney stone. All i can say so far is that when i get pain in my lower back and around by abdominal, it goes away after drinking this mix. I am still waiting for stone to pass. I really hate this feeling and it is quite frustrating."
03/19/2014: Rajesh from Chennai, India replies: "This remedy can be a permanent fix with following procedure, it takes 48 hrs to disolve all the kidney stones without pain/trace and no doctor fee absolutely.

Day 1

1. Drink a cup of apple juice every one hour, should take atleast 6 to 8 classes on that day.

2. Should intake glass of distilled water for every 30 min after taking apple juice. if you're not getting distilled water, regular purified water is good enough.

3. No foods on day 1. (No breakfast, no lunch, no dinner)

Day 2

1. Take cup of lemon juice mix it with cup of extra virgin olive oil.

2. drink 5 or 6 tablespoons of mixture for every 15 mins untill entire mixture is taken.

3. cook 6 peeled bananas for 15 min's with cup of olive oil. (yess.... it's regular banana fruit)

4. cut the banans into pieces and eat every single piece in 15 min interval.

5. Once everything is completed, you will be urged for natural actions with in 2 to 3 hrs where u can see all the kidney stones comes out."

[YEA]  02/02/2014: Pippaprescott from Cumbria, UK: "Definitely YEA, because I was diagnosed with a 6mm kidney stone which they said was borderline for treatment. So they sent me home after giving me a pain killing jab. At home , in desperation I found earth clinic and this cure And took two doses of the 2oz lemon/olive oil on 2 consecutive days.

I found that this immediately stopped the pain so that all I felt was pressure and discomfort. After a couple of weeks that went too.

Now, 8 weeks later , I have just been for X-ray and the doctor was astounded that it was gone, but also that I had not passed it . The lemon and olive oil must have somehow dissolved it! In his disbelief he is sending me for a CT scan to make sure its gone, but I know it has because I have no symptoms at all .

Earth clinic is a fab idea. I am now going to try some of the hot flash cures too!"

02/02/2014: Prioris from Fl, Usa replies: "Please be aware that there is almost no need for surgery when it comes to kidney stones. They have many products on the internet that dissolves the glue that holds kidney stones together turning them to mush that get excreted out. Home made solutions can work also. The advantage I think with some products is that they address different aspects like possible infections. Do not have any surgery. They can be cured them naturally. Doctors will generally not mention this."

10/16/2013: Carolina from Ocala, Florida: "I was reading all the great results people have with the olive oil and lemon juice mix when having kidney stones. I do have a 5mm stone coming down my ureter, I was told my ureter is narrow due to some scar tissue I developed after a previous surgery. (no kidney or ureter related).. My question is: have anybody in this group try to pass the stone with OOLJ having a narrow ureter? Any suggestions? Thanks!"

10/18/2013: Janie Y from Illinois replies: "The thing that really works for me is apple cider vinegar! I have suffered several times with kidney stones. ACV had come to the rescue! I had a bout with it a while back and with-in twenty minutes the pain (severe lower back pain) had subsided.... I still had the pain but it wasn't as severe - I might add that when I had the attack, I couldn't even straighten up... I hurt soooo bad! I felt it all in the lower back area! I took a couple more doses (two Tbles. ) about every three hours throughout the day until the pain was completely gone. The way I understand it is that the ACV goes in and softens or breaks down and dissoves the stone... Causing it to crumble. I have seen remnents of it in the stool later on after taking the ACV. It looks kinda like sand that's washed up on a beach! I take apple cidar vinegar every day now. I still suffer from kidney stones once in a great while (I drink tea a lot and this causes kidney stones, , , BUT - I am hooked on tea, I can't help it)!! I will just take a bigger dose of the ACV and it works! I talked to my doctor and she told me what to watch out for if indeed I am passing the kidney stones... She told me that my urine will seem frothy (bubbly), and there will be tiny grits of what looks like sand that will float to the bottom of the stool. That's exactly what I see when I have had a kidney stone attack and they pass! Hope this helps! Have a great day."

[YEA]  10/09/2013: Donna5783 from Dothan, Al: "I stumbled across this site after returning home from the emergency room the other day diagnosed with a 3.6 mm kidney stone. I was not even searching for home remedies, I was searching for an image of what the stone might look like. Thank God for Earth Clinic! I tried the lemon juice and extra virgin olive oil remedy at 5pm the day after returning home from the ER. The stone passed WITHOUT ANY PAIN at 1pm the following day. Am going to search this site for some other ailments that have been troubling me. Thank you Earth Clinic!"

10/01/2013: Jannyjo from Seattle, Wa: "I had my first kidney stone last year, two days before Thanksgiving, with a household full of company. They hauled me out the door to the ER the day after Thanksgiving. I had a CT scan and they found one 5-6mm stone on my right side and said there might be one on the left side. Although they sent me home with pain meds, I began vomiting non-stop and went back and spent another 8 hours in the hospital before they again, sent me home to wait for the Blasting machine that would be available on Monday.

I have had four children through natural childbirth, and have NEVER felt such pain as I did with this stone.

Now here I am almost one year later and it's begun again. Two days ago I thought I had food poisoning. Then by last night I realized what was wrong and spent a night unable to sleep, wandering the house, waiting for morning.

A friend told me to take 3 Naproxin and research some home remedies since I did not want to repeat what happened last year. Then I came upon this site. I've had my first Lemon Juice/Olive Oil drink and will repeat that mid-day and tonght. Hopefully I'll have a great report like many others have posted here.

I'll be back!"

[YEA]  10/03/2013: Jannyjo from Seattle, Wa replies: "IT WORKED!!!

I drank 2 oz lemon juice mixed with 2 oz olive oil. Then went to the Urgent Care for them to do a urinalysis in case it was a UTI (which my doctor's office recommended) because it was the end of the day .

The Urgent care doctor's assistant argued with me and told me I did NOT belong there, but I should be at the ER. I nicely told her I was trying the lemon juice with oil treatment to see if it would pass on it's now. Again she told me I should NOT be seeing the doctor there. She was not very nice about it. But finally came back with the doctor.

The doctor then told me she would not prescribe pain meds when I SHOULD be in the ER so they could do a CT scan to see how big the stone was. I told her about reading about the lemon juice and and oil and they both looked at me like I was going to wave a magic wand over myself. I told her nicely, that I was doing what my doctor's office recommended, and that they felt I could try it my way for a few hours, if I could tolorate the pain.

They both did everything but roll their eyes and told me they worried about me being septic, and how fast that can move. I assured them I would be back if I ran a temp. Or was in great pain. And they said, "So you'll end up in the ER anyway, so why not go now?"

Grrr. I did the urine and it came back with blood and they said, you do have a kidney stone. And they said since my episode started out with diarrhea, that was very abnormal (yet I've read that it happens that way with a lot of people! ).

ANYWAY, I drank the second glass, took more Naproxin, and went to sleep. Wokr up in the very next morning, passed the stone... Felt it. It was a one second, Yikes, moment. When I pulled it from the jar, it broke into 7 pieces in my hand. It was bigger than the 6mm stone I had last year!

I am SO happy! I will use the lemon juice any time I do this again. This is my second round with a kidney stone. The incident last year, involved an eventual UTI, two ER visits, a reaction to pain meds, a 12 hour hospital stay, and a 5 day wait for a blasting machine.

Happy, in Seattle!"

[YEA]  09/09/2013: Kim from Id: "I've been having kidney stone pain for just over a week. I'd have good and bad days. Last night and today were pretty terrible, not gonna lie. Well, I tried a few tablespoons of apple cider vinegar and that did help with the pain, but I was still miserable from the pressure so I tried the 2 oz fresh squeezed lemon juice mixed with 2 oz organic extra virgin olive oil. I ate it with a spoon. It tastes like lemon juice - totally not gross or anything! I KID YOU NOT, within one hour I passed a stone that was 1/2" long and 1/4" wide! Without pain. Not making this up. Still a little shocked! There may be more, so I'm going to keep using this amazing remedy for a day or two. I love earth clinic!!!"

[YEA]  06/03/2013: Chronicstones from Tulsa, Oklahoma: "Lemon Juice and Olive Oil for Kidney Stones: I can say this really worked! Had an ER visit and CT scan and they informed me my left kidney stone (3mm), passed but still show another possible 3mm stone in right kidney. This would total 4 for me in a 3 year timeframe. Was at home 3 weeks later and felt the wonderful pain again. Took (1) Ketoprofen 75 mg 1 hydrocodone/acetaminophen5-325 TB thinking the pain could be bearable for what was coming... Three hours later, pain still pulsating and no results I read this topic online. Mixed 2 ounces of pure lemon squeezed juice by hand and 2 ounces of olive oil (not even virgin etc. ). In 15 minutes the stone came out of my body. I'm a beliver if this and was trully amazed. Thank you!"

08/07/2013: Shaun from Uk replies: "Hi there diagnosed witha 5mm stone in right side 2 weeks ago. Went to a/e 4 times in this period and sent home each time after having morphine. It's a nightmare, am off work and just waiting around for next attack to come. I will try the lemon and oil approach from today and let you know if it really works..."

02/08/2013: Sue from Fairfax, Va Usa: "To all the very helpful EC readers,

I went through an agonizing night of what was confirmed as kidney stone pain. Apparently I passed a small one on my own, but CT scan showed 3 more small (1 or 2 mm) ones in kidney. I'd like to try to dissolve them with the lemon juice/olive oil procedure. Should it be taken on an empty stomach? Or does it matter?

Alternatively, I've read here that chanca piedra is good for dissolving stones. However, I have pretty severe osteoporosis. Would this affect my bones?

Heartfelt thanks, Sue"

02/12/2013: Kelly from Jacksonville, Florida replies: "Hi Sue-I have been doing quite a bit of research on Chanca Piedra, I can't find any side effects other than it may affect blood pressure medicine, according to clinical trials.. All clinical trials and user reviews show no other side effects. It seems like a very healthy supplement.. It is just a natural herb that benefits all types of stones, including gallbladder and kidney stones. I am waiting on an order of veggie caps for myself. I suffer from Chronic Kidney Stones (100 +) in the last 2 years. I hope this helps and Good Luck to you...

Please try it-if u are not on heart meds. Right now u are fortuanate enough to have small stones. The danger of passing stones is that if they become stuck u can perforate your urinary tract (ureter, or develope a UTI or worse.. sepsis-which is a blood infection that can easily and often does develope when the urine flow is blocked and begins to back up ur urinary tract. Sepsis can lead to death within hours and must be treated immediately and aggressively w/antibiotics. Remember that if you get a fever, chills, sweats etc-do not hesitate to go the E.R.!! Upon arrival-make them aware that you have a documented case of multiple kidney stones and are experiencing signs of an infection and possible obstruction. This is considered to be a medical emergency at that point and should be handled as such."

02/12/2013: Sue from Fairfax, Va Usa replies: "Kelly, thank you so much for your very informative and thorough reply. I am not on heart or bp meds so am certainly interested in trying this herb. I know I'm lucky to have just a few small stones at this point and want to do whatever I can to prevent the horrible complications that are possible. Thanks again and stay well!"
02/26/2013: Rick from Sterling Heights, Michigan, Usa replies: "Yes, 5MM, 2 days, thanks."
[NAY]  02/26/2014: Martin from Alabama replies: "Tried remedy 4 days straight...no success"

09/15/2012: Davet from Kokomo, Indiana: "After having fought the battle of having a kidney stone for the last 5 days, with no real end in site, I decided to try your lemon juice and olive oil remedy. I have had several in the past, and have stents along with sonic treatment in the past to break them up to pass them. I don't recall how big any of them were, but frankly they all felt like a VW bug being passed through. I hope this works! I will check in later to let you know. Thanks for the site."

09/16/2012: Davet from Kokomo, Indiana replies: "Well folks good news to report. Since posting last evening about taking the Rx of Olive Oil. Lemon Juice, I said I would check in. After taking the substance, I frankly felt nothing and ended up having my one my worst nights. On top of the main issue, I began having anexity over running out of my regular meds, since this was now working on day#6 and really had streached my meds to the fifth day, but in no way did I have medication for day #6 and beyond. The only rational thing was to contact the ER, talk to the doc and hopefully either check me in to the hospital or in at least give more meds.

Then low and behold at 10pm, just after watching the new Breaking Amish show, I got up to pee. Everything was cool but then my stream stopped. I was really like a friggin hack saw inside the shaft of my doodad, then suddenly out shot a rock about half the size of a marble. The pain was pretty bad, but only for about 20 seconds. There was a little blood, not much. I am praying that this was the monster of the deep vein. (Still thought I peed out my grandsons Volkswagon Bug! ) So all in all the lemon and olive oil trick certainly didnt hurt anything at all by trying. I will do it again."

[YEA]  09/17/2012: Davet from Kokomo, Indiana replies: "I wanted to share that I did pass the kidney stone after drinking the lemon juice and olive oil. It took about 24 hours and obviously could have passed it anyway. I will say that I fished the stone out and took it to my Dr. who said it was the largest stone he had seen that was passed "naturally". I hope I never will have another, but having them about every 12-15 months for the last 5-6 years, who knows. I will use the juice and oil again if there is a next time."

04/09/2012: Kristen C. from Reading, Pa: "I have had calcium oxalate stones in both kidneys for at least 15 years. I've passed at least 5. The least painful experience was last year, after I tried the olive oil/lemon juice remedy. I sat in a warm bath and sipped it slowly and followed it with tall glasses of lemon water. I passed the stone the next morning.

My question to all of you who have experienced passing multiple stones, many without pain: I have numerous stones in both kidneys. I am hesitant to use this remedy to try to remove all of them at once. My experience was dealing with a stone that was already moving. As you know, the stones I have in the kidneys don't bother me until one of them pops out. The thought of pushing them all out at once, is kind of horrifying.

Have many of you successfully done this? Was it painful? Did it take long, weeks, months? Did you have to take a vacation and plan on feeling terrible with percaset at the ready? I am seriously contemplating trying to cleanse my kidneys completely, but I don't want to incapacitate myself indefinitely.

Thank you for sharing your experience."

[NAY]  01/18/2012: Phil from Pinehurst, North Carolina: "Tried this but it did not work. Stone and pain are still there. Pain has increased."

05/30/2013: Pari from Perth, Wa replies: "I started having a little pain from last night, this morning I got olive oil and lemons. Just had a mixture, finger crossed. Will let you know soon."
06/13/2013: Srini from Hyderabad, India replies: "Hi, Any update, did it work?"

[YEA]  01/10/2012: Bec from Perth, Australia: "Thank you very kindly everyone for this great posting. I went to the Doctor during the New Year and it was reported nothing could be traced on my urine. However, I was experiencing extremely burning sensation during urinating time. The Doctor offered me to go for scanning instead just to make sure everything was alright with me. At the same time, the Doctor prescribed me some antibiotics which according to the Chemist it was just a general antibiotic type. After taking this antibiotic for 5 days, I was still feeling really unwell and I am sure if you had the same experience before you would understand how exactly I felt.

This afternoon, the pain was just unbearable and I was searching all over the Internet until I came across your home remedy. I rushed to the shops and got myself a bottle of Extra Virgin Olive Oil and 2 fresh lemons. It worked perfectly and the pain seems to disappear into thin air although with the side effect like feeling nausea.

To everyone here, a very BIG thank you from me to all you for posting your kind suggesstions and comments. Thanking you very kindly. Kind regards, Bec."

[YEA]  01/24/2012: Mark from Columbus, Georgia replies: "Tried the lemon juice and olive oil concoction times 2 doses over a six hour period, once in afternoon and once before bed. It worked!

Woke up feeling 100% better and NO PAIN.

I am very grateful to everyone for this remedy. I suffered through the pain for 4 days and it was getting worse by the day and I was getting desperate. I also couldn't afford to go to a doctor."

[BETTER BUT NOT CURED]  06/10/2011: Johnboy from Floyd, Va: "Thank you so much for the info I am 25 years old and had my first round with kidney stones. When the back pains first started I called my mother for advice she told me there was little that could be done save going to the doctor and since I am unemployed I did not want to go unless I was in so much pain I could not stand it. Then after dealing with the pain for a over a week (during which time I got married) I got online and searched for some home remedies. I found this site and tried the Olive Oil and Lemon juice coctail after doing 2 a day for the last three days. I have passed a few and the pain is getting better. Thank you guys so much for the help."

[YEA]  12/12/2011: Ven from Timmins, Ontario replies: "YEA!!! Here it goes. Went to the ER with very strong pain from the abdominal towards the groin area. CT picked up a 3-4mm kidney stone. Spent almost 2 weeks on cocktail pills. Pain was in and out with different intensity for another 4 weeks. Started around 7:00P.M on Dec 08/12 the therapy with 60ml OO/LJ followed by 2 long glases of water approx. 0. 950L. Then every 30 min another 2 glases of water for about 2 hrs. Woke up the next morning and around 7:00 AM took the second shot of the OO/LJ mixture. I kept doing this for 3 days. Dec 12/12 approx. 2 hrs after the mixture I felt faint movements in the lower abdomen/upper bladder area. 5 min later the stone popped out with almost no pain at all. Dark color at around 4mm, flat with small corners.

I will keep taking the cure till the whole "thing" is flushed out.... Broke off I am not sure. I will keep posted....

It Works. Try it out. It Works.

Great website. Thank you very much guys for the this excellent website."

[YEA]  01/02/2012: Igor from Osijek, Croatia, Europe replies: "I can confirm that this remedy works. Two days after Christmas, about 6.30 PM I got strong pain in my lower back, with no prior announcements (except some tendernes in my groin region and car driving became unpleasant). After initial cramp pain subsided for little it moved to front lower abdomen. Tried warm showers that eased it somewhat but at 3AM I could stand no more and went to ER. After giving me anesthetic that did not help much, was sent to urinary clinic, examined by ultrasound that revealed no larger stones, urine tests that showed some blood and finally X ray clearly displayed 3-4mm stone at the entrance of ureter (tube that connects kidney and bladder). They gave me another stronger anesthetic by injection and pain finally relieved. I was told by Dr. to drink lots of water, 3-5 liters a day and walk as much as possible. If that doesn't work they'll have to put the probe up to my penis and ureter to remove the stone. It sounded as an ugly procedure. I was given pain medications. My wife found this oil/lemon remedy on the net and I've tried it. Used 60mL of olive oil and 60ml of squieezed lemon juice, mixed in a glass. I must say that it did lower the pain after a first drink. It was evening, when pain usually increase. Next day I had 2 drinks, in the morning and evening. I did not walk much as it was unplesant but not painful. On a 3rd day had another drink and went away for a walk, about 2 km. Came home and pissed out some blood and black stone chunks, some 3 pieces with no pain at all. Continued to drink lemonade and herbal teas to wash out urinary system and prevent infections.

So, seems that it works, both in pain reduction and expelling those painful SOBs.

Regards to everyone and Happy New Year."

[YEA]  05/10/2012: Jody from Kansas City, Missouri replies: "I've had kidney stones for years. Searched and searched for a remedy with no luck! Then, about 3 weeks ago, that old pain started in my back and intensified within an hour... Off to the emergency room... As the nurse was taking me back to the room, she told me about her daughter and her fight with kidney stones. This prompted her to do research and she found a medical study that concluded lemon juice does help! I did some online searching and found one here: http://www.ncbi.nlm.nih.gov/pubmed/8709360

a note on this: I'm not sure of the medical terminology with this, but in rare cases the stones are CAUSED by too much acid in the urine... If you try this and the pain increases, STOP!! For me, however, the pain immediately decreased, and my 8mm stone began to dissolve. It took about 4 days for the stone to pass, with significantly reduced pain! I caught it in a filter and it was broken and dissolving! Soooo happy to have this info!"

06/27/2012: Tara from Carthage, Ny replies: "This is a life saver. I was told I had multiple stones with one being 8 mm. The doctor scheduled me for a sonic blast but I did not want to do this... Invasive or not. So I found this site and took 2 oz. of EVOO and 2 oz. Of 100% lemon juice. That night I passed a stone about 4 mm and also passed one the next morning about 2 mm. Then I passed another 2 mm one the same afternoon. All with no pain. I continue to drink Lemon juice throughout the day and drink lots of water. I also take Chanca Piedra. One dropper full twice a day. I am hoping that the big one has decreased in size or came out. I will request another CT scan before I think about the sonic waves to break them up. Good luck!!!! Definitely worth a try. Nothing to lose! Thank you everyone for the advice!"
06/27/2012: Heather from San Diego, California replies: "Please follow up when you've had your scan. I'm interested in this too. Tried a similar formula when I had pain, cysts and infection in the kidney (even though my ultrasound showed no stones), I passed several pea sized stones, and felt much, much better with 95% reduction in pain and # of attacks.

I started doing this thinking it was totally hokey and that the stones were probably just cholesterol or fat deposits developed from the olive oil and (in my case) grapefruit juice BUT I did a grapefruit and apple juice fast for the first day prior to ingesting any oil whatsoever, and 100's of small stones were coming out the first night, 24 hours after my last bite of food with fat in it and several hours before ingesting any olive oil required int he flush, so that changed my mind about it being complete hogwash.

(I eat, routinely, a LOT of coconut oil in my diet - at least 2-3 tablespoons per day, sometimes more.)

Anyhow, would love to hear how your scans look."

[YEA]  06/30/2012: Stephen from Mt. Rainier, Md replies: "felt crappy for a week, then started xperiencing serious pains in my kidneys. had kidney stones many years ago, so was familiar with the pain. wife was out of town, really didn't want to go to the hospital, drop the kids on someone in the middle of the night, so I started searching and found this site. drank lemon juice and olive oil at four in the morning, wokeup pain free, with some residual aches. a day and a half later, felt another stone working it's way down, continued with the concoction, so far feeling great. will continue as needed. thank you so much for this information!"
07/04/2012: Corrina from Vancouver, B.c Canada replies: "I passed a 2mm stone in the ER a month ago and it was an excruciating process. Was told today by the urologist that a recent ultrasound shows a 5 mm in the kidney and a few smaller ones as well. My question: If I do the olive oil/lemon juice thing do I start that now or do I wait until the stones start to move? He's offered me lithotripsy as the big stone is too high up to go in and crush at this point. Will the olive oil and lemon juice concoction help break the stones down?? Anyone?? Freaked out in B.C."
07/05/2012: Helpyourself from Houston, Texas replies: "Try one oz. fresh squeezed lemon, chase down with one oz. olive oil, a.m. and p.m. Perhaps surgery will be unnecessary. Do this for a few days. Good Luck!!"



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