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01/05/2014: Hartrose33 from Lansing, Mi: "Do you know what I can do for painful Polyneuropathy? I am not diabetic and the only thing the Doc's give me are pain meds. Please let know as soon as you can."

01/05/2014: Mike 62 from Denver, Colorado replies: "Hartrose33: Google daily strength raw vegan diet for neuropathy. Take the hawaiin spirulina and chlorella in a 2:1 ratio. Whole Foods in Lansing has whole trade bananas at 60c a lb. These are organically grown without the costly organic certification. Most of the nutrients are in the peel. You can make soothies from 4 peels per day. They have grass fed liver. this is very high in b vitamins. You can take 3og/day with 5000 iu d3 or the a to d ratio is too much, 4oz/day raw grass fed hamburger, and 3 raw pastured vital eggs/day, 1 tsp. flax oil, green smoothies from organic baby leaves, high in b vitamins and growth factors, and raw honey. They have bee pollen in the fridge. Soak for 24 hours in an acidic juice before taking. Eat 80% carbs from fruit and honey, 10% raw protein, and 10% fat per calorie. 1/2 the fat is saturated. God's Goodies are the raw whole foods that He gives his lovable creatures because He wants them to be well and happy so they can adore creation."

R-Lipoic Acid

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[SIDE EFFECTS]  05/14/2013: Delores from Kansas City, Mo: "Art/Vancouver/R-lipoic acid: I tried Art's protocol for neuropathy. He recommended 500 mgs 3/day...I got up to 700 mgs once a day and woke up with calf cramps on both legs front and back. From 4:00AM to 6:00AM screaming calf cramps. Maybe I'm using the wrong brand (natrol)? They do seem to differ a bit."

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07/09/2014: Rickdavis from Av: "For the last little bit, my hands tingle if I hold the phone/fork/toothbrush for several minutes. Why?"

07/09/2014: Dave from Fountain Inn, Sc replies: "Hello Rickdavis;

Do BOTH hands tingle when you hold an object for a few minutes? Or just the right hand? Or the left hand. If the problem is in just one hand, I'd guess a muscle is pulled or a ligament is torn. I'd had something like that before and I try to use the thumb of the other hand to push the muscles and find the tender place. If you find that spot (you'll know it)...then apply some DMSO onto skin there and repeat a day or two later.

If BOTH your hands are doing this, the problem may be in the neck but normal numbness in the hand caused by vertebra misalignment is on one side or the other...usually, but not always. Any neck pain?

If there is damage in the vertebra caused by lesion damage to the nerve, then that might account for such symptoms. Multiple Sclerosis can cause numbness but I don't want to frighten you. MS is usually associated with mercury toxicity. That and coupled with a virus...some contend, that the combo of mercury (or other heavy metal) and virus can cause lesions. You'd need an MRI to confirm the presence of lesions. I believe there is a program that one can employ to kill MS progression; such as the use of Calcium AEP (google, "nutrition review calcium AEP") as well as cleansing the body of mercury and using anti viral substances."

07/10/2014: Rickdavis from Av replies: "Yes, whichever hand I use starts tingling. It makes driving difficult, because the hand controlling the steering wheel starts tingling and the other is tingling from where it rests on the wheel. Thought maybe blood flow? I do have arthritis in my neck, but that's from years already and the tingling is new. I was exposed to mercury as a child, but over 40 years ago--would it take this long to show up? Thanks."
07/11/2014: Dave from Fountain Inn, Sc replies: "Hello again Rickdavis;

OK, that bit of info helps. The fact that you have an arthritic neck would well explain the problem. That would mean not just a vertebra is out but calcium deposits are in your neck and such a condition could be cause for the tingling in the hands.

The mercury issue is possible and I'd have a toxicity test done to see if I had heavy metal problems. Mercury can be chelated out of the system.

Back to the arthritic neck; I have that too. Calcium in a curved cervical. Manipulation for me was the answer (not cure) as I was able to obtain relief by mechanically moving the curved vertebra back to normal (alignment). And a good chiropractor was able to help by using a drop table (face down) to get the curve back into the neck. The curve of the series of cervical should be toward the throat a bit...Not protruding outward. One should not be able to "feel" with fingertips the neck vertebra coming out the back of the neck; that would indicate a reverse curve. Usually the misalignment in the neck is out left or right also.

Well, back to the problem I have what you may be experiencing.... I'd visit a number of chiropractors for a consult. Only let one take x-rays and be sure to obtain a copy for yourself. Use that to visit others. In my opinion I would NOT let a doctor "twist" your head (face up) holding your head in his hands. That, in my experience is counter productive.

Again, you want a doctor who will have you face down on a drop table (it drops maybe a half inch as the doctor slightly forces the catch mechanism to release and with his hand on the part of my neck that needs to mechanically move back in place.)

My neck curve was restored to a reasonable degree and I could even feel (with fingers) the movement because the vertebra that HAD been bulging were back in place. Instead of out the back of neck and to the side, after six or seven treatments that bulging was gone and literally I could feel the vertebra deeper into neck.

The technique is called by some of the doctors the "Pierce technique" named after a chiropractor who developed the method...or at least who made it popular.

Stay away from the neck twisters variety if you decide to get some help. I speak from experience."

07/11/2014: Rick from Av replies: "Thanks so much for your response. I had forgotten, but years ago I had a 'neck twist' by an amatuer--said she could 'lift' me by my armpits and fix my back and wow did it hurt! . For my arthritic neck, I had a neighbor who was a physical therapist who showed me exercises for a bulging disk (over 15 yrs ago). I had forgotten all about that, so will start that again."

05/06/2014: Trishb from Denver, Co: "I have been diagnosed with polyneuropathy which started after an auto accident a few years ago. My doctor diagnosed it as Restless Leg Syndrome at that time. Diagnosis now polyneuropathy. It feels like I have no strength in my legs, get tired just from doing almost nothing and my feet feel like I am walking on prickly blocks of wood. I had back surgery last year and although back is fine, legs/feet still the same. I have tried ALA and saw some relief, lots of B-12 and found to be deficient in Vitamin D so I have been working on fixing that. Wondering what Niacin might do.....just bought L-carnitine as someone suggested that as well. Also will try boswelia and turmeric combo. Appreciate all info and I am grateful to have options as pharma drugs not for me! Thanks in advance for your help."

04/25/2014: Toddr34 from Sumter, Sc: "My wife survived chemo/radiation for female cancer which appears to be successful, however only weeks after finishing treatment she developed terrible nerve pain in buttock then moved down the whole left leg and foot. Doctors think there is nerve damage in the hip where a nerve bundle passes through. Thigh muscle now barely can lift up her leg, she is using a walker for about a week. on high pain meds twice a day, but still has pain all day and break through pain that is terrible, pain doc says he has given all the meds he can and see you in 2 weeks. Getting a second opinion next week. I need help for the pain and neuropathy, especially bad in the foot. There are so many people selling an answer it can be daunting trying to sort out what might really work. She stands to lose her job if no solution can be found. We have three boys and our life has changed drastically, any help is appreciated!!!"

04/26/2014: Timh from Ky replies: "Toddr34: First thing to do is see a Chiropractor. Nutritional supplements that will help are GABA 1grm before retiring. 1grm NAC daily will improve detox. Selenium/Vit-E/CoQ10 will improve detox and energy. Whole body hot bath w/ 1/4 cup Epsom Salts & 1/4 cup Baking Soda will help eliminate poisons also. Fish, Krill, or Flax Oil will improve integrity and regrowth of nerve tissue (as will the GABA). Be sure to eat adequate high quality protein. Canned Sardines has quality protein, Essential Fatty Acids, and DNA/RNA. A high quality Multivitamin/Mineral w/ super foods will help. Solaray has a very good Women's Multiglandular that will help in healing and restoration. Raw Liver Tablets are a great superfood.

All these suggestions will help clean, strengthen, and rebuild the body as well as nerves. Toxic cancer treatments are very catabolic (leaving the body sick & weak). These suggestion will increase the anabolic potential of healing & rebuilding."

04/26/2014: Nanowriter from Hotspot, Texas replies: "The B vitamins support the nerves, especially B12. "Could it be B12?" is a book discussing how nerve damage can come from a simple vitamin deficiency. She can supplement with liver and brewers yeast for the b vitamins at low cost.

Also look into the book "Drug Muggers" to find out what vitamins and minerals were depleted by the particular chemo drugs so you get an idea as to what may need to be replaced.

High dose vitamin C may help with the pain. I think it was Dr. Hoffer who used gram dosages of vitamin c to relieve pain in a cancer patient. You can get the powder on Amazon."

03/23/2014: Larry T. Jackson (tommy) from Olive Branch, Ms.: "I have neuropathy. A lot of control loss in my legs. I'm on disability and the insurance I have is a joke with medicaid. I get very little help from them and I'm looking for something affordable that I can do to help myself. I tried acupuncture but at $70 per visit and they wanted me to come 3 times a week, that was not an option. I'm looking for someone that can give some direction. I'm 50 yrs old and get around like I'm 80. Any help you can give would be greatly appreciated."

03/23/2014: Dave from Fountain Inn, Sc replies: "Hello Larry T Jackson,

Re the neuropathy problem...

I've been a big advocate for the "nutrient" and vitamin like substance called AEP... known as Calcium AEP, but do not be confused....this AEP is not another form of calcium. The nutrient is the AEP.

Just fantastic for neuropathy. I'd take four in the morning and four at night.

There is a good web "nutrition review calcium AEP" and you will see how many problems AEP can help with. LOTS of history to AEP.

Just this morning I'd overdone the sugary pastry (Sunday addiction) and my feet started hurting. Four AEP later... aching gone."

02/05/2014: Tony from Jacksonville, Florida: "My fingertips have been numb for 7 days. Any suggestions?"

02/06/2014: Candy from Fort Madison, Iowa replies: "Go see a chiropractor. Your neck or back might be out of alignment."
02/06/2014: Man from Sojouring America replies: "Question Tony: Do you also have the issue in your toes? The question I would explore is blood sugar. Is yours right? The first thing that comes to my mind is diabetic nerve issue from excessive blood sugar. Just a thought when I saw your statement."

01/26/2014: Geno from Eureka, Ca: "Hello! I have had gradual symptoms of neuropathy since 1998. The latest have been cold like sensations starting in my feet and are now all over my body including my face/head. I've already had the burning sensations in hands feet and legs.Wwhich have went away except leaving a dull achiness. Which is tolerable as long as I stay away from nightshade foods. DO YOU KNOW OF A CURE? are there supplements that can treat this? I appreciate any feedback. Thank you, Geno"

01/26/2014: Prioris from Fl, Usa replies: "Take 5000 mcg sublingual B12 methylcobalamin every day. This is the most popular cure. Lots of success with this alone. Will know within 2-4 weeks whether it is working.

Take 300 mg B1 benfotiamine in morning and 300 mg B1 benfotiamine in evening for two weeks. Then down to 150 mgs B1 benfotiamine in morning and 150 mg B1 in evening for maintenance. I believe you should know within 2-4 weeks whether it is working.

Try Alpha Lipoic Acid but I think this is really for diabetic neuropathy

I'd start with both the methylcobalamin and benfotiamine"

01/27/2014: Mike62 from Denver replies: "Geno: Put 1 cup spring water, 1/4 organic lemon including the peel, 1tsp. expeller pressed coconut oil, and 1 tsp. flax oil into a blender. Grind up and drink. Do this 4 times per day. This must be done properly because the citrus pectin is required to emulsify the oil. Cut the ends off a large organic banana. Cut into 4 sections including the peel and put into the blender with 1 cup spring water, some organic chili, 1 tsp. raw cocoa powder, 1g colostrum, 1g Hawaiian spirulina, and 1/2g chlorella. Grind up and drink. Do this 8 times per day. Put 1tsp. desiccated Argentinian liver, 1tsp. sunflower lecithin, and 1tsp. non denatured whey isolate into 1 cup spring water and drink. Do this 4 times per day. 3 times per day take 1ml skate liver oil."
01/27/2014: Robert Henry from Ten Mile ,tn replies: "HI U GENO, , , , , , , , , , , I learned this from a patient who has neuropathy due to Hepatitis C. She takes Alpha Lipoic Acid daily and also takes It by IV monthly. My problem is due to diabetes and although I take ALC daily, about twice a year I do an I.V. and which keeps my feet free of pain.

=====OLE ROBERT HENRY=========="

01/27/2014: Om from Hope Bc Canada replies: "A couple of years go or more I suffered from neuropathy badly in my left foot. I did research and also came across ALA but decided not to use it as there is eventually a loss of certain vitamins, as well as the cost.

Since then I have taken high amounts of vit C from the Indian goose berry which is AMLA. I take it daily in powder form, soaked in water with some honey. I also use the same regimen with turmeric. But the AMLA has removed that terrible electric pain to this day. By the way, honey is a good conductor rather than DMSO and is good for diabetes regardless of those voices that cry "sugar". Amla keeps the arteries supple and prevents the damage from diabetes, together with turmeric with hemp oil.

Namaste, Om"

01/27/2014: Becca from Abilene, Tx replies: "I have found 900 to 1200 mg of sustained alpha lipoic acid a life saver for some neuropathy that I was experiencing from 4 herniated discs in my neck and back, along with burning mouth syndrome. I also take A C E Selenium, and Zinc supplement and 15,000 IOUu of vitamin D3. I do alkalize with lemon/baking soda each morning."
01/28/2014: Prioris from Fl, Usa replies: "Just a note for Becca. If you still have the herniated discs, refer to my posts on Hyaluronic Acid. As people get older, their synovial fluid can become depleted of HA causing herniated disc. It needs to be highly absorb-able kind."
01/28/2014: Betsy from San Diego replies: "Robert Henry, What do YOU take for neuropathy and have you been successful?"
01/28/2014: Robert Henry from Ten Mile, Tn replies: "HI U BETSEY, , , , , , , , , , , , , What all need to understand is that I am not a guru. I am just an old dog that has been down lots of dusty trails. I am a polly parrot as I just repeat what I have experienced or what I have read. I have no lab which I have done all these grand and glorious experiments. I have neuropathy because I am a diabetic. I take Alpha Lipoic Acid supplements and do the IV's twice a year. It works for me as I have no foot pain. I just tell all what works for me. Others have solutions that you may want to consider.

What makes me want to cry is that I have an MD within 20 miles who does Naturalpathic things that most of you have no access to. Times are changing as more doctors are disgusted with conventional medicine of only treating symptoms. Hope this gives you a trail to follow. Read and read some more.

=======OLE ROBERT HENRY============"

01/28/2014: Becca from Abilene, Tx replies: "Thanks...I will. I do still have the herniated discs but therapy and ALA has made a huge difference. I also had a sudden onset of burning mouth syndrome about 6 months ago when a specialist that I started seeing put me into a hyperthyroid state with a medicinal overdose of thyroid medication and the ALA has been a God send for that as well. I still take a low dose compounded thyroid medication (from a different doctor) but am supplementing thyroid/adrenal builders in hopes of getting off of the prescription meds. I will be ordering blood work in a couple of weeks to check some of my levels to see if my regimen is working. I also have noticed that my blood pressure has dramatically decreased to the point that I only take a BP pill once or twice a week if I feel that I need it and my vision has improved. My hope is that the next time I see my doctor and show her my lab results, I will be medicine free and feeling great! At the moment she has no idea about the regimen that I have researched and put myself on...but she is a great doctor and firmly supports natural healing over prescription when it can be achieved!"

11/28/2013: Grannyguru from Oro Valley, Az: "I tried licorice extract for shingles. It did nothing to help.

I stopped taking L-arginine and that did help a lot, but the shingles still continued.

Spraying calamine lotion also helped.

I tired a ton of things from earth clinic; I can't even remember them all.

I still have shingles, but it IS going away."

11/28/2013: Little Wing from Boston replies: "My mother cured her shingles with massive doses of L-Lysine (1500-3000 mg/day), ACV soaks (soak towel, let sit for 10-15 minutes a few times a day) and this phenomenal gunk called WonderSalve from Durham's Bee Farms. Hope this helps you."
11/28/2013: Dave from Fountain Inn, Sc replies: "Hello Grannyguru,

About Shingles;

Here's a salve remedy that has worked amazing well over the years.

Ten caps of cayenne pepper. There are different units of heat, just choose any

Five caps of NATURAL Vitamin E to make sure the cayenne does not burn the skin.

Twenty drops of colloidal silver.

Twenty drops of DMSO to carry the ingredients to the site of the nerve where the virus is raging.

Apply the salve (gooey) to the eruptions. Let dry for two hours. Rinse off and next day you should notice the eruptions have gone from angry red to rust color. Re apply the salve the next day. Let dry for two hours.

Repeat two days later if necessary. I got rid of mine in two applications. If the immune system is impaired then you'll see a longer time for recovery.

Also, drink a tablespoon of the Colloidal Silver daily for a week or so and two caps of cayenne and a 200 iu capsule daily of the natural E (NOT synthetic) daily for two weeks.

The cayenne will cauterize the virus and the CS will also kill it. The DMSO is a carrier/solvent and the E is a healer and will keep skin from being burned by the pepper."

10/31/2012: Joanna from Philadelphia, Pa: "I have terrible peripheral neuropathy. I have tried everything to no avail.. Recently heard about Helichrysum essential oil for neuropathy. Does anyone know anything about this? and how do you take it? Thank you"

10/31/2012: Tina from Houston, Usa replies: "Joanna from Philadelphia, Pa: My mother has seen dramatic improvement in her neuropathy conditions incl Sciatica, pain from Osteoporosis and Arthritis and Scoliosis.

Helichrysum Essential Oil is a wonder oil in her opinion, she uses it diluted 50/50 (with a base oil like almond, jojoba, etc) on the location of the pain, and also on the feet (where the nerve endings of hundreds of nerves are located). And finds relief from pain within 10 mins at best.

It is IMPERATIVE to use therapeutic grade essential oils, because they are absorbed by the skin (the largest organ) and if not the right type, they can do damage to the body. My mom swears by Helichrysum oil and alternates that with a blend of essential oils for neuro related pains.

I hope you get some relief, Tina"

10/18/2012: Wayfinder from Modesto, Ca/ Usa: "Having done some reading on this, have found that early gangrene involves great pain in legs, followed by numbness, then skin turning black. One suggested treatment was a hyperbarric chamber to put oxygen back into body, or use of home-oxygen. Definitely seek doctor's care if skin is turning black! Right away!

And here is a quote:

"Of particular interest at this point is the recent work of Dr. Steinberg (1), of Jewish Memorial Hospital in New York City, in the successful treatment of gangrene of the legs and feet with sodium ascorbate. In five cases of long-standing gangrene, resistant to other forms of treatment and some scheduled for amputation, the administration of up to 5 grams of sodium ascorbate daily, in addition to other treatment brought about improvement and healing in a few weeks."


10/16/2012: Karen from Tampa, Fl: "I have peripheral neuropathy and hepatitis C. I currently have very cold legs (from the knees down) and EXTREMELY cold feet. My toes and the top of my feet are turning black. Don't know what to do. I cannot take cayene as it makes my tinnitus increase too much. Any suggestions would be greatly apppreciated. Thank you for reading."

10/17/2012: Andrea C from Cardiff, Wales replies: "Are you able to prop your legs above your heart?? LAY ON YOUR BACK and prop your legs ABOVE YOUR HEART. If you are able LAY ON YOUR BED AND PUT THEM UP AGAINST A WALL or on any furniture with a wall you can do this xxxxxx Also try magniesium. I am not trying to scare you, but you REALLY need to try to get that circulation going again. Is there any one that can help you?? I live on my own so I crawl, around when no 1 is here in agony, just to do simple things xx But will your self to live!!! It helps also xx Many times I wake up feeling very negative, then argue with MYSELF!!! LOL XXX Wether it be inside my head, or if I can I shout at myself in a mirror as well xxxxxxx hope this helps you sweetie I KNOW how afraid you feel and the pain you are going thru xxx I get days when I think SOD THIS!!! But that's when I shout at myself, and force myself to do what I need to do xx I am not always succsesful, but I KEEP ON TRYING!!!!! NEROPATHIC PAIN IS A BITCH!!!! I know, I have had it for years, but if you can do something to distract your self that will help too. Sitting thinking about the pain makes it a LOT WORSE because you become 'trappped' by that thought xx I am still learning and I am not saying its easy love, but the more you dwell on it or tell youself it's coming the worse it will get. I don't see many people so I have to keep my mind occupied so I do things like 2x2 in my head to give me something to think about and tell the pain to ^%$##@!!!!! I hope this helps love xx I know how bad it gets, even typing, etc. Have you tried CAYENNE in a much smaller dose at all?? J ust a tiny bit on the edge of a teaspoon?? You don't need to take loads of it for it to work xxxxxxxx Hope I have been of some help Love Andrea c xxxxxxxx"
10/17/2012: Mmsg from Somewhere, Europe replies: "Karen, can you try putting cayenne externally? I've heard it helps too."
10/17/2012: Karen from Tampa, Fl replies: "Andrea, I thank you for your great concern and thoughtful suggestion. I am trying to get over the constant pain and numbness and electrical shocks etc. Etc. I will survive although it's a day to day thing...Bless you"
10/17/2012: Karen from Tampa replies: "Mmsg, I'll mix some castor oil with cayenne and put a small amount on one foot and see what happens... Thx for advice.. Bless you"
10/17/2012: Connie from Slc, Utah, Usa replies: "Hi Karen; This sounds like a potential Emergency to me. Blackening of toes and feet may indicate gangrene is occurring. Please Go to the Emergency Room. The infection could spread quickly and threaten your life!

The ER may have to use IV antibiotics, but it may be necessary because of this type of infection.

This infection could be from high blood sugar, diabetes. Take very serious measures to lower blood sugar.

Many people have had success with Alpha Lipoic Acid for lowering blood sugar."

10/17/2012: Bess from Calgary, Alberta, Canada replies: "Andrea - I love your attitude and spirit... You go girl!

For Karen, I was wondering (along with Mmsg) if she couldn't put some cayenne into lotion and massage it in. There are even creams you can buy at the health food store containing capsicum (although it's cheaper to do it yourself - starting with a small amount of cayenne and working up gradually). My Dad has bad leg circulation and he has to sleep with his feet/calves on pillows. If he doesn't, he's in severe pain in the morning. Good luck! Bess"

10/18/2012: Wayseeker from Modesto, Ca/ Usa replies: "Hi Sweetie: I also had creeping numbness, agonizing chronic pain in my legs, and some muscle wasting, and electric shocks and brain sloshing. I was on a popular serotonin re-uptake inhbitor that nearly killed me, and left me bleeding from my eyes and ears: signs of liver shut-down. The doc only wanted to give me more and different. I quickly titrated down and off instead, which saved my life. Had I followed his orders, it would have killed me... And he didn't even recognize the clear signs of liver failure. I ended up with full-blown fibromyalgia due to the stress the drug caused me. People have sued. The stuff is potentially deadly.. And handed out like candy... With very little indication of its neccesity, and super-fast, no-test diagnoses. Of course, docs get a substantial kick-back, and even trips to Tahiti, and own stock in the big pharm that makes the drug, which you then stay on for life, paying residual income to them. That's a conflict of interest if I ever heard one!

Now, solution time. The thing that helped me most of all, was an ancient Native American recipe called Ojibwa, what we call Essiac tea, or Floressence tea. I also researched Guaifenisen thoroughly, and followed the protocol. This removed lactic acid and took away 1/2 of my pain. However, I now believe such stressors and drugs gobble up ravenous amounts of Vit. C, which leads to a downward spiral. Hot baths and keep moving when on your feet. I had a circulation problem somehow, too. An initial diagnosis of peripheral neuropathy was proved incorrect by a mild shock-machine nerve-test by a top neurologist, showing the problem was not with my nerves at all. I have now healed about 3/4 of the way, by natural means. And I surely am fine mentally, and always was. Go for it! --T."

09/27/2012: Silentex54 from San Antonio, Tx: "I had the shingles which really shocked me. I was sitting at work one day when it felt like I had gotten bitten by a bee on my upper ear. I started getting like fever blisters on my bottom lip and inside my mouth. Then I got a big cluster of blisters right above my ear on my scalp, went to the Dr and was told I had the shingles. I started getting the sores on my face & scalp. The pain was bad and the pain medications the doctor gave me was not working.

Then I found this website. I sent my daughter to buy a bottle of L-Lysine, some Vitamin E oil, a bottle of Organic ACV and Subliminal Vitamin B complex. I took one pill of the L-Lysine (1000 mg) and less than 30 minutes the pain was gone. Unbelievable but true. Started applying a mixture of ACV with a couple of drops of Vitamin E oil onto the blisters and sores. Within a couple of days the blisters and sores were almost completely gone. I also drank 1tbs of ACV with water every 4 hrs and took the Vit B complex to help boost my system. Also didn't have any sugar nor sugar substitutes, no sodas, regular nor diet. I found through my research that the shingles virus love to feed off of sugar. So, I stayed away for it and it help me recover so much faster and also help me stop drinking sodas which aren't good for you anyway. I also, now, watch my sugar intake since I am diabetic.

Although, the shingles have gone, I am now left with the Postherpitic Neuropathy on the left side of my face. This is ten times worse pain that I have ever felt in my life. The pain is undescribable. I was given the drug Gabapectin. I currently take 1800mg per day which leaves me very tired. I can no longer work because of the pain & the meds. I have had to file for disability because Drs don't know how long it well last. Dr says it could take months to years or it may never go away. Any suggestions on how to relieve this pain would be greatly appreciated."

09/27/2012: Mr. Ree from Somewhere, Usa replies: "I was also on Gaba and it did NOTHING... I take tumeric 3 times a day and it helps... This along with high dose of vitamin c... 5 grams or more... Exc. pain reliever...

If it comes up again use licorice extract.. COMPLETELY gets rid of shingles in 3 days..."

09/28/2012: Wayseeker from Modesto, Ca/ Usa replies: "DMSO 50%/50% concoction with distilled water, applied with sterile cotton. Keep out of eyes! Stops pain, inflammation, and goes down 7 layers of skin. Make sure face is rinsed clean, and patted dry, as DMSO carries everything with it. Wait five minutes to absorb, then apply small amount of organic coconut oil on top. --T."
09/28/2012: Mr. Ree from Somewhere, Usa replies: "Please don't let a doctor talk you are anyone into getting a shingles vaccination. If you get shingles just put licorice extract on it. In three days it will be gone!!! DEAD gone!"
09/29/2012: Oldriska from Prague, Czech Republic replies: "Dear Silentex54, First off, I am very sorry to read about your neuralgic pain. I have atypical trigeminal neuralgia with pain in my teeth and lower jaw. I took Neurontin, which made me sleepy and depressed, now I am on Lyrica, which I seem to tolerate better (still, there are bad side effects) and I also take anti-depressants. I wish to go off drugs completely, because I think in the long run they can do more damage than good. There is no miracle drug or supplement which would cure neuralgia, but I find that magnesium supplements, reasonable diet and low stress (which is so hard to achieve with this condition) help me the most. Some people have been helped by acupucture, I get mixed results from it. There is an online community of people suffering from this condition and they often recommend lidocaine patches when the pain gets bad, perhaps you may want to try those, although they only treat the symptoms not the cause itself. Good luck and stay strong! Oldriska"

08/04/2012: Daniel from Sparta, Mo.: "Danny has had a burning neuropathy in his feet for the past 3 months now and is in a great deal of pain.. he has an appt to see a neurologist. but to get through each evening is a royal pain. as he is in pain and very restless. his dr. put him on ambitripilene. this kinda gets him through the night..."

08/05/2012: Ken from Perry, Ga replies: "I had something very similar and found out that diabetes was causing mine."

07/15/2012: Richard from Richford, Vermont: "I am in my late 60's weigh 147 lbs. 5' 11". I have no earth shaking diseases - just had my physical. Border diabetic (1st. time ever), prostate normal swelling for my age, and have been on mostly fruit in am./soaked raw nuts and avocado, raw veg. Salad for lunch and meat (grass fed)/ brown rice or sweet potatoes/semi raw veg. For dinner. I cut out white flour and any sugar also for last 2 months.

Can't figure out what would cause the numbing of (primarily left foot) balls of my feet.

If anyone has any thoughts or experiences I would appreciate hearing from you.

Thanks so much - love this site!!!!


07/15/2012: Carly from Seattle, Wa - Usa replies: "Hi Richard. Look at / google Alpha Lipoic Acid... It is a supplement I have read about that helps peripheral neuropathy, opening up the small blood vesels. It is supposed to be excellent for diabetics. I have not used it myself, but have heard so much good about it re your symptoms I was compelled to write in.

Also - take it with / after food, and do not lay down for 30 mins after taking.

Good luck! :-)"

07/16/2012: Louwrence from Rustenburg, North West, South Africa replies: "Hi Richard, Kidney problems can also cause the same symptoms."
07/17/2012: Richard from Richford, Vermont replies: "Thank you Carly and Louwrence for your input. I just had an MRI for my prostate and my results showed some "sludge" in my gall bladder and nothing else - at least visually. I will look up both suggestions however and research it farther. Thanks again for even responding - much appreciated. Richard"
07/19/2012: Tinydancer from Dayton, Ohio replies: "I had the same thing, except my numbness was in both feet and hands. I read the book " Could it be B12 ". I started using the B12 supplements along with a B Complex and my numbness went away. ( fingers on right hand still a little numb) Hope this helps."

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