Lyme Disease Remedies

Last Modified on Apr 22, 2014

Holistic treatment options of Lyme disease are often more effective than antibiotics and prescription medication. Tweaking the daily diet as well as supplementing one’s daily routine often relieve the symptoms of Lyme disease and naturally cure the condition. Small changes like exercising, taking probiotics and adding herbs to a daily routine destroys Lyme bacteria in the body and reduces symptoms.

What is a Lyme Disease?

A tick-borne illness, Lyme disease is the most common in North America and Europe. Caused by the bacterium Borrelia burgdorferi, an individual becomes infected when an infected tick bites and feeds on the blood. The bacteria enters the body through the bite and then spreads throughout the bloodstream. Detecting the disease early is crucial but not easy. Signs and symptoms may mimic that of other conditions and include rash, fever, chills, fatigue, body aches and headache early on. Later stage signs include joint pain, neurological issues, heart problems, inflammation of the eyes, liver inflammation and severe fatigue.

Lifestyle Remedies for Tick-Borne Illness

If caught early enough, Lyme disease can typically be treated using several lifestyle remedies. Regular exercise augments the amount of oxygen in the body and blood, which acts to destroy the Lyme bacteria in the blood. Additionally, probiotics taken daily boosts the number of good bacteria in the gut, supplementing the immune system.

Herbal Treatment for Lyme

Certain herbs have also been shown to suppress microbial threats like Lyme disease. Andrographis, cat’s claw and sarsaparilla constitute three of the most important Lyme disease treatment options. These herbs effectively suppress Lyme bacteria with limited side effects or reactions.


An antiviral and antibacterial herb, andrographis has proven to also have patristic properties. Often used in treatment for common viral illnesses, this herb delivers a variety of healing properties. Regular dosing of this herb delivers liver protection, immune enhancement and cardiovascular benefits, making it a good addition to a Lyme disease fighting regimen.

Cat’s Claw

Known for its treatment of microbial conditions, cat’s claw is an herb used primarily in treating Lyme disease. The herb offers several healing properties including antiparisitic, anti-inflammatory and antioxidant benefits.


An antibacterial herb, sarsaparilla is particularly effective for treating infection. Additionally, it delivers anti-inflammatory properties and antioxidant benefits. Sarsaparilla is a safe, natural Lyme disease cure.

Early detection is key to successful treatment of Lyme. However, following a strict, natural treatment regimen can offer extensive benefits at any stage of the disease.

Apple Cider Vinegar

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[BETTER BUT NOT CURED]  02/03/2010: Diane from Foley, Alabama: "Lyme Disease-Ted do you have a remedy for Lyme Disease? I suspect that this maybe what I have. Pain in my shoulder blade-Pain in my hip- Knee- and ankle with some swelling and it's all on my left side. I have taken Organic ACV and it has relieved the pain and I am functional again. I do not want to go through a series of antibiotics that is recommended."

06/30/2013: Anonymous from New York, Ny replies: "If you think you have Lyme you need treatment. I don't have it but I've researched this. Please consider getting the RIGHT tests that are crucial in identification and treatment. The test your MD orders is not right. The one you need Igenex labs test it is accurate test. The reason you want to move quickly with Lyme is that you want to kill this thing early on before it gets a foothold into your system. Unfortunately ACV is not going to cut it with something like this. My friend had early detection took antibiotics was cured."
11/12/2013: Eastcoast from New York replies: "Salt/C is an alternative for lyme disease that works. It combines vitamin C with Himalayan salt in measured doses throughout the day. The longer you've been infected the longer it takes to heal, but this works! If interested check out the book The Salt C plus protocol for lyme infection by M. Fett."

Apple Cider Vinegar, Lugol's Iodine

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[BETTER BUT NOT CURED]  06/24/2010: Llltdia from Melbourne, Florida, Usa: "lyme disease

I have been using 1 ACV, 1 tsp. organic honey and one drop of Lugol's iodine in water that has fluoride and chlorine filtered from it. Filter pitcher is on amazon. I take it with breakfast and lunch and dinner I take the ACV and honey without the iodine. Seems to be the best thing I have ever tried. I may increase the iodine to two drops because it is really giving me a tiny bit of energy in just a week."

10/07/2010: Coloredoctave from Portland, Oregon, Usa replies: "I learned about my LD just four months ago and realize I have had it my entire life. I had already been taking Iodoral and ACV with honey at 25mg per day. Recently, I upped it to 100mg a day, dividing the doses between Iodoral and Lugol's, because of my gum disease. My gums have quieted down and I am feeling good. I am shocked that iodine isn't first on the list for treating lyme."
11/01/2013: Linzie B. from Myrtle Creek ,oregon replies: "OMG!!! about misinformation!! If you had it for WHOLE life I seriously doubt that you would be living still. This disease robs you of your life, become "housebound", so ill the thought of even getting out of bed to shower is a BIG commitment. Feels like a 24/7 =365 days flu or killer hangover from drinking cheap booze -it hurts & it can kill you eventually . Must get tested by IGeneX lab, only lab that specializes in testing for Lyme & co-infections. If you think you might have some form of arthritis that your DR. cannot nail down ...DO NOT EVER let ANY DR. suggest cortisone shot -can & will make your symptoms 10X worse.

Google Lyme -go to youtube, before you get bit by a tick especially you are a person that walks your dog along rivers, parks, a hiker , enjoy taking your children to parks where there are ticks even in trees, lawns, because they fall off birds now!!!

It's every where, EPIDEMIC sweeping the world, please educate yourself, nobody else will ."

11/03/2013: Julia from Massachusetts replies: "Not everyone with lyme or born with it would be dead already! I have had it 20 plus years there are over 30 strains and each case varies. Please do not instill fear in others with such a general statement. I live on Cape Cod and most of us have some form or the antibioties! They are so many factors that must be considered diet enviorment and emotional toxins lifestlye etc"
01/28/2014: Linzie B. from Myrtle Creek ,or replies: "Ok, I re-read what was said about having Lyme their WHOLE life, and again , if you had it your whole life , swollen gums would be the least of your worries!!! And a dose of Iodine and some ACV is not going to do anything for you, may help for that day to relieve symptoms. But people do die every day from Lyme. You should be scared of this enough to tell every person you care about more than once ...People cannot get rid of this disease now. I've seen people "Think" they've rid their body of it, only to have it return with a vengeance, also it can lay dormant in some for years. But to not take it very seriously is a huge mistake."

Avoid Arginine, Take Lysine, Moxa

08/12/2012: Avalon from Boston, Ma Usa: "I was plagued with shingles for years until I found out that I really had Lyme Disease with herpes 6 as one of the coinfections. Finally doing well with a few small outbreaks here and there if I eat foods with too much arginine and don't take enough lysine to compensate. Two grams of lysine 3x per day is as effective as Rx to supress the virus. Also, I notice a difference in my tendons, they make a clicking sound as if they are too tight, just before an outbreak. If I up the dose Lysine at the first click, no rash develops. Moxa is very effective in halting the outbreak of rash and stopping the itch/pain instantly; heat the area with a moxa stick to a "zing" sensation 3 times for instant relief. Search: "Canadian Lyme Assoc Symptoms" and "arginine foods". All my fave foods were loaded with arginine. Good luck!"

Bee Venom

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09/10/2010: Tommy from North York, On, Canada: "Hi everyone, I just want to share with you an information about the bee venom and Lyme disease. The Bee venom contains a peptide called Melittin and this peptide has shown to have a very potent antimicrobial activity against Borrelia. spp as well as Candida spp and mycobacteria spp. I don't know if there is a remedy using the bee venom but it seems promising as an alternative for the sufferer with Lyme disease."

[SIDE EFFECTS]  12/29/2012: Cin from Visalia, Ca replies: "I did try the bee Venom... I had a bad reaction to it.. The worse ever. Either I was having the worse herx or I was just plain allergic to the venom. I could not move, think, talk, seizures, hallucinations, & breathing. It was the scarest ever. I then had bought the face cream ( did not even remember it had the venom in it) put it on my face the nest day. BAD BAD BAD swollen numb, couldn't breathe, hard time walking, thinking again. So if you are allergic to bee venom, not a good idea. As a child I would swell up 3x the size after getting stung. So maybe I was allergic to the venom. Be safe with it if anyone tries it. Truly, Cindy"
03/14/2013: Duh from Melbourne, Fl replies: "Obviously, you are allergic to it. Anything that's known to cause possible allergic reactions... One would do a small test. After hearing that you HAD an allergic reation from bee sting and you swelled up 3x's size... Uuuhhhh... Hmmmm... Yeahhhh... Sounds like you are allergic. Don't repeat."


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07/19/2009: Greg from Hackettstown, NJ: "HI....... I wanted to start taking Borax to help eradicate my Lyme symptoms but of course I am concerned about it's safety. I have a box of 20 Mule Team on hand and am fully prepared to give it a go using Ted's measurings. But first I found an MRSD on Borax that said once ingested Borax becomes Boric Acid in the body. Clearly this would be a problem. The MRSD goes on to state that the effects would cause a myriad of problems including the testicular pain that another poster described at an earlier date and time. Ted....your response to him (Dave I believe his name was) was that he didn't take the Borax correctly but after re-reading his post it looked as if he did follow the recipe. As I said I am more than willing to give the Borax a shot at the Lyme but I don't want my being desperate to cause me to do something that will worsen my health. Ted, can you please clarify your response to Dave and/or answer the question about the MRSD claim of Borax becoming Boric Acis upon ingestion? Also can you please clarify your response to Dave regarding his experience. Thank you so much.


EC: Kindly email Ted directly ( with your questions!

[YEA]  12/05/2011: Sm1lelady from Boyertown, Pa replies: "There is a post at ehealth my meema stating that using Borax as a shower soap and leaving it on 5 minutes helps with Lyme Disease. So you do not have to ingest it. Note that Borax is safe for humans in low doses but used in pesticides because it is very toxic to arthropods. It is also mentioned as a cure for arthritis--which I sometimes see mentioned as a symptom of lyme (joint pain)."
03/13/2013: Mauve from Houston, Tx replies: "How do you mix it for a shower soap? My son is an MS patient and I suspect he also has Lyme. Thanks"

Colloidal Silver

03/26/2014: Mama To Many from Tennessee, Usa: "Dear Dave,

I believe one time in a post you mentioned using Colloidal Silver to treat Lyme's Disease. If you don't mind sharing a protocol for that some time, I would be interested in hearing it. I am already hearing reports of this being diagnosed this year and would like to be prepared ahead of time for my family, if need be.

Thanks so much,

~Mama to Many~"

03/26/2014: Dave from Fountain Inn, Sc replies: "To Mama to Many;

Re Lyme disease...

Of course, bacteria transmitted by tick bite is at work. Different kinds of Lyme and also there may be "coinfections" which accompany the particular parasite and another bacteria.

Within days of the original bite, the infection can be in the blood stream; into joints and attacking the brain.

Well, not only coinfections by the two mentioned above but there must be (by my belief in the ubiquitous nature of viruses)...but also coinfection by any number of viruses. The tick leaves saliva which inhibits antibody production by the human victim.

There is a good article on Wikipedia on Lyme.

Now, as to treatment. I've come across one case I'm sure of and another that was positively diagnosed.

Friend bitten while he and his wife were on a hiking trip to forest...the identifying round rash in his case, on back around shoulder. In days the pain had migrated to right side of neck and in a week or two he went from vigorous and healthy to barely able to walk twenty yards down the street. Mainly he was bed ridden.

I believe he had been to three specialists and with no solution...he'd been given antibiotics of course over five months.

Treatment: Colloidal Silver mixed fifty fifty into DMSO cream and applied to bite site and neck. Then daily consumption orally of six tablespoons of CS, twice daily.

I told him if the CS was going to work he's actually feel his energy coming back within a month but in fact, in the first week he said he felt like his "old" self for the first time since the bite.

After a month, he was working again. And now (five years later) he is doing well with no problems.

Now here is the problem with analyzing what happened...

What did the CS kill? Was the bacteria that normally causes Lyme or one of the coinfection assailants...even a possible virus? Or did the CS kill it all?

No way of knowing. My thinking on the Lyme issue is this: Act fast with LOTS of CS and Echinacea. The Echinacea applied topically for a few days and drinking 6 drops in a glass of water three times daily with the topical application for two days, repeating on white cloth soaked with the Echinacea three times each day...that is a new soaking each time. The idea is to have a LOT of Echinacea on the site of the bite for two days. Then on the third day, I'd go to DMSO with CS mixed and applied topically for two days. Three applications daily for two days. AND, finally I'd be taking six tablespoons of CS orally twice daily (away from the Echinacea). I'd take the CS orally for SIX MONTHS to make sure the infection was killed.

The CS must be high ppm. Mine is 100 ppm and I make my own. Generators can be bought on line inexpensively...Google "colloidal silver generator inexpensive" and you can buy one (battery powered) for 70 dollars. I make it by just adding twenty grains or so of salt to two cups of heated water (90 degrees F) and immersing silver "rods" that come with unit and immediately you see the white cloud of silver atoms coming off the negative pole. In five minutes you have a cloudy concentrate. Dilute repeatedly with filtered water until you see no cloud and do not taste any metallic.

That is the solution I know is strong but not too concentrated. I use as a nasal irrigation or as a gargle. I drink that CS four or five times weekly (five tablespoons) to kill latent viruses and bacteria in my we age the immune system loses potency. But if I had a known infection I'd triple the dosage for three to six months. If I had a Lyme issue...certainly for six months and maybe a year."

03/27/2014: Mama To Many from Tennessee, Usa replies: "Dear Dave,

Thanks a bunch. I really appreciate the information!

~Mama to Many~"

03/28/2014: Mt from Ottawa, On replies: "According to Stephan Buhner, tea of Astragalus root is a preventative for Lyme disease."

Contraindicated Vitamins

02/26/2013: Ann from Brevard, North Carolina. U.S.: "I have chronic lyme disease (25 yrs.) and need to know if vitamin D and zinc are contra-indicated for this. Would like to start taking them but lately have seen in some comments that they are not good for any auto immune disease. Please inform!"

Dietary Changes

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[BETTER BUT NOT CURED]  09/10/2010: Carol from Flushing, Michigan: "It is estimated that as much as 80% of people diagnosed with fibromyalgia have Lyme disease. This is a bacterial infection caused by the bite of a deer tick. Also there are secondary infections that go along with it as well. Finding a doctor that can correctly diagnose you is a problem however. I was chronically ill for 14 years before I was diagnosed with Lyme disease. I currently drink Goji Juice. Diet and nutrition are very important. Foods such as dairy and wheat can contribute to inflammation. I also found that nightshades like tomatoes, potatoes, red and green peppers affect my joints."

05/31/2012: Sharon from Hazleton, Pa replies: "Goji berries are increasingly popular because of their high antioxidant content. However, this fruit is part of the nightshade family of plants. Other berries, such as ashwagandha, an herb used in Ayurvedic medicine, Cape gooseberries, but not normal gooseberries, ground cherries and garden huckleberries, but not blueberries, are also considered nightshades."
12/18/2012: Lucyjane88 from Hereweare, Texas replies: "I think diet may be the key to it all. Glad you mentioned such. I have been dx with Tourestte's (from very early childhood), and SLE (lupus). A firend of mine thinks it's all Lyme disease. My son has Tourette's too. I was actually bitten by deer ticks in the Blue Ridge mountains years ago, as was my dog. For years we had the same symptoms, and were on the same meds! Finally, a vet tested her, and she was positive for Lyme's disease. I don't remember being tested, but have been on very long courses of abx over the years for different things. It's all about inflammation with me. If I could take away the inflammation, everything would be fine. Many food, and so many enviro toxins make me sick. My joints ache just thinking about bread. My sweet little boy tics like a clock, and has depression adn emotional problems. He also has learning/cognitive issues, and poor muscle tone. My friend who is involved with Lyme research says that I probably passed it to him when I was pregnant. Is there anything I can do to help him? I am resigned to my disablility, but he is so young and suffering."
02/06/2013: Susie from Crystal Lake, Il replies: "It's very likely both you and your son have Lyme. I have it and my son has it who also is on the autism spectrum. I suspect all of his symptoms are caused by Lyme. Please find an ILADS doctor to test and treat."
[YEA]  02/22/2014: Susan from Macomb, Mi replies: "LucyJane88 Our family is very familiar with Lymes. Treating w/antibiotics did help but MORE SO was a complete NO GRAINS diet, including rice, corn (grains), oats, & all dairy (casein) protein, sugars and no aspertaine or HFCS (high fructose corn syrup). May you & your child feel better soon."

Documentary About Lyme

03/09/2013: Curious from Malaga, Spain: "Documentary about Lyme Disease:"

09/15/2013: Carol from Sammamish, Wa replies: "Thank you for the link to the film. It was very informative."

General Feedback

07/23/2012: Elena from Staten Island, Ny: "I am really grateful to the things I have read here about lyme disease. I am grateful for people's sharing their practical experience about their anilmals health. It really calmed me down and informed me. Thank you so much for this site."

06/30/2012: Sid from La Honda, Ca: "I have Lyme disease and am being treated by a Lyme doc. Please understand that you can waste precious time using unproven remedies to kill this spirochete, the Lyme bacteria. Science shows that this very slippery critter is VERY hard to get under control. It not only likes to hide out in joints, but also loves the heart, brain, and the nervous system. I was fearful of taking antibiotics, so started with a very capable naturopathic physician. Tests are important to not only verify what you have, but to check to see what other coinfections have piggybacked on to your weakened immune system. Each coinfection also has a particular way of being treated - and some of these are quite tough in their own right. You are likely to have more than just the Lyme Borrelia. I started with a ND, and later, after doing a bit of reading, chose a good Western Lyme doc, the most direct route to getting well. They are worth it - the longer you have this disease, the more challenging (and expensive) it is to come back from. I chose to go from herbal Lyme killers(cat's claw and Japanese knotweed), to antibiotics and am doing fine after 2 months. I have my brain and much of my energy back now! I think it is crucial to use probiotics alongside the antibiotics several times daily. I wish that best for everyone!"

08/11/2012: Bill from Los Angeles, Ca replies: "Sid. Interesting feedback you had there. Can you contact me. I suspect I have Lyme and want to start testing for it. Would like to chat with u to learn more about your experiences with testing for it. Thanks, Bill

04/17/2013: Anonymouscat from La, Ca replies: "I have done a lot of research on Lyme. I was so sure I had it I had four different tests all negative. But I want to say it is crucial that you get the right doctor and right medication early before it is deeply embedded in the body, tissues etc. because it is harder to eradicate later on.. So I think natural stuff combined with western medicine is the only way to go, but act quickly. The problem with lymes is the waiting for the antibodies to build."
10/06/2013: Psalm341 from Santa Ana, Ca replies: "Lyme Disease: I was tested 7 times by my general practitioner. It was not until I found a Lyme specialist that I was tested by Igenex and it came in positive but by then it was 2 years and I was in a chronic state. 2 years of antibiotics and naturopathic and I'm finally able to function."

12/15/2011: Robyn from Melbourne, Australia: "Bill, thank you for the info you have given me so far. I'm sure excess ca is causing a lot of my extreme pain. But what if there is something I don't know? I've only given you the info I know so far. eg. I have lyme disease - told to me by an energetic healer - I have my reservations about them - other tests are mostly unreliable. BECAUSE I have followed your suggestions, mg citrate, enzymes, chanca piedra, vco, chlorella many of the other remedies you and Ted kindly offer.

Because the organs are all breaking down & I am truly suffering. This is my last chance."

01/13/2012: Amy from Gretna, Va replies: "I have neurological lyme disease and nearly died of it. Rife helped me (along with a lot of supplementing) back to life again. I read Bryan Rosner's book Lyme Disease and Rife Machines and I personally used a coil machine made my Alex Levy coilmachines dot com and I stand to benefit nothing from either of these but to offer what I have learned and what has helped me. Thanks! :)"

Grapefruit Seed Extract, Oregano Oil

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[BETTER BUT NOT CURED]  11/14/2011: Martina from Vancouver, Bc, Canada: "I took GSE w/ OO for 30 days at the max dose (15 drops in water or juice twice a day) and was walking normally again after 3 days. Unfortunately, I should have done it longer since it came back 5 years later.

Lyme is a 3 stage disease. They can lie dormant for a long time and then resurrect in mutant form.

If I had the chance to do it all again, I'd would have added 1/2 tsp celtic sea salt per day to get the cysts out of their hiding in the cells, added honey for its anti-microbial enzymes to break them down, and then make sure that I'm boosting my immune system with healthy foods and detoxing at the same time. They depelete minerals so I'd up my doses of vitamins. I'd do zinc every day. Hot baths (they hate temperatures above body temperature)."

01/06/2012: Megan from Cheney, Wa. replies: "It has been my unfortunate experience that Vitamin D and Zinc enable the lyme. It needs zinc in order to multiply and D to hide from the immune system."
02/08/2012: Claudiaann from Boston, Ma replies: "Hi, on the instructions for using the GSE, are you mixing it with olive oil or Oil of Oregano? what does OO stand for? I'd like to try this, at present I'm on big doses of herbals (resveratrol, cat's claw, and andrographis), and would like to try this as an alternative. I'm already taking Iodoral for my thyroid. thanks"
05/17/2012: Nona from Denver, Co replies: "What do you mean no vit d and zinc for lyme?"
08/22/2012: Martina from Burnaby, Canada replies: "The OO stands for Oil of Oregano. The GSE w/ OO was an all in one product I purchased that most health food stores carry in their detoxing department. I wasn't able to walk before I took it and was practically normal after 3 days at the max dose. The honey I meant to say was from tea tree plants... Manuka honey. I've also tried really cheap ayurvedic amla powder from an East Indian food store that seemed to boost my immune system. Iodine gave me my energy back. But now the biggest help I'm getting is through energy medicine. I think I might be Lyme free! Only the Bartonella to kick now"


10/12/2012: Pr from Houston, Texas: "Below is a link to a biofilm and nano bacteria remedies. Anyone suffering from a serious illness or chronic disease would benefit from this information. It is the most concised information I have come across and well referenced. The article is very long but well worth the study. It will take the guess work out of figuring it out yourself. This site does sell product which you don't have to buy. It would be ashame not to post this site as it could help so many."

Hydrogen Peroxide

05/07/2009: Peggy from West Palm Beach, Florida: "My sister has been bitten by a tick and has Lymes Disease. Has anyone had success with H2O2 and Lymes Disease?"

02/28/2012: Michael M from Jupiter, Florida, USA replies: "Hi Peggy, I have Lyme and live in Jupiter. I have used H2O2 with some immediate success for neurological issues of Lyme and seemingly helping with some of the co-infection. However, I am not sure it helps with parasites, such as Babesia (biting and throbbing symptoms for me). Some say they Babesia likes oxygen, therefore it could possibly make Babesia worse with H2O2 or ozone (O3). Although I worry about its oxidative side effects, I have dripped store bought 3% peroxide down my spine and rubbed it on my back, arms, legs and joints when I was scared I could lose my nerves and body parts to Lyme. Peroxide did help.

I also took 35% food grade peroxide, diluted it 10/1 with distilled water, and take 5-8 drops of that in 8oz of distilled water over the course of a day, and that too seems to help with brain fog. I am worried about taking it often, so I use it only a few times a week, as needed.

Essential oils, such as Lemon Grass may have been just as good lately (just started them 10 days ago). My oil specialist is Eileen "Connie" Linne, She is knowledgeable about alternatives and beauty (has an ozone machine) and also uses and sells various health products like super strong essential oils (not in stores, that I have seen) and Jusuru, both of which I am preferring for the time being.

I can tell you all I've done and what works and doesn't if interested. I have a RIFE machine which I think everyone with Lyme or any chronic condition needs because it works fast for acute symptoms, if not yet a cure. You just have to stay at every few days. But you can have big die offs from it and you can certainly get frequency stress which can wire you out for a day or two if you do the treatment for many hours at a time as I do once or time a week.

I am currently planning on trying "Advanced Cell Training" (see YouTube or Google), which many people with Lyme have apparently been cured by. It's cheap in comparison to many other protocols and totally natural.

There is a Acupuncturist, Ward Hale, A. P. In Down Town, Palm Beach Gardens (in back of Whole foods) who has some great testing equipment called ZYTO and advanced many diode laser treatment device that are also very strong. I do those treatments once or twice a week. They are amazing if you have very strong localized symptoms in specific organs or areas, and it stops those roaming issues almost immediately. Ward's prices are very reasonable, and he and his wife or partners, Lourdes, are both warm and knowledgeable. Their number is 561-337-9439, website is Tell them Michael sent you. If you wish to talk to me, ask them to contact me."

03/29/2012: Tim from Orlnado, Florida replies: "I was thinking of trying advanced cell training. Have you tried it yet and if so what do you think? tks Tim"
09/27/2013: Whiskers from Cocoa Beach, Fl replies: "I agree with the things in this post and have a few helpful ideas. The zyto was crucial for me to discover that I had lyme and 18 additional coinfections. Mostly of the bartonellas. There is candida and aspergillis too. If I had not done the zyto I think I would have spent years trying to discover all the additional coinfections and maybe the lyme too since it can be elusive to diagnose. In addition to the essential oils of GSE, OO, cinnamon, thyme, peppermint and lemon twice a day. Neem leaf tea is something I can feel break up the mucous and NEBULIZING buffered reduced glutathione and baking soda to buffer and separately nebulizing H2o2. The nebulizing has allowed my lungs to release the mucous that has been trapped for 20 yrs. Another critical thing one MUST do is to nourish the methylation cycle with hcl, methionine and trimethylglycine. For me the worst thing to deal with has been the brainfog. I have recently discovered that msg and its many names its hidden by is a major problem. Being a good diet detective is another notch in the key that cannot be neglected. Get tested for test for chlamidia, Dr Klinghardt reports 86% of worldwide Lyme patients are infected with Chlamydia pneumoniae in his experience. Another thing to watch out for is magnesium stearate which is found in MANY supplements at the health food store. Magnesium stearate is an ideal food for biofilms. One of the only companies that doesnt use it premier research labs. To heal we must support phase 1 AND phase 2 liver detox. Phase 1 requires oxygen and heat. Phase 2 requires glutathione."
09/28/2013: Dave from Fountain Inn, Sc replies: "Hello Whiskers:

Thank you for your excellent and "packed with info" post on Lyme disease.

Of special interest to me is the fact that there are so many "co-infections" with Lyme. Does your research reveal if there are so many co-infections because the Lyme bacteria facilated them (weakened immune system?) or perhaps the original infestation from the bite brought them like a spider bite, for instance, brings not only the poison but accompanying pathogens too.

And could you explain what "zyto" is.

I've come across a few suspected Lyme cases. One after a friend and his wife went hiking and he immediately developed a rash on the back of his shoulder. The stiffness moved into the neck and he lost most energy. He became unable to work. He went to 4 specialists (over three or four months) but no one could conclusively prove Lyme. It is ellusive.

He could barely exert himself and he'd have to go to bed for a long rest if he even walked down the street. I suggested colloidal silver to him and he got on an extensive program of morning and evening consumption of CS. In his case the results were dramatic; in five days his energy was returning and in a months he'd gone back to work and in three months he was asymptomatic.

He attributed the CS to his recovery.

Have you tried CS? You listed a number of helps but I didn't see CS. I always warn, by the way, that at least in my experience the CS products are NOT alike and one must have sufficient PPM to work correctly. I usually test them when there is a sinus infection. If sniffing into the sinus a teaspoon of the CS causes the sinuses to sting a bit and then drain, you know the CS you have is potent enough to work elsewhere in the system.

Please re post and give more details about your battle with CS. Your are quite knowledgable and I would appreciate your contribution to the readers who are interested in Lyme."



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