Holistic Therapy: Lupus (Systemic Lupus Erythematosus)

Last Modified on Apr 16, 2014

What is Lupus?
Systemic lupus erythematosus (SLE), more commonly known simply as lupus, is an autoimmune disorder disproportionately affecting women (10 times more often than men) and causing various symptoms and in varying degrees for each person. This is a chronic condition with at present no known cure, but holistic treatment may significantly reduce your symptoms and allow you to live a normal life. Lupus is not the same as arthritis, but if you think you have SLE you should consult with a rheumatologist for a definitive diagnosis and medical advice.

SLE is primarily an inflammatory condition, and lupus symptoms include painful inflammation of the joints as well as of the skin, nervous system, and internal organs. Rashes, fever, and fatigue are also possible. These symptoms will most likely set in during one's 20's or 30's and they may wax and wane in severity, sometimes going into complete remission for some time.

Note: Please make sure you read our article on aspartame & sucralose poisoning after you've finished reading this page.

Holistic Treatments and Potential Cures for Lupus (SLE)

Lupus, as an autoimmune disorder, is the body's immune system attacking itself. Both genetic and environmental factors seem to be at play, but full understanding of what causes or could stop this health condition are unknown. However, as it is an inflammatory condition there are anti-inflammatory foods and herbal remedies that can help keep your lupus symptoms under control. Also, light exercise and sun avoidance can keep your body healthier and reduce one major lupus trigger. DHEA supplements (reduced immune reaction),(1) omega-3 fatty acids,(2) and vitamin D also show promise in reducing SLE symptoms.



Ted\'s Remedies5 YEAS

Apple Cider Vinegar

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[YEA]  07/12/2007: Deborah from Denison, TX: "I was diagnosed with Systemic Lupus and Rheumatoid Arthritis 14 years ago. My grandmother told me about ACV and the many ways it could help arthritis, sleeping problems and stomach problems. I take 1 tbsp. once daily with just water and all of my physicals for the SLE & RA have come back great. I have no deformity in my joints and have not had a flare up in over 7 years. I also had several bleeding ulcers & was having to take daily stool samples to my doctor, but my physical showed scarring but no ulcers. I also use ACV as a toner for my face and my pores are smaller and my age spots are nearly invisible. I have printed out several pages of literature on ACV and have over 20 friends on this daily regimen and all of them can tell the difference and have been taken off their medications for their illnesses from arthritis to high blood pressure & cholesterol. I am a 48 year old grandmother that works with a younger market and I work circles around all of them. ACV helped me with my SLE, RA, Ulcers, Chronic Fatigue, Crohn's Disease and IBS. I had a sister die from SLE and normal life expectancy is 10 years and I am going on 15 years after my diagnosis."

09/03/2009: Echorae from Linesville, Pa replies: "Deborah, I was wondering if you got off your med's taking ACV? I too have SLE, but not RA though my joints in my hands bother me upon waking up in the morning. On Medication."
[BETTER BUT NOT CURED]  06/15/2010: Sue from Arlington Hts., Il replies: "I have found the ACV has stopped the reflux side effects I was getting from Plaquenil my MD put me on for the SLE."
07/28/2013: Altaf from Mumbai, India replies: "How to use ACV for lupus? Just one 1 tablespoon in one glass of water daily in the morning? Is empty stomach required? I have sister with lupus for 6 yrs now with constant symptoms. She is on meds. She has anemia as well (Hb 8.8). Any advice is appreciated. Thanks, altaf"
[WARNING!]  04/08/2014: Yolanda from South Africa replies: "Hi, I have a huge problem with postings made by users/members claiming "cures" that is medically unfounded and unproven. Futhermore to state that life expectancy for lupus is 10 years is totally untrue and irresponsible to say. There must be a way for earth clinic to ensure that info given to the public can be double and triple checked before any nutjob out there start with stupid unrealistic made up stuff and the desperate lupus sufferer who does not have the RIGHT info goes and does something stupid that could effect their lives even worse."

B3, Gluten, Blackstrap Molasses

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[YEA]  07/31/2007: rhonda nelson2 from tallahassee, fl, usa: "I was just browsing through some of the information posted and wanted to add my "5 cents".

I should mention, if you do use blackstrap molasses to "blacken your hair" be careful that you do not develop a vitamin B3 deficiency, WHICH IS known as pellagra, which apparently is important for the diet for those with Lupus.

For the man who treated Lupus on a gluten free diet...take head, that this goes right back to a probable involvement of strep as this is the main bacteria that feeds on B-vitamins, as it is essential for them to live. This is especially true if you eat corn products because corn alone can induce pellagra if the corn has not been fortified(i.e.canned corn or corn on the cob, corn chips, or unfortunately for all its good intentions..organic corn producers that do not fortify their processed foods. If you have Lupus and you're going luten free and eating unfortified corn, you're inching closer to pellagra.This one instance where eating a wholesome food (corn) will give you disease (pellagra) if eaten in large quantities and it is not fortified."

08/02/2007: Jane from Niagara Falls , Canada replies: "re: Corn and Pellegra Email Posted by Rhonda -- Traveller's Tales Italy (edited by Anne Calcagno) has a very moving and detailed account by an American botanist of how the importation of maize (corn) from Mexico to Italy after the discovery of the new world led to pellagra among the Italian peasantry. Unlike the southwest Indians who ground the corn and processed it with ash (calcium bicarbonate "lime" and other mineral salts to release the nutrients, in Italy the corn was simply ground in a standard way to make corn flour. It was then used for polenta, which became a staple of the peasant diet and led to pellagra . This is a stunning piece of social history that will be of interest to many people. "Sagra di Polenta" is the name of the chapter. The author is Gary Paul Nabhan."
02/16/2011: Joylie from Solana Beach, Ca replies: "I just Wikied "Pelegra, " and briefly read the beginning of the history section and this is what it said:

The traditional food preparation method of corn (maize), nixtamalization, by native New Worldcultivators who had domesticated corn required treatment of the grain with lime, an alkali. It has now been shown that the lime treatment makes niacin nutritionally available and reduces the chance of developing pellagra. [4] When corn cultivation was adopted worldwide, this preparation method was not accepted because the benefit was not understood. The original cultivators, often heavily dependent on corn, did not suffer from pellagra. Pellagra became common only when corn became a staple that was eaten without the traditional treatment."
07/03/2012: Sam from Portland, Oregon replies: "I am Russian, and we, as the rest of the world, rely on herbs as a first choice of treatment for chronic and acute diseases. Here is a translation from Russian wikipedia about treatment of lupus. Phytotherapy in the treatment of lupus erythematosus: a good supplement to traditional methods of treating lupus will phytotherapy. It will gradually reduce the dosage of drugs, reduce their side effects. For this purpose, use herbal teas, relieving symptoms of inflammation and improve blood circulation. Properly chosen herbal remedies relieve symptoms of an allergic reaction, can help the body to recuperate faster. As preventive measures to avoid the impact of ultraviolet radiation and other treatments, while staying in the open air should be applied on the skin sunscreen. Despite the fact that the disease is chronic, many patients with poorly marked form, are able to maintain their way of life. If this is the main importance is the depth and nature of the lesions of internal organs, especially the dangerous of which is severe and irreversible renal failure leading to death. Modern medicine has a wide range of drugs that help slow the pathological processes that greatly facilitate the negative symptoms, and thus extend the life of man.

For the treatment of lupus herbs should be taken: nettle leaf, bilberry pine, color, tansy, herb St. John's wort, birch leaves, grass, Knotweed, leaf plantain, mother and stepmother, pine, dandelion root, Oregano grass, clover drug, herb yarrow - equallyTwo tablespoons pre-shredded (in a coffee grinder or grinder) collection pour 0.5 liters of boiling water, drain, along with the grass in a thermos, leave overnight. Take 1/3-1/4 cup 3-4 times a day. The course of 1.5-2 months. After 1 month of treatment interruption herbs can be repeated."

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Baking Soda

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[BETTER BUT NOT CURED]  07/14/2009: Michelle from Ojai, CA: "I have been taking 1/2 tsp baking soda in an 8 ounce glass of water on an empty stomach as part of Ted's Remedies for Lupus. My question is: How long after drinking the mixture may I eat? PS: So far the remedy I found here has HELPED my LUPUS symptoms tremendously! Still on the mend, but after one full week, I have more energy during the day. I am hopeful that the other symptoms will abate as well. Thanks to Ted & everyone who wrote in with their feedback... very helpful."

Biochemic Tissue Salts, Sea Salt, Epsom Salt, Clay

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[YEA]  07/24/2006: Clifford from Ethelbert, Manitoba, Canada: "A friend of mine, a mother of about 38 years of age was told by her doctor that she may have Lupus and as I have been helping her health wise, she phoned me this evening to find out what Lupus was and for definite help for a complete cure. I had been helping her heal many of her symptoms with some simple cell foods made from the Biochemic Tissue Salts (a combination of all 12) of Dr. Schuessler's Biochemic System of Medicine, along with grayish-brown sea salt, Epsom salt, Miracle II Neutralizer, and Bentonite Clay in a purified water solution in an eye dropper bottle. She was to take one drop per 8 or 10 oz. glass of water or of any watery solution, such as tea or juice. Within an hour of taking two drops in a bottle of spring water the swelling and soreness in her wrist was healed and the soreness in her shoulder was also healed. As the pain and discomfort would apparently come back to her in about 24 hours or more and sometimes in different areas of her body, she therefore went to see a doctor earlier today. I first searched some of my books and the best answer seemed to be in Dr. H. R. Clark's "Cure for All Diseases" She found that Lupus is apparently a Fluke or Flatworm disease that can be cured with a parasite and liver cleansing formulas plus with her electronic zapping machines which shake the Fluke worms or their eggs to death."

Ted from Bangkok, Thailand replies: "I have complete sets of Schuessler's salts. They don't work well or don't work at all as I would wish. It is also quite difficult to apply them in specific conditions due to different brands, formulas, and other things. If the conditions is one of skin's lupus, a simple sea salt should do also. However, it turns out sodium perborate monohydrate (or sodium perborate for short) works a lot better hands down. This is actually the same medication I used for dog mange. I also have doubts about using sodium fluoride as part of a Schuessler salts due to its toxicitiy."

Black Seed Oil

06/26/2012: Jamie from Indianapolis, In : "Black seed oil for lupus. would it be safe to take? if so how much? 3 teaspoons a day for 6 months. can it be taken with acv, or honey? i see on other sites, that it works best when taken with something else. please help."

Coconut Oil

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[BETTER BUT NOT CURED]  10/27/2009: Bibi from Nashville, Tn Usa: "I read Ted's posting dated 04/02/2007 under "Lupus" as an ailment. At the end of his posting, he stated that lupus was still rare where he lives (Thailand). My understanding is, there is a large consumption of coconut products in Thailand. I have been using coconut oil (daily), and occasionally consuming coconut milk, coconut juice and other coconut products. As coconut is reportedly antifungal, antibacterial, antiviral, and antimicrobial, I am wondering if this is a potential cure for lupus.

I was diagnosed in March of 2008 as having lupus (SLE). I took myself off the toxic meds I had been put on in Sept of 2008. Since taking coconut oil and other coconut products, my swelling has subsided and I am doing much better. Of course, it may be just a remission, but I truly believe in the power of coconut. That's my two cents..."

11/01/2009: Ted from Bangkok, Thailand replies: "A lupus may be helped in addition to coconut oil, is the borax remedy which reduces inflammation, such as 1/8 teaspoon per liter of drinking water. 4 or 5 drops of bloodroot tincture in a cup of warm water three times a day. In addition, lugol's solutions is added to the drinking up, at 3 drops, plus SSKI at 3 drops, twice a day. Vitamin C 1000 mg a day so that the body can utilize the iodine is needed. Those are some extra things I believe will help, especially the borax, alkalization (1/4 teaspoon of baking soda plus 1/4 teaspoon of potassium bicarbonate twice a day empty stomach in cup of warm water), and the iodine, which reduces autoimmunity. I am currently looking into the use of humic acid to reduce autoimmunity. The dose is to use humic acid powder (known commonly as sodium humate) at 1/8 teaspoon a day taken at least twice a day. One final push that I found helpful was taking plenty of tumeric powder or curcumin. There's no upper limit on taking that, so I may start with a teaspoon twice or three times a day."


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[BETTER BUT NOT CURED]  10/08/2010: Ibu_works from Canberra, A.c.t.: "G'day! I have in past week been slowly detoxing using baking soda, chlorella, magnesium and tissue salts as well as apple cider vinegar. I am blown away by increased energy and a new found optimism, which has made dull headaches and twinges of joint pain easy to bear. Have ordered food grade h202 to begin serious work. Please, any advice or extra feedback would be great__thanks"

10/10/2010: Photosensitive from Houston, Texas replies: "Hello - thanks for this thread on lupus, what a find. This is a little off topic of SLE but you all seem so informed maybe you can help a suspected DLE victim. I developed round lesions years back followed by sudden weight and hair loss and increased photosensitivity to both outdoor and indoor light - mostly indoor uv. I was tested for lupus but came back negative. Mostly my battle is extreme fatigue and photosensitivity right now so much so that I can hardly work on my computer at work without my face feeling like it's in an oven. If I turn the monitor down to almost black and use a uv protection screen it's ok but God help me if I have to attend an hour long meeting under full blown florecents - my skin goes crazy. On top of that my vision is starting to go as well. Just a few months ago I started getting leg pains for no reasonable explanation. If I dont' have lupus I don't know what else it could be. I seem to fit all the symptoms of at least some form of lupus. Like I said mosly it's the extreme photosensitivity that bothers me the most, which I can usually tame for about a 1/2 hour with vitamin e or b-12 sublingual. But just found out my b-12 has sucralose - which may explain why the remedy is only short lived and the photosensitivity comes back a 1/2 hour later.

My question is this (sorry so long winded). Will this ACV, baking soda, borax treatment work on photosensivity or should I try something else to cure that. Unfortunately sunscreens do not work and I have tried them all they actually tend to burn my skin worse. P. S. - to help in the diagnosis I did have bready implants the silicon type for four years but removed them years ago. Please help!! "

10/14/2010: Better But Not Cured Yet from Canberra A.c.t., Australia replies: "I also was extremely photosensitive, hives and all. Its spring in oz now I am able to garden(with hat ) maybe its the baking soda? I also bath with it and use to clean. No soap. It actually brought up my lupus rash like a road map after using bs as face scrub. Of course I think that selenium and chlorella no caffeine(much) also helping and bio mag."
04/22/2013: Wenjoy from Winter Springs, Florida replies: "The post asked about h2o2. This site gives an inhaler method and quantities to use. I didn't notice that it sold anything. http://www.earthclinic.com/Remedies/hydrogen_peroxide_inhalation.html"

Dietary Changes

02/19/2013: Cathy from Wheelersburg, Ohio: "I was diagnosed with Lupus SLE since 1993, four times taking high doses of predisone and Cytoxin to kill the lupus out of the kidneys, I guess the test were too sensitive, because they are calling it Celiac Diease. I am going to Ohio State University, Hospital. They have sent the lab work out to different labs. Even M.S. Patients and Heart Patients are being rediagnosed to Celiac Disease. All new studies out.

Also, GMO wheats, corn, and soy is not allowed in the diet, 1960s changed the way grains where stuctured. The DNA changed so some bodies can't digest this. Funny how Europe will not allow GMO foods In their country, knowing they have free health care. Rice and Potatoes are now replaced with these grains. After 120 days on this diet of Vitamins, Vegetables and fruits and gluten free I will be tested again too see if the inflammation and arthristis symptoms are leaving. I will keep you updated."

Discoid Lupus

04/11/2012: Chantelle from London, London, London: "Hi, Although I haven't personally corresponded with Ted, I would like to share with others the amazing results after 1 week of taking bicarbonate Soda 1/2 teaspoon in half a glass of water 3 times a day, 1/4 of Borax in 1 liter of bottle water, Lysine 1000mg 2 a day with 1000 Vitamin C powder 2 a day, Beta Glucan 1000mg 2 a day, Zinc 15mg with Copper 0.75mg.

At first I put the Bentonite Clay all over my body fanned it dry & washed it off, three times. A few days later, I applied the clay only on the affected areas. I also have been applying Virgin Coconut Oil on my lesions.

Bless Ted, I have suffered significantly over the years and for the first time I believe that my lesions will heal. Prior to taking Ted suggestions from different post the lesion on my cheek felt hard and inflamed, the inflammation on the lesion on my nose is reducing and changing in colour.

I went to Holland & Barratt today, the sales assistant recognized me from my last visit, when I share my experiences with her, she admitted that she was surprised as the last time she saw me the lesion was looking much pinker.

I am in the process of purchasing Potassium Bicarbonate to add to alkalizing and DMSO for old scar.

Will keep you posted on my success, Chantelle"

Electromagnetic Frequencies, Cold Weather

07/31/2007: rhonda from tallahassee, usa: "... Also, for Lupus people, they tend to be sensitive to electromagnetic frequencies. I have personally found that simply not putting a cell phone or a cordless telephone up to my head greatly improved my autoimmune symptoms than just with diet alone. It turns out, electromagnetic frequencies also block melatonin synthesis.

Finally, if you have lupus and Raynaud's and live somewhere where it is cold, the Raynaud's is closely linked to low thyroid function on exposure to cold weather. Raynaud's has been cured by treated the thyroid. City tapwater has caused most of the lupus symptoms for me...its the pipes and the water that flows through them."

01/10/2012: Steve from Lowell, Ma. replies: "The floride used to kill bacteria is actually harming you. Good Luck"

Faith-Based Healing

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[BETTER BUT NOT CURED]  01/25/2010: Colleen from Williamsburg, Va: "My husband was diagnosed with lupus. He is 62, white male and has fought lupus for 6 years. Please, I beg you, bear with me when I tell you our story. We were on a healing team in church at the time. This is what we experienced. Lupus is a destructive spirit. It takes the form of a wolf. Usually during prayer it will come out. During these times my husband has no pain anywhere and feels light. He has seen it on a few occasions and once when I was praying for him it growled at me. Once when I was reading scripture aloud it left him for about 6 hours. If you want to understand more of this please read a book called Deliverance From Evil Spirits by Francis McNutt.

Although we have been successful in getting it our we have not been successful in keeping it out. We have had success in stopping damage to the body. He suffers only from a burning face and has no joint pain and all blood work is normal.

Several people have had complete cures from Christian healing ministries. Here is my suggestion. Play CD's that read scripture aloud. Go to a Jesus based healing service and be prayed for. Lay your hands on yourself, say the Lord's prayer and ask for healing. Playing praise music may help too. I know to many of you this will seem like quackery but we have lived with this and seen alot. We also believe and use naturopathic medicine so I think this site is great. Because of the pain of this disease I know many readers would be open to trying this and since in some cases it will go away for good, I had to share.

God bless all of you. Colleen"

08/10/2011: Sylvia from San Antonio, Texas replies: "Hi! God bless you for your testimony. I have been praying for my daughter, bcause I know that a disease ( Lupus) that has a name is a demon that needs to be cast out. Prayer & fasting is essential also. My daughters' name is April& myself, herself & my husband have been praying & binding it, in the name of Jesus. The name of Jesus that is above all names, in heaven & in earth. I need prayer partners that would agree & pray w/us for the deliverence & healing of my daughter. God bless you! I am sending email address. And , I am trying to learn how to use emailing."
12/14/2011: Ifedontenplarblood from Detroit, Michigan replies: "I pray to stop the poisoning."
10/11/2013: D Smith from Inland Empire California replies: "Please send updates"

General Feedback

05/23/2011: Linda from Albuquerque, Nm: "I have lupus taking prednisone and hydyoxychloroquine and tyroy and more I think I need blood work for zinc I take poligrip have being for 9 years I had lupus for 14 years was doing good till I got with the poligrip 9 years ago. linda"

10/25/2010: Debbie from Jax, Florida: "Hello,
I recently found out I have Lupus. I am being treated by an Integrative Medicine Dr. His goal is to boost my immune system & make sure my liver is detoxing properly. I have recently started having pain in my thumb joints. I am also seeing an acupunturist. I'm wondering if anyone else that has Lupus has had success in keeping it from progressing ? I have heard that an Herbalist could also help. I'm 54 yrs old & fairly active, my goal is to maintain my current lifestyle. I prefer to avoid the pharmaceuticals. I'm open to any ideas or suggestions. Thanks, Deb"

03/04/2013: Bridget from Davie, Fl replies: "How is the acupuncture, I hear it is helpful?"

12/26/2008: Kellie from Milaca, MN: "Thank you for all the info on lupus,my daughter (teenager) was just diagnosed with lupus. Her antinuclear antibody level was 4.3+. Her alkline phosphate levels show bone breakdown,she has macrocystic anemia and liver abnormalities. She will soon be going to see a rhuemotologist. I am against presription drugs as I feel they only mask the symptoms. I will now start her on a gluten free diet, try the baking soda and protein supplements. She has had lots of pain throughout the years, head aches daily, and fatigue and aches and pains,nausea etc... I pray that this info you have provided will help with some of her health ailments. I am very into natural cures and believe that is the best route to go. Thanks again."

12/29/2008: Ted from Bangkok, Thailand replies: "Dear Kellie:

The best remedy that I am aware against the lupus after a lot of trial and error is the simple baking soda and borax remedy. That's the major starting point. A baking soda remedy assuming a teen of 15 years old, for example is still 1/2 tablespoon twice a day or sometimes they take 1 tablespoon of baking soda dissolved in a glass of water. The alkalization is the primary approach in reducing the reactivity of the body's immune system. A significant improvement is also seen with the supplements of borax, the dose is still 1/4 teaspoon per liter of water for a male, but a smaller dose of 1/8 for a female. For some reason woman requires half the dose of men. It's taken usually for baking soda, 5 or 6 days out of a week and for borax it's taken 4 or 5 days out of a week. These two I found significant improvement, but not all will go away. As a result, certain bacterial colonies, and perhaps fungus still exists and an addition of both xylitol and a more interesting erythritol supplements is taken to reduce the lupus. This is also significant too. Certain leptin rich foods seems to worsen the lupus and hence, lentils, and beans are reduced. The most significant factor in causing the lupus is the beef, steaks, meats and oily products. Increasing vegetarian diets helps. In most cases I have seen, medications are reduced to a fraction of what they were originally taken such as 1/8 or 1/16 of the original dose. But the reason why they didn't completely discontinue was the lack of availablity of xylitol, erythritol or mannose in that certain location, thus limiting the cure. What the erythritol and xylitol and other polyol sugar does (provided that the body is already properly alkalized FIRST for a couple of weeks 2 or 3 weeks-, along with borax), then the dose for xylitol might be 1/2 teaspoon 3 or 4 times a day. The downside of xylitol is its limited ability to get into the bloodstream, however, I have seen improvement of the body's vital organs (such as kidneys in lupus) through observing the reduction of swelling,from the use of erythritol, but a much more limited extent the xylitol in reduction of lupus. The benefits of erythritol is it prevents mycoplasma from attachment to healthy cells that cause a so called antibody response from attacking the body's own organs. The erythritol has a major benefit over other polyol sugar because of it's ability to go into the bloodstream much more and it's high bioavailability, while most polyol sugar has limited absorption. Hence it makes erythritol more effective approach in lupus, provided that the body is already properly alkalized and some borax remedy has already been applied.

The reason why I am keeping it as simple as possible is to reduce the rheumatic pain, and pain is a big issue in lupus and hence borax, baking soda, and erythritol is the updated version of remedy as being the most important ones to start in the use against lupus. I am sure other things also help reduce this that is worth trying, in particular is the magnesium supplements 250-500 mg./day in form of magnesium citrate, WITHOUT calcium. The other thing is vitamin B complex, that can be taken twice or three times a week. Zinc is used, but very limited extent, such as once or twice a month, which increases the body's immune system, along with some ocassional iodine from kelp.

One other MAJOR approach besides borax, baking soda and erythritol that many people with lupus seems to have problems is the heavy metals. Therefore the fourth element to add after those three were instituted for 4 weeks is the chlorella and spirulina supplements. Most people with heavy metal exposure is one other thing that seems to cause lupus.

I am sure I haven't quite completely cured the lupus, but people who did use the remedy were already happy that just taking that seems to give them a normal life. There are others that may help but those mentioned here should resolve most of the problems, including the bone pain. As a final note, the Global Cooling of 2008 and 2009 is likely to cause worsening of lupus because of lack of sun exposure. Sometimes an ocassional 20,000 i.u. vitamin D3 or vitamin D2 also helps increase the body's immune system also, but I believe it's taken together with magnesium and boron (borax) to maintain a balance of magnesium/calcium. Vitamin D tends to increase blood calcium and hence, magnesium is also taken to help maintain the balance of magnesium/calcium.


12/29/2008: Ted writes again, "Dear Kellie: Erythritol dose may be taken at a larger dose then xylitol since it doesn't have a laxative effect. Hence 1/2 - 2 teaspoon dissolve in a 1/2 glass of water taken a couple of times a day is also possible and may reduce pain. I tend to always start on the low end before going onto the larger dose and 1/2 teaspoon is taken a couple of times a day is a good starting dose for most people whose body weight is between 100-120 pounds. So an initial dose may also decided too. I believe a larger dose will significantly reduce the bone pain because of its effect in preventing a mycoplasma from attaching to the bones that eats the bones away, causing a pain.

The other fungus, that generates mycotoxin, that may cause other symptoms such as aflatoxin, is lessened or neutralized with a BHT 1500 mg supplement for adult dose, so a younger person half the weight may take between 500-750 mg based on weight.

I hope this information helps. Lupus is a rarity in Thailand, but those who do have it, dies pretty quick because of poor understanding of lupus, at least where I live anyway.


11/20/2012: Joseph from Waterbury, Ct. replies: "Hi, my dog was very week and I took him to the vet who diagnosed him with liver problems. He had blood in his urine. She gave me a preporation which contained milk thistle. Within 24 hours he was completely healed. l have heard that milk thistle is excelllent for humans who have liver problems."

05/30/2008: Bret from Phoenix, Arizona: "Follow up on Viral Theory Of Autoimmune: Reading all of these postings can be tiresome. Nobody can possibly take all the substances and institute all the diets recommended by alternative do-gooders. We as a whole do not understand how and why these therapies appear to work. Unless we use an anaerobic disease model. Suddenly, everything seems so logical and simple.

The problem with all of these therapies is that Lupus, all by itself, can go into remission. In fact it almost always has dormancy phases. How do we know in our hearts that our alternative regime is why "our Lupus got better." Time, in this instance, will be our friend. Over time we will see for sure if our alternative protocols are effectively battling this bizarre disease.

One thing that is for certain. Lupus is not a case of our bodies attacking ourselves and then suddenly stopping. Besides being inconsistent with all laws of biology, independant laboratory studies have confirmed that in more than one autoimmune disease, the immune markers and antibodies that are over produced are exactly identicle to those found in severe viral infection. Beta Interferon, antibody proteins, other cytokines are no different in severe viral infections as autoimmune. Ok! Why? Why should we overlook the obvious link here?

Then, when seeing that Tulane has in fact isolated a Type A retrovirus in several autoimmune diseases we should should really move past this now outdated notion that our bodies are committing suicide. This leads us back to the anaerobic disease model. Viruses hate oxygen! Almost every alternative protocol in this forum actually boosts the immune system and exploits the respiratory mechanism of anaerbic organisms.

Sarcoidosis, is not a virus, was/is called autoimmune and has been proven to be cause by a rare bacterium. (Anaerobic). Ask yourself why an infection can be mistaken for an autoimmune? Answer,...Autoimmunes are infections.

Black strap molasses is very high in potassium. Potassium readily will enter cells and alter the Ph. Higher ph is in fact anti viral. Black strap Molasses also contains iron, improving our hemoglobin production, increasing oxygen delivery. Apple cider vinegar contains very concentrated and potent polyphenols. Apple skin extract itself is high in these compounds but the fermentation process actually produces even more of these molecules. These complex molecules have many oxygen donor sites. I have made these chemical structures available to the public on a research website.

Gluten is poorly digested by many of us. Most people with autoimmune disease and cancer have higher levels of anti-gluten antibodies, meaning they are allergic to gluten. Chronic allergic stress has proven to lower immune system, lower oxygen levels in cells, cause general tissue inflamation in the gut, etc. Heck, any viral infection will get worse if the patient undergoes stressors.

Eliminating gluten is a good thing but understanding why is crucial so we can maximize our regimes. Just remember this. Viruses hate oxygen and our immune systems must keep viruses dormant so any protocol that decreases toxicities and increases Oxygen perfusion will theoretically improve symptoms of autoimmune disease.

Finally, Coq10 is molecule that grabs oxygen from cell cytoplams and pulls it into the mitochondria to make ATP. Burning glucose with oxygen is so important in this regard as anaerobic respiration produces acid and lowers Oxygen levels. Any oxygen therapy can be enhanced by taking this enzyme. After all, what good is high O2 fuel if there is no fuel pump to utilize the fuel?
Always take Coq10 with any alternative protocol."

Joyce from Joelton, Tn replies: "Hello Bret,

We certainly agree on one thing: "Logical thinking is a good thing".

After reading your discourse on the causes of lupus, I recalled reading that some doctor trying to solve the cause of Gulf War Syndrome, realized that many of the symptoms of GWS were the same as systemic lupus and started looking for causes. Somehow she knew that squalene had been used as a stabilizer in the anthrax vaccine given to the veterans before being deployed to the GW. She then proceeded to pull saved blood specimens from a lot of these vets and testing them, finding that everyone of them had squalene antibodies. So I went looking for facts on the GWS. Mostly what I found is that a lot of experts still aren't in agreement as to what causes it! I did find a statement that the sickest veterans were the ones with the highest levels of squalene antibodies. Logical thinking tells me that squalene must be involved in causing the symptoms of GWS. Common sense, as well as logical thinking, tells me that a lot of other things these veterans were exposed to (gases, pesticides, aspartame in diet colas ( they drank that were probably in plastic bottles and probably overheated in the hot areas of the Gulf War) , depleted uranium, excessive smoke from oil fires, etc. did not contribute to good health or wellness. I am sure that the added stress of being in a war did not add to their feeling of security and contributed greatly to increasing their stress levels - I know it would have mine!

Drinking water from a plastic bottle that has been left in a car all day is now connected to some cancers. Logical thinking tells me that if being left in the drinkers car all day in the sun makes it dangerous to drink, being delivered in a metal-bed truck in the hot sun probably made it too dangerous to drink before they even purchased the bottled water at the store. If you add carbonated beverage, with aspartame sweetener, look how many other detrimental things you have added to the possibilities of interfering with one's health and well-being.

Moving on to your statement: "Most people with autoimmune disease and cancer have higher levels of antigluten antibodies, meaning they are allergic to gluten". When I went on a high protein-low carbohydrate diet, to lose weight, I not only lost weight, but about the second week of eating this diet it suddenly occurred to me that I hadn't had the heartburn, indigestion, and nausea that was usually my constant unwanted companion. Knowing that I did have allelrgies to some things, I realized that it had to be something that I was eating or drinking daily that was creating my gastric problems. The first two things that I thought it might be was milk and bread. After losing 22 pounds in six weeks, I returned to my usual eating except for milk and bread, thinking I was probably allergic to wheat. But then it occurred to me that it might not be the wheat itself. So I went to whole grain bread and had no problems with it. But when I tried bleached flour bread, the heartburn, bloating, flatulence returned big time within l5 minutes after eating it. Aha! Logical thinking is a good thing - I surmised it was not the wheat I was allergic to, but something used in the bleaching process that was causing the problem. I find that is still true some 35 years later. I also found that I could drink my coffee black without problems, add milk to it and I got indigestion - big time!

Years later, researching PUD for a term paper, I learned that PUD first became a problem in the upper socio-economic group, later moving into the middle socio-economic group, and finally on down to the lower socio-economic group. Remembering my own problem with bleached flour products, I researched when they started bleaching flour. I don't remember the exact years now, but adding the two searches together, PUD became a problem ll-15 years after they first started bleaching flour and that it was so expensive that they were the only group who could afford it. It followed (by the same time frame) in the middle group, when it became cheap that they could afford it. When somebody in Minnesota came up with a bleaching process that made it cheap enough for the lower group to afford it, PUD moved into this group following the same time frame.

Now orthodox medicine tells us that PUD is caused by H. campylobacter and treat it with antibiotics that you must see an MD to get. I have never been diagnosed or treated for this organism, but I have never had the ulcer pain that I used to get 3 or 4 times each year, plus I am not bothered by the daily problems I had before the ulcer pain got so bad. Is it caused by H. campylobacter or is it caused by chronic alllergy or intolerance to something in the bleaching process. Since I am rid of the problem, without treatment, it may be that it creates a gastrointestinal condition that harbors the supposed organism and causes the ulcer. I don't really care which it is, because I know that as long as I avoid bleached flour I don't have the problem.

My common sense, and maybe, a little logical thinking tells me that eventually we will all come to realize that many of the additives in our drinking water (sodium fluoride & chlorine)), and in our food & drink(monosodium glutamate and aspartame), and other toxins in our environment, all stress our immune systems, and when our immune systems are busy trying to protect itself and our bodies from harm, some opportunistic organisms, whether molds, viruses, bacteria, sneak in and try to take over.

It is known that systemic lupus can be caused by antibiotics & I think it is still considered a woman's disease because the birth control pills have been blamed for a number of cases. It is very possible that the stressors just create the situation that lets the opportunistic organisms move in and cause distress in the form of disease. Trying to use logical thinking on that is kind of like trying to solve: which came first, the chicken or the egg? I leave that to you solvle - I just appreciate having both the chickens and the eggs they produce."

06/03/2008: Ted from Bangkok, Thailand replies: "Dear Bret:

My own experience in dealing with lupus after taking certain supplements, pus reduces within matter of hours, condition is noticeably reduced within a week. However, most of the lupus I encountered were in line mostly with the mycoplasma or fungus like organism as being the prime cause because they more responsive to anti-fungal remedies as opposed to anti-viral remedies.

For instance anti-viral remedies, such as zinc and magnesium wasn't so responsive as the antifungal remedies used in borax, chromium, and alkalization. Both antiviral and antifungal remedies were responsive with alkaline remedy.

This means the best remedies I have found so far that worked the best is baking soda, sodium carbonate, and borax in general, while zinc and magnesium were somewhat less responsive. The remedies I mentioned were laid out in details as mentioned.

As to apple cider vinegar, containing polyphenols, etc. alkalization involves alkalizing both extracellular fluids and intracellular fluids. Therefore, sodium bicarbonate and sodium carbonate will resolve the extracellular fluids and intracellular fluids are potassium bicarbonate. The pH in monitoring lupus help is the urinary pH for extracellular fluids and salivary pH for intracellular fluids.

Therefore the theory on the basis of responsiveness to remedy were more in line with fungus, nanoinsects, and mycoplasma more so than virus. The only viral cause I have found were very much due to Morgellon's disease, chronic fatigue syndrome, astenia, and Epstein Barr Virus.

In which case most virus conditions are more responsive to zinc, magnesium, vitamin B complex, but also to alkalizing.

It's difficult to cover all possible cases for different conditions, but for lupus it appears to be one of mycoplasma and fungus like organism."

06/12/2008: Bret from Phoenix, Arizona replies: "Whether we disagree with Tulane Medical School or not, whether we think Lupus is a mycobacterium or virus, whether we ignore that retro-viral antibodies are found in almost every Lupus patient tested, we agree on one thing: Diseases that hate oxygen should be treated with higher oxygen. Higher Ph helps achieve this goal,(Warburg/Koch.)"



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