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Postmenopausal Hormone Treatment

09/10/2013: Gert from Al: "I'm 56, postmenopausal w/ terrible insomnia, hot flashes, brain fog, memory issues--dr wants to put my on vivelle dots. Anyone have experience with this? I've tried natural remedies and not enough relief. Memory & sleep issues are killing me, and I'll lose my job if I don't get control."

09/10/2013: Rsw from Uniontown, Oh replies: "Ten years ago, I was in the exact place you are. I had posted notes everywhere and was running on a couple of hours of sleep constantly. Years later, I became aware that, at the same time, I was also having much unacknowledged problems with statin drugs and also undiagnosed hypothyroidism. Both were causing major problems with my memory and sleep. Work stress didn't help either. I still don't sleep well and stopped taking prescription sleep aids after I found out they also will ruin your mental process. I take 1 mg of melatonin and a Valerian tablet to sleep now. Not great, but makes me tired instead of wired at night. Look to see if other hidden health issues may be compounding your situation. I exercised and thought I was very healthy, and never heard of hypothyroidism. I thought statins were keeping me well but I know better now. Best wishes. I know how difficult life can become when this happens."
09/11/2013: Mike from Denver, Colorado replies: "Gert: You might try watching raw superfood and raw food videos on you tube for some good ideas."
09/12/2013: Toourlady89 from Ca, Usa replies: "Hi, for insomnia, the best and healthy supplement that would help would be Magnesium L Threonate, 3 pills a day as per instructions on the bottle. It will help you relax, relieve stress, and afford a very well rested sleep. It is also the best choice for memory issues and brain fog. Mg L Threonate is the only form of Magnesium that will cross the blood brain barrier (discovered by MIT recently) It will help with sleep right away. Also called Magtein (Mg L Threonate) will help with long term memory but be aware that it takes Mg months to get built up in the body. It took 4 -6 months for me, but my mind got clear and I sometimes experience photographic recall. Then for short term memory and speed recall, I take Huperzine A, it worked within a week. Gingko Bilova is another supplement in addition to above that opens the blood vessels in the brain for better blood and oxygen circulation to improve brain function and memory.

I would start with one supplement at a time, observe yourself as far as how its affecting you, then add on the others after about a month or more each.

For hot flushes, I have read that taking Evening Primrose Oil could help pre or post menopausal symptoms."

09/12/2013: Mike from Denver, Colorado replies: "Gert: You can get raw thai fish sauce that has been fermented for 2 years and take 30 grams per day. The salt is sun dried sea salt. Lots of sun dried sea salt is good. The nutrients are raw fermented and wild harvested the most bioactive kind. This product has iodine for the thyroid. You can get a case of 12 7oz. bottles shipped for $56."
09/12/2013: Gert from Al replies: "I appreciate all the tips, but my question was does anyone have experience with vivelle? I cannot take mg due to my ibs-d. As stated in my post, I have tried everything--I wouldn't be going this route had I not given it all a good shot. BTW, vit e does reduce the hot flashes. Evening primrose oil, used as a suppository, helps w/ vag issues but makes a mess. I travel for work, so I can't have this mess every night. I need to conquer the insomnia and cannot take mg or I get diarrhea. Melatonin triggers my migraines. I need a response regarding bioidentical hormones."
09/12/2013: Mike from Denver, Colorado replies: "Gert: I can tell you from my own experience and the testamonials I have seen from videos on youtube that the only way to get well is to go on a complete good food program. Taking 1 kg of regular food that is devoid of nutrients and life force cannot be fixed by taking a few grams of supplements. The doctor sells synthetic meds for profit not to make people well. Bioidentical hormones are a waste of money. Try to get all your nutrients from raw organic grass fed wild harvested soaked sprouted and fermented foods."
09/12/2013: Toourlady89 from Ca, Usa replies: "There are several forms of Mg. Not all Mg will cause diarrhea. Mg Oxide definitely will and Mg Citrate could. Magtein will not. Mg actually will also help in IBS accdg. to the book "The Magnesium Miracle"."
09/13/2013: Gert from Al replies: "To Mike:

So, you've experienced menopause? The only "fix" for menopause is to outlast it, or die. You can not "fix" it by eating or taking something special. Support your claim that bio-identical hormones are worthless, please. You have no idea how I eat or anything else, yet you persist in your zeal to tell me what I should do. I agree, the most nutritious foods, organically grown on good, fertile ground is best. I grow an organic garden from which I get most of my fruits and vegetables. I have free range hens from which I get eggs and meat. I have pastured steers from which I get my beef and several goats for milk. None of this food has been medicated or treated with antibiotics or insecticides, ever. Also, I forage for wild greens and herbs on my 89 acres. My water comes from a well, so no added flouride there, and it has tested pure for microorganisms, but it is high in minerals. So, you are telling me to go out and buy a processed grass product and it will make me better? I don't believe it will change anything, since the hormones are what is out of whack. I have now been on the vivelle patch for 4 days and my mind is so much clearer, I have no hot flashes, and my itchy vag is better. Still nothing as far as sleep, but I'll take what I can get. Don't tell me these hormones are worthless-I am living proof that I got relief in several days. Again, I was merely asking if anyone had experience with this hormone issue."

09/13/2013: Carly from Pacific Nw, Usa replies: "Hi Gert!

I am just entering this arena. At 50 plus years old, and no concrete signs of menopause yet..... I can still tell something is looming on the horizon. Kind of like a Steven King movie. ;-).

I just wanted to say that I love your attitude, and envy you your food / lifestyle! Seriously, what you are doing sounds wonderful!

Please keep us updated on how it is going re menopause, and what you are taking? I am reading all I can in anticipation of outliving mine. Lol... Oh, and best wishes!"

09/14/2013: Joy from Battleground, Wash replies: "I read a lot about hormones but mine are not in balance yet. Estrogens can cause cancer growth if not balanced with progesterone. I use a progesterone cream by Em..... Sold over the internet and there are lots of good reviews on the product. Dr. John Lee was an ob/gyn who wrote a book What your doctor may not tell you about menopause. The body loses its ability to produce progesterone but fat cells can produce estrogens."
09/16/2013: Gert from Al replies: "I am on vivelle dot, 0.05, new patch twice a week. I also use estrace cream for vag itch/dryness 3X per week. Only reason I'm doing it is for the insomnia--and I can't tell any difference yet. I was taking vit E for hot flashes and may start again, as I get them now at night when before I had them constantly. My sister swears by sepa (homeopathic pellets). I had total hysterectomy 7. 5 years ago and didn't really have any problems at all until the past year or so, can't say why that is. The thing about menopause is, everyone is different. I do everything right and have issues, my sister does almost nothing right and only has slight issues. It's Not Fair! As mom always said, life is not fair. Deal with it."


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[YEA]  01/19/2009: Kristi from Cleburne, Texas: "Women need to know that PROGESTERONE does not cause cancer. Synthetic forms of progesterone such as progestin and provera and synthetic, unopposed or too much estrogen in the body can facilitate cancer growth.

Also, we have to be willing to make the dietary changes and move more. Most women would need NO hormones or medication whatsoever, if we would change our eating habits and take the supplements recommended.

This is what I finally decided to do and it is paying off. You need to be prepared for the fact that it can take years to restore your body. After all it took decades to get where we are!"

[WARNING!]  12/17/2010: Denisecorc from Burlingame, Ca replies: "It's important that every woman do research before using any hormones, even progesterone cream (which is toted as natural). All hormones have the potential for side effects. With progesterone, the effects are cumulative since it is fat soluble. So it gets stored in tissues. Even if taking it seems fine initially, over time it may create negative side effects and disrupt your adrenal hormones, DHEA and testosterone levels. It can cause all sorts of mood swings, facial hair, weight gain, etc. If you are considering, make sure you see a doc that practices functional medicine or a naturpath who knows how to balance properly. Best to test and treat your adrenal issues first as progesterone may not be needed once corrected."
09/14/2013: Joy from Battleground, Wash replies: "3 different ob/gyn doctors never did a single test to put me on birth control pills ... this is the standard for most young women in America taking the pill. My current ob/gyn handed me premerin with no tests and it caused a problem in my throat for a year from one tiny 1 inch long sample tube. My current ob/gyn ran my hormone blood work and told me all is normal for menopausal woman.

Read some books, you can get different homone levels at different times of the day and month, it seems to be a crab shoot and every woman is different.

My medical insurance doesn't cover any MD WITH AN ND education, so we are on our own. The system is killing us.

Adrenal issues are frequently brought on by stress, which throws hormones, electrolytes and vitamins out of balance.... The fight or flight syndrome creates cortisol by borrowing elements from the body to prepare it to run from the bear."

05/18/2014: Aaron from Austin, Tx replies: "My wife only takes microgestin to control endometriosis. She hates it. Do you know of a way to control endo naturally with all the chemicals that Dr's claim are safe?"

Reader Feedback

09/29/2008: Ambrosia from Roanoke, Virginia: "Does anyone have advice on naturally balancing hormones without birth control? Please help!!!"

EC: Make sure to read the feedback/remedies on this our hormones page, including the Q&A page:

01/28/2009: Stephanie from Charlotte, NC, USA replies: "In regards to Ambrosia's question about balancing hormones without birth control, here is what has helped me a great deal (taken on a daily basis):

- (Super) Greens (powdered - combination of barley, kelp, etc. - between 1-2 tablespoons in water, depending on how tired I am)
- Magnesium (powdered, flavored-in about 8 oz. water) (about 300mg., though I occasionally take a little more if I am really tired)
- Fish Oil (1 gel cap)
- Probiotics (2 pills)
- Super B Complex pills (B vitamins that includes folic acid, etc. - 2 in the morning, 1 in the afternoon.)
- Minerals (multiple trace minerals - 2 in the morning, 1 in the afternoon)

With the above, I don't have the mood swings and I do have more energy. In fact, if I don't take the Super Greens and Magnesium, it's evident because the mood swings start again. Before starting on these, I would start crying anytime and not even know why. And I was sooooo tired - I really was not functioning well at all. I do suggest taking the Magnesium and Super Greens at least 1 hour apart. Otherwise you may have an upset stomach for a little while. Hope this helps!"

Remedies for High Prolactin

02/07/2013: Happy Horse Hunter from Nyc, Ny: "Hi guys, anyone out there know anything about high prolactin or hyperprolactinemia and controlling it naturally? Thanks in advance for your time!"

02/08/2013: Tina from Houston, Usa replies: "Hello, I have successfully resolved high prolactin levels and a pituitary tumor using Standard Process Pituitrophin PMG, a natural food based product. Also if you google endoflex, it is exceptional at maintaining a balance in your entire endocrine system. Since pituitary is the master gland, an unbalanced pituitary means the other glands are unbalanced too.

Please feel free to ask any questions.

Good luck, T."

05/28/2013: Eduardo from Miami, Florida, Usa replies: "Hi Tina, Would love to know more about your experience with PMG. My wife has a pituitary tumor and her prolactin levels are high. She's been on homeopathic therapy (and supplements) for more than a year, but we have not seen much improvement. She can't loose the weight (or looses some and gains back more) and has lots of emotional highs and lows due to the hormonal imbalances. I really don't want her to start on any prescription drugs, so I'm doing research to see what other alternatives she has.


06/12/2013: Ra from Delhi, India replies: "I have high prolactin and pituitary adernoma. I'm taking cabergoline and homeopathy medicines and still my menses are not regular and my prolactin levels are still high. Please please help."
06/12/2013: Tina from Houston, Usa replies: "Taking Standard Process PITUITROPHIN PMG 3 tablets per day brought my prolactin levels down (they were in their 80s) and resolved my menstrual cycle problem. It is available on Amazon. com and is completely natural product. Hope this helps."
06/13/2013: Ra from Delhi, India replies: "Thanks a ton for your help. Are these tablets safe or recommended by doctors?"
06/13/2013: Tina from Houston, USA replies: "Yes, these were recommended by my doctor since the cabergoline was not working on resolving bringing back my menses into a regular cycle. And this worked! Good luck!"
06/15/2013: Ra from Delhi, India replies: "Thanks a lot dear. For how long did you had them and did you ate cabergoline along with it? Any other alternative remedy for pituitary adenoma"

Remedies Needed

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08/27/2012: Sophie from Dayton, Ohio, Usa: "EarthClinic, I have a mystery for you. Lately I have experienced a dramatic change in my hormones and menstrual cycle, and I am not sure why! In the past I have had a fairly regular cycle, ~28-30 days, with your usual mild pms symptoms 1 week before my period and some mild ovulation pains around day 14, but only every other month on the left side (never the right! ). Improved diet and suppliments have reduced cramping and discomfort to zero. I usually experience the a peak in my sex drive from a day or two after my period ends to around ovulation time.

Now for the last 2 cycles, mysterious things have been happening. I had ovulation pain 2x, about a week apart, on the left side. I have been more emotional than usual during my pms phase before my period (anger, impatience). My cycle is now around 35 days long. I have extreme temperature sensitivity during my period. Also, my sex drive is completely out of whack completely! I am experiencing a HUGE sexual appetite DURING my period and for about a week afterwards, with almost complete apathy towards sex by the end of my cycle (nearing next period). This is very unusual for me because like I said I have my sexual peak usually from the end of my period until ovulation, and I am pretty much interested in sex for the rest of my cycle, but never before DURING my period.

The only changes I have made are that I am now taking 6000 IU of D3 daily (was tested as D-deficient, did the 50,000 IU mega dose thing and now 6000 IU maintainence). I am also getting monthly deep tissue massages. The 2 strange cycles correspond to my first 2 months of deep tissue massage. Do you think it is related? Is this some kind of detox effect?

I appreciate the sage advice of all EarthClinic-ers!"

08/28/2012: Timh from Louisville, Ky, Usa replies: "Sophie, no big expert in the female dept but I will list a few natural remedies commonly used in cases like yours. L-Methionine (helps reduce elevated estrogen levels in blood and enhances detoxification), Evening Primrose Oil (helps regulate prostaglandins/hormones), Black Cohosh, Red Raspberry Leaf, Dong Qui (helps regulate prostaglandins/hormones).

Coconut Oil would help in case of infection. Fish and/or Flax oil would also help. Milled Flax Seed would clean the colon (which could be a problem). Vit-E is needed w/ the other oils. If none of this helps, a gallbladder cleanse would be warranted."

08/30/2012: Anonymosaurus Rex from Somewhere, Alone, Listening To Radiohead replies: "My advice in combination with what Timh has already said is:

- Drinking a tea with at least 1 tsp dried nettle leaves once per day (this can be increased to two times the next week, and three the next. Faster and you might have stomach upsets)

- Use geranium and roman chamomile essential oils in a bath or in a massage oil to help balance hormones, reduce pain and to help your cycle return to normal

I do wonder if your body is releasing toxins due to the deep tissue massage. I have no knowledge about the massage, but you could ask your masseuse about it. In the mean time, try eating cilantro or taking it as a supplement every day (just buy the dried herb and put a teaspoon in some water before drinking) - it should help your body detox if it needs to."

04/16/2012: Heather from Leicester: "Hi, I am 45 and I have oestrogen dominance. In august I had a pelvic scan due to heavy mensturation and they found a few small fibroids and ovarian cyst but the endometrium lining was extremely thick but cells were reported to be noncancerous. I was given iron tablets to bring my levels up to normal and folic acid. I refused the hormone treatment that was offered and have been coping with Bsm to reduce Menstral flow the last couple of months with success.

However I constantly feel tired so I had a hair analysis done and the results say that I am deficient in vitamins A, Betacarotene, B3, E, Magnesium, Phosphorus, Zinc, Vanadium and that I am 60%toxic and dehydrated. I have on occassions drank alot of strong coffee in the mornings to wake me up but only have one or 2 cups now and I only have the odd glass of wine at the weekends. My eye site has definitely been getting worse recently and my skin is very dry and my hair has suddenly gone very grey. Can Ted and or Bill please advise, thankyou x"

04/16/2012: Fiona from London, England Uk replies: "To Heather from Leicester: Hello, I do sympathise as i've had major hormonal issues.

I found in my case plenty vitamin b complex helped (as well as an all round vitamin supplement, plus extra vitamin C as the rda is way too low); flaxseed oil (cold pressed) or a good blend with flaxseed oil in it like Udos oil and daily exercise (nothing bonkers, just 10-20 minutes on a mini trampoline for example, or some callanetics, etc)

Regarding the mineral deficiency and the sudden greying of hair I think you should consider Fulvic Acid as I believe it would be helpful to you. It would also help with your toxicity but the absolute best (imho) thing for reducing toxicity is clay (bentonite is the one I use). It removes heavy metals and all sorts of poisons. Eyton's earth website is a good source of information on clay therapy.

It's good for pets too. It really helped my cat when the vets "medicines" made him ill with severe diahorrea with blood in it. He wouldn't take the vet's remedy but took the bentonite without hesitation.

One more thing. If you have mercury fillings you may want to look into the health issues they cause. Google Tom Levy Md or Huggins for more information. Hope this helps.

Best wishes, Fiona"

04/16/2012: Jen from Bozeman, Mt, Us replies: "I thought I would chime in when I saw that you were low on Zinc. Progesterone is one thing to help lower your estrogen dominance issues. Zinc and progesterone are very good allies. If you take supplemental zinc then it will help your heavy period issues and any other estrogen dominance issues. I too have heavy periods. I take zinc now and have been able to control them as long as I take at lease 50 mg twice a week. The fact that your endometrial lining is thick just means you were building a heavy flow as they were doing the exam. BSM is wonderful for the most part but it does have alot of Copper which is an antagonist to Zinc and progesterone so be carefull. Coffee has copper as well. For the other vits and mins I would get a good multi vit to make sure you are getting what you need. You should also do some sort of detox to rid yourself of the toxins. Ted has a great one with borax on here:)"
04/16/2012: Bill from San Fernando, Philippines replies: "Hi Heather... It is fairly obvious from your problems that you are low thyroid or hypothyroid.

... heavy menstruation


...I constantly feel tired

...I am 60%toxic and dehydrated

...My eye site has definitely been getting worse recently and my skin is very dry

The above are all classic symptoms of low thyroid. Reasons for this are described in this link.

To alleviate this problem and get back to health you should take the full lugol's iodine protocol which is defined in this link.

If you have particularly excess bromide in your body -- this can be quite difficult to remove and can also cause skin and other problems but taking William Shevin's Sea Salt Loading Protocol daily will help greatly to accelerate bromide excretion problems and reduce bromide detox symptoms.

It's also worth taking Milk Thistle and Chanca piedra herbs as well. Milk Thistle is renowned for neutralizing poisons and supporting the liver. Chanca piedra also supports the liver and kidneys and also acts as a calcium channel blocker. Cysts formation always involves excess calcium -- this is why you should also reduce dairy in your diet. Supplementing magnesium also helps to regulate excess calcium in the body. The dosage for both Milk Thistle and Chanca Piedra is 1000 mgs each taken two times at lunch and dinner.

To address your dehydration issues -- just ensure that you drink two glasses of mineral water at mealtimes. Taking Ted's alkalizing remedies will also help remove malabsorption issues in your body.

These protocols, when taken daily in the correct amounts can dissolve and heal fibroids in 3 to 4 months. But if you have to reduce the amount of daily iodine due to the excessive effects of detox issues and symptoms, then the healing could take considerably longer.

A last note. If you decide to have a proper Thyroid check -- do not have the TSH check -- this check can be notoriously inaccurate. Best to get the Free T3(FT3) and Free T4(FT4) check -- much more accurate. And if you also get the Reverse T3 and Reverse T4 checked -- high levels of Rt3 and RT4 will also indicate inhibited FT3 and FT4 as well as indicating further possible liver insufficiency problems."

04/17/2012: Heather from Leicester replies: "Thank you so much Bill and others for your advice. I will read more, buy some lugols and report back. Interestingly I have excess fat around my waist area and embarrassingly went from slim to not so slim very quickly. Also, recently I have been experiencing intermittent discomfort in the area below right ribcage which I thought may be gallbladder or liver so I have started to take a milk thistle and artichoke tincture. My initial response is that you must be correct regarding my thyroid. Interestingly my mother had her thyroid removed when she was around 50 due to a tumour and although slimmer than me she also had a 'mummy' tummy that made her look pregnant but she says she didn't have the heavy menstrual issues like me- She is fine now and in her 70s.

By the way, on a toxic note I have been asthmatic for the last 15 years but I am mostly symptom free now as I take inhalers for this and also nose spray medication for allergic rhinitus both of which I have been trying to reduce and hope eventually to get off. Thanks again for your help, I'll post again later x"

04/17/2012: Debbie from Melbourne, Australia replies: "You should have a look at the mineral wheel I have linked below. If you take a lot of iron, you will deplete zinc from the body. You are better off taking whole foods which contain the minerals in the proper ratios.

Jen, BSM has a lot of iron.. The one I have doesn't even list copper in it. People have gotten their iron levels up significantly by taking BSM. I stopped taking it because I think it will deplete copper. It didn't help my gray hair at all and I think it worsened it.

Wheatgrass juice, spirulina and chlorella are good whole foods that will benefit you. It's also good to study herbs that can balance hormones.

Iodine is good to balance hormones (according to Dr. Brownstein in his Iodine book)."

04/17/2012: Jen from Bozeman, Mt, Us replies: "Yes you are correct Debbie. BSM is high in iron. It was remiss of me not to mention that but I assumed she new this already since that's why most people begin taking it. I did not mean to sound like I was saying it was not good for some people. I had to stop taking BSM as my estrogen dominance was getting worse from it. Which is caused by the high copper most likely. I am iron deficient as well so I get it from other sources now. As you can see from WHFoods brand of BSM on the link it is slightly higher in copper than iron. It is a nutrient in all BSM. To a different degree as each process will change depending on the types of plant either sugar cane or sugar beets, where it is located, how long it sat, etc... Just like an Avocado will have different variations of copper which is dependant on the same circumstances.

The iron in BSM is actually thought to be unavailable as the Calcium also found in BSM is thought to interfere with the absorption of the iron. Iron can be gotton from many other foods so I just wanted to make sure that Heather new of this nutrient which is usually not on the label in the first place. As copper is not one of the nutrients the RDA is worried about. Iron, zinc, Vit A, Vit B's, D3, etc.... are all things the RDA makes sure to put on labels but copper has not been a huge focus by the RDA as of yet.

Copper is becoming a problem with alot of women because it is hidden in alot of things. As taken from this website.

"Estrogen and copper are succinctly related. Copper tends to raise estrogen in the body, and estrogen tends to cause copper to rise. Both copper and estrogen tend to feed one another."

I realize that copper is also deficient in alot of people as well. I am just saying for Heather's sake that she may want to watch out for it as it is a problem for some women who have heavy bleeding, estrogen dominance, PMS syndrome, etc."

04/17/2012: Heather from Leicester replies: "Hi Jen and Debbie, thanks for your comments. Just to clarify and help anyone else.. When I had my blood checked last August my iron level was 7.8 which is extremely low ( it should be between 11-18 I think) it was not just low iron I had immature red blood cells etc so the doctor prescribed b6 along with the iron to help the blood making process and the chemist told me to take the tablets with orange juice to help digest them and it worked, after 1 month my levels were up to 10.8, then in December they were within the recommended level so I stopped taking the tablets. I have taken Blackstrap Molasses (BSM) for 1 week on 2 occasions and will continue to do so. For me it is miraculous, I have extremely heavy mensturation and apart from draining you it is hard to function day and night with that ie waking up hourly to visit the loo and that's if you make it on time. Bsm slows down the bleeding drastically it is amazing, I don't know exactly how it works but I am so grateful it does, it's life changing. Next time I will start taking it 1 or 2 days before I am due on to see if it is slow from the beginning. I honestly don't think I have high iron levels but I will get them tested again soon. I agree that it is best to take supplements in their natural form but in my case in August I needed to raise my levels ASAP. I think generally I probably should eat more liver to help with my vit and mineral deficiencies now! I had some on Sunday for the first time in ages and it wasn't too bad. I have read a lot of posts on hormone imbalance and hypothyroidism and I am thinking about my exact approach. I agree with Bill that I need to support my liver so I am taking an artichoke and milk thistle tincture. I am going to do a simple approach and will let you know how it works out. One interesting point is that my older sister had all the same symptoms as me and is just recovering from breast cancer so I am very interested in all Bill has written. Btw my sister cut out Dairy follows the Jane Plant Diet( no dairy) and runs every day and is doing very well.."
04/18/2012: Fiona from London, England Uk replies: "To Heather from Leicester: Hi, Regarding being asthmatic look into Serrapeptase and what it can do for asthma, emphysema, etc. It's excellent.

Good luck, Fiona"

04/18/2012: Heather from Leicester replies: "Thank you for your suggestions Fiona, I definitely want to gradually come off my asthma medication as this could also be adding to my thyroid/hormone problems. I will start by cutting out dairy and reducing my inhaler dose then look at alternatives if I need them, thanks. From now on I won't take part in the annual flu vaccinations either.."
04/23/2012: Heather from Leicester replies: "Hi, its me again I'm just going to share something that may be of interest to someone out there.. When I was extremely anemic with all my ladies issues( I won't go on about that again) but I didn't know it yet I had this weird craving for roasted almonds and I had to stop of the way home from work to get some, sometimes I would go out of my way and I was a bit embarrassed as I new this wasn't normal so I'd hide the packets!! But when I was diagnosed as being anemic I put it down to pica which is common with iron deficiency although normally you read of people craving ice and other stuff. Anyway, this is the interesting bit, I was just googling Edward Cayce's views on cancer and up came loads of information about his readings on almonds being anti cancer particularly for uterine cancer.. I might start eating them again."

04/07/2012: Earthstar from Chester, Cheshire, England, Uk: "After the birth of my first child, there were no vaginal tears, may have had something to do with the fact she was born prematurely and of low weight. However, when I resumed intercourse with my partner I started to experience tearing from the vaginal enterance down the perinium. I suffered with this for about 2 years, too embarassed to visit my GP.

Eventually, this was investigated by gyne-consultant who suggested that I stop taking any form of contraception (I was taking oral pill at that time) as it 'interfered'. It took 6 - 8 weeks of discountinuing the pill and I healed up nicely and there were no further tearing.

However. After the birth of my second child, I tore extensively. I was not taking any contracpetive pills and used purely natural fertility calender method so my previous 'cure' was no longer an option. It's been two years now and although the tearing has been investigated by a different gyne-consultant, they found no evidence and said my scar had healed nicely. Excuse me? Basically it was suggested this was a psychological pain. As I am a psychotherapist I saw a lot of irony in this experience and tried arguing but alas I have not been offered any further help.

Not only do I suffer from the vaginal tears, which are real not psychological might I add, I also suffer from vaginal dryness and extremely low libido. As I am only 32 you can imagine how traumatic this experience has been for me, after going from a more-than-healthy sexual appetite to something which is non existent.

I am in a secure and loving marriage, finding my husband attractive and supportive. However this effects me daily and have been scouring the internet for hopeful 'cures'.

In the past month I have started taking soya isoflavens and red clover tincture drops. I believe there has been a slight improvement with the dryness but I still need lots of bottled lubricant. My desire has improved slightly, going from wanting intercourse about once every 1-2 months to a few days this last week. However the tearing issue is still a huge problem, even with the extra lubrication. Obviously from not engaging in anything intimate for long periods of times, the tearing has significant time to heal. I have been with my husband for 7 years and we had no problems before I had children.

Also, I have started taking ginseng tincture drops in the past week and half as well as the soya isoflavens and red clover. Also introduced Apple Cider Vinegar and oil pulling into my daily routine. I will report back with any new improvements. I cannot seem to find similar experiences as mine but am sure I cannot be the only one suffering with this!

May I just add how appreciative of EarthClinic and am grateful to have such a warm and inviting community to be a part of.

Kind regards, EarthStar"

04/07/2012: Jennifer from Sunrise, Fl replies: "Hi EarthStar, a lot of people have success using Vitamin E suppositories (... you can find them at Whole Foods) as vaginal suppositories to cure dryness and irritation. (They can also be used as rectal suppositories to help heal hemorrhoids). The Vitamin E quickly heals any fissures and the oil will help lubricate the area. Some people have also had similar success using coconut oil as a lubricant.

As for low libido, I have this too as a side effect of hypothyroidism, maca did help me but also caused me to gain weight very fast. Some women *lose* weight on maca, so it might be worth trying to see how it affects you. Good luck! Jennifer"

04/08/2012: Gardener from Small Town, Nh, Usa replies: "Dear Earthstar, two things might help you: food grade diatomaceous earth (DE) and unrefined virgin coconut oil. DE contains silica, which when ingested is said to make the skin and underlying connective tissue more elastic. Several companies in the U. S. sell DE. One website in particular features many impressive testimonials regarding all kinds of improved health conditions, including softer skin. I learned from our daughter's time in gymnastics that softer skin injures (blisters) less readily. Perhaps some company in the U.K. sells DE. It's also called shell flour, as it's the finely ground fossilized shells of plants. I suggest starting with 1 tsp. in liquid once a day, gradually increasing to a rounded or heaping Tbsp. 2X/day. Silica is known to benefit the hair, skin and nails, among other things, and I can testify that it does.

Unrefined virgin coconut oil (VCO) is nourishing to the skin and nerves, is naturally anti-bacterial, and is an ideal lubricant and moisturizer. I suggest you use it for all your cooking needs, as well as eat some between meals. It's said to provide many health benefits, and give energy without adding weight. Two websites in particular feature many testimonials regarding improved health with use of coconut oil."

04/08/2012: Khatia from Mannheim, Germany replies: "Hi Earthstar, when I was trying to get pregnant with clomid I took 400 iµ vitamin E for 14 days before ovulation for the production of egg white cervical mucus as I was told that clomid causes the dryness of vagina and makes the conception more difficult. As I am also 38 years old not so young to get pregnant. But vitamin E improved my vaginal dryness as much as I felt I am in my teen age again. Now with the grace of God I am six month pregnant. I hope this helps you. And best of luck.

P.S. With vitamin E I also took magnesium citrate 400 mg daily. But I took magnesium three months prior to my conception."

04/08/2012: Debbie from Melbourne, Australia replies: "Wheatgrass juice helped me, totally turned around the problem and my libido as well. I think the dryness is a nutritional problem. I was having blood tests at the time and my FSH plummeted to 3.67 (after being 15) after 3 months on wheatgrass juice."
04/16/2012: Earthstar from Chester, Cheshire, England replies: "May I just like say a big thank you to all those that have replied to my post.

I guess my thinking is that there is no vitamin or supplement tree so feel apprehensive about taking all of these. It's just a personal observation however I have started to take 300mg magnesium and carrying on with coconut oil and acv. I would like to do some more investigating into what foods could be used instead, see what comes up.

I'd be happy not to give any more money to 'big pharma' to be fair!

There has been no change since my original post but will continue to update."

04/16/2012: Earthstar from Chester, Cheshire, England replies: "Interestingly foods richest in magnesium apparently are:

  • Bran (rice, wheat & Oat)
  • Dried Herbs... (why not fresh ones I don't know)
  • Squash, Pumpkin and Watermelon Seeds
  • Dark Chocolate (we instinctively knew chocolate was always good for us, right?! )
  • Flax, Sesame Seeds and Tahini
  • Brazil Nuts
  • Sunflower Seeds
  • Almonds, Cashews, Mixed Nuts, Pine nuts
  • Molasses
  • Dried Edamame

I had just purchased molasses for other reasons but it will be interesting to see if it helps with lubrication etc."

01/07/2012: Akf from Nyc, Ny, Usa: "Help? I recently stopped taking this terrible drug "Prednisone" (well it's all relative - it helped speed up my Bells Palsy recovery that paralyzed the entire left side of my face). What Prednisone does to the body is it takes over the adrenal functions. Once you stop taking the drug the body now becomes confused and then the adrenal glands over produce these hormones which create a serious of unbalanced issues within the body.

The Bells Palsy has gone away but the after affects of the drug have completely altered my adrenal gland function thus my hormones are all out of whack. I don't want to get on birth control to level off the new found issue - erratic hormone function. I'm basically getting my period every 15/20 days along with other insulin issues - constantely needed to eat.

So I was wondering if there were any homeopathic treatments to get the adrenal glands to bounce back w/out taking any more drugs.

Any thoughts?"

01/02/2012: Lynn from Mpls, Mn: "I have been using a wild yam and progesterone cream for PMS for over 10 years, works like a charm. My 13 year old daughter is now having menstrual problems. She began menstruating about 8 months ago and there seems to be no regularity whatsoever. I am considering having her start using the wild yam cream. I understand that at her age her hormones are going to fluctaute. I would much rather try some natural remedies instead of putting her on "the pill", which is probably what a Dr. would recommend. Thank you so much for any feedback. Peace."

01/03/2012: Mmsg from Somewhere, Europe replies: "To regulate periods my family uses sage tea with success. Starting with two cups of tea a day (morning and evening) and as things get better, we taper off to one cup then none.

Also, it seems, from earthclinic that blackstrap molasses helps too. We make a "coffee" out of it: a tablespoon of blackstrap, hot water to melt it, then top up with (soy) milk."

01/03/2012: Timh from Louisville, Usa replies: "Lynn, I have read that there's no better remedy for menstruation probs. than Evening Primrose Oil (2 spoons daily for her). Add 400 iu Vit-E daily (mixed natural ) to protect the EPO. The amino acid Methionine is known to help rid the body of excess estrogen AND promote detoxification. Be sure to take a b complex and additional B-12 for proper methylation. Some Milk Thistle Seed or Artichoke Leaves (available in caps form) would also help as constipated liver is a common prob w/ many disorders. Increasing fibre in diet is also recommended so as to remove unwanted fats from the body.

Do try any or all of these measures FIRST, before considering yam."

01/03/2012: Lynn from Mpls, Mn replies: "Thank you so much for the prompt response! I will try these things and report back. I want to teach my kids to try to treat things naturally. The human body is so complex and intriguing! I have been stuck on this site for days."

11/27/2011: L from Brisbane, Qld Australia: "I am trying Nascent Iodine for Hashimoto's and terrible menopause symptoms but everytime I try to use it, I get bad bathroom odour it's really embarassing to say the least when using other toilets... Firstly does anyone else have this problem?

Secondly my main problem at the moment is estrogen dominance it is so bad that it has destroyed my life completely... I have tried everything written everywhere and nothing works.

I have tried every diet known to man, I have a cupboard full of vitamins and if I cut out anything else I will be only left with water, it feels like a cruel curse and for a lifetime of healthy eating and excersise it made no difference for me at menopause:(

The iodine is a last resort, I do feel better on it but can never stay on it long enough because of the odour.. I have given up with doctors as they don't really care and just look at you like you will get through it but this is now been going on since peri menopause aprox 9years its been so depressing and I don't think I can handle much more.. I have lost my figure to ugly cellulite and put on so much weight in the last couple of years and just in the last week the weight is getting out of control... I could understand if I ate junk food and overeat but I don't- it's so not fair..

Very upset as you can see but I just want some quality of life back... Anyway if anyone has any helpful advice I would appreciate it ... there is not much on here about estrogen dominance...

PS: I have tried progesterone cream (compound Pharmacy) but everytime I do that it also makes the estrogen worse so stuck between a rock and hard place ... please help."

11/28/2011: Hashiaussie from Melbourne, Australia replies: "Hi L from Brisbane - don't know about iodine but suggest you get hold of the thyroid book by Dr Kharazzian. There is a bit of a debate about whether people with automimmune disease should be on it at all and that is what you most likely have.

I too have had 'estrogen dominance' the fad term about 15 years ago and after that endometriosis then an overloaded liver problem, then it was low thyroid & now finally we know it is indeed hashimotos. You should look at as a start. You probably need to get on to T4 (thyroxine) or a compounded version of thyroid. Read about 'insulin resistance' and 'adrenal exhaustion' for weight gain causes and look at a facebook page called hashimotos 411. There is very good info there and plenty of people with the same issues.

For me, the gym, no sugar, yam cream, very weak progesterone troches, seem to keep the menopause stuff under some, although not total control. Maca helps tremendously as does magnesium & selenium. The liver needs cleaning up to so get onto dandelion tea and milk thistle - lots here on that. I am T1 dominant according to my reading of Dr K's book and a bit of testing from my doctor, so every day I have glutathione cream, green tea and coffee. Indol carbinol 3 helps with left breast pain. I was on T3 (thyroid) compounded for a while to kick start everything so maybe that's what you should do then do a full cleanse (Hulda Clark or metagenics style) and then work on the autoimmune issues. We now have the Internet and we can learn and this site is terrific so start reading. Best of luck."

11/28/2011: Jen from Bozeman, Mt, Us replies: "Firstly it would help to know how you know that you are estogen dominant? Do you self test? Or does a doctor test you? Or are you going off symptoms you are having presently? Is it possible that you actually are low on estrogen and high on progesterone? Most people think it is estrogen dominance that is the evil but it can also be progesterone dominance or testosterone dominance sometimes. Your symptoms may look like estrogen dominance but may not be. If you have worse symptoms when applying wild yam then I am very suspicious.

What have you tried? Do you still take the other things you have tried with the iodine or have you dropped them and started iodine alone? You should be taking a combo of supplements to balance your hormones right now. Iodine will help mostly but when you are imbalanced because of menopause and peri menopause then it will take more than just iodine. The smell you are offended by could possibly be a symptom of detox and may possibly go away with more use.

Things you can try if you haven't already are Maca, Fenugreek (if progesterone dominant), Zinc (estogen dominance) and/or Copper (progesterone dominance), or DHEA. All but the fenugreek, Zinc and Copper are for balancing hormones in general. Wild yam as you know is good for estrogen dominance as well. Iodine will help to make hormones in general but if you are making to much of one then you will have problems. You need to tip the scale so that you are making the right balance of hormones. So take a combo of iodine, zinc or copper, DHEA (5 mg about 3 to 4 x per week), and maca. Make sure you are also taking selenium, Vit c, and Magnesium with iodine or you will cause many more issues by taking the iodine alone."

11/28/2011: Debbie from Melbourne, Australia replies: "L from Brisbane, have you tired lugols iodine? I was wondering if you are getting bad bathroom odor because the body is detoxing ...

Iodine will take out heavy metals and flouride and rid the body of yeast/candida, bad bacteria among other things.

As you say you feel better on iodine. Read the book by Dr. Brownstein on iodine and you won't want to get off it. Your body needs iodine to balance your hormones, the uterus needs iodine, the thyroid needs iodine, your breasts need iodine....

I would also take chlorella and spirulina as they are very cleansing inside the body."

11/28/2011: L from Brisbane, Qld Australia replies: "Thank you ladies for the advice maybe if I try a different iodine brand say lugols it may make a difference. (can I get this in Australia?)

At the moment I am taking it with Vit C, D3, B6, B Complex, Fish oil and Magnesium and B12 Injection every 6 weeks, I can't take Selenium as it also makes the bathroom smelly...

I have a Gluten and Wheat free diet, lactose free milk, no aspartane etc.. diet has helped with the Hashimotos which is one good thing but the estrogen dominance persists...

I have been tested frequently over the years and the estrogen is always extremly high and my progesterone has dropped to almost nothing, that's why I was given the progesterone cream but unfortunately makes it worse...

Question - do you think that the progesterone will work if the iodine brings the estrogen down to a reasonable level one doctor told me that sometimes the progesterone can turn into estrogen too it you are dominant.. needless to say every doctor tells me something different..

I have got the Dr Brownstein books which I found helpful and interesting... I resorted to the iodine too because I can't take thyroxine as it gives me insomnia & migraines... gee I sound like a whiner- sorry for that its just been hard..

I have two sisters which do not have any problems but I seem to have got them all like food allergies, medicine allergies & deficiencies. Unfortunately the hormones the way they are don't help with my mood...

I probably should have put this info in the first post... Another question should I take fish oil or flaxseed oil for my estrogen dominance?

Thank you so much I appreciate your replies as I don't know anyone else like me to discuss it with..."

11/30/2011: Jen from Bozeman, Mt, Us replies: "That could be one of your problems if you are taking iodine but not selenium. You could be making your thyroid worse as it needs both selenium and iodine. Maybe try eating a brazil nut or two per day instead of taking a selenium supplement. There is around 200 mcg of selenium in one brazil nut. You need around 200 to 400 mcg to balance the iodine. Especially if you are taking a large amount of iodine. If your thyroid is out of whack then you can almost count on other hormones being out of whack."
12/01/2011: L from Brisbane, Qld Australia replies: "To Jen from Bozeman, thank you for that info I will definately try the brazil nuts I didn't realise it was so important to take it with the iodine.. It's worth a try.
Kind regards, L from Brisbane, Australia."

11/12/2011: Mojo from Overgaard, Arizona: "Hi, I am 56 yrs. old & my husband & I haven't had sex for 6 yrs. Now. I want to, I am afraid, as the skin gets very thin & can tear. I know an obygn who would have me use premarin cream ( I can't afford it ) is there anything I can get a natural cream? If I don't have a sex life w/my husband then I feel my life is over.


11/12/2011: Baldev from Mumbai, Maharashtra, India replies: "Hi Mojo, You can try extra virgin coconut oil. Baldev"
11/12/2011: Noelle from Minneapolis, Mn Usa replies: "See if you can get hold of OstaDerm V by Bezwecken. It's mostly fermented plants, but check out the ingredients and see if it is right for you. You should be able to find it online. Or call several naturopaths in your area, and see if they stock it. They'll usually let you buy their products without being a patient. It costs about $25.

I had vaginal atrophy several years ago and was prescribed Premarin cream by a GYN. It took care of the problem, but after a few months I had a number of unwanted side effects and had to stop. I called a naturopath who I've consulted over the years and she recommended OstaDerm V. I used it on and off (mostly off) for about a year and haven't had a problem since. It's applied directly to the vagina and a little goes a long way. I still have a little bit in the tube. Once you have your problem under control, you can just take Evening Primrose capsules (2-3 per day) and/or stick a capsule up the vagina at night."

11/12/2011: Trudi from Brookfield, Wi, Usa replies: "Coconut oil may be of help--"
11/13/2011: Debbie from Melbourne, Australia replies: "I found that drinking fresh wheatgrass juice (and wheatgrass powder) and other green juices totally reversed my dryness. My libido returned and my FSH even lowered from over 15 to 3.67 (that was in three months). I believe that the problem stems from a lack of nutrients in the body. If you only add coconut oil to the area you are not curing the problem only the symptoms."

10/05/2011: G from Nyc, Ny: "After reading the posts about "balancing hormones", I am more confused than ever. I am a 52 year old female. Have 2 children. Last menstration at 46. Nipple hair since puberty. Pubic hair that continues down by thighs. Now, chin whiskers growing in more and more. Mustache hairs individually getting darker/coarser. Please help me to understand what my body needs more or less of/how to balance: androgens? Progesterone? Estrogen? Testosterone? Thank you in advance for your help."

10/05/2011: Bess from Calgary, Alberta, Canada replies: "Hi G from NYC - When it comes to hormones, I think it might be wise to visit a naturopath who specializes in women's health. They usually prescribe a bio-identical hormone combination cream or gel that contains the proper amount unique for your body. They take a blood sample and do a hormone panel to determine exactly what is needed. The prescription is filled by a compounding pharmacy who makes up your individual cream/gel. Also, the naturopath can tweak it in case you still have problems after using the cream for awhile. That'll take the guess work out of taking an array of herbals and tinctures and potions and lotions but still not getting the results you want.

In case you would rather not visit a naturopath, there are a number of good books available to read about hormones. A good idea is to go to and type in hormones in the search box. Read the customer reviews for a few of the books and see if any seem worth reading (customers are very forthcoming in their opinions! ). Then check your library - there is a good chance they will have it. Good luck - menopause won't last forever! Take care, Bess"

09/29/2011: Lali from Tbilisi, Georgia: "Hello guys, I am 22 years old I have been diagnosed ovarian cysts 5 months ago. I got under treatment which went ok- cysts were getting smaller and smaller and in June they completely diappeared my doctor ceased any medication for awhile but after a month menstruation didn't come and when I scanned ovaries cysts appeared again. I also took a blood test and it showed the increased level of prolactin and testoseterone.

My problem is hormone disorder, cysts are just result of this diarangment I just wonder if hormone disbalance can be cured? I am just tired getting of so many hormone stimulative pills and contraceptives over and over again :((((and have a question to those who tried ACV- did cysts totally faded away or did they come up again when u stopped getting ACV?"

09/30/2011: Maria from Gippsland, Australia replies: "Hi Lali, I used with success the herb yarrow, as recommended by Maria Treban in her book "Health Through God's Pharmacy", 1 cup taken first thing in the morning on rising and 1 cup in the afternoon. Do not take it whilst you have your period. I think it took about 6 months to I have recently been reading a lot about iodine and its benefits and including ovarian cysts unfortunately I can't remember where. It may have been the iodine project anyway I think it would be worth doing a search for 'ovarian cysts iodine'. There may be some others out there that know more about it. All the best."
10/04/2011: Jessica from Chicago, Il replies: "DHEA, (vitamin supplement) its in the men's section usually in the Health food stores, but it is amazing on controlling and regulating hormones in women!"

09/14/2011: Maria from Gippsland, Australia: "Does anyone know how to raise estrogen levels? Progesterone levels are normal and told not menopausal or premenopausal just have low estrogen. Thanks."

09/14/2011: Dud from From The Woods Of Wv, Usa replies: "Estrogen mimicking foods in the human body:

1. flax seeds, huge estrogenic effect

2. soybean foods

3. plastics

scroogle "estrogenic foods", for more."

09/15/2011: Mmsg from Somewhere, Europe replies: "Maria, I took sage tea for that."
09/21/2011: Maria from Gippsland, Australia replies: "Thanks Dud & Mmsg for your sugestions. Have started having some flax oil and sage tea. Had sage at home but have only used it for sore throats & mouth issues. Did a search for estrogenic foods and found it very interesting, so much so that am looking into it still. Anyway thanks for the info."

08/14/2011: Marilyn from Yonkers, Ny: "My daughter developed breasts as at 3 1/2. Endocrine Dr.believes exposed to estrogen. They have opted not to put her on hormone pills. What can I do to naturally decrease levels in her body? I am doing my own investigation on foods and products. Please help!"

08/14/2011: Debbie from Melbourne, Australia replies: "Marilyn, I have recently ordered a book from Amazon called "Excitotoxins, the Taste that kills". I haven't received it yet but one of the things it is about is MSG and how dangerous it is.. it is added to most processed foods and even sprayed on crops today.

I was just reading an article that says that Glutamate (MSG) can reset the hormone system and in effect bring on early puberty.

Here is the article for you to read:"

08/17/2011: Ginny from Boise, Idaho replies: "Also check the BPA and the amount of Soy that she is getting... Soy is in almost everything! A lot of formula's have soy in it. Did yours? Make food from scratch, don't buy packaged food. Take the time to research all the stuff that is in packaged food, you will be amazed at how toxic it is for you. Search for "soy toxins" and read how they cause pre -puberty and a host of other problems. You can also watch videos with Dr. Russell Blaylock on Youtube about excitotoxins."

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