Hepatitis C Treatment and Cure

Last Modified on Apr 10, 2014

What Is Hepatitis C?

Caused by one of the many hepatitis viruses, hepatitis C is an infection that invades and attacks the liver. Characterized by inflammation of the liver, hepatitis C often prevents few symptoms and is only detected years later as liver damage is discovered via routine medical tests. Generally considered one of the most serious of the viruses, hepatitis C is caused by the hepatitis C virus also known as HCV.

Hepatitis C frequently causes few to no symptoms in its early stages. If an individual does experience symptoms, however, symptoms of hepatitis C usually involve fatigue, high fever, nausea, poor appetite, muscle pain, joint discomfort, and jaundice or the yellowing of the eyes and skin. Additional symptoms may include weight loss, breast enlargement in men, an unusual rash on the palms, trouble with blood clotting and spider-like blood vessels on the skin.

Hepatitis C is caused by the hepatitis C virus or HCV. The infection is spread via contact with blood that has been or is contaminated with HCV. Intravenous drug abuse is the most common cause of hepatitis C transmission while the risk of developing HCV by sexual contact is low. Additional risk factors for developing the disease include working in health care, having HIV, receiving a piercing in an unclean environment or via unsterile equipment, getting a blood transfusion or organ transplant prior to 1992 or being born to a woman who has the hepatitis C infection.

Natural Hepatitis C Treatment and Remedies

Hepatitis C is generally considered the most serious of the hepatitis infections. As suchintensive treatment is often required to facilitate recovery and improvement. Nonetheless, many natural treatments offer relief and reduction of symptoms. BHT is the most popular cure for Hepatitis C on Earth Clinic as reported by our readers. Also, alpha lipoic acid can also be taken to reduce enzyme levels associated with hepatitis C. Additional treatment options include colloidal silver, arginine, chanca piedra, sublingual and vitamin D3. Taking natural supplements to support overall health also aid in hepatitis C treatment. Vitamin B12, vitamin B, vitamin C, lipid monolaurin and sodium selenite should be taken daily while milk thistle and vitamin E should be avoided. Continue reading below for exact dosages for hepatitis C healing protocols.

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Alpha Lipoic Acid

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[BETTER BUT NOT CURED]  06/23/2012: Tim D from Plano, Texas: "I contracted Hep C around 1984. A friend mentioned an amino acid called "Alpha-Lipoic Acid" to lower my enzymes levels AST and ALT count. He showed me in a book that had a list of elements that were taken out of our school of medicine in 1950's. I have had a level of roughly 20 AST and 35 ALT ever since. My liver doctor about 10 years ago was completly surprised by the levels, and asked what I was doing to get these levels. I mentioned "Alpha-Lipoic Acid" and he did not recognize it. It is sad when we are controlling what doctors should and shouldn't know. Hope this helps those reading."

06/24/2012: Timh from Louisville, Ky, USA replies: "Tim D from Plano, I first began taking ALA w/ other supplements during meals but found it upsetting to the stomach; after trying ALA 50mg on an empty stomach however, I experience no gastric distress. For me it is important to be sufficiently buffered prior to ALA. The other night I experimented w/ 50mg every 15 min 4x w/ no upset and increased energy and stamina. There are some caps as high as 600mg which I suppose would be beneficial for even advanced stages of liver disease. And now there is a stable form of the more active molecule of called R-Fraction which is touted to deliver over 5 times more than standard Thioctic Acid, and has been reported to have less irritation on delivery."
11/20/2013: Lorenzo from San Antonio replies: "I have found that colliodal silver works great in knocking out the disease. You can make your own for just a few dollars."
11/21/2013: Dave from Fountain Inn, Sc replies: "Hello Lorenzo,

Thanks for posting about colloidal silver used to treat Hep C. I've never personally known of cs usage for Hep although I've posted a number of times asking if anyone had tried it.

Can you give specifics? I mean load numbers.

There is a well known and very smart poster on EC who often talks of BHT usage with great success. He is always asking for specifics on successes.

So to add to the remedy possibilities, what were your numbers before and after. Hopefully Oscar will weigh in and ask you some questions. He is the poster I referred to."


04/08/2013: Paula from San Francisco, Ca: "Does anybody know if it's OK to take Arginine with hepatits c? First post- thanks much"

04/09/2013: Dave from Fountain Inn, SC replies: "To the issue of whether consumption of arginine can impact Hep B and C, in theory yes. That is because taking arginine can reduce the amount of lysine (another amino acid) in the body and lycine helps fight off at least one virus...herpes simplex. In theory then, lysine may be helping to keep another virus from springing up... such as Hep B and C. About 15 percent of the population has herpes simplex from the reading I have seen. But by extrapolating from this one might theorize that lysine inhibits viral growth and so, again in theory, if lysine is diminished from the system then obviously its inhibiting viral effects might be reduced also.

HOWEVER there are two solutions to the problem for those like myself who take large amounts of arginine because of its amazing health benefits: After consumption of my arginine in the morning (in a liquid form... 5 thousand mg), in the afternoon, I take 500 mg of additional lysine, just to make sure lysine is not being depleted by such large amounts of arginine. Next, to make sure I am not inadvertently reducing an anti viral ability to help my immune system, I take small sips of colloidal silver at least three times weekly. The silver will act to swish out viruses in my body. I'd love for someone to disabuse me of this "theory" I pose above. That is, that lysine does suppress herpes simplex and thus (the theory) that therefore lysine might be suppressing other viruses also and by extension (continued theory) that supplements of lysine if one is taking arginine should counter arginine's impact on lysine in the system."

04/09/2013: Paula from San Francisco, Ca replies: "I am taking the same amount of arginine per day. How much lysine are you taing for for how long?

BTW I also take for all the health benefits. I don't believe anyone should take blood pressure medication."

04/10/2013: Ll from La, Ca replies: "Dave from Fountain In S, C. How much lysine are u taking? Thx much"
05/18/2013: David from Fountain Inn, Sc replies: "Sorry for my delay in responding on the quantity of lysine I take; I did mention it in my original post but it might not have been clear. I take 500 mg daily."
05/20/2013: Davey D. from Vancover, Bc Canada replies: "If you want to hang on to the Hep b - C virus then do so. L-Lysine will cause a toxic build up in the liver which will relate to overdose.

I take BHT 350mg per day Chanca Piedra, B12 5, 000 mcg sublingual, B12 1,000 mcg time released and Vitamin D3. My liver functions have come down to the normal range from over 200 ALT. I have Hep C and never felt better. I am suspecting a cure very soon with this treatment and I have the numbers to prove it as opposed to speculation by how you feel.

Also it is beneficial to know what not to take like grape fruit juice, milk thistle, and Vitamin E which has been found in tests to help the hep c virus to duplicate.

Davey D."

07/19/2013: Debi from Irvine, Ca replies: "Davey. Please tell me what you are doing to heal your hep c? I have been doing MMS for two years now and have still not been able to heal myself when others have. I would love to know what you're doing to yourself please contact me. Deb"

Berkson Therapy

10/13/2012: Dan's Sister from Playa Vista, Ca: "My Brother was diagnosed with Hep C and Stage IV Cirrhosis. He contracted HepC when he was 18 from blood transfusions from a motorcycle accident. 40 years later he became quite ill even had an esophogeal bleed which almost killed him. Drs at Kaiser said to go home and wait until he qualified for a liver transplant. Nothing they could do for him since he had the bleed out. We searched the internet and found Dr. Burt Berkson in Las Cruces NM.

We went there for 2 weeks, he was so ill he couldn't even roll his own suitcase to the hotel. After 1 week of treatment, he could go up stairs again, he didn't feel like he had the flu, could walk around and could sleep again. When he finished the treatments after two weeks, we flew back to Los Angeles, my husband picked us up at the airport and couldn't believe his eyes when he saw my brother. Dr. Berkson treats many auto immune diseases. We saw miracles in the 2 weeks we were there with several other people. This treatment is not expensive and works. I wouldn't believe it if I didn't experience it with my brother. Our friend is now being treated for his MS and having amazing results as well. Dr. Berkson uses ALA, Silymarin, Selenium IV's with a B complex injection. He also uses a low dose Naltrexone at night. Dan's MRI after treatment showed diminishing of the lesion on his liver and all of his lab work is moving in the right direction. The Dr at Kaiser asked what he was doing, because he was surprised at how his lab work turned out. We never told him because we thought he would be offended or try to convince us not to go back in 6 months for a "top up".

Berkson looks at your lab work (you can fax it) and tells you if he thinks he can help you or not free of charge. People were there from all over the world telling us about their success with this treatment."

10/14/2012: Bill from San Fernando, Philippines replies: "The ALA Breakthrough and User's Guide to the B-Complex Vitamins -- by Dr Burt Berkson.

I've recently read the above two books by Dr Burt Berkson and both were an interesting and revealing read because I learnt something useful about these particular nutrients.

The most impressive and remarkable of his books is The ALA Breakthrough which initialy describes his involvement, as a Phd researcher, on the usefulness and helpfulness of ALA to act as a prime anti-oxidant that removes the deathly effects of poison mushrooms on the body. Later, as a qualified doctor, he began researching and using ALA in combination with other particular nutrients like LDN, Selenium and Milk Thistle and the B Vitamins which he applied in their correct orthomolecular and medical amounts to succsessfully treat and combat Aging, Diabetes, peripheral neuropathies, MS, Heart Disease, Pancreatic Cancer, Liver Cancer as well as curing and reviving people with Hepatitis C. ALA also greatly aids patients with the following problems: HIV-positive, AIDS, immunosuppression, psoriasis, eczema, burns, skin cancer, Lou Gehrig's and Parkinson's diseases and other neurological conditions, rheumatoid, arthritis, systemic lupus, scleroderma and other autoimmune diseases, macular degeneration, cataracts and other eye diseases, blood circulation, stroke, and hardening of the arteries.

Dr Burton's other book on B Vitamins is also a must read for his clear and simple insights and explanations. In the book, he goes right through why everyone needs each of the B Vitamns. I would also agree with him about their importance, since most people on western diets are greatly lacking in this group of vitamins today."

10/14/2012: Rsw from Uniontown, Oh replies: "Hi Bill, Thanks for the info on Dr. Berkson's work. I was taking ALA with LDN for over a year after reading of his success but stopped taking the ALA after reading that it could be a bad idea if you have any amalgam fillings. I have two in a tooth with a gold onlay, so if I have them removed, I am sure the entire molar will go. Do you think ALA is more helpful or hurtful if you have amalgam fillings? Thank you for your always informative posts and for taking the time to help so many people."
10/18/2012: Eladapinio from Ny replies: "Rsw from Uniontown, Oh asked a great question regarding the intake of ALA when one has amalgam fillings, crowns, etc. There seems to be a strong convinction among the online holistic community that ALA will pull the mercury out of the fillings and ultimately help deposit it in the brain. My question is- is this true for any chelation? Will spirulina and chlorella lead to the same results? And if yes, how does one support the liver until one is able to remove the fillings/crowns? Thank you."


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11/19/2013: Jwillideb from Hyattsville, Md: "I have been takking BHT for approximately three weeks. I do not have the results of my last liver test but requested them from the VA in DC. I have noticed that I do wake up tired, I fall to sleep earlier and easier. I am due for blood work in December and I am hoping that sunstantial improvement will be noticed. Thanks Oscar, your comments were/are the motivating source for me trying 250Mg daily. BTW... I am 58 and 165lbs."

11/20/2013: Jwllideb from Hyattsville, Md replies: "I meant to write that I do NOT wake up tired anymore. I also take B12 and 1000 cc of vitamin C daliy and the correct dosage I am taking of BHt is 350MG."

[SIDE EFFECTS]  08/28/2013: Debibrown from Irvine California: "Hello Oscar,

I starting taking BHT for my HepC last week. I take 1 cap per day first thing in the morning on empty stomach. After a few days I started to itch all over. My palms and the bottoms of my feet mostly. Is this a side effect of the BHT? Have you heard of this happening to anyone else? I'm afraid to take another pill at night because of this. It's been over a week now and I'm still on one pill in the morning. I'm still itching but not too bad. I can tolerate it. I have illiminated everything else I'm taking except the BHT and I still have a low grade itching all day long. I have been taking benedryl to help with the itching. What do you recommend I do now? Thanks for your help. Debi"

08/29/2013: Oscar from Syracuse, New York replies: "Dear Debibrown from Irvine California, The answer is yes. This itchiness you discussed has been reported by some others using the BHT treatment. In fact one of the moderators over at the BHT CURES CHAT GROUP had this very same problem. Now all I can say is that this problem usually clears up within a few weeks at the most. If you wish to discuss this with Rachael who is one of our success stories for BHT as atreatment for hepatitis C please do so at this group here:


But please do continue to post about your experience with this BHT treatment here at the EARTH CLINIC."

08/11/2013: Taylor from Scottsdale, Az: "I just ordered BHT and I was hoping that someone could give me a protocol in which they had success of some sort with this as well as the other supplements, how many, how much, when and on a full or empty stomach with each. I have pretty much just ignored the fact that I had HepC and 3rd or 4th stage Cirrhosis for over 20 years. Now, I've been feeling nauseated pretty much everyday. I'm 63 but still look pretty young and have changed my diet and lifestyle about 2 years ago to vegan, no sugar, no pharmaceuticals, fluoride or chlorine, etc, etc.. But, haven't taken care of my liver in particular. Would like advice on how to start as well as the BHT regimen. I hope I'm not asking too much. Taylor"

08/12/2013: Oscar from Syracuse, New York replies: "To Taylor from Scottsdale, The BHT treatment based on the available feedback at this time is:

The BHT treatment is:

200mg to 350mg of BHT taken once or twice a day with water on an empty stomach. The dosage varies for each person. Generally, the more you weigh the more you need and the less you weigh the less you need or desire. Age is also a factor. People around age 60 have a harder time tolerating higher dosages.

Supplements that work well with BHT are:

1. A generic multivitamin and mineral supplement.
2. Vitamin B12 in a dosage of 1mg [ milligrams ] which is the same as 1,000mcg [ micrograms ] per day.
3. Vitamin C in a daily dosage of 500mg to 1, 000mg per day.
4. One vitamin B complex pill per day.
5. The lipid monolaurin. Not sure of dosage.
6. The herb chanca piedra has helped some people. Not sure about dosage.
7. Sodium selenite in a dosage of 50 [ micrograms ] a day.
Supplements to avoid:

1. Milk thistle and it`s extracts. It reacts with BHT in a way that degrades the treatment.
2. Vitamin E supplements. Yes you need some vitamin E. But vitamin E supplements were proven to ENHANCE hepatitis C`s virons ability to replicate and therefore vitamin E supplements should be avoided.
3. Any and all other supplements should be avoided until and unless I see evidence they work well with the BHT treatment.

These are MY recommendations... Oscar"

08/15/2013: Anne from Tucson, Az replies: "Found this information about BHT:

..."The United States Food and Drug Administration (FDA) considers both BHA and BHT to be safe. Researchers estimate the typical intake of BHA has no dangerous effects, and it would take at least 125 times the usual amount to become toxic. BHT is also considered to be safe; however large amounts of BHT may have some interactions with hormonal birth control methods or steroid hormones, and may increase levels of liver enzymes. Currently the FDA allows food manufacturers to use BHT, however additional safety studies are suggested."


11/05/2013: Proactivewife from Louisville, Ky replies: "My husband was diagnosed with Hep C 2 weeks ago. The doctor was suprised that all his other blood work was normal and ordered more bloodwork to be done. We don't have the results back yet. In the mean time I ordered the BHT and Changa Piedra along with some B-12 vitamins. We are also juicing fresh vegetables and fruits every morning. I am hoping we can kick this thing and he will test clear in the future. We want nothing to do with the current treatment offered. Our Dr. said it is almost like going thru chemotherapy!! Everything I have read leads me to beleive it is very harsh. No Way!!! Is there anything else he needs to do? What do we need to look for in the bloodwork?"
11/05/2013: Oscar from Syracuse, New York replies: "Dear Proactivewife from Louisville, KY, There is the BHT treatment that has worked very well for a growing number of people as reported here and in other forums. This is the treatment:

100mg to 350mg of BHT taken with water on an empty stomach once or twice a day. The dosage varies for each person. Weight is an important factor in determining dosage. Fat content of a person`s body is another. Generally the more you weigh and the higher the fat content of your body the more BHT you need to effectively treat a viral infection. Many average size men have done very well with 250mg of BHT taken twice a day. If adverse side effects occur and persist, LOWER the dosage of BHT used. That is the treatment.

Supplements that have been shown to work well with the BHT treatment are:

1. A regular type multi-vitamin and mineral pill once a day.
2. A regular type vitamin B complex pill.once a day.
3. Vitamin B12 in a dosage of 1mg [ milligrams ] per day. 1mg is the same as 1, 000mcg { micrograms ].
4. Vitamin C in a daily dosage of between 500mg and 1, 000mg per day.
5. The lipid monolaurin. Unsure about dosage.
6. The herb chianca piedra seems especially helpful in treating hepatitis B. Unsure of dosage.
7. Sodium selenite in a daily dosage of 50mcg [ micrograms ].

Also, and importantly: Continue taking any doctor prescribed medicines or drugs. Very many of the people who have had dramatic improvement with this BHT treatment are taking a doctor prescribed medicine of one type or another.


1. Milk Thistle and it`s extracts. Degrades the treatment to the point that it no longer works.
2. Grapefruit juice. Degrades the treatment to the point it no longer works.
3. Colloidal silver
4. Hydrogen peroxide taken internally. Hydrogen peroxide is a REACTIVE OXYGEN SPECIES. It will make the BHT treatment NOT work.
5. MMS [ Miracle Mineral Supplement ]. MMS is chlorine bleach, a very powerful oxidizer that will react with BHT in such a way as to make the treatment not work.
6. Vitamin E supplements. Yes you NEED some vitamin E. But a normal diet provides plenty. Vitamin E supplements have been shown to enhance lipid coated viruses ability to replicate and should be avoided for that reason.

For best result stick with those supplements I listed that have been shown to work well with the BHT treatment. Vitamin B12 is an especially good one.
That is the treatment that works consistently well based on the substantial feedback available....Oscar"

11/05/2013: Oscar from Syracuse, New York replies: "Hello Proactive wife: The important tests are the liver function tests, sometimes called " The Standard Liver Panel ". These tests cost between 30 and 35 dollars and should be done on a weekly basis. The other important test is the " Viral Load Count Test ". This test costs between 300 and 350 dollars. Have this test done after one month of the BHT treatment. To read our most recent success stories go here: http://groups.yahoo.com/neo/groups/THE_BHT_CURES_CHAT_GROUP/conversations/topics/1488

Please note that people getting the best results are using a standard vitamin B complex tablet along with the vitamin B 12.

Please thank me by reporting your results here at the Earth Clinic. This treatment really does work for most people....Oscar"

11/06/2013: Proactivewife from Louisville, Ky replies: "Thank you for the information, I will keep you posted."
11/06/2013: Proactivewife from Louisville, Ky replies: "Oscar, we are taking BHT 350 mg (he is taking it 2 times a day and I am taking it only in the morning)... sublingual B-12 5000 mcg...B-12 1000 mcg time released...chanca piedra phyllanthus niruri veg caps 500mg and a GNC multi vitamin. I have not been tested yet, but figure I had better protect myself. Does this combination look like a good one?"
11/06/2013: Living Hopeful from Largo, Md replies: "I have just today recieved 4 bottles of BHT 250mg. I began taking Milk Thistle two weeks ago but plan to stop today. I will have blood work and an MRI done by the VA in December so I hope there will be a noticiable change in my liver enzymes by then."
11/06/2013: Oscar from Syracuse, New York replies: "Dear Proactivewife, Well, your husband started out with the high end of my recommended dosage of BHT. How much does he weigh in pounds ? If he has any adverse reaction, such as feeling irratable or stomach discomfort he can always lower his BHT intake. One method is to take one capsule per day and on the next day take two capsules per day. You alternate between 1 and 2 capsules per day every other day. And if adverse symptons persist go to one capsule per day. Look, he may be just fine with taking two 350mg of BHT per day. Time will tell regarding that. It is thin people who are most prone to BHT side effects.

Also, my recommended dosage for vitamin B12 is 1, 000mcg [ micrograms ] per day. 1mg [ milligrams ] is equal to or the same as 1, 000mcg [ micrograms ]. Now there are some who recommend the higher dosages of vitamin B12. But that is not me. Also, that standard size vitamin B complex is a very good one. Just one per day.

Just pay attention to how you feel and have that liver panel series of blood tests done after one week. We need to pay attention to his liver function test results. There is a Yahoo group devoted to the BHT treatment. I am one of the moderators of this here group:


Once there click THE_BHT_CURES ... on left of your screen just below " Groups Home ". It is a group devoted to helping people such as your husband....Oscar"

11/07/2013: Mr. Ree from Usa replies: "Here's what you need to do. Follow the protocal you are thinking about and DO NOT have them talk you into a liver biopsy. I had normal enzymes like your husband and had a biopsy and my enzymes went up to the mid 300's and stayed there for several years...nuff said.."

[BETTER BUT NOT CURED]  07/11/2013: Roy from Las Vegas, Nevada: "Oscar, I started taking the BHT with Monolaurin 3 months ago and my viral load on 3.15.13 was 14.5 million and dropped after 3 months to 7.3 million tested 7.08.13. I take the BHT 350 mg 3 times a day with one teaspoon of Monolaurin. All my other ast and alt levels are in normal range. This is after 3 months so I am so thankful for the BHT protocol. I will continue the BHT protocol until this disease is gone....."

07/11/2013: Oscar from Syracuse, New York, Usa replies: "Dear Roy from Las Vegas, I am very happy to learn of the progress you have made with BHT for hepatitis C. I do wish to make one thing clear though. I am adamant about taking BHT with water only on an empty stomach. You did say you mix your BHT with monolaurin before taking it. I do believe your results will be even better if you take the BHT separately from the monolaurin. Just wait at least an hour or two before or after taking BHT before taking the monolaurin. This has to do with how the BHT is digested and metabolized. There is NO need to mix BHT with anything at the time it is ingested. It works best taken by itself in my opinion....Oscar"
10/13/2013: Roy from Las Vegas replies: "I am continuing my BHT along with monolaurin and enzymes. My viral load is dropping about 1.5 million every 7 weeks. My alt ast, and sgot our all within normal ranges"
10/14/2013: Oscar from Syracuse, New York replies: "Dear Roy, Thank you so very much for this update. I for sure am very interested in your progress with the BHT treatment. I wish more people would make the effort to post their results.

This is a meaningful way of thanking the good people here at the EARTH CLINIC and myself also for our efforts to help people. I am thinking of Ted most especially. He needs all of our support in his time of need. Thank you Roy, ...Oscar"

07/07/2013: Kevin from Costa Mesa, California: "I am confused because as I read on I keep reading about so many different way's to cure hep-c but they doesn't seem to be an exact method or an exact dosage on any one remedy, can you please give me and exact remedy on how much BHT I should take and for how long. I read on your forum from this one guy said he had hep-c and was cure by taking BHT, after reading the feedback from this guy name Ted from Thailand seems to only confuse me even more. So can you please help me/. I have no symptoms that is affecting me from the hep-c. I am very healthy but I would like very much if it is at all possible to cure my hep-c for good.Thank you very much for your quick response, Kevin"

07/08/2013: Paula from Salt Lake City, Ut replies: "Oscar, I read your recommendations for NOT taking vit e... I recall you got it from a study in Italy. Could you please forward that link.

I have hep-c and peripheral neuropathy. I'm taking 3 tablets of Carlsons fish oil a day for my terrible neuropathy. Each tab has 20 IU's of vit e Might that small amount be too much for me? and would salmon oil be the same or better? Most oils have vit e in them. I don't know if you have an opinion on this but... I'm actually taking a supplement that has a very low dose of fish oil. Thx much."

07/08/2013: Oscar from Syracuse, New York, Usa replies: "Dear Kevin from Costa Mesa, CA: These are my recommendations regarding BHT as a treatment for hepatitis C. I am Oscar:

The BHT treatment is:
> > 200mg to 350mg of BHT taken once or twice a day with water on an empty stomach. The dosage varies for each person. Generally, the more you weigh the more you need and the less you weigh the less you need or desire. Age is also a factor. People around age 60 have a harder time tolerating higher dosages.

Supplements that work well with BHT are:
> > 1. A generic multivitamin and mineral supplement.
> > 2. Vitamin B12 in a dosage of 1mg [ milligrams ] which is the same as 1,000mcg [ micrograms ] per day.
> > 3. Vitamin C in a daily dosage of 500mg to 1, 000mg per day.
> > 4. One vitamin B complex pill per day.
> > 5. The lipid monolaurin. Not sure of dosage.
> > 6. The herb chianca piedra has helped some people. Not sure about dosage.
> > 7. Sodium selenite in a dosage of 300mcg [ micrograms ] a day.
Supplements to avoid:
> > 1. Milk thistle and it`s extracts. It reacts with BHT in a way that degrades the treatment.
> > 2. Vitamin E supplements. Yes you need some vitamin E. But vitamin E supplements were proven to ENHANCE hepatitis C`s virons ability to replicate and therefore vitamin E supplements should be avoided.
> > 3. Any and all other supplements should be avoided until and unless I see evidence they work well with the BHT treatment. These are MY recommendations.

Please do report your results here at the EARTH CLINIC... Oscar"

07/09/2013: Oscar from Syracuse, New York, USA replies: "Dear Paula from Salt Lake City, I found a link to that Naples University study. First let me say that if you feel this supplement that has some vitamin E in it is important for your neurapathy condition that you have to find some balance here. Every person needs some vitamin E. Just avoid taking the large dose vitamin E supplements. Also, Mike [twodragunns] was taking a standard multi-vitamin supplement that would have had to include some vitamin E had the very best results of anyone with the BHT treatment. Mike was truly cured of hepatitis C in less than one year. By that I mean he tested NEGATIVE with the HCV antibodies test in less than one year using the BHT treatment and he was taking a standard multi-vitamin pill like I said. Here is a link to that Naples University study you requested:


In conclusion: You keep taking whatever it is you feel is helping you with your neurapathy. Also include that 1mg which is the same as 1, 000mcg [ micrograms ] of vitamin B12 per day. That link is a PDF file so you need the required software to read it. An up to date: Adobe Reader program. You most likely already have that program installed on your computer. Hope that helps. Let this forum know how the BHT works for you... Oscar"

08/10/2013: Taylor from Scottsdale, Az replies: "To Oscar at Earth Clinic: I tried the link to the Yahoo New Cures Group and was told there was no such group. Is this group still active? Taylor"

EC: Oscar recently posted another link on Earth Clinic. Try http://health.groups.yahoo.com/group/THE_BHT_CURES_CHAT_GROUP/

08/15/2013: Anne from Tucson, Az replies: "I had read that Arginine can cause neuropathy, I have had so much trouble with my feet as never before, I can hardly walk with burning and aching... I eat alot of trail mix with cranberries, almonds , brazil nuts, sunflower seeds, walnuts which I understand makes up alot of Arginine plus our bodies produce enough to sustain a normal system... I am going to hold off and see results, I hope"
01/08/2014: Anne from Tucson, Az replies: "I stopped Arginine and my feet and neuropathy stopped..??? I read this about BHT and wonder what the truth is....hmmm

Preservatives lengthen the shelf-life of foods, increasing manufacturers’ profits – at your expense, since most are linked to health problems such as cancer, allergic reactions and more. Butylated hydroxyanisole (BHA) and butylated hydrozyttoluene (BHT) are preservatives that affect the neurological system of your brain, alter behavior and have the potential to cause cancer. Tertiary butylhydroquinone (TBHQ) is a chemical preservative so deadly that just five grams can kill you."

01/09/2014: Om from Hope Bc Canada replies: "Anne from Tucson, Ariz. I agree with you. BHT removes oxygen from products, thus causing long shelf life but making the way for cancer. I avoid that stuff and keep checking out products all the time. It is also in many pet foods. Om"
01/09/2014: Oscar from Syracuse, New York replies: "The evidence is that BHT and BHA taken in less than massive doses in fact helps prevent cancer. The toxicology reports that discuss BHT induced cancers were done on mice dosed with as much as 5 grams per kilogram of body weight. A 110 pound person weighs very close to 50 pounds. And 50 x 5 = 250 grams = 250, 000mg. What BHT does is deactivate the extremely destructive REACTIVE OXYGEN SPECIES such the hydroxyl radical [ O-H. ] That dot represents an unpaired electron. BHT donates hydrogen atoms when needed like this: [ O-H. ] + [ .H ] = [ H-O-H ] commonly known as water. It does exactly the same thing with all free radicals and thereby deactivates these destructive chemical species.

Here is a study that discusses how BHT and BHA prevents colon cancer:


Here is a PHYSIOLOGICAL REVIEWS report that states BHT extends the average lifespan of mice by between 22% and 31% :


Ignorance is NOT bliss nor is it helpful to people in this forum....Oscar"

01/09/2014: Oscar from Syracuse, New York replies: "Please note: Those BHT induced cancers were produced in mice fed 2 grams = 2,000mg of BHT per kilogram of body weight PER DAY. The same as a 110 pound person taking 25 grams = 250,000mg PER DAY. The dosages of BHT I have suggested for people weighing 110 pounds is about 250mg of BHT per day. I do dare say if you take 1,000 times the recommended dose of just about anything on a daily basis you are going to have some very serious problems. That goes for any and all treatments discussed here in this forum....Oscar"
01/10/2014: Oscar from Syracuse, New York replies: "I was tired and made a mistake. Those cancer induced mice were fed 5 grams of BHT and NOT 2 grams of BHT per kilogram of body weight per day. My apologies for this mistake. I was tired and got confused. Sorry about that. So yes I made a mistake in my math and I hope this posting clears that up. But my point remains a valid one.

The recommended daily dose of BHT for a 110 pound person is 250mg of BHT per day. If adverse effects are experienced LOWER the dosage of BHT used....Oscar"

05/21/2013: Robin from Fresno , California Usa: "I've been taking BHT for over a year. I take it in a cocktail that consists of 350 mg of BHT, 700mg of milk thistle, 500 mg of Naringin, An amino acid complex of 1447 mg of L-arginine, 900 mg of L-Ornithine and 1200 mg of L-Lysine I also take 520 mg of Dandelion root, 420 mg of Licorice root, 500 mg of TMG (Trimethylglycime), 600 mg of ALA plus a multi vitamin. The day after I took my first dose of BHT I was outside doing yard work and wondered where all of my energy was coming from and I remembered the BHT. I've always wondered if some of the supplements I am currently taking could be counter-acting each other."

05/22/2013: Davey D from Vancouver Bc, Canada replies: "To Robin from Fresno.

It is a proven fact that Grape fruit juice and Milk thistle blocks the effectiveness of the BHT. I had the same results as you, feeling a lot better after I started taking 350mg of BHT daily on an empty stomach. The trouble was that my Liver Enzymes were climbing. After I started taking it alone and leaving all those other supplements, I saw a drastic change. I was wasting my money on supplements that were onl making me feel better but not curing me. Vitamin E is known by testing to help the Hep C virus to replicate. It will not hurt you to stop all other supplements for a while until you can see the difference. Now Milk thistle and Dandelion root reduce the effectiveness of BHT and Grapefruit juice blocks the BHT and other medications from working. There are some here who do not believe so but I have the numbers to prove it.

You are right about these compounds interacting with the BHT.

Davey D."

05/22/2013: Davey D from Vancouver Bc, Canada replies: "To Robin from Fresno: I forgot to mention that the B12 vitamin has been proven to help in the fight against Hep C and the vitamin D3 as well. I take 5, 000 mcg B12 daily and 500 mg vitamin D daily. The BHT 350 mg I take in the early morning by itself.

Good luck.

Davey D."

08/10/2013: Debi from Irvine, Ca replies: "Someone please tell me what BHT is and where do I get this product. I was diagnosed with Hep C type 1a 9 years now. I keep seeing all this talk about BHT curing Hep C. I have read all the blogs but keep coming back to you. My loads go up and down.... Now at 753, 000 thousand pretty low really. I have been doing MMS for 2 years but think I was using an inferior product from one of the suppliers. I make my own now but after ready about this I think it may be easier to do. With MMS you have to stop all anti oxidants or it reduces the effectivieness of the MMS. I'm a vegetarian and it works better while taking meat so I think that BHT may be for me. Would you please help me with this? Thanks for your time. Debi"
08/10/2013: Art from Usa replies: "BHT can be purchased here: http://www.vrp.com/bht-butylated-hydroxytoluene-350-mg-100-caps Art"
08/10/2013: Rsw from Uniontown, Oh replies: "If you google "buy BHT", it will give some options. I believe you should look for food grade, of course. Also, if you look under Remedies on Earth Clinic, BHT, I remember Oscar posting the place he had bought his, but a quick glance and I didn't immediately see it. I have seen many amazing success stories of people using BHT for various reasons on here. Best wishes!"

05/12/2013: Wayseeker from Modest, Ca: "Dear Oscar, I have good news for you about my son and I. We are Hep C free. Finally got us both tested, having to overcome all kinds of fears, and finally did a mail-order 99% accurate one, for some privacy. Cost $60 each. We are so grateful we are well!

I am now trying to navigate the VA again, for any kind of care they can provide should Marv need it. It is a mess of organizational mazes. Healing is so much easier! Thanks again Earth Clinic, for being here as a channel for us to help one another. --Wayseeker"

05/14/2013: Oscar from Syracuse, New York, Usa replies: "Dear wayseeker from Modesto, Please provide some more detail. What hepatitis C test did Marvin test NEGATIVE with ? Was it the hepatitis C antibodies test or not ? This is very important to know.

Also, I VERY much encourage Marvin to continue the BHT treatment for at least one more year. We want to make very sure there are no infected liver cells left in his body. He has come such a long ways in his recovery I want him to take no chances with any possible relapse. I am absolutely thrilled with his results, but not at all surprised. This BHT treatment does work if people listen to how best to use it. At least very many people do. Thank you for posting about Marvin`s recovery with the use of BHT [ butylated hydroxytoluene ] to treat hepatitis C....Oscar"

05/15/2013: Oscar from Syracuse, New York, Usa replies: "I made a mistake I need to correct. Wayseeker was reporting that SHE and her SON tested negative for hepatitis C. NOT Marvin her husband, the person with a long history of a hepatitis C infection. Marvin has had a dramatic improvement in his liver function tests with the BHT treatment. But I am quite sure Wayseeker was NOT saying Marvin now tests negative for hepatitis C. My appologies for any confusion I have caused about this....Oscar"
08/15/2013: Anne from Tucson, Az replies: "If one stops all the other supplements that help one feel better with hep C, and while taking BHT the enzyme levels will go up... Do they go down after a year or while taking BHT and getting rid of hep C ?"

[BETTER BUT NOT CURED]  04/24/2013: Larry from Boston, Ma: "Oscar, Thank you! BHT worked for me. Last August I knew something was wrong internally. Chronic fatigue muscle stiffness weight loss. I searched the web and found your group. I felt better in days! One cap with water and a coffee every day keeps me feeling well.

I'd been diagnosed with Hep C but didn't like the low results and many side effects of Interferon.

Glad I found you."

04/26/2013: Oscar from Syracuse, New York, Usa replies: "Dear Larry from Boston, Great hearing from you Larry. Yes, This BHT treatment for hepatitis C and B really does work and amazingly well for some people including you. I am not at all surprised that you felt much better in a few short days. This is not unusual for many people. That IS the way it worked for me also. Nothing subtle about it. I got better and fast using the BHT treatment for hepatitis C and in my case hepatitis B also.

Now I need to update this forum that there is now: THE NEW BHT CURES GROUP here:


The original BHT cures group is SHUT DOWN. We had to do that to be able to add much needed new moderators.

To all who are trying the BHT treatment for viral hepatitis both B and C: Please keep posting your results here at the EARTH CLINIC....Oscar"

08/10/2013: Debi from Irvine, Ca replies: "Hi Oscar, I clicked on the site for BHT cure group and it is no longer there. Do you have another address for this group. I would like to start the BHT right away and was wondering where do I buy this product? Thanks for all your help. Debi"
08/10/2013: Liz from Boston, Massachusetts replies: "@Debi...I did a search after reading your post and found that it is available online. Just Google "purchase BHT" - you'll find it there. All best!"

04/05/2013: Art from Vancouver BC, Canada: "There are a few things that have changed since my last post. I will post my numbers below.

Now I have started to add Chanca Piedra to my regime at 500mg once a day at breakfast. I also started on R-ALA 500mg with every mel for my neuropathy and it is keeping it under control for the time being. I take Vitamin B12 at 1, 000mcg - 2, 000mcg sublingual at bedtime as it works better without food. I started taking the R-ALA 3 months ago and the Chanca Piedra one month ago.

Here is my numbers for my Liver Panel.


ALT – 86 AST – 56


ALT – 85 AST – 56 Started BHT 350mg daily. 15/Jan./2012


ALT – 81 AST – 54


ALT – 87 AST – 63


ALT – 87 AST – 66 Gamma GT – 39


ALT – 79 AST – 58 Gamma GT – 29


ALT – 73 AST – 54 Gamma GT – 57

Started Chanca Piedra 500mg daily 15/Feb/2013


ALT – 48 AST – 38 Gamma GT - 27

My appetite has been increasing and I am a happy camper at this point. art 1a."

04/06/2013: Timh from Louisville, KY, USA replies: "Art: Glad to see you're improving. Nothing like a success story. Although I haven't any lab test, I did experience noticeable improvements in health when I began the BHT, but soon leveled, but continued 250mg 2x day for about 1 yr. Then added Colloidal Silver prior and Echinacea after BHT with a pronounced good effect.

What I was saying on another post, for some people who may have multiple issues, BHT alone isn't enough for the Hep.

I have yet to try the Chanca Pedra, but that time is coming.

As for liver health, while the subject is on, after the previous BHT Plus treatment, then an extensive fatty liver regimen, my health still deteriorated to almost unable to carry on with daily functions. I get good results with my 30 hrz zapper attached to each foot in a bath, but I have experimented zapping w/ one foot in bath and the other pole directly over the liver (i also wet the shirt for the copper pipe to maximize effect). This maneuver has helped me noticeably in the past and I hoped the other liver treatments would prove I didn't need to over-the-liver zap anymore ---but I was wrong. Just a few days ago I was despairing and redid the liver zap for over an hr with very good results (my overall strength and stamina was restored). In between any number of parasites and pathogens that can affect the liver, I would strongly recommend this liver zap for those who seem to be running out of healing options."

03/13/2013: Megan from Branchville, Sc: "BHT for hepatitis C:

Hello, My mom was diagnosed with hepatitis c about a month ago and started treatment. She was taking shots once a week and pills 3X a day. She is having alot of side effects and feels sick all the time. She is very weak and just started having nose bleeds and has increased blood pressure, so she was told to stop the treatment for the hepatitis c. What should we do now? I'm scared that if we don't do something soon something may happen to her. Please... I will take any feedback..."

03/13/2013: Rsw from Uniontown, Oh replies: "Look at Oscar's comments and experience using BHT to drastically reduce or erase viral load for lipid coated viruses, like Hep C. I have seen many posts from people who are having success with his protocol. Best wishes."
03/13/2013: Oscar from Syracuse, New York, Usa replies: "Dear Megan from Branchville. There are many people reporting success with the use of BHT [ butylated hydroxytoluene ] as an effective treatment for hepatitis C in all of its variants. The dosages used are between 200mg and 350mg taken once or twice a day with water on an empty stomach.

If interested there is the NEW BHT CURES GROUP here:


Our focus is BHT as a treatment for the different hepatitis viruses.

If you choose to try this treatment please do report your results here at the EARTH CLINIC....Oscar"

03/14/2013: Megan from Branchville, Sc replies: "Thank you all very much for the information and for this site, it gives me a better outlook on this."
03/14/2013: Art from Vancouver Bc., Canada replies: "To Megan from Branchville Sc.

Take a look under the remedies tab and click on BHT (Butilated Hydroxy Toluine) and start reading all the wonderful messsages that Oscar has worked so hard with to get out there. This powerful antioxident will give you 20 years back and take away any brainfog, one of the side effects from the convetional therapy. If I would have known about this BHT< I would have taken it as well as the Pegatron which I suspect your Mom is taking.

It is very cheap and has cured some of the harder to treat genome 1a. You can join us over at the http://health.groups.yahoo.com/group/The_New_BHT_Cures_Group/

You can read more there as well. Oscar has started this site and since then I have discovered that Milk Thistle and Grapefruit Juice can block it and some other drugs, so it is not a good idea to take that.

Good luck to you.


03/08/2013: Oscar from Syracuse, New York, Usa: "This message is for all people using the BHT treatment for hepatitis C.

A recently published study from THE UNIVERSITY of NAPLES has stated that: Vitamin E enhances the hepatitis C viruses' ability to replicate. Now some vitamin E is essential to good health. But you get plenty enough vitamin E in a normal diet.

So, do NOT take vitamin E supplements. Also grapefruit juice interferes with the BHT treatment. The same is true of milk thistle and its extracts. So, do NOT use grapefriut juice and do NOT use milk thistle or it`s extracts.

I am sure this seems strange or unlikely to many. But that is the way it is. Now that same University of Naples study indicates that vitamin B12 is very helpful in treating hepatitis C. This same study indicates that vitamin D is also very helpful in treating hepatitis C.

That information about avoiding milk thistle and grapefruit juice is NOT part of the NAPLES study.

Here is a link to this study: http://www.epocrates.com/dacc/1207/VitaminB12hcvBMJ1207.pdf"

02/28/2013: Oscar from Syracuse, New York, Usa: "We HAD to create THE NEW BHT CURES GROUP because we lost contact with the original group`s founder and NEEDED to add new moderators. So if you are interested in all this go here to join the new group:


This is Oscar and I am a moderator over at this new group for those that have been following this topic and have an interest in it....Oscar"



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