Cellulite Treatment

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What Is Cellulite?

From Kim Kardashian cellulite to the everyday woman’s thigh dimples, cellulite is all the same and affects the vast majority of individuals, even celebrities obviously. In any case, though, understanding the actual make up of cellulite can help individuals better deal with the condition and work to reduce it.

While its terminology may make it appear as a very specific medical condition, cellulite is simply normal fat beneath the skin that appears bumpy as it pushes against the connective tissue causing the slight puckering of the skin above it. Cellulite is most often described as the appearance of dimpling on the thighs, hips, buttocks and abdomen. Cellulite affects both men and women; however, it is typically more prevalent in women. Mild cases of cellulite can be seen only as the skin is pinched while more severe cases expose bumpy or rumpled skin that is always present.

The actual cause of cellulite is the normal fat present under the skin pushing against fibrous cords in the overlying skin. Cellulite is extremely common and really has no concerning health connections, yet some health factors do influence the appearance of cellulite. Poor diet, frequent fad dieting, slow metabolism, lack of activity, hormonal changes, dehydration, total body fat, and skin thickness all play a role in determining the visibility of cellulite.

Natural Cellulite Treatment

While cellulite is not a serious health concern, many individuals are frustrated by its appearance, affecting the overall self-esteem and self-concept. As such, seeking effective treatment is important. Many natural treatments can reduce the appearance of cellulite, smoothing and evening the skin. Massaging the affected area with coconut oil, taking apple cider vinegar orally to remove toxins, eating a balanced diet, dry brushing the skin prior to bathing and taking psyllium are all effective cellulite treatment options.

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Apple Cider Vinegar

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07/11/2011: Pepper from Naperville, Illinois, Usa: "To Francisca from Michelbach-le-bas, Alsace, France - I agree that the words cellulitis and cellulite are very similar and that can be quite confusing. However, any word ending in "itis" means inflammation, I. E. , bronchitis, arthritis, tonsililitis. Cellulitis is a severe inflammation of the cells (derma) brought on by bacteria that needs immediate medical attention. Hope this helps clear up the confusion. I always enjoy your informative posts and book reviews."

[NAY]  08/31/2009: Rita from Ballymena, N. Ireland: "Hello, Well I have been taking organic apple cider vinger for about 3 to 4 weeks, Some one drove into the back of me in my car and my blood pressure kept going up when they tired to take it (White Coat symdrome) any way when up to the Royal Hospital and was weighed there, when I went back two weeks later they weighed me again and I had put on two pounds in weight.

I just want to know if any one else has put on weight using apple cider vinger (organic) and honey. It says no fat but it still has plenty of sugar. Can any one advise me, I want to lower my cholestrol and take my blood pressure down a bit and lose weight but after taking this remedy nothing has happened. I did like the drink maybe the cider vinger on it own might help. You have all these great cures but none are working."

10/07/2010: Gaia66 from El Dorado Hills, California replies: "Try the vinegar without the honey. It doesn't matter if the honey is organic or raw, it still has sugar and will make you gain weight."

[YEA]  "08/09/2007: Lisa from Newton, MA writes: "I have been using ACV for just under 2 weeks and I cannot believe, my cellulite thighs are toning up! I am 60 lbs over weight and cellulite has been an issue forever despite exercise and nutrition. Since I started the ACV, I notice the dimples in my thighs are disappearing! I cannot believe it but it is true!"

"06/11/2008: Krissy (wild_thing26f@yahoo.com) from Chillicothe, Ohio writes: "i purchased some apple cider vinegar and waiting on it to come, i read your post and wanted to ask are you applying the acv directly on your skin or just drinking it?"
09/15/2011: Maeryn from Calgary, Ab, Canada replies: "I am allergic to apple juice. Have been since I was a baby, so there is no getting around it. Doesn't matter if it is organic or not, I still get a rash at the base of my neck. (the allergy is very bizzare because I can eat apples without a problem and juice them at home) I used diluted ACV on my face. It really helps to close the pores on my nose, but it seemed to make my forehead more inflammed. I have combo skin. Dry cheeks and oily t-zone.
For cellulite, would I ingest the acv, or rub it on alternately with coconut oil?"

[YEA]  "05/31/2008: Page from Los Angeles, CA writes: "In 1972 my father was in his late 40's. Being from Wisconsin his diet included quite a bit of fatty food. Most of his weight was in his belly. Not uncommon in Wisconsin. At that time, I don't know where he found it, but he came home one day and announced that he was going to cut out 25% of the fat in his diet and drink 8 oz of luke warm water every night with 1 Tbsp of Cider Vinegar and 1 Tbsp of Honey. I was still very young, and had a problem with bed wetting. He gave me his mixture one night before bed and told me that I would never wet the bed again, I didn't.

I now suggest organic for both and Raw Honey. In a matter of two months, all of his belly weight had disappeared.
To add to that what I have learned over the years...
I am not Jewish, but NOT mixing milk products with meat is also very helpful since it it easier to digest out food.
What Western medical doctors won't tell us also is that when we combine our protein and carbs they turn into fat in our bodies immediately. We do need carbs, but complex carbs rather than all of the processed white flour and white sugar. Processed food is poison more than anything. We really can't trust the FDA. They allow chemicals to be put in our food. I believe that so many health problems are caused by chemicals that our bodies just don't agree with. Western doctors will just keep treating the symptoms.

Try Oatmeal and sprouted grain breads and pastas, you'll be surprised at how quickly you get use to them.
Lean protein and vegetables together.
Don't get on the scale every day, you'll just frustrate yourselves.
When I got pregnant with my son I weighed 125 pounds. I ate like a foodball player during my pregnancy. I gained over 100 pounds! He was a big beautiful 10 lb baby, lol. After nursing for a year and continuing to eat well I lost it all.
Look at the size of your bone structure and don't pressure yourself. Not all of us are meant to be skinny, just healthy and in proportion. Consider your genetic background.

I believe that Cider Vinegar is an amazing remedy for just naturally cleansing out our bodies, not just breaking down fat. Bath in it too. Try a full cup in a bath and massage cellulite. You will need to increase your water intake. I weigh 140 pounds now and I drink almost a gallon of water a day.

I just started Oil Pulling for my overall health and dental since I don't have a fortune to spend on my teeth. Bless all of you and your health. You can do it!"

[NAY]  07/09/2011: Yvonne from Mandeville, Manchester, Jamaica replies: "I have been using apple cider viniger for 3 months on my cellulites and there is little or no changes. Help anyone or advise?"
07/10/2011: Francisca from Michelbach-le-bas, Alsace, France replies: "I am sorry but I still find cellulitis and cellulite very confusing! Do you have the goose bumps on your legs women suffer from nowadays or the more complicated illness which is not related in the least? I mixed up both names a while ago and now I have found the explanation for that. Well, two explanations, not only both names are very similar but on the top of that, in Dutch, cellulite is often referred to as cellulitis. As I speak Dutch when I lived there I always heard people talking about cellulitis and read quite a bit about it as I happen to have quite a bit on my legs. Now I don't live there anymore I had completely forgotten about the word till I read it on this site and immediately connected it to the under skin problem, not to something more complicated.

My question is, is it wise to have two conditions with such similar names? And on the top of everything else have an illness with a name which is exactly the same as a skin problem in another language. This will lead to a lot of confusion! Therefore I couldn't understand why a lady here was so worried about her cellulitis..... well, she didn't mean an unsightly problem but a severe illness but how is one to know? Weird to say the least....."

07/10/2011: Linda A from Los Angeles, Ca replies: "Cellulite is when your thighs look dimpley caused by fat under the skin. Cellulitis is a deep skin infection."
07/11/2011: Debbie from Melbourne, Australia replies: "Anything with the word itis at the end usually mean "inflammation". Vitamin C in mega doses usually will clear up an infection."
07/11/2011: Francisca from Michelbach-le-bas, Alsace, France replies: "Sorry but I think that you missed my point, Linda. I was not talking about the difference between both problems, at least that wasn't my main goal, my question was whether it was wise to have two very different problems with almost similar names which will provoke a lot of confusion! To make things worse at least in Dutch Cellulite is called Cellulitis and that can't be changed as I believe that Cellulite /Cellulitis was here long before Cellulitis as an illness appeared (at least I had never heard of it till recently). I just don't manage to believe how the two problems got to have such similar names, after all there are so many names to chose from when you name an illness.... As someone else said here recently she two got confused the first time she heard the word Cellulitis!"
12/11/2011: Gloria from Brentwood, Ny replies: "In Spanish, the word for describing the dimples in your tighs is celulitis too. It's a consequence of eating simply carbs like bread, pasta, rice and potatos. As soon as you avoid those, like 72 hours laters you start to see a great improvement in that condition. I have learned that eliminating those from my diet, I immediatly start losing weight, improving my mental clarity, stop and release water retention, etc. I really believe our organisms are not meant to digest grains. They all come with a hard shell that we have to get rid of (bran) or soaked them in water before cooking them, like beans and chick peas. It's nature trying to tell us something here? In the wild no animal eat them, they eat other species or plants. Those are my conclusions."
06/21/2013: Jay from Forestville, Ca replies: "Hi - I'm late to this discussion but goose bumps on skin might be keratosis pilaris. This is to the person from Alsace, France. Maybe this is why you have no results."

Coconut Oil

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Coconut Oil for Cellulite

Home Remedy Ingredients

  • Virgin Coconut Oil (VCO)

Virgin Coconut Oil can be an excellent all-around health and beauty aid. To treat cellulite, use the coconut oil directly on the skin as a moisturizer. Many also add it to their diet for a number of positive effects. Start with 1/4 teaspoon daily. You can slowly work up to a daily tablespoonÂ’s worth.

05/14/2010: Jk from Lorimor, Ia, Usa: "My cellulite is getting worse with age! I need advise on how and how much evco to use to get rid of it. Do you rub it on or take it internally or both? is evco better the just plain organic coconut oil?"

10/07/2010: Chelsie from Oakdale, Mn replies: "For cellulite, do you rub it where you have cellulite or do you take it?"

[YEA]  "03/29/2007: Renee (quemo@socal.rr.com) from Los Angeles, CA writes: "I've been taking the evco for about 1 month now. I took it because I heard I might lose weight. When I first started the oil, I had diary for about 2 days. But, that stopped. As of now, the following conditions have cleared. The most important first:
1) No more bleeding hemmoroids. I was bleeding 2 or 3 times a week. I was going to go to the dr. but I started the oil and 1 week later, no more blood.
2) No more athletes foot. No more body odor or foot odor, or bad breath.
3) No more yeast infections.
4) Not one pimple on my face. I would get at least 1 pimples per week. I have now soft shiny skin and hair, my wrinkles have gone.
5) No more PMS symptoms: puffiness, mood swings, headaches.
6) And yes. I got into my size 6's which I haven't been able to in 5 years! My stomach is gone! No more cellulite. And I still kept all my muscle. Only the fat is gone. I started at 160 lbs and now, about 150. What more can I say?"

07/14/2009: Nidhi from Calgary, Alberta replies: "what is evco and how much you used to ingest and how often, was it on empty stomach, or it does no matter. thanks"

EC: EVCO = extra virgin coconu oil.

[YEA]  03/27/2010: Sophe from West Hollywood, Los Angeles replies: "Organic coconut oil and dry brushing which is very popular in Europe for circulation and for eliminating cellulite. I have a nice brush with a handle on it that I purchased from the spa. My massuese mentioned to me you always brush in the direction of the lymphatic system so that it can circulate it out of the system quickly also increase you water intake before beginning the dry brush massage this help the system elminate toxin. For problem areas I used to spend at least ten minutes total and followed by a hot shower and I step out of the hot shower and while my pores are still open I put coconut oil all over my body and have noticed a dramatic decrease very close to eliminating all the cellulite. So it does work."
07/29/2013: Veronica from California replies: "Hello, I would like to know where I can purchase the coconut oil? and what exactly did you use pills or the actual oil?"

EC: Coconut Oil is sold in health food stores and online (check Amazon). In fact, most grocery stores in the USA are now selling organic coconut oil as well!

[YEA]  "04/07/2008: Veronika from Frankfurt, Germany writes: "I just want to quickly join this wonderful post and thank you all from the bottom of my heart for sharing your experiences. Recently, I started to use coconut oil internally and also as a moisturizer due to my dry skin and slight cellulite on my thighs. The cellulite disappeared within 2-3 weeks. What a joy! However, I got very ill. From your experiences I know now that the coconut was detoxifying my digestive system. I was miserable for two weeks, not knowing what was happening to me. I realize now how much I needed it. I salute to the coconut oil."

[YEA]  "12/05/2006: J writes: "I saw a reduction (though not a total elimination) of the cellulite I've had on the back of my legs since I was 18 (I'm 28 now). I ate a very poor diet high in refined flours and no amount of high-intensity cardio and rigorous dieting would reduce the rolls on the backs of my legs. I saw results in about a month. I also used it on the tiny red bumps on my arms and saw results in a week. I just this week started using it as a moisturizer on my face -- I have painful cysts around my chin. I had been using Proactiv, which worked for about a year, but the cysts came back. Also, I was concerned about what I was hearing about benzoyl peroxide damaging the skin. So I've been applying a thin coat of Extra Virgin Coconut Oil to my skin morning and night. So far, the results have been... bad. I've had about a dozen tiny pimples and several old spots that I thought had healed flared back up. I'm not sure if my skin is healing itself and getting all sorts of junk out, or if I'm just clogging up my pores. I'm going to try to stick it out for another week or so and will update if it improves. I'm wondering which is worse... a few painful cysts around my chin or numerous tiny pimples all over my forehead and chin? Hmmm."

05/28/2012: Alicia from Toronto, Ontario replies: "Coconut oil will clog your pores. Its not great for the face. Try hazelnut, jojoba or sunflower oil. And you can mix in a little tea tree or lavendar essential oils for the bacteria."

[YEA]  "04/08/2008: Mary from Newport News, VA writes: "Wow! Where do I start. I have been obsessed with your website for a couple of months now. It started when I was looking for an alternative to visiting a Dr. yet again for recurring UTI's and yeast infections. Well, that was easy. I started using Borax, Sea Salt, and I started oil pulling. These of course gave me more benefits than just no UTI's, or yeast infections. This has been an expensive venture. I am constantly browsing natural food stores, and have used several other remedies. My sunuses are amazingly better, and I think one of my favorite discoveries here is VCO. I am a youthful looking 49 year old. But I have always had very oily skin and have fought acne my entire life. I started washing with Baking Soda, using a ACV toner and following with VCO. No more acne. NONE! I bathe in Borax and Epsom Salt and use VCO as a moisturizer. My cellulite is going away. And, the rest of my skin seems to be doing an age reversal. I have a lot of sun damage for years in the sun in my youth in California. And the main reason I am praising this site; after having such amazing results from all I have listed so far. I was given the courage to stop taking my antidepressants. I have clinical depression. One of those things that runs in the family. I was convinced that I would be on antidepressants for the rest of my life. There was no way I was going to risk feeling like I remember feeling. I started lowering my dosages (I was taking Wellbutrin and Zoloft without any noticable side effects). I purchased some Rhdiola, and just waited to see what would happen when I stopped completely. Keeping the Rhodiola handy for when/if I needed it. Last night I was really edgy. I was very crabby with my kids (I got a late start here and have three at home, ages 15, 13 & 8) until one of them asked me about my medications, and I realized where I was. Later I found myself on the verge of tears for no good reason. I took my first Rhodiola this morning, and within a few hours knew I was feeling better. I took another one before lunch, and I cannot believe how good I feel. IT WORKS! I never would have believed anyone would get me off my medications. THANKS TO ALL OF YOU! And I'm sure my kids thank you. Now I will be looking for the 5htp"

07/10/2012: Shasha from Marlboro, Ma, Usa replies: "How much borax and Epsom salt? Pour directly in bath water?? How has it been for you? Thanks for the help!"

Coffee Grounds

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[WORKED TEMPORARILY]  06/23/2010: Iil0veeeyou from Webster, Mass.: "Coffee is the ultimate weapon against cellulite!

I am 18 years old and due to a small weight gain i noticed i was getting cellulite on my legs. Ive always had some but its gotten alot more visible. I hated wearing shorts and skirts that showed my legs. So one day i read about using used coffee grounds on your cellulite trouble spots. I decided to give it a try i had nothing to lose except cellulite. So i took the used coffee grounds from my coffee maker mixed it with lotion to give it a consistency that will make the coffee cling to my legs. You can also use oils such as coconut oil or olive oil. Whatever floats your boat. (: I applied it, left it on for about 10 mins and then massaged my legs (with the coffee still on them), rinsed it off, looked in the mirror and instantly the skin on my legs looked "firmer" and there was alot less cellulite "indents" hah. It absolutely works. However remember, the appearance of cellulite can be reduced for a certain time period. It does come back eventually. I suggest do the coffee treatment 2 or 3 times a week. Do not overdo it especially if you have sensitive skin because you will break out in little red spots, nothing too serious however. Goes away with a little application of ACV or on its own in a few days. Combine with exercise and overall reduction of body fat (if necessary) and you will have the smooth even looking legs every female wants. "

Dry Brushing

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[YEA]  "06/08/2008: Teresa from Portland, Oregon writes: "This is to Janice in Austin , TX... You will lose your weight. You can do it. There is a solution to everything and the gift of ACV and dry brushing is it! I had cellulite on my thighs all my life until I started bathing in ACV about four years ago. Every day I would add:

1 C. ACV and
1 C Baking Soda

Before the bath I would dry brush my skin. Here are the directions:

Your best bets for getting rid of cellulite are dry brushing, connective tissue massage, working though the emotional issues that are causing the toxins to stagnate, eating foods that feed the skin, an alkaline diet program and a consistent/persistent exercise routine. These techniques will break down the unwelcome toxic body deposits and send them scurrying out your body through the elimination channels we discussed above. And your health will be SO much better for it!

Here are the verbose directions.

(You will do most steps 7-14 times. Hang in there -- it's not as complicated as it sounds and doesn't take as long as it seems once you get the flow of it.)

1. Using your right hand, gently slide the brush along your right jaw line starting from your earlobe to the underside of your chin 7 times.

2. Place the brush at the hairline on your neck and gently pull around the right side of your neck to the Adam's apple 7 times.

3. Hold the brush with your right hand at the bottom of your neck (where it joins the top of your back) and bring it around your neck to the right and down along your right collar bone and end up between your collar bones 7 times.

4. Stroke your breastbone in a circular fashion to stimulate the thymus gland 7 times.

5. Carefully brush the breast in a circular motion 7 times.

6. Repeat the above steps for your left side holding the brush with your left hand.

7. To stimulate the pituitary gland, hold the brush on the back of your head near the base of your neck and rock the brush up and down, then side to side, both sides 14 times.

8. Hold the brush in your left armpit with your right hand and rotate it counter clockwise 7 times, then clockwise 7 times.

9. Repeat on your right armpit with your left hand.

10. Brush upward 7 times from your upper right thigh to your right armpit.

11. Repeat process on your left side. Women may need to hold their breast out of the way with their free hand.

12. Brush back and forth over your belly button and around your waistline 14 times (like passing a basketball behind your back).

13. Brush in a circular motion over your belly-button, counter-clockwise 7 times then clockwise 7 times.

14. Finish brushing the front of your body in any direction starting at the bottom and brushing all the way up 14 times. Very little pressure needs to be applied to the genitals and women's breasts because the skin is sensitive and will redden if irritated.

15. Brush up and down your spine from the base of your neck and down as far as you can 14 times.

16. Finish your upper back by stroking it around toward your sides.

17. Brush your spine from tailbone up as high as you can reach 14 times, holding the brush with two hands or with the detachable wooden handle.

18. Finish your lower back by stroking it around toward your sides.

19. Brush up from right ankle to right knee and work all the way around your leg, brushing up towards your heart.

20. Hold the brush in the right groin with both hands and rotate it 7 times counter-clockwise, then 7 times clockwise.

21. Repeat with the left groin.

22. Brush from right knee to right hip 7 times.

23. Work all the way around your leg continuing to brush upwards (towards the heart).

24. Brush up from right ankle to right knee and work all the way around your leg, brushing up towards your heart.

25. Brush around your right ankle 7 times.

26. Brush back and forth over the top of your right foot from toes to ankle.

27. Brush across your right toes on top and underneath 7 times.

28. Brush the bottom of your right foot heel to toe 7 times.

29. Now do the same with for the left foot, leg and thigh.

30. Brush upward from right elbow to your armpit and shoulder 7 times.

31. Brush from your right wrist to the elbow in the same manner 7 times.

32. Repeat steps on your left arm.

33. Lightly brush the webbing (or junction) between your left thumb and index or pointer finger on the palm side 14 times, then on the non-palm side 14 times.

34. Brush your left palm from wrist to fingertips and back 7 times.

35. Brush the back of your left hand the same way 7 times.

36. Brush each left hand finger individually back and forth 7 times on the areas that have not been brushed yet.

37. Repeat the steps for your right hand.

After brushing, take a hot shower with soap (about three minutes in duration), followed by a 10-20 second cold rinse. Repeat this procedure three times. If the hot/cold showers are too extreme, a warm shower can be used. Follow the shower with a rubdown with either a sponge or towel to remove dead skin.

Problems with dry, flaky or thickened skin on your feet? One of my favorite products obtained from your local Rite Aid Store is called Pretty Feet & Hands Rough Skin Remover. This stuff is awesome. Shake well before using. Pour about a quarter-size puddle of fluid into the palm of one hand, then rub the areas that have lots of dry skin on them. The dry skin balls up in your hand. Rinse the areas and apply lotion. Note: You can only do this process once a day. The product doesn't work after the area is wet or after a shower. It may take up to four days for those tough areas like the feet to make the skin like new. The product appears to be safe and does not cause allergic reactions. One 3-ounce bottle usually runs around $10.

Dry brushing along with the ACV baths is what did it. At the time, I was not trying to get rid of cellulite. I was trying to get well after a stint in the hospital. I had a serious illness too.

I stopped doing the baths about two years ago and all my cellulite returned. At first I did not know why or how. Then I recalled what I had done in the past and started doing more extensive reasearch, since I have the internet now.

I have been dry brushing and bathing in ACV for about two weeks and there is serious improvement.

Note, while I am in the bath tub, I am scraping my skin with my finger nails. I know this sounds strange, but it's like when you shave your legs, it helps to get all the junk out and you can actually see the different colors of junk. At first I really did not know what is was four years ago. Now I know. It's toxins that my body is ridding itself.

You will also notice it's greasy. Yes, it is fat.

Finish up with coconut oil to make your skin nice and silky smooth. Nothing out there compares to this oil.

There will so may other benefits to ACV and dry brushing you can read on the internet.

That is my tip :-). I know it will work for you because that is how God designed our bodies to operate. It truly is awesome. May God richly bless you!!!"

09/23/2013: Beccy from Denver, Co replies: "To Teresa from Portland, how long do you have to be in the bath for? And where did you get these instructions from? I'm just wondering why the specific number of times? Thanks so much for posting this!"

Dry Brushing and Cold Showers

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[YEA]  06/23/2013: Annaj from Cairns, Queensland, Australia: "I have had a noticeable improvement in cellulite with dry brushing and cold showers. I am a female age 40 and have had cellulite on my thighs since my teen years. I started dry skin brushing and cold showers and the skin has become much smoother within a couple of weeks."


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[YEA]  "01/07/2008: Tess from San Francisco, California writes: "After a colonoscopy last month I was suffering from constipation for the first time in my life, so I started taking psyllium (bought in bulk from a natural foods store). At first I had a lot of gas and some abdominal discomfort, because I was taking too much. I found out that it is better to start slow--about a teaspoonful in 8oz of water, gradually building up to 1-2 tablespoons. I have been taking this amount daily for the past month and am noticing a significant decrease in waist size and LOSS OF ABDOMINAL CELLULITE.I am thrilled!

NB: For the past year I have also followed a low fat diet, mostly plant based, no processed foods. I also do 30-45 minutes of cardio (swimming or running) 5-6 days per week. But still couldn't completely shed a pot belly and cellulite. Then I started taking psyllium. WOW. At the age of 54 I figured I was stuck with the dreaded "spare tire" around the middle. Not so! I am not sure if the effect would be so dramatic if I were not exercising and eating such a healthy diet...

Also there is some impressive scientific research, very reputable, indicating that psyllium can lower high blood pressure, blood glucose levels, and high cholesterol. It contributes to improved cardiac health by reducing atherosclerosis. Psyllium has been used for centuries in Indian and Chinese medicine to fight gout and inflammation. Wonderful stuff!"

Rebounding, Dry Skin Brushing

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[YEA]  01/21/2011: Mel from Los Angeles, Ca: "Rebounding on a mini trapoline and dry skin brushing with a natural bristle body brush before showering has significantly reduced my cellulite. By dry brushing and rebounding, the toxins that are build up are broken down and the lympathic system is cleaned out hence the elimination of cellulite. Must do for at least two weeks to see results. Good Luck!"

Remedies Needed

04/18/2011: Tiffzlittle from Nyc, New York: "I m just entered my 30s and I feel lost with the first cellulite that is showing up. Which are the most effective ways to get rid of it? I heard mud treatments could be useful but they are expensive so before trying and spending my money I d loke to know if someone of you have ever tried. tnx"

07/10/2012: Truself from Akron, Ohio replies: "I tried everything. I normally eat a clean diet including gluten free and a good amt. of water. A HUGE improvement, cutting out ALL caffeine. Was only drinking 1-2 cups daily of green tea or occasional decaf. coffee. When I say huge I'm saying at least 70% improvement in the appearance after two weeks off. Went back on it and was back to worse after two days. Everyone is different but... Worked for me :D"



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