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Natural Cancer Treatment

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Remedies Needed

01/09/2012: Lizzy from New York, Brooklyn: "Kindly could I be helped with natural remedies I can use for the cancer of the base of my tongue. I have refused to do chemo and just want help with natural remedies. So far I have been using vitamin c and baking soda twice daily. Also I have seen that I have been having mucus every now and then, trying to clear my throat more often. Please help!! (talizzy2006(at)"

12/28/2011: T1171987 from Atlanta, Ga: "I need advice as soon as possible. My husband was diagnosed with stage IV Pancreatic Cancer, met. to liver. He had been sick all year and after CT, tests, blood work, etc. The drs. said he was fine. I took him to the ER, Dr. finally did an MRI, well you know the rest. He had surgery 2 wks. ago, stents for bile duct. He is extremely weak, I took him to ER for fluids. The Dr. finally gave him a prescription for enzymes & meds to increase appetite. He is getting plenty of fluids. Takes milk thistle, vitamins, fish oil, vitamin D.

What should he also be taking daily to stop the progression of cancer and for his health? His bp is starting to decrease and I'm afraid he is going to have heart failure from the stress of the surgery and cancer. I can't get the medical experts here to do anything.... We go to a speciality clinic tomorrow that specializes in PC. Any help or suggestions w/b appreciated!!"

12/28/2011: Bess from Calgary, Alberta, Canada replies: "Hi T1171987 - The following is an excerpt from one of Dr. Mercola's newsletters regarding cancer. He had interviewed Dr. Gonzalez - the transcript is available for free download at:

Dr. Gonzalez is still on the front lines and actively engaged in helping people by coaching them with natural alternatives instead of toxic drugs and radiation. His office is in Manhattan, where he can be reached at (212) 213-3337. His website, also contains information on how to become a patient, and everything a potential patient needs to know.

Evidently, Dr. Gonzalez is writing a book about the case reports of patients with advanced cancer who successfully recovered on his program.

It's also recommended that anyone with a serious illness should be getting at least 8000 IU of Vitamin D daily. Take it with K2. This is also discussed on Dr. Mercola's Web site (where you can do a search for Vitamin D and cancer).

Good luck with your husband. Take care, Bess"

12/28/2011: Louwrence from Rustenburg, North West South Africa replies: "HiT1171987, Go to & you will find the info there that you need, as simple as that. Good luck."
12/29/2011: Mollie from Riverside, Ca. replies: "Hello, My husband has prostrate cancer and was at a Group Meeting for cancer victims.

One man at the meeting was given only 5 months to live because his cancer had spread to all his organs. His wife went out and bought a Juicer and started making him fresh vegetable and fruit juice daily!

Five months later HE WAS STILL ALIVE! When this meeting took place it had been a year and a half since he was diagnosed with his dire condition and the doctors could not understand but HIS TUMORS HAD NEARLY ALL DISAPPEARED!

Also regarding my husband's prostrate cancer:

His prostrate tumors seems to be shrinking since he started a raw fresh cabbage diet as well as juicing.

I make fresh coleslaw daily for him. As he found a study of rats with prostate cancer whose cancer either shrunk or totally disappeared with raw cabbage in their diet!

My husbands PSA reading went from a 9 to a 6!

After about 2 to 3 weeks of eating the coleslaw everyday!

Hope this helps!"

12/30/2011: Timh from Louisville, Usa replies: "T1171987, sorry to hear of the late diagnoses. My dear Aunt had been quite ill for a couple yrs and the docs repeatedly told her she was ok and not to worry, until it was too late; and back in 1984 the Alt. C treatments were almost non existent.

A daily hot bath with 1/4 cup epsom salt and 1/4 cup baking soda will help very much overall conditions. L-Carnitine, CoQ10, as well as D Ribose will help the heart significantly (use any or all as recommended on labels). The herbs Turmeric, Green Tea Extract, and Chaparral are all cancer killing."

12/30/2011: Dud from The Woods Of, Wv, Usa replies: "In reply to - 12/28/2011: T1171987 from Atlanta, Ga-


A fast, simply made, cancer treatment formula can be found at the link below. I have no experience with it, I do not know what the rate of cure is. There is a book you can buy with the full information on it. I have not read the book. Sounds promising. Sounds do-able when one has little time to waste.

Here is some info from Konrad LeBeau's website about it: including how to make it-

"Cancer Can be Cured" - Fr. Romano Zago OFM
by Konrad Lebeau

Fr. Romano Zago's aloe and honey "cure" for cancer
"Cancer Can be Cured" - Fr. Romano Zago OFM

A few years ago, in 2007 or 2008, I talked with someone who called and told me about Father Romano Zago's raw honey and aloe treatment for cancer. The person told me that many people had been cured of cancer using this formula. I jotted the information down including a website, and placed it aside to look at it at a later date.

In 2010, as I was revising a home remedies book I wrote on hydrogen peroxide and ozone with a new title "Hydrogen Peroxide and Aloe Vera plus Other Home Remedies, " I included Fr Zago's raw aloe and honey recipe along with several other low cost cancer treatments. At the time I obtained a used copy of Fr Zago's book "Cancer can be Cured" at amazon. com used bookstore.

In his book he writes. "this recipe is inexpensive with no contraindications or negative side effects, targeted at alleviating the suffering of the sick and those directly or indirectly connected to them, who are sometimes helpless when faced with the enormity of the problem. " In his book, Fr Zago reports on 39 individual cases of cancer, many terminal, that were cured with aloe and honey. Excerpts from his book describing the recipe can be found at

There are many species of aloe plants. Fr Zago uses aloe arborescens. However, in North America, aloe arborescens is difficult to find. Aloe Vera Barbadensis is the most common form of aloe used and is available in many aloe products from aloe vera juice to gels and lotions. Research published at the United States National Library of Medicine on aloe vera barbadensis indicates this species has anti-cancer properties.

The amount of aloe vera used is surprisingly small - less than 2 ounces daily. Fr Zago used a species called aloe arborescens. The plant is native to Brazil and countries in the Mediterranean area. There are over 300 species of aloe.

How to prepare the aloe and honey plus alcohol mixture
Ingredients -
1. Eight ounces of raw bee's honey
2. One tablespoon of liquid Grappa, Cognac, Brandy or Whisky.
3. 200 grams (about 7 ounces) of Aloe Arborescens or Aloe Vera leaves. (The older and larger leaves are preferred)

How is it prepared?
Father Romano says: "Take (remove) the thorns from the sides of the leaves and the powder deposited (on the leaves), making use of a dry cloth or a sponge. Cut the leaves in pieces (without removing the skin) and put these in the liquidizer (blender) or together with the honey and the chosen distilled liquid. Liquidize well the mixture and it is ready to be consumed. The mixture is not to be filtered, nor heated but simply well conserved in the refrigerator inside a dark jar which would have been firmly closed". (Editor's suggestion: I would use up each batch within 10 days, take 5 days off and then make a new batch and start over. )

The dosage advised by the Fr Zago is of a tablespoon of the mixture half an hour before every one of the three main meals. The mixture should be shaken before being used. Once the first jar is finished, it is advisable to undergo a medical check-up to understand what stage the illness has reached. Based on the doctor's feedback and following a few days of break, one can repeat the cycle of cure, until the complete elimination of the cancerous elements is achieved. The mixture is usually taken for 10 days followed by 5 days off and then repeated again 10 on 5 off until the cancer or other illness is gone.

The aloe leaves should come from a mature plant, preferably four years old or older. It is important that honey is of excellent quality and above all raw, because of its characteristic as a carrier of beneficial substances contained in the aloe. As regards side effects as a result of aloe, Fr. Romano Zago points out that the latter should not frighten anyone. They represent in fact the expulsion, the complete liberation on the part of the organism of impure substances, and above all, when verified, have a limited duration of one to three days maximum.

Those who take the aloe-based drink can thus experience skin rashes, diarrhea or, in more serious cases, vomiting; but above all, according to Fr. Romano Zago, this indicates that one is on the road to recovery and that the efforts made will start reaping fruits.

Besides cancer, other conditions that Father Romano Zago's Aloe Vera formula has benefited as reported at the Italian website

Conrad LeBeau
Keep Hope Alive is a non-profit 501 (C)3 organization formed in 1998 for educational, scientific, charitable and research purposes for the benefit of persons affected by HIV, CFIDS, Cancer, Hepatitis, Candidiasis and many other health conditions related to immune deficiency or imbalance. We are currently funded only by donations from individuals and are not supported by grants or donations from pharmaceutical or dietary supplement manufacturers or from government grants. Your donatons keep us alive as an organization to help with research and to despense information. All donations are tax dedectible. Thank you for your support.
Keep Hope Alive, PO Box 270041, West Allis, WI 53227. Keephopealive ph 414-231-9817

(Note: Receipts are sent for all donations of $25 or more)

EC: Italian link did not work.


12/28/2011: Lizzy from Brooklyn, New York: "Kindly will anybody help me with any natural remedies I can use for this cancer? I don't want to do chemo, I have chosen to do natural remedies. I have small tumors on both sides of my neck. And most of the times am in pain. Also any help for mucus which am spitting without coughing."

12/28/2011: Debbie from Melbourne, Australia replies: "Lizzy, the first thing I would do if I were you is to stop all processed foods. Only have green smoothies with wheatgrass, chlorella and spirulina in them. Stop all sugar consumption. You will get all the nutrition you need from the green juices and they will help detox the body. With cancer according to Dr. A. Hoffer you have to detox the body.

I would take lugols iodine. Dr. Flechas (search him on youtube) says that cancer is caused by iodine deficiency. Also research David Brownstein, he has an excellent book on iodine.

Google "Dr. Hoffer cancer". Also "Ann Wigmore wheatgrass""

12/28/2011: Gavin from Manganui, Northland, New Zealand replies: "If you maintain your ph at 7 that will stop the cancer, the cancer cells don't divide at a ph of 7. If you can maintain a PH of 8.5 for a few days at the ph over 7 the cells start to die off. Using Baking soda and a sugar carrier like molasses. You have to get some litmus strips to measure your ph. And be prepared for some side effects like headaches and loose bowels. Mix two tabelspoons of baking soda, thats soda not powder! In a cup of water in a pan stir till it clears then add a tablespoon of molasses. Let it cool and then drink it down. Build it up to three a day untill the ph is 8 or above.

Mild headaches nausea and yellow stools might be the side effects that show up when the cancer is being excreated. This regime dropped a bloggers psa from 25 to 1 who had advanced prostate cancer that had metasisised to his bones.. The mri scan showed no bone cancer, after he was diagnosed as terminal before the regime by two doctors. After one regime of this soda treatment. But as always its up to you to decide and do your own reasearch."

12/29/2011: Debby from Monroe, Ct replies: "Isn't molasses a natural sugar? The reason I ask is because sugar of any kind feeds cancer. I do know that cancer patients are very acidic and keeping a high ph does kill cancer cells. I have thyroid cancer and if using this combination is safe, would try it. Can you give me any more information on this? Thanks, Debby"
12/29/2011: Mollie from Riverside, Ca. replies: "Found this on a Blackstrap Molasses website:

Blackstrap is also an alkaline food, in that it helps balance the bodys ph, for information... The body can only get sick when it is in an acidic state, cancer and other illness thrive on an acidic body, it is important that we keep the alkaline up and ph at 7.5 or very close.

White sugar is acidic due to the processing. Blackstrap is good for dermatitis and helps regenerate nerve fibers in the spinal chord, it is also good for calming the nerves, anemia, uncle arthor, eczema, constipation, psoriasis, fatigue, fingernails and hair. There is an excellent book titled "Crude Black Molasses" by Cyril Scott that has more testimony as to the goodness of Blackstrap. Happy Reading.

Blackstrap molasses comes from Sugar Cane but it's not like regular processed sugar."

12/30/2011: Timh from Louisville, Usa replies: "That is the therapeutic intent of the sugar. I think the sugar is simply a messenger or host for the Sodium Bicarbonate delivery. As the cancer consumes the sugar, it gets buffered to death; making any other administration of S.B. less effective."
12/30/2011: Timh from Louisville, Usa replies: "Lizzy, it is difficult to give specific advice because of the complexity of Cancer. As such, there are numerous different therapies and protocols for any number of Cancer types. Spend some time here reading the cures been & being used and their effectiveness.

In this light, the best shot gun approach to killing cancer is simply recovering an unhealthy body to a healthy state. Flood your body with Nutrition and all the healthy recommendations on this site, and you will improve, maybe substantially. Also consider purchasing any number of books on Alternative treatments for cancer.

Begin your healing journey with an "I can" and report your progress here on E. C. which will make it MUCH more easy for folks to respond to your inquiries."

12/30/2011: Jen from Bozeman, Mt, Us replies: "If you are nervous about trying the blackstrap molasses try something else with the baking soda. The baking soda is the key ingredient to kill cancer. Try ACV and Baking soda or lemon and Baking soda. Drink as much as you can to get your pH up as close to 7.5 as possible. There is a doctor from Italy (Dr. Simoncine/ Cancer is a Fungus) who actually injects baking soda (sodium bicarbinate) into tumors and kills them. The basis behind his treatment is that cancer is caused by a fungus (yeast). Baking soda will kill yeast therefore killing the cancer. If it were me or one of my loved ones, I would try to do a yeast cleanse of some kind. Good health to you and I pray you heal soon."
01/06/2012: John from Sandton Gauteng, South Africa replies: "I have heard that certain areas of oue planet have NO cancer, It seems that those areas are free of doctored water. In other words, there are tracesof Cesium Chlorine which, not only destroys cancer cells before they can do damage and where cell have taken a foothold, destroys them. Ask a specialist, like TED what is a safe quantity to add to water. Best wishes, John"

12/24/2011: Dee from Niagara Falls, Ontario, Canada: "HI! My grandmother has an invasive breast cancer, she only had an operation. Can anyone write to me for any remedy? There is all different supplements that are advertised on web, but do they work? We have tried a lot, I am not sure it works. Please if anyone knows stuff that works, can you let me know. I really want to help her, she is the best. Thanks in advance."

12/25/2011: Zorro from Milwaukee, Wisconsin replies: "Hello

There are two good places to look.

1. cancertutor.con

2. google---Jim Humble he has some thing called

MMS that has helped people with all kinds of health problems


12/25/2011: Igig from Nashville, Tn replies: "Please, please watch BURZYNSKI on netflix. Also: RUN FROM THE CURE found on youtube. My mom died from ignorance and she was head nurse of the oncology floor at a university hospital!! There is a way to cure this!"
12/25/2011: Bess from Calgary, Alberta, Canada replies: "Hi Dee - There are two sections in Ailments here on Earth Clinic that may help your Grandmother - one on breast cancer and one on cancer.

There has been some evidence that iodine should be supplemented (Google lugol's iodine and breast cancer).

To keep her immune system strong, no processed food, sugar, etc. Stick to natural, organic foods. Green juices are a good way to get fresh vegetables (and only a little fruit because of the sugar content - especially when battling an illness).

Best wishes for a recovery for your Grandmother. She is fortunate to have you look into alternative methods. Take care, Bess"

12/20/2011: Alvab from Dallas, Texas, United States: "Hi Ted,

Dad had his first radiation treatment yesterday and is scheduled for 9 more. He's been a truck driver for over 20 years, a smoker and never really ate healthy as on the road the options are limited. They're recommending chemo to begin January 6th and he's been asked to participtate in a research trial.

Someone told us today about 40 H202 treatments that erradicate the cancer and he's willing to try it. I'm wondering how and what to feed him, and if you've heard of this H202 cocktail.

He was diagnosed a week ago tomorrow, he walked into the hospital in profuse pain, believing he had a torn muscle only to find out that it was cancer that is in his lung(s) [not sure yet], scapula, ribs and spine. He has no cancer in his extremities/brain. Yay! Anyway I mention this because all he does is sleep, I can barely get him to drink a glass of water, stay awake for longer than 10 - 15 minutes, or move around the house other than to go to urinate (which doesn't happen frequently). He's constipated and complaining profusely about joint pain and just overall soreness of his back, stomach and now under his arms.

Help, I don't want him to go back in the hospital for dehydration/constipation. What do you recommend? He's currently on Oxycodone 20 mg cr tab twice a day, hydromorphone 2 mg tab (which makes him hallucinate) up to every 3 hours as needed, ciproflaxicin 500 mg tab (for a urinary tract infection that he finishes tomorrow evening) twic a day, trazodone 50 mg tab at bedtime if needed for sleep, cyclobenzaprine 10 mg tab up to 3 times per day as needed and amlodipine for blood pressure.

Please share your wisdom!

Confident there is a Healthier Solution for My Dad,


12/21/2011: P from Middle Of, Fl replies: "PS: I've also read that magnesium is essential mineral for sustaining life, I'm sorry I don't have a site to refer you to, I save them to my favorites but change computers a lot so it's lost, but google health benefits on magnesium!"
12/21/2011: P from Middle, Fl replies: "I have been reading ALOT on the following items I am about to mention... And all proclaim that they fight cancer as well as many other ailments. Please take a moment to visit the websites enlisted as many people from earthclinic have posted these as well and indeed is very informative!

they go in depth how water cures diseases along with SEA SALT, they describe how water and salt plays a role in your cells, brain, spine, joints, heart and so on.

The above websites are based on hydrogen peroxide therapies, very informative as well, also goes in depth into what oxygen does to body as well.

I was interested in this for my father in law, he is a diabetic, but here in FL it will cost about $200 and up, really no different than a doctor visit if you have no insurance and the 35% food grade may cost about $25 a bottle and that's if you pick it up because most people won't ship it at 35% they will dilute it! So perhaps the bottle is your best bet if you're strapped for cash! A lil FYI.

Give him Amino Acids like Hyaluronic acid, Alpha lipoic acid.

Look in the supplement section in this website for the above as well as google them.

As well as chlorophyll, colloidial silver, amino fatty acids such as omega 3, 6, 9 coconut oil, aloe, PH levels, dessicated liver, DMSO(pain reliever), apple cider vinegar, vitamin b1 and complex, there's so much that plays a role.

Just read all about this in this website, the tabs above can help guide you around, check out the cancer page and Ted's recommendations! Sorry if I went on & on, I just feel desperate for you!


Good luck!"

11/22/2011: Panasw from Los Angeles, Ca, Usa: "My brother is in Bangkok and is suffering the last stage of pancreatic cancer that appears to spread through his stomach and gall bladder. His stomach is bleeding everyday and I wonder if the baking soda and water formula will help at least stop the bleeding? And where do I buy pure sodium bicarbonate in Bangkok cause the one we bought from department store has a lot of other ingredients in it, like cornstarch and others that we decided not to risk it. I'd appreciate some feedback from Ted cause he's in Bangkok and if I can get Ted's contact info.



11/22/2011: Rsw from Uniontown, Oh replies: "Dr. Burt Berkson has had good success in treating pancreatic cancer with low dose naltrexone, which can be purchased without a prescription from AllDayChemist. Com, (under the name of Revia, used at 4.5mg. before bedtime - see Yahoo LDN Group for instructions to make your own from the 50 mg. Tabs) combined with alpha lipoid acid and B vitamins. He uses the lipoid acid in an IV drip, but recommends buying it from Metabolic Maintenance if you can't get the IV. You can see his talks on this on You Tube. Please see the site."

11/17/2011: Btl from Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia: "Hi Ted, my mother has been diagnosed to have a 3 cm malignant tumor at the body of her pancreas with one artery being abutted by the tumor. I have read your Q&A and after a check with the pharmacy I found that it is very difficult to get hold of the chemical supplements that you mentioned in your post. Am wondering if I could purchase the supplements from you or any of your contacts. My mother will be undergoing an operation for the removal of the tumor next week. Appreciate your prompt response. Many thanks BTL"

11/16/2011: Debby from Monroe, Ct: "Hi Ted, first I want to say thank you for your wonderful site. You and you readers have helped me tremendously. Here is some background. Diagnosed with papillary thyroid cancer, had thyroid removed, stage 3' 4 lymph nodes were affected, 10 percent tall cell was found. Tall cell is aggressive but the surgen said that 10 percent is a small percentage. It is almost 2 years since surgery, so far my test have been fine, blood test - white blood count is below range, have a antibody fighting my immune system so the thyrogen numers we can't depend on.

1. Would hydrogen perixod food grade help? Will it get my white blood count numbers up?
2. Where can I get food grade 35 percent? I only have 3 percent. I dont want to take borax because I am too scared to ingest that. Can you suggest a protocol that will additionally help me?

Also, I take vitamins including herbs and I eat well. I try to stay away from sugar but always successful. Surgar is a fuel for cancer. Again any help you can give me I will so much appreciate it. Debby
Thank you ted in advance. Debby"

11/14/2011: Aroon from Singapore: "Hi there, my husband has just been diagnosed with bladder cancer. I read Ted's post that he has a method that can help cure such disease. I am desperately looking for alternative medicine. Thanks."

10/29/2011: Jen from Eureka Springs, Arkansas : "My boyfriend's oldest sister found out she had uterine cancer. She wants to do the Dr. Gerson therapy. We've been telling her about the therapies here. One thing she wanted to ask is why is why Ted and Bill recommend anything with salt in it for cancer patients? Whether the alkalizing with the sodium bicarbonate or the vitamin C as sodium ascorbate. Dr. Gerson seemed to say stay away from salt period- it causes cell division meaning tumors grow and kicks out potassium. Is there something in the therapies here that helps get the excess sodium out? From what I saw, there isn't an alkalizing formula that doesn't not use sodium bicarbonate? Is vitamin c as ascorbic acid that bad? Actually my boyfriend's sister was saying vitamin c is an antioxidant and Dr. Gerson was saying what is needed is oxidants to win the battle of cancer. If anyone can help clarify so we can learn better we'd be thankful."

10/06/2011: Carol In Oc from Oregon City, Oregon, Usa: "My daughter was just diagnosed with infiltrating ductile carcinoma and she is at the end of the first trimester of pregnancy. We have been reading Ted's cancer advice to use high doses of Lysine and other ideas about iodine and H202. Is that dose of Lysine safe for use during pregnancy. Is the Iodine safe? The H202?

We also plan to follow his dietary guidelnes but would like a list of what TO eat.

Thank you for your help."

10/05/2011: Ted from Bangkok. Thailand replies: "Is that dose of Lysine safe for use during pregnancy?

You take lysine and threonine, it's inseparable these two, one is the immune system and one is the energy for immune system.

Most websites say no aspirin while pregnant.

Yes, they're correct, it causes bleeding.

Is the Iodine safe during pregnancy?

Iodine foot painting once or twice a week, is preferred. If you have no problems eating wakame, kelp, that is fine also.

The H202?

H2O2 helps for certain cancer, such as lung cancer, for some reason it works best on fungal caused cancer, but may not ductile, but it oxygenate the body to get rid of junk chemicals on the body, therefore one capful of 3% H2O2 in one liter of water every other day would be the preferred way. She gets cancer during pregnancy as a result of HCG suppresses immune system from attacking the baby, but then also the cancer cells. The best is to avoid the obvious sweets and artificial sugar, as you know. Wheat product is restricted (it has effect on intestinal villi in limiting the detox and makes intestinal villi shorter, which causes all sorts of autoimmune conditions.

Check your progesterone: estrogen, it might be off, and especially over-expressed estrogen and lack of progesterone. It helps if B3 is taken during sleep, preferably 500 mg, as it helps sleep, but is also has anticancer properties, and our human body needs a lot of B3, and some selenium (preferably the yeast form), as it contains beta glucan, which helps normal immunity.


10/11/2011: Timh from Louisville, Usa replies: "Carol, vit C is critical in beating cancer. MSM or DMSO C will have big benifits. As for food, broccoli sprout extract is one of mother natures most potent anti cancer foods. It isn't possible to obtain enough of the cancer fighting chemicals by simply eating broccoli sprouts. Keep buffered with baking soda."
10/13/2011: Carol from Oregon City, Oregon Usa replies: "Thanks, Timh. Vitamin C must be good for everything! How do we find out if MSM and broccoli sprout extract are safe for the baby?

Thank you too, Ted, for your information. It has been a hectic week of appointments and child care for our family."

10/13/2011: Timh from Louisville, Usa replies: "Carol, glad to see your precautionary measure. All natural foods and supplements have been studied and tested for safety and effectiveness. If ANY possibly dangerous side effects or interactions could occur with a specific suppliment it will be clearly labeled. Almost all online vendors have all the manufactures info viewable. Also read consumer reviews to learn more. It's also wise to begin small doses. MSM and Broccoli are, to my knowledge, very safe at recomended doses. Good luck and keep us posted. Healing prayers for your health."

09/23/2011: Brian from Blacksmiths, Nsw, Australia: "My mother has Merkel cell bone cancer and has been given two weeks to live. She has low blood platelets and her bones are not producing blood cells. It has spread through her body, is it too late to start food grade H2O2. Could someone pleases email me an answer quickly to brianc888(at)"

09/23/2011: Helpyourself from Houston, Texas replies: "Brian - Try this: Asparagus in a can. Put in blender and turn to mush. Give your mom about 4 oz/3 times a day. Read up on this on the internet. People have had some good results in curing cancer with this. Good Luck!"
09/25/2011: Pjaco from Springdale, Arkansas, Usa replies: "I know a lady that cures cancer all the time and she uses MMS, I don't care waht the fda says it works, not fun but works fast."

07/27/2011: Leah from Gadsden, Al : "Hi Ted,
I noticed that many of your posts are older and was wondering if you're still around or do you have a website? I really need some suggestions on treating cancer. My husband and I recently lost his mom a few months ago to colorectal cancer.... Now his step-mom is undergoing surgeries, etc.. for cancer. They told her it has matastasized (spelling?) into her ovary. We can't bear to lose another so close together like this. I have read and read on this site but would really like something " in a nutshell" that I can present to her to start doing. (also, my dad has Alzheimers and I see that you may have studied alternatives for this.. ) Thanks so much!"

07/28/2011: Oscar from Syracuse, New York, Usa replies: "There is dichloroacetate that some Canadian researchers have found to be remarkably effective in treating cancer. This research is not yet an approved treatment for cancer but dichloroacetate is available on the web. Here is a link to that research article and there are others :


07/28/2011: Mary from Regina, Saskchewan, Canada replies: "Hello:

how sad, perhaps you could find the answer in the work of Dr. Johanna Budwig. You could google "the Budwig Cure'. There are a great many testamonials with people who have been cured. Her basis is getting electrons to the cell membranes through a simple process using diet. She uses cottage cheese to supply the sulphur based protien and blends it in a 2:1 ratio with flaxseed oil. This makes the electron rich oil water soluble and easy to deliver to the cells. I do not have cancer but am tryng the "pudding" to see if it gives me more energy. I encourage you to take a look.

all the best, Mary"

06/25/2011: Refugeeinexile from Chelmsford, Essex, England: "Hello all

I have small raised growth on the end of my penis, very small not painful at all. I have used ACV on it and Iodine following with soothing it with Aloe Vera gel, its been 2 days, awaiting results, also drinking FGHP with ACV started today at 3 drops.

Is there anything else someone could recommend, its around 2 months old and causes no problems, it could be cancerous, I think it came from using sunbeds some time ago. Obviously ive stopped using them.

Planning to start with large dosage of vitamin C on monday but any advice would be really appreciated.


06/26/2011: Andrea C from Cardiff, Wales replies: "Hi x check out under remedies 4 cancer. hit the letter c on the on screen key board, and look under cancer. also look under remedies and check out hydrogen peroxide and iodine pages. also your diet. if your able to afford it buy a masticating jucer so if you got no appertite at least you will get the nutrtional benefits in a small drink. if u r on any medication, or not, it's important to keep your bowels regular to, so take magnisum citrate, in pure powder form is best. and also a fibre supplement, like for instsance golden flax seeds. you can get them ground or whole. so at least you will have fibre and nutrition. i speak from a family that have cancer on both sides and the chance of myself contracting it is pretty high also. anoter good post to look under is ted's alkaling remerdie's as well. another good thing, if possible, is to surround your self with positive people, or if theres's a place you can sit and feel at peace thats also good. i know this is not a direct answer to your question, but there's a lot of good people on earth clinic, and some of are or have been where you are now and can give you help and advice. i hope you find some of my suggetions helpfull. love andrea C X X X"

06/09/2011: Geneveeve from Amsterdam, Netherlands: "Hi Ted, I hope you can give me some advice. I had breast cancer 5 years ago and had the lump removed. It was the most agressive form of breast cancer, Her2neu , non hormonal, with some spread to the lymph nodes under my arm. However I refused to have the other lymph nodes taken out, further surgery on my breast, chemo, radiation and herceptin and chose to go natural. Things went fine. I changed my diet, changed my thoughts, took vitamins, minerals, excercise and ensured that I had more sunlight. I also went to bed early and made the room as dark as possible. I was only off work for a few weeks after the operation and worked less hours while going for natural treatments. I work very hard and have a full life/quality of life and life is very busy.

Unfortunately I found a lump on my breastbone, quite small but hard. So I went back on my regimen of diet and supplements etc. This was about 1, 5 years ago. The growth has grown over this time. Sometimes it remained the same size and I thought I was winning but it has grown since and although it seems to be stable now, it has started to hurt which it didn't do before and I'm beginning to get worried. I don't want to go to a conventional doctor, I will refuse treatment anyway so there is no point. I have a healthy appetite and still work full time and am busy, so I have a normal life but am worried that it will become worse and will spread to other parts of my body. I don't know what to do. Whether to carry on and persevere with what I am doing. L-Lysine, L-proline, green tea, q 10, magnesium chloride, vitamine D3, boron, kurkuma, MSM, vitamine B (the whole spectrum), Kelp, h2o2 (15 drops in 500ml water), selenium, protease enzymes, apricot kernels. Carrot juice with magnesium.

I don't know whether the pain is because the growth is starting to heal or whether it is because what I am doing isn't working and it is spreading. It feels warm and the skin is reddish on the outside. So what would you advise me to do? Also, is it possible for the growth (I think it is bone) to dissolve in some way or is an operation the only way to get rid of this? It's about 5 cm in circumference. Would really appreciate your thoughts on this. Thank you for your time."



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