Natural Cures for Autoimmune Diseases

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Remedies Needed

12/01/2011: Lori from Ny, Usa: "My son is a 27 years old and in pain 24/7. I am hoping to get remedies on how to begin to treat these autoimmune diseases. Graves disease started at age 16, thyroid radiated and have been on synthroid. Ankylosing Spondylitis started at age 20, severe pain in lower back and take about 8 advil a day. MS started at age 27, seven months ago, tingling and pins and needles in legs and tops and bottom of feet and started copaxone one month ago.

Are there any protocols for these autoimmune diseases?

Please help.


12/01/2011: Rsw from Uniontown, Oh replies: "A very effective drug for most autoimmune disease that has no side effects and is especially good with stopping progression of MS is low dose naltrexone (LDN). The website to read about it is There is a Yahoo LDN group with over 10,000 members, many of whom have MS and other autoimmune diseases. You can join and post your questions. Members are always willing to help out and have years of experience with LDN and about half have MS. Please check these out. It is generally thought that the CRABS drugs, one of which is copaxone, do not work. Good luck. I hope this helps."
12/02/2011: Jen from Bozeman, Mt, Us replies: "Gosh for some when it rains it pours. I have Graves disease and I know exactly what a difficult disease it is. I also have more than 20 family members who have been diagnosed with MS. I have researched both diseases alot and with the Graves have been able to treat the issue completely with herbal supplements and diet. Since your son has been treated with radiation for this issue the treatment is different but still possible. Even with low thyroid function or no function his immune system is still on attack mode. That is the root of the problem.

Your son possibly has a food allergy which could be temporary or something he will have to deal with for the rest of his life. When you have a food allergy for instance gluten intolerance. You ingest that food which causes your immune system to send out histamines. Those histamines attack the food that your body is unable to digest causing such reactions as stuffy nose, achy joints, etc... If your son had a normal allergy it could cause anaphylactic shock but with autoimmune diseases the reaction is different. I have done some research on the reasons why so many food allergies are becoming so prevalent in todays day and age. I believe it is curable in most cases. That the root of the problem is actually a disorder called Leaky gut syndrom. Google this problem and see if it is possible that your son might have it. If he has taken alot of anibiotics in his life it is very likely. The antibiotics cause a yeast infestation to start. If it isn't treated then the yeast takes over the intestines. This fungus causes lesions all over the intestines which causes particles of food to leak into the blood. Your immune system attacks the foreign pathogen and you now have a food allergy. Or what your body thinks is a food allergy. Get rid of the yeast and he may be food allergy free again.

Gluten molecules resemble thyroid cells so as you can immagine when you ingest gluten and you are allergic to it then the immune system attacks. Eventually the immune system cannot tell the difference between the thyroid and the gluten cells so the immune system is always on attack mode and the thyroid becomes ill. Either causing Graves disease or Hashimoto's disease. For this kind of disease it is best to avoid the food causing the illness but you can also attempt to calm the immune system down using supplements like Astragulas and Marshmallow root. Another remedy that helps is Ted's alkalizing remedy (lemon 2 tblsp and 1/2 tsp baking soda) 2 to 3 times a day. Make sure he is getting adequite iodine, selenium, magnesium, and Vit C as well.

For the MS the above will help the autoimmune system to calm down and stop attacking nerve cells as well. Another thing that I have found much research on is the possiblity of MS patients also having a copper deficiency. One of the things that copper is know for is to help form what is called the mylin sheaths. These sheaths are like blankets that surround the nerve cells. With MS the sheaths are not always present as they are being distoyed by the immune system. Focus on trying to find supplements that are known to help form the sheaths and possibly repair the damage that has been done. Some that I know of and take myself are Omega 3's (nourishes the fat in the sheath), B vitamins especially B-12(help to form and repair tissues including the myelin sheath), L-Glycine (Helps repair connective tissue including the myelin sheath)

Unfortunately I don't know anything about AS but I would hope that calming the immune system down would also help this. I used to take 8 advil a day and sometimes a few tylenol as well for my migraines and achy joints caused by the Graves. I don't have to take any now that I have gotten control of my immune system. I too had a few different auto immune diseases at the same time and if I stay away from gluten they all stay away. I also take many supplements. I am trying to avoid the MS diagnosis as it is so common in my family. I hope and pray that your son can find relief for all of his diseases. He is too young to have to deal with so much."

12/03/2011: Lori from Ny, Ny replies: "Hi Rsw from Uniontown,

Thank you for your response. We are going to a doctor that prescribes LDN in about 2 weeks. Our neuro won't prescribe it but she is not against getting it from another doctor.

Thanks again for your input.


12/04/2011: Lori from Ny replies: "Hi Jen from Bozeman, Mt, Us,

Wow, you have given me a wealth of information. I agree about gluten. My son was on a gluten free diet and it was extremely successful in reducing his back pain. He has been off the diet for several months and his pain is right back to where it was. He is working his way back to trying to eat that way, but he finds it challenging and when emotionally depressed. He gets comfort in gluten foods.

We will look into all the rest of your wonderful and thoughtful suggestions.

Thank you very much for your response.


12/05/2011: Jen from Bozeman, Mt, Us replies: "Believe me I completely understand how hard it is to stay away from gluten. Sometimes all I can think about is pizza:) I want a slice so bad that everything I eat tastes terrible. It is very hard on the emotions and all I can offer is that eventually he may start to think of those gluten filled foods as evil. I can't say he won't ever want them again but eventually for me when I fall pray to the weakness for just one slice I take a bite and instantly associate the taste with pain. It doesn't mean I don't still eat and chew with supreme joy but in the back of my head I know soon I will regret this delicious mistake. I don't eat it very often but when I do I prepare myself for the inevitable and make sure my schedule is clear for the migraine on the way. I am currently trying to rid myself of the yeast I believe is the culprit to see if this helps. I will let you know if I make any progress."
12/07/2011: Kayejayevee from Fort Myers Beach, Fl, Usa replies: "Bob's red mill gluten free pizza mix makes a really good crust. You can find it in most major grocery stores. I buy mine at publix."
12/07/2011: Lori from Ny , Ny replies: "Hi Kayejayevee from Fort Myers Beach, Fl, Usa,

Thank you for your suggestion of the Bob's red mill gluten free pizza mix. I know my grocery sells Bob's products and I will look for it. I appreciate your input.


02/04/2012: Mt from San Ramon, Ca replies: "Hi Lori, I stumbled on this video about a doctor that cured herself of MS with diet. I think she makes a lot of sense and the diet is a really healthy one for all of us. Good luck, I hope this video is helpful."

02/04/2012: Lori from Great Neck, Ny replies: "Hi Mt from San Ramon, Ca.

Thank you so much for this information about MS and diet. This is fantastic. I can't thank you enough. I believe that food is medicine, and I take this very seriously. Our diet will change going forward. You have given us hope through this video. Thank you. I will keep you posted.


03/08/2012: Holly from White River Jct, Vermont replies: "L, You may want to look up serrapeptase,, They use this in EU for disease, very effective w/ MS etc.... He has a tremendous amount of info on site and testimonials from people who take this product, as well as dietary changes, and you can E for more info and he has a book that gets all into this enzyme and what treatment plan to do for whatever the problem is called ' the miracle enzyme'. Very impressive stuff. I use this (hashimotos and FM w/ other ailments and improving) my husband (emphysema) so I'm not trying to 'sell' the product, I am just very impressed so far."
03/10/2012: Lori from Ny, Usa replies: "Hi Holly from White River Junction, I have never heard of this product. How long have you been using it, what dosage, and what results have you and your husband had?

Thanks so much for your input, much appreciated.


08/18/2009: Lon from Stanhope, Nj: "I noticed green tea listed in the post about autoimmune diseases. I have an autoimmune disease. Recently, I was investigating fluoride poisoning; a link posted on this site listed green tea, and other teas, as containing fluoride, stating that green tea in particular absorbs fluoride from the soil, and I think from the air too (too busy to check the article now,) like a sponge. It stated that some green tea ads suggest it's use as a cavity preventative because of the high fluoride content generally present in green tea, as well as other teas. The article suggested that fluoride is common in the soil. I've been taking green tea extract, because it's highly recommended for chronic leukemia which I also have. Now I'm utterly confused as to whether it's helping or harming me. Does anyone here have any knowledge about this, or know of any valid studies either supporting or refuting this claim. Do you think it applies to organic tea?"

06/02/2012: Had from White River Jct, Vermont replies: "You may want to buy sodium thiosulfate crystals ( it is usually sold for photographers, it's pretty cheap). When you make a pot of green tea, add 1-2 crystals to the water. Or you can take 1 orally and drink water, it neutralizes the flouride if added to tea/water, if you take it in mouth straight, it detoxes the flouride out of your body. And yes, it is all green tea that has naturally occurring flouride and it has no flavor/taste so easy solution and still get the benefits of green tea."

03/15/2009: D.O. : "HI, I found your site yesterday by accident. ( if you believe there are accidents ) anyway I was disappointed when I didn't find anything on Auto Immune Disease . My 43 year old daughter has it and her blood levels are very high that relate to that problem. Can you please tell me what she can do to get better besides organic food and lots of water. She has had it several years but didn't want to worry me with it especially since she knew I would be out for a cure with natural medicine. She isn't on any medicine
of any kind at this time.

I would appreciate any help you and your readers could give me.

Thanks very much,

D. O."

We emailed D.O. asking what kind of autoimmune disease her daughter has...

03/15/2009: D. O. replies, "Thanks for answering so quickly. I don't know what kind she has. She has no symptoms that I know of except she has a form of acne on her face and arms that could be caused by the disease. She doesn't discuss it with me very much. The Dr found it on a blood test for her thyroid. Her throid blood values were excellent. It was two other parts of the thyroid test that was very high, one more so than the other."

03/16/2009: Rosy from Orlando, Fl replies: "I would suggest looking into the GAPS Diet. I know that some autoimmune responses could be from food allergies. Maybe she has celiac, or a bad soy allergy. Also look into making sure she is eating enough fat, like coconut oil, and grass feed butter. Sometimes the body does wacky things to get you to nitice that it isn't being feed right."
08/18/2009: Dr Johnathon Nd from Goa, India replies: "There is a lot of info on earthclinic for autoimmune diseases, for a list of diseases that come under this broad heading Then look up each ailment and start trying some of the remedies.

A multi approach is required. Eg. Decrease cytokines(acupuncture), heavy metal detox(ETDA,cilantro & oral chelation), omega 3, Alph lipoic acid, Coconut oil, NAC, Vitamin D, Herbs such as ginger, boswellia, shilijit, Green tea etc., yoga/tai chi, meditation and self hypnosis, Eliminate Candida fungus and other lingering infections in the body that attack the immune system. Food allergies must also be looked at! Having a heading "Autoimmune Disease Remedies" is like having a heading "Disease Remedies" its very broad. So the treatment must be also!"

06/22/2010: Dorie from Sterling Heights, Michigan replies: "Hello. I have been dealing with RA since 2000-2001, 2004 fianally being diag. with RA. Was presribed Methotrexate, Motrin, predisone, methotrexate hurt worse, had mornings could not get out of bed, stopped that, continued with poredisone and motrin for about 3 years. stopped taking all presription drugs in May of 2007, Sept. of 2007 started taking fishoil pills with O-Mega 3 and 6 (works well for blood levels), felt a difference within a week, (during the worse party of the year for me, reseaerching myself I found cherry extract tablets work for pain and swelling. have been doing this for 3 years now, and feel great to present day, Have not had one morning of stiffness since. I also take turmeric, and Vit.D-3. Green tea also has it's benefits. For at least the past 2 years my blood levels have been where there should be. Unfortunately, I was diag. with lymphoma cancer in 2009, due to lack of info. from DR. I could have nip this in the butt earlier, I have started chemo, feeling good so far I really think what I do for RA is helping me along with the cancer, doing some holistic cures for cancer along with chemo. Take Care."
11/23/2010: Ksuter from Henderson, Nevada replies: "Hi Dorie from Sterling Heights, Michigan
Could you elaborate what natural things you are doing for your chemo and leukemia. My husband is fighting Chronic lymphocytic leukemia now and is going to have chemo in December and we want to reduce the side affects of chemo if possible using natural herbs or natural products and build up his immune system afterwards. He will have Rituxan, Fludara, Cytoxan. We have held off as much as possible but his spleen is so huge now and causing tons of problems and his blood counts have hit all time lows now. It has become active since June.

We follow a very healthy veggie plus protein diet with complex carbs and no sugar or processed anything. We have put chemo off as long as we can hoping that all the healthy changes we made would prolong his stable state. He has been working on his pH and has had it up to 8 now for not quite a week and holding strong. He has had two blood transfusions, and terrible heart palpitations helped by the ACV and baking soda mentioned on this sight. We also use Cell Food to stop the palpitations. His spleen takes all his iron and is also taking his protein. His weight has sunk over the past 3 months. He has no energy of course and had to finally go on disability.

So far in all my searches I have found only two people on the internet that claim to have been cured by alkalizing and changing to a healthy diet, having all fillings and bridges removed and both are now cured. I think both are from Australia. They are my hope that it is possible to cure this dreaded cancer. If anyone has any more info on this it would be helpful."

11/23/2010: Lisa from Thousand Oaks, Ca, Usa replies: "Hi Ksuter, I'm so sorry you are having to deal w/ this. I just thought I'd pass on some important people in this area of healing through diet. They are both world- renowned doctors in this field and both have healing clinics here in the U.S. They are Dr. Brian Clement and Dr. Gabriel Cousens and you can search them on youtube and listen to them speak about their protocols. Dr. Clement offers quite a comprehensive amount of info on youtube and there are whole series of him up there you can watch.

For your info since I see you are in Nevada, Dr. Cousens place is in Arizona. It's called The Tree of Life I believe. You can google that and read about his Rejuvenation Center and the programs he offers. Both doctors have miraculous stories to tell of people being healed of life-threatening diseases. I wish you the best, Lisa"

11/23/2010: Lita209 from Sanford, Fl, Usa replies: "Hello Ksuter. I wish I could be of more help to you. The only thing that comes to mind is the Gerson Therapy. Do research on it. There are documentaries on this doctor and his therapy. Hope everything works out for you and your husband."
11/28/2010: Andrea C from Cardiff, Wales Uk replies: "Hi x I'm so sorry that you and your loved ones are going through this hell. I lost my beloved Mother recently, to this dreadful disease, and also other much loved family to it. They went back to our creator, in a very short time of each other, and I also lost friends to it at the same time. My younger sister, lost her faith in a higher power for quite a while too. She was continuously ringing me up, screaming, "WHAT SORT OF GOD IS THAT? TO TAKE OUR MUM AND DAD, AND THE REST OF OUR FAMILY, AWAY IN SUCH AN AWFUL WAY? But I didn't see it like that. Good or bad things will happen, none of us can say why, but , it's meant to be. Please don't be offended, but life chugs on and yes, there have been many times when I myself wanted to end it all. I actually set off into the woodlands, where I live, to kill myself and to make sure no one would find me, but they did and I ended up in E. R. That was when I had an Epiphany, and woke up to the fact that there were other people hurting inside, and I was still here because our creator had a plan for me. Also my Auntie was sent home when conventional medicine, was no good at all. That was 40 years ago, and she is still with us, Amen!

EARTH CLINIC, is a wonderful website, and everyone on here is like finding family you never knew existed, there is so much love and caring for, not just their own ailments, but every one Else's suffering too. And like others before me, I wish I had found this site before and if I had, then the afore mentioned remedies could have probably saved the people I loved so much. But now I have, there are many other people who need help that I can help using the remedies here on earth clinic. You are never alone on earth clinic, like I said earlier, its like finding a family you never knew you had. I hope and pray that you find the information you need to heal your loved ones here at EARTH CLINIC. MAY THE POSITIVE HEALING THAT FLOWS ACROSS THE UNIVERSE, SMILE KINDLY UP ON YOU AND YOUR LOVED ONES AND CHASE YOUR PAIN AWAY. MUCH LOVE TO

03/08/2012: Holly from White River Jct, Vermont replies: "If she eats organic, great. If dairy, RAW?? that is great healthwise. Serrapeptase enzyme is amazing for auto-immune, as well as Wheat free, gluten free, a good book, not great but informative is 'wheat belly'. Helps to know what other food triggers can come into play while trying to get off wheat addiction. Also almost every person has metal and other toxins that compromise their health, do some type of chelation(what ever form works for you, we did ______ products (spray under tongue) as we all had no success w/ standard metal detoxing, it would move around but not leave, lymphatic and digestive failures) and see natural med. Dr. Who does applied Kinesiology--then you know how much to take and the right product to take."


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[YEA]  04/19/2014: Nora from Atlanta, Ga: "The doctor wrote me off when I could no longer take antibiotics due to allergic reactions. I was unable to walk, couldn't open my mouth, and my joints were all locked and contracted. I found Dr. Ted's Borax cure and started that night, using purified water. In two weeks the edema had gone down to where my ankles and knees would flex, and I was so excited! In two and a half months, I was symptom free. I still use ACV and baking soda, use only Borax for washing clothes and house cleaning. If not for Dr. Ted and Borax, I'd be a memory. Thank you so much! Now I'm on a quest to find the cure for my cat's cancer, and the mass in my liver. I do believe I'll find it here at EarthClinic."

07/10/2011: Monika from New Delhi, India: "Dear Ted, My sister is 39years old. About 12 years back she was diagnosed with scleroderma and lung fibrosis. They gave her a strong rouund of prenisolone and things were okay till last year when she was diagnosed with Adenocarcinoma in the right lung. She took three rounds of cosplatin chemotherapy and then we realized it wasnt the best way to heal her.

Since then she has been on ayurveda, budwig protocol, qigong and accupuncture. The CT scan this march showed that the left lung has lots of fibrosis and inflammation and the right lung has shrunk to a third of its size. There is swelling in two nodes under the right breast, under the navel and one under the arm pit. Ther eis expalined ascites. The other organs are also being effected by scleroderma - the intestines seem to be bunching up. She is now on oxygen for anything she does - like walking till the loo. We started serrapeptase and NAC last month. But there has been no significant improvement. Her weight is down to 39 kgs and she is 5.7 in height. Can you suggest a good natural course for her?"

12/08/2010: Fred from Dallas, Tx: "I have noted that Diffuse Scleroderma is not an illness listed, but Crest, also known as Limite Scleroderma is listed. Can Ted, or anyone else advise if the protocol for Crest is the same for diffuse? if not, can you please suggest a protocol. What do you think about antibiotic protocol, taking 100MG twice a day? Thank you."

05/26/2011: Jeff from Dallas, Texas replies: "What do you suggest I use as a remedy for Diffuse Scleroderma? Jeff"


09/09/2012: Jan from Busselton, Western Australia: "I have had pemphigus foliaceus (auto imune disease) since 1996 and am on dapsone 100mg plus 5mg prednisolone (daily) - would like to get rid of the prednisolone and replace it with Lypronol. Any thoughts?"

12/08/2012: Hoke from Oakland, Ca replies: "Hi Jan from Busselton, please try these powerful herbs as prednisone replacements... Reishi, chaga, agaricus mushrooms. And american ginseng and aswhagandha. Good luck!"
08/27/2013: Jennifer from San Francisco, Ca replies: "I have pemphigus vulgaris which is similar to pemphigus foliaceus. I did a quick review on Hoke's herbal recommendations. They seem very powerful indeed, but I have a question. Some reviewers on Amazon mentioned that Reishi mushrooms can prevent open cuts from bleeding. I am concerned since pemphigus causes blisters in the mouth that can eaily bleed. Is there another extract that you would recommend or do the other herbs recommend have a similar effect?"

EC: For those unfamiliar with this condition, more on Wikipedia:


09/18/2013: Deb from Ohio: "I read with interest all the posts on autoimmune diseases and was greatly encouraged to see that others with autoimmune disorders are following what I have taken years to discover.. The paleo diet, dairy/gluten/free, no chemicals and pesticides and eating organic, etc. I have had H-Pylori twice and the leaky gut syndrome and am trying to rebuild the gut lining. I am wondering if anyone has more knowledge than I do as far as supplements go. I take Standard Process supplements and have been told that echinacea and other immune boosting supplements are vital but have read that taking those is bad for autoimmune sufferers by rheumatologists as it makes the disorders more active. I have Hashimoto's, RA and have now tested positive to Scleroderma, am a little nervous about taking echinacea, does anyone have any ideas? Boost or not boost the immune system?


09/18/2013: Mama To Many from Tennessee, Usa replies: "Hi Deb,

I will be looking forward to hearing what others say about whether or not to boost the immune system when you have autoimmune problems. I do not have an answer, but will share an anecdote.

I have ITP (idopathic thrombocytopenia) which means I have a low platelet count with no diagnosed cause. So, I think it is considered autoimmune. It generally does not cause me a problem unless I am pregnant and then the numbers fall and OB's get concerned and send me to specialists... But I have had 9 births and no complications with bleeding after (which is always the concern.) Anyway, a midwife told me long ago to avoid echinacea and garlic and such when pregnant because of concern of them lowering my platelets (by strengthening my immune system and fueling the autoimmune.) So, I have always avoided echinacea in prengnancy and garlic in the last trimester. Now, I love garlic and think it is really good for you. So, last pregnancy I just had all the garlic I wanted. So, when my platelets got checked when I was in labor, they were at an all time low for me (64k.) It wasn't terribly much lower than normal (usually in the 70s or low 80s) and I didn't have an bleeding complications, praise the Lord.

So, I am torn. It appears that immune boosting herbs were not helpful to my autoimmune condition and may have been harmful. But, I still use garlic and would use a lot if I needed the antibiotic or antiviral properties of it.

Wish I had a better answer and maybe someone else will!

~Mama to Many~"

09/18/2013: Frog513 from Nc, Us replies: "For Deb from Ohio: I too suffer Hashimoto's Thyroiditis. I don't claim to be an expert by any means but I have read quite a bit on autoimmunity. My understanding ( please correct me if I am wrong) is that we have a TH1 and a TH2 pathway. These pathways should be balanced and each serve their own purpose. TH1 = protection against viruses and TH2 = protection against parasites and allergies. It is much deeper than that but that is the simple explanation. So, in people with autoimmunity, we have imbalanced pathways, one being more dominant. There is a test you can take to see if you are dominant in one or the other: Th1 and Th2 Cytokine Blood Test Panel.

Here is a list of herbs that stimulate each side:

TH1 stimulating compounds:




Medicinal Mushrooms (Maitake and Beta-Glucan are common)

Glycyrrhiza (found in licorice)

Melissa Oficinalis (Lemon balm)

Panax Ginseng


Grape Seed Extract

TH2 stimulating compounds:


Green Tea Extract

Pine Bark Extract

White Willow Bark

Lycopene (found in tomatoes and other red fruits excluding strawberries and cherries)

Resveratrol (found in grape skin, sprouted peanuts, and cocoa)

Pycnogenol (found in the extract of the French maritime pine bark and apples)

Curcumin (found in turmeric)

Genistin (found in soybeans)

Quercitin (a flavanoid found in many fruits and vegetables, such as onions, berries and kale)

If you find out you are TH1 dominant then you want to avoid all the herbs that are TH1 stimulating and try using one of the TH2 stimulating herbs. Because you have multiple AI diseases, I would be very careful and only try one thing at time and preferably under the guidance of a naturopath or Integrative Practitioner. I was pretty certain that I was TH1 dominant so I drank organic green tea for about a week every morning to see if I felt worse or better and I did feel better. I do think this is something you do temporarily until you are balanced. To answer your question as to whether we should boost the immune system when we have AI issues? I guess I would say "balance" is the goal for us. I hope I haven't completely confused you : )

Here is a list of conditions (copied & pasted from strideintohealth. Com) for each type:

Th1 Dominant Conditions

  • Rheumatoid arthritis
  • Multiple Sclerosis
  • Type 1 Diabetes mellitus
  • Psoriasis
  • Lichen planus
  • Crohn’s disease
  • Sarcoidosis
  • Hashimoto’s thyroditis
  • Vitiligo
  • Alopecia
  • Unexplained recurring miscarriage
  • Acute allograft reactions
  • Alzheimer dementia
  • Parkinson disease
  • Sjogrens syndrome
  • Ankylosing spondilitis
  • Granuloma annulare
  • Polymyalgia reumatica
  • Polymositis
  • Wergner’s granulomatosis

Th2 Dominant Conditions

  • Allergies
  • Infections
  • Hayfever, rhinitis, sinusitis
  • Asthma
  • Eczema
  • Urticaria
  • Graves disease
  • Irritable bowel syndrome
  • Ulcerative colitis
  • Nephrotic syndrome
  • Chronic fatigue syndrome
  • Fibromyalgia
  • Scleroderma CREST
  • Systemic lupus
  • Eryhaematosus (SLE)
  • Haemolytic anaemia
  • Berger’s disease
  • Antiphosphalipid syndrome
  • Tumour risk
  • Most auto-immune disease

Please note that the above list is not all inclusive and some disease and conditions are a mix of Th1 and Th2 activation

Let us know how you are doing!


09/18/2013: Mike from Denver, Colorado replies: "Deb: 70% of the immune system is the digestive system. When people eat regular food the microbes become weak from lack of nutrition and free radical damage. This causes miscommunication among the various components. This is the root cause of all autoimmune disorders. The 26 beneficial microbes, 3 varieties, of home made water kefir, change sugar into vinegar with special electrons that is beyond this simple country bumkins understanding. Cellular biologists can tell you. This cures autoimmune diseases. You can get info, instructions, many favorable reviews, and grains online. Bone up on lots of spirulina and chia seeds to accelerate the healing process."
09/19/2013: Kt from Usa replies: "Mama to Many, I'm so glad you recognize what is supposed to be helping you could be, in fact, causing more harm. I learned this long ago but some just refuse to accept it. What I have learned has been piecemeal and if it had not been for those who contacted me about the MSG I know I'd be dead now. It seems like I just posted the information about this somewhere. I listed fractured skull (coma), multiple head and neck injuries, having adhesions from surgeries, cancer and arthritis. By the process of elimination for over twenty years I have learned how much of my pain had been caused by what I was ingesting because my body couldn't heal properly. Varieties of food and vitamins/supplements all contributed. It takes awhile to get “stuff” out of your system and it is not easy.

Sa, do you happen to take calcium supplements? There is calcium in foods we eat and with the addition of supplements you could be getting too much.

Calcium sulfate is an ingredient in bread as itself, but it is also in yeast and dough conditioners. In addition, it is used in medications. When it is mixed with flour, it hardens and causes bowel obstructions so it is conceivable it could cause kidney stones. It is used to kill rodents but the agency that is supposed to protect us has it on it's GRAS list (Generally Recognized as Safe). Blackstrap Molasses is a better source of minerals we need and helped me when I was anemic.

Over the last twenty plus years I've learned so much about the hidden sources of MSG, compounded by what GMO's are doing to us. I am on SSD and cannot afford to purchase all the herbs recommended for various ailments. I have found that finding the cause of the ailment and making attempts to eliminate it has worked best for me. Reducing portions are the key. Combinations of meds and/or supplements can contribute to more problems that are trying to be corrected. The flowing/anti-caking agents in spices contribute. I use turmeric, ginger and garlic supposedly without these but we have to keep in mind that spices are from GMO plants... And "organics" are no longer safe because of the soil, even in minute amounts, it all adds up. The critters we eat or get milk and eggs from are being fed GMO grasses and grains. I am certain that one major culprit is the flowing agent in what is in acceptable commercial table salt and what caused my sciatica. I have learned, piecemeal, that this is a reality but many do not want to accept it. “Wide is the gate and broad is the road that leads to destruction and many enter through it”.

This post has been done piecemeal and I know there is a “Deb” who has also expressed some about auto-immune difficulties. I am sixty-five and do not get the sickening migraines I used to get. I have no more arthritis or pain from broken bones... No pain from a vertebra in my neck pressing on my spinal cord. I had been referred to specialists about this for possible surgery. I started to read what vitamins are needed to correct certain ailments and began eating the foods to get those vitamins/nutrients because when I went to my PCP with complaints, I was given Rx's that I had horrible reactions to.

My knee joints would give out, I had to crawl to the bathroom in the middle of the night and once I fell down the steps. Our food is making us sick but there are ways to use the food to help us heal... the way it's cooked and even the order in which it is eaten."

09/19/2013: Mama To Many from Tennessee, Usa replies: "Kt, thanks for the encouraging story of your progress towards health! I don't take extra calcium, though I do use Blackstrap Molasses. It is amazing how many hidden sources of trouble there are in our food. I keep learning and keep tweaking what we eat.... it really is a learning process.

Carleen, thanks for the great list!

~Mama to Many~"

09/19/2013: Kt from Usa replies: "Mama to Many, my comment about the calcium was directed to "Sa" because of her post and my response to her about "stones". You then posted that possibility.

Anyway, the MRI's on my brain reveal two areas of "signal abnormality" and I wanted to explain this is why I am so piecemeal. I try to be thorough when I post but I always leave important things out. I cannot always sit here for extended lengths of time.

Please be aware that the vitamin/supplement capsules contain 11 to 13 mg of MSG. Even after a vaginal breech delivery twenty-nine years ago I never had a problem with prolapse until I ingested the gelatin capsules. Once I learned this and stopped the prolapse subsided. The problem is our genetically modified food. Once in awhile I would get bound up again, more so after I had eaten beef. Then I learned the cattle have been eating GMO grasses and grain and it is getting worse. I was a big red-meat eater until this. I started eating more chicken but they are eating this too so I started to experience incontinence. I can only eat two or three ounces at a time but I add lots of yellow onion and garlic.

I screened one chicken farm about how they fed their chickens, what they fed them and if they were outside because the eggs were abnormally huge. Long story short... I hard-boiled one egg and it gave me terrible indigestion. I called them to see if they were feeding them any soy and I was informed that they get their specially blended grain from the Amish and it contained soy.

I do not always maintain a good connection here so if you ask something and I don't get back to you, it's because I don't have a connection. Verizon sent me a new modem but it has to be "configured" and cannot be done from this computer. It does not run Windows or Mac."

09/20/2013: Dave from Fountain Inn, Sc replies: "Hello Mama to Many: Concerning your ITP condition, there is a clear link to viral infection on the short lived ITP. That fact is on numerous sites about ITP, eg Mayo Clinic. The temporary ITP are defined as lasting six months or less. And the chronic are longer than six months. Those that are six months and longer (chronic) are not spoken of in terms of being caused by a virus.

Why not? There is no reason given for the arbitrary distinction.

This is my take on it: All ITP may be initiated by viral infection... a special virus that impacts the platlets and ultimately damage bone marrow and spleen.

So you are on the right track in trying to attack the problem with the anti viral echinacea but echinacea might have some other effects as you point out.

So....if I had ITP I'd consider trying colloidal silver. You can test effectiveness by the platelete count which you are already doing. Remember, that a long term condition with viruses might mean the virus could be killed with CS but the damage could be done and it might take the body years to rebuild damaged organs...spleen/ bone marrow. Long term use of CS is called for if indeed chronic ITP is virally caused, but you can monitor the count as I said above as you consume the CS. I've written a lot about CS on Earth Clinic and presume you know the simple protocal.

Best to you and your family.


09/20/2013: Kt from Usa replies: "Hi Mama, it's me again. I thought I had posted that I do take BSM. I prefer to take it in warm milk but because of what dairy cows are being fed, especially in winter to keep producing milk, I had to stop getting whole, unpasteurized milk to 2%. Sometimes I dilute that with a little water. I limit my intake of butter (without salt) and cheese. I only get the monterey jack now because I read that aged cheese had been linked to arthritis. We used to eat a lot of sharp and extra sharp but when we stopped so did our "arthritis". Wheat bread is another evil that had been known to cause schizo- behavior in the 50's and seemed to contribute to more joint pain. Now, the moodiness is labeled bipolar. It just sounds better. It's hard to label any one thing as causing any ailment but if you pay attention to the small amounts combined from different sources it really does become clear.

At my age, I should be displaying acceptable age-related ailments. If I watch what I eat and how I eat it, I don't. I could give you more proof of how I learned what I have learned but because of the complications from surgeries, I cannot be idle for long periods. I am full of adhesions.

Both of my babies were breech. One was caesarean. The way I was cut and sewn up for the other one has killed the nerve cells that are needed to prompt evacuation. Stool collects and I have to make periodic special efforts to evacuate so it does not sit and ferment. My grandmother died from colon cancer at a younger age than I am. I have learned that I must take the BSM first in the AM. I also OP with CO. Look up intussusception. With all due respect, physicians are not acknowledging this. "Constipation" is an acceptable ailment. I was given a diagnosis of IBS many years ago but further research has provided this understanding (intussusception) and I'm learning how to deal with it. I know I am a candidate for a colostomy but I do not want to spend the rest of my life like that. I use sea salt that is labeled "Real" from the health food store."

09/20/2013: Mama To Many from Tennessee, Usa replies: "Hi Dave,

Thanks for taking time to share this information! I have never considered a viral link for my ITP, but what you say does sound reasonable. I had looked up natural treatment for ITP years ago and found nothing. I have recently reread the ITP page here on EC, and am encouraged that there are things to try to heal it. (I had previously considered it to be something you just live with. )

Last spring I had been taking Ashwaganda to see if it would help my ITP (had heard anecdotally that it might. ) My platelet reading was 111k, which is really good for me. Normal is considered 150K-400K. (Though, when I was first diagnosed, normal began at 125K. So, if I ever get there, I may call it cured! ) Ashwaganda does have anti-viral properties. (But at the time, I had never considered a viral link. ) Of course, it is hard to know if other things are affecting my numbers. I have been consuming Extra Virgin Coconut Oil for a while now, too, and it is a great anti-viral, so that may be helping.

Thanks again for sharing this information and giving me a possible solution to my ITP!

~Mama to Many~"

09/21/2013: Kt from Usa replies: "Mama, in a nutshell, what I was trying to say was that there is no "one-size-fits-all" remedy. Because sources of hidden MSG have been around for so long and because it crosses the placenta, it was reported (in 1983) to cause "endocrine dysfunction". Why in the world this was not emphasized indicates how much power the food industry has. Should there be any question about what contributes to the increase of obesity or road rage? Being genetically modified to resist drought and disease makes GMO's harder to assimilate. MSG can be shown to contribute to anything from asthma to vision problems. Never in the history of the world has so much food become available and no one is concerned about how some things should not be ingested together. An example is milk and cheese. Certain neurotransmitters are in conflict with each other and this affects moods. I don't know if I've been a member of EC long enough to provide the name of a book written by a board-certified neurosurgeon that covers this. We are commanded to "test everything, hold on to the good and avoid evil". This MD also provided information that I embraced but it contributed to my diagnosis of PVC (premature ventricular contractions). Once I stopped taking what was causing it, they stopped. I explained this in another post but some are still promoting the culprit. Maybe it works temporarily for them but I am small enough to be fine-tuned into what affects me. Sometimes erosion isn't detected until too late to do anything about it.

We have grown up being desensitized to what is happening to our food and it is making many of us sick. People are looking for cures or quick fixes instead of eliminating the possible cause and letting our body develop the immunity it needs. I have always felt antibacterial anything was not only killing the bad bacteria but the good that fights the bad. Then I learned of a study that supported this. I think we have become a germphobic society and more harm is being done than is recognized. I truly hope you find an answer to what you are looking for. 1 Peter 1:6-9"

Viral Link to Autoimmunity

02/04/2014: Mama To Many from Tennessee, Usa: "Dear Dave,

I have often considered your theory on the link between autoimmune diseases and viruses. I have seen you helping many make these connections in specific situations. And I think I am seeing patterns in my own family. Looking back, I realized that my daughter suddenly had symptoms of Juvenile Rheumatoid Arthritis right after having Hand Foot and Mouth Disease. This same child suddenly developed asthma right on the heels of mono. She is doing great, by the way and symptom free of both at this time. I have learned from you the importance of treating suspected viruses for a long time.

Anyway, this leads me to my question. Do you have any thoughts on why autoimmune diseases seem to have exploded in frequency? If there is a viral link, which seems quite plausible, was my grandparent's generation just much healthier and able to fight off viruses, or did they suffer the same way and the problems were undiagnosed?

I appreciate your thoughts.

~Mama to Many~"

02/05/2014: Mmsg from Somewhere, Europe replies: "Mama to Many, what have you used as your antiviral?"
02/05/2014: Prioris from Fl, Usa replies: "Juvenile Rheumatoid Arthritis connects with vaccine injuries"
02/05/2014: Mama To Many from Tennessee, Usa replies: "Dear Mmsg,

We started using a number of herbs for her that were indicated for asthma and/or for JRA - cat's claw, olive leaf, mullein, and feverfew. We also have used nettles, Vitamin D, Folic Acid, B-12, and magnesium. This was a couple of years ago, so I may not be remembering everything. She also eats a pretty healthy diet - mostly whole foods. She is actually still using most of these things. Only later did I learn about the possible viral link and realize that many of the things we have used, that have been very helpful, are also useful for viruses.

Dear Prioris,

My daughter has actually not had any vaccines. My oldest had a vaccine reaction so we discontinued vaccinating in our family. I have often wondered if there was an environmental factor to what may be weakened immunity in her. I have just never pinpointed anything. We have moved a few times. She did spend much of her life in a house surrounded by fields owned by farmers who used tons of chemicals on them. It was disturbing to see little planes flying and spraying chemicals across the street into the fields.

~Mama to Many~"

02/05/2014: Prioris from Fl, Usa replies: "It doesn't surprise me. For instance, all autism isn't vaccine related. There are about 1 in 15000 who have non vaccine related autism.

i can't find any references to amish and juvenile arthritis either.

I assume you tried Borax for JRA. I would also look at various diets e.g. paleo, gluten free, some food allergy etc. I would include coconut oil also because it kills many infections.

I think the cause has to be in the food but like RA, the microbe has to be killed also even if the diet is correct.

P.S. One more thought. The chemicals sprayed on the farmers fields around the house may have created allergies to things. Maybe experiment with saunas to excrete the possible toxin contamination with the child."

02/06/2014: Dave from Fountain Inn, Sc replies: "Hello Mama to Many,

So very sorry for taking so long in reply; I've been consumed with a trial (I mean court) that took me away for a few days.

I've wondered the very question you asked; First you make the point that I observe often...the relation to viral infection and auto immune disease. And what is going on as there seems to be more frequency in virus today than at other times.

Here is my theory...multi part.

1. Food today has less nutritive value and hence the body cannot fight off viruses as easily as years ago.

2. Has genetically modified foods driven the rate of viral mutation?

3. Has reporting increased the information of how much infection is going on...which years ago might not have been as well reported so there is the appearance of "more" virus when in fact, the rate may be close to the same. After all, one of the most deadly infections in history was in 1918 with the killer ... airborne .... flue virus.

4. Have vaccines increase the virus influx?

5. Has an unknown factor increased the mutation rate of viruses?

So these are just a few observations but I am more and more convinced that a predatory set up virus prepares the body for possible triggering of disease of every type.

This is why for fifteen years I take a swallow of colloidal silver to rid my body of "at large" viruses...4 or 5 days a week and I make sure to let the CS swish in my mouth for ten or fifteen seconds.

It is so good to hear from you Ms. Mary. You are such an inspiration to me so again, forgive my delay in response.

Your student,


02/06/2014: Prioris from Fl, Usa replies: "One more idea regarding JRA. I'd throw the dice on a Radionics practitioner who is medical intuitive especially if I thought the cause was possible chemically related. You may not have to travel to their location either. I'd call them up to get more information. Radionics is a scientifically proven field. Worth a shot. This could find the underlying cause. You can report back on your experience also.

Here are some examples I googled:"

02/07/2014: Mmsg from Somewhere, Europe replies: "Thanks Mama to Many. So it's a multi-faceted approach. Generally, I see you recommending many different ideas, which probably works best!"
02/07/2014: Mmsg from Somewhere, Europe replies: "Thanks Mama to Many. So it's a multi-faceted approach. Generally, I see you recommending many different ideas, which probably works best!"
02/07/2014: Prioris from Fl, Usa replies: "Also look into Radionic's practitioner who is a medical intuitive. If you read into history of Radionic's, there are actual scientific studies done to validate it. It may be able to pinpoint some environmental factor that is causing it. From what I understand, diagnosis can be done remotely so no travel. It's something to consider."
02/07/2014: Mama To Many from Tennessee, Usa replies: "Dear Mmsg,

Yes, in the instance with my daughter, it seemed that it did take a number of things to help her feel well again. When using natural medicine, I just keep trying different things until something works! (And that is usually what doctors are doing, too.)

When I am suggesting things to others, I try to include many things since not everything is available everywhere. Sometimes the solution is right in the house, but not every house has the same stuff around. Also, some things are more expensive than others and I want to make sure there are inexpensive options if at all possible. I would hate for someone not to be able to get better because the solution is too expensive.

I love that with natural medicine, sometimes one thing will take care of it. It just isn't always the first thing tried.

~Mama to Many~"

02/07/2014: Mama To Many from Tennessee, Usa replies: "Dear Prioris,

Thanks for the ideas and feedback! I have not tired the things you suggest. My daughter has been symptom free of JRA for about a year and a half so we didn't try anything else. But it is encouraging to know how many options there are for healing in the event of a flare up.

Seeing you mention vaccines and the Amish within two sentences made me remember something I just read in, "Backyard Pharmacy." Rachel Weaver, the author, mentions that in testing some Amish (who have not been vaccinated) they found some to have an immunity to tetanus, likely just from their farm work. I found that fascinating!

~Mama to Many~"

02/07/2014: Mama To Many from Tennessee, Usa replies: "Dear Dave,

Thanks so much for taking time to write out your thoughts! (And no need to apologize for "a delay in response." - the cyberworld has trained us to expect replies and answers way too fast! )

Anyway, your multi-part theory does make sense. It is helpful to me as I am pondering and studying sickness and healing and such.

Reading your post has made me think of another question, if you don't mind me troubling you with it... What about bacteria? If hidden viruses are the cause of autoimmune problems, might hidden bacteria also be? (Or perhaps that is what you have implied all along.) It seems I hear of people diagnosed with all sorts of problems (often auto-immune) and it turns out they have Lyme Disease. I suppose that when using colloidal silver it would attack either a virus or bacteria, perhaps it wouldn't matter which one was lurking in the body causing trouble if the solution were the same.

Thanks for helping me to connect the dots here! (And take your time in responding! )

~Mama to Many~"

02/07/2014: Dave from Fountain Inn, Sc replies: "To Mama to Many,

Oh yes...bacteria too. And fungus. My theory is not that all disease is caused by b/v/f (bacteria, virus and fungus) but that bvf may be triggers or underlying supports to disease and that if we eliminate the bvf triggers and supports then it would be much easier to overcome the disease.

As an example, without "good oils" the cells of the body cannot be properly constructed; so I take Evening Primrose Oil, (and use other good oils) and have for 30 years. That might help forestall numerous degenerative diseases that aren't directly related to bvf. But so many cousins to myelin sheath problems are "oil" related.

Just think of the incredible movie (real life) "Lorenzo's Oil"....That movie should be confirmation that Myelin Sheath breakdown caused by improper oil usage (genetic in the boys of Lorenzo's movie) is crucial to proper oil usage. When the world started using hydrogenated oils in margarine before and especially during WW II, we saw a spike beginning with MS and other cell styled myelin generated problems. Now just consider this; if you have a compromised cellular system AND throw in a bit of heavy metal (typically mercury) AND add a have MS. And if you get a different virus and have a weakened cellular system, we might have ALS, Parkinson's, weakened arterial systems as the b/v/f attack a "weak" cellular system.

The b/v/f can better attack "poor" structures. So a "holistic" approach is truly multi layered...whole foods, lots of vegetables, a lot raw; oils like we used for hundreds of years before the modern world got "smart" and methods that have been used for thousands of years to kill pathogens (silver)...although the Ancient Greeks did not know about pathogens...only that when they used silver coated surfaces, they seemed to not get sick so often and die from illnesses so often as others not using the silver.

Folk medicine is really not just one or two things but hundreds of composite information passed down by those who lived before us. We stand on the shoulders of Giants.

And Ms Mary, I am proud to say you are one of those Giants because we all see how steeped you are in that world of herbal vital for the BIG picture. So is Ted, of course and the brilliant Bill, and Oscar and Mike and Prioris and Timh and Robert Henry and Mmsg...oh, I've left out ten others I just love to read.

Well, my point is that you asked a follow up question about the relationship of not just virus to auto immune disease ( and much disease in general) but also bacteria and I just took off by propounding the broad picture and how we are all learning the relationships.

A profoundly exciting journey, enriched daily by the many who with enlightened minds seek to help others overcome and improve their lives."

02/08/2014: Timh from Ky replies: "Dave: Thanks so much for your persevering spirit, and commitment to fostering health here on E.C, and including the main supporting cast in the same endeavor.

Personally the Autoimmune problem is clarifying very much towards the severity of my condition. After watching Dr Noel Rose introduction to autoimmune disease I fit the category with 3 disorders. First, evidence of Chronic Active hepatitis as was relieved by antiviral herbs particularly Licorice Root. Second, an acute case of hemolytic anemia that was miraculously reversed w/ Morphine (in the event of extreme pain). Third, and only very recently manifest is Rheumatoid Arthritis. The 2 yr episode of Hypothyroid seems to finally be reversed.

After watching Dr Rose's intro it appears obvious that any factors which compromise the detox system starts a chain reaction that also includes the endocrine system and finally the immune. The lower incidence of autoimmunity in the temperate climates as apposed to cold climate may reflect how important it is for the detox system when the body/skin has a regular sweating as the hot & humid environment promotes this. Clean air, food, and water are very important in the battle of prevention in autoimmunity. Once the body's detox system is compromised, thus begins the parasite & pathogen chronic phase as the immunity becomes seemingly helpless in it's response (or lack of). If one can avoid organ damage, remain properly detoxified, the prognoses appears good, otherwise the treatment options from most MD's is treating the symptoms while avoiding the cause. There is ongoing research into immune modulating natural substances including Colostrum. Opiates & Cannabinoids may prove very effective if the intoxication issues can be minimized. Low Dose Naltrexone (LDN) is certainly very effective."

02/08/2014: Mama To Many from Tennessee, Usa replies: "Dear Dave,

Thanks so much for your response. It is really helping with the "big picture." What you are saying makes a lot of sense! Thanks again for taking time to share your expertise!

Dear Timh,

It is always helpful to hear other's experiences! Thanks so much for the input. I think I am going to have to re-evaluate my perspective on sweat. I really hate to sweat, but can see its use.

You all have a super day!

~Mama to Many~"

04/07/2014: Johanneinsc from Sumter, Sc replies: "I am 49 years old and was diagnosed with baseline 'Connective Tissue Disease' today (via phone call). I have an appointment later this week to get more details from my Rheumatologist, but have been having unexplained issues for a few years. I'm sure this sounds very familiar to all of you, it's just all pretty new for me. I have had Raynauds for 6 years. 4 years ago, I had a 'torn tendon' in my inner hip joint, which was insanely painful. It never showed up in an MRI, it was just what my GP Dr. assumed it was. In December I began having pain in my left bicep that was similar to the 'hip' pain. It got worse, and my GP did MRI's on my neck, bicep and then shoulder, suspecting frozen shoulder. All MRI's showed nothing, though the pain is horrific when I move suddenly, etc.

With this diagnosis, I am wondering if the two unexplained injuries are actually connected? I had no incident, either time, to explain what happened. Now with the Rh Dr's diagnosis, I have to wonder if it's due to weakened tendons, etc. I have been gluten free-ish for a 1.5 years, and I've changed to as organic a diet as I can, especially with meat and eggs. We recently bought a Vitamix to be able to get more vegetables in our diet. I started changing to natural cleaning solutions and hair/skin products. Even with all of this, I guess it's time to get serious about it, and permanently get rid of the things that are possibly making me sick.

With all of that being said, reading everyone's experiences and suggestions is helping me to not feel alone, and not so afraid. I do appreciate you all sharing with everyone! In regards to Autoimmune being related to viruses, I had Mononucleosis when I was 14 years old. I was out of school for 3 months. I was pretty sick, and I never got back the energy that I had before that. I swear I was never the same. I was on the track team in Jr. High before that, and it halted all athletic stuff for me. I have practiced Martial Arts off and on over the years, last time being 6 years ago, but it was never easy, especially when it came to endurance. My heart is healthy, I don't get sick often, lungs are good, don't drink or smoke. I have always wondered if mono was 'lurking' in my system somewhere, and could never get a straight answer from a Dr.about it. I actually decided to google it and see if there was a link to autoimmune, and it appears that there may be. Anyways, just a thought in reading your comments here on a possible viral link. I wonder how many of you with autoimmune diseases had mono at some time in your lives? Just curious!

Thank you so much again, and prayers for all to be healed and healthy again (me included! ) Johanneinsc"

04/08/2014: Dave from Fountain Inn, Sc replies: "Hello Johnanneinsc,

Thanks for the question re the link to possible Mono and auto immune...

No question you're on to the cause; and likely will get worse. In fact, worsening will manifest in some organ being invaded and likely viral meningitis or other disease; like onset MS symptoms ... or the myriad myelin sheath disorders...attacks on the spine (ALS) type issues; viral infections of heart/pancreas/intestines and possible viral meningitis (you see those victim areas as typical viral targets).

And yes, your Mono was the cause.

Quick way to test this dismal hypothesis. Sorrow can turn to joy in a matter of days!

Just drink a boat load (not really that much) of Colloidal Silver. If me that's what I'd do. I make my own. And as precaution against marauding viruses/ bacteria/fungus attacks drink a few tablespoons four or five days a week.

But for one who has had a major hit from a virus...there are HEAVY odds that the virus (in any number of combinations) are still working in the system to reassert in what is usually what is called an "autoimmune"...or a "mystery" disease.

I've seen it again and again.

Here's usually what happens: One suspects (as you have) a viral connect to the symptoms. One's energy level especially has been severely impaired since the disease "invasion"...years earlier. "Never really the same since" being a common complaint. One then gets onto an anti viral. (My weapon of choice is Colloidal Silver. I read about MMS and so called "zapper" but can't attest to their effectiveness. One day I may try MMS.) But once on quantity levels of CS at HIGH ppm levels...IN A FEW WEEKS .... sometimes five days....Energy starts returning.

And that becomes the evidence that perhaps the CS is killing the viral infection and the immune system is being relieved of the infection. LOTS more to this whole thing (virus as trigger event vs. ongoing cause; is it virus or fungus; lingering tissue damage, such as nerve, which is caused by the infection). And so there becomes a few additional "helps" that can help overcome the effects of infection even as/or after the infection has been killed.

Well, all the above is my viral theory of the cause of "some" disease/ or trigger of some diseases.

And, as always my disclaimer: I am and have no medical training and all my "theory" discussion is not a diagnosis for any person's problems and not a medical recommendation for anyone. I always try to say "if this were me here's what I'd consider"; and with "the advice of one's health care professional" also...of course!

I see you live in Sumter. Want to take a quick spin to Fountain Inn and pick up one of my home made concentrates and get a free demo? No charge. I give away. Email EC staff and they will give you my email. (All with the advice of your Health Care professional, of course.)"

04/08/2014: Rsw from Uniontown, Oh replies: "Interesting observation from both of you. I have a couple of autoimmune diseases (Lichen Planus and Sicca Syndrome) and hypothyroidism, at least one I believe was caused by statin drugs. However I had a serious case of mono in college and also somehow got Severe Hep A in the '80's, for which I was hospitalized and told it was the highest liver numbers that anyone in the MD group had ever seen, and it could go either way because it was out of their hands and my blood was not clotting. Fortunately, by the grace of God, no other member of my family caught it and I recovered. It was thought to come from eating out somewhere where with improperly managed food or staff, but again, no one else in my family caught it and we always went out together. The autoimmunes and thyroid didn't start until about ten years go, but I never thought of any relationship between the two. Thanks for some food for thought."
04/08/2014: Dave from Fountain Inn, Sc replies: "To Rsw...Hello,

Re; the autoimmune diseases;

Thank you for the comments of a possible viral connect to the multiple problems you mention. Also remember this; you mention statin drugs might also cause problems X, or y but if there exists a systemic viral infection then even if the link to the disease is not direct (think of shingles to chicken pox)...if the viral infection is system wide, then the immune system can be so impacted such that one can't fight off problems that arise because of an impaired immune system....SO...even if the virus is not THE cause, the damage of persistent infection can impair the immune system and the weakened system just can't fight off the new problem. I'm referring now to statin drug side effects. Just a extension of the "viral cause" theory.

But it all means this: If correct, then the focus of much of "our" thinking (the alternative community) should be always on the alert to the virus/fungus instigator. And thus, finding anti virals and fungals. And my thinking is not stuck on Colloidal Silver but I often speak of Echinacea and we should keep open minds on MMS; H2O2 and anything that can rid the body of infectious "bugs.""

04/08/2014: Bill from San Fernando, Philippines replies: "Interesting discussion this one. For a long time I've wondered why certain diseases -- especially concerning viruses -- were so hard to cure. My own conclusions were that viruses, as well as other types of pathogens like bacteria and fungus are able to easily hide in our bodies. That's why the Epstein-Barr virus, HPV, the Herpes virus and Candida seem all but incurable. So when I researched this I found out that pathogens can indeed hide and become unreachable to both the immune system and anti-microbials by hiding in the following regions of the body:

Ears -- The Eustachian tube connects the throat to the ear for pressure equalization. Funny how the first signs of cold/flu is usually a sore throat. The outer ear can be an untouchable breeding ground for pathogens

Teeth(root canals). Dangerous microbes are untouchable in this region.

Synovial Fluids (particularly along the backbone and joints). Many anti-microbials are unable to penetrate this barrier.

Lower Intestines(caecum, colon area) -- Even if you are taking anti-microbials by mouth -- these will normally be exhausted or completely absorbed and useless by the time these nutrients reach the lower intestine. So the lower intestines ultimately becomes a safe haven for breeding bad pathogens and pumping toxins into the body -- this further weakens the immune system. The intestine is 28 ft long. Think enema.

Biofilms. An impenetrable fortress of dense fibrin protection for both fungus and bacteria.

i really don't believe that just viruses are the sole cause of autoimmune problems. They can certainly be a contributing factor, but I think that autoimmune problems are perhaps a bit more complex. It's well known through research that mycoplasma are frequently found at the sites of arthritis and cancer. Borax kills mycoplasma -- which is how it cures arthritis. Mycoplasma is a CWD nanobacteria. Many also believe that fungus causes cancer.

My own belief is that many pathogens are pleomorphic -- they can change form and nimbly adapt according to the health state of our bodies. As far back as the early 1900s it was observed that bacteria could change into viruses which could also change into fungus. See Rife's cancer research for more details on pleomorphism in cancer and other autoimmune diseases."

04/09/2014: Timh from Ky, Usa replies: "Dave: I think it was Walter Beck that proclaimed that using both Colloidal Silver & Zapping, in sufficient quantity would, in a matter of wks or months, kill ALL pathogens in the body.

I am zapping at maximum and am drinking 1 cup C.S. daily and am slowly making progress. It's been several days that I haven't taken 6 drop MMS dose and am beginning to think it impossible to kill all these pathogens without MMS. Jim Humble nicknamed MMS the Tasmanian Devil as it systematically destroys almost every known pathogen."

04/09/2014: Timh from Ky, Usa replies: "*correction* Bob Beck"
04/09/2014: Dave from Fountain Inn, Sc replies: "Hello there Timh

How are you doing these days?

Re...Bob Beck...there is even a youtube video of him making full strength CS using what I call the "fast" method. Exactly how I was taught. And in that video he drinks it undiluted!!! I was NOT taught that.

But, he died too young...only 77 from heart failure. Which is a lesson to us all. The "machine" is multifaceted. We have to keep all the parts in proper working order. I noticed in progressive videos of Bob, he wasn't looking vigorous. I asked myself; what is Bob doing wrong...something is absent in his nutrition program and I suspected lack of cardio because his face was looking "leathery" and bleached, as if not enough circulation was present.

So; viruses and fungi and bacterial infestation did not kill Bob...oh too soon...but I believe lack of cardio nutrients likely did.

Pay attention to ALL the parts. All the issues must be addressed. That's why a whole foods approach with a broad array of nutrients is what I think is best. I'm trying to cover all the bases."

04/09/2014: Dave from Fountain Inn, Sc replies: "Greetings Bill from the Philippines;

Re you VERY enlightening post...Lots of insights on "vulnerable locations" in your post....where the little devils hide out and where is their "base of operations."

The Eustachian Tube is a key...often a stubborn upper infection can be traced there and in fact regular medicine recognized the Eustachian Tube as a key source for "secondary infections" which are not killed by antibiotics. Why? Not much blood gets there and so the bacteria (and viruses) hide out there only to re-infect the system again.

Suppose we could devise a "super" killer...a combo of CS, MMS, DMSO (there are a lot of good broad based anti virals that could go in a mix.

Question about that and you mention the most insidious of them all...that Walter Last calls (and you mentioned) the nano bacteria...the "pleomorphic microbes" which may cause ... who knows what, since they morph into something new. Probably they are susceptible to assault when they are in the changing mode.

Susceptible like coated viruses...susceptible when they are multiplying. That means the virus killer / microbe killer etc must be in a constant "flush" mode for many months. One dose won't do it...of anything.

Not for the killers we're talking about.

But back to your "master list" of targets for the are SO right in the likely sites. I think of this as like a bee hive...I mean by way of analogy. The microbes "localize" in a organ or "place" and multiply from there in explosive moments of opportunity...perhaps when the immune system is impaired; or even when their victim is depressed. Then they fire out their offspring to invade elsewhere in the body; when they "sense" immune weakness.

And there you have it...attacking in a myriad set of methods. The most vulnerable you listed.

I'm in search mode for the "super" cleanse...a combo? As much of a proponent of CS as I am, I think it has its weaknesses. Which is why I often mention other anti microbes like Echinacea. Oh, for a lab and some funding."

04/09/2014: Bill from San Fernando, Philippines replies: "Hi Dave...Much thanks for your post which I enjoyed reading for sure.

Just to perhaps extend my explanation a bit. I regularly use protocols which I affectionately refer to as protecting my "Caves and Orifices" which entails doing the following.

Ears. Regularly wash out with either Hydrogen Peroxide or a few drops of LI in water a few times a week.

Nose -- I forgot to mention this one as a hiding place (think sinusitis or rhinitis that never goes away). The nose is a prime area for fungal build-up. Use a dropper to wash out the nose with either 1% HP or drops of Lugols iodine and water to clear fungus/bacteria build up. You can also use a neti pot with sea salt.

Teeth(root canals and gums) -- Use a few drops of gum turpentine in the mouth several times daily to help protect the gums and teeth roots. Turps is strongly absorbed by the gums. Or you can use a teaspoon of 50% DMSO(as Hulda Clark recommends) with a few drops of LI. Hold and swish it in the mouth for a few minutes before spitting it out to allow absorption into the gums/roots. In all cases, the absorption and anti-pathogen effect helps to rid inflammation, pain and infection in the gum and root regions. Use 3% HP as your regular mouthwash -- helps whiten teeth as well.

Synovial Regions -- Use DMSO and anti-pathogens(such as clove oil, LI, borax) locally and topically to drive out the hiding viruses etc into the blood. A strong and capable immune system should do the rest.

Lower Intestines(caecum, colon) -- Use laxatives and enemas to clear this region.

Biofilms -- Gum turpentine and protease enzymes are the only remedies that will get rid of biofilms.

Like you I wonder if there is a single cure-all out there. The closest I have ever come to such a remedy in my own research is THC -- the direct whole extract from the cannabis plant. Rick Simpson from Nova Scotia is the guru here. This plant extract cures everything from arthritis, diabetes, heart disease and MS to many forms of cancer and no-one knows why and no-one cares. THC is probably on of the most powerful and safe anti-inflammatory and painkilling remedies in existence today. I have also read that THC adjusts body homeostasis back to healthy levels again -- I know of no single natural remedy or cure that can do this. Rick Simpson comes from a simple farming community in Nova Scotia. These people are not in the habit of lying. Here is a video about medicinal THC that will perhaps astonish you as to the range of what it actually cures (from the testimonials on the video):

Run from the Cure

Unfortunately THC or medicinal cannabis is against the law and unobtainable -- unless, of course, you are lucky enough to live in Denver Colorado..."

04/09/2014: Mike62 from Denver, CO replies: "Bill: Vertebrates have survived 5 mass extinctions and thrived in between because they have a communication system that encourages the tissues to cooperate with each other. 2mg/day cannabinoids, raw or cooked, activate the system. I buy one ounce cherry flavored 1500mg CBD oil from a company who makes theirs from the flowers of organic Canadian hemp. 750 days for $93. Black pepper and oregano have a special terpene that also activates the system. I am not sure of the dose."
04/09/2014: Dave from Fountain Inn, Sc replies: "Hello again Bill,

My "microbe" killing regimen is not as extensive as yours. I keep drinking CS daily (five days a week at least) and occasional Echinacea in water. I do use CS in sinus and ears. In sinus nearly every day as I think just as you; the sinus is where so much microbe action takes place.

On the THC; I watched a Rick Simpson report about a year ago. It was fascinating.

Here is something interesting: I watched on "LINK" TV an Ayurveda guru who mixed a baked substance that he added to the POISON mercury. And then orally consumed the combination. Yes, he knew mercury would poison, but he pointed out that mercury was the most effective microbe killer and that the "addition" kept the mercury from staying in the system, and like CS, would just be washed out after a few days. Ever since I saw that (LINK repeated the show on Indian Ayurveda three times, and I watched all three times)...ever since I saw that I knew that amazing substances were available if...IF...we only had access to the right methods. So my point is that the search for new mechanisms is one that should be seen as wide open. That is why I'm willing to consider MMS, for instance.

But your use of Turpentine is something I need to give more consideration to. And the Boron is also a new addition after reading about it on EC. H202 is something that I use occasionally.

So your approach is more eclectic than mine. Likely better as you are painting with a broader brush."

04/10/2014: Timh from Ky, Usa replies: "Dave: Thanks for your concern and I am making slow progress from near dead for 2 yrs. Lately I only post here on my "good days", but I always find enough energy and focus to read the post.

I will second your observation on Beck, but what I noticed was his general stature and mobility. I would venture to guess Beck was, by birth, somewhat delicate.

Yes, the cardio system is definitely a victim of time and stress. I take several measures of prevention in this area as my heart has been major stressed especially by Hypertension and Ascaris hyperinfestation. I still have occasional "bouts" but most times I am pain free.

I cook half-gallon batches of C.S. in about 1 hr time. It is only of late that I can actually notice improvements from C.S. as yrs past the toxicity was simply too severe.

On the MMS. If you are a fan of lemonade, you can simply add drops of Sodium Chlorite and presto, you have MMS. There is a slight taste of Chlorine but tolerable. As little as two drops daily will culminate in major improvements for the immune system. And if I might add, MMS is probably the best home remedy for Bee, Snake, Scorpion, and Spider bites & stings; a must item in the first-aid kit while in the bush or outback. I had a 6 drop dose tonight w/ a very little nausea. This is currently my max drop level.

I also take 1 dose each of Lipo C and Lipo Borax daily."

04/10/2014: Dave from Fountin Inn, Sc replies: "Hello Timh:

About Ascaris

You mention being hit by the parasite, and I read that it hits the digestive enzymes especially. The "Ascaris carboxypeptidase inhibitor" (wow)... is part of the parasite's defense that means that the enzyme pepsin (and two others) would be deficient as the worm emits the "inhibitor" stopping the human digestive enzyme from working. I'm sure you could lecture to me about all this. And, I'm sure you've tried (lately my favorite digestive help) ... Papaya. Its enzyme, Papain, is very similar to Pepsin...or so I've read. So I wonder if consuming Papaya could help overcome the parasite's inhibitor action. Even if you are rid of the parasite, the action of the inhibitor may still be at work.

Let me know how you've dealt with the digestion issue. Thanks. I know you've gone through much agony. You are just hero for not giving up."

04/11/2014: Johanneinsc from Sumter, Sc replies: "Thanks Dave for your response.. I have heard about CS before, just was unsure about it's safety. I am learning a lot on this thread! Thank you for your insight, I will be trying it very soon!"
04/11/2014: Timh from Ky, Usa replies: "Dave: I take a Digestive enzyme supplement w/ my main meal and eat Pineapple regularly. I think the enzyme inhibition you mentioned must be from mature Ascaris found in the digestive tract; but the most insidious problems arise from the eggs, larvae, and juveniles.

I will quote some of Hulda Clark's observation to help clarify.

"When you kill the Ascaris worms by zapping or herbal tincture, they are mortally wounded. They are dying, but the eggs inside them are not. They were sheltered. Within a day these trapped eggs begin to leave the dying worms. Soon hordes of eggs are dispersing in your body again. And in another 24 hrs they begin to hatch into larvae. {I believe this event is evidences by the heart pain which I have experienced}.

The eggs, even if unfertilized, may do more harm than the worms. Ascaris eggs bring three very important pathogens that spread throughout the body: Rhizobium leguminosarum, Mycobacterium avium/intracellulare, and the common cold virus Adinovirus. {I believe that most of the warm-blooded (wild) animals infected w/ Ascaris, eventually die of these infections}.

The primitive metabolism used by Ascaris (and other parasites) is called the Gloxylate cycle. The gloxylate cycle commanders our Krebs cycle.

Another thing that Ascaris does is destroy all the Vit-C in the organ by oxidizing it (removing the hydrogen atom)."

Reprinted without permission from The Cure To All Cancers, by Hulda Clark."

04/13/2014: Jan from London, Ontario replies: "This thread has been very helpful. I have seen some success with the turps with my Oral Lichen Planus.

My ongoing struggle is shortness of breath.

I am on a no sugar diet and low carbs, and am Celiac.

I am thinking the virus must be in my blood and therefore affecting the lungs. Any thoughts?"

04/13/2014: Dave from Fountain Inn, Sc replies: "Hi Jan from London:

Re virus in lungs...

It is very likely in lungs. Here's a way to know: Breathe in DEEPLY and if you feel a "tickle" and you have to cough then you know it's there.

Get a nebulizer and use the CS in base. You'll want to breathe deeply from nebulizer for five minutes three times daily for a week or until you can do that deep breath test and not feel a tickle. I've seen others using H2O2 but haven't done so myself. I've seen others recommending DMSO in the mix but would do that only with very small amounts at a time. I am just not sure of the reaction in the lungs to DMSO...and I'm a BIG proponent of DMSO but won't recommend something I haven't tried.

Earth Clinic has a lot of posts about DMSO mixed with other liquids in a nebulizer."

04/15/2014: Dave from Fountain Inn, Sc replies: "Jan from London, Canada; About your hunch the virus is in your blood and also lungs... I wrote you about how to attack it in lungs but failed to mention this: If it is systemic in you (in your blood as you put it) then you need to kill it system wide. I do that by drinking a quarter cup of colloidal silver twice daily for a full month or longer. And even up to six months if symptoms are evident. Otherwise, a virus can cause further problems even years later if allowed to lay dormant...think the shingles virus as an example."


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