Vitamin E for Broken Capillaries

| Modified on May 17, 2018

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Posted by Dave (Fountain Inn, Sc) on 03/20/2014

Here's what I'd try on a broken blood vessel...I'd apply topically Vitamin E Oil as "E" works well in veins and arteries. And I'd take orally 200 IUs daily (increase to 400 IUs after a month). If one blood vessel broke, that might tell you a problem exists and others may be in jeopardy. E will help repair and protect. Take only NATURAL E and not synthetic E....d-alpha tocopherol and not dl-alpha tocopherol. The "l" after the "d" means the E is synthetic.

If topical use of the E doesn't help I'd continue to take the E orally as the healing might take place from the inside out. Give it at least 3 months of oral consumption. I've been on 1, 000 IUs of E daily for 30 years.