Silica: Essential Mineral for Bones, Skin, Detox, Alzheimer's & More

Tightens Skin
Posted by Ali (Wales) on 09/04/2021

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Kim (Petaluma) on 08/21/2015 wrote: "Interesting. How did you learn about cabbage? I'm wondering if organic, raw sauerkraut would have the same effect. (I'm not a fan of plain cabbage). My skin is severely dry, loose and thin. And I have severe CFS."

Dry, loose & thin skin may indicate Silica deficiency. Cabbage is one of many vegetables & fruits that contain Silica. Also, Diatomaceous Earth & Bamboo are other good sources of Silica.

Horsetail is often touted as being a good source, but the amount of silica in it is a lot lower & some get side-effects from it. Other herbs are good sources though, such as nettle & ground plantain (not the banana). Most green leaves & green vegetables contain silica.

Silica helps to maintain structural integrity. It is needed for collagen production, so can support many different areas of the body - the hair, skin, nails, bones & heart especially may benefit from extra Silica in the diet.