Silica: Essential Mineral for Bones, Skin, Detox, Alzheimer's & More

on May 26, 2023| Modified on May 31, 2023
Curbs Nicotine Addiction
Posted by Misty (Indiana) on 07/29/2014

Niacin and silica will nearly eradicate nicotine cravings. Any form of silica will work - I have had success with food grade diatomaceous earth (make sure it is food grade) and a silica complex supplement from Now Foods. I have only done this twice and have no experience with other forms such as horsetail extract, bamboo silica, or oceanic silica, but I assume they will work.

There are two forms of Vitamin B3, niacin and niacinamide - you want just the regular niacin. Do not buy flush-free or time-release niacin, as that is hard on the liver, and you will not know when you are taking enough. Do not be alarmed by the flush - it is supposed to happen, and it lets you know that you are receiving enough niacin. The flush should subside in about 10 minutes. If you get a severe flush that lasts longer than 30 minutes, simply reduce your dosage.

To find the right dose of niacin for you, start out by taking around 100 mg of niacin in the morning, afternoon, and night. If you receive no flush at all, then increase niacin intake by 100 mg one meal at time, I.e. 200 mg in the morning, 100 in the afternoon, 100 at night. If you still receive no flush, then take 200 mg, 200 mg, 100 mg and so on. Do not be alarmed if you find you need several grams of niacin a day; people generally take 1000-9000 mg of niacin a day (it is uncommon to need more or less but it does occur so always start slow). You may need to empty the contents of gelatin capsules or cut tablets in half or quarters (you can find a pill splitter in the elderly care section of your pharmacy near the pill organizers) to take your proper dose. When you feel a proper flush, then stay at this dose. Niacin is best taken during or after a meal.

The flush will feel like a hot flash and give your skin a pink glow or the appearance of hives. Don't worry; you are not allergic to niacin. This is normal and simply indicates capillary dilation. For me, the niacin flush is also accompanied by a runny nose, but not everyone gets that. If you flush severely and for more than 30 minutes, reduce your dosage.

As for the protocol, simply take niacin with one silica tablet (or 1-2 tsp of diatomaceous earth) 3 times a day. You may also want to add a B-complex and Vitamin C to your daily regimen to ease nutrient absorption. You may need to increase your water intake. If you get constipated, reduce the silica and/or drink more water. Nutrient absorption is also increased with exercise and a clean diet.

Try to reduce your nicotine usage before starting the protocol. Quitting cold turkey when you start will reduce the time you need to be on the protocol, so this is highly recommended if you really hate the flush or otherwise hate the protocol. Your cravings will probably not stop completely, but they will reduce so much that you will hardly notice them. If you have trouble, just try to distract yourself and remember that it only takes about 5 days to immensely reduce the intensity of the cravings. I recommend you stay on the protocol for about 1-2 weeks, but it won't hurt if you decide to stay on it longer as long as your liver function is normal.

Note that I still have cravings from time to time particularly when stressed, but the urge will pass if ignored. Don't make the mistake of treating a temporary increase of stress with a pack of cigarettes because addiction doesn't work that way; you will most likely fall off the wagon and have to quit all over again (I did this once).

Niacin therapy is also useful for depression, anxiety, and other mood disorders, even when the patient has not responded well to alternative treatments. It may also lower cholesterol, ease insomnia, or provide other benefits. For this reason, many people take high doses of niacin long-term with no ill-effects. Physicians often caution against it, but there are currently no recorded instances of niacin overdose in humans (in dogs, the limit is about 5000 mg per kg body weight).

I do not recommend niacin therapy if you have diabetes, alcoholism, any liver disorder, or are pregnant.

Heals Bone Fractures Fast
Posted by Jon (Australia) on 11/10/2014

Use Silica for fast healing of bones, fractures and breaks...

Quick bone healing in elderly lady.

Several years ago I had occasion to advise a woman in her 70s about calcium absorption. She was formerly a professional dancer and teacher of dance. I had not seen her for some time until I saw her in March 1998 at a meeting where she was in a wheelchair. When I asked what happened she told me that four months before that she had been in a bad auto accident causing multiple fractures of her right tibia (shin bone) just below the knee. She was still in a wheelchair because according to her doctor her fractures were healing very slowly or not at all, and she found it extremely painful and difficult to move her leg and she could not put any weight on it.

I asked if she was taking supplemental calcium, and she said she had been taking about 1,000 to 1,200 mg per day. I advised her to cut down to no more than 400 mg of calcium per day and to take at least as much magnesium. I asked if she was taking horsetail, an herbal (plant) source of silica. She said she had not heard of horsetail, and was not taking any silica supplement. I suggested that she begin taking horsetail, as it is high in an easily absorbed form of silica (Ionic forms of mineral silica are also absorbable), and low in calcium, and is available inexpensively through health food stores and pharmacies. I advised her to take about six capsules daily with meals, as recommended on the bottle (about 2,640 mg of horsetail per day). I explained to her briefly why that might be helpful, and how it might also reduce the pain in her tibia.

I talked to her a week later and asked how she was doing. She said for the past week her recovery was like "a miracle every day"; that her tibia was rapidly improving, the pain was less, she was finally gaining mobility, and she was able to start putting weight on her right leg by standing. She told me that she had followed my advice and bought some horsetail the day I talked to her and had taken it daily for the past week as recommended, and that she had also cut her calcium intake down to about 400 mg per day, and was taking 400 mg of magnesium per day. She continued this regimen.

Within about two weeks she was out of her wheelchair and walking short distances using a walker, and she continued to make rapid improvement. Five weeks later she was walking with the aid of only a four-pronged cane, and six weeks later she was walking without assistance and got a car and began driving again. She said her doctors told her that her x-rays showed rapid healing of her bone after the time she started taking the horsetail and magnesium, and reduced her calcium intake. In contrast to her despair about her condition when I first talked to her, she was in a very positive mood each time I talked to her after she changed her regimen.

- Reduce calcium supplement to less than 400mg per day

- Take 400mg of magnesium malate per day (plus mag oil topically would be very good)

- Take 2,640mg+ of Horsetail per day for high SILICA content.


Complete wrist fracture healing in 5 weeks?

Another example is an eighty-one-year-old woman who fell and fractured her wrist in July 2000. Two months later it was not healing well, so in September I advised her to take supplemental horsetail. She took two capsules of the herb three times per day for a week, then one capsule three times per day. Five weeks later her doctors reported that her x-rays showed complete healing.

Every one of the approximately six persons with similar problems to whom I have given the same advice to take horsetail and in some cases to take magnesium and reduce calcium intake has experienced the same rapid healing of bone fractures after a long period of very slow healing or no healing. In one case the orthopedist treating the patient used the word "miracle" to describe the sudden appearance of rapid healing that began after the patient started taking horsetail, as confirmed by her x-rays. That patient was a 24-year-old woman with a congenital estrogen deficiency whose badly fractured tibia had not healed at all in the two months before she started taking the horsetail. Her estrogen deficiency caused scoliosis when she was a teenager for which she had a steel rod placed in her back

In several of these anecdotal reports we have additional scientific support because four of the women served as their own controls - that is, they had an actual prior experience of healing very slowly or not at all, as well as experiencing significant pain before starting to take horsetail, and thereafter they experienced rapid healing and cessation of pain (I had not advised them to expect the pain to go away).

What is remarkable about these anecdotes is that in each case they match the results of controlled scientific tests of the effects of vegetal silica (horsetail) in healing broken bones of animals - that is, rapid healing of bone in those given horsetail, but very slow healing in those given calcium.


Silica heals bones

In studies on silica and bone formation by Dr. Louis Kervran, the femurs of rats were broken. X-rays show very rapid healing effects of horsetail(high in silica) on the broken bones just 10 and 17 days after the break, and the very slow rate of healing in control rats who received only calcium. In the rats receiving horsetail, after just 17 days (10 days in one rat) the area where the bone was broken was completely healed and actually more solid than the rest of the bone, whereas in those receiving calcium the healing was just beginning. (Sociologist and anthropologist Wolf-Dieter Storl PhD comments this experiment saying, Horsetail tea is more effective for people with brittle bones than milk.)


Dissolved Cyst
Posted by Kay (Fl) on 05/31/2014


Be mindful of Silica dosages, side effects, and warnings!

Silica is also used to breakdown/dissolve hard tissues like fibroids, cysts, tumors, etc, which may also may unlease their contents, including toxins, infectious agents, cancerous tissue, etc. I began taking silica (oral, homeopathic) in attempts to relieve painful fibroids and troublesome scar tissue under my foot; but the silica first dissolved an age-old cyst imbedded under my scalp (which I didn't know was there; leftovers of a decades-old boil that was removed completely, intact). When the silica dissolved the cyst it spilled the (previously contained) infection into surrounding tissues (infecting nearly my entire scalp). I've been fighting/treating this scalp infection for well over a year now, and it's been a painful, difficult, and troublesome battle every day, including hair loss!

Silica Product Reviews
Posted by Gary (Kitchener On) on 05/30/2023

Hi Dave

If you are looking for Silica, look no more... Food Grade Diatomaceous Earth is packed with 72% Silica.I use it daily to brush my teeth and swallow it, do not spit out. The #1 Parisite killer and the best whitener for teeth. Make sure it is Food Grade Diatomaceous Earth. I have been doing this for years.


Tighten Receding Gums
Posted by Teresa (Texas) on 03/05/2022

Diatomaceous earth taken in water daily for several weeks helped tighten receding gums. I think it is high in silica.

Hair, Skin, Nails
Posted by Mike (Kent, UK) on 02/15/2021 26 posts

This post is about silica but maybe it would be best to put it under diatomaceous earth? I don't know.

Anywho, I take silica and it's great! My skin is so smooth and soft! And looks nice in general. It's like a little miracle! I think it makes my hair thicker too.

DE... I don't fully trust DE because it gave me some bleeding but then I've had some issues with haemorrhoids so maybe it's to do with taking it when you have those. I'm not sure.

Either way, silica is something that has had noticeable benefits for my body, so I just wanted to share that info with others in case it helps them too :)

Skin Infections
Posted by Amy (Albuquerque, New Mexico, USA) on 12/03/2008

Homeopathic Silica/Silicea for Boils

I wrote to you a few days ago about a yeast infection after half a dose of turmeric. I'm writing you now to tell you what finally worked for me.

After treating the yeast infection, I tried turmeric capsules with a probiotic for two days. The yeast did not come back, but the boils didn't get any better -- in fact, one got worse. I've had two below the waist for quite some time that weren't very painful. My doctor told me I had "a little hidradenitis suppurativa" and if I didn't want to take antibiotics there wasn't really anything she could do for me; just continue the hot compresses and hope for the best.

Last week during the yeast infection treatment I got another boil that was much more painful. It just kept getting bigger and more painful until I could barely sit down or walk. I've tried everything; the turmeric internally, along with, topically: aloe vera, calendula salve, Neosporin, hydrogen peroxide, baking soda, hot compresses, hot Epsom salt compresses, baking soda with honey, and this one just kept getting bigger and sorer and more distended.

Since I've responded well to homeopathy in the past, today I googled "homeopathy boils" and found several sites that listed a number of remedies that help with this problem. I chose Silica/Silicea (it's spelled both ways) as the description sounded most like what I was suffering. I went to the health food store and got the remedy (30C) and took a dose right away. Two hours later, I felt quite sleepy and chilled and went to bed. I woke up 40 minutes later to find that the two largest boils closest to the surface of the skin were draining bloody fluid. I had chills really bad all afternoon but I've continued to take the 30C dose every 3-4 hours as recommended and the wounds have kept draining all afternoon and evening. The smaller boils that I had are already starting to get smaller from the inside. The largest, most painful one is much smaller and less painful and as long as I can keep it clean I imagine it will eventually heal fine. I'm so relieved that the pain is going away and hopeful that the problem will resolve in a few days or weeks.

Skin Infections
Posted by Renu (Dallas) on 04/13/2016


Bartholin cyst/abscess for the 3rd time. Pain level was 8/10. This time I was prepared beforehand itself. I already had Silica complex, and 40,000IU Serrapeptase at home. Started with 2 Serrapeptase twice a day on an empty stomach and 1 Silica complex tablet.

Since the cyst did not burst out till Day 6, I increased Silica complex caps to 3 on that particular day. The next day, the cyst drained.

Skin Infections
Posted by Natbee (Australia) on 01/20/2015

I used a silica supplement which contained 5g horsetail, zinc, B6 and manganese to treat my recurring bartholin cysts. Dosage varied between 1-2 capsules per day and saw results within 5 days. It saved me from having the marsupilization procedure. Extremely happy to find a natural alternative :)

Hair, Skin, Nails
Posted by Michelle (Cleveland, Oh) on 08/04/2012

I recently started taking Bamboo Silica for hair and nail health. From what I've read, it contains 10x the amount of silica found in horsetail. I'm waiting to see the results, as I've only been taking it for a month. I bought the Bamboo Silica supplements and also recently purchased the Bamboo Leaf tea. My nails are growing at a faster rate and my hair feels softer already, but unsure about hair growth. Has anyone else had any experience with Bamboo Silica? Any side effects noted with long term use?

Hair, Skin, Nails
Posted by Dan (Markam, Canada) on 07/22/2008

Silicon is not present in large amounts, yet found in every type of tissues in the body. Silicon is used to keep bones, cartilage, tendons and artery wall healthy. It is required by the nails, hair and skin, silicon levels drop as we age. So if cartilage is not in any joint after surgery, silicon will replace it. If you want nice hair, and nails, silicon is also called silica. I take it and I have good hair and nails that look good and they are hard. If you do not have any idea where to get some, look to the internet. It has information on healthy products.

Skin Infections
Posted by Tamy (Anaheim, CA) on 04/23/2007

hello everyone, i was doing some research on skin boils and came across a site that listed different types of skin boils and what supplements to take for them. if you have recurring boils you might want to try taking silica or silicea goes by two different names but is the same thing. had a recurring boil for over a year that just would not go completely away, have tried numerous remedies, hardly any worked except for the vinegar directly on the boil, but that was temporary i was looking for something to stop it from coming back. surely enough i came across that website and i tried the silica and the boil is almost gone it's been only two weeks and i feel better, bought silica at my local health food store, i was at my wits end with this boil thing, but the silica seems to help like no other. the antibiotics didn't help of course, this just may be it. just thought i'd post it hopefully it will help someone else.

Tightens Skin
Posted by Ali (Wales) on 09/04/2021

In reply to:

Kim (Petaluma) on 08/21/2015 wrote: "Interesting. How did you learn about cabbage? I'm wondering if organic, raw sauerkraut would have the same effect. (I'm not a fan of plain cabbage). My skin is severely dry, loose and thin. And I have severe CFS."

Dry, loose & thin skin may indicate Silica deficiency. Cabbage is one of many vegetables & fruits that contain Silica. Also, Diatomaceous Earth & Bamboo are other good sources of Silica.

Horsetail is often touted as being a good source, but the amount of silica in it is a lot lower & some get side-effects from it. Other herbs are good sources though, such as nettle & ground plantain (not the banana). Most green leaves & green vegetables contain silica.

Silica helps to maintain structural integrity. It is needed for collagen production, so can support many different areas of the body - the hair, skin, nails, bones & heart especially may benefit from extra Silica in the diet.

Silica Product Reviews
Posted by Dave (PA) on 05/30/2023

Interesting article on silica along with reviews. Only thing is everybody says "silica" or "this product" without actually telling us what it is.

EC: Many reviews in our article from Amazon are from people using liquid silica.

Skin Infections
Posted by Kirsten (Santa Fe, NM) on 05/22/2009

My family has been using the homeopathic cell salt silica to stop boils in their tracks. It is #12 of Dr. Schuessler's tissue remedies and should be available at most natural grocers which sell homeopathics. It is indicated in abscesses, boils, and any other skin conditions with thick,yellow discharges. It also helps to deacidify the body. As with any homeopathic you should increase the frequency of the dosage to about every 15 minutes in an acute situation and take it less frequently in maintenance doses. There is no way to overdose on homeopathics and taking silica should not interfere with any remedy you are currently using. Silica usually comes in lactose tablet form and about 4 tablets under the tongue or in some water is the dosage. If this remedy works for you, you can keep it going forever by following these simple steps (by the way this works for all homeopathics and Bach flower remedies). Take 4 of the lactose tablets and put them into a new glass bottle with a dropper. Add any liquor or hard alcohol to the bottle, filling it 3/4 of the way to the top. Allow the tablets to dissolve for a few minutes. Succuss the bottle 100 times, by tapping the bottle on the palm of your hand. Since homeopathics are vibrationally based you have simply transferred the vibration to the liquid. This process can be repeated again when your bottle gets low. 4 to 6 drops can be taken as a dose.

Silica Product Reviews
Posted by Madelyn (Idaho) on 05/31/2023

Dave, check out the Living Silica product by Organo.