Serrapeptase: Reviews, Dosages, and Side Effects

Serrapeptase Side Effects
Posted by Lad S. (Maryland) on 08/16/2021
0 out of 5 stars

Serrapeptase seems like a Miracle for everything: sinusitis, joints, inflammation, internal scarring, clogged arteries, etc.

BUT it also seems to have one, BAD side-effect for me.

I started to up my dosage to 60-120,000 SPU of a big Serrapeptase brand specifically labeled for "healthy sinuses." It was suddenly like a miracle for my chronic sinusitis and allergies - even better than using antihistamines or nasal steroids.

I emailed an online health-nut friend all about it. When he tried it, what he most noticed was dramatic inflammation relief. He started taking it in lieu of Ibuprofen, and told others about it, too.

In passing, I later mentioned how a thumb joint recently had a big "blow-out" injury - a huge, synovial cyst and subsequent stiff bone spur - which my other knuckles have suffered over the past decades - but this was bigger.

He replied that he, too, recently got two of them on his own knuckles for the first time.

He said that he read some online reviews mentioning this can happen when using Serrapeptase.

At first, I couldn't believe it, since Serrapaptase is supposed to help, not hurt joints. Nevertheless, we both backed off using it.

After my cyst didn't go away for over a year, I finally had it drained by a hand specialist, who warned it may return eventually (it did). He added that it is actually the BUILT-UP SCAR TISSUE WITHIN THE DAMAGED JOINTS that PREVENT further leakage and damage from happening.

"EUREKA! " I thought. While Serrapeptase may helpfully remove other painful, or swollen, internal scars, it could also work against a condition like mine.

My online friend gave Serrapeptase another go recently since he missed it so much for his bodily inflammation - and he got yet another blown-out knuckle.

I've since tried a number of other, alternate enzymes for my sinuses and arteries - and seemed to notice higher doses will start to swell and irritate my knuckles again before helping my nose or circulation out at all.

So, I'm truly sorry to warn against using Serrapepse to anyone who has a condition like mine (technically "Heberden's Nodes") or with any similar, joint issues.

(I read that there was once a Serrapeptase Nasal Spray available. A more direct, topical application of the enzyme sounded ideal for my sinus concerns - but it is no longer sold.)