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Side Effects

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Posted by Ted (bangkok, Thailand) on 08/03/2006 383 posts

Be easy on potassium, people do get side effects if taken too much and may have difficulty of breathing. If taken too much potassium, a simple antidote is Salt. How to know if you take too much potassium? Too much sweating, uncomfortableness, irregular breathing, sometimes diarrhea. On overdose of potassium, immediately take 1 -2 teaspoon of sea salt in a half glass of water, the effect will be reduced within minutes. I know, I did it to myself as part of the experiment and almost killed myself in the process! Had to do it you know, so I will know what to do when it DOES happen, I will be prepared!

Replied by Pamm
(Birmingham, Al)

Ted, Where Are You? Haven't seen you posting on Earth Remedies in awhile, just curious. My Question Is You say take Sea Salt if you take in too much Potassium? Sea Salt has Potassium In It, At Least The ones that are Iodized Do, Please confirm this because its confusing. I have Addison's Disease & need to know what to take if potassium is high. And what would be a sign on blood pressure that you have taking in too much? When I take in Sea Salt, my fingers swell up right away, is this because of low Potassium? Is there Sea Salt out there that does not contain Potassium? Because the one I have does list Potassium as one of the ingredients. Thank you


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