Potassium - Health Benefits for Your Heart and More

Low Carb Diet, Lupus
Posted by Abby (Cincinnati, Ohio, USA) on 04/13/2009

Several years ago I started low carbing. I felt very sick at first with the huge water loss so I started taking potassium supplements and it fixed the problem. It also helped with lupus symptoms. Since then, I've been taking 6 99mg tabs - 2 tabs 3 times a day. On low carb, I eat virtually no fruits but many vegs. but when I lower the amount of potassium I don't feel as good and I get low back pain. Is this a dangerous amount of potassium? I have had blood tests on this amount and they've been normal. Also, I just started to add EVCO and ACV to my diet. Will these help me to get off the potassium supplements? If so, how should I taper the pills? Thanks for any advice.