Oregano Oil Health Benefits

Food Poisoning

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Posted by Katie (Wisconsin) on 02/05/2018
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I am so excited to share an experience I had while traveling in Mexico recently. While reading about how to avoid becoming sick due to the bacteria in Mexico's water and certain food (see "Montezuma's Revenge"), I learned that one of my old staples - Oregano Oil - is considered a great remedy/safeguard by a lot of world travelers because it kills off bacteria, parasites and more. About 3 days before my trip, I began taking about four drops with water each morning (70% Carvacrol); I continued this routine while I was on the trip. On the second to last evening, the three people I'd been traveling with became very ill within an hour of one another; absolutely horrible vomiting and diarrhea. Because we'd spent the day eating and drinking at the same places, I sat there in horror, waiting for the sickness to (inevitably) hit me like it'd hit everyone else. I waited and waited. Nothing happened. They were all brutally sick for 24 hours, and slowly returned to normal over the course of 7–10 days. But I NEVER GOT SICK. Oregano oil is truly remarkable. (Just make sure to read directions and start slowly to build your tolerance. If you take too much too quick, you will experience dizziness and stomach upset.)

Replied by Marsh
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I travel with OofO everywhere. However, while in Mexico, there has been a horrible (violent) stomach bug that has been going on from PV to the far north. OofO in the AM and probiotics at night didn't touch it. I've had it twice (and off and on) and my husband now has. Finally relented to start up on Bactrim. Any other natural recommendations to get off the dreaded antibiotic?


Iodine for internal use or potassium iodide has been used to deal with contaminated water, food, and food poisoning. Here is a dosage chart for various issues using Lugol's. https://naturalhealingsa.com/wp-content/uploads/2017/08/Lugols-Iodine-Dosage-Table.pdf

(Mountain City, Tn)

Lugol's Iodine should take care of it. read up on it.


Tried this too. Along with Oregano Oil & GSE. Back home and feeling better after taking 1/2teaspoon of pure gum spirits turpentine. Slaves gave this to their children in the 1700-1800s as a dewormer that kept them healthy. It's from the forests of Georgia in the US.

Gum Disease

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Posted by T. (Charlotte, Nc) on 05/07/2013

I have had bleeding gums for years. When I wake up in the morning, my mouth seemed to be full of blood somehow. I would spit first thing and it would be bloody. :-(

Also when I brushed my teeth, a LOT of blood.

I recently began taking oregano oil (mine came mixed with olive oil) several times a day for general immune system strengthening to help with another issue I'm having.

No measured doses, just whatever came up in the dropper when I pulled it out of the little bottle.

It's been a few weeks now and I realized just this morning that I have had no more instances of blood in my mouth when I wake up. Also blood when I brush has been greatly reduced. I have used it to brush my gums with (once or twice) and think I will do it more often to see what results I get.

Side note: I seem to cough up a lot of phlegm during the day since taking the oregano oil. It's clear but makes me wonder if I've been having lung issues all this time without knowing.

Replied by T.
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Still using the oregano oil and still having success with gums. No more bleeding! :-)

Gum Infection

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Posted by Tabby (San Francisco, California) on 03/22/2008
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I have been battling a gum infection for 2 months. After three courses of antibiotics, I gave up and tried Vitamin C 3000mg. This began to improve my gums, however, the infection persisted. My gums have been aching, sore, dark red, and inflammed.

I decided to try Oil of Oregano. I purchased a brand that was 60% diluted in extra virgin olive oil. Immediately, with a clean finger, I rubbed one drop of it over my gums, and another drop on the other side. Immediately the ache subsided. After 8 hours, my gums felt much improved. There is a slight tingly warm feeling upon initially applying which is normal for Oregano Oil. Before bedtime, I repeated this again, along with placing one drop beneath my tongue, holding it in place and washing it down with water.

I woke up with my mouth feeling more nomal than it has in weeks. Another additional benefit, it cleared my sinuses! They have been blocked.

Caution: Do not use Oil of Oregano undiluted. It is caustic and it WILL burn. That is why dilution in extra virgin olive oil is important.

I'm sharing this remedy in hopes it will help someone else stop suffering today!

H. Pylori

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Posted by Melissa (Homer, Alaska) on 09/10/2007
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re: Update oregano -- Taking oregano tincture has really helped. I felt wonderful for 2 days then felt like I had the flu for the next 2 days. (Headache, dizzy, muscle and bodyaches ect.).But I think it was things being killed off in my body and a release of all those toxic critters. I have also done some reading about tumeric and have been putting it on my food which I think helps too. I take 20 drops of oregano tincture 2x's a day in water. The brand Im taking is Oregano Spirits by Herb Pharm. I hope this helps because I was feeling like the Hpylori was killing me. I was miserable and had no energy at all. After the oregano Im feeling so much better and I have more energy. Maybe because my body doesn't have to fight the Hpylori as hard with the help of oregano. I could be wrong but that is what it seems like to me. Im just glad Im feeling better! I hope this helps.


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Posted by Bill (Mass) on 03/24/2017
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I started Oil Of Oregano 5 days ago in pill form. I had tingling, itching, red spots all over. I think I had hives. Very annoying and painful. Today and even 2 days ago I have no more symptoms. Its amazing. I had this problem for months!

Replied by Bill
(Boston, Ma)

Any side effects?


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Posted by Camara (Washington, DC) on 08/10/2007
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I've used Oil of Oregano for mouth infections, to help cleanse intestinal parasites, as well as ward off yeast infections. I use the liquid form which tastes really bad and burns. Finally I got smart and now buy empty capsules from the health food store and put 2-3 drops in a capsule. Now I get the full benefits without the awful taste. I also brush my teeth with it sometimes and still use it as a rinse if my mouth or gums are sore (I dilute with warm water). I always keep a bottle handy.

Insect Bites

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Posted by Jake (Chicago, Il.) on 09/06/2007
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In the Illinois countryside we've never had mosquitos like we've had this summer after 8 or 9 straight days and nights of downpours with little let-up. I invariably have more than a few bites now each time I visit my orchard and garden. The only thing that saves me, although tea tree oil is pretty good too, is wild oregano oil diluted in olive oil - one or two drops per tsp., both seem to work well. Rub it on the mosquito bites or the painful wasp or bee bite and the itch or pain is immediately gone.

I refer to one painful wasp or bee bite that cut short my visit to my orchard and sent me back to the house - the oregano took care of the spreading red of the toxin immediately . The next day there was nothing but a small mark and I had no further pain or itch. I started with the oregano oil for a dark skin patch on my shin and two boil-like cysts that were on my skin for some time. Rubbing hard sometimes to the point of making it bleed, twice a day, and in about 10 days to two weeks the raised dark patch on my shin gave way to pink new skin, the eruption on my upper leg completely disapeared and now finally the eruption on the back of my neck about three inches from my ear is just about gone.


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Posted by Tavora (Brooklyn, NY) on 05/03/2009
5 out of 5 stars

Just wanted to say very quickly that after reading several posts about oil of oregano helping with inflammation/joint pain - I decided to try it tonight. Let me tell u - the clicking and popping that I have been experiencing the last two months disappeared!!! (My ailments are actually an inner ear problem with a misaligned spine) but when I rubbed the oil on my knees, shins, shoulders and neck - I felt - LITERALLY - instant, instant relief!! I could not believe it!! As I stood up and walked around for a bit - no popping - no clicking!! This gives me so much hope! I will continue to use this as one of my arsenals and though I know we are not allowed to state specific brands....I do want to say the one I bought is ___. I will also take it orally to help with the tension in my spine. Will keep u posted.

Thank you so much EC!!! :0)

Posted by Pat (Tupelo, Mississippi) on 06/04/2008
5 out of 5 stars

I have an arthritic knee with chondromalcia patella. It was really bothering me one night at bedtime so i rubbed coconut oil on first around my knee then a few drops of oregano oil. Within five minutes my knee pain was gone. This is wonderful stuff.

Mold Sickness

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Posted by Sammy (San Antonio, Tx) on 12/24/2009
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Oil of Oregano after 3 months long nightmare

May of 2009 it started with sore throat and nasal congestion. 7th day i started feeling just fine. 8th day i woke up with a major sore throat then following 7 days i had chills (no fever) diarrhea, coughs, stabbing feeling all over my body. Then i went to see a doctor (no insurance) he said that my tonsils are infected so i have to take antibiotics and for hardship breating he gave me steroids. 4 days later tonsils still swollen and i cant breathe also diarrhea is full throttle. i was drinking 5-6 quarts of water every day. 19th day i went to see same doctor. listened to my lungs, ordered x-ray which came out clean and he told me that i am ok. BUT I WASNT. For diarrhea he diagnosed me with IBS (irritable bowel syndrome) 6 days passed and my symphtoms are same but not getting worse.25th day i went and bought a humidifier for my room hoping to be able to sleep better. and also i wanted to close the a/c vent in my room. Right at that point I FACED THE REALITY. MOLD!!! my a/c vent was black in color. Very next day i called a company that tests homes for molds. Results came back in 3 days after i spent $400. my a/c unit had Aspergillus (high levels),Cladosporium (elevated levels) Penicillium (high levels). i went to see the doc again. he told me that its like impossible to prove that my health is bad because of those mold species.And addition to that he told me that skin prick test for this issue is expensive and i dont have insurance so he told me to just rest and pray that i will get better on my own. For the following 2 months i started getting worse. I quit my job. I was hopeless.

Then i read it somewhere on the net that OIL OF OREGANO will do the trick. I cut of eating anything that has yeast and started taking 4 oil of oregano capsuls every 8 hours and taking 1000mg vitamin c every 8 hours.Sublingual B12 25 drops everyday. 2nd day diarrhea gone. 7th day i am almost back to normal.

I hope this will help someone out there. I am a believer of oregano oils antifungal, antiviral, anti bacterial properties.

Replied by Erowe
(Sumter, Sc)

HELP PLEASE. I know the previous post is old but I am hoping someone will respond to this. In Jan 2011 my daughter ( age 25) insisted on moving out of our home into a small 4 room house with a friend. My son painted her bedroom and there was so much moisture that water dripped down the walls and separated the wet paint. The wood floors were always damp. By February she began to have a chronic cough and then a sore throat. Was treated with an oral antibiotic. Her roommate had the same symptoms and was treated with 4 antibiotic injections and oral antibiotics. Two weeks later she was sick again and treated with the same. Her roommate was of heavier frame and very athletic. My daughter is 5'4" weighed 105. My daughter continued to get worse, but would not go back to the Dr. She finally moved out in March. By April she was admitted to hospital with 103 temp 24,000 white blood count, heart rate of 153, a very tender spleen, her throat was completely white. Drs said she was on the edge. Stayed 5 days with pick line and 3 antibiotics, released with oral antibiotics. In 3 weeks she was on antibiotics again. She has had numerous tests. Has had her tonsils removed. Has seen 3 infectious disease drs I have always felt she has mold sickness. She is now 27. She is in constant pain. Before she got sick she was vibrant and looking forward to the future. Now she is depressed, has anxiety, has chronic headaches, nausea, and can hardly get around because of constant exhaustion. She has seen 3 infectious disease drs. One said he did not believe in the mold scenario. A rheumatologist seen 6 months ago is treating her for fibromyalgia. An endocrinologist said she has a cyst on her thyroid. Any suggestions will be greatly appreciated.

Replied by Roec
(Los Angeles, Ca)

I'm so sorry to hear of your daughters condition. All of those antibiotics can backfire over time. Have her juice carrots and one green apple a day, cut waaay down on meat, pasta and other grains like bread. Increase tons of raw and dark green leafy veggies Have her take a good daily vitamin. This will help the body recover nutrients in order to heal itself.

The anti-mold regimen I recommend is 2 capsules of olive leaf casuals 3 times a day until the bottle is finished. Don't settle for cheap brands because of price, I find GNC brand is the best. It may cost more but over the years, I have found that brand most effective.

I would also try a baking soda bath to see if that helps. I use Arm and Hammer Super washing soda as its pure sodium carbonate, a natural anti-fungal and mold. It's soaked in through the skin and when I am not feeling well, this helps although, it may help restore to a more favorable PH balance as its mode of action. I think I have a mild case of candida from time to time. This helps.

I also recommend that she wash her cloths using baking soda added detergent and borax to help eliminate any fungus or mold from recontaminating her.

Replied by Sweet Pea
(Somewhere, Usa)

I agree wih Roec with the use of baking soda. I have worked in the mold removal field for a time and baking soda is the one thing that can kill mold without killing you. I now drink it every day for maintenance. Other than that, I strongly recommend a high dose of iodine. I have taken 100 mgs of 5% of iodine for two weeks at a time with no side effects at all. (Just be sure to work your way up to this dose.)Your daughter won't believe how this will help her energy levels and it may heal her thyroid. Nascent iodine is the superior kind of iodine and you can get it on the internet. Taking some selenium which you can get by eating 2 brazil nuts a day, taking vitamin c and unrefined sea salt will help the iodine work. I wish you all the best. Please let us know how she is doing!

Replied by Timh
(Louisville, Ky, Usa)
2080 posts

Erowe: To add to others responses, the main reason for the weak and lowered defense is, imho, a weakened immune system which is weakened by a chronic lack of antioxidant nutrition. Antioxidants to begin now for immune boosting is: Zinc and Vit-A; take as directed on labels. Do this for about a month and begin supplementing Selenium and Vit-E. Then move on to the many other antioxidant nutrients on the market today like Mixed Carotinoids, Wild Berry, and Pine Bark/Grapeseed.

Also, do the "Thymus support" I posted a few pages above for a Lyme sufferer.

All this plus the other advise will repair and regain the health of your daughter.

Replied by Nmull
(Atlanta, Georgia)

I am not sure if anyone has suggested this but all of your Daughters symptoms sound very familiar to mine. I have Celiac Disease and was just finally diagnosed a year ago. I also have fibromyalgia as well as Hypothyroidism... I have been gluten free for a year and taking alot of the supplements suggested in previous post. I hope and pray your Daughter starts feeling better soon :)

Replied by Faith
(Seattle, US)

Clearly your daughter was exposed to mold/ mycotoxins.

The steps to take

1.Find a an mold literate MD that is specialized in this area.

2. Get her into a clean enviroment a place - that has no history of leaky pipes and/or mold or mildew.

3. Take Cholestraymine - this is the most effective mold binder that will carry the mycotoxins out of the body

4. Get on Candida diet ( fungus free diet)

5. Buy a high quality zeolite and benonite clay.

6. Read the research at Sponaugle Wellness Institute is now the top mold toxicity clinic in America

Replied by Timh
2080 posts

Cholestraymine is, to my knowledge, not an otc product (Rx only); and good luck finding a mold dr, and if you do find one, time & travel expenses may throw the option out.

Two otc products I have personally found equally effective as Cholestraymine substitute is Sodium Alginate and Chitosan. The S.A. will require encapsulation (will stick to the roof of mouth and throat) as it is too binding to wash down orally like most other fiber sources.

Replied by Adaneth
(North Cali., US)

Please remove your daughter from this moldy place. She will feel much much better.

I have lymes and used to be in a mold infested place. I was always feeling better when taking Cholestyramine, but my life was miserable. I lost motivation, function, concentration, it reeked havoc on my body and made me feel more sick.

There was water dripping from the paint, and managers didn't care to check. I kept smelling mold, getting dizzy and nauseous. Opened up bedroom cabinets under the sink and there was black mold coming through the paint like someone sprayed a light layer of black paint on the walls. Managers finally came and tore out that wall and the whole wall inside was covered in black mold, and it turns out that was dripping through the paint in the other bathroom had no where to escape so dripped into bedroom sink walls.

Also, this place had wooden floors which probably had high amounts of chemicals in it.

You can also get sick and dizzy from furniture. One really nice desk I bought from IKEA had a formadahyde smell coming from it. I could never sit in the office without getting a headache.

check all those things.

Replied by Beth
5 out of 5 stars

I second your suggestion. I have only been taking oregano oil for less than a week, but it is working wonders. I've been suffering for three years, and if I'm fortunate, this oil could be the key to my healing.

Replied by David
(Mooresville, In)

I've had similar stuff going on with me for over 10 yrs. I have really bad food allergies, I had blood test done and I'm allergic to Eggs, Wheat, Gluten, Dairy, Almonds and white beans. My whole digestive system swells up! I had to have my gall bladder removed in 2003 but in 2012 I almost died because I had stones all in my Liver! I've been watching a show on TV by doctor and his wife - he constantly talks about intestinal dysbiosis and how Oil Of Oregano really helps with that! He said until you get your gut healthy you will never get better! I"m so tired of these food allergies and feeling bad! Beth how much Oregano have you been taking? I know I need to get a really good Probiotic too. Any suggestions for that. Thanks.

Replied by Vetonica
5 out of 5 stars

Same exact thing. I was so sick on oxygen right now..Always asthma. They say my lung was damaged due to mold in the flood. I stayed in hospital 17 days was at death door couples times. Finally they said mold grew in my lungs the mine sources and gave me bronchitis and my immune system was damaged anyone come round me I get sick. The doctor has me on vitamin d 50'000 units prescription...

Then my body ache all the time. I was diagnosed with fibromyalgia oh god constant pain. I take gabapentin...cymbalta. So I am glad for access this site what amazing oregano oil and another remedy to use ginger root bring to boil..teaspoon honey mixed and a lemon let it sit .sip on it all day anytime. What a god bless relief jesus thank him but try the i oil it on my daughter too hope she feel very well she will get back to health soon praying for her.

Replied by Tom

collidial silver 30ppm - 3 times a day, 2oz total.

olive leaf extract 25 percent olureprin (work up from 1 to 3 capsules a day)

and oregano oil. 3 times a day sublingually.

= knocks out anything.

Replied by Art
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For many people, full strength oregano essential oil can irritate the skin when applied topically.


Mold Sickness
Posted by Debbie (Park Hills, MO) on 09/14/2007
5 out of 5 stars

M from Texas wrote about ailments possibly stemming from toxic mold. My young son and I are victims of toxic mold inhalation and exposure, so I have learned more about the subject than I ever wanted to know. The most important point I want to get to this person is, if you took things from that apartment, especially if mold was visible on them, you have just brought the problem with you. The mold is now growing in a new home, and you are still exposing yourself to it. My son and I had to leave everything behind and move from our home. Traditionally Western medical practioners do not even want to acknowledge the health problems associated with toxic mold; They have received no training for it in medical school, and there is pressure on them from numerous areas such as insurance companies, real estate management and developers, etc., to not acknowledge the affliction. I am treating my son with a number of natural remedies, although ACV hasn't been one of them, I intend to try it. But what I have found to be helpful is pure essential oils.

Oregano is the best, but when mixed with Frankicense, and a special formulated blend of Clove, Cinnamon, Rosemary, Lemon, and Eucalytpus, the synergy of the Oregano is enhanced. I put these oils into a gelatin capsule and take them orally. I also get massages with oils over the spinal area which is where the fungi like to live, in the spinal fluid. These oils with the massage, called a Raindrop technique massage, will help drive the mold from your body. I do experience the mold ejecting from my body with skin bumps that spit out these nasty little white or brown crystal-like things, the size of a piece of salt or a little larger. They get easily infected, so it is important to keep the skin very clean, and to use Colloidial Silver or some other method the keep bacterial growth down. I am open for ideas to replace Colloidial Silver, because it is so very expensive. Any ideas?? Also, we now use a diffuser in our home which diffuses essential oils into the air we breathe. This has helped our conditions a lot, and it helps ensure that as molds are being tracked into our home, that we are killing them.

Just be sure that you are getting PURE ESSENTIAL OILS. They cannot be fragrance grade or be adulterated in any way. Love your site!!!!!!!! Ask all to pray for us, and for all victims of toxic mold.

Multiple Cures

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Posted by just me Bob (Alberta) on 10/14/2021
5 out of 5 stars

I have been using the oil of Oregano for over 15 yrs, I use strong and good quality stuff.

One test I use for selecting a brand: if there is any hint of bitterness in taste, I avoid it. There are many on the market, I prefer strong, even used 100% for bad toothaches. It's worked for my teeth for serious and minor issues.

The best way to use it is by nipping in the bud whatever you notice, pain or discomfort, do not allow the problem to become a monster. Any major pain can be hard to get under control, but I have had 100 percent success even with these.

Maybe I'm well suited for it, I can take large doses of it and it only works that much better with no side effects. I know my body very well and can read it easily .

I have beat all viruses with it big and small, colds, allergies, toothaches needing root canals, pains in my body that were strong, do not know what they were but with constant use of Oregano they went away ... 100 % success and more things as well beaten.

You must be able to read your body, and you should be able better than anyone else, that's what pain is, it's a signal to you that only you are aware of. It's really that simple to me anyhow.

Oregano Oil is my go to, and I have other things too. It's been a blessing in a big way for years. I hope others find it too, many can not believe what I just wrote here, their great loss.

Replied by Jgny
(Thousand Islands)

Do you take it daily? And how many a day? Or do you only use it if you are sick?

Multiple Cures
Posted by Bob G. (Smithville, On ) on 11/13/2017
5 out of 5 stars

H! I have been using oregano oil for 12 yrs. I'm currently using it for my allergies in my dog, over 5 yrs now and it still works, I tried all the others and they only partially worked for a short time.

I had some shin problems and cracked skin that would not heal for about 3 months, one time I rubbed oregano on my hands it has not come back that was 12 yrs ago .

I had a severe bug, not a common one but a very powerful one, 4 days taking oregano oil and it was gone and did not come back . Super Bug? Maybe.

I needed a root canal about 8 yrs ago, $1,200.00 was too much. I put oregano in the tooth off and on for about a month and it has not bothered me since, when ever I feel a tooth ache coming on I put oregano on it.

Had some serious lung pain about 5 yrs ago, I do have sensitive lungs due to smoking and bad air, Oregano works for that too, could I go on?

Yes I now use it every day and it keeps me going!

Replied by Cindy
(Memphis, Tn)

Hi interested in how you applied the Oil of oregano to your gums ... how much... how often.

Thank you for your post I'm in the same boat.

Oregano Oil Side Effects

Posted by Pete A. (St Paul, Mn) on 09/21/2014

Oil of oregano is one of the two things that gives me gut wrenching cramps--the other is horseradish. Which is weird because I can eat large amounts of 90,000 HU cayenne or raw garlic with no problem! I find the best way to get it is to eat whole oregano which I load into my home-made flax crackers (actually flax, chia, sesame, pumpkin and sunflower seed). Yum! They definitely help with counteracting yeast, etc. I read while looking this up that someone suggested a drop or two in a glass of tomato juice. I think I will give that a try. But the capsules, so far too strong for me, though I plan to see if I can try them again sometime, maybe along with a large salad or something. The other thing that helps in a similar way to oregano is thyme. This I take in capsules, whole thyme, and it works wonders against respiratory infections for me.

Oregano Oil Tips

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Posted by Deanne (Virginia) on 06/03/2020
5 out of 5 stars

Here's a great way to take the oregano oil + coconut oil - I just started doing this myself:

1. Buy a silicone ice cube tray that make small cubes. The trays I have make 21 cubes each that hold around 2tsp of oil.

Here's a description of the trays from the website I purchase it from: "Each ice cube has a narrow dome shape (half circle) with a diameter of 30 mm and a height of 20 mm. This small size allows it to fit into most water bottles, and freeze quickly."

2. Fill the tray with melted coconut oil

3. Put 1 - 3 drops of oregano oil in each "cube" (or however much oregano oil you would like) and allow it to harden in the fridge or freezer - this happens quickly, maybe an hour or less.

4. When your ready for your "dose" of coconut oil / oregano oil just pop out a cube, chew a few times and swallow. Viola!

More tips

1. If you're not used to "eating" coconut oil, it may give you tummy discomfort. Start out with a smaller amount. You can also try taking it before or with meals.

2. Once the coconut oil / oregano oil mixture hardens, I pop it out of the tray and put it in a glass jar & keep the jar in the fridge. That way the oils aren't sitting in the tray absorbing more of whatever toxic material the trays are made out of.

3. You can also use these handy little cubes for OIL PULLING.

In fact, I have 4 different 12 oz glass jars with different combinations of coconut oil + essential oils for oil pulling!

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