Noni Juice Cures

Joint Pain, Food Stuck in Throat
Posted by Ellen (Riverhead, New York, Suffolk County) on 11/11/2009

I started taking Noni about 4 yrs ago, for joint pain, which it has helped quite a bit . I didn't know it would help my other problem, which I had for years, food would get stuck in my throat! It had been so bad that I would only eat soft foods. It took about 3 months before I noticed the difference and it has been great ever since! You can find it cheapest on it does not HAVE to be from Tahiti to work, and at these prices I can afford to keep a supply in at all times. Yes it IS a bitter kind of taste, but I mix it with a shot of healthy blueberry or black cherry (organic) juice and it has a very nice taste. I also agree that if it IS a weed, Many herbs are also! Who cares, IT WORKS!!