Niacin (B3) Health Benefits

| Modified on Jan 27, 2023
Niacin Deficiencies
Posted by Ilana (Atlanta, GA) on 01/18/2022
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I am confused between niacin and niacinamide. Many posts here are saying that niacin is the only form that will not damage the liver, but Ted's post below says the opposite:

Please advise what to do as I need to use it for my 18 years old finger skin inflammation.

Anxiety, Cystic Acne, Acne Scars
Posted by Panem et circenses (Atlanta) on 12/07/2021
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About 8 years ago, I began taking pure niacin for anxiety. I followed the protocol of Dr. Andrew Saul who was taught by Abram Hoffer. I started with 25mg 3x a day and slowly worked my way up to eventually 6500mg per day in divided doses. If you watch the documentary Food Matters, Dr. Saul discusses a woman with severe depression who benefits greatly from 13,000mg per day.

Anyway, as I was increasing my dose, I discovered that my cystic acne was going away. Up til then I had horribly painful deep cysts that would persist longer than regular acne. I also noticed that the cysts I had once developed on my upper thighs and even sometimes my armpits were COMPLETELY gone. I have not had them since. And like I said, that was 8 years ago when I started.

Now, PLEASE do your research about niacin first. While I have never had any issues with it (aside from accidentally taking time release niacin which raised my liver enzymes and caused my ankles to swell - very scary. Once I stopped it, all went back to normal), it does cause a flush. This flush can be anywhere from a slight warmth to feeling like a bad sunburn. It can take 15 minutes to an hour to pass. That is why I started at a VERY low dose and very gradually worked up.

I took the 25mg 3x a day and increased by 25mg per dose every 2-3weeks. I only started flushing when I started taking 50-100mg each dose. I believe it detours the liver and that may have something to do with it getting rid of the acne. I RARELY even have a pimple now when prior to starting it, I had a horrible pizza face with redness and discoloration from the scarring.

My scarring is 95% gone too. I'm sorry for the long post but felt this was a good one to share. Again, I ONLY use pure niacin (flush niacin), not niacinamide and definitely not time release niacin. Those two are dangerous to the liver from what I've read.

Niacin Side Effects
Posted by mmsg (somewhere, europe) on 08/02/2021

Ha Ali! Only 25mg. already gave me an almost unbearable flush!

Niacin Side Effects
Posted by Ali (Wales) on 08/01/2021

500mg is a HUGE dose. You should always start low at say 50-100mg & gradually build up. You might still get a flush but it would only be mild & of much shorter duration. I prefer to buy 100mg tablets that I can break in half. The 500mg tablets or capsules are likely aimed at body builders who are used to taking it.

Posted by Ali (Wales) on 07/30/2021

Apparently, it seems that the no-flush forms of niacin, such as Niacinamide, may trigger liver issues, but the flushing niacin doesn't. Having said that, one of niacin's roles is in detoxification. That in itself may temporarily put a greater burden on the liver as it eliminates toxins. It is better to start low & slow & gradually build up the dose. The flushing action can be unpleasant, so it may be better to acclimatise gradually, starting with just 50mg or even 25mg. The flushing effect is stronger if taken with water on an empty stomach, but may not be experienced at all if taken with food. The flushing effect is beneficial though, as it opens the capillaries & not only allows more oxygen to the cells, but also helps flush out toxins, parasites & pathogenic microbe colonies.

Niacin Side Effects
Posted by Echosyn (Dallas, Texas) on 06/20/2021
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Warning! Do Not Confuse Niacin with Niacinamide

Two years ago, I was in the process of building my home medicine and supplement collection while being supposedly diligent and cautious. I ordered bulk Niacin powder from Amazon and filled about 30 #3 dry gelatin capsules. I took a capsule with some refried beans and chips plus some coconut milk. 30 minutes later my blood pressure and pulse went off the chart and scared me. Monitoring the pulse and pressure showed a peak of 210/90 and pulse 118. I prayed and laid still hoping that the reaction would subside. It did after an hour and the numbers returned to normal.

As soon as I felt able to safely navigate I went online and researched both Niacin and Niacinamide. The two are vastly different in their effects on metabolism. Niacinamide does not cause wild blood pressure and pulse. Please NEVER assume anything about things for health use and ALWAYS check varied and conflicting information sources before putting anything in your body.

Fibromyalgia and Insomnia
Posted by sara (the beaches) on 06/14/2021

How much is a scant?

Posted by Bodulica (Barrie, Canada) on 06/14/2021

Yes, it can make you feel sick. This website is great for all drugs and supplements, uses, side-effects, drug interactions...

Better Sleep, Mental Clarity, Smooth Skin
Posted by storycharms (Turkey ) on 06/14/2021 8 posts
5 out of 5 stars

I ordered some no-flush niacinamide B3 (500mg capsule) from a reputable source after reading about its benefits for dry skin, which had recently become a problem for me. But I quickly noticed the hugely positive impact on my dreadful and seemingly entrenched insomnia, which is far more important. I confirmed the connection after researching a little more and reading some posts here on EC, and switched to taking it in the evening after dinner.

I also use a sublingual B12 spray in the mornings, which energises me. As a lacto-vegetarian with gluten intolerance, I think it's necessary to supplement with B vitamins normally supplied in diets that include meat, fish and wheat.

After 2 months I can report no negative side effects and improvement in my overall health and wellness, including better sleep, mental clarity and yes, smoother skin from head to toe!

Fibromyalgia and Insomnia
Posted by Root Lady (New Orleans, LA) on 06/13/2021
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I take a scant amount of niacin most nights for fibromyalgia pain and insomnia. It's proven so effective that I anticipate taking it for the remainder of my life.

One pro tip: mix in OJ to mask the taste.

Posted by Penny (Fresno, CA) on 06/13/2021
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Your article on niacin is timely. In 2013, I had hives so badly for months that I could barely function. Back then, my cure ended by just one good niacin rush [300ml]. Recently, I presumed it was fleas, so attacked that idea for weeks, when I then realized, NO, it's hives! I then took 300 ml. niacin, got an itchy rush, did it again a few days later, started to slowly recover. Then, a week later, BY ACCIDENT, I took 1000milligrams!! I survived it better than I thought, & now days later, I believe my full-body hives are seriously on their way OUT! True that I had to bear with rather uncontrollable itching for 1.5 hrs. via the niacin, but that's it. I'm SO relieved this idea occurred to me as a possible way to flush my skin. I was in hell. I hope this helps someone else!

Food Cravings Diminished
Posted by Cindy (illinois, USA) on 04/27/2021 352 posts
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I got a HUGE effect from using a quarter teaspoon of diatomaceous earth in some water with 500 mg of "flushing" niacin. I wasn't getting a flush and discovered the body requires silica to process niacin...and it WORKED! And I realized that most of my food cravings are for niacin rich stuff but, apparently, it wasn't due to a niacin deficiency but, rather a SILICA deficiency -, I could walk right past a bowl of almonds or a pile of broccoli, LOL!

Niacin Side Effects
Posted by Denise (Us) on 12/30/2018 51 posts

I was reading an article on taking Niacin that I think is a very good. Starting out on a low dosage. Here's the article and I am starting on Niacin since last night:

Niacin Flush
Posted by Robert Henry (Ten Mile , Tn) on 08/04/2018

HI U CANDACE,,,,,,Some 20 years ago I learned from my MD that he had no clue. The minimum Rx is 500 mg and that will chill out everyone. You have to start out slow like my hair detox gal did. You start out slow and build to the level required for your situation.

This health thing is not that difficult. You have to detox, build up your immune system..... get some sleep. No it's not that simple. First you need knowledge. Then you need to act on that knowledge. I have been at this for 14 years and still know just enough to be spooked.

But I have cured my cancer twice, so you can heal while learning. Right now I'm getting old. I don't have a cure for that. I do try to eat right. Sleep best I cans. And stir the pot. I excel at that.


Niacin Flush
Posted by Candace (Co) on 08/03/2018

Start with like lower dose and work up- Get the book "Niacin, The Real Story "

I started with 500 mg and felt my body on fire. I then started lower dose and helped-I do want some of the Niacin flush but not the scary on fire sensation.

Niacin Contraindications
Posted by Theory Ladeness (NJ) on 07/23/2018
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Great advice, Andrea.

Some people might be sensitive to even the smallest dosages, especially if not taken with food.

I have found that the benefits of niacin, when taken with avocados, seem to be many times greater than taken alone.

ED, Arthritis, High Cholesterol
Posted by Paracelsus (Orlando, Fl) on 01/15/2018 47 posts
5 out of 5 stars

Niacin eliminates ED, arthritis and improves cholesterol and much much more.

Niacin is probably the most underappreciated vitamin. I read a book on Niacin (Drs Hoffer and Saul) and put the vitamin to test on myself. Read the article on Niacin on doctoryourself dot com. I eliminated arthritis from my fingers, increased libido, erections and quality of intercourse. Niacin is supposed to have great effects on mental conditions as well. It is used to help people break addictions to alcohol. Side effects include longer life (around 3 years added life expectancy) and flushing. I only use the flush niacin not the flush free niacin. The flush free niacin helps for some conditions but not for all. Especially it does not improve cholesterol (niacin lowers LDL or bad cholesterol and increases HDL).

I take around 500mg per day which is pretty low. Dr. Hoffer and others usually prescribed 1000 mg to 3000 mg daily. I believe in adjusting the dose to where you see results. I see results at 500mg, so I haven't gone much beyond that (some days I'll take 1000mg). Also, if you want to minimize or eliminate the flush, only take Niacin on a full stomach. On an empty stomach, the flush will be intense. Also, work yourself up to higher doses. Start with 50mg 3x per day and work up to 1000 mg per day.

If I could only take one supplement, it would definitely be Niacin. It is king in my opinion.

Niacin Flush
Posted by Michael (Ballina) on 09/22/2017
5 out of 5 stars

Lower the dose to 100mg and work up from there until you get a mild flush.

Niacin and Plavix
Posted by Mama to Many (Tennessee) on 04/03/2015

Dear Robert Henry,

I am sorry my post did not make sense.

It seemed that Denise was concerned about taking Niacin and Plavix, wanting to make sure that was safe to do, so I was trying to communicate that it worked safely for my Dad. I clarified that I didn't know if this would work across the board since I really don't know for sure if there is any chemical interaction between the two. I REALLY wish I had paid attention in chemistry!

I know that some supplements taken together can change what they will do in the body (as in, Lugol's iodine, taken with Vitamin C, will change the form of iodine and thus its affect on the body.) And some supplements cannot be taken with prescription drugs (charcoal taken at the same time as many prescriptions will adsorb them and render them ineffective. Someone taking diuretics would not want to take herbal diuretics. A friend of mine, when taking coumadin, was not allowed to eat more than a certain amount of greens because the amount greens you eat affects the amount of coumadin you need.)

So, I tend to err on the side of caution when combining things, unless someone smarter than me has given me the okay or I have researched it and figured it out myself.

If I am not answering your question, let me know.

Thanks! Have a great day!


Niacin and Plavix
Posted by Robert Henry (Ten Mile , Tn) on 04/02/2015

HI U MAMA, , , , , , , , , I do not understand your post at all. Niacin is a supplement and has nothing to do with Doctors or prescription drugs. Please explain.


Niacin and Plavix
Posted by Mama to Many (Tennessee) on 04/01/2015

Dear Denise,

My father has been on Plavix for 8 years. In the last year, I was able to get Niacin as part of his care. He was on it for at least six months. His Primary care doctor has changed. I do not know for sure if he is still taking it.

Anyway, I do not know for sure if it is safe across the board, but my dad only had positive effects from it. He was taking the slow release type.

~Mama to Many~

Niacin and Plavix
Posted by Denise (Houston, TX) on 04/01/2015

Can you take Niacin and Plavix at the same time?

Immune System Booster
Posted by Jon (Australia) on 03/17/2015
5 out of 5 stars

Vitamin B3 boosts Immune system by 1,000 times! & boosts white blood cell count (healing cells).

I found the below information on Dr. Mercola's site here.

Vitamin B3 a Potential Weapon Against Antibiotic-Resistant Superbugs

In related news, a new study suggests vitamin B3 may be able to combat superbugs that modern medicine is finding it harder and harder to fight, including antibiotic-resistance staph infections. The research showed that high doses of the vitamin boosted the immune system by 1,000 times, giving the researchers hope that they may have found a new - and possibly better - way to fight infection.

According to BBC News:

"B3 increases the numbers and efficacy of neutrophils, white blood cells that can kill and eat harmful bugs. The study, in the Journal of Clinical Investigation, could lead to a "major change in treatment", a UK expert said."

One of the researchers is quoted as saying:

"This could give us a new way to treat Staph infections that can be deadly, and might be used in combination with current antibiotics. It's a way to tap into the power of the innate immune system and stimulate it to provide a more powerful and natural immune response."


Improving B Vitamin Absorption
Posted by Bill (San Fernando, Philippines) on 06/11/2014

Hi Cindy...Urine normally varies in color anyway throughout the day depending on things like what you eat and drink, whether you alkalize or not etc. But generally it is the case that B vitamins do tend to initially turn urine yellow. But alkalizing properly should change the color back to pale yellow.

There are perhaps alot of unseen benefits from niacin/niacinamide. Together with magnesium, I find niacin to be a most relaxing vitamin. Perhaps many of the benefits of niacin/niacinamide are never really noticed, but here is a round-up of the many benefits from the research:

Improving B Vitamin Absorption
Posted by Cindy (Usa) on 06/10/2014

Question for Bill from San Fernando:

I am taking the niacin and other b vitamins several times a day. not real sure they are doing me good, reason asking is when I urinate it is so very yellow! Can the supplements just be passing through with no benefit? does one need to take magnesium at the same time? any thought on this is appreciated as always. thanks in advance

Niacin Flush
Posted by Timh (Ky) on 05/07/2014 2073 posts

One must always take B-12 & Folic Acid in 2:1 ratio and particularly to activate Methionine. Without these activators, Methionine can become Homocysteine, which is known to cause cardiovascular disease. Also to enhance methylation, supplement Trimethyglycine (TMG) and/or Dimethylgycine (DMG).

Niacin Flush
Posted by Andrea C (Wales) on 05/06/2014

RE: Vit B3 Niacin/ Niacinamide people may have one of the other here an Under-methylation or Over-methylation. In both cases, there are vits and supplements that must be avoided. See as below.

Love Andrea C xxxx


Many persons who suffer from anxiety along with depression are over-methylated. Methyl is an important chemical group consisting of one carbon and three hydrogen atoms (CH3). Over-methylation (too many added methyl groups) results in excessive levels of the neurotransmitters dopamine, norepinephrine, and serotonin. Typical symptoms include chemical and food sensitivities, underachievement, upper body pain, and an adverse reaction to serotonin-enhancing substances such as Prozac, Paxil, Zoloft, St. John's Wort, and SAMe6. They have a physical tendency to be very depressed in folates (a form of folic acid), niacin and Vitamin B-12, and biochemical treatment focuses on supplementation of these nutrients. These persons are also overloaded in copper and methionine (a sulfur-containing amino acid) and supplements of these nutrients must be strictly avoided.


Many patients with obsessive-compulsive tendencies, "oppositional-defiant disorder7, " or seasonal depression are under-methylated, which is associated with low serotonin levels. They generally exhibit seasonal allergies and other distinctive symptoms and traits. They have a tendency to be very depressed in calcium, magnesium, methionine, and vitamin B-6 with excessive levels of folic acid. These under-methylated persons can have a positive effect from Paxil, Zoloft, and other serotonin-enhancing medications, although nasty side effects are common. A more natural approach is to directly correct the underlying problem using methionine, calcium, magnesium, and B-6. SAMe, St. John's Wort, Kava Kava, and inositol (a natural sugar alcohol) are also very useful in treating these individuals.


Niacin Contraindications
Posted by Andrea C (Wales) on 05/06/2014
5 out of 5 stars

Hi Niacinamide has been found to cause Liver problems in some people and Nicotinic Acid ( Flush Niacin B3) should never be taken by people who are 'undermethylator.'

This has many symptoms and can be quite drastic if used by the wrong people. I suggest if you are, or thinking of using Niacin for any reason read up on being an 'undermethylator. ' before or if your having problems and already using it.

Love Andrea C xxxxx

Niacin Flush
Posted by Bee (New York, US) on 04/27/2014


That is interesting but looking at my diet and supplements I would be shocked if there was any MSG in anything? My diet is clean and I am very careful to get my supplements at the natural health food stores and I read all the ingredients and investigate but I wouldn't rule this out for sure.. So I will check things.

What I did just find out was the COQ10 I was taking had soy in it so I stopped taking that.. and changed to a COQ10 without soy... I wonder why I forgot to read that label.. I don't even like Dr.Mercola's Ubiquinal because he uses Tilapia fish oil in them. I believe Tilapia Is the worst contaminated fish or that is what I read..

So far the vitamins I take and things are not bothering me except the Niacin . I had that flush thing ..So now I just take a B complex with 50mgs. of Niacin.. See how that goes.

thank you and will check my products.

Niacin Flush
Posted by KT (Usa) on 04/27/2014

Hi Bee, I thought I would mention I am very sensitive to hidden sources of MSG, gelatin capsules and various binders and fillers in tablets. How I found out is, I used to only take a Vit. E capsule once in awhile and I couldn't understand why I would feel so bad after I took it. When I expressed this to someone in a consumer group I was told that gelatin capsules contain 11-13 mg. of MSG. My twenty-some year endeavor began. Maybe you experience reactions to ingredients that are not so benign because MSG can be a consequence of manufacture when they are produced. Just providing you with something else to look at.

Niacin Flush
Posted by Bee (New York, US) on 04/26/2014

Andrea.. yes I appreciate your feedback and that is what I am trying to figure out and what is best for me so yes I have cut back on medication and that didn't work so well so I went back up a bit for now..but I will keep trying what is best for me but I get confused about it now will take it slow...and yes I always listen to my body and my gut and intuition and higher self .. The doctor didn't really know the right way to wean off and I had trusted her but lo and behold I had to do it way more slowly.

thanks for the info..

Niacin Flush
Posted by Andrea C (Wales Uk) on 04/26/2014

Why don't you listen to your body? Its been telling you whats what. Never mind any of our opinions. You know what makes you feel better or worse, or at least your body does. And yes.

some times trying a natural remedy may make you feel rough for a while. And it can go on for a long time. But you your self must decided when to draw a line under it and all your post seem like your really going through it.

Maybe it's time for a rethink, there's nothing to stop you trying something else and withdrawal off drug's if thats what your doing, should be done in small doses where you taper down at your down comfortable rate.

I had to put mine back to where I felt ok, start again and do it at my rate, others find it easier and some of us got to ease into anything a lot slower than another person.

There are not set rules and if you have to go back up and then taper down slowly, so be it, people taking their self of the same drug as me did it a lot faster.

But I have other issues to consider not just the stopping of the drug and it was too much to cope with both together too fast.

There is no 'one size fit's' all, thats the big problem with the Medical fraternity mob. Give everyone the same drug, the same dose, and tell them they all got the same thing?

You got to work it out by yourself and for your self, whats the right way for yourself. Its your body and your personal health to consider, and two people in 2 different area's given the same diagnoses?

How do you know one or both of you haven't been misdiagnosed? Love Andrea C xxxxx

Niacin Flush
Posted by Kelly (Cambridge, Ma) on 04/26/2014

I'll try your email, Bee.

When you were taking the 100mgs per day, was it 50mgs twice a day or 100mgs once a day?

I'm asking so that I can better understand your current division of doses, as I'm having difficulty figuring out why you feel the need to "wait" until a certain time to take them.

Niacin Flush
Posted by Kelly (Cambridge, Ma) on 04/26/2014

Hi Bee,

I haven't abandoned Western medicine completely. It certainly has its place.

I just don't take their word for everything - particularly when it comes to medications. I do my own research (I am something of a research junkie) and draw my own conclusions based on what the doctor says and what research says.

Like most doctors, my doctor doesn't support going off of BP med's. I found that a bit surprising, since 14 years ago, when I went through early menopause, she recommended Black Cohosh. This was long before my interest in alternative medicine, so I'd never even heard of Black Cohosh back then.

Looking back, I think she was ahead of her time as MD's go, so when she balked about going off of BP med's in favor of a more holistic approach, it surprised me.

Niacin Flush
Posted by Bee (New York, US) on 04/26/2014


I tried your email but it came back with failure notice. can you post again.mine is mjones0422 at gmail dot com

Anyway; well I went back to 75mgs of Meds but I took 50 in morning and then only lasted to about 9:15 pm for 25 mgs. didn't last through the night. bad night and woke up jittery and all of that.. One day I tried 25mgs. morning, 25 afternoon and 25 at night which is okay but then that might make my body too used to the afternoon dose. how could I go down to 50mgs . on that schedule but I cant seem to make it through the night on the 25 mgs. alone till morning but I guess I have to tough this out or give up.. Its controlling my life and its aweful.

thank you

Niacin Flush
Posted by Kelly (Cambridge, Ma) on 04/26/2014

Hi Timh,

I'm glad that you included the information about using the Borax and BS together, as I am very sodium-sensitive. I am definitely going to give the mineral baths a try, though.

Thank you, again.

Niacin Flush
Posted by Kelly (Cambridge, Ma) on 04/26/2014

Hi Diane,

Taurine made me have occasional rushes of what I can only describe as panic.

It was like my fight or flight mechanism was altered somehow. I would get vertigo-like symptoms where it felt like the room was spinning. During the episodes, I would also get a rush of heat similar to a hot flash. Ugh. It was dreadful. It works well for countless others, though. I just wasn't one of them.

Niacin Flush
Posted by Timh (Ky) on 04/26/2014 2073 posts

Kelly: I forgot to mention Borax for the bath as B is effective in killing a number of harmful pathogens. Using the Baking Soda and Borax would be a bit heavy on the sodium content so it would be best to rotate these.

Hope to hear good news from you soon.

Niacin Flush
Posted by Bee (New York, US) on 04/25/2014

oh; Kelly and anyone who would know about this.. I read a few things on line that say when weaning off beta blockers one has to be careful with exercise.. I forgot to ask the doctor but like they would know anyway LOL.........I walk a few times a week and weaning off beta blockers.. Anyone know does this include all exercise? I would love to also ride my bike when the weather gets warmer..

Anyone know?? I am assuming its more rigorous exercise but thinking what about the bike riding? thank you

Niacin Flush
Posted by Bee (New York, US) on 04/25/2014

Hi Kelly

I agree with you... I did go from 100 to 75 in about 6 weeks and then I cut to 50 . So I assumed that was a long time but It def. was not enough time... The doctor told me to cut each dose for only two weeks each.. My body and brain thought different but can you imagine? So I am going back to the 75 for awhile like you said.....I have read a bunch of things online how difficult it could be to get off this drug. Some people do it easily, some do not and some are in middle of the road.. It kind of scares me a bit because of the aweful side effects and hoping I can do this.. Going to use my intuition and thank you and also keep learning, reading, investigating..

Oh; So do you think you are done with Western Medicine?? So what has your doctor said about this? any feedback.??

thank you so much

Niacin Flush
Posted by Diane (Sherborn, MA) on 04/25/2014

I'm wondering what exactly were your side effects from taurine? I believe I have side effects from that supplement..

Niacin Flush
Posted by Kelly (Cambridge, Ma) on 04/25/2014

Hi Timh,

I will do my homework on the items you mentioned for optimal kidney/liver function, and go from there.

Thank you, again!

Niacin Flush
Posted by Kelly (Cambridge, Ma) on 04/25/2014


I've been lowering my dose for about a year now, and I started off at 50mgs compared to your 100mgs. As I've said, it's a process - the slower, the better.

I personally practice the same (slower is better) when adding a supplement as well. I cut the tablet in half, or if it is in capsule form, I empty out half the capsule and start myself on half of the recommended dose. You really can't go wrong that way.

But, returning to BP meds, I lowered my dose only 12.5 mgs at a time, and I stayed on the lower dose for several months before lowering it again. So, it's taken me a year to go from 50mgs to the 12.5 that I currently take.

If you only started two months ago, then I think it's likely that the side-effects you're experiencing are from dropping the dose too quickly, since you went from 100mgs to 50 in such a short period of time.

Since you've been feeling poorly for a while now, I would really consider a re-boot, returning to the dose you felt good on (which I believe was the 75mgs) then after a few months of feeling better at 75mgs, return to ever-so-slowly lowering it, but allowing yourself 2-3 months to adjust to the lower dose before lowering it again.

I mean, this is what I would do, but I am certainly far from an expert. I consider myself at novice level here at EC, among its many erudite contributors. But the one thing I can say with certainty, is that slower is always better.

Niacin Flush
Posted by Timh (Ky) on 04/25/2014 2073 posts

For Mineral Bath I use equal parts Epsom Salts, Baking Soda, Agriculture grade Micronized Mineral Complex, few drops of Ionic Trace Minerals, squirt of Povidone Iodine, and a few rubs of DMSO.

For Kidney Support I take either Cranberry softgels or D Mannose, followed 1 hr later w/ Dr. Christopher's Kidney/Bladder herbal complex.

The Liver protectors are Milk thistle Seeds, Turmeric, and Artichoke Leaves. To increase bile flow, these herbs are recommended: Dandelion Root, Burdock Root, Yellow dock Root, Beet. Chaparral is good liver & kidney cleanser. You might find any number of these formulated together and labeled something like "Milk Thistle Complex". Removing gallstones & kidney stones, and toning up the Liver & Kidneys, should allow for a more free blood flow thus lower blood pressure.

Niacin Flush
Posted by Bee (New York) on 04/24/2014

Oh; thanks for the email. will def. write to you there...

Well let me start at the beginning.. When I was first put on this drug after doctors first trying 5 other meds on me first. None of them worked and then was put on the M..Now that didn't even work that well so they gave me Lisinopril.. but after I read a lot and lost weight and figured out these drugs don't even work I went on the journey of finding other things... But that took me a year and half because I was still believing in what the doctors were telling me.. well fast forward and decided to find the natural cures if possible so I first started with Olive Leaf, Beet juice and Taurine and Magnesium which were all working pretty well but that was also with the 100 mgs. of Metropolol... but then I wanted to get rid of the lisinopril so I stopped that and started on apple cidar vinegar which worked.. So with the M and the other things the pressure was steady most of the time ...

Some of the herbs I was taking were motherwort but I had been using that here and there for awhile but not all the time...I tried Cayenne but it made my pressure go up and not even sure I could even put that on my food now but I sprinkle some here and there for taste .. I do use lemon essential oils but not sure that would make a difference.

Right now I have added COQ10, LCarnitine, ALA, Vit.D and eggplant water along with the ACV and Taurine, Magnesium, Olive Leaf, Beet juice and I drink lemons with cinnamon which I believe work too........It just seems like a lot to take and do .. and hard to remember it all.

So I don't think I was mixing too much at one time but who knows?? I only just introduced the COQ10, LCarnitine and ALA a few weeks ago..but they don't seem to be bothersome.. I want to try some other herbs but not sure now

Thank you

Niacin Flush
Posted by Bee (New York, US) on 04/24/2014

Kelly, forgot to ask you.. How long have you been weaning off this medication..? I just started in February .....I know have to find a new doctor because the clinic I was going to wouldn't help me and the naturopathic doctor who was okay was kind of wrong on this. Only thing she will do more natural things than meds but she does integrate if possible..

I just think like everyone else all doctors want to find something wrong with us. Hey; what did your doctor say about the weaning or how did that go? did they help or did you do this on your own?? Hoping I find some Chinese medicine doctor or something to help me...or maybe a Chiropractor but I know they cant prescribe meds right??

Niacin Flush
Posted by Kelly (Cambridge, Ma) on 04/24/2014

Hi Bee, I know what you mean. I wish we lived closer as well. We can do the next best thing, though - email. My address is: KPNEU dot ED at gmail dot com. Feel free to write anytime.

Re: Your side effects - I saw you mention that you also take herbs. Did you introduce them (and/or any other supplements you're taking) one at a time, allowing 2-4 weeks to make sure they agree with you before adding another supplement?

I'm asking because it's possible that something else could be causing your side-effects, particularly if you started more than one supplement at a time. If you introduced each supplement one at a time and stayed on them for a month or so without problems, then it's probably not the supplements/herbs.

However, if you didn't introduce them one at a time, it's entirely possible that the effects you're feeling have nothing to do with the lower BP med dose, but rather, one of the supplements or a combination of supplements that don't go well together.

I had a some funky effects from Taurine and had to stop taking it. I knew it was the Taurine though, because it was the only thing I'd newly introduced. I never start more than one supplement at a time so that I can easily determine not only whether or not it helps, but also, whether or not it's causing any undesirable side-effects. If I started two different supplements together, I wouldn't know which one caused the benefits or the side-effects.

Anyway! Returning to your BP dose - if you felt well at 75mgs, then despite the disappointment of going backwards, I would go back if it were me. I think it might be a good idea to regroup - go back to where you felt well, and after having a few months of feeling well under your belt, you can give the lower dose another try.

It will also aid in determining whether or not it is the lower dose that's causing your side-effects. If, when you return to 75mgs, you still don't feel well after a couple of weeks, then you'll know that it's something else is causing you to feel that way, not the BP dosage.

Niacin Flush
Posted by Bee (New York) on 04/24/2014

Hi Kelly..

Wow It would be so frustrating to go backwards .... well I take 25mgs. at about 10 a.m. and then try and wait to 9:30 PM but sometimes that is way too long and start getting the aweful side effects but I read to wait 12 hours a piece.. sometimes it works and sometimes it doesn't..

Last night I was having aweful side effects about 7 pm already and thinking its way too early to take a pill so I waited but I could barely stand up and walk and the side effects started....So I only last until about 8:30 pm and that was okay... I lasted all night until the morning but that doesn't happen everyday....and I slept pretty well but I drank some magnesium and I also use some herbs but they don't seem to work all that well. I think apple cidar vinegar helps with palpitations for me.. but its not always available.

Okay maybe I should just take a half pill when needed but don't exceed 75mgs.. until I feel okay. Its just that I don't have the release pill but I notice that doesn't really matter so much.. Like if I am feeling horrible at 7 pm but it isn't time for a pill maybe I should just take it anyway and then hope I can last through the night.

What do you think?

Thank you so much.. wish we lived near each other and could support each other on this LOL

Niacin Flush
Posted by Bee (New York, US) on 04/24/2014

Andrea.. I am not sure who you are speaking to but yes I do take COQ10 about 400 mgs. per day I was using for hbp. amongst other things I am trying out. I do check all interactions and things but I rarely ask a doctor about much because they dont know much about that stuff.....I also as the pharmacist when I remember.

Oh; I did try the Niacin and got the flush and felt ill.....So I stopped that but now I have the B vitamins all together in one pill...I tried that and felt okay.. The mgs. of Niacin in there was like just 50mgs... Yes my pee was yellow..................I thought I needed B vitamins as I am mostly vegetarian but my diet is really good so I wont take them everyday... Maybe three times a week or so.. See how I feel and how it goes..

Since people were raving about B vitamins I thought I would try them.. I do eat a lot of veggies and raw and quinoa and fish, eggs and grains and some fruits...My diet is not the SA Diet. Mostly organic and pretty clean.....Not a whole lot of sugar either..

so now I am confused about the B vitamins

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Posted by Kelly (Cambridge, Ma) on 04/24/2014

Thanks again, Timh. What do you use for your weekly mineral bath?

And for kidney/liver support - Milk Thistle? That's something I haven't tried, though I've read many good things about it. Some, whose opinions I respect, suggest taking it every day, whether you're ailing or not.

Niacin Flush
Posted by Kelly (Cambridge, Ma) on 04/24/2014

Hi Bee,

Yes, I would return to the 75mgs. In fact, I almost suggested that in my previous post. I would stay at that dose for a minimum of 2-3 months. I mentioned the 6 month time frame figuratively to indicate that there is no set time frame - that 'if it takes 6 months, then it takes 6 months'.

Take as long as you need to feel stable and well. Then, once you notice that things have leveled off and you do feel well, wait a few months before going any lower.

Slow and steady wins the race. :)

Niacin Flush
Posted by Andrea C (Wales) on 04/24/2014

The information you've been given about dosing Niacin is all wrong!! It's way too high to start off with. Go to and look under Niacin.

Also, CQ10 (coenzyme q10) will lower your blood pressure better than anything a Dr can give you without unnecessary side effects at all. 150mg 3 times daily.

And it could be your B3 levels (Niacin. niacinamide) are at full saturation. And other people just can't tolerate it at all. And B3 should also be taken with a full vit b complex as they all work in synergy (together)

And always take Niacin with food, This will take all if most of the flush symptoms away at out stopping it from doing its full job.

And always take any B vitamins with food as their water soluble and you'll pee most or all of it out. But any your body doesn't need, will come out anyway and turn your wee yellow

Please everyone, before you take anything, check for drug/food/supplement interactions between them all. And whether you should take them with, before, or after food. And go at your own pace and ALWAYS start at the lowest dose.

Its not 'follow my leader'' and getting it wrong could have a serious outcome. And never start out on a ''slow release' if it doesn't suit you, then it's not leaving your system in a short time Therefore you are going to end up in big trouble as once it takes effect, you can't stop it.

And some people can't metabolize certain things quickly, or not at all. I am mixed race, and different races can't break down certain things in their livers, this is also problematic with Medication.

Their 'Race specific' which means what one race is ok with will hurt or kill another? Don't swallow nothing until you ask a Pharmacist about this. And if they don't know, then find someone that does and know's all the scientific data to back it all up.

Love Andrea C xxxx

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Posted by Timh (Ky) on 04/24/2014 2073 posts

You are welcome. If you can find time every once-in-a-while, whole body hot Mineral Baths will do much better job than the F.B. I take the F.B. daily and Whole Body weekly as I have severe acidosis and mineral loss problems.

For H.B.P. I have consistently improved by supporting and/or cleansing the Liver and Kidneys.

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Posted by Bee (New York) on 04/23/2014

HI Kelly

Well I am still having side effects at 50mgs.....I don't feel like seeing another doctor because I don't trust them much anymore.. was wondering and I realize you are not a doctor but I was thinking maybe going back to 75mgs. for awhile and then back to 50 again..

would that be too crazy and going backwards..I would def. get confused but these side effects are aweful....

If I stay at 50 are you saying stay there for six months?

Niacin Flush
Posted by Kelly (Cambridge, Ma) on 04/23/2014

Hi Bee,

Yes, it sounds like the side-effects you experienced were a result of lowering the dose too quickly. Slow is always best - the slower, the better. I would stay with the 50mgs for a few months. In fact, I would stay there for 6 months if that's how long it took for me to feel better. As you wrote; "There's no rush." :)

Niacin Flush
Posted by Kelly (Cambridge, Ma) on 04/23/2014

Hi Timh,

Thanks so much for your input. I appreciate it. I actually do epsom salts foot baths occasionally, and you're right - they certainly are soothing.

The magnesium spray comes in handy for those occasions when, for practical reasons (i.e. I'm at work), I am unable to soak. And to be honest, there are a lot of evenings, after a very long day, that come bedtime, I'm just too sore and tired to soak, so I use the spray and hit the hay! :)

I am going to make a concerted effort to soak more frequently, though. Thanks, again!

Niacin Flush
Posted by Timh (Ky) on 04/23/2014 2073 posts

Kelly: If you need Magnesium and you have stressed feet, you would very likely benefit from Epsom Salt (Magnesium Sulfate) Foot Baths. I have taken E.S.F.B (plus more minerals) daily for more than a decade.

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Posted by Bee (New York, US) on 04/22/2014

Hi Kelly

I am wondering if the extended release has less side effects.. I was first on 100 mgs. on the regular Metropolol and went down to 75 and was okay... I did that for about 6 weeks or so... Thinking that is too fast. The doctor said two weeks to lower and She was wrong ... Then when I went to 50 after a few weeks and I started having headaches and palpitations and feeling all around aweful.Probably did that too fast.... It def. felt like a detox.. I am doing it slower now but I am going to stay at 50 for awhile and yes most likely two months because of side effects. I read a dozen things online about it and some people have dozens of issues, some have none and I am somewhere in the middle.. I don't like the feeling.. I also get the jitters and all when it comes close to taking half at night again..I read online if you feel okay some days wait l5 minutes more to take the medication than your regular time. I have been trying that..

Oh; I probably went down to 50mgs. too fast so going to wait a bit longer for the next lower dosage.. As I read online no rush :)

thanks for helping me in this journey.

take care

Niacin Flush
Posted by Kelly (Cambridge, Ma) on 04/22/2014

Hi Bee,

I was taking 50mg's of extended-release Metoprolol per day and am now down to 12.5mg's per day. I went very slowly, staying about two months on a dose before lowering it again.

I had more side-effects when I was on the higher dose than I've had on the lower. I used to get hand, leg and foot cramping on the higher dose. Back then, I tried Magnesium for the cramping with little success. I've found that with the lower dose of Metoprolol, the Magnesium all but eliminates the cramping. (Or perhaps just the lower dose itself eliminated the cramping? Either way, I'll take it! ) :)

I settled on the Magnesium spray after trying every form of Magnesium imaginable (oxide, chloride, citrate, glycinate) - all of which, had a laxative effect with me, even in smaller doses. The spray doesn't have that effect and as a bonus, since I am on my feet most of each day, I find that the spray magnesium helps soothe my end-of-the-day achy calves/feet as well.

My only complaint with the lower dose of Metoprolol, is that I get lightheaded at times. Sometimes, it's only once a day - others, it's 2-3 times a day. Every once in a while, I'll go a day without feeling lightheaded at all, but those days are few by comparison.

I would love to resolve that issue as it often hits me when I'm not at home, which can be unsettling. I hoped it would resolve itself as I adjusted to the lower dose, but I've been on the lower dose for months now, so it's not looking promising that it will self-resolve.

At this point, it's probably safe to assume that it is unrelated to the Metoprolol, so I have been looking into other natural ways to resolve it. Hope I find one, soon!

Niacin Flush
Posted by Bee (New York) on 04/21/2014

Hi Kelly, Thanks for the info...One thing I wanted to ask you? Are you having any side effects before or so far or now from weaning off Metropolol (sp) .. or maybe you were on a small dose.. I am also doing Magnesium but I had the oil but didn't seem to work as well as the one one drinks....

Thank You

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Posted by Kelly (Cambridge, Ma) on 04/14/2014

Hi Bee, I was taking a lot of supplements when I first began this journey. Through trial/error and process of elimination, I honed in on the few that seemed to work best, and have stayed with those. I have a cabinet full of supplements that didn't work for me. I could open a kiosk at the mall. :) There were many supplements that helped others that seemed to make my BP worse. Vitamin E is one example. I took natural E (vs. synthetic) starting with a small dose of 200mgs/day and every time I took it, I could hear my BP pounding in my ears a few hours later. Though I understood that the reaction was not abnormal, I hated it and had to stop using it. I now get my E from food. I make sure to include several servings per day of sunflower seeds, almonds, spinach and/or Swiss chard. Something else I use that I'm not sure I mentioned was Magnesium. I've tried many forms and again, through trial/error, settled on Magnesium chloride in a spray bottle that I spray on my legs/feet twice a day. The BP pills are a challenge to split into 1/4's, but my pill splitter does a decent job. First I cut in half, then I take the half and position it in the cutter so that it Will cut the 1/2's into 1/4's. If your pills are too small to do that, then perhaps a mortar and pestle would be worth a try? You could grind up the half pill then separate the powder to make two 1/4 doses. Re: Flush-free Niacin. Most flush-free's are in the form of niacinamide, which didn't help me at all when I tried it. I even tried the timed-release version. As I mentioned, I am going to try the flush-free form of Niacin called inositol hexanicotinate, that came well-recommended here on EC. It should arrive this week. I am my own lab rat. :)

Niacin Flush
Posted by Bee (New York, US) on 04/13/2014

Hi Kelly;

I am wondering are you splitting your pills into quarters? how are you doing that? I find it even tough to split the pills in half.. I have a pill cutter too. Well I did find the no flush Niacin in regular health food store but haven't gotten it yet .. but at least they have it.

Its good to know you don't have to use too many things to lower your bp. doesn't sound like a lot.. good for you

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Posted by Kelly (Cambridge, Ma) on 04/12/2014

Hi Bee, No, I have not tried nattokinase or serrapeptase. I did a lot of research on both before deciding not to try them, though.

After reading hundreds of reviews posted by people who have tried one or the other, I found that the most common complaint was dizziness that was so severe, they had to stop taking it. Since I am very prone to dizziness (if I even turn my head too fast, my head will spin for a few seconds), I thought; "Noooo thank you! " :)

Niacin Flush
Posted by Bee (New York, US) on 04/11/2014

Hi Kelly;

thanks for the information and great job.

Yes I am trying your remedy of the COQ10 and Carnitine and ALA... I also use Vit.D and E and yes apple cidar vinegar on most days.......and some other things.. I think I get enough potassium from raw veggies and things..

Yes my diet is pretty good.. I don't eat red meat because I don't like it.. I eat fish and veggies and limited fruits.. Eggs and no cheese and very limited dairy but I have been this way for a very long time so I think I am used to it... everything in moderation... The woman in health food store told me to juice and I will but I know I wont get in habit of it though.

oh; So I am down to 50mgs. of the medication and am doing it very slowly as suggested.....Okay keep up good work and thank you

Oh; I also do EFT and listen to binaural beats on utube for hypertension ..It puts me to sleep at night and calms the nerves. Oh; do you think you would ever take natokinase or serrapeptase..?? thanks again

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Posted by Kelly (Cambridge, Ma) on 04/11/2014

Hi Bee,

I currently take 100mg's of CoQ10 twice a day, 1 capsule twice a day of the Acetyl-L-Carnitine 800/Alpha Lipoic Acid 400 combo and a big clove of chopped garlic each day. I also sip on potassium broth or potassium-rich coconut water all day.

I am down to only 1/4 tablet of my BP medicine (Metoprolol) and hope to get off of it entirely, soon. I'm not quite there yet, though.

I eat very clean and also try to keep my blood sugar from spiking by eating more frequently. I don't have blood sugar issues, but I've found that keeping things steady has helped my BP some.

Like you, I've tried many, many natural treatments, including all of the ones I've seen you mention. It truly is a trial and error process and there's really no way around it since what works for one person might not for another.

There was a time when ACV worked well for me, but for whatever reason, it ceased to work about a year ago and I've spent the past year trying different combinations. At this point, there's not much I haven't tried.

I'm happy to be down to 1/4 of my BP medicine, though. I'm getting there! You will, too. :)

Niacin Flush
Posted by Bee (New York, US) on 04/10/2014

Hi Kelly Thanks for the info.. Yes I do see some flush free Niacin.

What else are you trying? I did up my COQ10 and I am using the LCarnitine and Taurine and ACV among other things..Hopefully something will work but weaning off these meds are a challenge..

I know that when I had lost a lot of weight and walked 2 miles a day my bp was fine.. Now I have gained some weight back .. still walking but not as much. It must take awhile to figure it all out.... how are you doing?? thank you

Niacin Flush
Posted by Kelly (Cambridge, Ma) on 04/09/2014

Bee, I ordered my Inositol Hexanicotinate (flush-free Niacin) from Amazon, so if you copy/paste what I italicized above into Amazon's search box, you'll find the brand.

It should appear as the second result of the search (white bottle w/ yellow cap). It's very inexpensive, which is always a plus. :)

Niacin Flush
Posted by Mike62 (Denver, CO) on 04/08/2014

Bee: The same thing happened to me that is happening to you. People condemn carbs and recommend isolates. These ideas bogged me down in a quagmire and prevented me from getting well for many years. Eventually I learned that whether people are sick or well they require fuel. Nutrients require enzymes and activators. Nutritionists for world class athletes do not recommend isolated amino acids. They recommend non denatured whey. For fuel I take activated barley, home brewed water kefir, organic whole sugar, fruit, and raw honey. For fat I take expeller pressed coconut oil and black chia seeds. For protein and nutrients I take a variety of concentrates. For oil soluble nutrients I take skate liver oil.

Niacin Flush
Posted by Dave (Fountain Inn, Sc) on 04/08/2014

Hello Bee,

Re Niacin/ flush

The "" web site has a great stand alone article on niacin written by Dr. Hoffer (MD;PhD).

You mention you are taking 500mg and that is way too much for someone not used to the effect. I take 250 and only after eating something so the niacin is not too strong too fast. There is timed released niacin that you might be able to tolerate better.

The Hoffer article (google "doctor yourself niacin") and you will find the article is lengthy and talks a lot about psychological issues that B3 can help with.

I HIGHLY recommend that article.

Niacin Flush
Posted by Bee (New York, US) on 04/08/2014

Hi Kelly

Okay I will look for that kind although have never heard of it.. I know you can't post names of companies on here. Anyway; I too am now using the LCarnitine, ALA and upped my COQ10 to 400 mgs... plus other things I am trying as I am slowly weaning off the medication.. very slowly LOL .. I am also trying that water cure with sea salt and the eggplant water.. geezzz Louise something has to work LOL Oh; I am going to invest in the Nattokinase.. are you? Being I am almost 60 it might be a good idea.. Thank You

Niacin Flush
Posted by Mike62 (Denver, CO) on 04/08/2014

Bee: For b vitamins I take desiccated liver, and green smoothies from organic baby leaves. I don't take any isolates. The sooner you take the concentrates and stop taking the isolates the sooner you can function optimally. Wild animals don't take isolates. There are hundreds of videos of raw foodists who don't take any isolates. Ron Teagarden doesn't put any isolates in his all in one formula. B vitamins only work for five hours so take concentrates frequently.

Niacin Flush
Posted by Kelly (Cambridge, Ma) on 04/08/2014

Hi Bee,

Yes, there are flush-free forms of Niacin. Niacinamide is what most would recommend, but I saw a recent post (I believe it was from Bill, whose expertise I certainly trust) recommending a different flush-free version called Inositol Hexanicotinate.

I actually ordered some myself and am awaiting its shipment as I've tried Niacinamide in the past and didn't experience any significant results.

While my BP has improved with the latest addition of the Acetyl-L-Carnitine/Alpha Lipoic Acid combo, I am with you on this journey! :)

Niacin Flush
Posted by Bee (New York, US) on 04/08/2014

I took some B3 and had that flush. it was aweful.. Is there anyway to take B3 or get something without getting that flush. Is that flush okay to get anyway.. any effects from it.. Not sure I could get used to that. I do have B vit. but only amt. of Niacin in there is 50mgs.. I took 500 which was recommended for healthy bp...thank You

Niacin Tips
Posted by Bill (San Fernando, Philippines) on 02/09/2014
5 out of 5 stars

The best way to take larger dose niacin is with a meal, which extends the release of niacin into the blood over a longer period of time due to digestion, thus helping to reduce the flush effect. The other thing you can do is just take an aspirin 20 mins before you take the niacin. Aspirin helps to open up the capillaries but in a different way(no flush) and this will also help to reduce the niacin flush.

I've been taking a higher dose of niacin for quite a while now, wouldn't be without it.

I've found that niacin, when taken at the higher dose, is perhaps the most relaxing vitamin or mineral that I have ever experienced (Magnesium Chloride comes pretty close though). I always sleep like a baby whenever I take 500 mgs in the evening.

If you haven't got high blood pressure or heart problems then niacinamide (no flush form) is fine to use for all its immune boosting and other health benefits.

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