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Skin Cancer
Posted by Laura G. (Waco TX) on 02/20/2023


I had started taking Luteolin about 2 months for my eyes as it is supposed to be good for that. I haven't noticed that my eyes are a whole lot better but the skin cancers on my arm and hands have nearly healed up. Fortunately I don't scar as much as some people as I have 10-12 inches of scars on my face from skin cancer, so I am pleased that they are doing so well. Keep in mind that I take a lot of other supplements that had not made any difference to my skin cancer, but Vitamin A and Vitamin C as well as other supplements may be synergistic.

I'm wondering if Luteolin is so good for skin cancer, what might it do for other cancers? A cancer cure in the health food store would be a boon to mankind.