Health Benefits of Colloidal Gold: An Ultimate Wellness Guide

Mood-Enhancer, Energy
Posted by Chaia (Jacksonville, Florida) on 06/15/2022

I take one to one & a half tablespoons of colloidal gold every other day. The only reason I take it every other day & not daily is bc it seems to stay with me & I seem to still feel the effects of the gold. I also started feeling a little bit of an upset tummy if taken daily so I've found it works best if I consume every other day. I do find that my brain function & my energy levels have increased, which I am extremely happy for that. I also noticed that I feel less depressed now after I've been taking it for 4-5 weeks. I am super happy that I found out about this stuff. I am one month away from my 49th birthday & honestly I no longer feel like I am only a year away from being 50 years old, I feel more like I am 50 years young. Thanks for reading my experience.