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Betaine During Pregnancy
Posted by ThatOrganicPanic (United States of America) on 10/27/2021

Bile Salts/Betaine HCL during pregnancy causing heart palpitations??

I'm 11wks pregnant and for the last few weeks my heart palpitations were intense and scary and very frequent - I had about 20 yesterday from noon til bed, mostly during meals - I expect it to happen more during pregnancy as you're pumping more blood but this was getting intense, I've also been taking "Essential Stacks" - "Upgraded Betain HCL" which contains ox bile, betain, ginger, pepsin, and gentian root.

I never thought I had a problem with these but it might be the cause because today I didn't take them just to see and my heart palpitations are MUCH less....I've only had maybe 2 since noon and it's not 5:30 and I feel much better. I was reading that if you have a thyroid problem these can make it worse, so now I'm wondering if I indeed have a thyroid problem so I started taking iodine again, and avoiding the bile salts. Anyone else have these issues with bile salts?? Do you think I should be taking this during pregnancy at all anyway?

I'm just super worried now as if I don't take these I tend to get super constipated. What other stuff might you recommend? I was thinking about ACV pills instead maybe as drinking it hurts my teeth.

Any thoughts would be greatly appreciated!