B-Complex Health Benefits and Side Effects

Importance of Thiamine
Posted by Janet (In) on 08/03/2018
5 out of 5 stars

Regarding thiamine, I thought I might include everyone in our journey.

The need for this one critical nutrient is staggering. Ted mentions it frequently. As I said, somehow I missed how critical this is.

To paraphrase Dr. Lonsdale, you are starving and malnourished, to put it bluntly. I suspect that is why so many of us must jump through hoops, to get well.

I suggest that all those hoops are not necessary. To back up, the critical elimination of toxins is part of the story. As is alkalinity, anyone that has experienced the far-reaching healing of bicarbonate of soda knows.

This B1 experiment of mine has been an eye-opening healing journey. Not the honeymoon effect. "Oh my gosh, I feel great" to the general slide back into symptoms. Or I only get so much better, then stop.

It has brought it's trials. Sending me back to Google and Dr Lonsdales wonderful book. For my husband and I different issues. Muscle cramping. Soreness. Just addressing those two things, nearly makes my point.

One thing Dr Lonsdale shows in his case studies is oral as opposed to IV treatment. I imagine buying his book would answer specific questions regarding a particular problem that seems insurmountable. POTS, debilitating exhaustion, fatty liver disease, diabetes, Parkinson's, memory loss and many other serious illnesses.

Having underlying issues can be brought to light. Specifically in low vitamin B, magnesium, potassium. I have been reading several personal blogs of various people using high dose B1. To find the results of others.

Some experience a "too much" feeling, a sense that they have revved up their system too much. Considering many read every article thinking they will find a miracle 1 answer fix, seldom looking at the big picture. Just try something, anything. If you look deeper there are some helps for oral dosing. Although again, look to Dr. Lonsdale's book regarding IV treatment.

Having your magnesium, potassium levels up seems prudent. Although for myself having IBS d taking too much of either is a thoughtful endeavour. To my surprise, careful raising of both and B vitamins, L Taurine, NAC, I have not had an issue. I can even use magnesium oil in water. Never something that was possible for me. Having no lower intestine.

So if trying this, I suggest hair mineral analysis. I certainly did not know my levels were low. As I had been able to supplement magnesium mostly topically. Sparingly through ingestion. My low potassium was a surprise though. Easily fixed with potassium bicarbonate added to my alkalinity drink, 1/4 tsp. And potassium citrate.

The biggest surprise of all, and almost as good as Christmas morning when you're 5 years old! Iodine! I am one of those people that cannot ingest iodine. More than one drop, I get ill. I can use it topically and do. My need for it is so obvious now, lol. Who knew? I am absorbing it too apparently. As the skin test shows. Orange would remain hours later. Whereas now. It is all seemingly absorbed. I have painted both my hands. Clear in hours. Normally a drop or 2 linger, linger, linger. Along with this, a solid real effect on my CFS/MCS. The mold sensitivity, still there but diminished greatly.

The other thing you may think about, niacinamide. Ted talks a great deal re this one healer. Another thing I had to be cautious of. It made me sleepy. I have discovered I can take his recommended doses freely. Which in turn, turns a so so healing into real progress.

The other Bs I take individually, riboflavin, B5 as panthenol or pantethine if I cannot find it, Choline inositol, Biotin, Paba. Every 2 or 3 days. The Thiamine, which I alternate, Allithiamine and Thiamine Mononitrate, b6 as P5P, Niacinamide (500mg 3x a day) every day.

I want to mention briefly hormones, you can look to Ted's remedies to further your understanding. If you are over 35, I strongly suggest you look. Intestinal health. Correct digestion, thyroid health, correct hormone levels rule. They are the stuff of life.

Vitamin D3, You can get this tested or order a home test through, Grassroots Health. Human life is ruled by the sun as is everything on the planet. It would only make sense to investigate your levels. Build a rock-solid foundation for the nutritional absorption you need every day.