B-Complex Health Benefits and Side Effects

Posted by Americantwin (Indianapolis, In) on 09/14/2012
5 out of 5 stars

Choline (often taken w/Inositol) has a noticeable effect on brain function, usually in a short time after starting it. Choline is a B vitamin but is not included in B complex supplements in large enough proportions, ( 1,000 mg ) to help mental ability. Choline is great for the liver! You will notice toxic-overload symptoms (nausea, flu-like symptoms) disappearing in a matter of weeks, also. My daughter and I have taken both for years without any noticeable adverse reactions. A chemist at Now Foods told me that Choline supplements are not made from soy (see posted reaction to soy). However, lecithin (from soy) is a source of Cholin, (sometimes spelled without the "e") as are dandelions and egg yolks. Cholin is supposed to be good for the kidneys and I'm puzzled why its properties aren't more praised among the health-minded groups. It's a supplement I would not be without. However, here are some supposed symptoms of excess: (none of which I have personally experienced)

1.) Excess increases muscle tone, causing temporary stiffness or tension

2) Excess is said to cause a fishy smell to skin

3) Choline is said to lower blood pressure

Be careful. Certain distributers try to trick you by labeling the bottle:

Choline/Inositol 500/500mg

when in fact each capsule is only 250 mg. You'll need 1000 mg daily to really tell a difference in your mental capacity, liver function, etc.

Feedback from others appreciated.

500/500 mg