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Health Benefits of UV Light Therapy

| Modified on Dec 12, 2016
Tooth Infection
Posted by Kate (Uk) on 11/27/2016

I found UV Light Therapy unexpectedly helpful for a tooth infection, but information on the web is conflicted: WHO reckons exposure to UV makes some viral infections worse - elsewhere it's being used positively to clean hospitals and as a way of cleaning bacteria from skin. UV lights for reptiles are extremely cheap but it's hard to judge how powerful they are - mine is a Vitamin D/psoriasis lamp which is brilliant for well being but relatively expensive (which is a bit against the cheap home remedies ethos of Earth Clinic).

The one thing I want to emphasise is the importance of looking after your eyes when experimenting with UVB. Even reptiles can get a nasty condition from looking in the lamp too long - proper eye protection is essential.

I would be really interested to hear about other people's experiences. I've got more (I think very positive) to add about mine, but I want to live with it for a bit longer before jumping the gun.