Natural Cures Using Urine

Posted by M (Milan, Italy) on 05/29/2010

Greetings, I wanted to know, I'd begun practicing urine therapy just a bit ago, first beginning to apply it to my face and now ingesting it. However, I wondered, I have two small moles, that I've had all my life, and which I would not like to disappear. Do you think internally ingesting urine will cause them to disappear? thanks...

General Feedback
Posted by John (Plymouth, Ma) on 08/24/2011

Get the book called, "Your Own Perfect Medicine. " By Martha Christie... You can get it at the library... It explains in detail with many, many testimonials and real names including Dr's...

God speed...

Auto Immune Diseases
Posted by Agnieszka (Dublin, Ireland) on 08/24/2011

No, it is not. You need to drink your own urine because only your own urine contains nutrients and antibodies specific to your own body. So if you're looking to treat an auto-immune disease, introduce your own antibodies from urine and not somebody else's - this way you're treating YOUR illness. Best of luck!

Auto Immune Diseases
Posted by Tony (Vancouver, Bc, Canada) on 07/21/2011

Hello, I was wondering if urine therapy can help in autoimmunine diseases either internal take or external use on affected skin disorder.

One important question that I couldn't find the answer for:

Is it safe and more effective to use a healthy, athletic guy mid-stream morning urine who is not using any drug or meds, for urine therapy?

Posted by David (Long Island, NY) on 09/20/2008

"The Water of Life" by J W Armstrong has many examples about urine therapy.

Posted by Barkha (Dubai) on 02/01/2012
5 out of 5 stars

My mom always said when I was a teenager to apply first urine or spit on my acne and we did that now I am almost 50 and if I spot I do put my spit had forgotten the urine.

Posted by Ilgrp4e (Glendale Hts, Il) on 01/31/2012
5 out of 5 stars

Urine works wonders! It cleared my cystic acne and I wish I would've known at first I found out about this therapy years after and it's awesome! And as long as you drink a lot of water it doesn't even smell. I put it on as a toner and leave it all day. No biggie! My friends think I am crazy but I am sure they would try it if they had acne too. ;)

Posted by Megan (Calgary, Ab) on 01/26/2012
5 out of 5 stars

Hey, I just wanted to let everyone wondering about UT for acne that I tried it last night for the first time and it already made a huge difference that even people at my work noticed. All I did was pee in a cup, dip a cotton ball in it and rub it over my face, also holding it on the larger pimples for 30ish seconds. Didnt smell at all (could be because I eat very healthy and drink alot of water) and within 10 mins my fiance and I saw a difference in the size of my pimples. I left it on overnight though, it dries quickly and if you don't let yourself think about that it's urine, you can live exactly the same as when you didn't have it on your face. Also, I have severe acne so to see results almost instantly, is amazing, a dream come true, and it's FREE!!!

So if you suffer from any kind of acne, I would try this because if it worked for my stubborn acne, it should work for you too!!! I couldn't be more happy or more excited :)

Hair Care
Posted by Francisca (Zug, Zug, Switzerland) on 01/06/2012

I tried it on my hair as I read that the hair becomes soft and shiny. Unfortunately, after trying two times my hair smelled horribly and felt dry and surely didn't shine. Then I decided to rinse it to get rid of the smell but it still didn't look any nicer so.... I don't think that I will try again!

Now I tried washing it with baking soda, no problems with the smell but again it looked dry and lifeless. I would like to ditch commercial shampoos but I don't want to go around looking like an idiot. The next thing I will try will be nothing at all, just washing with water and maybe once in a while diluted baking soda, not the powder directly on my hair. I suppose having dyed hair presents some problems as the structure of the hair is not the same as natural hair! Wish me luck.....

Seborrheic Dermatitis
Posted by Cathy (Blackhawk, Co) on 01/05/2012
5 out of 5 stars

Urine therapy thus far is working beautifully on my newly resurfaced facial seborrhea dermatitis-applied locally, just seems to have a mind of it's own and knows exactly what to do to heal it--about 90plus % gone after only one week. Highly recommended for those who suffer with this condition.

Posted by Skhathele (Jhb, South Africa) on 10/12/2011

Hi does urine remove the dark marks from the face?

Posted by Mike (Los Angeles, Ca) on 03/15/2011
5 out of 5 stars

Once the acne starts to heal (urine therapy works well for this), daily (preferably at night), cut a lemon in half and rub the lemon over your acne scars. Don't rub the lemon on active acne, just the scars. Works wonders for reducing the appearance of scars. Be sure to use an SPF on the areas you apply the lemon. Best of luck - hang in there!

Posted by Carlos (Barcelona, Spain) on 01/05/2011
5 out of 5 stars

Definately cocoa butter is one of the best things Ive used it gives a nice compexion. Its difficult to find it raw pure withut perfume. I did. All u can find is a brand that starts with P and ends in R but its not as good. Honesly I have not used cocoa again after using urine therapy. Ive tried eveything and nothing beats Urine. Try also coconut oil but urine over night is unbeatable. Put it on leave it all nigt then come here in the morning and tell me how it goes.

Posted by Lisa (Lafayette, La) on 10/20/2010

Hi. My sister has the same problem as you, acne on face. I suggested urine therapy, topically, to her. She tried it, and said after four days, she noticed nothing. I then suggested borax, from laundry aisle at store, mixed with water to make a thin paste, and applied nightly. She began to do this, and said she has noticed a drying and shrinking of zits like nothing else she has ever tried. Her husband has good insurance, and her doctor has prescribed $400.00 medicine to her, it never worked. Nothing worked but the borax. Try that. Good luck!

Posted by Kgomotso (Johannesburg, Gauteng, South Africa) on 10/12/2010

Hi guys. I'm a 31 yr old female and I have lived with acne since I was 14, that's a long time. All I know is a pimply face, I don't know the meaning of smooth it's a shame. I always have pimples, no break for me and a whole lot of spot scars. I started today using urine on my face after washing with hot water only and pat drying. I just wanna know if applying my urine 3 times a day is enough and how much of it should I drink and how many times a day too. Please someone tell me there's hope for me especially in getting rid of my acne scars! Thank you in advance.

Posted by John T. (Miami Beach, Florida) on 09/25/2010
5 out of 5 stars

I had a very persistent skin (maybe fungal?) infection on my foot that itched and oozed a liquid from me scratching it. It spreads very easily. I tried Neosporin and it only made it worse. I tried medicated powders are they didn't work either. Then I remembered hearing about urine and I decided to give it a try. I pee'd on my foot and let it dry. I saw an immediate improvement in that it stopped oozing and the wound began to dry. I pee'd on it for the next few days and the inflamation went away and the skin began to repair itself. Not only does UT work - it works at lightning speed. I have no doubt the infection will completely clear up if I continue the treatment - peeing on my foot. Seriously, it's amazing.

Posted by Rose (Barcelona, Spain) on 09/15/2010

To Carlos from Barcelona,

You're the one that used cocoa butter for skin with excellent results too? Are you still using it? Where can I find it? Thanks

Posted by Addy (Flowery Branch, Ga) on 09/13/2010

A friend of mine from Colombia once described the urine therapy her mother taught her and honestly, I havent had the guts to try it. She swears by it and her being over 35, she looks amazing.. As you describe, early 20s. Hmmm.. Got me thinking. :)

Posted by Carlos (Barcelona, Spain) on 09/13/2010
5 out of 5 stars

I just found Urine Therapy by chance. I could not but give it a try as a topical aid. MY first time it burned a bit and did not see much improvement, but when I leave it all night and woke up in the morning my skin was amazing. This is a gift from God than only few people is able to learn and... Take to practice. Ive tried tasting it, just a bit. I can imagine the benefits of drinking it gotta be wonderful just looking at the effect it has on skin. Better than Apple Cider Vinegar not as strong. No need to mix, its free, you know for sure its compatible with your body cause you absically created it. If it did not do harm to your body before leaving its not gonna do any harm if you put it back in. I don't know the science behind it curing ailments but I cant wait to start. Everytime I pee and push the toilet I feel bad for all the nutrients and benefits I know Im missing just for not having enough courage to drink it. Another use I found is teeth whitening. It does work with 1 application. Either gargle or brush.

So to resume, in less than 48h I have an amazing complexion even tone specially aorund my eyes, a bright white hollywood smilea nd less razor bumps. I think the best way to use might be at night before bed. I feel so sorry that I can't tell this to anybody I know my mother would benefit from this she is 60 BUT I know she would think I've gone nuts and really need help or obsessed with beauty. But to tell the truth, I dont care. Image and looks is everything, litterally everything in the world we live in. I look in the mirror and I see I look like 20 years ago. Thanks to ACV, manuka honey and now Urine. I dont care what anybody thinks. The same people disgusted at UT do every kind of bizzare unhigienic stuff with sex. So I dont care anybody judging me. We know the truth I laugh at ignorance. I have perfect glowing skin without spending a penny or harm my health. Im happy that there is already feedback on this Earclinic is my favourite comunity and I just came to share it ASAP.

My skin has the elasticity and freshness of my teenage years. I'm 30 now but nobody would say they always say early 20s

Posted by Nanette (Los Angeles, Ca) on 02/14/2010

Hi Rebel! Oil pulling is also very good at removing skin problems. You can search it on this site and there is also lots about it on the web. I had a bumpy rash for years on my pelvis, I oil pulled for two - three weeks and it went away and hasn't returned.

Glad the urine therapy is working, too. I just started drinking mine this past week. Nanette

Posted by Rebel (Somewhere, America) on 02/05/2010
4 out of 5 stars

Well the don't knock it til you try it, very well could be urine therapy! I have battled a rash on and off for over 4 years now. I have diagnosed myself with morgellons, hives, ezema,candida and other fungus and maybe even some kind of infection. Well let me tell you, I still don't know what it is, but it goes away and comes back with a vengance.

I have tried everything you could imagine that has been here on Earth Clinic. Coconut oil, niacinamade, vinegar, baking soda, and even the Mini Beet Protocol. It has gotten better doing these things, but never completly goes away.

Well anyone who has been following these posts knows that I got very ill from the MBP and had to discontinue it as a healing practice. Then BAM, all over me RASH like crazy.

Hey The-phoenix, this is what I spoke of in my last post, Self Diagnosis. What is this crap on me, I thought I had treated it for everthing. My next step was going to be Grapefruit Seed Extract, but no time to wait on that by mail. So I started back here on Earth Clinic and carefully read through different posts and came across urine therapy. So many people, making so many claims about mystery illnesses completly be cured or greatly improved.

So I thought well, I am not going to drink my urine, no way. But I didn't mind putting it on my skin. So in a bottle I collect some of my urine and onto the rash it goes. This was not even my first urine of the morning as it was suppose to be. I left it on all night, next morning looking better. But remember I have had improvement before, but was never cured.

The next morning, I collected my first urine and put it on the rash. Later that night before bed I washed it off. The rash seemed a little angry on the third morning. I collected again and treated, only this time, I washed it off after an hour. The redness is almost gone, and it truely looks like it is completely going away. It even appears as if the scarring I have had over the years is even fading.

I will let everyone know how this turns out. I will be knocking on wood, hoping this is a cure. But even if I have to use it everyday, if it keeps it from itching and keeps the redness away, I will use it everyday. So soon I will know if UT is a treatment or a cure.

There are alot of different ways to use urine and I found a couple good sites for detox and urine therapy. and are awesome sites.

I will be hoping and praying this is a cure! I think, I may have skin allergies or food allergies now. But what ever it is it sure seems this time it is fading completely away. All the times before you could still see the dark pink colors of the bumps, they seem to be fading.

Sorry for so long of a post and sorry if I repeated myself. I am so excited!

Posted by Muscles (Granada Hills, Ca) on 01/29/2010

Thank you so much for your comment on using urine to cure acne. I've been suffering with acne since high school but ever since last year I've had severe acne due to "who knows what". I've heard about using your own urine but I never thought I would try it until my grandma told me about it 2 days ago. I figured if they did it in her days maybe it does work. So far I did it twice already. It's not that bad unless you think about it. I haven't noticed anything yet but I'll keep you updated.

Posted by Tony (London, UK) on 07/16/2009
5 out of 5 stars

Hi there, read the comments on Urine Therapy and thought, 'why the hell not?'. I've been using it on my face for the last 2 weeks, one to two times a day and it has really cleared up my skin and made it glow. People have been commenting, not least my girlfriend who was very amused when i told her what I had been up to.

It's not horrible, it doesn't smell when it drys and if you are worried just rinse with water. i do it in the shower first thing wash the rest of my body and then rinse it off last thing. I've stopped using soap on my face as well and my chronic mild acne (20 years and counting!) and bumpy forehead has cleared right up.

thanks for all the posters, great site.

Ear Issues
Posted by Carmen (Nova Scotia, Canada) on 06/28/2009
5 out of 5 stars

After reading this post I thought maybe this method will help with my ear "problem". About five years ago I developed an itch deep within each ear, because i have psyrosis(sp?)I thought maybe it was somehow related. This itch would sometimes drive me crazy!! Along with the crazy itch would be flaky stuff (not ear wax). Now I have relayed this info to my Doc. but ????? Nothing. Now, years later, still with only questions and no answers I was looking for relief. I would sometimes scratch the itch with my pinky fingernail and find not only flakes but signs of blood (I believe to be a result of the scratching). Two days ago I tried it. I soaked a q-tip tipped my head and rubbed around the outer edge allowing it to run in, I HAVE RELIEF, It makes no sense to me. I know two days is not much time to give a resounding yea but WOW!! I had no expectations and being what it is (urine) would not have been disappointed with no results. My fingers are crossed and I plan to keep it up. Thank you all. :)

Posted by Stephanie (Rancho Cucamonga, CA) on 05/28/2009
5 out of 5 stars

I have just started urine therapy topically for cystic acne and I can say that it does work wonders. I had 10 cystic acne lesions on my face and have put urine on my face (5 times a day) for two days so far and the cystic acne is almost gone. This is amazing as I have tried all of the other natural remedies for cystic acne and none have worked this quickly. I haven't brought myself to drinking urine yet, but who knows??

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